Friday, December 3, 2010

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The FMQ Nearly Loses His Lunch...

I didn’t go to the Football Bust last night, but all I can say is thank GOD for Cam Newton and the NCAA being in the headlines. If you haven’t heard and you’ve been on some sort of weird fence regarding Rich Rod, well, I believe you now have everything you need to get on the band wagon to send this guy packing.

Apparently, according to all the eyewitness accounts, Rich Rod got up at the end of the banquet and quoted the lyrics from a song by Josh Brogan. I had to admit, I had no clue (even faintly) as to who Josh Brogan was and what this “You Lift Me Up” song was all about.

I do now.

That we are the laughingstock of Big 10 Football due to our performance on the field is one thing. Look Rich, I don’t know and at this point I don’t particularly care what goes on inside that WVU mellon of yours or how you deal with your problems and the stress that I know you are under. But Winners never Quit and they certainly don’t rally from being down by listening to THAT piece of garbage (With sincere apologies to anyone that enjoys listening to Josh). Apparently, this is one of the number 1 funeral songs now played at memorial services…

That Dick Rod did this at a Michigan Football Bust is something entirely different – and hopefully it was HIS memorial service...

We are Michigan Wolverines.

The Michigan Fight Song is all the Inspiration you need.

The words and traditions of Michigan’s past leaders should be all the inspiration you need.

That you played a touchy feely song and then had the audacity to stand up, raise your hands and “rock the room” as one report put it has me convinced you are NOT a Michigan Man.

That David Brandon in some sort of show of solidarity (hopefully only because he hasn’t truly made a decision yet and didn’t want to fuel any fires in the media) stood up and rocked with Dick Rod is another utter embarrassment.

IF (Big IF) Bo Schembechler were alive today, I’m really not sure what he would have done. But I guaran-damn-tee you he wouldn’t quote “You Lift Me Up” after going 6-6 in 1984. If he was alive and he had been invited to speak to this group, he would tell this group that next season is a brand new year. A Brand New opportunity and ask each and every one of them:

"What are you going to do this off season to become a Champion? What have you learned about being leaders? And regardless of whoever is leading next year’s team, you must remember that you are first and foremost Michigan WOLVERINES that will take that field. Everything you do this off season will go towards helping you to earn the respect that WOLVERINES deserve…Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and be The Champions of the West that you came to Michigan to BE!"

I’m sick. Sick and tired of this crap. Get him the hell out and get Harbaugh in before its way too late...and we are singing Kumbaya with OSU after they shellac us again…

I almost considered canning the FMQ today as I can barely think straight, but I will survive this…somehow. After all, I'm a Winner and Winners DON'T QUIT.

Oregon @ Oregon State (+16): This one’s a tuffy, but I like the Ducks walking away in this one. They let me down (by 1 friggin’ point) last week, but they came on strong in the 2nd half. Take the Ducks and lay the 16 for $80

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (-4):
Nebraska getting points in the Championship game…Hmmmm. This is another tuffy, but there’s not that many games this week and I’m trying to get some back. Is the Nebraska must lose “conspiracy” true? Do you believe that Nebraska must overcome the refs? I guess I’ll take the Cornhuskers and the 4 for $50.

Auburn vs. South Carolina (-5.5): Oh boy…I love the Ole Ball Coach getting points, especially in the championship game. I’ll take South Carolina and the 5.5 for $50.

Virginia Tech vs. Florida State (+3.5): FSU is on a mission, but so is Beamer’s Boys. I have to stick with my 3rd week prediction and take the Hokies and lay the 3.5 for $60

Best 3: Oregon – Nebraska – Va Tech: $40 pays 6 to 1 or $240.

Total Wagered: $280
Bank: $311.50

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