Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Speight, Black, Hot Messes, Divisions and Misc....

“Stop Sticking Up For Speight!
He blows chunks!  He’s costing the team with missed throws and worse, he’s missing open receivers!  How come he never hit Perry until the 4th quarter?  There’s no way he wasn’t open on some of those pass attempts earlier in the game”.
So that was a text I got on Monday
Sheesh.  Okay – everyone relax.  I know I have a “He’s the starter, stand by him” attitude when it comes to the QB.  But now that I’ve had a chance to see the game a 2nd time
You’re PARTIALLY right.  Speight really blew it on a couple of throws, ESPECIALLY IN THE RED ZONE.  And I don’t know why he’s making the decisions he’s making while Michigan is in the Red Zone.  I believe that Harbaugh is a great “Quarterback Whisperer” and will eventually get Speight back around to the guy he was last season when he peaked against PSU.  But my patience is wearing thin, also, even though it could be argued that Speight was on the money 80-90% of the time.  And occasionally, his good passes are getting dropped…Trust me.  Young receivers can be a challenge, too.  
A great read is “This Week’s Obsession” via and they point out several issues (including the play calling and lack of any passing to backs) that’s worth the read and may calm your fears. 
I hope again, that most of this is correctable and Speight especially fixes a couple of issues.…otherwise it’s going to be a very long season indeed if Michigan tries throwing a backup into this mess.   
Black Possibly Gone For Season
Tarik Black needs to undergo foot surgery after being tackled awkwardly late in the AF game.  What appeared to be one of Michigan’s best go-to options will be replaced with more DPJ, which isn’t a bad thing, but you hate to lose anyone. 
Think You’re Having a Bad Day?
Not as bad as this guy!  From the BYU – Wiscy Game….I can only imagine what the folks sitting in the front row were thinking when this guy “missed” his landing spot!  I know they’re supposed to be pros, but things like this might end parachuting into stadiums in the near future.
Different Angle
HOT MESSES - Things Are FAR Worse Than They First Appeared
While the MMQ dumped on Riley and Eichorst on Monday, well…Let’s just say things in Lincoln, Nebraska are approaching a boiling point.  Unbeknownst to anyone, Eichorst quietly gave good friend Riley a contract extension into the 2020 season.  Upping his buy-out and more or less pissing off all of the fans.  In another REALLY BAD “Thumbing My Nose At Tradition” Move, Nebraska will NOT be playing on Black Friday (the day AFTER Thanksgiving) for the first time in over 30 years beginning in 2020.  Husker faithful will wax poetically about this day if you ever have any dialogue with them, and it’s a family tradition to go to the game on Friday.  Yep…Eichorst sounds a little like DB2 at this point and the loyal fans and supporters are gathering the torches and pitchforks
I personally cannot think of a better time or weekend for Rutgers to come to town…Assuming, of course, you can beat them (Nebraska -10 for you early bettors out there..).  I didn’t know this:  Les Miles kid is on Nebraska’s team.  And I think Les is still available.  Can you imagine Les coming in to Lincoln as an advisor, kind of like Brady Hoke at Oregon last season?
Butch Jones was on the Hot Seat AFTER A WIN against a tricky GTU offense.  The heat has been turned way up now and Volunteers have started, among other things, a “Hire Dan Mullen” push to get the once again hot MSU coach up to Knoxville.  Ain’t gonna’ happen, but this is a desperate fan base.  Les Miles, anyone?  With a new AD at Tennessee, Jones days, right or wrong, may be numbered.
Stay Classy Tennessee and Florida…Stay Classy!
And Sumlin is still dealing with issues as is the entire Aggie team by not beating their FCS foes by higher margins (and almost losing to one) and the fans have grown more impatient than usual at Kyle Field, booing the team loudly off the field at halftime, leading to this “ No-No” response from wide receiver Gunnell
And because I have to point out when-ever Brandictator fails…There’s this.  Yep, Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to reorg the debt and supposedly had nothing to do with Brandictator’s leadership or decision making…But I think any one who lived through what Michgian Fans lived through know better.
I Forgot To Mention Stanford…
Someone the MMQ had as a potential dark-horse in the Pac 12.  Stanford has only lost two games in a row under Shaw in two other seasons, albeit to better teams.  Not that San Diego State isn’t legit, it’s just, well, SDSU.  The Cardinal can still ruin some seasons, but it’s now a spoilermaker for the rest of the Pac 12.
Can MSU Beat Bama?
Arguably the 2nd best coach in the SEC, Mullen has another Prescott like QB in Fitzgerald.  He’s come into his own and manages the MSU offense extremely well.  Not only that, but Mullen is a good field general as we witness on Saturday against LSU.  There was never a point in that game where MSU was not in control.  Mullen could be the guy that unseats Satan, but we will need to wait until November 11th when Bama visits Starkville…
“Will Coach O accept a demotion back to defensive line coach?” - 
“Would you take Lane Kiffin?” -
“Time to resign, Coach” - (Pitt)
“Is it possible this team can boycott the rest of the year?” - (Missouri)
“Man wouldn't it be cool to be a fan of a good team?” - (BYU)

Does This Really “Surprise” People?
In the land of fruits and nuts where pro-sports seem to be dying out either through non-interest or the fan bases getting pissed off, I was surprised that his was even a story.  In case you missed it:  USC Texas had more people in the coliseum than the Rams vs. Washington and Chargers vs Dolphins attendance COMBINED:
Chargers:  25,381
Rams:  56,612
Combined:  81,993
Texas vs. USC:  84,714
Again…With waning interest, players not standing for anthem and other NFL issues, well, this is not a surprise to the MMQ.
Some Of You Missed the Point…
I guess I didn’t go into enough detail on Friday’s “No Need for Divisions”.  Some of you asked why it would be better besides the 1 and 2 playing each other at the end of the season.  How would the schedule work? It seems too confusing, Etc. 
Look, the B1G managed for decades without divisions.  What I’m proposing isn’t sacrilegious or anything.  It’s just a different approach
Scheduling, could be really beautiful.  Similar to the NFL, when you finish on top, you’d be handed the most difficult schedule, by record.  For example, last season in the B1G:
Final Standings
East                                                                West
PSU                11-3                                         Wiscy              11-3
OSU                11-2                                         Iowa                8-5
Michigan         10-3                                         Nebraska        9-4
Indiana            6-7                                           Northwestern  7-6
Maryland         6-7                                           Minnesota       9-4
Sparty             3-9                                           Illinois              3-9
Rutgers           2-10                                         Purdue            3-9
If they were ranked top to bottom:
So, starting with Rutgers, you’d take the bottom 9 teams above Rutgers and schedule games.  The hardest game Rutgers would need to play would be Nebraska, who finished 5th overall, and would avoid PSU, osu, Michigan, and Wiscy (Rutgers lost 222-0 to Michigan, osu and PSU combined.  Do we really need to see more of that?).  Champion PSU, on the other hand, would miss out on the lambs of the conference, Sparty, Illinois, Purdue and Rutgers.  As you move down, the schedule shifts to 2nd place and 2nd from the bottom and so on.  Sure there will be conflicts and unresolvable overlaps, but when that occurs, you do the best you can.  I understand that you lose the “Home – Away” of a traditional 4-6 year scheduling plan, but the conference is more balanced and you don’t have Wiscy in 2017 not playing OSU and PSU, arguably two of the better teams in the conference. 
This gives the teams with a better chance at the CFP better games on their resume (even if they lose) and teams that are “rebuilding” have a better chance to win a couple more games and become bowl eligible, assuming bowls are still around in 10 years.  Standard rivalries would have to be “guaranteed” where you would simply keep the rivalry game and skip to the next logical team.  IT CAN WORK!
And the fans benefit, also from not having to watch Michigan, osu, and PSU pummel Rutgers every season.

And for all of you thinking “But I LIKE Pummeling Rutgers”, well, I kind of get that too, but at the same time, doesn’t it get a little old?  And I certainly don’t like paying for that game…

Monday, September 18, 2017

Can We All Agree that Scheduling Air Force Is a Bad Idea?

Okay, a new way to look at what happened over the weekend with our Michigan Wolverines:

The Good
Michigan is 3-0!!!
The Defense ranks 5th in the nation in Total Defense
Tied for 2nd with Defensive TD’s (3 total)
The Defense has only had to defend the red zone 4 times in 3 games

The Bad
Michigan ranks 72 in Total Offense
Michigan ranks tied at 51 in Turnover Margin
Michigan ranks 102 in 3rd downs converted (0.340 efficiency)

Michigan is 1-9 in Red Zone scoring ( 1 TD)
It’s NOT ALL SPEIGHT (Even though a lot of it is on Speight)
Michigan has to go on the road to Purdue that’s pretty good on offense, but not stellar on defense.

What’s it all mean?

Well, Michigan CLEARLY HAS A Kicker that made 5 Figgies on Saturday, tying a record held by several kickers at Michigan.  Single Game Figgie’s all time:

Player                        FG       Year   Opponent
Mike Gillete              5          1988   Minnesota
JD Carlson               5          1980  Illinois
KC Lopata                5          2008   Minnesota
Quinn Nordin          5          2017  Airforce

I couldn’t remember KC Lopata and then I remembered that was during the Rich Rod years (a lot of brain cells destroyed that season.)

Why all the numbers this morning?  Cause the MMQ’s alter EGO is NERVOUS and numbers make him feel better.  Believe it or not:  Even bad numbers have a way of making the MMQ feel better. 

But Mr. MMQ, How can a 72 rank in Total Offense and 1 TD in the Red Zone over three games possibly make you FEEL BETTER???

I can explain.  1st, let’s look at those outstanding defensive numbers along side the awful offensive stats.  For Michigan to be ranked 5th with an offense that’s ranked 72 (67 point differential!) is amazing.  Take a lot of comfort in the fact that regardless of how good your defense might be, a 67 point differential from offense to defense rarely happens!  Normally, to be THAT GOOD on defense, your offense has to at least control the ball, manage the game, and contribute to scoring.


Exactly.  Meaning Michigan has a REALLY, REALLY Great Defense right now, by the numbers.  And, normally, if your defense is that good and it gives your offense more touches, by rule the offense should get better.

Mr. MMQ – Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you taken up drinking on Monday Morning’s?  This offense has had three games to “Get Better” and so far, all they’ve done is flounder around.

I agree – to a certain extent.  However, it’s not all on the offense and the players on offense.  I suspected the play calling on Saturday was a major culprit as I sat watching with AP.  And sure enough, I called a series of plays from my seat in the 74th row EXACTLY as it went down.  That’s a problem if a fan can call exactly what the offense is gonna do.  Drevno and Jimmy are either doing this on purpose to force things (especially with the line) and to make them execute against defenses that are undersized and maybe not that good, or they figure they can just get away with it for the time being and lean on the “D”.  Michigan’s brain trust may want to get two or three game films out there making everyone think they’re going to do one thing and then execute something entirely different in subsequent games…

MR. MMQ: I guess you’re speaking to gamesmanship and strategy.  What about next Saturday?  Purdue scares the Bejesus out of me…They don’t call them Spoliermakers for nothing…

Totally agree.  Michigan opening up as a 10 point ROAD FAVORITE is not the sort of thing I’m comfortable with.  Especially given the fact that Purdue nearly beat Louisvillle (neutral site, and maybe not as impressive as we thought based on what Clemson did) and DESTROYED a Mizzou team that’s kind of a mess.  The Spoilers never the less have won two games decisively with a LOT OF OFFENSE.  Michigan will be FORCED TO ANSWER IN KIND on the offensive side of the ball if they want to win.  And I do think this offense is more than capable if they can fix a couple of things and get the right play calling behind them.

Mr. MMQ – You HAVE NOT really made me feel better.  What’s the Take Away?   

Look – A lot of you know that I’m a gambler and as a gambler, in poker for example, you can sometimes make the exact read you need to make and fire the right bet only to have a guy call you and hit his two-outer against you to take down the pot.  Sooner or later, however, there’s going to be regression to the mean and that same sucker is going to pad your bottom line quite nicely.

It’s just the nature of the game.

Right now, I’m looking for a huge regression to the mean on offense.  An explosion on the offense when the coaches guess right against the other team and everything looks easy…And I hope it’s coming soon. 

This weekend would be a great time. 

Let’s Go Blue!

The Rest of the Mess

NEW SECTION:  YHMA You Have My Attention

Clemson:  I was sort of believing, but now I’m really believing that Clemson is going to be back in the mix to defend their National TitleKelly Bryant is a REALLY GOOD QB and I’m thinking that Clemson hasn’t lost anything with the departure of Watson.  Dismantling Louisville and getting L. Jackson to make as many mistakes as he did was a surprise, but it was even more surprising watching what Clemson did offensively to a suspect Louisville defense.  Clemson is the ACC favorite right now, and I don’t think that’s a knee-jerk.

Oklahoma State:  Mason Rudolph didn’t play much in the 2nd half due to the fact that he led the Cowboys to 49 friggin’ first half points against Pitt!  I really thought A:  Pitt was better than that and B:  I wasn’t completely sold on Okie State.  I stand corrected and I’m really looking forward to Bedlam 1 & 2 as both Oklahoma and the Cowboys should be the 1 & 2 teams in the Big iiX come the end of the season.

Va Tech:  Wow…The Hokies also blew out what used to be a decent East Carolina team and hung 64 points on them in what was a very complete game. (over 600 yards of offense for the Hokies).  The ACC looks very ripe for the taking with only Duke standing in the Hokies way… 

CUD – Complete, Unmitigated Disasters!!!

Nebraska:   Northern Illinois is no cake walk and the Huskies are the real deal.  They’ve got their fair share of B1G Pelts over the years, but this one comes at a really bad time for Mike Riley.  Nebraska has started the season 1-2 going into conference play only 3 times in its history, and two of those are under Riley.  What’s worse:  Right now, the Cornsuckers are only projected to win 2 out of their last 9 games.  That’s bad for Riley, bad for Eichrost (Husker AD who fired Crowd Hating Pelini before hiring Riley) and even worse for Cornsuker Fans that have not had a taste of the B1G Championship in a long time. This team is technically out of the CFP and needs a lot of help at this point to make a bowl….

UCLA:  How bad is UCLA??  Pretty bad, especially on defense.  It has to be difficult for a Coach like Mora to have the weapon in Josh Rosen that can put his team on his shoulders and score at will, but to then have a team like Memphis more or less do the same thing to you.  This was the darling upset pick of the weekend and the FMQ laid off it, but I should have seen the writing on the wall.  The Bruins are effectively out of the CFP race with this loss and may be another team struggling to find wins at the end of the season, regardless of how well Rosen performs the rest of the way…

Tennessee:  You didn’t See That Coming??  The play calling late in the Tennessee Florida game had to drive the knowledgeable and average Cremesicle fan absolutely insane.  Tennessee’s tailback Kelly is arguably their best player and he barely got a touch in the 4th quarter.  In what looked like an obvious get it into position to go for the tie, McElwain gambled big and went for the whole enchilada by letting Franks throw deep to score 6 as time expired.  Tennessee has lost more weird games than any team I can think of over the last two seasons.

LSU:  Is Ogeron’s Seat Really Hot??  3rd game of 1st full season after interim 8 full games last season…Right now, LSU is arguably the most TALENT – LADEN team of the SEC West.  Great athletes on both sides of the ball, just can’t execute worth a crap on offense.  And when the offense isn’t on the field, MSU was able to pick apart and destroy the better than average LSU defense.  Not sure what to make of LSU right now, but beating Bama (and Auburn) look like huge hurdles. 

Boston College:  Adazzio’s seat didn’t get any cooler and BC is off to a 1-2 start….

BAYLOR:  0-3?  0-3?  Nuff said….

CBOTL – Come Back Off the Ledge

These are losses that looked bad, but there’s no reason to panic and sell the season duckets yet.

Louisville:  It’s make no mistake time for Louisville after they lost in incredibly convincing fashion to Clemson (see Above).  Petrino can still cause problems in the ACC and after this loss, expect to see a look from Louisville that is “not playing scared and playing with house money.”

Texas:  Two losses takes you out of the CFP discussion, but taking the 4th ranked team to OT isn’t a bad loss and Longhorn fans should feel good about Herman’s week #3 progress.   Of course, Shorthorn fans are not a very reasonable or rash group of people and I expect some opening game boos at the next home game…

PGL – Pretty Good Loss

CMU:  Going up to Syracuse and losing in the Dome is nothing to be ashamed of.  MACTION Awaits! 

CSU:  The Rams went into Tuscaloosa loose and ready and somehow found a way to hang 23 points and 400 yards on the Tide Defense, which should give everyone that wants to see Bama go down a lot of hope…

WWB – We Won, But…We Should Be Worried

USC:  Suddenly, with Stanford losing, the Texas and Stanford victories are a little less impressive.  And the Rubbers were lucky to beat Texas, forcing a turnover in the 2nd OT….

Domers:  Beat a pushover BC team and is going to have its hands full for the next couple of weeks.  Expect some tight Domer match-ups, starting this week with Sparty. 

Michigan:  Still here.  Michigan needs to fix the offensive problems and they need to do it quickly as they start conference play. 

Gatorland:  Already discussed a little, but everyone in the SEC East is racing to a 4-4 Conference record.  Florida could have easily lost that game.

And the Rest…

Cincinnati vs. Miami (not that one):  Cinci came off a bad Michigan loss and rebounded to hand Miami their 2nd loss.  I’m a bearcat fan for the rest of the season….

Minnesota vs. MTSU:  MTSU got ROWED OVER in what was supposed to be a tighter game and had several talking heads stating that MTSU had upset potential in the Twin Cities.  Not a Chance!  Minnesota is about to head into the “YHMA” category real soon!!
Purdue vs. Mizzou:  Brohm has Purdue playing with confidence and a LOT OF OFFENSE.  Purdue just became a scary game on the schedule. 

Wiscy vs BYU:  Wow.  Wiscy is just good this season and is looking like an easy candidate to win the B1G West, unless the Gophers and Spoilers can make some noise in the West.

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation Shorthorns, Cornsuckers, and anyone else with two losses going into conference play.  Everyone knows that 1-2 teams rarely bounce back in Conference, but here’s to that magic elixir known as “Hopium”!!   
  2. ANGER –UCLA, Bruin fans will not be happy with Mora and are going to want to see a change after this season if the Bruins keep losing like they did against Memphis.  . 
  3. Bargaining –The Entire SEC West… Just beat Bama and we’ll call it a good season...
  4. Depression –Michigan – All Alone 3-0 but without a defense can be depressing in a weird way....    
  5.  Acceptance – Getting close to a few fan bases down in this area….

Ref Rants!
No ref rants immediately come to mind this week…IF you ever feel there’s one the MMQ should comment on, shoot me a text or an e-mail prior to Monday!

Idle Thoughts from Saturday
-Easier time getting in the lot with an earlier arrival.
-Of course, 2nd game and it is Air Force

-Why did Michigan schedule Air Force?
-Good crowd around the tailgate.
-Cleveland connection in the house!
-Thanks to everyone who swung by!
-12:00 kick doesn’t leave a lot of room for socializing.

-I guess there are SOME benefits to Air Force
-But it’s not enough to make me want to schedule them again
-Here we go
-Jeez…Same offensive problems, different week.
-Is there no solution to what ails the Offense?
-Thank God for Quinn

-I feel like this is going to be a recurring theme this game/season
-TGFQ – again….
-At least the defense is playing well against the Triple Option
-One of the hardest offenses to defend…
-This game is too tight at the half.
-Uh-oh – DPJ has some room to work!
-Thank you DPJ!!!
-And still the problems continue.
-Crawford – you have to catch that ball on 3rd down.
-Of course, Jimmy could try throwing on 1st or 2nd
-There’s more to the offense than execution.
-Drevno and Harbaugh need to use their imagination.
-I don’t feel like Michigan is 3-0
-I feel like there’s danger lurking in the B1G
-And I know I’m not alone in that sentiment

Will return when the Committee makes their first ranking!

The Hot Seat

Still looking for Hot Coach’s wives suggestions!
This week, we’ll take a look at Jimmy’s latest wife (and hopefully his last) and add her to the list! 

We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….
  1. “Holier than Thou” Hugh Freeze 

Electric Chair of Death Seat!
  1. Riley – Nebraska.  The Cornhuskers DESPERATELY WANT to matter again in football.  The AD came out this AM with a “vote of confidence but is angry and frustrated” with the team’s performance.  Sooner or later, there’s gotta be a fall guy in Licoln…
  2. Kelly– Beating a team you’re supposed to beat doesn’t get Kelly out of the ECOD.  Beat someone you’re not supposed to and we’ll revisit

The Hot Seat

  1. Mulzahn:  When you need a 4th quarter score to beat FCS Mercer at home?  Hot Seat #1.
  2. Sumlin:  This won’t end well….
  3. Bret Bielema:  What is wrong with the SEC West?  Speaking of which
  4. Ogeron:  What a disaster.  Was Les advising you during the game?  Also – Is Alleva feeling any of this heat with the “hasty” hiring of Ogeron? 
  5. Butch Jones - Tennesse.  Just insane the way the Cremesicles lose under Butch
  6. McElwain – Gatorland is still a mess….
  7. Mora –More could be higher, but who do you bump down?
  8. Rich Rod:  Arizona is a mess and he needs some wins…
  9. Graham:  ASU – See Arizon
  10. Odom:  Mizzou.  You’re an SEC team that’s not supposed to lose to B1G Cellar Dweller Purdue…
  11. Urban Meyer:  the suckeyes need to beat someone good and I’ll take ole Urban legend off the hot seat

Friday, September 15, 2017

The FMQ Week #3

Do We Need Divisions?
Some loyal readers and I were chatting off-line and bemoaned the fact that Michigan and Minnesota will not meet up in the next two upcoming seasons.  I believe the last time Michigan played Nebraska was 2014?  And I really can’t remember when Iowa or Purdue were in the Big House…Yet somehow I get to see (and pay for) a Rutgers Game every other season...Leading to this thought.  Do we need divisions in the Power 5 Conferences?
I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while and now that the Big iiX is going to a Conference Championship with only 10 teams, it should be considered and at least understood on a seasonal basis what we “would” have had vs. what we ended up with from a final results perspective.  Confused?  I can help…
The Big iiX in my mind has, brilliantly or not (I simply can’t put Big iiX football and the word “brilliantly” together in the same sentence) come up with a “defacto” play-off game into the CFP.  Why, you ask?  Allow the MMQ to explain.
Most of the time, the SEC, B1G, PAC 12 and ACC are putting the best team with a team from another division that may have 2 or more losses and if the divisions were melded together, they wouldn’t be the 2nd best team.  Often times, the two best teams of any one conference are often in the same division.  And while this hasn’t been an issue with respect to the lesser team upsetting the top ranked team, it’s going to happen sooner or later
But the Big iiX runs no risk of that.  They will always pit the #1 and #2 team in the conference championship.  It’s going to give whoever wins a REALLY BIG VICTORY over another highly ranked team nationally.  Right before the CFP is announced and seeded. 
See where I’m going here?  Say an undefeated Oklahoma beats 1-loss Okie State.  Undefeated Michigan beats 1-loss Wiscy in the B1G Championship.  Pac 12 Champ USC defeats undefeated Washington.   Clemson beats (insert multi loss ACC division winner here) to win the ACC.  And Bama pummels whichever multi loss team comes out of the East. 
You’ve got the Big iiX, the B1G and Pac 12 with VERY RESPECTABLE WINS at the end of the season.  And that’s going to be hard to ignore.  Do you go with the teams with the best wins in the Conference Championships?
Question:  How would it have changed things over the years that the CFP has been in existence?
Perfect Example:  A year when it really matters.  PSU and the suckeyes each stood at 8-1 in conference.  Wiscy was 7-2.  The Best Two teams were PSU and the suckeyes and should have played a re-match in Indianapolis.  And I have a feeling that PSU might have beaten the Suckeyes again, which would have matched them up with Clemson in the CFP, assuming Clemson was in. 
I can’t list all the seasons where the two best teams DIDN’T MEET for the Title as there’s been several.  Usually it would be 2 SEC West teams with the Best SEC Records
At least two seasons since the CFP began has two better teams (Clemson – FSU) from the same division NOT MEETING in the Conference Championship.
PAC 12
One season had Stanford stuck on the sideline as the 2nd best team in the conference. 
So, if the Big iiX gets the advantage of not having divisions, the other conferences should scrap them, also.  When the two best teams play one more game for the title, it’s going to be hard to argue that a “Conference Championship” doesn’t matter that much (as was the case last year AGAINST Penn State).  It’ll be a VERY BIG DEAL
The question, as always, will be:  Which Conference Champion gets left out?
So, winning a little is better than losing…A Win is A Win.

I can’t get over how my “two best picks”, or the ones I did most of the math and research on failed so miserably except to say, “Hey, Man…College Football”.  Michigan by all rights should have destroyed Cinci (and if not for all of the mistakes and errors on the offense, probably would have) and Stanford, by all rights, should have kept their game with the Trojans a lot closer than they did.
Anyway, sometimes it’s better to flip a coin and move on with life.  Not too many “Big Games” on the schedule this week, but we have some biggies none the less.
On to this week’s picks:
Illinois @ USF (-17.5):  This seems like a lot of points to cover for a USF Team that hasn’t really beaten anyone and for an improving Illinois team that seems to be playing teams close.  On top of that, I’m starting to think we should fade Florida teams this week due to Irma...  I know the Bulls were the Group of 5 darling that was going to go undefeated, but I’ll take Lovie and the points in this one.
Take the Illini and the 17.5 for $30
Tennessee @ Florida (-4.5):  Again, a head scratcher.  I guess the bookies are thinking that Tennessee doesn’t have much of a defense (close to 600 yards given up to GT) and Florida is somehow better than UT on offense?  I dunno.  I really can’t take the points and Tennessee, even though I just said fade Florida…But I have to bet on the on this game, cause SEC East mediocrity and Michigan Fans are now Gator Fans!
Take Florida and lay the 4.5 for $25
Wiscy @ BYU (+13 ):  Wiscy has to lay TWO scores on the Road!!  While some would jump all over BYU here, Coach Sitake for BYU does not have BYU playing at normal BYU standards.  LSU DESTROYED BYU at home and with Wiscy bringing the usual sides of beef dressed as lineman to Utah on Saturday, well, I think it’s going to be another long day for the Cougars who have been dominated by rushing teams…
Take Wiscy and lay the 13 for $50
MTSU @ Minnesota (-9):  Hmmmm…the odds makers STILL Don’t like the Gophers.  I really feel like I nailed it last week with Fleck going out to a weak Oregon State Beavers team and the Gophers hit those Beavers HARD…  MTSU is an upset darling, but I don’t think that fact has escaped the brain trust in Minneapolis.  Let’s keep Rowing the Boat
Take the Gophers and lay the 9 for $40
Purdue @ Mizzou (-7.5):  I did a double take to make sure I read the spread right.  Mizzou is in a shambles right now and Purdue – wait for it – Purdue is actually IMPROVING Week to Week.  Brohm is a LOT BETTER HIRE than I previously thought and he has the Boilers Boilering Up!!!  I like an outright upset here!  The Moneyline is paying $255: $100 for the upset.
Take Purdue and the 7.5 for $40
Take Purdue MONEYLINE for $30
Army @ the suckeyes (-30.5):  Meanwhile…Back in the Horseshoe….
Not sure what to think about this one.  Army brings an untarnished record into the shoe and lots of confidence.  I know that the suckeyes are stinging and they are going to work their butts off this week.  Still, 5 scores with a tricky Army offense seems like a LOT OF POINTS to have to lay after getting walloped by Oklahoma. 
Take Army and the 30.5 for $25
LSU @ MSU (+7):  This is a flipper-flopper after I initially believed that LSU was a couple of scores favorite in this game and I’d have to be thinking about a late game cover by MSU.  But Vegas seems to think that MSU Coach Mullen can keep this one close.  I’m still not convinced and I will warily pick the favorite to cover…
Take the Tigers and lay the 7 for $25
Clemson @ Louisville (+3):  This game is being talked about on the radio stations almost  - ALMOST – like the OU – suckeyes game last week“Clemson’s “D” is just too much, Jackson is good, but will be neutralized, blah, blah blah.”  I’m not making the same mistake twice by listening to that garbage.  The name of this game should be “5th through 8th Quarters” as I think it’s picking up right where it left off last season.  And JACKSON WANTS REVENGE.  Last season’s Heisman winner getting points at home.  That’s some disrespect right there.  Can Petrino work his team up over that with enough gusto for Jackson to take it to Clemson?  A Clemson loss would throw an already disturbed CFP into early CHAOS.  Louisville, the Heisman winner, and getting points at home is hard to ignore.
Take Louisville and the 3 for $30
Texas @ USC (-15):  This spread isn’t fair.  I think USC is head and shoulders better than Texas right now after watching the dismantling of Stanford (who’s way better than Texas).  I know, here I go with that transitive theory again.  Yes – I know Texas scored 56 points against some compass point school last week.  That ISN’T USC’s defense.  And I really think USC is going to have a field day with the Shorthorns and this appears to be easy money.
Take the Rubbers and lay the 15 for $50
Air Force @ Michigan (-23.5 O/U:  53.5):  GRRRRR.  Sometimes I hate my team.  But only when I’m betting on them.  And I really shouldn’t bet them as it becomes counterproductive when I’m trying to just root them on.  As noted in the PSS, Air Force is an enigma as they have little guys that run the Triple Option and run it very effectively.  Read:  Smart kids at the academy doing great things on the Football Field.  I HATE that Michigan schedules this team and teams like this (FU Brandictator).  I can see the Michigan Team that showed up in Week #1 against Florida come out and easily hang 50 on Air Force because Michigan is a lot bigger and faster.  I can also see the Michigan team that showed up against Cinci squeaking by in a 35-21 type game …So, coin flip, heads Week # 1 Team, Tails Week # 2 team. 
Heads it is.
Take Michigan and lay the 24.5 for $25
Take the OVER 53.5 for $75
3 Bet/Team Parlay:   6-1

Wiscy– Gophers - Purdue:   $30