Thursday, October 29, 2009

The GO BLUE Banner - Brief History

One of the reasons I really like the "M Victors" blog is that Greg always finds fun trivia stuff to forward on. I mentioned earlier about his 6 part series on the Little Brown Jug and it was a fascinating read. Another tidbit is the history of the GO BLUE Banner. I had often wondered about the banner and why I didn't see it in a lot of the 50's and 60's games that you sometimes see highlights from. I figured it had something to do with the opponent, they only brought it out for the big boys or something. I also wondered how to get on the field to be one of the people that gets to hold it up.

The Origin of the Banner is at the right - Thanks Greg.

The M Go Blue Club is the group that dictates who gets to hold the banner pre-game and it is an honor that they alone get to decide based on a public service for recognition of a job well done.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Winner's Cup

I don't know if anyone else has caught wind of this, but two jokers have figured out an All Time Mythical Travelling Trophy that was first awarded in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers and then goes to the team that eventually beats the current trophy holder. They have traced it all the way to present day.

Goofy and time wasting, but interesting none the less....

Michigan's longest streak with the Winner's Cup? 1972....9 games.

The Winner's Cup

Cissoko Dismissed

Well, the defense just got a little thinner yesterday evening. The Rod dismissed Cissoko for a violation of team rules. It sounds like Cissoko didn't like school according to Thomas Wilcher, former tailback at Michigan.....

Cissoko's high school coach, Thomas Wilcher of Cass Tech, said Cissoko was dismissed from the team for missing class, workouts and study table.
"That's what he was suspended for in the first place," Wilcher told The Detroit News. "He's upset. He's going to transfer as long as he can meet the requirements."
Wilcher said Cissoko had a difficult time handling the "social structure" at Michigan.
"He's always been a quiet kid," Wilcher said. "(But) he needs to do what needs to be done as a student-athlete. Nobody is bigger than the program."

So, for what it's worth...I think Cissoko was a nice kid that was trying to fit into the program and just couldn't handle the pressure and responsibility. Let's hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Legend That Will Go Out With Style & Class

Instead of opening up with what can only be described as, with the exception of an impressive first drive for a TD and a draft enhancing performance by Brandon Graham, a total train wreck of a game for the University of Michigan, I would like to start with these Idle Thoughts that I actually shared with my daughters that had to be pulled to the “Front Page” this week:

1. Joe Pa was hired as the head coach of Penn State in 1966.
2. In 1966 Johnson was President.
3. We had not been to the moon.
4. The Mustang was just introduced by Lee Iacoca as Ford’s Muscle Car.
5. Color TV was in its INFANCY (Most homes in 1966 had black and white sets as the primary, strike that, ONLY TV in the house).
6. The MMQ was less than one year old, and a lot of you weren’t even born yet.
7. Disposable diapers were unheard of.
8. I know some of you were already born, and those people would rather not talk about that fact – So I won’t say who you are.
9. Kirk and Spock had the only Cell Phones that anyone knew about.
10. If anyone asks me who Kirk and Spock are, you’re off The Distribution.
11. Air travel was not common place and people actually dressed up for the occasion.
12. Michigan (Canham) interviewed JoPa and offered him a job…in 1969.
13. JoPa looked like this in 1966.

14. And JoPa looks like this today.

15. Does Blue and Khaki (rolled up) ever go out of style?

16. Does JoPa know how to do anything else?

This guy has been doing the same thing for 43 years. With the exception of eating, sleeping and taking care of other bodily functions, I can’t tell you anything that I have done day in and day out for my 43 years on this earth.

That’s impressive. And regardless of where you fall as a fan, that should be respected. For the most part, PSU, the regents, and everyone around Nittany Lion Football has respected JoPa. Oh sure, they’ve QUESTIONED his motivation for staying and whether or not, after a 4-7 season, the game had passed him by…As THEY SHOULD HAVE. Everyone needs to be questioned and that is what focuses that person on either doing a better job or quitting.

And JoPa went on to do a better job. I wonder why Florida State isn’t as happy with Bobby Bowden? Again, I guess it’s all about wins and losses and unfortunately for Bobby, he is on the losing side of that equation. (Even though those same Seminoles had a really nice comeback win over North Carolina on Thursday Night).

But, as it were, The Rod is now “O-Fer” October against any opponent worthwhile. And while this wasn’t completely unexpected, I will say here that I had high hopes for this game. I thought Michigan had turned some corners. They obviously have a lot more corners to go. I don’t want to see Denard Robinson throw the ball. Ever. Again. This year.

Michigan is now into the Final Four. They’ve changed over the years, but for the most part, they are always big games. Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin and, of course, The Big Ugly…

The Ledge – or the Race to 6-6….

Michigan Reasons to put one foot on the ledge (no change)
1. Wisconsin Road
2. Defense…and now Offense….
3. Purdue Home – beating OSU has to give them some confidence…And they beat us last year with the ole’ hook and ladder.
4. OSU Home

Michigan Reasons to leave one foot Off the Ledge:
1. Illinois Road – WE should win but how can you be certain??? It looks like Zook will be gone – will he rally the troops one more time against Michigan?
2. That get’s you to 6 wins. 7 would be more comfortable.

And the reason 7 would be better, you ask? Because at 6 wins, assuming Sparty manages 2 wins in it’s last 4 games, puts us in a tie with said Spartys – tie breaker to Heads up winner. And at 6-6, that puts us in either 7th or 8th place in the Big 10 overall. And assuming that The Big 10 doesn’t get a 2nd BCS bid, which actually might be a bad assumption, dare I type this….Michigan is in a race for the Motor City Bowl.



FSU at North Carolina – Bobby finds a way to hold off the vultures and does it with style…Why can’t this team win at home? Is it their MASCOT? We know it’s not the fans….

SPARTY vs. Iowa – Oh Sparty…I honestly thought you should have gone for it on 4th down when the score was 3-3 and you had it on the 2...Granted, you had already had 4 shots at it with a penalty, but I would have pulled out the Dantonio bag of tricks and tried it again, anyway. Iowa wasn’t coming out of there and there is always a chance they screw up a punt deep in their own end. Your road to 6 wins is a little tougher, but you have Western in there that helps. Minnesota is going to be the tell. If you lose there, don’t bother packing your bags.

BC at DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Well, a win is a win. But the Domers have more losses coming. And yes, I used the plural there….Pitt is looking tough and Navy might do a number on you again this year…Not to mention Stanford.

Gophers at THE OSU: The OSU looked pathetically inept in the 1st half. I mean pathetic. But then, athleticism and Pryor took over and the Suckeye train got on the track…but the Suckeye Offense goes the way of Pryor…If you catch him on an off day, they are extremely beatable…

PITT vs. SFU: Uh, Domers? Getting nervous? Pitt looks Goooooood…..

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia: So much for Al Groh…I think Georgia Tech wins the ACC, but what do I know? That conference is more screwed up than the Big 10….To wit

Clemson vs. GANGSTAS: Another top 10 upset by a team that wasn’t supposed to do that….I guess we can stop talking about the return of the U now….

Cornsuckers vs. Cyclones: I TOLD YOU! Look out for the Cyclones! Hmmmmm, while I can’t blame the defense in an 8 TURNOVER GAME BY THE OFFENSE, Pelini has probably shipped the blackshirts back to the manufacturer and requested pink or some other color….

LATERS vs. Kansas: Wow. Jayhawks were unmitigated FRAUDS….Laters can play without Bradford which makes you wonder how good a QB was he, really? Or was he a product of the Offensive Scheme? Anyone?

Cremesicles at $atan’s Warriors: Damn….This game had everything. An upstart Tennessee team that almost pulled off the impossible. I didn’t like the fact that we had to put it all on Tennessee’s kicking game, but that happens. If only…and I sure wish the SEC officials could get calls right. That has to a BIG ISSUE in the off season.

GATORLAND vs. MISSISSIPPI STATE: This one wasn’t as close as I thought – but Miss State did comfortably beat the spread…And Gatorland and Tebow are vulnerable…

RUBBERS vs. BEAVERS: Rubbers didn’t get lost in a Beaver this year, but that was one hungry Beaver team that put the Rubbers to a test….

AUBURN vs. LMU: Well, when I don’t go with my heart and I stay out of the Big 10, I am pretty good at picking the upsets…Did this year’s Auburn team show up in this game? I know playing LMU at night in LMU is tough….But seriously…LMU hasn’t done that to ANYONE all year…Is LMU trying to make a little run here? Could they come on strong at the end and upset $atan’s Warriors?

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. JoPa & Penn State…What will they look like when they get a new coach?
2. AWESOME! Opening TD sets the tone!
3. Oh my God we suck….STOP SOMEBODY!
5. BC can beat these guys…
6. Okay, maybe not.
7. I don’t think the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) can win out…
8. And if they do, so what? Does that make them BCS worthy?
9. Are we going to have to “Even Out” against PSU? 10-5 against them is impressive…
10. And can Wuzzles survive 0-5 against USC?
11. After all, this was THE YEAR!
12. Any of the top 3 teams could still lose…
13. Meaning Boise State has a nice seat...and it’s making me sick.
14. I felt better after the BCS standings came out and Boise fell….
15. Is there anyone that’s going to make a Heisman Statement?
16. Tate could have won it had he stayed consistent…Don’t laugh. Who else is there?
17. Domers are rooting for Clausen…But he’s lost every big game.
18. Sparty, Sparty, Sparty…Why did you go into a prevent?
19. Iowa really isn’t that good…I feel for them because they might get killed by whoever they play in their bowl game…

The Hot Seat

Searching for Hot Seat Mascots is always a difficult challenge, but your MMQ never the less, rises to the occasion with a desire to make sure that the Mascot is worthy of the sacred tradition. I’ve heard that they have formed their own group, like former Playmate Bunnies, and sometimes meet up for drinks and what not…

No, I haven’t been invited. And since Courtney Cox made the cut, another one of the Friends Cast seemed logical for the Hot Seat….And she is hot… Jennifer Anniston!

I like her in this dress…

I think I like her OUT of that dress…

I offered to be one of the guys in this photo….Something about beer bellies and grey hair in the fine print on the application that I missed…Forgot to use my glasses when filling it out…

By the Way:
You can vote for the Annual Hot Seat Mascot!
Pick the Hot Seat Mascot that you think should be the Hot Seat Mascot of the Year. If you can’t decide on one, that’s okay. You can vote for multiple Mascots…Every Week I will post the Leader in the Vote getting on the Side Bar.

1. Zookie – I guess he’s here till season end.
2. Wuzzles – Creeping back up the ladder Charlie…
3. Bobby Bowden – Technically gone – We just haven’t started the gone list yet.
4. Richy Rich – Georgia helped themselves – Vanderbilt will do that for you, but still hurting.


1. Ole Ball Coach
2. Al Groh…Going on annual run that saves his job.



North Carolina at Va Tech – Hokies, this could be dangerous…Butch Davis is looking for a big win. I would be nervous is I was you.

Every Day Should Be Saturday

MICHIGAN at Illinois: If I was a gambling man, I would take Michigan and the points…But, you need to believe that Michigan can show up….
Purdue at Wisconsin: If the Spoilers can beat the Cheeseheads, I am very nervous indeed…
SPARTY AT GOPHERS: If Minnesota wants to be bowl eligible, they need two more wins, also. Hmmmmm……
Indiana vs. Iowa: If Indiana can pull it together…Who am I kidding? Iowa just finds a way to win.
Kitty’s vs. Kitty’s: PSU vs. Northwestern. PSU should win handily...
Ole Miss at Auburn: Auburn needs to prove itself and Ole Miss might be that opportunity…
Mizzou vs. Buffaloes: While this isn’t a big game, it’s huge for the Big 12 north..
WORLD’S LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY!: I like Florida, but Richy Rich needs a big win this year…And these two teams don’t really like each other…Hmmmmm
DOMERS vs. Washington State: Looks like a breather on the schedule, but Domers are giving 30? Really? They haven’t beaten anyone by 30….
SOUTH CAROLINA at TENNESSEE: Ole Ball Coach is giving 6….Hmmmm
TEXAS at OKLAHOMA STATE: Could this be a danger Game for Texas?
RUBBERS at OREGON DUCKS: Rubbers are giving 3 on the road…Oregon has let up since the loss to Boise State…Hmmmmmmm


Your MMQ refuses to look at any upsets in the Big 10. I was right on last week with Mississippi State and LMU….So, therefore, this week:

GATORLAND and Tebow meet defeat at the hands of the PUPPY DAWGS!
Kiffin gets a “signature” win over Ole Ball Coach….
I like Oregon...Rubbers break in Autzen Stadium.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can "They" Kill Tailgating?

In as much as the Student Body followed my advice and did not attend the Deleware State game, it was obvious that a lot of other "newbies" found free tickets from friends or family and went free of charge to the Massacre known as Michigan vs. DSU. Yes, they were claiming that the 100,000 sellout record was intact, but I would have liked to see the exact count... But as a fan, I can appreciate that those fans went for what might be their only visit. It gives everyone a chance that might not otherwise get the opportunity to go and see their beloved Wolverines play in the Big House. But I do believe we got the point across....Don't schedule mediocre opponents. It doesn't do anyone much good.

And I am now going to use this podium - can you call a blog a podium? - to address another issue that I am sure that is currently being discussed at the University of Michigan and around Ann Arbor to an even greater extent than they have already tried to kill it. I have seen various reports at other schools, and now ESPN has finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a satirical argument that to ban Tailgating is to take away Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet....

Rick Reilly has addressed the fact that pro sports venues and collegiate sports venues - including Central Michigan and Western Michigan football, are trying to limit and, in some cases, eliminate the pre game, game time, and post game tailgating activity. Ann Arbor police issued a cease and desist order for the 900 Block of State Street at Hoover where all of campus hangs a right when hiking over the the stadium on game day. (For those of you who haven't witnessed this, it's a classic. Fans can walk by and here loud music coming from the frats and apartments while downing a two story Beer Bong.) Pretty much good, clean college fun.

And all the MMQ can say about trying to stop this natural pre-game activity is:


Look: I am not saying anyone who buys a ticket has a God given right to get completely blasted out of their minds and then enter a stadium, if they can still stumble and bumble their way in where they become a public nuisance and may actually endanger other people. But getting fired up for a game is a big deal for a lot of fans - I mean, look at the picture of the MMQ above and you can see that I am a big fan of the pre-game Toddy.... I know it's a big deal for me and the Crew at the Corner of Hoover and Greene. However, I do think we need to add a little bit of logic and reason to address exactly what they, in this case, the Fun Police, are trying to address.

Alcohol consumption will happen whenever there is a sporting event. Limiting the tailgate time, or when you can enter a parking lot will only do one thing: People that want to consume will simply start cracking the beer in the cars, passing the big game bottle around while they wait for their space to open. The driver might not partake, but there will still be abuse. And do you think THAT is any safer than what happens now? And limiting College Student aclohol intake or somehow making them stop the parties? Really? Is that what you want to spend your time doing? And, when it comes right down to it, as Reilly points out, the Alcoholic can simply go to the nearest pub and get just as hammered as he would at a tailgate, so what's the difference? In addition, and they will find a way, fans will start to "sneak" alcohol into the stadium. I envision body bags under shirts and jerseys, crotched half pint or pint bottles, and concealed "bota" bags making a come back.

What happened to individual freedoms? What happened to people making their own decisions, and if those decisions have ramifications - like the two Detrion Lions girls getting tossed - well, that was their choice.

City officials in College towns or professional sports venues need to have a little leeway when it comes to this type of policing. In today's wired world and with every game on the tube, people will soon find a way to enhance the game experience by NOT BEING THERE. If that's what the officials want, then by all means, continue with your efforts and watch as revenues and ticket sales diminish, even when you have a good team.

The tailgate experience for some fans - think the Lions - is really all they have. If you take that away from them, well, why waste their time with the game?

What I would really like to know is - who's complaining? Who is making it an "issue" that there is too much of "whatever" and they should try to curb the activity for everyone? Are the participants complaining? Can we vote on this? Where is the common sense approach when addressing this issue?

And once you identify the complainers, my guess is you will have identified a minority. A minority that is all about control...And if you lose this freedom, well, what are they going to take next?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Possible AD Candidate?

Bob DeCarolis. Spent 19 years with the University of Michigan. Initiated the first of it's kind Nike Sponsorship deal (so we have HIM to thank for the Swoosh that is on everything that we own with Michigan on it). Also was the brainchild of the Michigan Brick Program. Former softball coach at Michigan and had a winning program, FWIW...

Has overseen and transformed the OSU Beaver's Athletic department from a $12M annual loser to a +$25M OSU.

That ain't too shabby in the town of Corvalis with a population of less than 50,000 - half the size of Ann Arbor...which means that when they have a home game, the town more than doubles in size...

Of course, it helps to have all the Microsoft money right up the road.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bill Martin's Replacement

I have now read the Bill Martin Retirment letter and Mary Sue's response and I am literally terrified. Anyone who hasn't had a chance to read it, I will retype the words here in order to help you understand what has me petrified in this Month of October before Halloween...Words that can only be described as "Bone chilling whispers of cold death wrapping themselves around my spine...."

To wit - from Mary Sue Coleman's Response:

"....I will personally oversee the search for the next Athletic Director with the help of a small advisory group. We expect this process will take a number of months. With this advance notice, we have the opportunity to make a thoughtful and deliberate choice and to manage a smooth transition."

A small advisory group. Why do we need a group? Why does it take a number of months? With the advance notice, Mary Sue and, no doubt, Sailboat Bill will find a way to make this an even bigger mess than the Football Head Coach Search Debacle....

But this is at least a somewhat lower profile position and it will be much easier to fill than the Football Head Coach job based on the fact that there shouldn't be too many people looking up Mary's skirt everytime she picks up the phone or flies somewhere. And the ramifications of a screw up may occur only after she's long gone...Think Tom Goss and the Halo.

But, without further ado, we need to make a short list of replacements that could work in the day to day athletic and business environment that is the Michigan Sports Department. Which, when you think about it, at any major university, may be a more demanding job than the provost or president or the University. Balancing a budget, maintaining staff, verifying NCAA rules are understood and followed, etc. It can't be easy and any AD that does it well earns their salary. Unless these first people are otherwise noted, they are currently an Associate Athletic Director.

1. Bruce Madej - Media Relations. 20 years on the job and he graduated from Western in the 70's...Maybe a long shot, but if he's been overlooked all these times, why now? 1,000-1

2. Joe Parker - Senior Associate Athletic Director. Been with Michigan since 2003. I believe he was hired by Martin and this could be a dark horse - or favorite. Did his undergrad at Michigan and graduated in 1987. Might be considered too young for the job...or maybe not. 500-1

3. Executive Associate Athletic Director - Dr. Michael Stevenson. Interim Director. Don't know much about him, doesn't have a bio listed anywhere that the MMQ could locate. Call him another long shot at 1,000-1.

4. Lloyd Carr - Hmmmmm. This one is sort of interesting. And entirely possible. IT COULD BE that Lloyd knew this moment was coming and he has therefore REFRAINED from making any comment on the current coaching staff in the event that he would need to remove said coaching staff if he were in fact able to land the AD position and the current coaching staff tanks..... After all, Bill and Lloyd are buddies. The Athletic Department is on sound financial footing with a $10M annual surplus...So he wouldn't have to worry too much about raising dough.. Mary Sue is on record saying she likes the old coach. Lloyd would probably do okay in the job...But would he interfere with the football program? Is he waiting to get his hands back around it? Is it possible this is already a "done deal" behind the scenes while Mary Sue goes through her search process? Could be....100-1.
Amendment: Immediately AFTER I wrote this, I caught this on Ann Okay, so Lloyd isn't a candidate...and that makes sense. He's too old and I am not sure anyone really wants him. But my guess is he hangs around anyway.

5. At Large Unknown AD - There are a lot of good AD's in the collegiate arena that would love a job like Michigan's. It is arguably one of the highest profile positions of all the AD jobs that are out there. So, there would be plenty of resume's to choose from when considering someone for the opportunity. A proven AD at a smaller university that could click with the current staff and Mary Sue might pull off the impossible. 100-1.

6. Former Athlete -Tom Goss experiment proved this to be a BIG, BIG NO-NO. 5,000-1

I know there are no front running favorites - yet - but I will update odds accordingly and track the progress when and if I see any.

Bill Martin to Retire - September 2010

It's official...Sailboat Bill is done in September, 2010.

Hmmmm....Did he wait for a decent season from the Rod or did he make his announcement too soon?

Who will be the replacement?

The MMQ will definitely comment after some digging....

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Saturday of What Ifs?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Michigan romps over a severely under matched team and looks decent in the process. My guess is we would have been better off scrimmaging our own defense and we would be better prepared for what were about to face this weekend. I won’t go into any elaborate detail…I am sure you’ve all heard by now that the 700+ yards gained on Saturday is a new Michigan record. Which is hard to believe when you look back at the 60 and 70+ point games from the 70’s when Michigan had their way with the little 8, but I digress…First blocked punt for a TD in quite some time. Congrats Brandon Graham. Everyone played and I think a water boy scored…

Somehow, this just doesn’t “even out” the App State debacle, but we won.

5 Left

With five manageable games left, I can see where we could potentially win all 5, or we could potentially lose all 5, with the exception of maybe Illinois…They just aren’t that good and Zookie will be gone at the end of this year if not sooner. I don’t see how he survives. Assuming you beat the Illini, that gets you to 6. Bowl Eligible. But is that enough? Is that what we were expecting with this new regime?

Nitt’ Cats are beatable in the Big House - we’ve owned them since they joined the Big 10.
At Illini in what will be their bowl game or save the Zook’s Job…should be a win…
Spoilers – This game makes me nervous now – not that it didn’t make me nervous before
Cheeseheads – Iowa handled them on the road, but they’ll be looking for revenge on us.
THE OSU – WE’RE DUE….Enough said – you know, my daughters can’t remember beating OSU? We need to fix that…

The Ledge

Michigan Reasons to put one foot on the ledge (no change)
1. Wisconsin, OSU Road – PSU this week…
2. Defense…
3. Purdue upsets OSU at home- we have them here. Are they getting better?

Michigan Reasons to leave one foot Off the Ledge:
1. Illinois – They should win but how can you be certain???
2. That get’s you to 6 wins. 7 would be more comfortable.


Before I get going, I almost titled this Monday “A Saturday of Charlie Weis’s”…meaning “Big Butts” but instead went with the “Saturday of What Ifs?”

1. What if ….Petrino let’s Mallet roll out in an option run-pass on the 3rd down and 4 with a little over a minute left in the game? Instead, they try to run and keep the field goal in play. Gatorland thanks Bobby and his ball less call.
2. What if …Bradford doesn’t go down in the 2nd series in the Red River Shootout? I guaranteed you that the outcome of that game is different.
3. What if …the Ole Ball Coach had SOME SORT OF OFFENSE to go with that defense that he has at South Carolina? Satan’s Warriors would still be crying today.
4. What if ….the Spoiler’s could have held THE OSU and pulled off the upset – OH WAIT! That one happened. As did the Colorado upset of Kansas – but the Jaywalkers were frauds waiting to be exposed…

But think about it: 7 of the top 10 teams were on the verge of an upset with lots of football left…Think that doesn’t put Boise State in the National Title Game? Who WANTS to see THAT????

RUBBERS at DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)– Well, Domers, I was actually in a weird kind of way, pulling for you guys. I am tired of the whole love affair that everyone has with USC more than I hate you…Isn’t that a shame? I would almost rather see you win that lose? You know that USC must really be getting under my skin to feel that way. But, you didn’t win and the Wuzzles still doesn’t have that signature victory that everyone keeps talking about – so I’m happy…But he still has his waistline that he can live off of for a couple of weeks if he gets put out on the street by the unhappy rabble…Was the officiating in this game a LITTLE lopsided towards the Domers, btw?

SPARTY vs Purple Kitty Kats:
SOS was looking scary in the first half and I smelled an upset, but the Stallion rallied the troops at half time and found a way to pull it out at home..

Sparty One foot On the Ledge
1. 4-3 with 5 left…
2. Slow first half looked like SOS…
3. Purdue looks scary now…
4. True test this week with Iowa.

Reasons to leave one foot off the ledge:
1. Minnesota, Western should get you to 6 wins

THE SUCKEYES vs. SPOILERMAKERS: With 4 minutes to go I couldn't stop laughing...Sitting here typing this I can't stop the chuckles from coming to the forefront...Hee-hee...Ho-hee-hee.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH! I-hee-hee - don't know what to say about THE Suckeyes that they haven't already said...
Except that maybe we can help make this season even more memorable - er, forgettable for them than it already is?

RED RIVER SHOOTOUT: Damn. I was really hoping for Stoops and the Laters to pull off this upset. Texas just doesn’t look that good to me…And the Laters even had a new cheer that I thought would work….BTW, MMQ seeks expert at OU cheer – females only need apply…

CORNSUCKERS vs. TEX TECH: Uh-Oh…Those blackshirts might get black boxed and put away until next season. This wasn’t a loss that Pelini and the Cornsuckers had figured on….

GATORLAND vs. RAZORBACKS: Already commented on in the What If section, but I will add here that Tebow isn’t looking like the Heisman trophy winner right now. Effective, efficient, and capable, yes. Exciting and without a doubt the player whose highlight reel I want to see on Saturday night…No. Mallet, on the other hand, looks like a gunslinger with a chip on his shoulder. I like Arkansas in the games it has left. And I like them even more next year. Too bad we let that kid go. BTW, if I am Arkansas and I review some of the penalties in this game, well, it kind of makes me want to puke.

CHEESEHEADS vs. IOWA: Cheeseheads are frauds…Once again, it doesn’t pay to play a soft non-conference. Other than you get some wins out of the deal…So, who’s going to beat Iowa? Sparty? THE Suckeyes?

HOKIES vs. WRAMBLIN WRECK: Uh OH! I warned you guys last week. Don’t take the Yellowjackets lightly. Did you listen???? NOOOOOO…….

SATAN’s Warriors vs. OLE BALL COACH: Damn, Steve! I can’t believe that you don’t have one little piece of offense that works with that defense you have. One play and it would have been an entirely different game…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. Why did we schedule this game? Anyone?
2. This is an embarrassment for Michigan and College Football in general…someone needs to make a rule.
3. If were not careful, we’ll hang 100 on these guys…
4. Hmm….Penn State comes in next week….Are we ready?
5. Michigan (traditionally) used to get better as the season wore on…This team, not so much.
6. If I was looking for a defense, I think I would start with either Satan’s Warriors or the Ole Ball Coach’s crew. They both looked impressive.
7. Do I care who wins the Red River Shootout? It didn’t seem to matter last year when Texas won and was denied…
8. If settling it on the field “doesn’t matter”, why don’t we have a play off?
9. Poor Bradford. Probably wondering how much NFL money he’s costing himself…
10. McCoy didn’t look that great either…Is this a nerves thing?
11. Can the Domers play a little defense?
12. WHO IS the Heisman front runner? I mean, I don’t believe the ESPN poll with Tebow. Desmond said he wouldn’t vote for him right now and I think that’s the way a lot of voters are thinking…Ingram of Alabama, maybe?
13. Is it Texas and Alabama in the National Title Game? Va Tech’s loss is going to cost them dearly…
14. Can USC sneak back in there with 1 loss?
15. Is Iowa now in the running for – dare I even type this – the National Title? Please….
16. BCS is out. Should we care?
17. At least bloggers are getting a vote and CBS is making it matter…
18. BCS Mess…BS Mess…BS…Oh God…Boise State could be in the Championship…Don’t laugh, it’s not only possible, but statistically speaking, probable. Why? No playoff, less chance of a loss on the remaining schedule…High Computer Ranking – yeah, it’s probable.
19. That last thought wasn’t on Saturday. It was after the BCS came out.
20. And everyone wonders why people collectively hate it.
21. Anyone see Touchdown Tom Brady’s 2nd quarter in the snow on Sunday? 5 TD’s…in one quarter. I had it on the Tube and was proud to be a witness…And Tennessee really sucks…

The Hot Seat

Looking for a Hot Seat Mascot this week, I was thinking about the whole Erin Andrews thing and I decided to dig a little deeper…You know, good investigational probing into the peephole incident and what not...What I found is that ESPN seems to do everything it can to show Erin’s natural assets…My guess still is they were tickled pink with the peeper and all the free press that it received…

Erin on the sidelines…..

And eating a poker chip? WTF...Someone explain this one to me if you understand it.

And a little late, but none the less HOT

1. Zookie – I guess he’s here till season end.
2. Richy Rich – Georgia helped themselves, but still hurting.
3. Wuzzles – Creeping back up the ladder Charlie…
4. Bobby Bowden – Technically gone – We just haven’t started the gone list yet.
5. Rich Rod – Needs a “Signature”. Could get one Saturday.


1. Ole Ball Coach
2. Al Groh…Going on annual run that saves his job….



FSU at North Carolina…B. Bowden’s fate will get sealed is my guess

EDSBS (Every Day Should Be Saturday):

1. Michigan vs. the Nittany Lions – Big House Barn Burner!
2. SPARTY vs. Iowa – Can Sparty make the Big 10 a mess?
3. Gophers at THE OSU: Can THE Suckeyes bounce back?
4. PITT vs. SFU: Suddenly, a Weak East game that means something.
5. Georgia Tech vs. Virginia: Groh could win this game and throw the ACC into complete disarray.
6. Cornsuckers vs. Cyclones: This is a team that has always given the Cornsuckers problems…
7. Cremesicles at Satan’s Warriors: Hmm…..If Lane Kiffin was paying attention, The Ole Ball coach showed a wrinkle in the Satan’s armor.
8. BC at Domers: Look out! Domers could be letting down a little….
9. GATORLAND vs. MISSISSIPPIT STATE: Do you think Miss State is a little tired of the whole “Tebow lost the game” vs. Miss State winning it? Yeah, me too….This one might be closer than people think.
10. AUBURN vs. LMU: Rubber meets the road…Chizik has to prove himself sooner or later.

UPSET ALERT: Didn’t do too good last week – Domers and Laters let me down…But I like this week’s picks:

1. Michigan beats the Nittany Lions….Just a hunch.
2. How is LMU getting 8 from Auburn? At LSU? At Night? When wearing Purple and Yellow is your free pass to be intoxicated in public? Is this the Vegas gimme game? I like LMU at HOME….
3. Miss State getting 22 against Gatorland…has Gatorland beaten anyone “worthwhile” by 22? They might not win, but take Miss State and the points.
4. Okay Sparty – I like you straight up. Take down the Hawkeyes…

P.S. Aaron Shea fired back at Leach on WTKA and defended Carr...As did Glenn Steele. MY guess is there is going to be a lot of that going on. Which Carr could end if he would just come out and say that he supports the Rod. But, as stated before, my guess is he doesn't.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rick Leach Takes a Shot at......Lloyd????? (More to Come!)

I know I usually don't post on Friday, but I thought this was very interesting and went out to the Ticket ( and listened to the podcast after I was informed that Rick Leach went off on the former Head Coach, Lloyd Carr.

The podcast is a little long (about 10 minutes) but it's worth it to hear Leach get fired up about what the former staff and others are trying to do to bring this current staff down...Makes you wonder...If I guy from the Bo era can understand that tradition at times needs to take a back seat to innovation (think forward pass), why can't a coach who was less than stellar in the last half of his tenure figure it out after he was beat up and down by teams that ran the spread, recruited and used speed, and was often destroyed by passing attacks with option QB's? And why hasn't Lloyd stepped up and said anything?

It's worth the listen and you can get to the link by clicking here...

I only hope that Leach was speculating a little with respect to the "More to Come", because I like Lloyd, but if something comes out that he has been the "source" of all the leaks and has been operating to his own agenda, then Lloyd, as a Michigan Man, has become a poison to the program and Bill Martin needs to address that immediately. It can't be allowed to continue. Plain and simple.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hawkeye Gets a Gift

Well, this is one I didn’t expect to win in a frigid 20 something night game in a hostile environment, but much like the Sparty game, it was right there within our reach. And as I stated in the Pre-season preview, beating Iowa doesn’t get you much at the end of the day, but losing to them is unforgivable. And Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, can we hang on to the G@#%# DAMN Ball?

There are so many places to point fingers, but I think that remains to be the biggest issue with this team under the Rod’s tenure to date. If you don’t take care of the ball, it’s going to be REALLY HARD to win a lot of football games. Five turnovers is not taking care of the ball – it’s handing the game to the other team…If Stanzi was half way decent – Iowa is undefeated? – they would have capitalized on the screwups and hung 48 on us. We got lucky in that respect….

A quick check of the WVU statistics under the Rod era shows that they were turnover prone also, but that they had defenses that could get the ball back for them and the turnover ratio was definitely more balanced. His last year there was especially impressive…Michigan doesn’t have one of those defenses. It has a defense that can shut some people down some of the time and put opponents in 3rd and longs, but then gives up miraculous plays that result in 1st downs.

What was truly confusing and it has now created a glimpse of a QB controversy is whatever The Forcier was doing in the 2nd half. I can only guess that the coaching staff was instructing him to “protect your body and the ball” and he was therefore throwing deep and avoiding the option read keepers that get him banged up all the time. So, in his mind, he was doing what he was being coached to do, except the Rod was seeing cut back openings that The Forcier WASN’T taking advantage of and was using the four letter word “TATE!” to get his attention…I think maybe that was the Rod’s way of not using profanity? Robinson was able to come in and exploit the read for a quick drive and TD in the 4th quarter. However, Robinson isn’t the gamer that Forcier is -we saw that with the perfect pass to the wide open safety- and you now have a QB whose confidence is shaken and another true Frosh that can’t do what the other guy can do…What a mess half way through the season.

So, let’s get to Mid Term Grades:

Coaching: I was going to give this an A right up to the last two games, but now I am forced to reconsider. In a world of “what have you done for me lately” and realizing that the Domer victory was more of the Fatted One screwing up some calls at the end and giving us a chance, this team is actually (statistically) a lot closer to 3-3 or even 2-4 when you throw out some last second Indiana heroics then they are to 4-2. But a win is a win. So, reluctantly, I give the coaching staff a B- and that will probably fall as the losses begin to pile up.

Offense: Again, this is so much better than last year, but when you’re dead last in multiple categories in the Big 10 a year ago, how can you NOT improve? Therefore, even though there’s been significant steps taken in the right direction, they aren’t there yet. C+

Defense: If this were any other Big 10 team, I would have given them a passing grade. But this is Michigan. Still too many big plays, missed assignments and wide open receivers. D- bordering on total failure and an E. Change that, they get the E. A tight end finding the open zone going all the way for a TD at IOWA gives them a failing grade.

Special Teams: Right up to that Zoltan’s missed read, they were carrying an A- or B+. But that fell considerably, not to mention that WE CAN’T FIELD A PUNT! This dropped precipitously in the last two games. C

Intangibles: Managing the press, the media, and everything else you need to be able to do as a Michigan team. B. Come on, you like this team. You know you do. They are better than last year, but not by much.

OVERALL: I want to give them a B, but when you average everything out, it’s a C-. They are passing, but are a hair away from failing miserably.

The Ledge

Michigan Reasons to put one foot on the ledge (no change)
1. PSU, Wisconsin, OSU – Only PSU and OSU home….
2. No Defense…
3. An offense that exists only when The Forcier is With You.

Michigan Reasons to leave one foot Off the Ledge:
1. Deleware State – This week should be a win….where have we heard that before?
2. Illinois, Purdue – They should win one of those - Illini on the road...Spoliers home
3. That get’s you to 6 wins. 7 would be better....obviously...



SPARTY vs. ILLINI: 24 first half points with 0 2nd half points….Hmmmm. It looks like you at least found a running game with Caper.

Sparty One foot On
1. 3-3 at halfway point.
2. Running game looked good, but it was Illinois.
3. Purdue, Western, Northwestern gets you to 6 wins.
4. Minnesota might get you to 7.
5. Reasons to leave one foot on the ledge:
6. PSU, Iowa- home, however.

CORNSUCKERS vs. MIZZOU: Thursday Night Lights! What an explosive 4th quarter by the Cornsuckers. Are things going back to normal in the Big 12? Can Pelini and company dominate once again? Will he hand out the Black Shirts? He hasn’t to date…You have to earn them.

ShortHorns vs. Colorado: We’re the Shorties actually TRAILING going into half time against a team that lost to Bowling Green? Colt McCoy might have been peeking ahead, but lookout for the aforementioned Cornsuckers…If one of these two cracks the door open, Pelini will go rushing in.

GATOLAND vs. LMU: If LMU had produced any kind of offense and gone for it on 4th and goal on the Gatorland 1, it might have been a different outcome…What happened to the riverboat gambler that went for everything under the sun in 2007 and 2008? That coach might have won that game…Tebow was serviceable, but I think Gatorland runs into trouble somewhere along the way. Most likely the SEC Title game.

THE SUCKEYES vs CHEESEHEADS: Really thought the Cheeseheads would have given THE Suckeyes more of a game…So much for thinking this year. But they did manage to rack up 368 yards of total offense to THE Suckeyes 184…How did they only manage 13 points? Do THE Suckeyes find a way back into the top 5 before year end? That makes me ill just thinking about it…

HOKIES vs. BC: Hokies destroy a BC eagles team that looked good against FSU and found a passing game in the process….Me thinks they are quietly earning their way back into the top 3 via a weak ACC and a Gatorland, Texas, or Alabama loss.

FSU vs. WRAMBLIN’ WRECK: I’m a Wrambling Wreck from Georgia Tech and I drink my whiskey clear! Somehow, I thought ole B. Bowden would find a way to win this game. The AD and Prez say he’s safe to the end of the season. Meaning, B. Bowden is GONE at the end of the season….

Cremesicles vs. Puppy Dawgs: Richy Rich better find a defense fast or the aforementioned 3-3 puppy dawgs won’t be playing in a bowl, let alone on New Year’s Day.

RAZORBACKS vs. AUBURN: Another undefeated goes down. Gene Chizik either didn’t see this coming or Auburn just had a bad offensive day…I was surprised that the Auburn D didn’t put up more of a fight here…

SATAN’s Warriors vs. Ole Miss: Can we stop talking about Ole Miss again? Thank you!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. Will Michigan ever win a big Road Game again?
2. Will we have a QB controversy in Ann Arbor?
3. Is the Forcier hurt more than he is letting on?
4. Are we sitting still or are we getting worse?
5. I think the opposition is getting better, but not by much.
6. I’m glad we didn’t get Ferentz…but I can’t say I’m ecstatic with the Rod.
7. Les and LMU looked fired up and ready to play – what happened?
8. Tebow has not impressed to date – the Heisman repeat is in doubt…
9. Bradford comes back from his injury and throws for 398 yds…That’s impressive.
10. Who would I vote for Heisman? I think McCoy is getting better as is Texas overall…but he’s not the most exciting player to watch.
11. Is it about stats, excitement, or a little of both when it comes to the 40 pound award?
12. Alabama might be the best team and I may have to change my earlier prediction to Alabama and Texas (Or Someone Good) in the Big One…
13. Are coaches immune to the press, really? There wives obviously are not…I feel sad for Bobby Bowden…
He did a lot for Florida State and the fans want him OUT-OUT-OUT!
14. Kind of like JoPa in 2003 with a 4-7 record…but look at him now!
15. When should you hang it up? Did Lloyd do it right?
16. We’re answering some early season questions at this point, that much is for sure.
17. I don’t like all the answers, especially when it comes to the Maize and Blue.
18. Can Michigan win two more games? And is that enough?

The Hot Seat

Well, I have never gone to the “extremes” when selecting hot seat mascots and by extremes I mean, well, you know…. but some photos came in from some big fans of the MMQ and I would be remiss if I didn’t put at least one of them in the blog to at least say that I hear you and I am listening..…but I had to edit them “just a little” for content….

I have no idea who they are, but they are definitely hot…


1. Zookie – Unbelievable...This team played in the Rose two seasons ago.
2. Richy Rich – needs a defense
3. Rich Rod – you have to beat the “I” schools if you’re Michigan. It’s a God given Right.
4. Bobby Bowden – Technically gone, so the hot seat spot drops and should be the first coach on the “Gone List” when it comes out.


1. Ole Ball Coach
2. Al Groh…Going on annual run that saves his job….
3. Wuzzles…Bye weeks have to be cooler in general.



Cincinnati at South Florida: Battle of the (Weak East) top 25…

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I thought Friday belonged to High School? Another Weak East matchup with Pitt At Rutgers…Pitt is hanging tough….

EDSBS (Every Day Should Be Saturday):

1. Michigan vs. Deleware State: I’m nervous, but not sickeningly so. Michigan should win this one walking away. They need the break.
2. Oklahoma vs. Texas: The one the Big 12 people have been waiting for. I like Texas, but Bradford and Stoops could find a way to screw this up…
3. Rubbers AT DOMERS: Hee-hee…finally get to put the Wuzzles back on the hot seat. I like the Rubbers in this one.
4. Hokies vs. The Wramblin’ Wreck: Big ACC match-up will answer more questions.
5. Iowa at Wisconsin: Who knew this game would mean so much in the Big 10? Undefeated goes into Badgerland to stay perfect…
6. Purple Kitty Kats at Sparty: This is one Sparty usually finds a way to lose…
7. THE Suckeyes at Purdue: Spoilermakers, Spoilermakers, Spoilermakers …are they or aren’t they?
8. The Ole Ball Coach vs. Satan: Can the ole Ball Coach pull a rabbit out of his hat against Satan?
9. Cal vs. UCLA: What everyone thought was going to be a big game is “whatever” now.


1. This week is tough…But the DOMERS getting 11 at home? Really? I thought it would be a little closer than that since it’s Domers home and they had a bye to get ready…well, if there was ever a time the Wuzzles could pull it off, it’s this time.

2. Oklahoma with a healthy Bradford will do the unthinkable and derail the Short Horns hopes of a title….Just a hunch

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sparty Love

Okay – SOS was answered by the Lamerines with a first half that was so pathetic that the MMQ’s Mother went on record stating, “I have never seen such uninspired play in all my life as what I saw in that first half. I turned it off I got so upset.” Now, for those of you that know AM, you know that her blood runs blue and she will stick with the Wolverines through pretty much anything – except when it comes to Sparty, OSU, and of course, the Domers. So, this team is still somewhat “Dead” to her until the Rod beats the Jolly Green Giants…And now we have to listen to yet another year of Sparty bashing the Wolverines…Maybe Beeline can shut them up…

However, if the defense had shown up in the first half and Michigan could have found a rushing game, I am sure that this would have been closer from the start. I am not blaming the Forcier for his OT Int…Yes, it was a brain fart by a Frosh QB that had several mental “oopses” along the way that were glossed over. The INT could have happened in a couple of spots on the last drive. It will be good training for the future 3 victories that this QB could hang on Sparty in his last 3 years of eligibility.

The “Ledge” is when your team is facing tremendous adversity and as a fan you take the one step into the abyss that ends the season as you know it….This would have been the Toledo game for the MMQ last season. While this year isn’t quite as bad as that, 6 wins is still the mark that everyone needs to hit in order to qualify for a bowl bid…So, assuming that’s the “Ledge”, here are some reasons why Sparty and Michigan are flirting with it:

The Ledge

Sparty Reasons to bring one foot off the ledge:
1. 2-3 is easier to rationalize than 1-4.
2. 4 wins out of 7 is possible and manageable, 5 wins wasn’t.
3. Running game looked good – but against a defense that wasn’t prepared to play.
4. Purdue, Illinois, Western gets you to 5 wins. You need to find one more in there somewhere.

Reasons to leave one foot on the ledge:
1. PSU, Iowa, Nothwestern, Minnesota- Mostly at home, however.
2. As you said, Michigan isn’t that good and the rest of the Big 10 might look a lot like Wisconsin vs, what you saw Saturday.

Michigan Reasons to put one foot on the ledge:
1. Iowa, PSU, Wisconsin, OSU – Only PSU home….
2. No Defense…
3. An offense that exists only when The Forcier is With You.

Michigan Reasons to leave one foot Off the Ledge:
1. Deleware State – Nervous, but winnable.
2. Illinois, Purdue – They should win one of those road games.
3. That get’s you to 6 wins. 7 would be more comfortable.


DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)– Washington: Are you KIDDING ME? What was the replay official looking at besides getting out of South Bend in one piece on that obvious 4th quarter TD? I went away from the TV for a quick break only to come back and see that somehow, the points were not on the board and the call was over ruled. Excuse me, but isn’t it supposed to be “indisputable” evidence when you overturn the call? AND WHAT ABOUT THE DOMER TWO POINT CONVERSION? Are you DOUBLE kidding me? HE WAS DOWN! If the Washington full back was down, then….oh, why bother? What a crock. And what a bunch of Irish friggin’ luck…If I ever see a leprechaun in a dark alley, well, you know the rest.

But, I guess it’s all good because the Wuzzles will now be your “savior” for at least another season. Which is good for the rest of us.

Domers, you are literally 3 lucky plays from being 1-4. And while you winning improves the Wolverines victory over you, I have a feeling that some losses are coming your way:

Ledge Time

One foot on because:
1. USC in two weeks after the bye…You might be rested, but will you be ready?
2. Boston College, Pittsburgh, Stanford.
3. Pitt and Stanford away.

One Foot Off:
1. Navy, UConn, and Washington State – but why is this game in San Antonio, Texas???? Anyone?

GANGSTA vs. LATERS: I was pulling for the Laters in this one. Gangstas stood tough at home and bounced back from the Hokie beating. So, how good are the Hokies? Can they get some more national respect?

CAL vs RUBBERS: Rubbers are going to squash some people looking to climb back into the title hunt and you can bet that Carroll will look to score some serious points whenever possible in order to get back into the hunt.

FSU vs. BC: BC looks good…FSU, not so much. Bobby Bowden is going to get hammered in the press. It’s a shame, because you know he wants to bring them back to prominence but now they are just another ACC team.

LMU vs. Puppy Dawgs: I had a feeling that LMU would win this game…Just too much talent that Les brought back this year. I have a feeling that this team is going to “peak” and has been “Peeking” ahead to next Saturday night when Urban Legend brings Gatorland into what will be the most raucous setting that college football has seen in quite some time. By the way, if they replay this game, you don’t have to turn it on until about 6:00 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Then, it gets good.

Cremesicle vs. Auburn: Gene Chizik is looking like a better hire than Lane Kiffin, by a long shot. Look out for Auburn to mess things up in the SEC West.

UTEP vs. Cougars: Houston is out of national title talk….Thanks UTEP!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. I have to admit, I was thinking SOS when we tied it up!
2. And I was thinking Henne (frosh) Braylon all over again!
3. And it was looking good!
4. Right up to the Interception…Nuts. Except that's not exactly what I said...but I don't write really bad words in this blog...Except for Domer.
5. So, is this how Sparty feels most of the time?
6. How can people actually like State? The colors really suck. I mean, Green and White? You look like a bad kindergarten project. At least the black highlights how bad the rest is…
7. THE OSU has only allowed 113 yards of rushing in the last three games…Gulp.
8. If the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) get lucky one more time…
9. Can we find a leprechaun and beat the crap out of him or does he have to find you first?
10. Forcier is great, but he needs some help.
11. Has The Rod figured out that he simply needs to “win” against Sparty and then move on? If he loses three...I don’t want to think about that yet.
12. Why did I waste 2 hours of my life on LMU and the puppy Dawgs? And thankfully I was in front of the set in the 4th quarter.
13. Inspiration Moment: Herzlich spot on Game Day was inspiring and brought some watery eyes – especially when he announced he was 99% cancer free.
14. And he kept to his workout through chemo? Can you say Lance Armstrong?
15. Brent Musberger is getting worse. Time to move someone else into the 8:00 P.M. game.
16. The Coach is hanging on Game Day, but they are covering a lot for him… I miss the old Lee and “Not So Fast My Friend!”
17. Is excessive celebration called a little too quickly in certain instances? I mean, in a big emotional game, a team can’t really control itself and it’s not taunting, which is what the rule is supposed to stop. I don’t like how it’s called during an understandable celebration.
18. It’s a long season, but it’s even longer when you’re stupid.
19. Will he or won’t he? (Tebow) I’m betting he will, but you never know…
20. Who’s going to beat Boise State? Will they go down (yes – dropped 1 to number 6) based on who they are playing? That would be a first in the polls, and appropriate, I might add.

The Hot Seat

So, in keeping with the whole Cougar idea, I was watching a flick last week with Demi Moore in it. Is that a woman who actually got better looking with age? I mean, with Rob Lowe, she was hot...

And she looked better in Ghost…(Except for the hair thing...) BTW: Patrick, we'll miss you...

But as and Angel!?!?! Yep, this qualifies for the HOT SEAT MASOT! (That Cameron shot was a freebie)

1. Zookie – Man, what’s holding this guy up? Does he have photos of somebody?
2. Bobby Bowden – 2-3 with little hope of a bowl is not how old coaches keep their jobs.
3. Richy Rich – needs a defense
4. Wuzzles – This hurts me to move this guy down, it truly does….
5. The Vest – The love THE Suckeyes used to have for this guy is waning…
6. Rich Rod – I said he would be back on the list if he lost to a rival. Not out of the woods yet.


Ole Ball Coach



Cornsuckers @ Mizzou! Can you believe it? Can Nebraska win on the road and keep rolling?

EDSBS (Every Day Should Be Saturday):

1. Michigan vs. Iowa: In Iowa – night game. Traditionally, Wolverines play well at night – think Magical Mystery Dome. But Iowa looks tough and is giving 7.5 in the early spread. I hate the teaser…
2. GATORLAND at LMU: Don’t ask me why, but I like LMU here. I don’t care about offensive rankings, the Tebow issue, or anything like that. Vegas is giving LMU 9.5…At HOME??? LMU knows how to win big games. And Urban Legend is proving that Gatorland is beatable…
3. Hokies vs. BC: Look out – an inspired BC team might be tough...
4. Satan’s Warriors vs. Ole Miss: If Ole Miss is for real, this is where they step up and prove it…
5. UCLA vs.OREGON: Same thing for UCLA.
6. CHEESEHEADS vs. THE OSU: Anyone remember when the Cheeseheads always found a way to screw up THE Suckeyes season? Yeah, me too…
7. AUBURN vs. Arkansas: Auburn 5-0 and ranked… Mallet lost again…Can Arkansas rebound and can Auburn avoid the press? Auburn offense is getting love, but the Defense is quietly good…

1. LMU beats Urban Legend…I think the lock of the day is LMU and the points.
2. Michigan over Iowa. Wouldn’t that surprise a whole bunch of people? The MMQ included?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sparty Thoughts

You know, I usually don't post before a game unless I am really compelled to say something about a particular opponent that is worthy of a post...You know, like The Domers or THE Suckeyes of THE OSU...

However, it has come to my attention that certain Sparties have decided that the University of Michigan does not, in fact, RESPECT Sparty and everything thing it stands for...And that the University of Michigan goes out of its way to IGNORE the Sparties...

Who are we playing again this weekend?

Oh, that's right.

Anyway, to show that we consider you somewhat of a rival, even though the record over the modern era of the last 30 years would suggest otherwise (23-7) and even though Sparty admittedly STOLE TWO of the victories that they currently enjoy (That would be 1991 and 2001 - the Desmond Howard no-call on the pass interference play and the Sparty Bob 1 Second game, respectively), I am giving you a pre-game "Phhhhhhhbt!" right in the ole kisser.

First of all, how can we respect you when clearly there is absolutely no respect from your side for the Wolverines? Isn't respect first earned, and then, isn't it a two way street? I actually do have some respect for the B-Ball Team and Izzo and I have gone on record before stating that I think Izzo is a great coach. In fact, just last week, I found myself defending Dantonio. And now I wonder, "Why?"

The pure hatred I get from Sparty is beyond anything that I get from the Domers (and JEEZ I HATE THOSE GUYS!) and maybe the Suckeyes. On occassion I will meet a classy Suckeye that will admit to pulling for the Wolverines as it makes the overall conference stronger...But Sparty, I believe if I gave you the option-

1. The Wolverines lose all but 1 game - we beat Sparty - or
2. Win them all except for one - we lose to Sparty

I am pretty sure that to a man you would opt for number 1. That is, you would rather lose to us but you would take great delight in seeing us lose every other game vs. having us win them all and proclaim nationally that you were the team that beat us. And that's just so sad and wrong on so many levels that it would take a psychologist years to untangle the twisted logic that scenario presents.

However, if I was a psychologist and I was going to tryto pyschoanalyze the source of this hatred, I would probably start with a deep dive and introspective look into some of the following (recent) games:

1. October 30, 2004....Michigan trails 27-10 with 8:43 remaining in the game - Sparty has a 17 point lead...The Wolverines take the ball on two, count them, two different scoring drives of 15 and 14 seconds, respectively after first kicking a field goal that took the score to 27-13 with 6:43 left. Regulation ended in a tie and Frosh QB Chad Henne found Braylon Edwards multiple times, in regulation and OT, to finally beat Sparty, 45-37. Actually, I believe the final TD (or maybe it was the 2 point conversion) went to Tim Massaquoi...Sparty stumbles again and continues to lose that season...
2. October 1, 2005....Michigan heads to East Lansing to battle a -get this- 11th Ranked SPARTY team (When was the last time they saw an 11th place national ranking? Anyone? - my guess is 2005) . Sparty is heavily favored in the game and Mike Hart, Chad Henne and company destroy Sparty on the ground and kick the last second game winning field goal to send Sparty on a downward spiral for the rest of the season and finishes from that point forward with a losing record...
3. And Finally, let's not forget...November 3rd, 2007...Chad Henne and Mike Hart's senior season. Sparty is looking better, but a Wolverine is lurking. And then in the 4th quarter, Sparty is up (again) by multiple scores and they are congratulating each other with 10 minutes left saying, "Remember what it feels like to beat Michigan." Yeah, remember that for about 7 minutes because, again, Henne works his magic and the Wolverines manage a come from behind victory where Mike Hart reminds Sparty that they are, in fact, the "Little Brother". Dantonio makes the Bow Down and Kiss the Ring comment and, sadly, Sparty's hatred of Michigan grows a little deeper...

So, Sparty, while I should bash the crap out of you and your miserable 1-3 record, I simply can't help but feel sorry for you. No one knows how to lose a game in the final minutes with as much flare and panache as you clowns do...I will also add that the current history will NOT change and we WON'T revisit the 60's. In other words, no back to back victories for Sparty this year...Just a hunch.