Friday, September 30, 2011

FMQ - Let the Conference Games Begin!

Holy Crap! In case you haven’t seen or heard, Nebraska Fan is loaded and likes to travel places. Nebraska-Wisconsin tickets are going for as high as $1,500 in the Varsity Club level seating….That’s nuts, even to a ticket broker like myself. Makes me wonder what the Nebraska - Michigan premium might bring if these two are both still in the running come November?

Creampuff lineups are over…Not that the B1G can handle their cream puffs…SEC play begins in rabid fashion…And the MMQ can start looking at historical rivalries, revenge games and the little bits of edge that all the other bettors overlook…

Michigan (-19.5) vs. Minnesota
To say that I wanted to take Minnesota when I saw this spread come out is an understatement of IMMENSE proportions. Than, I looked at stats and results. Minnesota isn’t that good this year… I decided to wait and see what the move would be before betting. I’m glad I waited from the open (-20.5) and its moved a point. That’s enough for the bettor in me.
Take Michigan and lay the 19.5 for $40

Alabama @ Gatorland (+3.5)
Alabama surprised me against another rival SEC team last week. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice – NEVER!
Take Alabama and lay the 3.5 for $70

Stanford @ UCLA(20.5)
This one opened at an even 21 and they must need somebody on the other side as the bookies have thrown a half point teaser out there…I’ll be happy to fade Mr. Lucky and the three TD’s that he’ll probably throw against these clowns in the 1st quarter.
Take Stanford and lay the 20.5 for $80

MSU (+3) @ OSU
So, which Sparty team is going to show up? The one that plays like dog doo-doo on the road in hostile environs or the one that shellacs teams at home? Methinkgs it might be closer than anyone suspects…

Nebraska @ Wiscy (-10.5)
Here’s something that EVERY B1G fan knows: Wisconsin cannot be relied upon to cover big spreads in Big Games. This ought to be a great battle and I like the 10.5 that Nebraska is getting.
Take Nebraska and 10.5 for $30

EMU (-8) @ Akron
The Eagles have been very good to me this year. I like English, I think they are on the verge of doing some great things and I don’t think Akron has a very impressive resume to date.
Take the Eagles and lay the 8 for $60.

LMU (-28.5) @ Kentucky
I hate this game and I hate this spread. LMU and Kentucky just don’t seem to agree with each other. While Kentucky really, really, sucks, I can’t get over the fact that LMU’s defense and kick return team were responsible for 14 of last week’s 44 points against WVU.
PASS……..As much as I’d like to bet it…Dammit…



3 team: 6 to 1
4 Team: 10 to 1

Three Team EMU – Stanford – Alabama:  $30

Four Team: EMU – Stanford – Alabama – Michigan:  $20

Starting BANK: $1,152
NEW BANK: $852

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aztecs Are Not As Frightening as Expected…

But the Michigan offense and defense can each be extremely frustrating and shoot themselves in the foot. I watched most of the game on Saturday from the confines of my own home and I noticed several things, in no particular order:

The defense is playing better, except when it isn’t.
Denard is passing poorly, except when he isn’t.
The control the clock running game is non-existent, except when it busts a big one.

What does all that mean? It means that there’s going to be some pretty interesting Big 10 games in the near future that we are going to have a hard time playing and staying in with respect to ball control and keeping our foot on the neck of teams where we get a score advantage. My guess Michigan’s game plan is going to look a lot like this: Try to “establish” that dominance early, get behind, turn Denard and the Blitz loose on defense, get back in the game and win it late. Not exactly the stuff great teams are made of, but I don’t think it’ll be the utter collapse that we saw the last two years after going 5-0.

Kill is back in the hospital with another seizure. Minnesota will be up, but they’re beatable. And Hoke will have them ready for the Big 10 opener and the oldest Trophy Game that there is. I think Michigan pulls out a squeaker in Ann Arbor. But the FMQ will take the 20 that Minnesota is getting when he bets...

What’ll happen in the remaining 7 games after the Gophers is anyone’s guess, but there’s very little chance we lose them all. Of course, there’s very little chance we win them all, too. But I think there’s a very good chance we win 5 of them. I just can’t tell you right now which 5 it’ll be. I’m not even sure Vegas knows how to handicap this team.

On a side note, Denard continues to amaze, find spaces, and out run everybody on the field. If only he could find receivers with a little more regularity…And what I thought was an anomaly has actually continued to prove itself each week – Turnovers by the Defense are starting to make me think that they’re a better coached group of kids in the fundamentals of the game.

The Rest of the Mess

DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) @ Pitt: Pitt had the Domers RIGHT where they wanted them and then let them get away with one. Domers are going to lose a couple more games, even though as Urban kept stating, they have better athletes then the other guys. What exactly was he trying to say? He said it a half dozen times…Is that a slam on Kelly?

Sparty - Central: Couldn’t find this blow out on the tube…Must have been on ESPN-U that Comcast doesn’t give me…

FSU @ Clemson: Clemson is going to have to be reckoned with. Watkins is a player and the QB knows how to throw it in his general direction, which is what you do with a good receiver. Look for the Orange Tigers to make some ACC noise this year…

Arkansas @ Satan’s Warriors: Bama is better than I thought and their defense is scary good. Not only are they big, but they’re quick. Satan is doing it right, as far as getting a defense together first. I just hate Satan for all the other cheating he does…that’s all.

Okie State vs. Texas AM (SEC): Texas AM let Okie State have this game. No other way to say it. Even after Okie State tried to hand it back to Texas AM ( on a botched TD that turned into a Safety) Texas AM handed it right back!

LMU vs. West F!#@%& Virginia: Well, here’s proof that southern hillbilly hicks are better than northern hillbilly hicks. I’m not sure what this game accomplished for either team, but LMU came out on top and looked much better in the process than WVU… Oh, and LMU is your new number 1 in the coaches poll...So there's that.

Toledo vs. Syracuse: ACC bound Syracuse is apparently cheating at football….Well, not cheating, but the referees blew an extra point call that clearly missed the uprights…Sad, isn’t? Are you telling me you can’t find 2 guys out of your referee group that can look up and tell whether or not the ball went through? Really?

By the way: The Vote is IN!!!!

What you the fans thought were the Best Games in the Big House were:

1. Domers 2011
2. OSU – 1997
3. OSU – 1969
4. Sparty – 2004
5. Domers – 1991 Desmond Catch, for those that can’t remember…

Everything else really doesn’t matter does it? Granted, we might change the criteria around and get a different result, but based on what we used for voting, those are results I can live with.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday
-Hmmm…We need to stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Denard is simply Denard. Let him be Denard.
-The Aztecs shot themselves in the foot early and couldn’t recover.
-Michigan will need a lot of teams to do that this year.
-Because Michigan is going to misfire a couple into their own foot sooner or later.
-Minnesota will not make these mental mistakes.
-And it’s for the Jug…
-Which is now home in Ann Arbor, where it belongs.
-I’ve always liked playing for the Jug.
-It is the oldest trophy in College Football, ya’ know….
-So, Conference Re-alignment is dead for the time being.
-Until the SEC farts and grabs someone for number 14.
-Only Market SEC isn’t in that they’d like to get in: Missouri or New York. Geography points to Missouri. No New York schools make sense.
-You can forget Clemson, West F@$#&*@ Virginia and Va Tech.
-Same reason as always: Money. Too much to buy out of ACC and SEC has those markets covered.
-And Texas continues holds everyone else hostage in the Big 12.
-It cracks me up to see people speculate on “Who might want to join the Big 12” when schools can’t get out of that conference fast enough.
-Even if Texas starts playing nice, how long can you trust them?
-Boeheim interview cracked me up, too…
-He more or less threw Big East under the truck. "This isn't the same Big East that Syracuse formed."
-And there was more than a “little” slam on the conference members that were “Independent” in Football. Stating that the Big East could be a great conference if, again, everyone played by the same rules.
-Gee, I wonder who he was refering to there?
-Which more or less proves my point: Where ever there’s a Domer, there’s someone that’s pissed off!
-Penn State isn’t that good this year…And of course, Michigan doesn’t play them…
-Satan’s Warriors look downright scary.
-We have to play them next year?
-Michigan better get a WHOLE LOT BETTER.
-I hope they lose some guys to the NFL…Bama, that is.
-Any thoughts about going to Dallas? It might be a Big Game…
-LMU looks very, very good.
-Of course, it was against West FUC@#%(&%#@ Virginia….

The Hot Seat
You guys never cease to amaze! Emma stone eeked out a victory last week putting all four weekly mascots into the finals! ITS un-precedented, I tell you! We’ve never had the first four weekly mascots make the finals. Someone from a prior week always squeezed out a newer nominee.

Let’s see if this week’s mascot can pull it off. This was sent in by a loyal and observant follower of the MMQ and I was surprised when he titled the E-mail “GILF”. Which stands for “Grandmother I’d Like to F*ck” Yes, Al Davis has made the bold move of having a Grandma be an Oakland Raider Cheerleader. So, we had Alexa Flutie in the 1st week and now we have someone that’s old enough to be her mother in the 4th week, both Cheerleaders in the NFL, Suzie Sanchez! She’s 37 and still got it! (Suzie's the one on the right in the next photo!)

Who says I'm not getting enough older women in the Hot Seat Mascot Race?

Hot Seat Rank
1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico – FIRED! The year’s first victim to make the GONE LIST…
2. Kelly, Brian – Didn’t do much for his status by squeezing past Pitt. He’ll have some cupcakes coming that will help him move down the list…
3. Houston Nutt – Lost the Hot Seat Bowl, he’s gotta’ be number 3
4. Richy Richt – They will win SEC games..
5. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job?

FMQ Betting Results:
Well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad…But I really thought the Chips would have played Saparty tougher….That game could have put us in the green vs. just running in neutral.

Michigan -8 vs. SDSU
Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $50
WIN: Bank $95

Alabama at Arkansas (+11)
Take Arkansas and the 11 for $50
What on earth was I thinking? LOSE.

Take EMU and the 29 for $60
Thank you for that last minute Field Goal in the 4th quarter!
WIN! Bank $124

Domers at Pitt (+6).
Take Pitt and the 6 for $30
I should have bet more here…This game looked better to me than $30 worth
WIN! Bank $57

Central at MSU (-24)
I’ll take the Chips and the 24 for $40


Three Picks I like the most (2 are MAC, can you believe it?) are Eastern Michigan, Central, and Arkansas for $30.
And just because I HATE the Arkansas pick, how about the season’s first Instant Re-Pay Parlay where we take EMU, Central and Bama for $30?

Starting BANK: $886
Total Win: $266
NEW BANK: $1,152

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Friday, September 23, 2011

FMQ - There’s Not a Lot I Like This Week….

…which usually means that Wiscy doesn’t have a bettable spread, Stanford is on a bye week, and Nebraska - Wyoming are also off the board…sheesh. What’s a gambler to do? Bet the close calls? If that’s the case, so be it. We just might not wager as much as usual….

Michigan (-10) vs. SDSU
This spread looked attractive to me (initially) based on what I saw in the 2nd half of the Michigan – EMU game. I guess I wasn’t the only one based on the fact that it’s creeped up to 10. I liked the 8 but didn’t “jump on it.” I’m not sure the move is enough to entice me to take the Aztecs.
Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $50

Alabama at Arkansas (+11)
This one, I jumped on. I don’t think Arkansas will screw it up this year seeing as how Mallet isn’t on the sidelines. But I really don’t like this pick…Really…
Take Arkansas and the 11 for $50

EMU (+29) at PSU
EMU didn’t look that bad and PSU looked awful against Temple. In a rainy game, EMU can keep it close against the Lions
Take EMU and the 29 for $60

Domers at Pitt (+6)
Pitt had Iowa crushed and let them back in the game. I don’t think they do that again at home. Yes, it’s a first year Pitt head coach, but everyone brings their A-game for the Domers.
Take Pitt and the 6 for $30

Central at MSU (-24)
Wow. Poor Sparty gets spanked by the Domers and then has to lay 24 on the Chippewas?
I’ll take the Chips and the 24 for $40

5 Games and only $230 wagered. That’s a lot less than I like to leverage myself. But the picks just aren’t “speaking” to me this week.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t try a Parlay seeing as how it paid off last week!

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like the most (2 are MAC, can you believe it?) are Eastern Michigan, Central, and Arkansas for $30.

And just because I HATE the Arkansas pick, how about the season’s first Instant Re-Pay Parlay where we take EMU, Central and Bama for $30?

Starting BANK: $1,176
NEW BANK: $886

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, September 19, 2011

Conference Re-Alignment...The Have's and Have Not's

As you know, I’m a big follower of the under currents that are happening in conference re-alignment and what it would mean for the “good of the game.” And by that I mean, will college football ever get around to crowning a true National Champion much in the way that every other collegiate sport at any level does it? Season play followed by a tournament that settles everything on the field? Matt Hinton (Dr. Saturday) wrote a nice blog entry that got me to thinking and trying to come up with positives of the eventuality of Super Conferences and re-alignment.

I know that the 1997 National Championship team (that won 3 of the 4) MNC (mythical national championship) trophies would have beaten an undeserving but capable Nebraska team. That’s the selfish side of me talking. Had Tom Osborne not announced his retirement, Michigan would’ve swept the board on the votes. But, would it have made it any better knowing that the “vote” is what Michigan was hanging its hat on and not a straight up victory? Probably not. I would have liked for that team to play the game. We’ll never know who would’ve won thanks to the archaic way that College Football has evolved.

Handshake agreements and, “Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have some sort of football game on New Year’s Day” from the early turn of the century have endured and grown into greedy beasts that need to be fed annually. The Fiesta Bowl exposed a great deal of the corruption and greed involved in “non-profit” bowl game business dealings, including but not limited to parties, trips, $300,000 annual salaries, and expenses paid for by the television revenue generated for a 60 minute football game. Do you think that TPTB are going to throw some of that expense money at the president’s of the affiliated universities in order to get them to say, “Oh, a play-off would be WAY too disruptive…You bet universities prefer the bowl system.” And I certainly have a hard time believing the bowls are really all about the “Good of the Game” at this point.

And while the traditionalist inside of me has always loved the fact that the Granddaddy of them all features a B1G 10 and PAC 10 (12, 14 – pick a number) member, I’m starting to see that it’s simply not the same game or structure that existed 30 or 40 years ago. And in that respect, maybe it’s time for the Super Conferences and a 4 team play-off, even though a big part of me is screaming that this might not be the best thing for the game. But why?

The regional charm that prevailed over the Big 8, Big 10, and ACC in the 1950’s through the 1970’s went away when ESPN started televising additional games and then all the games. In the late 80’s, you could go to a sportsbook or sports bar and see just about every game being played at the newly defined “Division 1A” level. 10 years prior, Michigan wasn’t on TV every week. You often had to catch the game on the radio or go see it live. But the US is a smaller place now. Regional isn’t just neighboring states; it’s bigger and better.

IS that change for the better? I want to believe it is. Will conference re-alignment be a change for the better? Well, I’d like to believe that it’s being done for the good of the game and not for a bunch of money grubbing bastards that have absolutely no feel for tradition. And some understanding of what it means to be a student athlete. The B1G 10 managed to protect the Michigan-OSU rivalry, even though they’re in different divisions. Can it do the same if it expands to 16 with 4 team “pods” that play a round robin every 12 years? Will the rivalries and trophy games mean as much? Will it all boil down to winning all your games in order to make the 4 team play-off? Will the “regular” season lose its charm ala College Hoops? Sitting here and looking forward, I want to say no. The sport and the actual games are just too compelling. I want to see them all.

Where ever this sport ends up, I know that it will always be enjoyable to watch. I’ll still get the sensation that to this day gets me excited thinking about it and anticipating a game each week. That anticipation and the “less is more” ideal that college football presents is what has helped it endure and make it become the must see TV sensation on Saturday that it is. Would last week’s Michigan –Notre Dame game lost any of its luster if it was a conference game? I don’t think so…

Yes, there will be a loss of smaller universities that haven’t been able to keep up with the Jones’. Do I feel for them? Absolutely. Do I think that is a problem for the Universities that have built this game into the tradition that it is? Certainly not. The little guys are only getting an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the current landscape because that’s what the Big Guys invested into, envisioned and built for over 100 years of playing football. Fielding H. Yost envisioned 150,000 FANS at the Big House when he dug the first shovel full of dirt at the corner of Stadium and Main. Where were the little guys then? Boise State? Kansas State? BAYLOR? Traditions? Really? Sorry, if you had traditions and prestige, you wouldn’t be whining so loud at this point in time. You’d be sitting up at the top, not worrying about what AQS conference you’re going to end up in. Are there non-deserving schools in that 64 team mix because of their alignment? Maybe. You could argue it however you want, but I’m really not here to debate that. Traditions and conferences were built for just this type of scenario. Protection and survival. Shared risk and shared reward.

Making and re-aligning the teams into super conferences with 64 teams that get a shot at the title shouldn’t deter from the enjoyment of the sport. And if you’re lucky enough to survive your 16 team Super Bracket, you’ve got a shot at all the marbles. If it means the end of another 60 or so Division 1 FBS programs that can’t compete financially or on the field for the national title (or for whatever stupid reason choose to be independent), well, as Judge Smails explained so succinctly to Danny in Caddyshack,

The world needs ditch diggers, too.”

I think it’s the right thing to do.

Finaly - A Yawn....But Everything Else Is Happening FAST!

Well, my heart has started beating correctly again and the adrenaline seems to have left the system, but wow, what a come down after last week. And sometimes, a cupcake after a big meal is all you want (or need.)

It seems like a long time, but Michigan finally had a game where it didn’t seem like it was entirely on the line and their backs were against the wall. Okay, Western in retrospect was kind of a yawner, but I’ll still take the position that Western was 4 plays - 2 defensive, 2 offensive that were the difference makers and without those, it’s a 3 point game. Yes, I expected Michigan to come out flt. I expected them to come out and try to run the ball. And I expected Eastern to stop the run and force DeRob to pass. So, all my expectations were met. And the results more or less supported those expectations.

I will say that the defense rose to the occasion on the first drive and stopped EMU on a 4th and 1 and that was impressive. However, again as expected, I figured EMU to attack the defense “right in the middle” figure out if we had fixed our D-Line and linebacker problem (we haven’t) and also try to run us wide to the side. Not a bad game plan, it’s just that EMU didn’t have the horses to pull it off for an entire game.

So, what do we really know about this 3-0 Michigan team? They will more than likely lose a game or two this year. But I suspect, as I stated in the pre-season spectacular, that the teams we lose to will be totally unexpected. I’m just happy they’re 3-0 as it’s a pretty good feeling.

The Rest of the Mess

SPARTY – DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) - Too many caps? I mean, it is Sparty-Domer. As expected, the Domers came out in a fragile state and right when it looked like they were on the verge of utter collapse, well, Sparty would do something stupid and let them right back into the game. 1st quarter: Rees throws the INT and Sparty does not capitalize. In fact, they turn it right back over to the Domers. 2nd quarter: Sparty continues to shoot themselves in the foot and they try trickery instead of just trying to take what the Domer defense was giving. I will admit, The Stallion attempted to stick with the run (when he shouldn’t have) and pass when he should have been running. I counted at least 3 3rd and longs where a QB draw or delayed RB draw would have probably gone for huge yards and got first downs. Not tom mention the idiotic fake Figgie right before the half. I really don’t know who dreamed that one up, but it was poorly planned, executed, timed, insert modifier here. This is a take the points in the first half game, kids. Dantonio was a boob. The 2nd half started to look like the ole Domers would do something stupid to help Sparty back into the game with the fumbled punt in the 4th quarter, but then Sparty loaded and cocked the gun again and BLAMMO! Interception at the goal line returned inside Sparty’s own 10 yard line. Cousins will be scarred for life…..

Sparty doesn’t scare me as much this year. They’re beatable. They will improve and it will be a clash in East Lansing, but they’re beatable.

GATORLAND – Cremesicles: I really thought the Cremesicles were a better team and they might have kept this one closer had they not lost their top receiver early in the game. Gatorland looks for real (again) and may be back in the hunt for the SEC East. If it’s still the SEC East when everything settles from Conference re-alignment. More on that in a minute.

NCAA Probation Bowl: tOhio looked bad. Really bad. I don’t think they will win 8 this year. That’s how bad the MMQ thinks they looked. Miami didn’t look like world beaters either, but they certainly didn’t stink it up like Ohio. Fecal had better get the train back on track in order to win some Big 10 games or he might not make the entire season.

Pitt (ACC) vs. Iowa (B1G): I figured I would start putting the conference affiliation next the to team in order to get everyone used to the new world and how it will look in the next couple of years. Pitt had this game in hand and Iowa came back (scarily) frankly to win it. Granted, it didn’t create the heart palpitations that Michigan –Domers caused a week ago, but still, it was exciting to watch.

FSU (ACC or SEC) vs. Okie Laters (???????): The FMQ stayed away from this game as I desperately wanted to take FSU, the points and the fact that they were at home in a revenge match-up all into account. However, the ole brain started itching which is a signal that I’m about to make a big mistake. What, doesn’t your brain itch from time to time? Anyway, Super Stooper had his troops ready and the laters just made a strong argument in primetime as to why half of the BCS title game should include them. I’m not convince they deserve it over Stanford yet, but I get the argument.

Mr. Lucky (Pac 24 pod 3?) vs. Arizona (Pac 24 pod 6?) : Yawn. I believe Mr. Lucky will continue to pummel teams until the other guys figure out a way to stop him.

Did I watch all those games? Yep. Bits and pieces of them.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Michigan looked a little flat, but not alarmingly so. Yes, flat is flat and it always looks bad. But if you were coming down for three days after that Domer game, how long do you think it took them?
-EMU and English have something going here. They will surprise some MAC teams this year.
-Huh…No Devon Gardner. I figured we would have seen him in the 4th.
-Of course, DeRob is still learning this offense, too.
-Look for Devon in the San Diego State Game (Tickets still available!)
-Sparty looks bad.
-Domers look bade.
-Sparty looks worse.
-Domers were fortunate to have The Stallion nervous. If he plays straight forward, Sparty might’ve won that game.
-WHAT? Bottom line reporting that Syracuse and Pitt to leave the B-East and join the ACC?
-Uh, folks, for the uninformed, that’s kind of like, on a much smaller scale, Michigan and OSU leaving the B1G for some other conference.
-I know, it’s an exaggeration, but seriously: Syracuse was a founding member (1979) of the B -East and Pitt was right behind them in 1982.
-So, the question becomes, “Why?”
-Simple. Cash and security. The B-East has always been Basketball first. And both the ‘Cuse and Pitt are AAU schools, going into a strong AAU conference (the ACC).
-That’s worth repeating. AAU affiliation is a big deal, sports fans.
-Meaning Deans and Chancellor’s are still calling the shots and academics are still driving the bus.
-Where does it all end?
-Apparently, with the Big 12 dissolving and Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Okie State in the Pac 16 - 20 - 24....Whatever.
-Where does that leave Mizzou, Kansas, K-State, I-State, and Baylor?
-In some sort of B-Eeast bastardized West division?
-And what about the LHN? Will the Pac (insert number here) collapse to Texas pressure and let an outsider dictate and run the show?
-My guess is Deloss Dodds and Bill Powers start to see the error of the LHN and they try to let it die a quiet death.
-I don’t think Larry Scott has the cache to pull that off with Stanford.
-They’ll resist.
-And ESPN will be pissed about losing the LHN.
-Which, IS ESPN wagging the Dog a little here?
-What’s the NCAA’s oversight on THAT?
-There is no way the independents wag the dog at this point. Not when all roads to a national title go through a conference championship.
-Rumor is BYU, Texas and Domers will establish “Independent” Championship Game for qualification into the BCS title game…
-Really? I’m not buying it.
-I know, lots of idle thoughts about conference re-alignment, but its here to stay.
-Separate post coming on that thought, too.

The Hot Seat

Well, for the last two weeks, we have introduced new Hot Seat Macots and they have made it into the finals. Flutie and Tipton will be finalists in the Annual Hot Seat Mascot of the year! Tipton was a tight victory, but Flutie was sitting pretty with a ticket already punched.

I’m kinda thinking I have the order right, from less hot to hot, but this one might not be seen as going to hotter from last week. I first noticed her in “Superbad” and “The House Bunny” (Okay, I watch a lot of bad movies) but when she really caught my eye was in "Zombieland". Haven’t seen it? Believe me, if you like culty, campy comedies, Zombieland is worth the 2 hours. Woody H is classic and the cameo by Bill Murray is worth the wait. But Emma is worthy of nomination in the MMQ’s eyes!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Kelly, Brian – I re-arranged these as Kelly’s seat is probably still hotter. Losing to Michigan doesn’t bode well for your career at the Domers.
2. Richy Richt – They will win SEC games.
3. Neuheisel - This weekend did not help Rick’s cause….
4. Zooky
5. Paul Wulff - almost have to take him off the list!
6. Bob Toledo
7. Tedford

FMQ Betting Results:

Hey, hey, hey! Talk about getting something right for a change! I’m elated that everyone finally got on the same page as the MMQ and did what they were supposed to do! It was a great week….

Michigan -30.5 vs. EMU
Take Eastern and the 30.5 for $80
31-3, which means a 28 point delta! WIN! Bank $152

Stanford (-10) at Arizona
Take Stanford and lay the -10 for $60
This was like taking candy from a Baby! WIN! Bank $114

Wisconsin vs. NIU(+17)
Take Wisconsin and lay 17 for $40
See the Stanford Comments! WIN! Bank $76

Sparty @ Domers (-5.5)
Take Sparty and the 5.5 for $30
You know, Sparty kills me, they really do….LOSE

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5)
Take Texas and lay the 3.5 for $30
The Mack Attack is BACK! And UCLA really sucks. WIN: Bank $57

Those are the 5 games I REALLY liked. However, there’s a bunch of other games that I’d love to have action on, so just for giggles, let’s spread a little over those, shall we?

Tennessee (+10) @ Florida
Take the Cremesicles and the 10 points for $10
LOSE….Last time I bet Tennessee…Swear.

ASU @ Illini (PICK)
Take ASU on the road for $10
Really? I mean, maybe Illinois isn’t that bad….LOSE.

Minnesota (-3.5) vs. Miami (OH)
Take Minnesota and lay the 3.5 for $10.
29-23….THAT’S What I’m talking about! WIN: Bank $19

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like (only one parlay) are Eastern Michigan, Stanford, and Wisconsin for $20.
I love it when a Plan comes together! WIN! Bank $120

Starting BANK: $638
NEW BANK: $1,176

Next week ought to be fun! Be sure to tune in Friday for the picks!

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

Friday, September 16, 2011

FMQ - Back On Track

Well, at least we didn’t have any weather related issues last week! Just a lot of Domer tears and gnashing of teeth….Hee-hee…

I know I bash the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) a lot, but you know what? They’ve earned it. All of them. As long as they continue to refer to us as scUM, well, they’re going to go right on being Domers…

Anyway, I like this week as it’s the third week, we’ve seen some teams play, and stats are starting to become important. The only problem is the bookmakers see that too and can maybe do a better job of handicapping the games. But they don’t always take into account emotion!

But here at the FMQ, we look at all those rivalries, histories and other what not that may or may not make a difference. That’s our edge!

And on to the picks!

Michigan -30.5 vs. EMU
This HAS to be the pick on the board. Eastern isn’t THAT bad and Michigan just came off the most emotional win in recent history (or at least since last year’s Domer game. Okay, maybe Illinois). I’ll take Eastern and PRAY that Devon Gardner isn’t as good as Denard when it comes to chucking it up and getting lucky.
Take Eastern and the 30.5 for $80

Stanford (-10) at Arizona
I don’t know why Vegas can’t see what I’m seeing when it comes to Stanford, but until they let me down, I’m sticking with Mr. Lucky.
Take Stanford and lay the -10 for $60

Wisconsin vs. NIU(+17)
I’m not sure exactly where this spread came from. Wisconsin looking ahead to Nebraska, maybe? But that’s TWO WEEKS away? And the Cheeseheads had a week off, so Bielema is going to want to run his horses…I have to lay big points AGAIN…Jeez, I hate doing that…
Take Wisconsin and lay 17 for $40

Sparty @ Domers (-5.5)
Another Game I know better than to bet on. When I first saw this, I actually thought the Domers were getting points, which I thought was a steal. But when I saw that the Domers were giving 5.5 at home, something just snapped. I mean, SPARTY isn’t that bad, right? They can move the ball. And The DOMERS backs are clearly against the wall. Michigan’s Defense “was not a test…”. Sparty owns that field. The Domers have to be “done” emotionally and close to being down and out…especially if the fans get on them early. I’m struggling, really with which side of this one to bet. My brain says take the points…
Take Sparty and the 5.5 for $30

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5)

Wow. Texas only a 3.5 favorite against a team that hasn’t been able to find it’s ass with both hands recently. What has happened to Texas? I want to bet more here, but I’m nervous…
Take Texas and lay the 3.5 for $30

Those are the 5 games I REALLY liked. However, there’s a bunch of other games that I’d love to have action on, so just for giggles, let’s spread a little over those, shall we?

Tennessee (+10) @ Florida
THIS PICK HAS BURNED ME BEFORE. Which is why I should NOT touch it here. But, I just don’t think Tennessee is going to be that bad this year and they haven’t come CLOSE to Florida for 6 years. This might be the upset year? Maybe?
Take the Cremesicles and the 10 points for $10

ASU @ Illini (PICK)
Wow, a pick-em game. ASU is one of those teams that should be great, but can’t get out of it’s own way. And the Illini are somehow still coached by Zooky the Magnifecent. If you can figure that out, you’re way brighter than me….
Take ASU on the road for $10

Minnesota (-3.5) vs. Miami (OH)
Minnesota, even without Coach Kill, sidelined due to a seizure, should win this easily. But whenever I think that, it usually bites me in the butt.
Take Minnesota and lay the 3.5 for $10.

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like (only one parlay) are Eastern Michigan, Stanford, and Wisconsin for $20.

Starting BANK: $928
NEW BANK: $638

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Domers - A 2nd Look & BIG HOUSE Big Games

As always, the Big Game generates a lot of e-mail and fan interest, not to mention hits on the Ole’ MMQ blog. I do thank each and every one of you for reading this drivel, if for no other reason than to make me think this is all in some weird and twisted way worthwhile.

HOWEVA’, there have been several issues – questions – challenges raised as a result of the Game on Saturday and subsequent post. So, in no particular order, let’s run ‘em down, so to speak:

1. The reason the final TD on the kick-off didn’t count: The kicking team CANNOT advance a kick-off. They can only recover. So, Michigan did recover the squib at the end and what appeared to be an advance to the goal line and subsequent spike of the ball in the endzone was simply Michigan’s ball at the 20 or where ever it was scooped up. Enough with the final score “Should have been 41 (2) to 31” already. We beat the Domers and the spread, the MMQ is happy.
2. If they awarded the Heisman based on performances against the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!), DeRob wins the thing hands down. No question.
3. I think everyone knows that this isn’t that great of a team (Michigan) and that is what is going to make this an interesting season. For anyone that sent me an e-mail stating that fact, I have a simple response for you. “Duh.” I know they aren’t that good. I can read box scores, too. You’re probably the same group that complains when you’re doing the horizontal bop that it doesn’t last long enough…sheesh. Check the latest MMQ tagline: Enjoying the Ride…
4. Do any of you know how to comment on the blog? The MMQ is going to stop responding to E-mail. It’s too much. Use the blog, that’s why it’s there. (okay, now I’m venting. I apologize. But seriously, create an account. It takes 2 minutes, tops.)
5. “This was the greatest game in Michigan Histroy.” I had more than one e-mail asking me how I could state that? And I know for those of you that weren’t there and watched it on the tube, it had to really suck for the first 3 quarters, and I kind of get where you’re coming from. But I’m telling you that the last quarter in that stadium was the wildest emotional ride I believe I have ever been on, at least in recent memory. However, in complete and total fairness that I like to think we exercise here at the MMQ, we’re going to do something about the “Greatest Game Ever Moniker”, in a minute.
6. Sparty is either in really deep doo-doo or they are going to crush an emasculated Domer team. Either way, I know that Michigan as created another interesting matchup between those two teams that I will enjoy watching, because either way, (as Jeff says) SOMEONE I HATE IS GOING TO LOSE!
7. Is Brian Kelly a good coach or isn’t he? Hell, you can ask the same question about Hoke at this point and I’ll give you the same exact answer: Give the guy 3 years and I’ll let you know. Do I think Kelly is going to get fired for losing twice to Michigan? It’s not a good sign, based on the recent events (last 10 years of Notre Dame coaching changes). Do I think he’s there for at least another year? Yep. But its going to be GREAT to poke fun at this guy…. Dammit!
8. Do I really believe the Domers are cursed? Well…..yeah. And I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Does anyone believe that the Domers SHOULDN’T have won that game? I know it was hard for me to believe that Michigan had a chance with 0:30 left. But, everyone knows how it ended….I don’t believe you can state that you run a clean program and have all the issues surrounding it that the Domers do and still believe as a fan base that you’re somehow superior to everyone else in College football. Everyone’s a little dirty. Accept it, deal with it, and move on. Has the game changed? You bet. Change with it or you will be cursed.
9. Is Crist the better QB for the Domers? I don’t know. There’s a guy I work with that thinks Crist is calmer and more collected and simply had “first game jitters” against USF and Kelly is a boob for yanking him so quickly. He also believes that USF was a far superior team to Michigan and that Crist would’ve beat Michigan. Hmmm…..Interesting and thoughtful take.
10. Isn’t it fun when you’re still smiling on Tuesday????

Okay, I may have been caught up in the moment proclaiming Saturday as the Greatest Game in the Big House Ever. I was basing that on the emotions involved, the crowd, and the fact that it was midnight and I was wide awake, basking in the celebration. I certainly don’t believe it was the greatest “played” game I’ve ever seen there. In fact, if I had to label it, it was the “BEST Worst Game” I have ever seen in that stadium. Does that make sense? It should if you’ve been reading me for awhile.

So, what we need is objective and subjective criteria to measure the games that have been played in the Big House. Those criteria, laid out here by the MMQ, can vary and I will certainly take outside advice and opinion on this matter:

1. The Opponent. It has to be big. Anyone that has a nickname that my Grandma can tell me qualifies. OSU, Domers, PSU, MSU, etc. She knows those are Buckeyes, Fighting Irish, Nittany Lions, and Sparty. If she can tell me the nickname of the team we’re playing, than it’s Big Game worthy.
2. Stakes. The game has to mean something. If it’s just a run of the mill Big 10 team, well, it might be a Big Game, but technically (And this is OLD MMQ talking), Michigan believes we should kick your ass. Please take note: Cheeseheads, Northwestern, Iowa, Purdue, and Illinois. And we had to have won the game for it to qualify. No moral losses here.
3. Build-Up. It can’t be a Big Game unless people are looking forward to it for at least two weeks. The reason Michigan-OSU in 2006 was so huge was because both Michigan and OSU were undefeated and weren’t playing anyone for 3 weeks before they met. That was a Big Game, just not in the Big House.
4. Score: It should be close and the eventual victor should be in question all the way to the end of the game. No big stakes, big build-up, big opponent blowouts need apply.
5. Does the MMQ’s arm hair stand on end when the team takes the field? (This one is a little subjective, I know. But still, FOR ME, it tells me that it’s a Big Game!)
6. How much do we (I) hate the opponent? Subjective again, but never the less a worthy measuring stick. And it’s certainly personal. I simply don’t hate Sparty as much as I hate the Domers-Suckeyes. Can’t explain it. I think it has to do with Bo. He hated the Domers and OSU and I think it rubbed off a little….Sparty, well, as we all now know, you’re just supposed to beat your Little Brother.
7. What’s the general consensus? How do we get that? Well, we have a


For the next week or so, I’ll run a poll on the side bar with 10 games that I think are worthy of the “Best Games in the Big House EVER!” and we can vote. How’s that for democracy in action? The games I’m considering right now (I’ve already explained the first 5. Notice I didn’t say “Top 5”:

1. Domers 2011
2. Sparty 2004
3. OSU 1997
4. PSU 2002
5. Domers 2009
6. OSU 1985 – Harbaugh to Kolesar for a 77 yard TD in the 4th Quarter, which made the score 27-17. Michigan went on to beat Nebraska in Fiesta bowl and finish 2nd in the national rankings overall. Iowa, who Michigan lost to that year (12-10) went on to the Rose Bowl.
7. OSU 1969 – Unfortunately, revisionist history is the issue here. I was 4 when this game was played and therefore, cannot subjectively vote on it. However, knowing what I know, yeah, it HAD to be a Big Game. But was it the Best Ever in the Big House? That’s why we’re voting!
8. FSU 1986 – Won 20-18. Was the start to an undefeated season right up to Minnesota that year and a disaster in the Big House…
9. OSU 1995 – Tshimanga Biakabatuka ran for 315 yards against the number 2 team in the land. Stakes weren’t huge as OSU had Rose Bowl berth anyway, but we screwed up their national title hopes.
10. Domers 1991 – Desmond Howard and the catch…Yeah, it was tight and it was a big play. And it was the Domers.
11. Iowa 1997 – I know, I know. This VIOLATES ONE OF MY OWN RULES! But it was the biggest comeback in Michigan History. Down 24-0 at halftime, Griese, Woodson and company come out and score 28 unanswered. I remember leaving and feeling relieved, because the build-up wasn’t there pre-game. That much I remember. But the 2nd half was everything you’d want.

So, unless someone wants to chime in with one I forgot, let’s leave it at those 11. Vote on the side bar. I’ll leave it up there for a week. Vote for up to 5 games and that will become the official rank of the Greatest Big House Games Ever!

Never let it be said that I won’t engage in a good debate!

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Monday, September 12, 2011

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!


Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna knock you right on the head,
You better get yourself together,
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead! – John Lennon

Where to begin? The lights, the pageantry, emotional pre-game with Desmond on the field. New Scoreboards illuminating the stadium…This ain’t the same stadium your father knew. And neither is how these two teams are currently playing this game!

My voice is just now coming back, but the back of the throat is still sore. The adrenaline headache has subsided, but there was on and off again pain yesterday from lack of sleep. But it was all worth it!

To say that things were happening “Instantly” on Saturday night after 11:00 PM might be a bit of an understatement. If you blinked, sneezed, or had to take a wee-wee break because of too much pre-game festivities, you probably – no make that definitely - missed a lot.

What were the best parts of this game? Well, with the exception of a couple of plays, NOTHING IN THE FIRST HALF. And you can pretty much say that about the 3rd quarter as well. But in the 4th quarter:
- Denard scooping up a Hopkins fumble for a TD – Karma, baby!
- Gallon’s catch. Not that one, the first one.
- Then that one - yeah, that one.
- Roundtree’s catch.
- Vincent Smith’s catch and juke to the promised land
- Hemmingway’s 1st half catch and TD were pretty nice, also.

Earlier in the year I posted that maybe, just MAYBE, The Curse of the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!) was a Kismet – Karma thing that was the result of D. Sullivan (RIP), 3 Beer Floydd, Non-consensual sex with coeds and a number of other transgressions that not only make the Domers the biggest bunch of hypocrites walking the face of the Earth, but they are doing it all in “The Holy Mother’s Name”. Yeah, I’m proud to be a catholic – NOT – when Notre Dame and it’s fans are supposed to be the model that everyone is following. But it does feel good to go to church wearing a Michigan polo and getting those nasty, pained looks from the Domer population.

So, what was my initial reaction after it was all said and done? What else:


He who laughs last….A breakdown would normally be in order, so I’ll get right to it:

Michigan Score 35 Domers 31
Turnovers: Michigan 3, Domers 4


Hmm, that’s funny. The Domers should be able to build on this “statement” game. They did lots of things right! Except win, of course.

Yes, I know Michigan was mere seconds away from being on the other side of this emotional swing. In fact, with 30 seconds to go, they were there. And it sucked. I couldn’t believe that they just couldn’t stop the Domers once. The noise was deafening and it had to be loud on the field. And then the crowd was crushed with only 30 seconds to go. Time to get a jump on the traffic. Some of the faithful had given up.

And then a long pass to Gallon and a Roundtree TD 22 seconds later and we were right back at the top of the Roller Coaster. And Domer Nation was in the abyss. That dark void of nothingness that Michigan fans have had to endure for so long…

Believe it or not, some of the Domer crowd in the South End Zone that showed up started chanting, “It SUCKS to be a Michigan Wolverine!” at some point in the 3rd quarter when the score went 24-7. Domers, You ARE NOT ALLOWED to count any chickens (wins) until the clock reads 0:00.

Domers – a Little Advice:

“Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

- Lou Mannheim from Wallstreet (with a little help from Nietschke.)

I wanted a Domer Quote from the game and couldn’t get one. Couldn’t actually find a fan. Were they all wearing Maize and Blue under their Green stuff? But here’s one from the NDNation sound off board that pretty much says it all…(And note that it’s a female fan!)

"This isn't healthy, right? I mean, I still see that goal line stand. Stuffing him and causing a fumble. Things your defense is SUPPOSED to do, and that motherfucker picking up the ball and running it in. I knew we were done right then and there. THAT is the play that makes me ill this morning."

Nice language from a Domer Chick, eh?

We were trying to rank the “Big House Best Games Ever” at the post tailgate and when I started thinking about it, well, it’s tough to argue that this game ISN’T number 1. The problem is that the whole paradigm has shifted. Its bigger (the Big House). The game was at night. The scoreboards made for an overall better experience. The band is amplified. The suites magnify the noise. The RAWK MUSIC was PERFECTLY timed. How do you compare experiences really? We almost need to start fresh from this point forward. But, seeing as how you can’t do that, we’ll try to rank them as we see them:

1. Notre Dame 2011 – Enough said…
2. MSU 2004 – Triple OT against Sparty…Yeah, this qualifies.
3. OSU 1997 – Really? Do I need to justify this one?
4. PSU 2002 – First OT game in the Big House
5. Tie Notre Dame 2009 – PSU 2006 (Tate Forcier and Henne – Manningham)

The Rest of the Mess

I didn’t see any games except one, so commenting is taken from the highlights.

tOhio vs. Toledo: Hmmm…Either Ohio is bad or Toledo is good. It was hard to say which. I have heard Fickell’s new name is “Fecal” however, and that’s from the loyal Scarlett and Grey….
Dawgs vs Cocks: (I’ll never get tired of referencing South Carolinas nickname!) Richy Richt’s seat just got a little hotter Saturday, even though it was a great game. But losing that one hurts. They had a shot and now they need lots of help…

Satan’s Warriors vs. Nittany Kitty Kats: Maybe Joe Pa needs to schedule an easier SEC opponent. I swear that Satan calls off the dogs for this game so as not to embarrass Ole Joe…

Sparty: Yawn….Good luck next week in that Hornet’s nest that will be South Bend. But I suspect the home crowd is going to come down pretty hard on their own team at the first sign of adversity.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-GRIDLOCK! NOT!…Actually, from all the accounts, it sounds like the night games are the way to go. First, getting into Ann Arbor was a lot easier regardless of what time you arrived. I’ve heard from Noon till 4 PM was a piece of cake. Easier than any other game. And that was without Golf Course and Pioneer grass available.
-Getting out was easy for this fan, also. Nothing but game traffic at 1:00 AM and everyone going the same way!
-Kind of makes sense when you think about it….
-Have I mentioned that recently?
-Desmond is a class act.
-And no, I don’t think he was faking that emotion. That was all from the heart.
-That’s just the kind of guy he is.
-Did I mention Dave Brandon swung by the tailgate?
-Really! He even went by a second time after we yelled “Hi, Dave!” to the golf cart he was in.
-“If we only had an offense!” MMQ’s brother. My response, “What’s an Offense?”
-“Never thought you’d be begging for Rich Rod back, did ya’?” MMQ’s brother again…
-I had not yet gotten to the point where I am wishing for Rich Rod back. I’m not sure I will ever be at that point…
-Josh Groban pretty much took care of that.
-Three 1st downs in the first half? Really?
-24-7. I’m outta’ here if they make it 31-7.
-Okay, 24-14. 10 point game with 14 minutes left! We got a shot…
-Someone took the reigns off Denard…
-I think it took me longer to type that than it actually took to play out on Saturday…And they weren’t thoughts! That was out loud….
-RAWK Music is Cool.
-But damn, it’s loud.
-Am I getting too old for this crap?

The Hot Seat

I have several Hot Seat selections made and I’m good through the middle of October or so, but I’m always on the look out for any suggestions that the Distribution would like to make. Apparently, the crowd was not entirely thrilled with the Alexa Flutie selection last week, even thought I thought it was extremely appropriate – and she won the voting by a margin of about 3-2. I mean, I can’t start off with the totally hottest Hot Seat Mascot, can I? Where would the build up be? What about the big finish? Anyway, without further ado:

Analeigh Tipton! You may have seen her in this summer’s flick, Crazy, Stupid Love. I caught her one night watching The Big Bang Theory and I took notice. Anyway, enjoy and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Richy Richt – DON’T LOOK NOW! 0-2 and the fans are not only restless, but the torch and pitchfork store in Georgia was ransacked on Sunday!
2. Kelly, Brian – See Richy Richt – Just the Torch and Pitchfork store in Indiana was ransacked is the only difference.
3. Paul Wulff
4. Neuheisel
5. Bob Toledo
6. Schiano
7. Kelly, Chip
8. Erickson
9. Zooky
10. Tedford

FMQ Betting Results:
Not a bad week, but man did I catch a rash of crap at the tailgate! Let’s see a guest gambler get on this next Friday and do better!

Michigan +3.5 vs. DOMERS
Thank you, Thank you VERY MUCH!
WIN: Bank $76

Stanford (-18.5) at Duke
Thank you, Thank you Very Much Mr. Lucky!
WIN: Bank $114

Nebraska -28 vs. Fresno State
Okay, this MIGHT be the last time I give lay the points and take Nebraska…

Alabama @ PSU (+9.5)
I think this might have been the gimee on the board!
WIN: Bank $114

tOhio (-19) vs. Toledo
Fecal is not winning over their hearts and minds….Especially if they are using that nickname already…Of course, I’m mad at him, too.

Don’t talk to me about Parlays…..

Starting BANK: $624
NEW BANK: $928

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Friday, September 9, 2011

FMQ - A Day To Remember

There were many (if not all reading this) of us that did not witness the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. However, I think we’ve all spoken with an older friend or relative that was alive at the time that shared with you the fear and unbelievable grief that was felt across America when the event took place. Not only that, but there was uncertainty for the future.

I can tell you that on that fateful Tuesday morning 10 years ago, I had the same sense of confusion, disbelief and fear that everyone else had as we witnessed the events unfold on TV. My oldest was sick and I had stayed home with her after taking my youngest to daycare. I remember thinking what a perfect, sunny fall morning it was as I looked out on the lake. And then the Today show interrupted their normal programming and started showing the WTC. And the Pentagon. And some field in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Confusion, Disbelief, Fear.

Those were the feelings. Calling people. Are you watching this? What’s going on? The 2nd plane. Clips of people leaping from the Towers. I actually went upstairs and made sure the guns were in working order. How twisted is that?

Later in the evening, fear was replaced by uncertainty and anger, which I’m sure we all went through. And I realized that no matter how many free “good” choices we make and as much risk management that we try to exercise in our lives, sometimes there’s the fickle hand of fate that’s sitting there waiting to slap you silly.

But, Life goes on. Enjoy the ride…

And on to the picks!

Last week, weather kept us from having what would have been a neutral week. Or we wouldn't be down the c-note were down right now. However, no matter as this week’s picks are looking good! Someone did ask me how do I “Jump on it early?” Well, with my little note pad on my desk, I write down about 7 games that look good to me on Monday morning. And after looking at them for an hour or so, I will circle teams where I really like the spread. Others I just kind of wait and see what happens to the movement. So, when I saw Michigan getting 3.5 at home at night, I thought it was a gift. I jumped on in it, but for less than I might normally after the spread has defined itself. The spread has moved down with money coming in on Michigan to 3 points. (I saw 2.5 on one site.) So, it looks like smart money or volume is on Michigan.

Michigan +3.5 vs. DOMERS
Michigan getting points at home in a night game with the Domers in the middle of a QB controversy and their backs against the wall. Methinks that Hoke will have everyone’s ears pinned back, a little extra air in the helmets, and pads strapped on a little tighter for this one. Michigan has nothing to lose and the Domers are staring into the abyss once again.
Take Michigan and the +3.5 for $40

Stanford (-18.5) at Duke
Really? When I saw this game on the schedule for Stanford, I figured it was between a 21 – 24 point play. I saw the opening and -18.5 and immediately liked it and jumped on it. The line has move up over -20 and I feel like I’m sitting pretty good.
Take Stanford and the -18.5 for $60

Nebraska -28 vs. Fresno State
This one is tough. Fresno is really bad, maybe worse than Chattanooga. So why only 28? I have to do something I hate doing with a team that just hosed me the week before, but
Take Nebraska and lay the -28 for $40

Alabama @ PSU (+9.5)
Alabama does have the best defense, I don’t think there’s any question. Yeah, it’s in Happy Valley. But that’s not enough points for me to take this home dawg… I think Bama covers this in the 1st half and wins pulling away.
Take Satan’s Warrior’s and lay -9.5 for $60

tOhio (-19) vs. Toledo
They crapped on Akron big. My guess is they get ugly all over a decent MAC team.
Take tOhio and lay -19.5 for $40.

3 team: 6 to 1
4 team: 10-1

Three picks out of this mess is tough, especially after last week’s miss. But I like Stanford, Alabama and if I have to pick the best of the other three games, I will go with Ohio for $20.

Do a 4 team and add Michigan to that threesome for $20.

Starting BANK: $904
NEW BANK: $624

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bronco Bustin'

What, dear readers, exactly was that on Saturday? Was it a football game? A heat wave followed by a tropical storm? What did we witness? And can ANYONE ever remember a football game (anywhere – not just Ann Arbor) not being completed due to weather?

I’ve seen some god-awful environments in that stadium since I started attending in 1980. One that immediately comes to mind was Minnesota, 1988. If you were there, you stayed with about 80,000 at best that watched in hurricane like conditions – except that it was REALLY COLD, too. Saturday, watching on the tube, it seemed almost surreal.

But on to the important stuff: Did I like what I saw on Saturday? Well, Yes and No. Depends really on when you were watching. The first drive by the Broncos made me want to throw up. However, I also realized that the Broncos aren’t that bad, offensively. I hated our offense initially, and again, they seemed to improve, especially in the third quarter. But upon reflection and looking at the box score on Sunday, it was a little unnerving. Take away 4 plays – two long runs and two turnovers that went for TD’s (THANK YOU BRANDON HERON!), and it’s a completely different game. Of course, you can say that about any game.

Does that leave me a little concerned when it comes to Saturday? You bet. However, I still believe that we weren’t seeing the entire playbook and the defense has “rediscovered” the term “Blitz”. And I do mean, “Blitz the ever loving crap out of them!”

That, I liked! But until we see a full game…Even the MMQ is incomplete…

The Rest of the Mess
The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) looked incredibly good between the 5’s. And I do mean the 5’s. Not the 20’s. The first drive had them knocking on the door and there was literally a 14 point reversal when the Domer’s coughed it up and USF went the other way for a Touch….Then, in the 2nd quarter, after several 3 and outs (Do the Domers have a cheer for that?) they were knocking on the door and Crist threw one to the open man, but he was wearing a USF uniform…Haterz Hate (Yes, I’m a Hater…ITS In the Parentheses, for Domer’s sake!) and I would love to open up a can, but I have to respect what I saw and I will say that Kelly’s back is against the wall. He will be ready for Saturday. Not sure about his team, but he will be ready. NDNation is all over him and want him GONE…Which does crack me up. The Domers could have hired Skip Holtz when they had the chance. Vegas believes the Domers are still a favorite and Michigan is getting 3.5 on Saturday. Which has my attention. And probably my money on the Maize and Blue…dogs at home? Can you say, “Les Miles, anyone?” More on that in a minute…

Sparty vs. whoever: This game was on Friday night and that seems so long ago this AM that I’m not even sure who they played. They struggled early and found a rhythm in the 2nd half….

LMU vs. Oregon: Well, Oregon has proven once again after losing to Auburn in January that really GOOD SEC teams are hard to beat. I was hoping for turmoil and confusion in LMU land but should have realized that the Mad Hatter would have everything under control. Les is best when he’s under pressure…I don’t know why I keep forgetting that. NEVER AGAIN!

Bulldogs vs. Boy’s State: Well, Boy’s Stated just punched their dance card with that victory. If you weren’t paying attention, they will more or less be favored in every other game they play this year. Richy Richt’s seat just got real toasty and he’s also in a must win situation with the ole Ball Coach in town Saturday.

Cheeseheads vs. UNLV: Again, a long time ago, but I bet the Cheeseheads and they didn’t cover…dammit….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I’m glad the season is here.
-I hate that summer’s over
-Why does the time go so fast anymore? Where does it go?
-I know, none of the first three idle thoughts have anything to do with Football, really…
-Michigan’s defense is painful…
-Woolfolk down? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
-Okay, he’s on the sideline…I hate injuries.
-DeRob looks like DeRob. I liked our running game.
-BLITZ! Finally….I’m not sure we blitzed all of last year.
-Get to him and keep getting to him if they aren’t going to run!
-Are the Domers playing Football or a game called “Screw the Pigskin”?
-Because if you were a die hard fan, you have to really start wondering what’s up with that program. 3 and out should be on a Domer shirt somewhere…
-Brian Kelly won’t make it all 12 games if he keeps yelling like that. He’ll have to revert to sign language or something because vocal chords will be gone.
-Part of me thinks it’s Kismet or Karma, call it what you will. DeClan, Floydd, Sex with unwilling coeds…You name it. Maybe God is trying to tell the Domers something and they just aren’t listening…
-Or they’re just not very good.
-QB Controversy for the Domers coming into the Big House at Night?
-IS that how you draw it up?
-But they might be good enough to beat us. Which, yes, has me a little concerned.
-LMU is a pretty good football team.
-But Oregon shot themselves in the foot a lot….
-Oregon can still win the Pac 12 and wouldn’t that rematch be interesting? Or not…
-Kellen Moore for Heisman just doesn’t seem right, but I can see where people get that idea.
-Richy Rich just moved up on the ole Hot Seat…

The Hot Seat

Well, I was hoping to find a special “someone” to kick the season off with. Yeah, I already put out the preseason spectacular, but the First Monday of the Season is really what the MMQ is all about. And somehow, this week’s mascot just makes sense. Introducing

Alexa Flutie!

Hey, MMQ, she wouldn’t buy any chance be related to, you know who, would she?
You betcha’! And here’s the link. It’s Doug’s daughter and isn’t that appropriate? She’s a New England Patriots Cheerleader… Or somehow it’s extremely inappropriate…I haven’t decided which.

But don't forget that you can decide and unlike presidential elections, your vote DOES MATTER in the Hot Seat Mascot of the Year and who's picture we'll get to look at in the off-season. Vote early, vote often!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Richy Richt – This was bad…If he loses to USC...
2. Kelly, Brian – I said in the Pre-season spectacular that things would heat up for a Kelly if they lost, and it looks like things are heating up!
3. Kelly, Chip – See Brian
4. Paul Wulff
5. Neuheisel
6. Bob Toledo
7. Erickson
8. Zooky
9. Tedford
10. Schiano

FMQ Betting Results:

Oregon +3 @ LSU (open) Current: Oregon -4.5 @ LSU.
RESULT: Lost….Bad assumption on my part….

Michigan -13.5 vs. Western:
RESULT: Money back. NO FINSH – No final score, according to Vegas. Sorry, folks. And that sucks because I was probably good here.
Bank: $50

Nebraska -36 vs. Chatanooga:
RESULT: Lose…Cornsuckers couldn’t keep them out of the end zone…

Wisconsin -35 vs. UNLV:
RESULT: Lose…I know, I spoke too early on this one. I was all giddy thinking I had finally figured this stuff out.

Northwestern +7 @ Boston College (open) Current: Northwestern +3 @ BC:
RESULT: WIN! Finally, at least I got one….
Bank: $114

Northwestern, Nebraska, Oregon for $20.

Add Michigan to the mix for a 4 way parlay for $10.
RESULT: Money Back…
Bank: $10

And what the hell, it’s the first week! Let’s do all five for $10
RESULT: Money Back
Bank: $10

Total Win: $184
BANK: $904

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I can’t believe it! Finally, after what seemed like the longest off-season in years, we finally have a college football game in 2011. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when it finally arrives. However, this off-season has brought a great deal of turmoil and upheaval to the sport we know and love.

I’ll admit that I am rooting for the NCAA to do the right thing when it comes to dealing with Ohio and their problems. The right thing means discipline and punishment along the lines of what USC received. Of course, Miami has now re-set the bar for what is not only wrong with college football, but how blind institutions can be to what’s happening in their own backyard. And I hate the fact that any moron that writes an essay on the sport includes “USC, OSU, Miami, North Carolina, Auburn, LSU, and Michigan” in their summary of schools that have screwed up.

Look, I get it. Michigan got caught. BUT DON’T put us in the same category as the sorry lot above. There was (is) a whole lot more going on at those Universities that even the people in charge care to admit.

Anyway, that commentary isn’t why you’re reading today. Everyone wants to know where the FMQ is going to lay money this weekend to kick-off the Fantasy Betting Season. As you know, we start with a hypothetical $1,000. We take 10% off any winnings (known as the “vig”) and we keep a running total for the season. Why do I do this? Well, for me, having imaginary action on a game is almost as fun as having real action on a game! I know, I can’t figure it out either, but somehow the ole juices get flowing when I know I just went 3 out of 4 or hit a 3 team parlay! Anyway, part of the strategy is to bet either 3 or 5 games. Stay away from break even numbers and we will pad our favorite bets with a little extra action. And if we like a bunch of picks, well, I do love a little teaser parlay for the increased odds! But a stead fast rule is no more than 30% of our total bankroll in action, at least until the end of the season.

And on to the picks:

Oregon +3 @ LSU (open) Current: Oregon -4.5 @ LSU.
I REALLY liked Oregon getting 3 in middle August before all the turmoil at LSU. I jumped on that one quick based on what Oregon did early to Tennessee last year. The spread has MOVED almost a TD and LSU is now getting 4.5 So, we will stick with our pick of Oregon getting points.
Take Oregon and the points for $50.

Michigan -13.5 vs. Western: This line hasn’t moved much since the open. But the movement has been significant. The spread opened at 14.5 and moved DOWN to 13.5 meaning the money is coming in on Western. I like Michigan to cover BIG here and for Brady Hoke to make an early statement. Yeah, they will probably only run about 6 offensive plays from scrimmage all day so as to not show the Domers anything, but my guess is Western can’t stop them.
Take Michigan and lay the 13.5 for $50.

Nebraska -36 vs. Chatanooga: This line has stayed at 36 for quite awhile, and I missed the open at 34.5. Someone somewhere thinks that Nebraska is going to beat these guys by more than 5 TD’s. I agree with them.
Take Nebraska and lay the 36 for $40.

Wisconsin -35 vs. UNLV: I was a little confused by this spread. I really thought UNLV was a better team than that but after a little investigation into last year’s performance, returning starters, etc., methinks Vegas is pretty close on this one.
Take Wiscy and lay the 35 for $40

Northwestern +7 @ Boston College (open) Current: Northwestern +3 @ BC: I was REALLY surprised by this line when it opened and I jumped on it. I honestly believe it might be the gimme on the board. I think Northwestern is a bit of a sleeper and BC hasn’t done much lately. Look for a straight up win by the Wildcats in this one.
Take Northwestern +7 for $60.

3 team: 6 to 1
4 team: 10-1
5 team: 20-1

My three favorite picks on the board have to be Michigan, Northwestern, and Oregon. But because I hate to have Michigan in on a parlay as I feel like I’m getting emotional with them, I’m going with Northwestern, Nebraska, Oregon for $20. That will pay 6 to 1 if it hits.

Add Michigan to the mix for a 4 way parlay for $10.

And what the hell, it’s the first week! Let’s do all five for $10….Maybe we can start out with a bang!

BANK: $1,000