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MMQ Tuesday Edition: Madison, WTF

Sorry for the delay…

But life sometimes gets in the way. 

Game in 30:

Ref Rants:  Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot!!!

I really hate to start on a positive note, but this was the point in the game where I completely lost it.  I’m not sure where true depression comes from and sinks in, but when the replay official somehow blew this call, I know it was beginning for me.  The ensuing fumble REALLY pissed me off and sent me further into the pit of despair…

The Brandon Peters hit with 2 and change left in the 3rd quarter (and no call on what I thought was unnecessary roughness) was the culmination play that sent me over the brink.  I think that’s when the team felt it, too.  And the results on the field would seem to indicate that’s when everyone threw in the towel.

Michigan simply can’t catch a break in a season of mishaps and 2nd half disasters against teams that have a pulse.  Granted, they look like world beaters against 2nd class competition, but not when matched up against worthy opponents.

Michigan had a difficult time running the ball, but that was expected against this defense.  I thought there’d be a better STRATEGY of busting guys open, but that never materialized.  Just running the same things you were running against potatoes for three weeks wasn’t a great plan.  Peters threw okay when he wasn’t running for his life.  Why can’t Michigan field a reasonably acceptable pass protection strategy with the line they have?  Screens are great when you can’t block?  Screen pass anyone?

I dunno.  Michigan isn’t good this year and I get that.  But I’m starting to wonder if anything changes (on offense) even with the return of Newsome next season.  And if you’re constantly going to sacrifice QB’s to the DL or LB Sack Gods, what are you going to have left to work with?  Maybe a review of Drevno’s performance is in order.  But this thing also looks a lot like Harbaugh, so I don’t know if it CAN change…


With the asses of Columbus coming to town

With something to prove…

And O’Korn in the “Position of Death”.

Sigh…Maybe they’re will be suckeyes wandering around Ann Arbor looking for Tix

I’m not sure I can go in there and stomach this. 

The Rest of the “Hot” Mess

YHMA You Have My Attention

Wiscy:   Congrats, I guess?  Better competition and you’ll be toast.  And I’m not sure anyone wants to be fodder for Bama as a 4-seed.  But you won and Hornibrook threaded needles in the 2nd half.  He has his one obligatory INT, but Michigan couldn’t capitalize. 

TIYFC - Turn In Your Football Cards

Wolverines:  10 years without a ranked road win.  Less than 250 yards of offense.  Letting your 2nd QB get completely destroyed by an atrocious hit.  Gotta do better. 

Gophers:  WTF?  I know the road is tough.  Believe me I know.  But getting blanked?  In Evanston?  Where they don’t even care about sports?  That’s a sin.  I’m not sure what to say here.  I guess you can still make a bowl and pull off the impossible.  It’s seems that’s what teams are doing this year. And you have Wiscy HOME.  

CUD – Complete, Unmitigated Disasters!!!

Okie State: Once a Big iiX contender, now just another pretender.  K-State is respectable, but there’s no way you should have lost this game.  Get a defense, fergodsake!!!

NCSU:  Granted, Wake Forest is better, but still.  You almost beat Clemson, the defending National Champs.  You have to win these games... 

UCLA:   Close isn’t good enough and a loss to your cross-town rival got your coach canned.  And Harbaugh to UCLA is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.  With the exception of Pete Finebaum talking for 5 minutes about Harbaugh to the NFL because he “can’t win” at the college level.

Iowa:  First, you beat the Suckeyes with a brilliant game and everyone is talking about you and what you have become.  Then, you do a very Kirk Ferentz thing and lost AT HOME to Brohm’s Boilers.  Badly.  Nebraska might beat you…

WWB – We Won, But…We Should Be Worried

Clemson:  You beat a nice little FCS school, but South Carolina looms.  Not to mention Miami, that didn’t look great, but they might have enough to take you down.
Oklahoma:  In the annual beat down of the Jayhawks, Oklahoma’s QB and Heisman Hopeful Mayfield gave everyone that votes for the Heisman more reasons NOT to vote for him.  If you haven’t seen it – The Crotch Grab:

And the obligatory apology after Lincoln Riley told Mayfield his punishment (not starting next game):

And the Rest

USC vs. UCLA:  I already mentioned UCLA, but you have to see the hit USC’s punter Burdovich (listed at 185) puts on the returner:


The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation Georgia.  Carryover   
  2. ANGER –Oklahoma:  Gotta be getting sick of Mayfield’s embarrassing antics.  Guy’s gotta shot at the Heisman and is giving everyone reasons to find another candidate.    
  3. Bargaining –Wiscy, Clemson, suckeyes.   All hoping somebody loses. 
  4. Depression:  MICHIGAN.  All alone and headed toward 8-4
  5.  Acceptance – Everybody Else.  Spoilers alive in the Acceptance Stage!

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-Madison – snow is flying on Game Day!
-As expected, a very small crowd….
-Not surprised.  8:00 CT on a freezing day is tough for fans.
-And the immediate 11:00 AM kick doesn’t help.
-Coach is the guest picker.
-I always liked that show.
-Here we go!
-Jeez.  Seriously?
-Punt Return TD…
-Special teams could be the difference
-Peters looks okay
-That’s a TD
-Even the announcers seem to think so
-And Peter fumbles….
-This. Is. A. Disaster.
-This was a great opportunity.
-Wiscy will use this.
-What are we doing?
-Rushing game plan not great.
-Wiscy has adjusted.  Michigan hasn’t.
-Where’s the flag on THAT HIT?
-Late and unnecessary roughness?
-I F@#$%ing hate referees.
-All of them.
-It’s over.
-Now it’s really over.
-We’ll never beat the suckeyes.


1.    CANES/Clemson – This one settled on the field. Clemson would like a Miami loss this week somehow.
2.    Oklahoma – Win and they’re in…   
3.    Wiscy:  They’re MORE deserving this week. 
4.    Auburn/Bama – winner will probably beat Gerogia.
Undefeateds and 1-loss Lurkers:  Georgia.  Needs to win to get in..

The Hot Seat

Adding Mora to the list.


We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….
  1. “Holier than Thou” Hugh Freeze
  2. Andersen – Oregon State
  3. Kugler – Texas El Paso 
  4. Tyson Summers – Georgia Southern
  5. McElwain – Florida.
  6. Butch Jones – Tennessee
  7. Mora – UCLA.  Was on the ECOD at 4 last week.    

Electric Chair of Death!
  1. Bielema   - When your AD gets canned, you can’t be far behind
  2. Sumlin – Soon?
  3. Riley – Battled PSU fiercely, but lost. 

The Hot Seat

1.    Beatty – Kansas
2.    Fedora – UNC
3.    Lovie Smith – Illinois hands Indiana first B1G Win
4.    Ruhle – Baylor
5.    Taggart May be up for the Florida Job…
Retirement Eminent?
1.     Bill Snyder – K-State.  Gotta be thinking about it…
Who’s Hot?
Frost – Florida or Nebraska?
Miles – I don’t know why he’s not being considered for gigs
Brohm  - Still hot for a better gig.
Who won’t leave:
Gruden – This one cracks me up every time Tennessee needs to hire a guy…
Chip Kelly – Really has to be the right job.  Florida interviewed him, but no further news. 
This Week In Schadenfreude
This is a must read as there are excerpts in here about a Michigan Conspiracy Theory.  The guy makes a lot of great points and it does seem that we get everyone’s “Best Game” when it comes to the amount of holding calls made against Michigan, not to mention several other slights…


Friday, November 17, 2017

FMQ Week #12: OTD In Michigan History & Game Day In Madison

OTD – November 17, 2006…11 Years Ago
One of the remaining “One Name” coaches left us to join the other greats in Football’s Valhalla
On the same day, a Friday, I went out and hopped in my car to go to lunch and the FAN (1130) in Detroit was reporting that Bo had collapsed at WXYZ Studios and he was rushed to the hospital.  It was about 10 minutes after that the they were reporting he was gone.  I’ll admit it:  I sat in my car and cried.   
On the Eve of the Game, THE DAY he lived the other 364 days of the year to be part of.  The Game lived up to its name the next day, with Michigan falling just short of a victory.  Many claim that Michigan football hasn’t been the same since.  I disagree.  We’ve been on a wild ride, but Michigan, as the late great Bo would have said, is Michigan
The Blog hadn’t started yet and I used to send e-mails every Monday morning (or more often) to The DistributionI’ve been doing this since 1997.  Hard to believe… Some of those from 2006 I post-posted into the Blog when I started the MichiganManMMQ up.  Here’s a link to my post on Bo…
And the ESPN write-up…
This Just In
Well, it actually came in Wednesday but I had already posted:  Jeff Long is OUT as the AD at Arkansas.  So, that meeting that happened (see below in the FMQ) was apparently a request to can Bielema (Who Long hired) and he must have said “no”.  Which, I guess is a firing offense.  But Long was a great AD and the first CFP Committee Director.  Seems like a long way to go to fire a coach.  Now you need to find a new AD and a new coach….
Okay – For the Last Time…
Some of you get on me for my Ref Rants saying it makes me sound like I’m whining.  Look at this and tell me how this ISN’T PI:
I’ll wait…
Game Day Picked Madison
Due to the fact that there aren’t many ranked teams going at it this week thanks to the annual battle of the SEC and the FCS schools the week before their “Big Rivalry” games. 
The NCAA ought to make it illegal to play a non-Power 5 School in November.  The College Football fan base is literally in a lather and the menu includes names like Bama playing Mercer and Clemson playing the Citadel.  BS! 
In fact, oddshark hasn’t even put any spreads up on those games because handicappers have no idea what to do!
FOX F#$%cks AGAIN!
As cited above, Game Day didn’t really have a choice this weekend if they wanted to cover a “Big Game” as Wiscy vs. now ranked Michigan was the logical choice.  Problem is, Fox Sports was the “first” to pick a game this weekend for the B1G and ESPN was second, BTN third.  Two weeks ago, Fox picked Michigan – Wiscy and announced the game time at noon.  See the dilemma here?  If you want to go to ESPN’s Game Day, how on earth do you get to a noon kick (11:00 AM Local) and see Corso don the head gear at the same time?  Game Day will be broadcasting from Bascom Hill (on Campus) which is about a 10-15 minute walk from Camp Randall.  Not to mention the time it takes to get into the stadium.  Nobody likes to miss kick-off so, my guess is the Wiscy crowd will be leaving early.  Fox could have moved the game to the 3:30 slot, but apparently declined.   Fox screws Madison Football Fans.  Idiots…
The Jump Around – When and How It Was Born
File Under:  Why College Football Is SO MUCH MORE DAMN FUN than anything else
For anyone that ISN’T aware of the “Jump Around”, I linked an article from a couple of years ago about how it came into being.  Much like some of the greatest traditions in College Football (Michigan Marching Band Drum Major Hat Removal, The Banner, The Jug, etc), this one wasn’t planned and just kind of happened
For those of you that don’t like “linking”, a couple of excerpts:
In 1998, during the first night homecoming game for Wisconsin, Kluender was looking for something to keep the crowd energized between the third and fourth quarters. He had a list of suggested songs provided by Ryan Sondrup, an intern in the marketing department and a former Badgers football player. Kluender chose “Jump Around” and looked away from the field to check his notes. When he turned back, he said the leaping students looked “like popcorn popping.
“I would love to tell you it was the result of months of market research and focus groups, but it just kind of happened,” said Kluender, who is an assistant athletic director for marketing and promotions. “And that’s a reason it’s still so popular: it wasn’t scheduled or planned.”
Does Camp Randall Move and Shake With All That Jumping Around???
You Bet!   Another Excerpt:
“The stadium definitely shakes,” said Mike Oliva, a Wisconsin engineering professor who has studied Camp Randall’s movement. “People in the upper deck tend to feel like the motion is anywhere from 2 inches to 10 inches.”
Oliva conducted a more thorough safety study over a year and a half, and concluded that the jumping was safe. He said in an e-mail that the actual motion during the jumping was only 0.4 inches. But it occurs with such frequency that humans are sensitive to it. 
The Student Section Jumping Around!!
Inside the Press Box – Lights and Pipes Moving
Who’s the Other Guy???
I have a daily calendar on my desk that runs down fun Michigan facts in all sports.  Today’s entry was that Charles Woodson is one of only two NFL players to:
1.     Win the Heisman
2.    Win the Associated Press Rookie of the year
3.    Win the Associated Press Player of the Year
4.    Win a National Championship (Michigan 1997)
5.    Win a Super Bowl
Can you name the other guy? 
The Double-Edged Sword of Harbaugh
Seen on Twitter:
If Michigan wins on Saturday, Wiscy will end up just being an “average team” and the committee will have been right about where they had them ranked…If Michigan loses on Saturday, Wiscy will be great and Harbaugh will be over-rated
You know it’s true…I hate the media.
Damn you Gators!  That late TD screwed up what would have been a PHENOMENAL WEEK!!
But I’ll take the win, anyway.  It seems like after winning the early parlay, I’ve been bouncing around and just barely missing them.  I almost didn’t take South Carolina (in the parlay) and was seriously considering Auburn as I felt my read on them was spot on.  But the Gators are such a mess right now, it’s hard not to play against them:

Kind of a quiet week before Turkey Day Rivalry Weekend!
On to this week’s picks:
Miss State @ Arkansas (+11): This may be it for Brett B.  Jeff Long, Arkansas AD, was called into a meeting with the Board of Trustees this week and no one is quite sure why (Well, we weren’t when I first wrote this, but we are pretty SURE NOW).  So either his butt is on the line or Brett’s is (Long’s gone).  Brett’s buyout is a not so huge $5.9M, but still.  Mullen probably looking to bounce back after a close loss to Bama… 
Take Miss State and lay the 11 for $25
Texas @ West Virginia (-3):  Texas going to WVU and it’s a toss-up.   WVU has been playing good football at home but is lousy against the spreadTexas is 7-3 ATS and they need ONE MORE WIN to become bowl eligible.  Hermann should be able to knock off someone in the Big iiX in his first season.   
Take Texas and the 3 for $25
Gophers @ Northwestern (-6.5):  HmmmmmWho do I trust here?  Northwestern has been hot and cold.  But the common game against the Huskers had the Purple Kitties winning by a point and the Gophers Rowed the Damn Boat right up Riley’s ass…I know the transitive property doesn’t always apply, but I can’t ignore it, either.   
Take the Gophers and the 6.5 for $25
Virginia @ Miami (-19.5):  Inflated-ish spread now that Miami knocked off a paper tiger in the Domers.  Virginia is not 17 points worse than Miami, at least I don’t think so.  I expect a let-down and a more Miami-like game in this one.    
Take Virginia and the 19.5 for $35
Pitt @ Va Tech (-15.5):  Va Tech has lost two in a row.  Pitt’s a disaster and needs to win out to make a bowl.  I’m not saying Pitt won’t be motivated, but Blacksburg is a tough place to win in November.  Fuente wants to get back on the right track. 
Take Va Tech and lay the 15.5 for $25
Iowa State @ Baylor (+9.5):  Iowa State wants to make this a successful season.  Not that it isn’t already. But going down to Texas and taking care of business is what winning teams do.  The Cyclones have been decent ATS and I think Baylor might be finally giving up on the season.  
Take ISU and lay the 9.5 for $35
Illinois @ the suckeyes (-38):  The suckeyes need style points…And an easy way to get them is to roll the Illini like a drunk hobo off a rail-road flat car.  All the predicted score and stats sites have the suckeyes scoring no fewer than 50 points.  And they can probably do that running about a half a dozen plays.  Question is, can Illini rally and make a late cover?  Nah…I just hope nobody dies.
Take the suckeyes and lay the 38 for $35
Navy @ Domers (-18.5  MONEYLINE $675):  So, the Domers usually go down the tubes once their National Title hopes are crushed.  And Navy, at 6-3 with a triple option offense, isn’t a bad team this season.  So, which Domer team will it be?  The one that rolls teams it’s supposed to roll (without peeking ahead to Stanford) or is it just a shell of that team that shows up and eeks out a win???  I’m going with eekers… And the Moneyline here is attractive.  Can Miami beat the Domers twice??
Take Navy and the 18.5 for $50
Cornsuckers @ PSU (-23):  Anyone tell me the last time the Huskers got 23 points in a football game?   I can’t remember either.  I don’t believe it’s ever happened.  PSU is looking for style points, too and since this is their last home game, look for a rout.  I usually don’t like doing this, but If the Gophers can hang 54 on the Huskers, PSU might score 100...
Take PSU and lay the 23 for $40
Maryland @ Sparty (-16):  Well, I like Sparty here but 17 seems a little high.  Maryland is a disaster, however, and Sparty should be able to cover that number, assuming Lewerke gets back on track.  Maryland’s defense is simply way too bad and I see Sparty in a late game cover INT or some such nonsense…
Take Sparty and lay the 16 for $35
LSU @ Tennessee (+14):  This spread seems like a gift.  Jones canned, Brady Hoke at the helm.  Not gonna’ say anything bad about the Hokester, but he has been with two programs (Oregon and Tennessee) where the head coach has been canned the season after his arrival.  Coincidence? You decide.    
Take LSU and lay the 14 for $40
Mizzou @ Vandy (-7.5):  Mizzou is a diesel truck right now.  Vanderbilt started out well but is back to being, well, Vanderbilt.  I think Mizzou get’s a bowl invitation walking away this weekend.    
Take Mizzou and lay the 7.5 for $40
Michigan @ Wiscy ( -7.5    MONEYLINE:  $250):  So, this is it.  I hate tricky spreads.  Actually, let’s forget the spread for a minute. We all know that the strength of both these teams is defense.  Hornibrook is mistake prone and has thrown 12 INT’s this season, several that were pick 6’s.  Two against Iowa last week.  Peters has improved Michigan’s offense…how much will be shown to us on Saturday.  Michigan has been storing away plays and Jedi Mind Tricks for the last three games, running a pretty vanilla scheme.  But there may be fireworks Saturday.  And Wiscy is undefeated and looking for national respect with the undefeated target on their back.  But it’s hard to win them all…(see Probability Table)
Bottom Line:  Michigan either gains redemption over the next two games, or slides further into oblivion with two losses to end the season at 8-4.  I’m hoping for the former and something tells me that Peters may be a very good player on the Big StageBill Connelly offers up some advice to beat Wiscy. 
Screw It!  Let’s go for broke!
Take Michigan and the 7.5 for $50
Take Michigan for the win and the MONEYLINE for $50
3 Bet/Team Parlay:   6-1
LSU – Mizzou - Michigan:   $50
Man Shot Arguing About Auburn – Bama
Sounds like something a suckeyes fan would do…

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Top 25? So Wiscy Looks Better

Assuming they win!

Michigan finally gets back into the top 25 but I wasn’t that surprised they were dumped out of it.  Michigan’s best win is now over Purdue (yep – Purdue) and they haven’t beaten anyone with a winning record. In simple terms when it comes to Wiscy:  Not Good…
With three wins in a row over refrigerators (read – big slow things that don’t move much) the real season starts up again.  Wiscy will prove to be extremely difficult.  If Michigan can keep the fight in the phone booth on offense and defense, there’s a chance.  If Hornibrook goes all Hornibrook, Michigan could be looking at a replay of PSU.   But we contained Hornibrook last year.  At home. 

Michigan’s streak of losses to ranked opponents on the road stands at 15 and could go up a notch unless they pull off the impossible.  Yes, 15 Ranked Road Game losses in a row.  That’s a little too long.  And Michigan hasn’t won at Camp Randall since 2001

Georgia – Maybe It’s YOU?

Mark Richt got canned at Georgia for always having what became known as “A Mark Richt” game somewhere during the season.  One of those inexplicable losses to an unworthy adversary or a tight loss in a big game.  Georgia just had ANOTHER MARK RICHT game Saturday, and the Dawg Fans are scratching their heads.  Cause Mark Richt isn’t there any more.  And he’s coaching an undefeated team that just “Mark Richt-ed” the Domers.  So who do you hire now if you’re calling for Kirby Smart’s head?
Nordin Problems?

From kicking savant to damn near getting left off the team bus in Maryland.  College Kickers.  What do you do with ‘em?  Most of them have a cocky attitude to begin with and I think it helps to have thick skin when it comes to having to kick a game winner.  Harbaugh has gone from support to anger as a motivational tool.

Jim Bob Cooter to Tennessee?

I didn’t know that Jim Bob played for Tennessee, was a Grad Assistant at Tenessee and his name came up near the top of a list of possible candidates for the Volunteers Job.  That would be quite a move, but I can’t believe that Tennessee would go that route without a proven recruiter.  So, I don’t think so.

Most Disturbing Bowl Projection

Accidentally clicked a link to Bowl Projections and saw a very disturbing match-up that Nobody wants to see:

Holiday Bowl:  Michigan (8-4) vs. Arizona (9-3)

A:  Michigan has a bad history in the Holiday Bowl
B.  Rich Rod has a DeRob of a QB
C.  Rich Rod Revenge

I Wouldn’t want to see that game.  Win the next two…Please.

Most INTERESTING Bowl Projection

If Bama loses to Auburn and the Domers can win out:  Bama and Domers in Cotton Bowl. 

Riley Said THIS?

Smiling Mike Riley doesn’t seem to get it.  Why he was ever considered a B1G Coach (much less the head coach at Nebraska) is beyond me.  In his Monday presser, Mike stated “There’s been very few issues, with the exception of the games.”  Which, if you know anyone from Nebraska, that statement alone is a fireable offense. 

Moos is a patient guy and will let Riley twist in the wind for the last two games.  But you can bet he has his feelers out.  Frost may be out of reach, but who really knows when it comes to the coaching carousel.

Michigan Cagers are 2-0! 

In case you haven’t been paying attention.  The win over Central appeared to be a little shaky, but the Chips shot 50% from the 3-point line in the 1st half.  When normalcy returned to CMU’s shooting and Michigan finally figured out the Chips Zone D, Michigan regained the lead and rolled to victory rather comfortably.  And the Hockey team is 6-3-1 with some nice wins over Ferris St. and the B1G favorite Golden Gophers!

I Normally Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Heisman

Unless there’s a Michigan Man involved.  Last year, I was paying attention due to Peppers, but that sort of faded mid-season.  This season, Baker Mayfield seems to be the darling of the media.  Partly because Louisville blows chunks this season, but look at Jackson’s numbers!  They’re actually BETTER than last season!  So, I guess you do have to be on a winning team to win the Heisman?

“Oh it’s first down and we run it up the middle again!!!” - dawgvent.com (Georgia)
“Mullen chokes again” - sixpackspeak.com (Mississippi State)
“I’m done with the Air Raid experiment” - killerfrogs.com (TCU)
“Annual embarrassing losses: Get used to it” - ndnation.com (Notre Dame)
“What do you expect for the #60 highest paid staff?” - panther-lair.com (Pitt)
If Tennessee and Vanderbilt Both Lose This Week
Neither team will have an SEC victory when they meet up for the final game of the season.  0-7 vs. 0-7.  Might be a couple of empty seats in the stadium
Why Can’t Blue Bloods Just Wear Their Colors?
I hate alternated uniforms and the crotchety old man in me is pissed that the suckeyes will be wearing alternatives for The Game.  Idiots.  Hopefully, that’s bad luck

Still Looking For Your Dream Coach?  A Template!