Monday, October 31, 2011

Purdue Doesn’t Spook the Blue

Michigan – Purdon’t was everything Michigan fans remember classic Purdon’t match-ups being: Boring, predictable, and spread beaters. I will admit that when the Spoilers beat the Illini, I started to sweat. I was thinking about the last 3 years and I was thinking that the beginning of the end usually started with a loss to Sparty and then spread like a Zombie Virus quickly after the fact….

But this isn’t the same team coached by the same mental midgets we had in there before.

This team and these coaches get a lot of things: Control the ball on offense, attack on defense. While I wish we could have done more against Sparty, it all seemed to come together Saturday. Tousaint had a great game and the defense played well without (gulp) Kovacs. I wasn’t even aware that he was injured. However, they continue to find kids that can play and play well. That’s all that counts.

The remarkable stuff from Saturday isn’t anything all that remarkable, except that we won with authority walking away. The garbage minutes at the end were just that and I’m convinced they do that crap to make anyone that has to cover the number sweat…

In a way, The Rod could have been so much better had he simply done exactly what Hoke has done: Surrounded himself with good coordinators. I don’t want to say too much as the “3 And Out” excerpts are out and I will definitely be commenting on those at a later date. But I have been following them…

The BCS Mess

Spooky Saturday takes victims…..

Sparty – Cornsuckers: Well, I could simply type SOS and be done with it, but that wouldn’t be right. It seems that Sparty got beat doing what it does best – jumping snap counts, aggressive play, and instant replay touchdowns. I invested time in this game after Michigan got a huge lead and Sparty is simply a Jekyll and Hyde team at home and on the road. I do believe this team will have difficulty in Iowa and maybe Northwestern.

Fraudgers-Ohio: Well, all I can say is that you CAN’T LEAVE A GUY WIDE FRICKIN’ OPEN IN THE END ZONE WITH 30 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!! I was shocked and dismayed at the end of this one. But, it was good in a way because Fickell may have kept the job for another year.

Clemson Kitties – The Wramblin’ Wreck: Yeah, the ACC is tough. But come on…If you saw any of that game, Clemson looked like the Clemson of old…Reading too much of their own press and bitching about how they wouldn’t-couldn’t get a BCS Title shot…Which just goes to show you:  Win ‘em all first, then bitch…Right Urban?

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – The “OVER RECRUITING BOWL” hype machine’s in full swing…I’ve heard that this is the game of the decade, century, millennia, blah, blah, blah…I only hope that LSU wins because that should drop
2. Satan’s Warriors – down below Stanford and they should stay there for the remainder of the season.
3. OKIE LATERS, Cowboys: Bedlam will take care of this bunch, I think, making way for
4. Stanford – and Mr. Lucky, who just did a WHOLE BUNCH to solidify a seat at the DownTown Athletic Club on Saturday. What’s more, he did a lot to help his team be in great position to get into the BCS Title game. Who da’ thunk that Stanford would play for a National Title in our lifetime?
5. Boy’s State – If you can’t find big boys to play with, NO BCS FOR YOU! These guys are praying for everyone above them to lose at least 1 or 2 games…
6. Laters – Creeping their way back up, but 1 loss is too many this year…
7. Arkansas – There’s a scenario that puts Michigan against this team in the Capital 1 Bowl…I don’t want to play them…
8. Oregon – Ain’t gonna happen….
9. South Carolina – The Ole Ball Coach might get some more love if he can win out…
10. Cornsuckers: How can a team that got SPANKED by the Fraudgers be in the top 10????

Clemson – You suck…They did not look good against the Wramblin’ Wreck…
Wiscy – TWO LAST MINUTE LOSSES???? Are you kidding me? I know the recipe for beating the Fraudgers: Let them get the lead with less than a minute to go and throw deep.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Seriously, I didn’t know he was injured.
-Weekends go faster when Michigan is playing.
-More to pay attention to.
-If I hear “Do you think Michigan should be playing Devin Gardner more at QB?” one more time, I’m gonna’ punch the TV.
-You want to take out a guy that was 300+ yards per game of offense last year?
-Okay, it was ALL him, but still….He’s valuable to have on the field.
-And he’s more valuable if he’s the QB.
-If Devin somehow earns it in practice, well, okay…
-But I would miss DeRob taking snaps.
-Don’t tell me he’s not the most exciting player in Football today…
-‘Cause he is.
-Sparty can’t find its jock strap.
-The Cornsucker defense is having it’s way with these clowns.
-the Ohio uniforms suck…
-Can we STOP with the alternate uniforms for awhile?
-It’s getting embarrassing…
-Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) lids look like they’ve been “pimped” with the sparkling Gold paint…
-Heh, heh…Pimp my uniform!
-What a great idea for a website.
-Make the most garishly decorated uni’s for your competition!
-Problem is, someone might actually wear them.
-Russell Wilson is the real deal.
-Scores twice in the last 4 minutes.
-Can he play Defense? Because Wiscy certainly can’t when there’s less than a minute left…
-Mr. Lucky, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???????
-Terrible time for a pick.
-I had to give 7.5, so I’m going to lose this stupid bet unless it gets to triple OT with a 2 pointer...
-TRIPLE OT! Here we come!
-Mr. Lucky wins again!

The Hot Seat

Katarina and Ali are really having it out each week. Ali again won by the other cherry, er nose, er, whatever….I see some of you are still pulling hard for Alexa Flutie, but it’s clearly turned into a two horse race at this moment in time. Yes, fine fillies they are, but maybe there’s one or two more mascots out there waiting to turn the tables on our blonde contenders.

In fact, I noticed our next mascot a couple of weeks ago and I had to look her up. She looked good on the sidelines and she looks even better when she’s not wearing her sideline gear! Introducing Week #9’s Hot Seat Mascot, Jenn Brown!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - Defying the odds….
2. Houston Nutt – I think this is only a matter of time…
3. Wulff – So is this one….
4. Turner Gill – Kansas has to be the worst coached team ever…Seriously.
5. Spaziani – BC – I don’t know if they love him and they are letting him off the hook this season or he’s truly on the seat. There’s no fans to bitch about him…
6. Fickell – Have to move him down, but I know he’s probably gone so I hate to take him off the radar.
7. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
8. Kelly – Destroying Army doesn’t get you any love in South Bend…

FMQ Betting Results:

Well, that weekend sucked! I had a feeling when I made the Navy over Domer pick on Friday. It just didn’t feel right. In fact, nothing felt right. I think I noted that I could’ve made an argument either way in a lot of the games I bet. I hate having the kind of indecision that can’t be helped by stats or figures. Anyway, no point in dragging out the review…At least we won 2…That does help.

Spoilermakers @ Michigan (-14)
Take Michigan and lay the 14 for $80
At least I’m picking Michigan right this year!
WIN! Bank: $152

Sparty (+4) @ Nebraska
Take Sparty and the 4 for $60
Same Ole’ Sparty….If Michigan beats Nebraska…Well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it..

Stanford @ USC (+7.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 7.5 for $150
WIN! Bank: $285

WSU @ Oregon (-34.5)
I’ll take Oregon and lay the 34.5 points for $100
WTF?????? Ducks let me down big time here…

Navy (+22) @ Domers
I’ll take Navy and the 22 for $120
Well, I did say I could look like an idiot on this one….And I was right!


Three Team: Stan-Ore-Navy for $40


Starting BANK: $1,194
NEW BANK: $1,631

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Friday, October 28, 2011

FMQ –Will This Be the Week?

Well, with the MMQ’s amazing prognostication, we are incredibly close to our goal of doubling up our starting bank. With 5 games left in the season, not to mention Playoffs and Bowls, that’s not too bad.

It kind of makes you wonder if it’s dumb luck or actual ability. Mr. Lucky and Stanford’s run should be some kind of record. Wiscy has been kind and cooperative, not to mention the Michigan picks have been more or less on target.

This week’s games are all a bit of a mystery and I could make statistical and revenge arguments in either direction. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Still, we’re here to gamble, we’ve got a cushion, so let’s wisely choose this week and see where we end up!

Spoilermakers @ Michigan (-14)
Michigan off a bye is usually worth taking, but I really didn’t like last week’s upset of the Illini by the Spoilers…Then I saw a replay of the game. The Illini just plain DIDN’T show up. I’ll take the Amazing Blue looking for an offensive rebound and defensive adjustments from the Sparty Debacle... They Blue may surprise some people this week.
Take Michigan and lay the 14 for $80
Sparty (+4) @ Nebraska
I did a double take when I saw this spread as I figured Sparty would be favored…I mean, Wiscy did SPANK Nebraska, at home, right? And Sparty beat Wiscy, so ergo - SPARTY'S A WITCH!  Yeah, that kind of logic is what kills you this time of year. However, Sparty impressed me vs. Wiscy. But they play well at home and not so great on the road. I do think the Wiscy victory is bigger than a lot of people think and we might see a re-match of those two teams in the Big 10 Championship.  Even if they can’t pull off the upset on the road at Nebraska, I like Sparty to at least keep it closer than 4…
Take Sparty and the 4 for $60

Stanford @ USC (+7.5)
So, suddenly, the Domers hand USC a victory and everyone thinks that USC is a touchdown away from Mr. Lucky and the Cards? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!
Take Stanford and lay the 7.5 for $150

WSU @ Oregon (-34.5)
Let me get this straight: Hot Seat Coach, lousy defense and a team that has rolled up an average margin of victory of close to 40 points the last 4 times they played?
I’ll take Oregon and lay the 34.5 points for $100

Navy (+22) @ Domers
This is a sucker pick with Navy getting 22…It’s a teaser play when they dangle that extra point out there. But the ole FMQ is here to tell you: Domers hopes and dreams have been crushed…There will be no BCS game. They are now playing for pride and might just be looking ahead to Mr. Lucky. Navy has lost close games all year and they know how to beat the Domers. Still, I could look like an idiot on this one, but
I’ll take Navy and the 22 for $120


One parlay this week as the picks all have me a little concerned.


3 team: 6 to 1

Three Team: Stan-Ore-Navy for $40

Starting BANK:             $1,744
NEW BANK:                 $1,194

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye’s Are Nice…Except When Something Unexpected Happens!

Sorry for the late post, but a mid season out of town Long Weekend was just what the MMQ (and spouse) needed. Here’s a photo that neatly sums up my trip:

Yes, that’s the MMQ’s own Hot Seat Mascot standing on the beach in Long Boat Key, Florida! It was a great weekend and I tried to avoid/ignore football for the entire time.

I Tried. Really, I did. HONEST!

However, I let my eye wander a bit during lunch at the Tiki Hut Bar.  I was watching the ACC game between Clemson and North Carolina. I also caught the running score of the Purdue upset of Illinois, but didn’t see that fiasco until the ESPN highlights later. Walking the beach took precedent.

I did find other Hot Seat Mascot Worthy nominees, also, but they weren’t anyone that we would have heard of….So, I stopped taking sneaky pictures with my camera phone.

I would like to state here that byes are nice. No one is calling your team out and you can sort of breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, the other games that are played can play hell with your psyche and mind set, so let’s not waste any more time on what Michigan didn’t do.

After a wonderful dinner at a really cool restaurant on Ringling Boulevard in Sarasota, we went back to the condo and I turned on the Sparty –Wiscy game in the 2nd half. Needless to say, my meal did not settle well based on the outcome of that game.
Spary – Wiscy: Any hopes of a Michigan Legends championship pretty much went down the tubes with that catch. We needed Wiscy to win that game. Sparty is now firmly in the driver’s seat and Nebraska may pull the upset (if they are favored, which they might not be – I haven’t checked yet). What really makes me ill? That call goes the other way in Madison. That had to be the quickest review on a call that close that I’ve seen all season, make that ever. If I’m a badger fan today, I think I’m pretty livid. Scratch that. I’m totally pissed. If it had been a clear cut catch in the end zone, I walk away saying they beat me. With that type of call, well, I would have rather seen the issue settled in OT.

My re-newed hate for Sparty is growing….Keep an eye out…

The BCS Mess

Ah, the first Black Saturday is usually right after the ole BCS standings come out, and this year is no different!

1. LSU – Well, it’s only fitting that you should be ranked number 1 when you over-recruit every year and send the kids that can’t make the team packing for other programs when natural attrition doesn’t do it’s job for you.
2. Satan’s Warriors – Ditto. November 5th should be dubbed “The OVER RECRUITING BOWL!”
3. OKIE LATERS, Cowboys: The 2nd “right now” team that would play in the “Big Game” if everything stays the same, the other Big 12 upstart. Jeez, these things practically write themselves…
4. Boy’s State – If you can’t find big boys to play with, NO BCS FOR YOU! These guys are praying for everyone above them to lose at least 1 or 2 games…
5. Clemson – Still have some time and opponents that might help them move up the ranks, but their nuts will be in their collective throats soon enough…
6. Stanford – Mr. Lucky deserves a shot now that Mr. Wilson and the Cheeseheads have taken themselves out of contention. Oregon victory should move them up over Boy’s State…Okie State needs to lose….
7. Oregon – Ain’t gonna happen….
8. K-State: this could get interesting as they are undefeated and doesn’t the Big 12 wish they had a play-off?
9. Laters – OOOOps! STOOOOPS! Must have been the mental anguish of his brother getting canned….
10. Arkansas – one of the better cheaters in the SEC that was beat by the Best Cheater…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Florida is gorgeous this time of year…
-Yes, it’s hurricane season, but when it isn’t, it’s incredible.
-So, you’re kind of gambling when you set a trip up for the fall to go down there.
-Take all your clothes ‘cause like Forrest says, “you never know what you’re gonna’ get…”
-I do enjoy the Bye Week…The reprieve gives you a chance to reflect.
-Will I be giving mid term grades?
-I wrote a piece up on it, but I never posted. Sparty was simply too depressing.
-But after watching them against Wiscy, maybe they are a pretty good team?
-They shot themselves in the foot against the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)
-Speaking of Domers, way to go against a down USC team!
-I think you should bring Crist in on the 1 yard line more often!
-At least, the Rubbers are thinking that!
-That’s a real shame, losing to THAT USC team…
-At HOME no less.
-And so much for trying to “rally the old farts” to make some noise…
-$warbuck$ and Kelly using MICHIGAN STADIUM as an example of LOUD NOISE LEVELS!!!!
-Can you imagine?
-Could anyone else tell the difference between Spartan Stadium and Domer’s Field when you switched back and forth?
-I could …Sparty was louder…And usually is…which is annoying.
-NBC ratings for Domer’s are down this year….Too much of the same thing.
-Domer’s lose first two and then nobody wants to watch.
-Saturday should’ve helped, but I don’t know how much.
-Does Kelly make it back on the Hot Seat? Maybe…We’ll just have to wait and see.
-Where were all the Wiscy Razzle Dazzle plays that worked so well against everyone else?
-Where was the Wiscy defense in the 2nd half???

The Hot Seat

Wow! Voter turn out keeps getting better! Katarina walks away with it again….Not a record ( I think we had about 30 voters at one point last season) but still not bad. I guess everyone starts following more closely as the candidates start to improve.

But on a Bye Week, I’m almost tempted to not do a Mascot Vote as it’s supposed to be a bye, right? I mean, everyone gets a week off. Never the less, I figured I would throw in one of those Mascots that would have otherwise not made the cut and I would like to Introduce Fairuza Balk! Who the hell is she? Well, you will not doubt remember her from the “Waterboy!” with Adam Sandler.  She was also ni a risque movie with Nicolas Cage called "The Bad Lieutenant" that I did catch on cable late night a couple of months ago....  Remember, your vote counts. Vote Early, vote Often!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job? Really? Double Check again…
2. Houston Nutt – Moving on Up!! This one is also baffling to the MMQ…the SEC usually acts much more quickly then this….
3. Fickell – Poor Fecal...Urban is just waiting to see what the NCAA is gonna do…At least that’s what OSU fan thinks…
4. Wulff – WSU…He was off the list after a 3-0 start, but then things went south when he started playing good teams…
5. Turner Gill – He should be higher, but I think Kansas gets what’s happening there. Or not.
6. Spaziani – BC – I don’t know if they love him and they are letting him off the hook this season or he’s truly on the seat. There’s no fans to bitch about him…
7. Kelly – Yes, losing to a down USC team gets you back on the list. Didn’t want to do it, the MMQ felt he OWED it to him…
8. Zook – I know, I know….but when you lose to Purdue? Really?

FMQ Betting Results:

Oh boy….I should NEVER jump on anything early any more and I am OFFICIALLY off the EMU crack pipe….Sheesh….I didn’t publish an FMQ so I will only go with what my early picks were from last Monday.   Which are documented in the Monday post, for anyone that’s following the FMQ that closely.

Western (-13) over Eastern ($60)

LOSE…EMU wins the Michigan Cup! (For any MAC fans that care about that kind of thing…)

Texas AM (-20) over Iowa State ($80)

LOSE….What the hell…..This should have been a huge statement game for TA&M…instead, they leave doubt…

Nebraska (-23) over Minnesota ($100)

Whew….At least somebody covered!

Bank $190

Stanford (-20) over Washington ($120)

Oh wait! I almost forgot about Mr. Lucky!!!! I should only bet this team this year. Screw everybody else!

BANK $228

Starting BANK: $1,686

Wagered: $360

NEW BANK: $1,744

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, October 17, 2011

Technical Difficulties

The ole MMQ is experiencing technical difficulties with the Blogger Formats.  I was informed that I needed to "update" my format (?) and I'm currently trying to figure out how to use the new tool.  This bugs me as I had finally gotten the blog to an asthetically pleasing point, or so I figured.

Bear with me as I work the bugs out and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see different.

PS.  Yes, that's beer in the background until I can find something different!

You Can't Fix Stupid...Here's To Hoping We Can

“When you get old and fat, you can get lyposuction and a tummy tuck,
When your boobies start to sag, you can get those cosmetically enhanced…
You can even get lasik surgery to fix your eyesight when you get older.
But folks, I’m here to tell ya’….
You can’t fix stupid!”

Ron White

I don’t know when that ran through my mind during the 2nd half of the Michigan-Sparty game, but it had to be at some point when we had put in Devin Gardner at a critical moment (and Denard was hurt, so maybe I’m being a little harsh) or when we called for a pass play on a 4th and short with 6 minutes left when our bread and butter standard would have been a 40 yard sprint to the sideline with Denard carrying the rock or on a sneak...Either way, I felt like the whole game could be summed up in a word.

Stupid. Stupid Call. Stupid Timing of the Call. Stupid Execution….Stupid, Stupid, Stupid….

Yes, there was bad officiating. Yes, Sparty played dirty. Yes, yes, yes….It’s Michigan against the world and we should all know that by now.  Grow up if that's you're bitch this morning.  In fact, I expect it, ESPECIALLY from Sparty. It’s in their nature. They wouldn’t know class and sportsmanship if it walked up and bit ‘em in the balls (Which I think I saw a Sparty try to do to either Denard or Devin). But at the end of the day, there were stupid plays called, stupid substitutions, and stupid opportunities that were blown….This game was easily within the Wolverines reach if they hadn’t gotten stupid.

I would love to give a small hat tip to Sparty on a game well played (14 penalties by the Spartys– at least 3 for personal fouls). But they even admitted that they simply play dirty and hope that all the penalties don’t all get called. Nice…But hey, it’s a dirty game with a dirty opponent. These Wolverines should know that by now. Coach Hoke should also know that. I just don’t know why Hoke made some of the calls that were made offensively in this game.

The officiating somehow managed to even mess up an instant re-play call where Sparty was out of bounds. And I don’t want to even discuss the dropped lateral by Sparty that should have been a live ball. Apparently that was a quick whistle that killed that play.

Even the tool Spielman in the booth was taking some delight in seeing the Wolverines go down. Urban Meyer was taking notes for is impending offer at OSU.

If somehow, Hoke and the rest of this team Can Fix Stupid, it’s going to win a few more games. But right now, my feeling is if they can’t, it may be another beginning to a long and slippery slope to a flea-bag bowl….

And I have to agree with the post game text I received: I just became a big Wiscy fan. If they beat Sparty and Sparty trips somewhere else, well, let’s just say Michigan isn’t out of the Legends division race yet.

The BCS Mess

Once the BCS standings are out, we take an in depth look at the top 10 or so teams (it’s really however far I want to go down the list) and determine what the realistic chances are for the top contenders staying at the top and the lower pretenders moving on up the ranks.

1. LSU – The Mad Hatter is positioned incredibly well to whether a loss and still make the game…but I believe you have to WIN your conference now to get in which actually puts
2. Satan’s Warriors – in the Drivers seat of the SEC West. I believe they will prevail on November 5th.
3. LATERS – The “right now” team that would play in the “Big Game” if everything stays the same, but they are quite a few percentage points below the 2nd place team, leaving some question as to who the real 2nd place team is. The other Big 12 upstart
4. Okie State – Is a big surprise in the top 5, but apparently, the computers love them and their SOS, even though the drop off from 3 to 4 is almost an entire point. They still have big games left and “Bedlam!” should knock one of these two Okies out of the top 5. Stoops can screw anything up and usually does at least once a season…
5. Boy’s State – If you can’t find big boys to play with, NO BCS FOR YOU!
6. Wiscy – Let’s face it…Wiscy pre-season schedule looks like Kleenex at the end of the day…Even a victory over Sparty probably won’t do much…
7. Clemson – I don’t think the college football world is ready for an ACC team to be annihilated in the BCS title game, even if they manage to run the table.
8. Stanford – This is the team that somehow manages to get really hosed in the BCS. I think their non-conference SOS should get a boost once they spank the Domers and Oregon.
9. Arkansas – best 1 loss team out there, but too much road to actually be in serious contention.
10. Oregon – Not this year. I think Mr. Lucky finds a way to beat them.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-WHAT ARE WE DOING???? First Half….
-We should have been up at least 21 on these clowns…
-I hate Sparty and they are really starting to get on my nerves.
-When are they going to start laying down like the good little Spartys that they used to be and start talking about basketball in October?
-Hoke, you’re really pissing me off. Or Borges…either one.
-This is too big a game to give Devin serious playing time.
-It’s like asking a sophomore to come into the biggest game of the season and play without any screw-ups…
-Oh wait, that’s exactly what they did.
-Would this year’s defense with last year’s Rich Rod’s offense won this game?
-Don’t go there…You’ll drive yourself crazy.
-Nah, I’m going there.
-I believe we convert that 4th down.
-I also believe the 1st half is completely different.
-Maybe it’s not, but last year’s offense moved the ball and there were a lot less three and outs….
-Did Sparty pay off the refs?
-Somebody send Dantonio a Double-Bacon Cheeseburger at half time…
-Wait, that would be wrong…and dirty.
-Of course, that Didn’t seem to bother Sparty.
-Or their fans.
-The balance of power will shift back. Just give it a little time, Michigan Fan...
-There’s the rest of this season to salvage and worry about right now.
-Not even you’re slappy MMQ thought we could win them all.
-But (And I honestly still believe this) I think there’s a chance we can still win the Legends.
-I TOLD YOU! I’m a slappy.
-Jeez, I HATE These Spartys! (Yeah, not quite as much as the Domers).
-But it’s getting close…
-4 in a row? In our lifetime?
-You almost knew it was a bad omen…
-Tigers lose…
-Lions lose…
-I hope you’re happy Sparty…You’re upsetting the natural order of Michigan and Detroit Athletics!
-BCS. I don’t really know what to think about those three letters anymore.
-If Wiscy and Stanford stay undefeated, I think that’s plenty of evidence for an argument for a plus 1 format.
-The two best QB’s in college football should get a shot at a National Title. That’s all I’m saying.

More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend

-That was a rough game for the Tigers on Saturday night. I don’t know how the wheels came off so quickly.
-I mean, Scherzer wasn’t pitching a bad game…Then he was.
-I SURE would like to have that 20 game winning streak in August and September back.
-I guess that’s what they mean by “Peaking too Soon”
-Timing is everything.
-Is Harbaugh really that big of an ass?
-Didn’t see it, but heard it on the radio and saw the replay…
-I mean, I blame Schwartz a little, but this ain’t the first incident for Jimmy…
-If Bo were still alive, the ole’ man just MIGHT be giving him a phone call this AM.
-I’m not saying that Jimmy’s a Jerk…But what the hell.
-We also knew the Lions weren’t going to win them all and they are still 5-1.
-But someone needs to beat Green Bay.
-I guess we get two shots…
-I will read “Three and Out” by John U Bacon….
-It’s on my Christmas List.

The Hot Seat

Voter turn out is getting stronger and stronger as the season grinds on. At the half way mark, I believe we have 5 finalists in the Hot Seat Mascot Race and Ali Larter won by a cherry, er, nose against Katarina in a close vote and she will appear as a Mascot finalist for 2011….

I am sticking with the Hollywood girl next door thing and I really liked the chick who played Gwen in the 3rd Spidey flick, even though I had no idea she was a natural red head…At least, she shows up with red hair quite a bit of the time. In honor of seeing red after this weekend, let the healing being with red-headed actress Bryce Dallas Howard!

GONE list:
1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….

Hot Seat Rank
1. Fickell - Beating the Illini doesn't cool the seat off that much...
2. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job?
3. Houston Nutt – Moving on Up!!
4. Hoke – It’s one loss, but 4 in a row to Sparty. Yeah, the seat will be a little hot with a bye week in Ann Arbor. I feel bad for Purdue…

FMQ Betting Results:
If there IS a silver lining in losing to Sparty, it’s the fact that we did make a little green this week on all the other games. In Sumary:

Michigan (OPEN: +3 Today: +1.5) @ Sparty
So, I had the Maize and Blue colored glasses on in this one….Sue me
Take Michigan and the 3 for $60

Alabama @ Mississippi (+23.5 Open TODAY: +25.5)
Take Alabama and lay the 23.5 for $60
Satan’s Warriors 52- Miss-7
WIN - Bank $124

Stanford @ Washington State (+20.5 Open Today: +21)
Take Stanford and lay the 20.5 for $100
Mr. Lucky is going to continue to beat up the Pac 12 until someone, ANYONE takes notice.
WIN - Bank $190

Indiana (+39.5) @ Wiscy
I’ll take Wiscy and lay the 40 points for $40
This one was like taking candy from a baby…Should have bet more…
WIN - Bank $76

LSU @ Tennessee (+17)
Take LSU and lay the 17 for $80
The Hatter spanks Orange Pants
WIN - Bank $152

None of them won because we had Michigan in all of them….but what the hell, it’s only money.

Starting BANK:    $1,154
TOTAL WIN:       $523
NEW BANK:        $1,686

Early "Jumping on It!" for next week (minimum $60 bet - Taking the team listed first)

Western (-13) over Eastern ($60)
Texas AM (-20) over Iowa State ($80)
Nebraska (-23) over Minnesota ($100)
Stanford (-20) over Washington ($120)

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Friday, October 14, 2011

FMQ - Heading Over The Hump

Here we are at Hump Day Saturday! Nooooo….not THAT kind of Hump Day…Get your mind off the Hot Seat Mascots!!! October 15th will mark the half way point of the college football season, not counting championship games. That means the bookies have at least 5 and in some cases 6 games of stats to start computing spreads with. This is where as a bettor, I think it’s wiser to look at rivalries and games you know or have some perspective on vs. just looking at the stats. In addition, the psyche of the two teams needs to at least be evaluated and you need to figure out who’s playing with swagger and who isn’t. And that’s why I believe it’s a little easier to handicap the collegiate game vs. the pros. Anyway, it’s tough to be a winner at the end of the day, which is why we’re doing it for fun!

It’s scary, almost, when you have a really good week. As a bettor, you understand that the laws of probability are just that, LAWS. Meaning that if you are having a worse than expected result over a certain period where you are expecting a 50-50 outcome, than at some point in time, regression to the mean must occur and the results have to even out. Which also means that if you’re on the up side, well, you’re inevitably due for something bad to happen.

It’s the law, after all.

So, after last week’s pretty good showing, the ole FMQ bank account is sitting fat and happy and half way to our goal of doubling our money for the season. And just when you “think” you know what’s going on, the Fickle Finger of Fate will more than likely jump up and bite you on the ass. So, let’s be extra careful this week looking at who we bet and for how much. Our little calculator on the sheet says I can wager just under $400. Which got me to thinking I should only bet my three strongest horses…But that’s when you can get in trouble…So I’m sticking with 5 games.

Michigan (OPEN: +3 Today: +1.5) @ Sparty
So, Michigan is still getting points today but the money is obviously pouring in on The Maize and Blue (aka Big Brother - see photo above). A 1.5 point move must be respected. My neutral bet is $60 and that’s what I put on Michigan on Monday when I jumped on them. Please see the earlier note on regression to the mean and the law of averages and also note that Michigan is the historic victor in this series by a wide margin of victory 70% of the time, which, based on 100 trials it pretty good evidence of a trend.…Not to mention that those wide margins of victory usually come when the point spread is very close. But, both teams are coming in with confidence (Sparty’s road disaster in South Bend was completely erased by the victory in Columbus). I just think Sparty will be WEEEEEEE bit more on edge trying to pull off the unthinkable which is beating Michigan 4 times in a row…And Little Brothers simply DON'T do that To Big Brothers...
Take Michigan and the 3 for $60

Alabama @ Mississippi (+23.5 Open TODAY: +25.5)
The Alabama bettors have moved this line, too, but I don’t think it’s moved enough quite yet. I said I would jump on Alabama early only giving 23.5 as I thought it was a gift. Nothing has changed. Satan wants to keep the BCS voters happy, and that defense may shut out Ole Miss.
Take Alabama and lay the 23.5 for $60

Stanford @ Washington State (+20.5 Open Today: +21)
I loved this line on Monday and said this will be my big bet of the week. When I double checked this line this morning, my very first thought was, “?????????”. Which is, “Whaaaa the F@#$%”. I can’t figure out if I’m the only guy that has seen that Mr. Lucky and the Cardinal are 6-0 ATS and they have more or less averaged a TD and a half better than the number since the beginning of the year. In fact, it hasn’t even been close. I’ll go a little heavier on Mr. Lucky as I trust him and don’t believe in the up and coming Wazoo’s at all at this point….
Take Stanford and lay the 20.5 for $100

Indiana (+39.5) @ Wiscy
This is one of those games where you could look like a complete idiot either way you bet it. I have a feeling that Indiana can’t stop Wiscy and that Wiscy is going to HAMMER IU on defense. Wiscy’s second string might hang 50 on this team….I don’t like it, but
I’ll take Wiscy and lay the 39.5 points for $40

LSU @ Tennessee (+17)
I looked hard at this game Monday and then I remembered that Tennessee almost upset LMU last year at LMU. My guess is that The Mad Hatter pulls that game film out and reminds those guys that you can never let up in the SEC. Sorry Orange Pants Dooley, but LMU is making statements. And you’re just another victim on that road.
Take LSU and lay the 17 for $80


I’m starting to like the parlay and I like pressing my bet with them for the additional reward….I think we’ll even do a little bonus and try a 5 team this week…

3 team: 6 to 1
4 Team: 10 to 1
5 Team: 20 to 1

Three Team (Don’t mess with a good thing): Michigan – Stanford – Alabama - $40

Four Team (Same idea – without EMU): LSU – Michigan - Stanford – Alabama - $20

All of them: $15

Starting BANK: $1,569
NEW BANK: $1,154

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ktty Kats are Still Kittens

Bowl eligible in October?!!???!! What does that mean? Yes, Michigan Fans…It’s been awhile….

What did I like about Saturday? We won, baby! That’s all that matters, frankly. That and the fact that we appear to be able to come out and figure out what the other team is giving and taking, make adjustments, and get the job done once we’ve figured them out. In the Schembechler years, that was a big deal. Michigan would be close in the 1st half or (heaven forbid!) behind and they would make adjustments. Take what the defense is giving. Stop what they’re doing. And roll to victory.

What did I hate? The start time for one. In my head on Saturday I had about 6 different starting times for various events. Grosse Pointe at 8:30 (for those of you that know where the MMQ lives, you know THAT’S not a short trip making for an early morning). Lake Orion at 11. White Lake Inn at 5:00. Michigan game 7:00 Central…Tigers at 8 somthing...Mass confusion and nervous about being somewhere to watch Michigan and Tigers at the same time... Don’t ask me how I missed the actual start time for Michigan, but I just figured it was 8:00 if it was starting at 7:00 in Chicago…Stupid MMQ…

Anyway, I picked up the game in the 2nd quarter and the early sins had already been committed. Persa looked like he was having his way with us and using us like a Doberman uses a poodle... The offense looked anemic (and I’m being kind). I figured that the pre-season MMQ was right. The Kitty Kats are for real and we were doomed to lose the first B1G  Game on the road. The fact that Fitzgerald didn’t take three at the end of the half was incredibly baffling to me...ala Brian Kelly-esque. EVEN WHEN HE GOT THE EXTRA 2 SECONDS BACK! Can someone explain the risk-reward there for me, PLEASE? I don’t get it…I simply don’t get it. Take the 3 and maintain momentum. You’d have been up 13 instead of 10. Okay, it’s still only two scores, but I think I take the points…Am I going against the odds here? I must be. Hoke went for it on 4th down against the Irish late…Must be the new way of thinking in College ball…

Back to what I LIKED: The 2nd half kicked off and we marched down the field (okay, a little penalty help was required) but we punched it in and closed the gap to three. And the defense had the appropriate ass kicking (and adjustments) and proceeded to shut out the Kitty Kats in the 2nd half. 28 un-answered points, kids. 28 unanswered. And De Rob and company earned it all…With a little help from Devon and the “D”. In fact, anyone care to guess how many times the Kitty Kats got inside Michigan’s 30? Anyone? Answer at the end…

The tale of two halfs. Will that be the rest of the year’s storyline? If it is, I’m on record right now stating that I hate spotting the other guy 14 points (or more) before figuring out what it is we need to do….

The Rest of the Mess

Cornsuckers – Suckeyes: Heehee….HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Wow….To say that I was having a significant moral dilemma as to who to root for as the Cornsuckers started their comeback is an understatement. I mean, for years as Michigan fans you root against 1 team (well, maybe two – JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!). And now we have the Cornsuckers, in the Legends division with 1 loss. Another loss would create a big gap and more or less make it awfully difficult to win the division. On the flip side is tOhio, a team I love to see tank. What do you do as a fan here? Can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN? Finally, I said you have to stay true to the teams you hate and started pulling for the Cornsuckers. What a comeback…What a game. And Fickell is now in deep Fecal and has probably moved up to number 1 on the ‘ole hot seat….Not to mention that the NCAA bowl ban won’t do much good if you can’t become bowl eligigle…Hee-hee…

Domers - JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS - One of the Service Academies they Should beat: Whatever….Notre Dame has now officially lost two fluke games at beginning of the season and could be in the national title game if there was a play-off according to the NBC announcers…they will of course make a BCS game with the cupcake schedule they have left...Oh, wait, Mr. Lucky still lurks!

PSU - Iowa: Did these two teams actually play a full game? I only saw part of the game but I looked at the box score. The totals weren’t even a half time total for most teams. Either both of these teams have pretty good defenses or they both really suck on offense. Methinks it’s more of the latter vs. the former…

Illini - Indiana: The only other undefeated B1G team won handily walking away, even though the final result seemed in question in the 3rd quarter. Who would’ve thunk in August that November 12th in Illinois could be the game of the year in the B1G?  Only two undefeated teams in the B1G:  Illini and Michigan...

LMU vs. Gatorland: Gatorland, are you humble yet? Are you ready to put the fatted one on the spit and start the slow burn? I don’t know if Wuzzles is on a long term contract, but my guess is that there will be some people down on him in the very near future. Muschamp? Not so much. He’ll get another year easy….

Clemson - BCU: Wow, does BC suck. I was a little nervous about betting this one as Clemson in the past has been an on – off team with respect to their week to week play. I guess they’ve turned a corner of sorts….

Texas A&M - Texas Tech: A&M finally figured out how to play 60 minutes of football! Hurrray! Of course, they might forget again next week…

Satan’s Warriors vs. Vandy: Poor Vandy…I’m sure if they weren’t already there, there would be no way this school would ever be allowed into the SEC. Too Smart, too formal, and way too sucky at Football….

The Ole Ball Coach vs. Kentucky: Can someone, anyone, explain to me what happened at Kentucky? Brooks had them going good and now they are staring into the abyss….Oh well, Basketball practice starts in two weeks.

Mr. Lucky vs. the Buffs: Mr. Lucky is the ticket to this years bettors. I think the smart money is pretty much following this 5-0 ATS kid where ever he goes. And this bettor will continue taking him until I state otherwise.

Laters vs. Shorthorns: Laters – For Real. Short Horns – For crap’s sake, find a defense and an offense.

EMU at Toledo: Well, what can I say. I might have to lay off the Hurons for awhile. I thought I had something there, but they are just not doing it for me now….
Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Texas sucks…
-Oklahoma’s defense scores 3 TD’s…THAT’S impressive…I don’t care who it’s against.
-DeRob, what the hell are you doing?
-Roundtree is NOT Megatron…But then again, who is?
-Nice adjustments boys…nice adjustments.
- And Devin getting in the game…We’re going to need him at some point. I think everyone knows this.
-Highlight of the 2nd half: Jordan Kovacs ripping off Persa’s helmet.
-Am I a defense guy or what? I mean, touchdowns are fun and all, but in reality, they’re simply a necessary part of winning.
-You have to score more than the other guys, right?
-We made adjustments, started attacking and said, “find the open guy and beat us.”
-But in order to do that, it helps to STOP the other guys…Something Dick Rod never figured out.
-Some of the more memorable individual plays over the years in my head have been on defense.
-LMU and Alabama might be the best two teams this year…
-And it’s about their DEFENSES that are simply dominating everyone…
-See what I did there?
-And maybe that’s why Michigan is getting some love nationally?  Defense?
-Yeah, we’re not as good as anyone in the top 5 – Maybe Boy’s State – But we might earn a test of our abilities against Wiscy…
-Is it too early to think Inaugural Champion of the Legends Division?
-I’m finally getting used to that and who’s where and on which side....
-Yes, it’s too early. I answered my own question, so don't start ripping on me...Especially with a rested Sparty this week.
-But which Sparty will show up? Little Brother or Big Brother?
-It’ll be a game, regardless. Strangley, Sparty’s D might be better than their offense this year.
-Opening Line: Michigan +3. So it’s a pick-em Game. I’m jumping on Michigan and taking the points right here.
-That and Alabama laying 23.5 against Mississippi.
-And Mr. Lucky laying -20.5 against Washington State...
-I’m still giggling over that tOhio thing….There have to be Suckeyes out there contemplating suicide…or Fecal-cide…

More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend

-Tigers, Lions and Bears! Oh My! I think I’m going to get the flu at 3:30 today.
-I know, I know, but I had to use the Wizard of Oz reference though…I mean, really, how many times does it actually apply?
-Tigers really don’t play well until their backs are against the wall.
-Can someone tell me what Mother Nature has against Verlander?
-If I was betting the NFL, I would take the Lions tonight.
-Which is why I don’t bet the NFL.
-Not saying they’re going to lose, it’s just a lot harder to bet the NFL.
-Are the Colts really trying to “Suck for Luck?”
-I hate that…I really do. I'm sorry I typed it and hate ESPN for repeating it every 3 minutes during NFL football updates.
-Best QB might not even be Luck. Landry Jones looks pretty good. As does Persa. In fact, there’s quite a few QB’s that will be on the draft board this year.
-Which makes it a pretty impressive board, if you’re in the market for a QB.
-Miami, Colts, and Chiefs will be looking, I’m sure.
-Does this remind anyone of 1983? If you’re old enough, I mean.
-I’m doing this from memory, but you had Elway (Stanford), Blackledge (PSU), Jim Kelly (Miami), Dan Marino (Pitt) and a couple of others. Dubbed the Quarterback Draft…
-Not bad for an old guy that has pickled more memory cells than I care to mention…

The Hot Seat
Jeez, what a voter turnout! You know, you can VOTE even if you don’t LIKE the Hot Seat Mascot. Abstaining doesn’t do much for anyone. But Miss Octoberfest Katarina obviously does something for everyone who tunes into this blog on Monday Mornings!

I’m just hoping that the Ole MMQ hasn’t peaked too soon and blown his wad, er....I mean, I hope I didn't get everyone too excited about an early entry, but I have to admit, Katarina is more than deserving. If that’s what you like. However, in honor of some of the movie girls that have made Football movies so memorable, I thought I'd do a bit of a throwback to one of my favorite High School Football flicks, Varsity Blues….Introducing the Hot Seat Mascot nominee for Week #6: Ali Larter! You might remember her from this scene:

But she has aged well, dear readers. Something the MMQ likes to see!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico –

Hot Seat Rank

1. Fickell - 21 points given up with none answered in 2nd half gets you 1st place
2. Neuheisel - Guess they'll be asking Mark Harmon to quit his acting gig next?
3. Houston Nutt – Look out after Saturday....
FMQ Betting Results:

Hey – HEY! Nice Week with a Parlay coming HOME! Let’s hope we can do as well next week and I’ve already gone on the line with Michigan getting points.

Michigan (-3.5 – Open Today: -7.5) @ Purple Kitty Kats
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $80
I love it when a 2nd half comes together…
WIN! Bank $152

Alabama @ Vanderbilt (+28.5)
Take Alabama and lay the 28.5 for $50
Satan’s Warriors are the Team to Beat, in the MMQ’s book….
WIN! Bank $95

Stanford @ Colorado (+27 Open Today: +29.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 27 for $70
I LOVE Mr. Lucky! Is that wrong? I mean, with DeRob on my team and everything?
WIN! Bank $133

EMU @ Toledo (-21)
Take EMU and the points for $30
Damn you English….If the Hurons cover, we have a PERFECT WEEKEND! Do you know how hard it is to have a perfect weekend?

Boston College @ Clemson (-20.5)
Take Clemson and lay the 20.5 for $40
Clemson wins by 22 and that’s a beautiful thing!
WIN! Bank $76


Three Team Michigan – Stanford – Alabama - $40
WIN! Bank $240

Four Team: EMU – Michigan - Stanford – Alabama - $20

Starting BANK: $873


NEW BANK: $1,569

Monday Morning Takes:

Michigan (+3) @ MSU

Alabama (-23.5) @ Mississippi

Stanford (-20.5) @ Washington State

Wagers and other games announced on Friday…

Oh, and Northwestern only drove inside the 30 yard line once in the 2nd half….at the end of the game.

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Friday, October 7, 2011

FMQ - On the Road Again!

Somebody Check: Has Hell frozen over?

Michigan 5-0
Lions 4-0
Tigers – Beat Stanks in 5 games….

Is it a great time to be a Detroit Sports fan or what?

Looking to the right on the ‘ole MMQ home page (Down below Miss Octoberfest - Katarina!  BTW, She makes me happy in my pants!) I see that Michigan is in a familiar spot coming out of September: 5-0 with one conference game under our belt. Some are stating that it’s not all that it appears (Hoke included) and it was a last minute victory over the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) and a questionable cast of characters that we took down in our victories. But then, something else struck me: In the last couple of years, there were double digits in the score by our opponents with some of those scores in the 30 point range. Check it out: Only the Domers scored 31 and everyone else has been held to a lot less. A WHOLE lot less….

Is it misleading? Were the offenses we played any good? Well, we held all the offenses that we’ve played below their season scoring average. The bad news? Average yards per game of the teams we beat was not held…In other words, teams could move the ball, they just couldn’t score.

I don’t know what if anything that all means, but I do feel better for some reason going on the road for the first time this season. I also like the fact that Northwestern isn’t exactly shocking the world like we thought they might, although I’m still nervous in this game.

Michigan (-3.5 – Open Today: -7.5) @ Purple Kitty Kats
I know what I said in my pre-season spectacular: This was a play where I would take the Kitty Kats and the points. However, Persa is hobbling and our offense and defense are both way better than I expected under a first year head coach. After we shellacked the Gophers, I jumped on the opening line as I figured it was a gift…
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $80

Satan's Warriors @ Vanderbilt (+28.5)
Alabama has covered just about everything this year. I don’t see anything changing this week in Tennessee. Yeah, that half point bothers me, but I don't like the Commodes here enough to change my mind...
Take Alabama and lay the 28.5 for $50

Stanford @ Colorado (+27 Open Today: +29.5)
What is Vegas looking at exactly when they look at Stanford? I mean, I fully expected to have to think about this spread as I figured it would open in the 30’s with Mr. Lucky having to catch two TD’s to cover. I saw 27 and thought, “Another Gift!” Let’s just say until he screws me, the MMQ and Mr. Lucky are joined at the hip pocket.
Take Stanford and lay the 27 for $70

OSU @ Nebraska (-11)
I’m not entirely sure which team is more pathetic here….Which is what makes betting this mess so difficult. I believe Nebraska is a lot better than the 14 they scored against Wiscy. Unfortunately, the only thing tOhio has going for them is their defense.
PASS…Dammit….I might have to think about this some more…

EMU @ Toledo (-21)
EMU didn’t cover the spread last week, as we all know, because English ran the ball 56 TIMES! They only ran 62 plays, or something like that. I think they might open it up a little more this week and I don’t expect that Toledo will be as dominating as a full fledged BCS school.
Take EMU and the points for $30

Boston College @ Clemson (-20.5)
Yeah, I’m jumping on this bandwagon. But I’m betting it because BC lost to Duke and Wake Forest and Northwestern and they must REALLY, REALLY suck…
Take Clemson and lay the 20.5 for $40

Oklahoma (Open: -9 Today: -10.5) @ Texas
Well, I did THINK about jumping on Oklahoma here and the move says I was right. But I didn’t make the play and now I have a decision to make: Is Texas a mirage or are they really better? Stoops knows that he needs to make a big statement here as the FSU victory doesn’t look as good anymore with the Seminoles losing to Clemson. And the Laters Defense is way good…
Pass…..I hate rivalry games with double digit spreads…But if I had to bet, I take the Laters.


3 team: 6 to 1
4 Team: 10 to 1
Three Team:  Michigan – Stanford – Alabama - $40

Four Team: EMU – Michigan - Stanford – Alabama - $20

Starting BANK: $1,203
NEW BANK: $873

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gophers in a Hole?

Michigan wins the Jug! Not that it was that much of a contest, but the Jug will stay where it belongs, at least until the next time.
We have seen a LOT of bad Gopher teams in the past. I mean BAADDDDD…..One year in the early 80’s comes to mind when the Gophers showed up at the Big House and I believe they had less than 100 total yards at the end of the game. I would need to research it to confirm, but it was something that ugly. Granted, this was the era before 500-700 yard games were common place. Granted, their Denard was out of the game (which makes you wonder how we would look without a Denard – no, put that thought out of your mind). But from what we saw on Saturday, I think the Gophers decided to have their own kind of throwback game…And it simply wasn’t pretty.

I would love to lay the love on this Michigan Team and say it was all them. But in all seriocity and objectivication (made up words) I have to say that it was more on the Gophers total inability to do much of anything than it was Michigan’s ability to impress, which they did.

If you are an offense kind of guy, you have to love what you’re seeing out there. Half back options and Gardener and DeRob on the field. How about that combo for a defensive coordination nightmare? Not to mention, Vincent Smith is definitely coming into his own as well. Borges might not like what he has to do with his personnel, but at least he’s come to realize that he has a lot of extremely talented personnel to work with.

And frankly, the defense looks better every week. I never thought I would really like watching defense, but over the years you became accustomed to watching really good defenses at Michigan and maybe not appreciating all the little things a really good defense can do (or take away). I’m not ready to go over the top with them yet, but the development is progressing nicely. I love the fact that we’re going after teams vs. waiting for them to come at us. I also like the fact that we make statements early to keep QB’s and offensive coordinators on the other side guessing.

I don’t know what else to say about a 50 some odd point shut-out, with the exception of a phrase I need to steal from someone who texted me:

“I LOVE taking care of business in the Big House!”

The Rest of the Mess

Sparty – Suckeyes: I didn’t know how to bet this one, I just knew that I would have a smile on my face regardless of who lost this one. A couple of you texted and stated that you would have preferred the Suckeyes winning this game with the Leaders – Legend thing and Sparty sitting tied with us. To that I say, whatever. Michigan has been spanked by Sparty and if they are that good, I would prefer to beat the best. No gimmees this season. Revenge is better when it’s served cold and I might be in the market for Sparty tickets in two weeks.

Wiscy vs. Cornsuckers: When Penn State joined the conference, Michigan was a 4-3 team that season and had to play down in Happy Valley (part of the deal with bringing them in and deferring to JoPa’s greatness or something). I remember seeing the Happy Valley People setting roses out at their tailgates as they were undefeated and figured it was over….and ABC was all over it pre-game. Keith Jackson merely said, “Folks, its still Michigan.” Note To Cornsukers: This AIN’T the Big 12, kids. Everybody in this league is pretty good. I just never DREAMED that the Cheeseheads would be that good against you…which has me wondering how good the Cheeseheads really are? And how on earth did they win the Russell Wilson sweepstakes?

Kitty Kats - Zookyville: Jeez, I guess I have to completely remove Zook from the Hot Seat. They managed the end of that game perfectly and the Kitty Kats don’t scare me (as much) as they did pre-season.

Satan’s Warriors vs. Gatorland: Had a feeling about this one. SEC is a nasty place to be a first year head coach. It’s kind of like teaching the new kid on the block who’s boss: Slap him hard and beat him up the first time and he’s yours forever.

Clemson - HOAKIES: Uh, don’t look now, but the perennial ACC underachiever is starting to make some noise. And I think the rest of the ACC is listening. Beamer’s boys simply couldn’t handle the Orange Menace. They are playing like demons possessed!

Texas A&M - Arkansas: SEC welcome party didn’t go so well for A&M. Actually, it was going great until they forgot that a football game lasts for 60 minutes.

Baylor Cubs - K-State: Baylor, Baylor, Baylor….I think we can cross the III off the list for the Heisman.

Auburn vs. The Ole Ball Coach: Everyone rides Kelly like a cheap mule when he gets pissed. Expect a little press on the Ole Ball Coach and whether or not Garcia lives through his next ass kicking. USC (the SEC one) drops out of the top 10 with that mess from Saturday.

Mr. Lucky vs. Mr. Hot Seat #1: I’m not betting against Mr. Lucky until someone convinces me that he doesn’t look at the pre-game spreads and decides that he’s going to cover them.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Wow, the Gophers are bad
-Secondary looks a lot like the “Those Who Cannot” secondary last couple of years.
-De Rob is simply a fun guy to watch.
-If I was an opposing fan, I simply couldn’t deny it. I might not LIKE it, but I couldn’t deny it.
-That’s what I don’t get with all the Heisman talk. It’s supposed to be awarded to the most exciting player in College Football.
-Woodson won by being exciting. Plain and simple.
-This year, it really seems like it’s boiling down to a stat race.
-Which, okay. Then call it that.
-Because for pure excitement, the highlights for all the candidates aren’t even close.
-Did we need all this trickery for the Gophers?
-I get starting out the B1G on the right foot, but it’s the Gophers…
-I chuckle to myself whenever I say, “GOPHER!” in my head…Thanks Bill Murray…
-Speaking of Gophers, I would hate to be a fan right now.
-The upside is hard to see…Kind of like the last 3 years being a Michigan fan.
-Sparty is playing Tressel Ball against Fickell.
-I have no idea what game Fickell is playing.
-Stated that I laid off betting the Sparty-Suckeye game in a local establishment on Saturday where I was watching.
-Overheard another bettor saying he “bet the house” on the Suckeyes? I of course asked, “Why on Earth would you do that?”
-Response: “When was the last time a team from Michigan won in Columbus?”
-I just shook my head. It ain’t the same Columbus.
-I wonder how long it will take for some people to realize that.
-And the hammer comes down on the Suckeyes this month.
-I’m not sure what I want to happen to the Suckeyes at this point.
-But whatever it is, I’m sure I won’t be satisfied.
-Alabama is scary good. Why did we schedule them again?
-There’s always a chance…That’s why they play them, right?
-Is Michigan a dark horse for the Legends or the front runner?
-When you figure it out, let the MMQ know.
-Cause I really wanna’ know….Really.

More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend

-NBA lockout? Who cares.
-Speaking of which, my youngest fancies herself to be a chess player. And she’s getting better, not that I’m exactly stiff competition.
-But one thing she is getting – Looking at the board and knowing when she’s beat. Even before I think it’s over.
-We’ll figure it out together sometimes, just to be sure. That’s what you do.
-NBA players haven’t quite figured that out yet. Guess they should have stayed in school a little longer.
-They don’t want to take a two year pay cut. But guess what? You don’t play and it’s a pay cut.
-They also haven’t realized one simple thing: At the end of the day, they’re still employees.
-Latest rumor or web hoax:  Scab players.  But get this:  Co-ed with the WNBA...
-Would that be classic or what?
-Lions are 4-0? Really? REALLY?
-I would have bet a LOT of money that they WOULDN’T have been 4-0.
-Hence the problem with betting.
-Cardiac Kats are killing me. I mean, they have to get ahead of someone this season. Besides the Chiefs, anyway…
-Tigers anyone? Is this now a “home field advantage” with three left to play and two at the CoPa?
-I’m glad Verlander’s getting another shot at home. I think he pitches better at the CoPa.
-I should look that one up.
-Monday Night Football tickets going for $200 at F-Field…
-Hmmm…I went to a Monday night game back in the 90’s when Oakland was in town…
-It was a good time. That sounds reasonable.
-Tuesday sucks at work, however.

The Hot Seat

All right, so the masses have spoken. You don’t want to see older Grandma’s in the Hot Seat Mascot voting. I get it. Emma Stone is our first repeat winner and we still have 4 finalists for the 2011 Hot Seat Mascot voting.

But, I have a funny feeling we might, MIGHT (just maybe?) be looking at a strong candidate for the rest of the year. Submitted by a loyal reader, I have to admit that she is kind of one of my favorites already.  Something about blondes with large tracks of land... Best known as a model and bit part actress, she seeeeems like the perfect candidate to Ring in Octoberfest!  Because she was a St. Pauli’s girl…and a fine one at that! So, without further ado: Katarina VanDerham!


GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico –
Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job?
2. Houston Nutt – Moving on Up!!
3. The Ole Ball Coach…..
4. Fickell, or as the OSU blogs (the mean ones) are referring to him, Fecal (as in material).

FMQ Betting Results:

3 out of 5 and a push or this would have been a HUGE week. Only one big blemish, and I won’t let that happen again.

Michigan (-19.5) vs. Minnesota
Take Michigan and lay the 19.5 for $40
WIN: Not even I saw this coming…But I figured we would cover. BANK: $76

Alabama @ Gatorland (+3.5)
Take Alabama and lay the 3.5 for $70
Satan’s Warriors found an offense…Bank $133

Stanford @ UCLA (+20.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 20.5 for $80
This was a typo in the FMQ that has since been corrected. Believe me, I don’t know a game where Mr. Lucky won’t be laying points. WIN Bank: $152

Nebraska @ Wiscy (-10.5)
Take Nebraska and 10.5 for $30
Sheesh, what an Wiscy that good? LOSE….

EMU (-8) @ Akron.
Take the Eagles and lay the 8 for $60
First time the Hurons have let me down….I HATE TIES! The house wins and we LOSE…

Three Team EMU – Stanford – Alabama - $30
Four Team: EMU – Stanford – Alabama – Michigan - $20

Starting BANK: $852


NEW BANK: $1,203

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ