Thursday, November 8, 2007

The MMQ Distribution - A History (Brief)

The Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQ) began on a whim in during the 1996 season. I remember beating a very heralded Sparty Team that had upset the Amaizing Blue the prior year and the Sparties came to Ann Arbor in 1996 believing they were actually on equal footing with Michigan. Michigan Fans were taking a lot of heat due to the fact that we had lost for the 2nd straight year to the Northwestern Purple Kitty Kats. Sparty had become unbearable, and it was after the 45-29 pasting we put on them that I was inpsired to somehow preserve the memory for all the Michigan Fans that I know and bash Sparty with some very good natured ribbing. Monday Morning, while drinking a coffee at work, the MMQ typed his first words.

What you will see in this drivel if you continue to come back are jibes, slights, and good natured ribbing and an occassional congratulations to fans who have come to find their way on to the E-mail distribution. We are well represented with fans from the following Universities:

Virginia Tech
Michigan State
Ohio State
Iowa State
Notre Dame (Jeeze I hate these Guys....)
Miami of Ohio

To name a few. The e-mail is distributed as far away as Mexico, Germany, Japan, and the Vatican.

I only poke fun at the guys who stick their neck out and want to be nicknamed in memorium when Michigan either finds a way to beat you or we have to, ahem, congratulate you on ajob well done.

So, either save the blog spot under your favorites or send me a line and I can add you to the distribution.


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