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The FMQ Week #4 - It Ain't Easy

Well, last week wasn’t a terrible week, but it was still a reminder of why I need to work for a living…sigh…Of course, it wasn’t as bad as this guy’s day!
They had to haul poor “Chip” off the field on the golf cart!
The ole’ FMQ got a little ahead of the game last week, but I thought I had a read on things and was going to nail EVERYTHING.  I’m glad I didn’t bet more on certain games (read Michigan).  Right when you think you absolutely KNOW what’s going on is when the bus hits you in the ass and lets you know otherwise. 
But before we jump into that, here’s a good read from ESPN regarding the two head coaches for Michigan and Nebraska, who are meeting for the 2nd time.  Frost was the UCF coach 2 years ago when UCF visited the Big House.
There are some good quotes from both coaches in there and more from other coaches that are coaching at their alma maters.  From Frost:
Big Ten Network cameras captured Frost last week on the sideline amid the storm of three Nebraska turnovers for a second straight week, 10 flags and a 58-yard punt-return TD by Troy's Cedarius Rookard.

The 43-year-old Frost appeared not angry or impatient; rather, he looked a special kind of miserable.
"I'd say dissatisfaction," Frost said.
Coach Harbs also added insight:
They endure intense scrutiny but said that the potential reward of restoring championship-level play at their proud programs is worth the pressure and weight of increased expectations.
"It's heightened," Harbaugh said this week when asked whether the moments mean more to him because it's Michigan
So, losing Saturday for either of these coaches is going to hurt and winning, well, winning is what you’re supposed to be doing.  So, it’ll be somewhat rewarding for someone and for someone else, its back to the drawing board and an ever-dissatisfied fan base.
As I was saying, I thought I had things figured out.  The Football Gods proved otherwise…USC-Texas and Michigan not covering against a Tomato can from the American Conference (DAMN THAT PROCHE KID!) were simply games I didn’t see coming.  But I did LEARN A LOT from some other games.  And I have a feeling with conference play opening for almost everyone, it’s time to look at road teams laying points and for some BIG UPSETS!

Let’s see what’s on the slate for this week. 
On to this week’s picks:
Domers @ Wake Forest (+7 O/U:  60.5 MONEYLINE:  WF +250): This is a particularly head scratcher of a spread.   First of all, the Deamon Deacons are statistically playing some pretty good football right now (maybe better than the domers).  And the domers should have lost AT HOME to Vandy.  In fact, Vandy handed the domers the game, so that translates into the domers laying points in their first trip on the road?  In a conference match-up?  Did you watch the BC vs WF game?  This seems too easy…
Take Vandy and the 7 for $30
Take the over for $25
Take the MONEYLINE for $20
Boston College @ Purdue (+6.5):  I’m still having a hard time understanding how a team that’s got stats like Purdue through 3 games is somehow 0-3.  And by a total of 8 points. This is a good football team.  Now, another team that’s feeling full of itself heads into West Lafayette at 3-0 with some fairly impressive wins on the sheet.  As much as I’d like to take the Eagles and lay the points, I have a feeling Purdue might win this one….   
Take Purdue and the 6.5 for $25
Northern Illinois @ FSU (-11):  FSU is a really bad football team right now…If you think Michigan has offensive line issues, go take a look at a few high-light (lowlight?) reels of how FSU’s offensive line is playing.  I don’t care who’s playing QB, there’s no way he’d be doing any better than Deondre is doing right now.  And NIU always screws someone every season.   
Take Northern Illinois and the 11 for $25
Texas A&M @ Alabama (-27  MONEYLINE:  A&M - $2,000):  Again, do people watch the games?  Did they see the Aggies almost beat Clemson?  This is an incredibly inflated spready and I think - THINK – Jimbo Fisher might know a thing or two about how Bama does things.  Seeing as how he coached under Satan.  Again, I might be wrong here, but I think this game stays closer than you think...And that MONEYLINE – WOW!  That would be sweet!
Take Texas A&M and the 27 for $30
Take the A&M MONEYLINE for $10
Tulane @ THE Sex Toy University (-37):  Tulane is only getting 37 in the Toilet Bowl?  But then I did some research and Tulane isn’t a terrible team.  And they run a pesky triple option attack.  And Bosa is OUT.  This is tough, but I’m taking Tulane and the points in this one…
Take Tulane and the 37 for $30
TCU @ Texas (+3):  This is another really weird spread.  TCU was a couple of plays away from knocking off THE Sex Toy University last week.  Texas pantsed what I’m starting to think is a REALLY BAD USC team.  So, that somehow translates to TCU only having to give 3 to the Shorthorns?  I know Hermann has to win a “Big One” soon, but I don’t think it’s this Saturday.  Be prepared for the “Fire Hermann” crowd to show up with their torches and pitchforks on the 40 Acres
Take TCU and lay the 3 for $25
Army @ Oklahoma (-31.5):  Newsflash:  Army is not a bad football team.  I know Oklahoma has been routing teams, but this spread looks on the high side.  And military teams have a way of covering the spread.  I think...
Take Army and the 31.5 for $35
The Gophers @ Maryland (-1):  This is another ODD Spread…The Gophers have been playing some pretty good football this season.  Maryland had the first game against Texas where they looked sensational.  Unfortunately, the Terps had to play more games.  And they looked AWFUL against Temple.  I don’t know if this is an up and down Terps team, but the Gophers have shown me plenty.  I like rowing the boat on the road going to 4-0 on the season
Take the Gophers and the 1 for $30
LNU @ Indiana (+5):  LNU has not impressed me in its 2 games so far this season.  Indiana has an extra game under their belt and it’s a night game at home.  And they’re getting points.  And they beat LNU 2 years ago at home when they were a dog.  I like Karma here…
Take Indiana and the 5 for $25
Wiscy @ IOWA (OPEN:  +6 Current: +3):  When this spread opened on Monday I IMMEDIATELY grabbed Iowa and the 6.  Why? Let’s see.  Wiscy lost at HOME to BYU.  A team that only won 3 games last season. Iowa loves being home dogs and often wins those contests. (Michigan 2016, THE Sex Toy U last year and scored 55 on them in the process) Night Game at Kinnick.  Where great teams go to die…  Those crazy fans don’t drink beer.  They drink CORN LIQUOR.  Straight Up.  No chaser…And don’t forget “The Wave!”  Yeah, I’ll take the Hawkeyes and 6 all day in this one. 
Take Iowa and the 6 for $40
Nebraska @ Michigan (-18 O/U: 50.5) Wow.  This spread makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.  First rule of gambling is to not bet on a team you pull for because it skews your objectivity.  HOWEVA’!  My objectivity is spot on with this game.  Nebraska out-statted Colorado (the first loss) and rolled up over 500 yards of offense.  Troy beat Nebraska, but the Cornhuskers were without their starting QB Martinez who’s day to day.  He could be back against Michigan this week and the spread doesn’t reflect that.  I may be TOTALLY WRONG on this pick, but I don’t think I am…    
Take Nebraska and the 18 for $25
Take the OVER for $25
3 Bet/Team Parlay:   6-1
Iowa – Texas A&M – Wake Forest:  $30
TOTAL BET:  $430
Bank:  $543.50
Greatest High School Play Ever???!!!!
What’s fun about High School football is that heroes are created based on opportunities and desire.  Click on the link for a play where one player sneaks through the line when the opposing team is lined up in the “Victory” formation and strips the ball free and recovers the fumble.  Then, on the ensuing final play, he’s the receiver on a misdirection play and scores the winning TD! 
La Jolla linebacker Max Smith somehow managed to strip the ball before Gebase’s knee hit the turf. What’s even cooler is that when La Jolla got the ball back, Smith caught the game-winning touchdown with 38.5 seconds left!
Jump to the 11:00 minute mark to see the INT and the ensuing Victory Formation Snap and forced fumble:
Urban “The Liar” Meyer
My last take on Urban “The Liar” Meyer:  Someone is lying.  Or a lot of people are lying. Doesn’t really matter as it’s pretty clear that THE Sex Toy University is putting football over everything else.  Domestic abuse, integrity, you name it.  Gene Smith deleting ALL HIS TEXTS?  Gimme a break...That’s straight out of the Kwame Kilpatrick “Deleting Texts” 101 course at the Federal Pokey.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Week #3 In The Rear View Mirror - The Mailbag

I am really looking forward to your analysis after watching the game on TV with the benefit of slow-mo.  You know I have no problem blaming the refs, but I just didn't think that the calls were all that bad.  Sadly I do not have DVR service, so I can't verify my opinion, but my recollection is that I had no problem with the PI call against Metallus (although it could be the case that I thought it should have been defensive holding rather than PI.  What I will repeat is that I have had it with Metallus already.  The targeting call was surely legit against nd, then there was his pathetic face guarding lameness on the TD pass.  Had he turned around he could have had an INT


SuperFan – You are so incredibly wrong on this one that it literally pains me to have to address it on this blog.  These Refs WERE SO BAD-

Peanut Gallery: “How Bad Were They?”

Their actual performance has been requested to go under review by Michigan’s AD... 

So I watched the replay (Thank you BTN Game in 60 that you can order up free on Demand if you have X-Finity) …From PI calls that were clearly inside the 5-yard “bump” window to PI’s that were called where the pass was uncatchable.  I believe of the 4 (?) PI’s that were called, there was only one that was even close to legitimate.  And not even that one based on how bad all the other ones were being called.  Not only that, on the replay I saw SMU holding REPEATEDLY on Gary and Winnovich….And that was my opinion watching live, also, that Michigan wasn’t getting any holding calls.  As I re-watched the game and not only were my suspicions confirmed, there were several other calls where the refs completely blew it.  DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE TARGETTING CALL THAT WASN’T ON HUDSON!  (There was no INTENT!)  That Hudson has to miss a half a game against Nebraska is ludicrous and should be something you can review again and change the ruling during the week. 

Other Flubs?   Lots of them.  CASE IN POINT:

Read the first part of unverified voracity and watch the referee yell something at Bush.  Bush responds, gets out of position, tries to get back in position when the ball is snapped and is literally BEHIND THE PLAY because of the referee’s interference!  I remember seeing it live on the field and I couldn’t figure out WTF was going on then and why the ref was grabbing Bush.  There’s a reddit link that addresses it also.

Can refs tell defenders where to line up? Because that definitely happened
At the 8:24 mark in this video (will start at the right time) the ref insists that Bush moves. Bush is standing in the place where MLBs always stand. Are refs actually allowed to do this, because this seems very strange to me.

So then what happens? What if a ref tells you to move out of position and there is a big play because of it? I assume it can't be reviewed and you're just fucked. I don't care about the Michigan game because that went fine(ish), but what about in the future?

Edit: The consensus seems to be that the defender's pads weren't right so the ref told him not to play. However, this still seems wrong to me. Play wasn't stopped and the ref told the player to leave the field after the offense was set which is ridiculous. Clearly there was no infraction being committed by the player because he was still on the field and no flag was thrown.

Conclusion: Refs shouldn't be allowed to say things like, "you have to leave the field" when you don't actually have to leave the field. The confusion this may cause (and clearly did cause this time) isn't reviewable and could screw a team over.

In addition, the last “roughing the passer” call on the SECOND TO LAST PLAY OF THE GAME was so NOT a roughing the passer and it makes me wonder how anyone on that particular crew still has a job this week.   Of the 13 penalties (on Michigan) I think they blew 9 or 10.  The ones they didn’t screw up were procedural or formation.  

So, in conclusion, Not-So-Superfan, I think YOU need to re-watch every critical referee call AGAIN and form a new opinion as to what you were seeing.  Again -I’ll ask the same question I asked you in our texting back and forth:  Have you taken up drinking during the games???  Clearly, a lot of other people and I agree that the refs were simply horrid. 

You and I are divided on this one…

What did you think of Patterson’s overall performance?  To me, it seems like he’s getting more comfortable in the offense.  Go back and watch some Notre Dame highlights and I think you can already see a difference.

I didn’t re-watch any domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) (BTW – the CORRECT TERM when addressing that school in South Bend) stuff, but I can tell you from Western to SMU I’ve seen improvement, better pocket awareness (up to the inevitable collapse) and really good instincts when it comes to moving and throwing on the run.  Some of that is coaching, most of that is trust in team mates, the offensive system, and your own ability.  One minor issue:  Shea doesn’t have the “D-Rob” sense of when to take the ball and run vs. handing it off.  D-Rob was a master at that.  Shea prefers to hand it off or pass it. 

While I do think Shea’s getting better, Nebraska will definitely be a better test of Patterson and closer to what the domer D presented so that’ll be a good time and game to compare.  And, where Nebraska’s weak on D is the secondary and Michigan may be able to really exploit that, if the staff chooses to do so.  If Michigan opts to rush the ball, well, Shea will hopefully still be there to do his thing when needed.

Did you see this?  It’s a pretty good read!

IT is a good read, but I hate how the writer weaseled out at the end and had a scenario where both Michigan and Nebraska won (in 1997).  Pick one and move along.  It’s been 21 years and were all big boys and girls now.  I’m pretty sure the EA Sports NCAA Football game had two pretty accurate renderings of the two teams and I believe there was a setting where you could just select the two teams and hit “Play Each Other”.  Someone, an author (?), did this and, over 100 trials, Michigan came out on top by a small margin.  Seeing as how that’s probably as close as you’re ever gonna’ get, that’s good enough for this fan. 

Small nod to the Impeached Oval Office BJ Prez for this quote:

"We tried to get it going at the Rose Garden when we were at the White House," Steele said. "Both teams were at the White House, which was probably not the best idea."
Clinton used the opportunity for a one-liner both teams still remember.
"We've had a lot of heavyweights in this room, but nothing compares to this," Clinton said. "The entire season, everyone has been trying to get these two teams to meet, and it looks like I'm the only one who could pull it off. Seeing how it's sunny outside, maybe we should go out and settle this whole thing right now." 
In all honesty, that would have been a blast!!!
Speaking Of EA Sports, The NCAA Is Fighting Again To Defend The Indefensible – Amateurism

The NCAA is in what may be the last fight (or it’s at least picking up where the O’Bannon case left off) in the NCAA’s attempt to protect amateurism and the level playing field.  The main point of the case is that this time, it’s a class action suit fighting for everyone and all athletes under the rules of the NCAA.  There’s more detail in the link, but suffice it to say, this might be the one that topples the NCAA rule book.  Of course, the ole’ MMQ has said that before and been completely WRONG when it comes to the Idiots In Indy... 

And Super Safety Daxton Hill Commits To Michigan!

Again, if you’ve been reading me for a long time, you know I don’t get my panties in a bunch when it comes to recruits and commitments, regardless of whether or not they commit to Michigan or elsewhere.  Again, recruits pan out all the time and I’m more of a “Let’s see what the kid does on the field”.  Howeva’!, based on the fact that Pete Finebum was emphatically stating that “Satan never loses a recruit like this” and the fact that Daxton had been leaning Bama more or less his entire recruitment period, well, this did kind of make my day, if for no other reason than Finebum has to own up to Harbaugh being the “Better recruiter for once.”  Hee-hee….

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Week #3 - Another Yawner Heading Into Nebraska

"Bobby Boucher"

Player #3 for the SMU Mustangs is named James Proche.  But I swear to God, every time the Michigan Stadium Announcer Carl Grapentine called his name, and he called it a LOT, it sounded like he was calling “Boucher!”, after the famed Waterboy who played for the University of Louisiana.  And if felt like Proche was going to single handedly find a way to beat the Wolverines.  I cannot tell you how many times his name was called, but it was a lot…The game was not the cake walk everyone thought it was going to be.  But before the analysis: 


I need to get this off my chest.  The REFEREE’S IN THIS GAME absolutely blew. 
I won’t say that they blew one call.  I won’t say that they blew several calls.  They more or less sucked the entire game.  When you have THE BOOTH making a Targeting call on a running back, that’s a problem.  From the Detroit News:

Penalties on top of penalties
Michigan is one of the nation’s most-penalized teams, ranking 117th of 129. The Wolverines had 13 penalties for 137 yards against SMU, bringing their total to 27 for 244 yards through three games. They rank 118th in penalty yards (12th in the Big Ten) and 114th in penalty yards per game. They’ve had two targeting calls, including on Khaleke Hudson against SMU. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh disagreed with the penalty on Hudson.
“Are we going down that road of we’re going to review every play in that box area?” Harbaugh said after the game. “Running backs are going to be going through there, they’re going to be lowering their head and defenders are going to battle to see who can get lower when you have a runner versus a tackler. Interesting it wasn’t called on the field, it came from the booth. That seems like a high level of scrutiny to be placing on a play between the tackles.”
So, I’m not really mad at Michigan.  I’m mad at referees that can’t let kids just play football.  They have to be able to play, plain and simple.  Let’s see where this goes as we enter B1G Play this weekend and we have B1G Referees….

Not happy with the refereeing.  Not Happy…And Michigan loses Hudson for the first half of the Nebraska game this weekend.  Which could be a problem.   I’m so pissed at the referees from this game…And no, I haven’t seen a replay yet, so I don’t know how it looked on TV.  Just saying in person, the refs were atrocious.  The last penalty that was a roughing the passer was absurd.  Totally and completely absurd.

SMU Was Better Than Originally Advertised …

So, yeah.  There was a game on Saturday.  Michigan showed up.  Michigan won.  As expected.  Michigan got a LOT OF HELP from SMU’s dumb play-calling and penchant for kicking On-Sides Kicks on two kick-offs.  Dykes must have read about the high school team that never punts and kicks on-sides on EVERY Kick-Off. 

The part that wasn’t expected?   SMU had a decent offense that was able to somehow amass over 300 yards of offense against what is supposed to be one of the BEST DEFENSES in the country…Proche…And this was the SMU team that last week lost to North Texas “The Mean Green” 46-23.  WTF…

Is that a cause for concern?

Amongst the slappy fans, the short answer is yes.  Michigan won the TOP so the defense wasn’t on the field that much. There’s no way the SMU offense should have been able to generate that many positive plays, even with the Referee’s assistance.  Which, by this fan’s calculation, more or less gave the Mustang’s a 3rd quarter drive that resulted in 70 or 80 of the total yards gained.  There were at least 3 Pass Interference Calls (that weren’t) that totaled 40+ yards of SMU offense.  Why PI isn’t reviewable is beyond me, but it needs to be addressed.

Immediately after Metellus picked up a non-PI call from the worst referees ever, he picked off a SMU pass and took it 73 yards back to Michigan’s End Zone and scored right before the half ended, taking the score to 21-7, which felt right, but the game felt closer than that. 

Patterson, while throwing 3 TD’s to DPJ and finding Gentry on critical 3rd downs, appeared to this fan as average, at best.  There was the INT and another toss that should have been an INT…In fact, if I were to break Patterson’s overall game down, I thought it could have been a lot better.  Granted, he’s still not getting any O-Line assistance, but there were decisions he made where there were better options available.  That’s the one thing I noticed on Saturday.  Open guys were overlooked for a more difficult pass.  That’s a problem that hopefully the QB Whisperer (Harbaugh) can fix with a couple of film sessions.

Higdon didn’t play due to an injury sustained in practice and Chris Evans got the hook after an unknown injury, which resulted in a long look at Tru Wilson.  And he was more than adequate.  He was a pit-bull the entire 2nd half and just kept taking it to the SMU D.  However, up to that point, the Michigan ground game appeared out of sorts.  And it wasn’t because SMU had a great defense, but they were putting 8 in the box.  Still, Michigan should be able to rush against a team like the Mustangs. 

More good news?  Michigan was 3-3 on 4th Down attempts.  FWIW. 

So, yeah, it was a win, but against better competition, and if Michigan is continuously playing against the ref’s as well, there’s going to be problems

The Rest of the Mess

The Mailbag…

Dear MMQ:  I’m siding with the FMQ on this one.  What the hell?  I spend all day Sunday and then Monday morning looking forward to that e-mail with the link that I can click on and read and enjoy at lunch.  Over the years, I’ve come to understand that those occasionally show up on Tuesdays.  Last week I missed the heckling of Sparty and their loss in the desert, not to mention the almost upset of Clemson at the hands of Texas A&M.  You denied us all of that last week! 

So sorry.  I will go back two weeks and call out the

CUD- Complete Unmitigated Disasters from Week #2

LNU – Without a doubt, this had to be the worst game from Week #2.  LNU didn’t look good in the 1st half (at least what I saw of it as I napped from the 2nd quarter until the 4th quarter) and then decided to stop blocking and tackling in the 4th quarter.  Herm Edwards made D’arougfnr look bad when he played for the Figgie and kicked it through.  I still don’t know how bad (good?) LNU is because so far, they haven’t really shown us anything.  I guess their bye week came at the right time…

GATORLAND – Losing to Kentucky after 35 consecutive victories is not a good look for your program.  In fact, it’s a reality check that things are getting really bad in Gatorland.  Gatorland is a shell of its former self at this point.  In fact, shell is a bad word.  When Kentucky has better athletes than you, you suddenly become very aware of how LONG the re-building process is going to be.  It’s going to be very long indeed…

PITT – This was inexcusable.  This rivalry for all intents and purposes just ended for the next 15-20 YEARS.  And you got blown out in the 2nd half.  For not very good reasons.  Pitt has suddenly become the “play against” team for 2018.

UCLA – I’m not sure Kelly or the fans are worried at this point, but the program is going to have to dip lower before it gets better. 

USC – Completed the debacle of Southern California by getting their collective butts kicked by Stanford.  Luck treated the USC defense like his own tissue paper and Stanford didn’t even look tired at the end of the game…

Come Back Off The Ledge – Week #2

Purdon’t – I watched a replay of this game and things just didn’t go the Boiler’s way.  EMU was affective and got the job done.  Was Purdue looking ahead and dismissing the double-digit dog at home?  This could be a character building loss for the Boilers, but it just made getting to a bowl game that much tougher…Not saying they can’t, just a longer road.

Texas A&M – Actually, I’m not sure there’s any Aggie fans that actually go to the ledge last week, but last Saturday, there may have been a few that considered flirting with it as a result of the near miss.  It was a grand opportunity blown and the absolute worst rule in all of CFB screwed the Aggies in the worst way.  Close to tying the score, the Aggies tried forcing the ball into the endzone and it was slapped away by a Clemson defender.  And fumbled “over” the pylon and into the endzone.  The rule states that it’s Clemson’s ball at the Aggie 20-yard line.  And Clemson never recovered the ball.  Just forced a fumble.  This rule really needs to change so that the possession is retained by the team with possession prior to the fumble and they get the ball at the 5 or 10-yard line.  The rule is too punitive to the possessing team the way it stands.

We Won But…We Should Be Worried Week #2      
WVU – Looked GREAT offensively – Scored 52 on Youngstown State.  But gave up 17 points to Youngstown state.  That’s not a great offense at YSU this season.  And the Big iiX has better offenses than that.  WVU is going to have to stop some people in the Big iiX if they hope to have any chance of winning that conference.

The Rest of The Mess Week #3

Back on Track!  Let’s get into it!

CUD – Complete, Unmitigated Disasters!!!

The B1G – The last time the B1G lost 7 non-conference games on the same day?  Gotta’ go back all the way to 1936 to find a similar Saturday where the B1G lost 7 non-conference games.  And this was the conference that went 9-1 in last season’s bowl games…Sigh…To run them all down:

Wiscy loses to BYU.  Completely unexpected – Wiscy was a 24-point favorite in this game.  What’s really sad:  BYU more or less beat Wiscy at their own game.  Hornibrook was a MAJOR Achilles heel in this beat down, throwing an INT and completing the game with a QBR of less than 50%.   

Nebraska lost to Troy.  Granted, Troy beat LSU last season, but still. It’s Troy.  And you’re a B1G Team.  What the hell?

Northwestern lost to the Akron Zips.  Akron IS NOT the MAC’s best football school.  Yes, Akron won the MAC East in 2017, but went 7-7 overall.  This was a TERRIBLE LOSS for the Purple Kitties…Akron hadn’t beaten a B1G team since 1894. 

Rutgers lost to KANSAS.  This, in the MMQ’s Opinion, is probably the worst loss by the B1G on Saturday.  Kansas is a decade away from posting a winning season and going to a bowl game.  Rutgers is a mess and Delaney will forever have this “badge of honor” associated with his legacy by letting this school into the B1G.

Illinois lost to USF.  In a way, this was expected.  It’s just that when you add it to the rest of the mess, it magnifies how bad the B1G is at the lower end…

Purdue lost by a Figgie to Mizzou.  Which takes Purdue to 0-3 on the season.  This is now a huge problem for Brohm if he expects to get the Boilers to a post-season game.  6 wins in the last 9 games is a tall order.  Probably not gonna’ happen…

And finally, after knocking off Texas in Week #1, Maryland loses to Temple.  Yes, Temple.  I know, I know.  How can that possibly happen after the Terps beat Texas in the opening game?  I dunno.  I really don’t know…but it’s an ugly look for a conference that a lot of prognosticators had as one of the best in the Power 5.  Now, the B1G is the laughingstock of all of college football. 

CBOTL – Come Back Off the Ledge

These are losses that looked bad, but there’s no reason to panic and sell the season duckets yet.

Auburn – Yes, you lost at home to LSU, who’s now 3-0 on the season and the new darling of the SEC West that may be able to knock off Bama when the time comes.  Losing to LSU is not a bad loss and you’re technically still in the CFP discussion, assuming you can win out.  That’s a big assumption, but still:  don’t panic!

PGL – Pretty Good Loss

Vandy – Really, should have beat the domers and played well enough to win.  I really don’t know how good or bad the domers are at this point, but the ACC games will start to peel back the layers of the onion. 

WWB – We Won, But…We Should Be Worried

Domers – see Vandy above. I’d be a very nervous 3-0 football fan if I’m rooting for the domers right now.  They haven’t looked at all good in the last two outings. 

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation –USC Trojans.  This fan base has to be wondering when it’s going to get better…   
  2. ANGER –Any B1G Team that lost to inferior opponents. Let’s put Maryland, Nebraska, Rutgers and the Purple Kitties in this category. 
  3. Bargaining –Seminoles at 1-2, there is huge buyer’s remorse in Taggart...
  4. Depression –Any 2-0 team that had their game cancelled due to Hurricane Florence.  WVU immediately jumps to mind… 
  5.  Acceptance – Not yet!  Season’s still young….

Speaking Of Buyer’s Remorse…

A Quick review of the newest coaches in their latest positions.  Which fan bases are happy and who’s pissed off?

Happy With Their Purchase

LSU, Texas A&M.  Orgeron and Jimbo have made fans at both of these institutions farely happy campers, even though Orgeron will be on the hot seat as soon as LSU loses a game this season. 

Not So Happy – Did We Keep the Receipt?

Nebraska, FSU, UCLA, Texas, Arizona and Miami.  Scott Frost still hasn’t won a game as the coach of the Huskers.  That’s a problem.  And he just might be 0-3 as he heads to the Big House on Saturday.  Taggart is really 0-3, but somehow found a way to get a W against Samford, where the game was in doubt in the 4th quarter.  Kelly is stumbling and bumbling around at UCLA, where the Bruins literally got pantsed by Fresno State.  FRESNO STATE.  Texas losing in week 1 to Maryland still stings, even after dominating USC at home, so Hermann finds himself with a very frustrated fan base.  And Richt has not had Miami looking at all like the team they were last season after 3 games this season. 

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-3:30 Games are definitely the worst
-You have to leave in the morning to get to your parking spot
-Yes, you get bonus Tail Gate Time
-But it becomes a really long day
-I didn’t roll into my driveway after the game until 9:30 PM
-And I left my house at 9:45 AM.
-That’s 12 hours.
-That’s a LONG DAY.
-And it makes Sundays even longer…
-What’s with the referee’s in this game?
-Are they drunk or high?  Both???
-Metellus returns an interception for a TD!
-Good for him.  Seems to be on the bad end of some calls…
-OMG!  A delayed Targeting call?
-On Hudson?
-First half-time that I’ve hung around for in a long time.
-And THE BAND pissed me off…
-How you ask?
-The band paid tribute to some of the “Greatest Presidents” of our time.
-They put quotes up on the scoreboard…
-And one of the quotes was O’Bama’s….
-And Reagan wasn’t mentioned at all!!!!
-Yes, I booed. 
-And yes, I pissed off several fans around me.
-Too Bad. 
-If you don’t study history and if you drink the Fake News Kool-Aid, you’ve got problems.
-Michigan was efficient but didn’t look like a top 10 team.
-SMU is better than I gave them credit for.
-Everything can’t be summed up in a statistic
-But usually numbers don’t lie. 
-Proche sounds a lot like Boucher when Grapentine says it.
-Bring on the Huskers.

Will return when the Committee makes their first ranking!

The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat just got an infusion of coaches with some of last Saturday’s debacles! 

We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….

  1. Durkin – Maybe this is premature, but I think we’re just waiting for the investigation outcome which is rumored to potentially have criminal charges associated with it?

Electric Chair of Death Seat!
  1. TaggartSyracuse blew FSU out of the stadium.  You can lose close, but you can’t get hammered by Syracuse.  Taggart may be the first coach to get canned in his first season.  And I’m not saying at the END of the season.  It might happen during... 

The Hot Seat

  1. Kelly - UCLA  0-3 is a bad look regardless of whether or not you’re a new coach or a seasoned head coach.  Kelly is gonna get scrutinized
  2. Brohm – After getting the boat sailing straight last season, again, 0-3 is a bad look….
  3. Ash - Rutgers – Sooner or later, Chris Ash is going to have to beat someone.  And losing by a load to Kansas is just bad.
  4. Sumlin - Arizona –Kevin has already worn out his welcome.

North Texas Punt Returner Pulls Off Greatest Fake Ever!
SMH…This is unbelievable!
On Thursday night, FCS Davidson beat Division III Guilford, 91-61.
The game appeared to set both of these records:
  • Most yards of offense in an FCS game by one team (964 for Davidson; record is 876 )
  • Most rushing yards by one team in an FCS game (685 for Davidson; record is 681)
And there were even more records that didn’t officially count, since Guilford is DIII:
  • Most points in an FCS game by both teams (152 in this game; FCS and DI record is 141)
  • Most yards of offense in an FCS game by both teams (1,662; FCS record is 1,549)
  • Most rushing yards in an FCS game by both teams (1,005; FCS record is 850)