Friday, November 30, 2012

Championship Week

Well, here we are.

The entire college football season comes down to the last “meaningful” regular season games. Then, we get into what can only be described as the “weird and wacky postseason” that the FBS division represents.

Some highlights: Another 6-7 bowl team will appear this year. We more than likely WILL HAVE a 6-6 team playing on NEW YEAR’S DAY! We will also have Bowl games starting as early as December 15th, before some schools have finished finals….yet a large, FBS collegiate playoff would interfere with school and studies….Whatever.

The MMQ has already stated things that piss him off (Wednesday’s entry) and the FMQ is not going there. But, the FMQ is also full of opinions……So let’s air a couple of them…

John Gruden to Tennessee: Why this is a horrible Idea. 1. Matt Millen 2. Charlie Weis 3. Bill Callahan.   Is there any more evidence required? I don’t think so. But somehow, there’s a collective Group Think going on in the Tennessee fanbase (and possibly the Athletic Department itself) that if they don’t somehow hire Gruden, it will be the ultimate end of Tennessee Football. They are creating a situation that will generate so much pressure on whoever they hire (filling in for the dream hire that never was) that whoever they get is already going to have one foot out the door. Best candidate: Strong, if he’ll take it. SEC roots and gets recruiting. But I feel for him if he accepts. It’s not a good situation right now in Tennessee.

Borges: If Hoke can’t recognize that the offense needs tweaking, well, then I have a problem. After pouring over mgoblog’s summary of the offense this year, it is very apparent that Michigan has gone from a multi-dimensional unpredictable threat that could score from anywhere on the field to a very predictable, keep banging on them till you break a big one offense that works OK with a superior defense and gifted positional athletes on offense. I like the score from anywhere, anytime offense better. But before we go off too hard on canning Borges (because I just don’t think that’s a solution) let’s see what develops next year. Talent will be less on both sides of the ball, but the Wolverines will have a more favorable (home) schedule. Tweaks here and there are good….So make them.

Louisville to the ACC: I don’t know why this grinds me so much. Somehow, I figure (or have justified in my own mind) that Rutgers and Maryland were NOT bad strategic moves for the B1G. And of course they were great moves for each of those member institutions. AAU* money will flow from Maryland and Rutgers to the B1G (and vice versa) and that’s good. But Louisville will now also receive their share of AAU money (and other federal monies) from the ACC. The ACC members that are part of the AAU – Duke, UNC, Pittsburgh, Virginia. If I missed any, sorry. But Maryland is AAU and that will drop the AAU dollars the ACC was receiving. Was that move good for the ACC academically? No. And if it’s not about academics, fine. But in my opinion, the ACC has taken a step down several slippery slopes and the viability of that conference moving forward is highly questionable.

*Someone sent me an e-mail as to what I’m referring to when I say that someone is an AAU member. This is the Amercian Association of Universities. Every B1G member is an AAU school (with one exception, but Nebraska is BUSTING THEIR ASS to get in) and FEDERAL DOLLARS flow to these universities like you can’t believe. $18.9 BILLION to be exact in the last calendar year (That’s $300M on average for each of the 62 schools – meaning the B1G gets roughly $3.6B of that money alone – probably more). Large, state run universities depend on these federal dollars like a never ending fresh water oasis in the desert and the research done by the universities is for the collective good. Here’s a good chart from their website that I've also inserted here.  The 62 members are listed on the Left.

Oklahoma Nebraska to renew rivalry: Won’t happen till 2021-2022, but this, in the FMQ and MMQ’s opinion is a fantastic thing. New conferences, old rivalries. It CAN BE DONE! In the immortal words of Jean-Luc Piccard:

Make it so.

This Week’s Picks

UCLA (+10 Today +8.5) vs. Stanford: I’m not sure I agree with the wise guys on this one. Or was Jim Mora playing chess and figured, “Hey, I’m in the Championship game anyway. Which one would I rather win? The scrimmage 6 days before hand or the Big One that gets me to the Rose Bowl?” That’s the question everyone is asking: Did UCLA learn enough to keep it within 8.5 points? I dunno….But I can’t disagree with a 1.5 point move and I always like a dog…
Take UCLA and the 8.5 for $60

Georgia (+8) vs. Bama: Line hasn’t moved much. I think this comes down to defense vs. defense and which offense is better equipped to handle the opposing defense. McCarron hasn’t proved to me (ok – once against LSU) that he can perform in a tight game. And Saban hasn’t proven that completely, either. I think Georgia is hungry and, perhaps more importantly, they’re due to make something special happen.
Take Georgia and the 8 for $60

Wiscy (+2.5 now: +3) vs. Nebraska: Is Wiscy really playing that much better or was it the level of competition in the last 6 games? The bettors seem to believe it’s the latter and are coming in on Nebraska. The FMQ isn’t sure, but Wiscy as a two time champion makes me ill….So,
Take Nebraska and lay the 3 for $40

FSU vs. Georgia Tech (+14): This might be the pick on the board. I just don’t see GT hanging with FSU. FSU isn’t going to turn the ball over to this team like they turned it over against the Gators last week.
Take FSU and lay the 14 for $75

Starting BANK:    $738.50
BET:                     $315.00
BANK:                 $560.50

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things That Piss ME (The MMQ) Off

Hello All! It’s the MMQ. I’m back from a brief but sorely needed mental vacation and I’ve been doing some reading and trying to understand the College Football World as it is today. This is SO much easier said than done as we are looking at so many changing landscapes and unintended fall out of those changes that it makes my head hurt. In no particular order, here are some things that when I glance at any sports web page are all over them and they are generally pissing me off.

1. Auburn. Firing Chizik who technically should have been canned after the Cam Newton incident on grounds that he had to know something was going on, but everyone involved just clammed up and the NCAA couldn’t find anyone that would talk. But they can him this year after winning zero (0) SEC games and 3 non-con games. AND, the reports are that the leading candidate is Bobby Petrino to replace Chizik. All that matters are wins, baby. Damn any NCAA investigation or questionable character decisions….Auburn is really pissing me off….

2. Notre Dame. Notice, please, I didn’t say DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) out of respect for the institution. But they are really pissing me off. Right when the hypocritical bastards started to come around to the fact that they were probably going to be better off in a conference, they do something stupid and go undefeated. With a good defense. And they have improved all season to the point where Vegas only has them as barely a double digit (10 point) dog against either Bama or Georgia. But what really ticks me off is that it’s pretty clear that Maryland didn’t want to A.) let the Domers in without football and B.)knew they had an escape clause that they said they would use (the Big 10) if the rest of the conference agreed to let the Domers in without football. It didn’t take the Big 10 and Maryland very long to come to an agreement that had all been pre-ordained (Maryland voted to NOT raise the buy out to $50M) knowing that they WOULD be leaving if the rest of the ACC voted to let the DOMERS sans football in. Now, the once strong ACC has become a feeding ground for SEC and Big12 conference strengthening. The rumors are flying hard and fast, but it sounds a lot like FSU and Clemson might be closer to deals then anyone realizes, not to mention that the Big12 is seeing Eastern Expansion as a very real possibility. Once the ACC dyke is broken, I have a feeling all hell will break loose. The Domers are really pissing me off….

3. The BCS (and the SEC Conspiracy). We are going to have this “magical” time in 2014, two years down the road, when 4 teams will be “honored” as being the best 4 teams in College Football and they will get to me in semi-finals and try to beat the collective crap out of each other for a National Title. While that’s great, what about this year? I believe one of the best teams playing in College Football this year is getting completely hosed. That team: Oregon. Yes, they lost to Stanford. On a rainy night in Autzen, Oregon. Their home field. So, too, did Alabama LAST YEAR, lose at home to an incredible LSU squad. Then, miraculously, Okie State pooped their pants at ISU and Stanford lost to Oregon and we have Alabama somehow getting back in the title game by virtue of ranking and some “eye test” of sportswriters and voters everywhere. Well, this guy’s eyes are still telling him that Oregon is the best team in this country with everyone healthy on a neutral field. Why isn’t that 1 loss team getting any love? They are in the Pac 12 and the Domers didn’t lose. Yet, here we are with a solution: let the top 4 teams play in the new propsed format. What is keeping that from happening? Some Bowl contract…. The BCS is really pissing me off….

4. The SEC. Okay. You have 5 teams in the top 10. HOW IS THIS MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE? WHY AREN’T YOU PLAYING MORE CONFERENCE GAMES TO SETTLE THE DISPUTES WITHIN YOUR CONFERENCE ON THE FIELD? Why? Because the SEC has figured out that the National Title is worth X amount of $$$$$$$ and there’s NO WAY they will ever give that up without a fight. So, what do they do? Alabama only schedules 6 SEC games (not counting Mississippi and Miss State – come on, they don’t REALLY count as SEC teams) and doesn’t play Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina, three teams that were PRETTY competitive from the SEC East. Instead, everybody pads their schedule with cupcakes and claims they play too hard of a schedule to play any more SEC games…Give me a break. On top of that, the media machine (and Home Depot is a big part of this, along with ESPN) makes everyone believe that the SEC is so far superior to the regular collegiate football team conference that most top level SEC teams would win in the pros…Puke…The SEC is really pissing me off….

5. The Coaching Carousel. Normally, when a team hires a new coach, the next few years are actually worse than the years that preceeded the firing of the former coach. Not in ever case, but most cases. (I can’t believe that Auburn will win any LESS than 3 games next year, but hey, anything is possible. I didn’t think Michigan would only win 3 games, either.) But, does that stop any AD from firing a guy with time left on a contract, paying that coach (or collective of coaches) the fans hard earned dollars and hiring a guy that he knows is less than 50-50 to do better in his first or second season? Not ONLY that, but half of those hires and up getting canned also (See: Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Kentucky, Purdue, Colorado, Illinois, Miami, to name a few). Yes, some, eventually, pay off. See: Brian Kelly, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer. But ask Notre Dame EXACTLY how much the heading “Football Coaches Salary” in the ole ledger has earmarked on it and you can see that wins at schools that fire coaches come at a price…But such is the fickle way of college football. And its probably only going to get worse. I foresee a day when schools may finally say, “Okay, you’re getting a 1 year deal laden with incentives and you will get X number of $$$ if we don’t bring you back next year.” It’s getting that crazy. And it should be about the student athlete and recognizing that EVERY TEAM AT THE FBS LEVEL CANNOT GO UNDEFEATED OR EVEN HAVE A WINNING RECORD….Firing decent coaches for winning 6 games is really pissing me off…

6. The Heisman Trophy. How can a guy that was technically at the top of everyone’s ballot go out in the 3rd to last game of the season and have an off day, follow it up with a great game and be considered, “Out of the running” but sportswriters everywhere? Klein at K-State is the real deal and has done more to help his team win, in exciting fashion, no less, than any other player out there. And yet Johnny Football, and I mean no dis-respect, has a big upset win against Bama but who’s stats are otherwise good, not great and he’s the front runner? Let’s call the Heisman what it is: This week’s beauty contest. If you get hot at the right time, you’re in. If you’re just “average” at the end of the year…Oh well. I guess I can see either side of this argument, but the trophy itself should be awarded to the most EXCITING football player in college football. And I guess I’m pissed that one guy really didn’t get a chance to show case what his talents truly were this year…So maybe it’s not the Heisman that’s pissing me off but Michigan’s offense.

7. Expansion. I guess I’m adding to the rant about the Domers above. Expansion has ruined rivalries and wrecked traditions that are as old as anyone reading this. Texas vs. Texas A&M. WVU vs. Pitt. Nebraska vs. Colorado (granted, that one had paled quite a bit lately). Oklahoma vs. Nebraska (Not so much). Michigan vs. Notre Dame. What do we have now? Michigan vs. Rutgers…(Whoopeee….) Ditto Michigan vs. Maryland. What I want to know is: Does anyone care about the GAME anymore or are is everyone simply chasing money? I know the answer, I just don’t like it and I hope that at some point, somewhere grown men can come to their senses and realize that some things are just meant to be and there needs to be a way for the traditional rivalries to carry forward. Figure it out because losing them is really pissing me off….

8. Penn State and the NCAA: When are we going to stop hearing about Penn State, the money Penn State is paying to “former employees” (Spanier got $3.2M last year and will get an undisclosed amount this year) and how the NCAA is still looking at sanctions against this institution? I’m tired of the NCAA sticking its collective noses into this one. Believe me, PSU GETS IT!!! You’ve made your point now go away and let them figure out how to manage it. And why PSU just doesn’t send Spanier out to pasture is beyond me….Everyone, meaning every institution, has learned something from this and have asked questions internally to all their athletic programs, I’m sure. But the constant reporting of Spanier still getting money and McQueery NOT GETTING ANY compensation for being the whistle blower is really pissing me off…

9. Louisville to the ACC: How can a school that less than 15 years ago that was on the brink of athletic financial collapse, being investigated for MAJOR allegations by the NCAA and almost kicked OUT of C-USA manage to get an invite to what was once (and I guess still is) possibly the most prestigious conference of many widely acclaimed academic institutions that are all AAU recognized? These schools: Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Clemson, NC State, to name a few, are large public and some private institutions with rich histories. Louisville? A City School that was largely known for basketball and coach Denny Crumm….And Thursday night Football. A school that is currently ranked 160th in academics. Screw academics. Bring on the sports footprint. And, as an academic…I guess that really pisses me off…..

10. ohio: The attorney that blew the whistle on the shady dealings of the football program and coach, not to mention tattoo-gate, got a 1 year suspension that a lot of other attorneys were calling a “little harsh”. He gets a 1 year suspension from practicing felony law and ohio honors the turd that got them in this mess in the first place. Why not go the distance and get a “work release” for Claret and bring him to the 2002 national championship 10 year anniversary as well? ohio is REALLY pissing me off….

So, yes, the MMQ is a little pissed….I guess you can now see why.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sad Ending for The Seniors

Still the FMQ here. The MMQ is now propped up in the corner wearing a silly looking roman helmet with this red hair stuff sticking out the top of it holding a sword and muttering something about Lane Kiffin being an idiot that has no clue how to call plays at the goal line….

As far as Michigan goes: DI D YOU SEE THE FIRST HALF!???!!!!??!!! Let’s just talk about that. 75 yard Roundtree TD. DeRob lighting it up for 67 yards and a score… Fumbled and recovered punt while I was trying to grab a meatball and I missed it. All the fun stuff Michigan has been doing all year. Then, there was the 2nd half. I should have not watched? Was it my fault? Should I have walked away from the TV in the 2nd half? What happened? A team that looked more than competitive on offense comes out and lays an egg….What gives?

Did Hoke gamble too early? And yes, Michigan turned the ball over too many times….But the ohio game was winnable. Not only winnable, but the Buckeyes were ready for Michigan to take it. They were playing much more conservative than Michigan was. 2nd half woes continue and it got me to thinking about the current coaching regime.

Mattison adjusts. The defense did their job. I have no problem with the effort and execution that I saw on that side of the ball. The offense, Mr. Borges, not so much. I don't think the Offense was getting the plays they needed to make a difference.That’s what’s so absolutely frustrating about 2 of the 4 road losses this year. Both this game and the Domer game were not only winnable, they should have been won.  Period. 

So, without taking too much away from the suckeyes I do believe that Michigan lost this game more than the suckeyes won it. But you can have your 12-0 season where you can’t go to a bowl game and at the same time and in the same game you HONOR Cheaty McSweater Vest that got you into this mess in the first place. Brilliant.

As far as Michigan goes? I think the underlying theme this year has to be under achievement on the road. Yes, they lost to 3 of the top 5 teams in the country (I’m counting the suckeyes as an undefeated in the top 5 – sue me) and 4 out of the top 15 when you figure in the cornhuskers. IS that a good thing? I would have MUCH RATHER BEATEN at least 3 of them.

There will be a bowl against an SEC team that will hopefully get a lot more than they bargained for. But that all still needs to play out this weekend and I’m sure there is potentially more Saturday Armageddon to come. Otherwise, we wouldn’t call it

The BCS Mess

Okay…The Domers hold on to the number 1 spot in the BCS and the SEC more or less has a semi-final game between Alabama and Georgia to earn the right to play the Domers for the National Title.  But at least I'm not Mark May...This poor guy is going to have to quit or pray that the SEC somehow beats the Domers…(I’m starting to see why the MMQ has a bitter taste in his mouth when he has to write this stuff…) What does the rest of it look like?

1. DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) (0.9979): Lane Kiffin…Thanks for nuttin’! The Domers have earned it where no one thought they could be 12-0…But can they win the last one?
2. Satan’s Warriors (0.9236): It’s here. And frankly, I think we’re all tired of it…No more SEC play-off for the National Title Game…
3. Georgia (0.8911): Did what they needed to do to against the Wreck to preserve the 3-spot and avoid total anarchy….
4. GATORLAND (0.8882): I know SOMEONE that is ticked off that his team isn’t in the SEC Championship and the loss to Georgia has to make it even worse….
5. DUCKS (0.8526): I didn’t think that Chip Kelly would take his show on the road to the NFL, but now that he’s seeing what Harbaugh is doing…Well, never say never….And they don’t even make the PAC12 Championship….
6. K-State: Nice BCS Bowl…Methinks…  Look out Oklahoma...
7. LSU: Ditto
8. Stanford: And here, also.
9. Texas A&M: Nice back story…but no BCS love for A&M
10. South Carolina: Gator lovin’? Bowl, that is….

The Rest of the Mess

Domers vs. Rubbers: A potential tying score and you don’t try to throw once or twice and instead try to go against the heart of the Domer Defense? Lane Kiffin…Who are you?

Sparty vs. Gophers: Believe it or not, but at 6-6 with everyone in the B1G in trouble, Sparty just made a New Year’s Day Bowl with this victory….

Gatorland vs. Seminole: Wasn’t even close….

Cornsuckers vs. Hawkeyes: Not that it mattered after Saturday, but Iowa had chances…and couldn’t capitalize….

Bowl Projections – for those that care…Michigan is more than likely in Capital One on New Years Day. This changes if Wiscy beats the Cornhuskers in the Championship and the Wolverines more than likely move down to the Outback. Sparty seems to be fittingly in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl…Heh-heh….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Here we go!
-Why does every first drive by the opposing offense make our defense look bad?
-The offense is looking good!
-Go DeROB!!!!
-Okay…This is exactly where we needed to be.
-In this……Why are halftimes in College so long?
-Do the bands need that much time?
-Hoke…PUNT HERE. This is dumb…
-I love to gamble…But only when I have an edge…
-Hoke….Where’s the edge in that 4th down call?
-Stop turning the ball over.
-Suckeye Fans know they got lucky…
-Is there ANYTHING interesting happening at 3:30?
-Come on Trojans!
-Trojans, I’m glad you got Lane Kiffin.
-You deserve him.
-And as soon as the Pete Carroll experiment in Seattle is over, he’ll be back.
-And Lane will be a lot easier to can…
-Speaking of canning….There is a lot of news in the

The Hot Seat

Wow….The Carousel has been fired up and the coaches are flying off it faster than 3 year olds on a pre-school merry-go-round spun by a bunch of older siblings…My guess is it’s NOT over and the GONE list is going to be even longer this year than usual. Reason: Anyone that can come from the ranks of the MAC through the Beast and then take the DOMERS to a National Title Game in three seasons just made it that much tougher for everyone else….

Elaine Alden held off an EXTREMELY strong push at the end of Sarah Shahi. I was very surprised to see the late surge of votes come out for Sarah. Never the less, Elaine makes the finals. The final Hot Seat Mascot nominee for 2012 is upon us and I’m always happy and sad when the day arrives. Happy that we’ll soon know who the Mascot will be for 2012, but sad because I won’t get to look for new nominees all the time….This week, again by fan submission, is a brunette that rounds out the field. With no further ado: Miss Sport Football from 2011 and Playboy Model Hillary Fisher!!!



1. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
2. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
3. Randy Edsall: I’m shocked he’s still there…Unless I just missed the announcement….
4. Mack Brown: Losing to TCU didn’t help Mack…

GONE (Find a full summary here):

1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky
3. Derek Dooley – I guess paying him the $4 million buyout wasn’t that big of a deal after all…Look for Charlie Strong here…..
4. Chizik – Who didn’t see this one coming. $208,000/month…I think I could live on that.
5. Tedford – What’s Cal gonna do now?
6. Danny Hope – Well, I thought he should have got a lifetime contract…
7. Obrien - NC State…Man, you knock off the Seminoles and there’s no love…
8. Embree – Colorado. Seriously bad coach on a bad team….
9. Spaziani – Boston College…Guy never had a chance…
10. Mike Price – UTEP
11. Cubit – Western Michigan
12. John L. Smith
13. Bill Curry – Georgia State


Hey…At least there was a bright side to the weekend! We didn’t lose EVERY bet….I know….When it goes bad…It’s all bad….but we still have the Championship Weekend and the Bowls….That might help the situation.

Nebraska @ Iowa(+15):
Take the Hawkeyes and the points for $20 (I know, real confident here)
WIN! Bank $38

Virginia vs. Va Tech (-10): Take VaTech and lay the 10 for $50
VA-Tech – U – SUCK: LOSE

Alabama (-34) @ Auburn: Easy Money...Should have bet the house...
Take Bama and lay the 34 for $75
WIN: Bank: $142.50

Domers @ USC (6.5): Not ONLY does Kiffin lose…He doesn’t even cover…
Take USC and the 6.5 for $75

Michigan (+4.5) @ ohio: And neither do these clowns….
Take Michigan and the 4.5 for $75: LOSE
Take the Over (54) for $50…AND LOSE….

Starting Bank: $558
WIN: $180.50
Bank: $738.50

Early Odds

UCLA (+10) vs. Stanford
Georgia (+8) vs. Bama
Wiscy (+2.5) vs. Nebraska

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FMQ: The Game – Rivalry Week

For years, this was all that mattered. It was and still is tradition. It’s the only thing you think about as a fan for 364 days. Win or lose the prior year. Losing the prior year just means that the 364 days go a LOT SLOWER than they would if you won the game. And if you win, you immediately think about the next year and how the current year’s departing seniors will affect next year’s chances and whether or not you can beat them two in a row.

That was the formative years for the FMQ in this rivalry. Bo and Woody. 1969 (That I honestly don’t remember, but I wish I could) all the way through ’79 that I do remember. It’s all anyone talked about for weeks building up to the game. And if Michigan or ohio were upset before the game, look out! That was just cannon fodder for the other side.

I’m not sure entirely how hate is learned or where in our psyche it originates. Why the opposing view of others becomes a lightning rod for an outpouring of raw emotion that at times can be ugly and vulgar. Not tree killing ugly, mind you. But ugly none the less. While businessmen in suits can be cordial to each other until they find out that someone across the table got their degree from that school in Columbus. Or Ann Arbor. And how it can screw up a deal quicker than a mistake on a ledger sheet.

Or at least get the other guy to cancel the lunch date.

I have written before about the great games in this rivalry. How The Game sets the tone for your legacy. I know how many times we beat ohio while I attended Michigan. For a long time, I could go back in time and rattle off each year’s score and who won. I don’t need to remember it all now as the Bentley Library is there for me for the quick reference.

The Cooper years dulled my memories a little as every time we figured that ohio “HAD to win” this year, the Amaizing Blue rose to the occasion. Lloyd seemed to lose the importance of the game later in his career, but injuries to stars on Lloyd’s last teams didn’t help much.

(We’ll just skip over the Dick Rod contribution to this rivalry – Thanks for nuttin’)

Hoke came in and immediately set a precedent that “You MUST beat ohio” and that is still the mantra in and around that program. Everything up to this point this year has been good. Yes, you lost a couple of games along the way. But there is still one achievable goal left on the sheet:

Beat the Buckeyes!

Make Urban Legend’s debut year a little bitter. Leave that ugly taste in his mouth an entire year. A year in which the Suckeyes can’t go to a bowl game and beat someobody to soften the feeling.

DeRob and the seniors know what it’s like to beat these guys after last year. They’ve tasted it and now understand how sweet it is.

Do it again.

Make it special.

You’ll be glad you did…

This Week’s Picks

Going to go all out again and throw the 25% rule out the window. It’s rivalry week and I think there’s a lot of value to be had here. We’ve seen them all and there’s no more hiding….This is it or we go for broke in the Championship games.

Nebraska @ Iowa (+15): Man….I would love to see Iowa keep this close…So the FMQ is going to show the Hawkeyes a little love…
Take the Hawkeyes and the points for $20 (I know, real confident here)

Virginia vs. Va Tech (-10): Does Beamer beat the cross state rival in the regular season show down? I think so…and handily.
Take VaTech and lay the 10 for $50

Oregon vs. Oregon State (+9.5): I want to believe that the Quack Attack will be back..But that might have been the loss that sets the Ducks season spiraling….And this is a bitter, bitter rivalry as one team is pretty good and the other is in Corvalis. PASS

Alabama (-34) @ Auburn: Oh my…I figured there wouldn’t even BE a line on this game. Alabama back in the title hunt? Auburn has nothing…A lame duck coach at best…
Take Bama and lay the 34 for $75

Domers @ USC (6.5): The new QB at USC has “guaranteed” a victory over the Domers on Saturday….Well, I can’t go against a cocky QB that doesn’t know any better and I don’t think the Domers can handle the burden of the number 1 rank.
Take USC and the 6.5 for $75

Michigan (+4.5) @ ohio: Still taking Michigan and the points. Looking for the upset here, also. I wouldn’t be a Michigan slappy if I didn’t

Take Michigan and the 4.5 for $75
Take the Over (54) for $50


Michigan Over - Bama - USC  for $30
Starting Bank: $933
Bet: $375
Bank: $558

Maryland and Rutgers? Delaney: “Your Move, Jack”

The MMQ is still sitting behind me and the blank stare has turned into a droopy eyed listless gaze into nothing, so the FMQ is here to answer some of the questions I received via e-mail and in a couple of telephone conversations this week.

I hear all of you...Maryland and Rutgers?  What good is that?  Where's the interest there?  Rutgers rivalry?  Maybe with Sparty or someone....Maryland and Rutgers? Why?

Simple:  Expanded footprint. That was the obvious conclusion that everyone made and the fact that the BTN would have an additional 14.6 million households in the New York and Philadelphia markets that currently have Comcast where they are going to be able to add the BTN and get one dollar ($1 USD) per month of additional revenue for the league by adding the BTN. And the Comcast customer will see the $1 increase, shrug and swear about cable rates and send in the check. That’s $14.6M times 12 months….ANNUALLY.  Not a bad deal for the BTN and an additional $175M a year…..

Wetzel actually stole some of the FMQ’s thunder with his article regarding this piece of it, and yes, I agree with all of it.

But I also started thinking some more about the move. And asking some questions out loud (well in the FMQ’s head, actually) about the logic of it all. And the College Football landscape in general. Why would Delaney attack the ACC? And also go after a good, highly regarded AAU school (Rutgers) that was more than likely member number 15 or 16 for the ACC and devalue the B1G Football brand overall? Why on EARTH would Delaney attack a conference where Notre Dame just—

Then it hit me like the proverbial boulder hits the Coyote when the Road Runner one ups him for the infinite time…

Why on Earth, indeed, Mr. Delaney. Let’s review, shall we? The Domers initially joined the Beast way back when because the Beast allowed themselves to be MANIPULATED by the Domers and let the Domers keep Football independent. Great for Notre Dame, lousy for the Beast. And look what has happened to the Beast in the last 15 years since the Domers have been a part of them WITHOUT FOOTBALL.

So, there was no way the B1G was ever going to take the Domers on a conditional level and let Football remain independent. Ditto for the Big 12. Notre Dame goes in the next logical direction for Notre Dame, and approaches the ACC. The ACC having a mediocre television contract for Football (Not terrible, just not great) agrees to let the Domers keep their independence but they have to play 5 ACC games a year. Okay. Domers get their way AGAIN with pseudo-conference affiliation.

But let’s see. That probably pissed off one or two of the institutions inside of the ACC that were having Athletic Department cash flow problems (Maryland cut 9 - I think - non-revenue sports last year) where a FULLY INVESTED Domer brand that would SELL the entire ACC conference and make a television contract more lucrative for EVERYONE INVOLVED.  THAT possibility just got flushed down the toilet. Result: PISSED OFF ACC MEMBERS!

Is EVERYONE following along at this point? Good.

So, you now have ACC institutions that are not only pissed at the ACC in general, but they are willing to look at any other long term deal in a stable conference that might have a better brand value than what the ACC currently has for football.

Yes, the B1G was a no brainer for Maryland. $50M buyout? Peanuts. And Maryland and Rutgers will have an annual “income adder” from the BTN that is projected to be in the $30M range in 4-5 years. Excellent long term plan.

But what about Florida State? The 1 loss team in a weak ACC that is getting jobbed because they aren’t in a stronger conference? There were rumors earlier this year that the Big 12 was looking at Clemson and FSU. Don’t be surprised if that was just more than rumor. I know the MMQ said that they would be idiots to leave the ACC, but what about the individual brands helping the Big 12 collectively and making them a much more attractive package as a whole for TV rights? That’s possible.

And the SEC needs two more schools to be at 16 teams…Which is probably where this conference alignment thing is going…

So, (I know, it’s hard to follow all of this in my own head at times as well) you now have an ACC conference that Jim Delaney has exposed for what it is. He removed one of the original bricks from the dyke. He revealed a conference that’s scared about keeping itself together (Why else have a $50 Million Buy-Out clause?) He’s shown us it’s possible to pilfer a conference that has several viable candidates for either the SEC or the Big 12 if they envision any moves of going to 16 members. And the Big 12 can always go get the left over dregs from the Beast (Cincinnati and Louisville and whoever else is left). But wouldn’t Clemson and FSU get the Big 12 into BETTER Markets? And wouldn’t that be a BETTER brand for those two institutions than the ACC the way it sits today?? Not to mention that the SEC could get some upper northeast exposure with Pitt or Syracuse? Boston College anyone?  Virginia nd Virginia Tech are also strong, independent brands that have no allegiance to Tobacco Road schools North Carolina and Duke....

See where this is going? The Domers destroyed the Beast singlehandedly by not giving of itself fully to the conference and bringing and sharing its strongest brand. That created upheaval. By trying to do the same thing in the ACC, the process is going to repeat itself. It’s not going to happen overnight, but mark my words, it’ll happen. Jealousy regarding control by one member cannot be understated. And there are simply too many options for too many good institutions where their brands and location would make a collective of solid brands (Big 12 and SEC) and those member institutions better. The Domers simply DON’T GET THAT!

Chess is a game of subtle and not so subtle moves. I’m not a chess master by any means. My youngest daughter is proving that often. But if I had to identify $warbuck$ move to the ACC, I would call it an elementary opening move known as the “Queen’s Gambit”. Jack was bold and above board and tried to take control of his own destiny and manipulate the ACC into doing what he wanted. It was quick and decisive and he was hoping it ended the changing conference alignment discussions. Delaney’s move was much more contrived and based on the middle game theory; in fact, it’ll probably take years to play out. Delaney has “Castled” the B1G regionally and left two spots open. When everyone else starts scrambling and ACC schools start looking for new homes in 16 team mega conferences, the ACC collective will start looking a lot like the old Beast – which is where a bulk of the ACC schools came from. With the Domers sitting their wondering what happened and how they ended up with the same family members sitting across the table from them at holidays when they dumped that family years before.

And Delaney, or someone else, will once again give the Domers the option of joining the B1G in one of the two open spots remaining.

Your move, Jack.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bring On ohio!!!

All: This is the FMQ. I got here this afternoon and found the MMQ under his desk in the fetal position, hugging his knees, sucking his thumb and muttering something that sounded like, “13-6….6 turnovers…missed field goal in OT by Pitt…Stanford jobbed by Domer Homer refs…overated...” And it just kept on and on. I immediately called the editor and we checked the MMQ’s computer and found the mouse over the blog post button. We reviewed the MMQ’s work and decided that we would go ahead and post, but the editor did ask if I could step in and complete the usual Monday entry in a little bit more objective fashion. I immediately agreed.

On a side note, we now have the MMQ propped up in the corner sitting on a chair with his 1997 National Championship coffee mug catching the little trail of drool that’s cascading out of the corner of his mouth...his expression is still blank…Just staring straight ahead and trying to mouth words….I’ve never seen an actual mental meltdown, but this is probably as close as it gets. So, until further notice, the MMQ is on an indefinite hiatus and I’ll be performing both Monday and Friday duties.

Did everyone here that collective “Oh F!@#$....” coming from that state to the south of us on Saturday? It was before their game against Wiscy. They were watching Michigan’s offense dismantle Iowa. And the exclamation was the result of two players being on the field at the same time.

DeRob and Devin.

This is now working so well that it kind of makes you wonder what if….What if some of those plays had been in the offense against Bama? What about South Bend? And Nebraska?

With the defense firing on all cylinders (well, except for that first drive when I can’t explain WHAT was going on) Michigan is looking ready to compete with ohio. And this fan can’t wait. Ohio has built this game up as their bowl game for and are trying to make Urban’s debut something special.

Let’s wreck it.

Let’s see Michigan do what they did to Cooper and Bruce. What they have done so effectively in the past. Go into Columbus as a big underdog and come out smelling like a Rose..Only too bad that the ole Rose Bowl might not be achievable. Unless Iowa can somehow pull off a miracle, something like we saw in the rest of the

BCS Mess

Clearly, this is where the MMQ went off the deep end. I believe it had something to do with the fact that he figure he probably wouldn’t live long enough to witness something like this. What happened? KSU stepped on a land mine…It wasn’t even close. The Quack Attack never even got close to “quacking” and the Domers ripped Wake Forest up like a a three year old tears up wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Not only that, but UCLA has apparently knocked Barkley out of the upcoming Domer – USC showdown….Also, the MMQ left his E-mail open and one of the regular readers had sent a note, so I figure I would put it in here.


I am confused by all this BCS chaos created Saturday night. Here I was enjoying Vandy thrashing Tennessee 41-18, their first win in Nashville against Tenn in 30 years, and all h*** breaks loose afterwards. First, can you throw out a little love to Vandy on Monday!? The Missus and I were pretty excited! I was also going to tell you that Dooley will not make it through Monday, but I was wrong – he didn’t make it past Sunday morning. I guess getting blown out by Vandy meant he could not even finish the season!

Now back to my confusion. Normally, I would be rooting against ND so they would not get to play in the BCS NC game. Howeva, if ND loses, that could open up another all SEC Final – the GA/ALA winner vs FLA assuming they all win out on Saturday. I had a tough time with last year’s all SEC NC game and listening to Finebaum-nation talk about SEC domination. I don’t know if can take that again. So I don’t know what is worse – another all SEC final or ND vs an SEC team in the NC game. Can you shed any light on this?


MaizeNBlue in Indy (Though wanting to be back in Music City)

Oh dear readers….It’s now making SO MUCH SENSE WHY THE MMQ is sitting over my shoulder here in the corner with a blank, comatose stare in his eyes. Unfortunately, our educated readers know that this is EXACTLY what will happen if the Domers lose…So what do we want? OR more importantly, what will bring the MMQ back from his mental vacation? My belief, but I can’t read his mind, is that the Domers losing in the Title Game may be the best outcome….Either way, you have an SEC team in there so deal with it…but that runs the risk of the Domers winning it all, keeping the MMQ in a state of suspended animation for who knows how long….

So what does the BCS look like today?

1. DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) (0.9973): I’m actually writing this on the MMQ’s computer and believe it or not, I had to try to type this in about three times as the computer kept rejecting the input. The MMQ is now mumbling something about, “go rubbers…” but its not entirely discernible.
2. Satan’s Warriors (0.9333): Jeez…Looks who’s back here. So, Bama nation had to sweat 1 week and now they’re back in it? Can Auburn help here?
3. Georgia (0.8763): They get a shot and they’re playing the best they’ve played all year. But they still have to get by the Wramblin’ Wreck before they try to knock off Satan…
4. GATORLAND (0.8483): You know there’s a weird scenario where Gatorland can make the title game?
5. DUCKS (0.8318): Not the time to have an off game offensively. From what I saw, the Quack Attack never left the ground…They just weren’t clicking.
6. K-State: Pressure….Comin’ down on me comin’ down on you…no man has more…under….
7. LSU: No chance….I think…
8. Stanford: This blows….They should have beat the Domers…..And they knock DOWN Texas A&M who beat Bama….BS…BS…BS…
9. Texas A&M: It’s a conspiracy….That’s all there is to it….
10. Florida State: Still Needs LOTS OF HELP. Do you know how long they’ve been in the 10 spot?

The Rest of the Mess

Vandy vs. Cremesicles: Ya’ gotta love the Commodores! They take the Cremesicles to the SHED and my guess is it had something to do with last year’s locker room rant by Dooley that made it onto to You Tube. Haven’t seen it? Here you go. And GO COMMODORES!

And Dooley is done….So, who’s next in that spot? Speculation below….

Sparty vs. Kitty Kats: I believe if you look up “underachievement” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of the 2012 Sparty Football team. I have spoken with fans that are now saying they would rather lose to the Gophers than risk the humiliation of the Pizza Bowl…Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wiscy vs. ohio: wtf…..Come ON Wiscy. You are supposed to be able to take care of business at HOME. And ohio is beatable. I guess Michigan can thank you for softening them up. It’ll be harder for ohio playing undefeated in their pseudo bowl game than if they had dropped this game to you….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-DeRob on the Field!
-He deserves it…
-But wait, this is not symbolic!
-He’s not throwing…But Devin is!
-Finally! What everyone thought this offense could look like.
-And with the defense clicking…
-Wow…What could have been.
-But can’t worry about the past.
-ohio this weekend…
-I’m still not sure how I feel about this game being on T-Day Weekend.
-It makes you think about it all through T-Day…
-When thoughts should be about family…
-Of course, it DOES give the B1G fans something to look forward to now.
-I can’t believe we won’t have Texas vs. Texas A&M.
-That is EXACTLY like losing Auburn-Alabama or Michigan-ohio…
-There has to be something the Big12 and SEC can work out in the future.
-How can you just let all that hate go?
-Michigan is REALLY rolling.
-I think they’ve thrown the entire playbook at Iowa.
-And Iowa is lousy on offense.
-Maybe Ferentz can turn it around one more time…
-Do you think Hoke told Ferentz to “Kick Nebraska’s Ass for us?”
-I would have.
-Wiscy…What are you doing?
-Domers CRUSHING Wake…
-UCLA killing USC….
-USC coming back!
-Oops…Not so much…
-Barkley out? Nuts.
-IS that good or bad for Domers?
-Well, K-State and Oregon are coming on.
-Wait…What’s going on here?
-Oh know…not like this.
-I cannot watch Game Day Final.
-I will break the TV if I have to see Lou Holtz sitting there all happy.

The Hot Seat

I must admit, the MMQ got some very nice suggestions from many readers regarding Hot Seat Mascot nominees. So many in fact, that he commented to me (The FMQ) that he was having a hard time this year deciding on the final two. So, seeing as how he’s still babbling incoherently behind me, I have made a decision on the order for the last two. Blonde then Brunette, in honor of our favorite kicker for the Maize and Blue. The Hot Seat Mascot nominee for week #12 is the blonde and hasn’t done much in the way of acting and you may not know her, but really, do you need to? She’s a model and well…She’s Hot! Ladies and Gents:  Elaine Alden!!!!

1. Gene Chizik: Dead man walking…I wonder if he’s called Tubberville or Bowden and asked for advice?
2. John L Smith: Problem Arkansas has…it’s Arkansas.
3 Frank Spaziani: Domers didn’t help Frank’s status one little bit….
4. Tedford : This past weekend’s performance against the Ducks didn’t help Tedford’s cause. More Booster fall out as well….Time will tell, but the MMQ’s gut says this one happens.
5. Danny Hope: Purdue was a “Dark Horse” to win the Legends division…Yeah, right. Hope is in the third year of a 3 year deal. And don’t look now, but the AD is calling Hope out…Not good…
6. Mike Price (UTEP): He was on my earlier radar and is now on the list…More of a question of when at this point….
7. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
8. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
9. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
10. Mack Brown: Probably staying this year and almost took him off the list…Almost. But it’s clear that Mack may get shown the door once a better option appears.


1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky
3. Derek Dooley – I guess paying him the $4 million buyout wasn’t that big of a deal after all…Look for Charlie Strong here…..


I guess the MMQ would want you all to know that Maryland has agreed to join the B1G making it a total of 13 teams in the former Big 10. And the rumor is that Rutgers is also getting an invitation. That will make it an even 14. Why did Maryland leave the ACC? AAU money (partly) and the fact that Syracuse and Pitt joined, making the ACC pie smaller. The B1G will be the same slice, (1 out of 14), but athletically and per AAU money, IT’s A LOT bigger slice….Follow the money, people….Follow the money..


Wow… Armageddon Saturday took it’s toll on the ole FMQ bankroll…I guess should have paid more attention to Falica from ESPN? I dunno….But if I had to do it again, I’m not sure I could have gone against the Ducks. And I really liked the Wiscy pick. Anyway, it was close to a break even and we will get our picks in early this week on Slacker Wednesday…..

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Thank God the Buffs laid down in the 2nd half….
WIN! Bank: $114

Stanford (Monday: +21 Today: +20) @ Ducks:  Oh man….this was ugly for the FMQ…But opportunities abound with two weeks left….
Take the Ducks and lay the $20 for $75

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (-2.5) : R U kidding me? What – Are – YOU –DOING –WISCY?
Take Wiscy and lay the 2.5 for $75

Iowa @ Michigan (-17) : I had to update after posting on Friday as the line was Michigan giving 17. That still sounded like value to the FMQ. I’m glad I took it.
Take Michigan for $75
WIN: Bank: $142.50


Ducks – Wiscy – Washington for $40

Starting Bank:     $676.50
Total WIN:          $256.50
Bank:                    $933

Early Lines

Hawkeyes (+14.5) @ Nebraska
Utah @ Colorado (+23)
Sparty @ Minnesota (+8) 
Michigan (+4) @ ohio
Oregon (-11) @ Oregon State

Domers Are Number 1 in the BC…ergdfgnaphsstt……

Michigan 13-6 with 6 turnovers…Michigan beat themselves…Pitt misses a chip shot field goal in overtime that would have knocked them off…Stanford got jobbed by the refs…..overated…overated….OVERATED!!!!  not your's not your fault...You can't blame yourself...It's not your fault...

Not like this….NOT LIKE THIS…not like ppsstionawerhoiasdhehilllllfiheerl……






All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….
All work and no play makes the MMQ a dull boy….

Friday, November 16, 2012

Do They Still Play Football In Iowa?

So much to talk about...So little digital space to do it in....

When I saw the final score of last week’s Iowa game, I kind of did a little double take. Iowa was supposed to be a contender in the Legends division in a somewhat heated race that included Nebraska and Michigan. And Iowa has since fallen completely off the map. Losing to Purdon’t had to be the last straw for a fan base that considers the Hawkeyes on “Par” with the league’s best teams: OSU, Michigan, Wiscy and Nebraska. And sometimes PSU. (Notice how Sparty is not on this list. Thank you for noticing.)

And this is still the SAME head coach that is the longest tenured HC in the B1G. So what gives?

Part of it may be that the most tenured coach, Ferentz, is getting a little “too” tenured and forgot what it takes to be part of the elite in this conference. Call it the “Lloyd Carr Syndrome” and I think you’ll understand what the FMQ is getting at. Ferentz believes that the formula he uses y-o-y is going to get him the results he needs every year no matter what. And that’s just not the case. Iowa has also been plagued by injury, not unlike what happened to Michigan’s defense in 2008-9-10. And there’s NO WAY Iowa can fire Ferentz….He has a fresh 10 year extension and a $20M buyout clause in his contract, hence the reason ‘ole Kirk hasn’t been on the MMQ’s Hot Seat List. It’s nice to have an enormous buy-out clause (among other things)…depending on which side of the desk you’re sitting on.

So, are those excuses or reasons? Maybe a little of both. Either way, I’m still not sure how Michigan isn’t giving points in this game other than Iowa always plays Michigan close and this is a do or die game for the Hawkeyes as far as qualifying for a Bowl goes…

And for those of you with tickets tomorrow: Have FUN! It’s the last home game for the first Rich Rod Class and some of the remaining Carr Carryovers. The Total Offense Page below will more than likely forever be known as “The Denard Robinson Page” in the record books, as it was captioned when sent to me. Please note how many times his name appears (23) and how he is at the top of most of the categories. The stats he put up are almost difficult to grasp and it’s hard to believe there wasn’t more “Team Achievement” while he was here…But alas, as we “re-learned” the hard way, without a Defense, all is for naught. Salute Robinson anyway, as I’m sure he will get some playing time at some position in order for the fans to honor him the way a Michigan star should be honored - on the field of battle.

(Click on Image to view Larger)

Final 4 3 Undefeated Update: Since we introduced this in the FMQ, I hate to not mention it while it lasts. What are the odds for all the undefeated teams to stay undefeated? Here you go:

From ESPN’s Chris Fallica:

Kansas State has the best chance to enter the bowls with an unbeaten record (64.3 percent), followed by Notre Dame (52.2) and Oregon (42.8).

The chances of all three finishing unbeaten is 14.4 percent (up from 7.4 percent a week ago).

And remember, there are a combined seven games remaining to be played by those three teams. The biggest toss-up, according to Fallica, is the Nov. 24 Notre Dame at USC game (50-50) (ed.nt. – No s!@$!. Give us some information we don’t know.)

Of course, don't bet the house on this stuff. Fallica is good, but things happen, such as Texas A&M over Bama. Last week, the Crimson Tide had the best chance to finish undefeated (67.4) and then they got Johnny Manziel-ed. And, if you follow the logic that Alabama was the favorite to go undefeated, well, that means that K-State is next to fall…Just sayin’.

File under “JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!” Item number 1,294,763,265 (give or take): Brian Kelly states he will, “Go on Oprah!” to plead his case for the National Title. Give the FMQ (and MMQ) an F!@#$%^ing break….If you have to read it in it’s entirety, click here.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Yahoo Article: Mis-named Brian as Chip! Classic….Even Yahoo’s latest Dr. Saturday Graham Watson can’t stand Brian…

Which leads me to the question as to why we are NOT looking at doing the 4 team playoff this year? Why wait? IF OSU were eligible, you wouldn’t have 3 teams undefeated…YOU’D HAVE 4 in the mix with the SEC on the outside looking in. Which, folks, the FMQ is here to tell you: That AIN’T gonna’ happen. Somehow, with a committee, OSU, Oregon, The Domers or K-State would be getting screwed – the SEC has that much power at this point. And the FMQ’s guess is that it wouldn’t be Oregon or OSU as they will have championship games and an extra victory (hypothetically in OSU’s case). Meaning that one of the two teams that DON’T play in a Championship game would be getting the shaft. And due to the fact that the Big 12 was so tough this year, well, that would leave the Domers on the outside looking in, if there WAS A COMMITTEE in place evaluating and reviewing such things. But how, FMQ? The Domers are currently ranked 3rd and there SOS is number 1 in the country!

Well, in case you haven’t heard, some AssHat in the Harris poll this week voted Alabama #1 EVEN AFTER THE LOSS to A&M! And believe me, if there’s one nut-case out there doing it, there’s at least 10 more THINKING about doing IT. This is how conspiracies are born. You’ve got one guy claiming that a 1-loss SEC is so much better and deserves a shot at the title due to the fact that they won the MOST DIFFICULT CONFERENCE in College Football. In fact, that’s what Head SEC AssHat Gary Danielson is now chirping about. I didn’t get a link, but he said that on Finebaum’s radio show on Tuesday.

And you know what? I agree with and can see the argument. (In fact, I’ve made it before here.) If you are in a conference, you should get rewarded for WINNING THE CONFERENCE assuming you finish in the top 5 of the polls. Regardless of record. Meaning: Auto bids for the B1G, SEC, Pac12, Big 12 and ACC in the top 5, regardless of record. So, you’re top 4 would be: Oregon, OSU, K-State and Bama or Georgia…Therefore, the Domers would be OUT of any 4 team Championship discussion this year, anyway. And wouldn’t that be sweet?

I got some responses to last week’s bowl forecast that could possibly have the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) in the Rose and if Michigan made it, we’d get a re-match. A lot of the responses (And I guess the FMQ is in this group) is “Bring ‘Em On!” and others were, “No, let the Domers go this year…” Unfortunately, the referees saw to it that Nebraska would get a bye to the B1G Championship so either the Huskers or Wiscy will have to deal with the Domers, most likely….

But that did get the ole FMQ to thinking about the Bowl Match-ups I’d LIKE to see vs. the colossal flops that were gonna have to watch…

Duckies vs. K-State (Let’s HOPE they stay undefeated): I believe both teams deserve the shot at the National Title and you have a really good offense against a pretty good QB. Can Oregon contain Optimus Klein and can the Wildcats slow down the Quack Attack?

Michigan vs. Texas AM (This one might ACTUALLY happen): The senior spread QB Robinson (assuming he’s healthy) vs. the Freshman Spread QB Johnny Football. It would be a nice finish to beat the team that beat the team that pummeled Michigan in the season opener.

Wiscy vs. LSU (There is a possibility that this could happen, also): Call it the “Goofy Things Come Out of Our Head Coaches’ Mouths Bowl”. Big B and The Hatter….Enough said on this one…

Domers vs. Satan (THIS WOULD BE AWESOME if it happened): Just ‘cause someone I hate is gonna lose…And I would love to see Satan take his frustration out on the Domers…

Sparty vs. a MAC team in the Little Caesar’s Bowl: Just so they can win a bowl….My guess is they’ll end up playing against an SEC team in a debacle…on New Year’s day…no less.

Stanford Cardinal vs. Red Raiders of Texas Tech or the “We ORDERED TOO MUCH RED BOWL: Just because red is such a wonderful holiday color….

USC vs. USC: Call this one the “Crazy Headcase Coaches That Do AND Say the Darndest Things.” Kiffin and the Ole Ball Coach would never get to the game as they would be trying to out “Saying” the other guy in the pre-game press conference.


Oregon State BEAVERS vs. the (Game) COCKS of South Carolina: South Carolina can’t play in two bowls…But I wanna’ T-shirt from this bowl! How often are you gonna get to wear a T-shirt that has Beavers and Cocks on it and not be seen as a dirty ole football fan? Especially the Oregon State homer shirt that states, “Your Cocks can’t beat our Beavers!” Hee-hee….HAHAHAHA!

Suckeyes in NO Bowl…Oh wait, that’s happening!

This Week’s Picks

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Even though Washington is bad, that’s not nearly enough points for the Buffs…I’m a sticking by my early Monday thought and
Take Washington and lay the 20 for $60

Stanford (Monday: +21 Today: +20) @ Quack Attack: Not enough here, either. The Quack Attack at home looking to make a statement? Playing hard all 4 quarters? It seems that there are some that think Stanford is the play here, hence the line move down to 20. I’m not buying it. Yeah, the Ducks are banged up. But I’ll ride a horse till she bucks me…
Take the Ducks and lay the $20 for $75

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (-2.5) : Sorry – your MMQ read the line incorrectly on Monday and Wiscy is actually giving points here…Which seems about right. The Suckeyes simply haven’t beaten anyone and have escaped a couple of less than stellar opponents (Purdon’t and Indiana) and I’m think Wiscy is the play at home.
Take Wiscy and lay the 2.5 for $75

Iowa @ Michigan (Pick-Em  UPDATE:  -17): Okay…I will take Michigan. IF this line is available. I have a feeling it’s not (it’s off the board on one site) and this may be ESPN’s way of saying no line available yet. And sure enough, this line is still even. I have NO IDEA why this is…But if I can get Michigan in a PICK-EM game at home this year against what can only be described as a mediocre Iowa team (even though they’ve won the last three in a row against us), I’ve got to take the Amazing Blue in a triple revenge game.  UPDATE:  I was alerted to the fact that there was in fact a spread on this game (I am no longer using Rivals or ESPN as of the posting time, there WASN'T a spread on either one of those sites.)  That being said, I will stick with my bet and lay the 17
Take Michigan UPDATE: and lay the 17 for $75


Ducks – Wiscy – Washington for $40

Starting Bank:      $1,001.50
Total Bet:             $325
Bank:                    $676.50

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throwing a Salute to the "Ufe"

A special day came and went this year and I was watching for it on the “This Date in UM History” and then I was distracted by work and what-not. Then, it hit me that it passed and I hadn’t done or written anything about him….October 23rd was the day the “Great Bob Ufer” left us.

I don’t know why we remember the death of someone after they’re gone and their birthday when they’re still here. But, it’s always fun when something about Bob Ufer comes out and we get to stroll down memory lane. I sometimes find myself wishing that football wasn’t all about the boob tube today as I find myself planted in front of the contraption from about noon on Saturday till midnight, watching as much as I can. Growing up, that wasn’t the case.   You were lucky if you had a 1:00 game and a late afternoon game.  There was no such thing as "Saturday Night Football."  Imagine....

You could go outside and get some stuff done as long as you had the trusty old AM portable tuned to WJR 760 and cranked to the max. Bob Ufer would be there to let you know how things were going in the Hole that Yost dug, Crysler paid for, Canham Carpeted and Schembechler filled every home football Saturday.

Greg over at MVictors had a great guest post that Dr. Steve Sapardanis put together of Ufer’s Nicknames an Uferisms that I thought I should link to here and also post for your enjoyment. I will admit that a couple were new for me, but I recognized at least 80% of them.


Guest post by Dr. Steve Sapardanis

As we approach Denard “Shoelace” Robinson’s last game at Michigan stadium, I started to think about all the nicknames over the years that have been given to U-M players, past and present. Typically they are abbreviated last names: Huckleby becomes HUCK. Wangler becomes WANGS. Harbaugh becomes HARBS, and so on. Denard’s nickname is a testament to his unique shoe-fastening method – or lack of it.

This year’s team has few that I know of:

* Roy Roundtree – Treezy
* Brendan Gibbons – Lefty, Gibby, Money

It seemed like legendary Michigan broadcaster Bob Ufer had a nickname for every player, besides the fact that he liked to call John “Johnny,” Jim “Jimmy,” and Rob “Robbie.”

Some of the nicknames Ufer used on the radio were given to players by their teammates, while others were bestowed upon them by Robert Frost Ufer himself.

Below are a few of the more famous ones from Bob “THE UFE” Ufer:

* Don Lund (Ufer’s color commentary man) – Lundo
* Jack Lane (Ufer’s stats man) – The Human Computer
* Tom Ufer – Old #3 son
* Bo Schembechler – Bo “George Patton” Schembechler, The General
* Woody Hayes – Dr. Strange Hayes
* Woody Hayes’s Buckeyes – Test Tubes
* Earle Bruce – “Darth Vader” Bruce
* Earle Bruce’s Buckeyes – Scarlet and Gray Stormtroopers
* Dan Devine – Dreary Old Dan Devine
* Michigan State – Jolly Green Giants
* Dennis Franklin – Dennis “The Menace” Franklin
* Ed Shuttlesworth – “Easy” Ed Shuttlesworth
* Mike Lantry – Super Toe
* Gil Chapman – The Jersey Jet
* Gordon Bell – The Whirling Dervish
* Rob Lytle – The Blonde Bullet, The Fremont Flash
* Rick Leach – Ricky “The Peach” Leach, The Flint Phenom, The Guts and Glue of the Maize and Blue
* Russell Davis – Russell “Hustle” Davis
* Harlan Huckleby – Harlan “Huckleberry Finn” Huckleby
* U-M’s 1978 Backfield – Huckleberry Finn deep and Tom Sawyer close
* Thomas Seabron – Old Sea Dog
* Mike Jolly – Butterknife, Bones
* Chris Godfrey – “Manster” (half Man, half Monster)
* Ron Simpkins – Boo Bear
* Curtis Greer – Curtis “Harvey Martin” Greer
* Roosevelt Smith – Roosevelt “Rosey” Smith
* Bryan Virgil – Bryan “Ozzie” Virgil
* Lawrence Reid – Lawrence “LP” Reid
* John Wangler – Johnny “Winging” Wangler
* Mel Owens – The Hulk
* Mike Trgovac – Tiger Vac
* Anthony Carter – Spider, Darter, Sparkplug, the Human Torpedo and of course just, “AC.”
* Robert Thompson – Robert “Bubba Baker” Thompson
* Butch Woolfolk – “My name is Butch, don’t call me Harold, Woolfolk!”
* Steve Smith – Smitty


And because you can’t have one without the other, here are a few common but classic phrases frequently uttered by ol’ Ufe:

* Referees – $100 an hour men
* Michigan Stadium – The Hole that Yost dug, Crisler paid for and Canham carpeted
* Michigan’s Tartan Turf – Canham’s Carpet
* Ohio Stadium – The Snakepit
* Ohio Stadium Crowd – 10,000 Michigan fans and 75,000 Truck Drivers
* The Little Brown Jug – The Finest Piece of Football Crockery in America
* Offensive Co-Ordinator Chuck Stobart’s Offense – Stobart’s Stallions
* Jerry Hanlon’s O-Line – Hanlon’s Hustlers
* Gary Moeller’s Offense – Moeller’s Marauders
* Bill McCartney’s Defense – McCartney’s Monsters
* Michigan Football – “Football is a religion and Saturday is the Holy Day of Obligation”
* The CBs of Michigan Football – “Crisler, Benny, Bump and Bo”
* Ali Haji-Shiekh – "the only Iranian I know who wears cowboy boots"
* Out of the endzone kickoffs – “Aluminum Beer Cans – Non-Returnable”
* “Closer than fuzz on a gnat’s eye “
* “Like a bat out of … you know where bats come from”
* “Pickin’ ‘em up and layin’ ‘em down”
* Two things you can always count on Ufer saying: football is a game of emotions, and games are always won or lost up front in the trenches.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Roundtree Is Worthy!

It’s strange…I find myself truly enjoying Mondays like this when I think that maybe I should be like everyone else…Miserable, hating the fact that they have to get up and go out in the weather we’re having today in lower southeastern Michigan. Hopefully (and this has ALWAYS been the intent) this silly little blurb that comes at you mid to late Monday morning picks up your spirits and lightens the mood a little. That’s the intent!

When a player gets a “Legends” jersey, a lot is expected of him. Or a lot should be expected of him. Roundtree hadn’t been having that kind of year. I know that DeRob was having a hard time finding him. I know he gets double teamed a lot. But still, you expect a little something special from any player with that Legend recognition. Kovacs and Ryan have shown that kind of heart and ability on defense.

Then there was Saturday. A truly poor call and spot on a 4th down conversion by the Kitty Kats and all hope was lost…It was over. I hated the refs and I hated Northwestern for being good. When they were forever so bad….All the Kats had to do was get Michigan to run two plays, maybe three and it’s done. With less than 18 seconds left and 40 yards of field required to get Gibbons into field goal range. Of course, at that distance, the kick wouldn’t be a gimme. And it would be a pressure kick. But before that could even happen: Could Devin and company get it close enough to give the “I Dream of Brunettes Kicker” a chance?

And Devin tossed it up. A LOT further than what was necessary for the field goal. I glanced at the time left. I hated the pass immediately. “NOOOOO! Why throw so deep? Get 20 and 20 and then Kick!” were my immediate thoughts. And then the circus started.

You could almost hear the carny music in the background as the ball bounced around and the next thing you know, after acrobatics, gymnastics and standing on his head, or what can only be described as a “FOOTBALL” Play, Roundtree comes up with it. A series of pictures (captioned, of course, by your own MMQ!) describes it better than words ever could…

                                                            Okay - I got this!
                                                                     Got it......
                                                    Oops, okay – still got it...
                                            Twist a Little....Easy...Keep your Eye on it!
                                                                  Wrap it Up!
                                                               GOT IT!

And there’s no fanfare or celebration on the field where Roundtree is all business, even though fans everywhere are losing their, well, you know! Roundtree’s just getting ready for the spike play to get the field goal unit on the field.

Gibbons came out and envisioned this week’s Hot Seat Mascot and did his thing with 7 seconds left in regulation. Overtime was almost a blur as the shock from the catch that saved the game was still lingering. Devin rushed in for the TD and the defense held the Kitty Kats to just 4 plays in the bonus period. Demens is another hero that may not get mentioned a lot in the post-game recognitions.

Game over, but wow…What a game. Northwestern isn’t the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) but they certainly provided a Domer like finish in November. And as was texted to me, “This S#$%@t never gets old! GO BLUE!”

On a side note: Kovacs wearing number 11 in honor of the Wistert brothers that played in the 30’s and 40’s. All three were consensus All Americans and played tackle and more information can be found by clicking here and visiting MVictors.

And then there were two. Iowa will be the last time we get to see the Kardiac Kids in the Big House this season. And no one is giving Michigan a chance against the Suckeyes.

We’ll see.

BCS Mess

Well, well well. It seems football’s bad boys aren’t unstoppable after all. And Johnny Football knows a thing or two about taking apart SEC defenses. First, I have to say that I got the opportunity to watch the A&M – Bama contest with an Aggie in the house! That was awesome in and of itself. But I also had an excuse to be loud and noisy which usually ticks off the entire family when I’m loud and noisy with nobody there! The look on Saban’s face in that post game presser was priceless! When you set yourself up to win it all, well, the fall is always a little harder than normal. And Bama has fallen HARD. However, Bama didn’t fall nearly far enough for my tastes and I’m in a quandary as to how a team that beat you doesn’t go up more spots than you fall. In other words, Bama drops to number 5 but A&M only went from 10 to 8? Shouldn’t you at LEAST be ranked above the team you beat, assuming your starting positions are less than say, 10 spots apart? Seems logical to the MMQ. But then again, those two words, Logic and BCS, don’t often find themselves together in the same sentence. So, what does the BCS look like today? Well, for the first time since October 2010, there IS NOT an SEC in one of the top 2 spots, nor are they close to getting there, so that’s saying something:

1. K-State (0.9674): Can you believe that K-State (Where Fielding H. Yost once coached!) has the cleanest shot of making the title game at this point? And isn’t it ironic that they DON’T have to play Texas A&M this year?
2. DUCKS (0.9497): Are on an incredible roll. What was supposed to be a “test” of some sort by Cal (Your MMQ didn’t understand any of the pundits when they kept on with this) crushed the Bears so bad that they may not be seen again for the rest of the season.
3. DOMERS (0.9396): We now have Brian Kelly wishing his name was Chip and searching for voter support where there is none. We’ve all seen the games. Domers(JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) and you don’t look good as good as the two teams ahead of you. There’s two games (potentially 3) you should have lost. It would be a “SIN” to let you into the Championship Game before the Ducks or K-State. They’re both superior to you on either side of the ball. And you STILL have to beat USC…In LA.
4. Satan’s Warriors (0.8534): WHAT? I thought when you lost late, it hurt you more? Shouldn’t you at least be ranked below the team that beat you? Assuming they are in the top 10? And it’s pretty clear that if the Big 12’s “Third Team” behind Texas and Oklahoma can come in and own Tuscaloosa…Can anyone say SEC Conspiracy? Over rated? Am I going too far here?
5. Georgia (0.8326): So, Bama loses and the Dawgs are STILL Looking up at them….Go figure.
6. GATORLAND: Told you….Gatorland can only be a spoiler…
7. LSU: Two losses and they only drop to 7? Is this an SEC conspiracy I smell?
8. Texas A&M: Johnny Football is the real deal. And new head coach Sumlin knows EXACTLY what to do with him…Let him play and create! 4 years of this guy in the SEC? Look out, SEC West. There’s a new sheriff in town.
9. USC: How can they be higher than a 1 loss ACC team?
10. Florida State: Still Needs LOTS OF HELP

The Rest of the Mess

PSU vs. Huskers: I’m sorry, but PSU got ROBBED on that touchdown that was called a fumble. B1G officiating this year has to be some of the worst we’ve seen in a long time. The B1G offices need to sit down and figure out how to correct the problem, get better people making judgment calls in the re-play booth and get this crap right. You’ve got replay and either choose to ignore it or not use it…What sense does that make?

Ducks vs. Cal: Quack-Quack. If you’re a coach vying for the National Title, the one team you don’t want to play is Oregon. Plain and simple. It seems like they’re cheating. How they continue to play at the pace and speed that they play week in and week out is amazing.

Wiscy vs. Indiana: I wish the FMQ had stuck with his initial read on this game….IU is glad that basketball season is no longer going to be distracted with the silly game of football. Especially after the Cheeseheads hung 60 on them…

The Cuse vs. Louisville: Charlie Strong’s perfect season destroyed up in that cracker box they call the carrier dome or some such nonsense. Too bad Louisville. I feel for you. A special season ruined and your coach most likely headed to an SEC school. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Devin Starting Again???
-DeRob couldn’t throw during warm-ups.
-They all looked like wounded ducks….
-Why does our defense look so slow?
-Or are the Kitty Kats just that fast?
-Michigan should be eating these guys for lunch.
-Down 10…To Northwestern…Jeez…
-I hate come from behind games.
-But I’m not giving up hope. Not yet.
-I’m not giving up hope…
-Aw, S#$@%t…I guess I’m giving up hope.
-No…Don’t throw that pass so deep?
-What are you thinking?
-Holy Crap!
-Roundtree saves the day!
-Do they try a quick pass to win in regulation?
-No. I agree with this call. Get to OT and play down in the Student Section.
-I wish more of them had shown up!
-And I wish more fans would have stayed!
-Oh well, the team can manage without them.
-Score! Way to go Devin….Makes up for that earlier INT….
-All right, DEFENSE, let’s go.
-IF that’s what you’re still calling yourselves.
-31 points to the Kitty Kats?
-Come on. 1 TIME!
-4th down….get him…GET HIM….GOT HIM!
-Demens – Great play…
-I’m really getting too old for games like this…
-And the A&M freight train is rolling!
-A&M: 21- Bama: 0? Did ANYONE SEE THAT COMING?
-What would have been the prop bet on A&M scoring the game’s first 21 points?
-100 to 1?
-I would have loved to have a piece of that!
-Bama isn’t playing poorly…A&M is just the better team.
-Uh-oh. Bama is waking up.
-A&M Defense starting to fade…
-Come on A&M!
-1:30 left and 4th down. Need the stop here, A&M.
-Johnny Football simply doesn’t have that much left in him…
-YES! Picked off!
-I want to see a shot of Satan, right now!
-Thank you!
-Is Nick crying?
-No….Satan has no tears…
-PSU got jobbed in Lincoln.
-That sucks after everything they’ve been through.
-Do the refs like the Huskers that much?
-Two weeks in a row of favorable calls?
-That was probably Michigan’s last chance to win the division…
-Minnesota and Iowa left for Nebraska?
-It’s not gonna happen…
-But yes, I agree with you. They have to play the games.

The Hot Seat

Mila Jovovich was clearly a fan favorite and has made the finals! Glad you guys liked her and as we are in the final two weeks of nominees, well, it seems a little sad for the MMQ. We spend so many months waiting for the season to start and it gets here and “WHAM!” it’s gone….I can’t believe how quickly the Fall season goes…Thanksgiving in less than two weeks? Really?

I noticed this week’s Hot Seat Mascot nominee in the Sopranos where she played one of Tony’s many “ladies in waiting”, where she was a college student that Tony, uh, engaged with. I thought she was pretty hot then and I’ve seen her in Fairly Legal. What’s amazing to me about this mascot is that her facial expressions can change to the point where she doesn’t even look like the same woman. Without further ado: Hot Seat Mascot nominee for Week 11: Sarah Shahi!



It’s pretty clear that Chizik and Smith are both gone at this point. When the school (Auburn) comes out and says its putting a committee together to review the coaching situation, well….That’s not a good sign. O-fer in the SEC can’t help, either. I’m not even sure beating Satan saves Chizik. Dooley is another one, but his buyout might just slow the Cremesicle brass down on lopping his head off….

1. Gene Chizik: Dead man walking…I wonder if he’s called Tubberville or Bowden and asked for advice?
2. John L Smith: Problem Arkansas has…it’s Arkansas.
3. Derek Dooley: This is unfortunate but O-fer in the SEC is not good…His buyout may just keep him for one more year. Otherwise, it’s $4M to Dooley next year for sitting on his posterior…
4. Tedford : This past weekend’s performance against the Ducks didn’t help Tedford’s cause. More Booster fall out as well….Time will tell, but the MMQ’s gut says this one happens.
5. Frank Spaziani: Domers didn’t help Frank’s status one little bit…
6. Danny Hope: Purdue was a “Dark Horse” to win the Legends division…Yeah, right. Hope is in the third year of a 3 year deal. And don’t look now, but the AD is calling Hope out…Not good…
6. (Tie) Mike Price (UTEP): He was on my earlier radar and is now on the list…More of a question of when at this point….
7. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
8. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
9. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
10. Mack Brown: Probably staying this year and almost took him off the list…Almost. But it’s clear that Mack may get shown the door once a better option appears.


1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky


Should have stuck with the Ducks and the Ducks ONLY this past weekend. Although A&M made me very happy as well! Still, WE’RE FINALLY IN THE BLACK and there’s hope with two regular season weeks left in addition to the Championship Games to make a little noise and get us some extra dough for the season!

Domers @ BC (+18.5): Dumb, DUMB, DUUUUMB!!! What was I thinking?
Take the Domers and lay the 18.5 for $40 - LOSE

Duckies (-27.5) @ CAL: We are going to ride this team hard for the next two weeks, mark my words.
Take the Ducks and lay the 27.5 for $75 – WIN! Bank: $142.50

Georgia (-14) @ Auburn: With all the peripheral crap going on in Auburn, I felt like this was the gimme on the board this week…I was right and should have bet more!
Take the Dawgs and lay the 14 for $75 – WIN! Bank $142.50

Texas A&M (+14) @ Bama: I didn’t think the Aggies would upset the Tide, but I love it when a plan comes together!
Take A&M and the 14 for $50 – WIN! Bank $95

NWU (-11) @ MICHIGAN: Okay…IF Michigan’s defense shows up, this is still not a bad bet. But I will give the Kitty Kats a little credit due to the fact that Michigan won.

Take Michigan and lay the 11 for $60 - LOSE


Let’s do a parlay this week, although we haven’t had much luck with them…..

Michigan-Ducks-Domers for $20 - LOSE

BANK: $621.50
Total WN: $380
BANK: $1,001.50

Monday Morning Lines

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Even though Washington is bad, that’s not nearly enough points for the Buffs…

Stanford (+21) @ Quack Attack: Not enough here, either. The Quack Attack at home looking to make a statement? Playing hard all 4 quarters?

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (+2.5) : Wiscy…Points at home? After Trouncing Indiana? Playing for the “Pride” of the Leaders division? Hmmmmmm…

Iowa @ Michigan (Pick-Em): Okay…I will take Michigan. IF this line is available. I have a feeling it’s not (it’s off the board on one site) and this may be ESPN’s way of saying no line available yet.

In fact, I was looking for over/unders and there aren’t any posted. So something is up with the odds makers for some reason. Stay tuned and I might post later in the week as we are getting close to making money.