Monday, September 26, 2016

Nittany Nuthin's

Once again, a team that has come into the Big House and left Ann Arbor hurting a LOT MORE more than when it arrived.  And I do mean hurting…Physically and mentally.  Michigan not only beats teams, but with the Nittany Lions final abysmal numbers (less than 250 total yards) on the offense and defense, well, it can’t be a good feeling mentally when reviewing game film on Sunday and Monday. Wait – I take that back:  PSU had 6 punts for a total of 270 yards of punting.  That’s good!

Getting serious, sort of, Michigan defeated an opponent it should have destroyed so I’m not entirely sure what we know yet, but we are 4/12’s of the way towards knowing more.  4 Games, undefeated, haven’t left the state of Michigan with a very surprising 4-0 Cheesehead team heading into town.  SuperFan – the price of that ticket just went up! 

Michigan was effective from the opening kick in this game.  After a very efficient defensive first series, J-Peppers took the first punt back ALMOST all the way.  The Turf Snake grabbed his ankle and tripped him up or another Heisman moment would have been added to his highlight reel.  As hair raising as the Colorado game was (btw – Don’t look now, but Colorado is 3-1 with an upset victory over the Quack Attack!) in the first quarter, this game was under control and more or less over in the 2nd quarter when Michigan went up 28-0.  Michigan ran at will against a PSU Defense that simply wasn’t there.  UCF presented more rushing difficulty than the PSU Defensive line could have ever hoped to create. 

Michigan is averaging over 50 points a game.  I know, I know….I have to keep telling myself the same thing I’ve been saying since Hawaii:  Who’ve they played?  Colorado is looking like a better win and I hope the Buffs keep it rolling.  Penn State was simply not good.  Not good at all…..They were awful. 

I feel for PSU fans, in a weird way.  They’ve been to lower, darker places than most loyal fans deserve to go.  But they really need to let what happened go and that means letting JoPa go, too. 

I saw a Nittany Lion stumble by with a lone white 409 on his blue t-shirt during the tailgate.  I’ll admit it took me a minute as I thought it had something to do with the cleaner AJAX or the Beach Boy’s Song, and then it hit me that it was for JoPa’s Total Wins (which are now re-recognized by the NCAA after they initially scrapped 111 of them after the scandal).  If you can stomach wearing it – nice honor.  But.  This is a sad, sad, SAD fanbase that may actually be in a lower place mentally than where Michigan Fans were when we were at the bottom of the Rich Rod and Hoke-Brandon nightmare years.  Their nightmare continues to live even when everyone associated with that issue has been jailed, fired or has died.  When fans don’t let go of the past, haters and the broader community are continually reminded of the sickening facts…..

Let it go…. 

Wiscy 4-0.  I had them at 2-2 or 3-1 at best coming into the Big House.  So much for pre-season prognostication.   They are very much the surprise team in the B1G West with a QB that seems to know how to throw a pretty good pass….more on the Sparty collapse in a minute.

Bring on the Cheeseheads and let’s see where the chips fall come Saturday! 

The Rest of the Mess

Lots of Elimination games and opening conference game Losses…

Clemson @ GT:  The FMQ totally blew this game as did the Wramblin’ Wreck.  I was disappointed to see what’s usually a hallmark of a Paul Johnson coached team, the Defense, more or less bend a knee to the will of Clemson.  This game was sort of over right at the end of the 2nd quarter when GT intercepted a pass in the end zone, fumbled the interception, and Clemson tackled the GT player that recovered the fumble in the End Zone for a safety.  That was a potential 9 point swing in the wrong direction and it only got worse from there.  Still not impressed with Clemson, though they did take care of business on the road. 

Wiscy @ Sparty: That sound you heard was Marcus Antoninni’s heart skipping a big

‘ole beat after the Wiscy Beat down at home.  I didn’t get to see as much of this game as I would have liked on Saturday – Tailgate had it on behind us – but from their cheers I could tell that Wiscy was doing good things.  And Sparty was doing bad things.  Caught the BTN in 60 on Sunday and Sparty more or less got “Sparty’d” by a hard hitting turn-over causing defense and a very patient and efficient offense.  And O’Connor showed us why he was sitting on the bench behind Cook for the last three seasons.  Sparty is reeling, but I can’t count them out yet.  Side Note:  Nice Field Touch with #3 at 50 Yard line for the former Kicker Sadler.  Still can’t believe that happened.

Georgia @ Ole Miss: Hugh Freeze handed a heaping cup of “SEC West” to Kirby Smart.  After all the years that Kirby was handing that out from Alabama, you’d think he’d know how to manage that.  The curse of Georgia lives on and Kirby just found out what the Hot Seat feels like. 

Arkansas @ Texas A&M:  Technically this game was at Jerry’s World, but whatever.  Sumlin is proving once again that you should never count a good coach out even when things are looking grim.  With all the crap that went down in the off-season, Sumlin has a QB and an offense that is going to wreak havoc in the SEC West.  I’m convinced A&M beats somebody they’re not supposed to this season.  And the initials of that team might be Alabama.

CornHUSKERS @ Northworstern: The Wildcats didn’t even make this a game as the Huskers cruised to an easy victory.   Smilin’ Mike Riley was as pleasant as ever in his post game interview and I have a feeling there’s a big showdown coming in the West between a couple of Red and White teams….   

Iowa @ Rutgers:  Iowa better look out.  You shouldn’t go to Jersey as double digit favorites against a team that has two blow-outs (the wrong way) on their resume and almost get beat.  Bad form, Iowa.  Bad form. 

FSU @ USF: Jimbo Fisher just polished up his resume by going to Tampa and taking care of business.  With LSU looking, you can never have too many big wins behind you.  Beating an upstart Taggart lead Bulls team is a good way to get you noticed for the LSU gig- again.

Gatorland @ Tennessee:  While the FMQ’s prediction that it would be close (and taking the Gators and the points started out to be accurate), the Cremesicles came out in the 2nd half and simply said, “No.  This is our house, our Game and our Season.”  Jones avoids the hot seat and McElwain has to endure the first loss to Tennessee since before there were I-Phones.  Seriously – look it up!

The Electric Chair Games!

Dooooook @ Domers:  21 point Underdog Duke went into South Bend and the lack of respect on the Irish Blogs and even in the local press was utterly amazing.  I saw no less than 3 articles last week that talked about “What a great time to get into the weak part of the ACC schedule to get healthy on the Win-Losses”.  Duke and Coach Cutclift, you may recall, is not that far removed from winning the ACC Coastal and going to the ACC Championship game.  Duke knows how to win Football Games now.  And they proved it on the field on Saturday. It absolutely DELIGHTS me to see the Domers spiral out of control into the quagmire of football wasteland!  Every time it happens to them!  Final result:  Defensive Coordinator VanGorder was placed on the Domer Football Sacrificial Altar and lit up on Sunday.   And with that Domer loss and a Michigan W, Michigan regained the ALL TIME Win Percentage Title from the Domers!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!! 

LSU @ Auburn:  The Electric Chair of Death Bowl has been decided and the Electric has been switched ON!  After the craziest ending to a football game (oh hell, when Les Miles is involved, what’s a football game WITHOUT a crazy ending!) where emotions roller-coastered up and down in both directions for both teams, the Auburn Tigers ended up on top because LSU’s final TD didn’t count.  Les Miles, the WINNINGEST COACH to ever have coached at LSU (0.770 winning percentage) was canned yesterday afternoon.  Les and Cam Cameron were given their walking papers and Ed Ogeron is the temp Head Coach.  My guess is this might be Ed’s last gig because I’d be really nervous about bringing Ed in as a Defensive guy thinking I was about to get Axed….

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation Hawkeyes.  Still telling themselves they only have 1 loss and the B1G West is still a possibility….RIGHT!!!  And the Check is in the mail and all the other cliché’s can apply….
  2. ANGER –The ANGRY, ANGRY fanbase still has to be the Domers.  They got blood (after BKelly said they wouldn’t get it) and they’re still pissed because most of them believe the wrong guy got canned.  LSU fans are here as well after watching a very promising season squandered to the stubbornness of a Ball-Control-Defense is Good oriented Head Coach.  I have to say that even Satan figured out you need to score at times in today’s modern game and made the adjustment. 
  3. Bargaining –USC Trojan fan – step right up and be accounted for.  Players bailing on the team, getting beat in the last 2 minutes of the game…Yep, Rubbers are down here this week at 1-3 wondering where to go next.  Keep losing to get Helton Fired or try to salvage the season? 
  4. Depression – Shared amongst Domers and LSU Tiger fans…Nothing is as depressing as canning coaches knowing that changing a system mid-season never solves anything.  IT’s over for the knowing fans and that’s disheartening, for sure. 
  5. Acceptance – Northwestern and Illinois remain.  Georgia Fan is also down here.  They’ve accepted the fact that just getting an SEC Coach doesn’t fix the curse or whatever it is that plagues this team. 

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

 -Gorgeous day in Ann Arbor

-4 games in a row is tough, but it’s easier when the team is winning!

-Canners out in force, again.

-Easy points on Saturday.

-Lots of Tailgate Walk Bys!  Remember:  Corner of Hoover and Greene.

-The ‘ole Tailgate sometimes tries to solve the worlds problems…

-LBGTQ came up at the Tailgate – of all things.

-I know – don’t ask.  Beer and Big Game and God know where a topic can go….

-Anyway, Everyone more or less agreed the NCAA should keep their nose out of stuff….

-But why this is even an issue still baffles….

-And we still didn’t solve that one….

-Okay – I’m tired of the cheat stick that the Drum Major is using. 

-She needs to figure out how to do the head touch without the Baton.
-And don't give me, "You do it!"
-It's Tradition, dammit!

-Another fly-over!  They’re always fun!

-Good Defense.

-Go Peppers!  Oh…He’s gonna be mad when he sees that replay come Monday.

-PSU fans are here, but not very loud.

-They’ve been through a lot.

-A lot fan bases probably wouldn’t have endured. 

-I guess that’s always a good test. 

-Stress makes you stronger and better.

-Just what can you endure.

-And right now, PSU is enduring as much as any fan base has ever endured.

-Of course, the school keeps bringing it on itself.

-And the Paterno family needs to walk away and let it go, also.

-This game is over.

-Maybe the halftime show will be okay.

-2nd half highlights: Uh…..Higdon, I guess?  He had a 40 some yarder for a score.

-The turnovers were good, also.

-Bring on Wiscy!!!

The Hot Seat

Week #4’s Hot Seat Mascot.  Thanks for the positive feedback on the ring girls from the MMA!!  This week’s Hot Seat Mascot is ring girl Arianny Celeste!


I can’t remember coaches getting canned this early in the season in this kind of volume just for losing on the field…..Gonna’ be a long year for some schools.

  1.  Miles and Cameron – LSU Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator.  Winningest coach at LSU ever.  A National Championship.  After 12 Seasons and a National Title, LSU to cough up $12M for the right to dismiss Les.  As was texted to me by G-Money:  May LSU wander in the desert for years to come.  Latest Example of “What were we thinking?”  Georgia’s beat down from Ole Miss knocked them out of the polls and Miami just checked in at #14.  That’s where fired Coach Mark Richt ended up.  LSU is going to miss Les Miles….Count on it.   
  2. VanGorder – Domer D-Coordinator.  B. Kelly stated in his Saturday Presser that everyone on the coaching staff had his support.  Sunday there’s a press release that VanGorder has been relieved of his duties.  Can anyone say $warbuck$ Interference and meddling?  I couldn’t get a screenshot of the tweet before it got deleted, but VanGorder’s daughter tweeted “F#$@ Notre Dame!” right after her dad got canned. 
  3. Ron Turner – FIU.  Former Florida Coach out at FIU after an auspicious 0-4 start. 

Electric Chair of Death Seat!

  1. Kelly – Domers (1-3).  Why he might get fired:  Hey - $warbuck$ made him fire VanGorder and maybe that’s a message to BKelly that he needs to get his shit together or he’s next.  I believe he’s lost the team at this point.  IF the Domers lose another “Easy ACC Game”, I foresee a Zapping of Kelly. Why he Won’t Get Fired:  Still $warbuck$ Guy.  That’s not going to change and he bought Kelly some time by supplanting the masses that were chanting “Fire VanGorder!” at the end of the Duke Game. 

The Hot Seat – Guy’s that have Hot Seats but Won’t get Canned, Immediately

  1. Whoever’s coaching USC – Helton.  Losing and going 1-3 at a school as talent rich as USC puts you number one on the Hot Seat.
  2. Muschamp  - Losing to Kentucky this season?  Seriously?  South Carolina will be in the market for a new coach soon enough.
  3. Stoops – Oklahoma.  Holdover till he wins again.   
  4. Dave Doeren – NC State.  Added him, cause NC State isn’t good….
  5. Helfrich – Oregon (2-2).  Wow…I mean, just Wow.  Losing to the Huskers at their place – forgivable.   Losing to Colorado (team that won 4 games last season) at HOME when you are a DOUBLE DIGIT FAVORITE – Inexcusable.  Oregon may be shopping for a new deal soon….
  6. Franklin – PSU.  His seat didn’t get any cooler with a blow-out loss at Michigan
  7. Hazell  - Purdue.  Just cause
  8. Adazzio  - Boston College. 
  9. Malzhan – Auburn.  He’s 2-2 and an Alabama win will cure everything….

Short List of Available or Desirable Head Coaches and Where They Might Go

  1. Kiffin – Satan’s O-coordinator…For head coach at – wait for it….wait for it…AUBURN!!!!  Or LSU….
  2. Hermann –Probably heading for USC.  This is purely an MMQ hypothetical, but Hermann at USC sounds so logical with B1G roots out in the Pac 14.
  3. PJ Fleck – Western Michigan.  I’m going to guess that a B1G team grabs Fleck…I don’t know which one, but he’s impressing some of them.
  4. John Bonamego – Central Michigan, may be a cancidate.  He’s still pretty new at Central but has Central trending up.   NC State perhaps?
  5. Willie Taggart –Played and Head Coached WKU and coached under Jimmy Harbaugh at Stanford before that.  Buzz is up on Taggart for a Big Time School.  If Stoops at Kentucky gets the axe…would Taggart be a hire for the Wildcats?
  6. Les Miles – Don’t laugh.  I know you’re laughing out there.  Do you know how many schools would take a 3 to 5 year flyer on a 62 year old Miles thinking he could possible do a quick turnaround job and fix some things?  Short list – USC, PSU, Boston College, NC State, and maybe South Carolina (after they get rid of Muschamp)

Side NFL NOTE:  The Lions showed up for the 2nd half, but were not aware they had to play an entire 60 minutes of football….

Golf Side Note:  Arnold Palmer, RIP.  TH and I got the chance to see him play down at the Omni Resort in Orlando at the Father-Son Tournament that they host down there in November or December.  I think it was back in 2005 or 2006 when we saw him play.  Class act and will be missed….

LSU Head Coach Watch:  I’ll be posting off and on this week as the Rumor Mill gets cranked up regarding who LSU will offer.  Fans are split on Fisher and Herman, as near as I can tell. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

FMQ Week #4

One quarter of the season already in the bag (for most teams).  9 very important games to go.  Time moves fast once the season gets here, doesn’t it?

I know you’ve probably read a couple of the articles about Brady returning to the Big House, but this is the best one – By Far.

I remember being pissed off about the 1999 season and the back and forth between Henson (who I really didn’t like) and Brady.  Brady earned the starting job, but maybe the whole experience made him the pro he is today.

BTW – This just in!!!  B1G West Division Rankings:

Team                         Overall           Conference

Western Michigan  3-0                  2-0

NDS Bison               3-0                  1-0

Wisconsin                 3-0                  0-0

Nebraska                   3-0                  0-0

Minnesota                 3-0                  0-0

Iowa                          2-1                  0-0

Purdue                      1-1                  0-0

Illinois                       1-2                  0-0

Northwestern            1-2                  0-0

I’ll Take Western and the BIZONS out once somebody else has two B1G West Wins!

Idle Thought of the Week

Louisville has averaged over 60 points in their 3 victories to date.  Bobby Petrino was considered an offensive genius while at Louisville and everywhere he went (after he left Louisville the FIRST time) and was probably going to lead Arkansas to an SEC West Title, a subsequent SEC Title and to a possible shot at a National Title. That is, of course, until he piled up his Harley with his sweet young girlfriend Jessica Dorrel riding along with him!  You remember Jessica – She was a Hot Seat Mascot in 2012!!  After that little adulterous incident, Jeff Long (Arkansas AD) dismissed Bobby and he wandered around in the desert for awhile before Louisville decided to gamble on him again. 

The Thought of the Week is:  How many coaches have been fired and hired since Ole Bobby got canned from Arkansas by Jeff Long?  And how many coaches are in the SEC Camp that is defined as follows:  Morals and regards for rules are similar to how rules are viewed in NASCAR:  IF you Ain’t Cheatin’, You Ain’t Tryin’!!!   Based on recent NCAA investigations and questioning, let’s say ALL OF THE Coaches fall into this category.

And how many of those schools and fan bases are looking at Bobby today with a little bit of Green Envy thinking, “Well That’s Fantastic….Why didn’t WE take a shot at Petrino instead of Coach X (Muschamp, Jones, Stoops, etc.)?” 

After all, it was just adultery, fergodsakes!  In the hierarchy of SEC crimes, that one probably falls on the low end of the morality list.  Several rungs below selling your team’s stolen play book for money to the opposition. 

Yep – Bobby could still be an SEC coach at some point after this year’s opening three games at Louisville.  Don’t think for a second that his name isn’t on at least one list out there.

Idle Thought of the Week #2

Based on some BIG BLUE BLOOD NAMES already knocked out of the CFP (Domers, USC, Oklahoma, Rebels others, see:  MMQ – Stampede Averted) as of September 17th, and the angst and depression those programs feel and some of the Big Money that’s behind those programs that’s probably pretty bummed as well, I can’t help but think that the CFP is going to be forced to entertain the idea of CFP Expansion SOONER rather than LATER.  Especially if, for example, USC’s only regular season losses are to Bama and Stanford.  And Houston and OSU go undefeated and the Laters win out (don’t laugh – have you seen the Big Xii??).   I can’t for the life of me think of a scenario that helps the Domers, but you see where I’m going here.

For the BigXii to even have a shot this season there would need to be 6 or 8 spots in the CFP with guaranteed spots for the Power 5 Champions.  The 6th spot could go to the Group of 5 Champion (probably Houston) and if you wanted to go to 8 spots, you could have two at large bids.  Think of it like the Wild Card in MLB and the NFL.  Definitely keeps a lot of fan bases more interested in the regular season longer…and doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom for teams that start with a tough schedule and go 1-2….

If it were Bama at 1-2 instead of the Rebels…this conversation might already be happening!

(For all the long time readers:  I know this is a repeat of a very, VERY old MMQ-FMQ thought, but man, it would keep things interesting!!)


Last Weekend was not a complete disaster for the FMQ, but transitive properties, statistics, win-loss records and how teams look one week DO NOT APPLY To the following week. We’ve dipped down into the red and here’s where we stand.


With respect to the aforementioned Research:  CASE IN POINT:

Wisconsin was a 34 point favorite playing a team that was 0-2 and had set an NCAA record in one of those previous games by achieving less than15 Minutes Time of Possession!  Georgia State sucked, Wiscy knew it and took the weekend off.  There’s no other way to explain it.

Regarding the Seminoles:  Louisville was COMPLETELY STOKED for the Seminoles and the Seminoles were looking ahead to I don’t know who or what and completely forgot to show up. 

The Domers Disrespected Sparty and believed the 7.5 point spread Vegas was giving. In addition, I believe the Domers forgot how to play defense and also didn’t realize that PASSING THE BALL in the 1st half is permitted and encouraged.  Duh….The Domers paid the price, as did several bettors.

Weekly Lessons Learned:

Wisconsin Sucks.  I will be watching Wiscy, but may only take the ATS at this point in time. 

If I would have gone “Opposite Way” last week, I would have won more money and MY PARLAY WOULD HAVE COME IN!  That’s really, really bad when all three of your parlay picks go the opposite way. 

Seasonal Lessons Learned:

I have no F*@^%ing clue.  Let’s leave it at that. 

I will say that there were a LOT of games that I really liked this week and I’m breaking my bet limit rule due to that.  Conference play has begun and there’s no holding back! 

So, without further ado, let’s make some bets!


Clemson @ Georgia Tech (+8.5)

Hmmm….Georgia Tech can play against the big boys and are a quiet 3-0 with fairly impressive stats, but they haven’t been noticed yet this season.  Of course, Clemson hasn’t exactly blown my doors off, either.  Based on the flimsy assumption that Clemson might be looking ahead to Louisville (Clemson should not look ahead to ANYONE), I’ll take the Wramblin’ Wreck in the hopes that Clemson also snuck some of the GT Clear Whiskey out of the liquor cabinet thinking they could cruise through this game…

Take the Wramblin’ Wreck and the 8.5 for $25


Georgia @ Ole Miss (-7)

Hugh needs a big Win to get to 0.500.  Kirby WANTS a big Win.  While this is an SEC East vs. West match-up, neither team wants to lose.  But I’m going with the superiority of the West vs. the East in this game.

Take Ole Miss and lay the 7 for $25

Wiscy @ Sparty (Monday:  -6 Today:  -4.5)

I hate the cheeseheads… I hate Sparty.  Ergo:  Somebody I hate is gonna’ lose!  Wiscy coming off a near miss to an FCS school could mean that they were hiding EVERYTHING from Sparty.  Sparty coming off the B1G win over the Domers could be a little flat….This game will probably be a 6 or now a 4.5 point finish – either way.  Therefore, PASS.

Iowa @ Rutgers (+13.5)

MY guess is the Hawkeyes come out with vengeance on their mind in Jersey after the debacle that just occurred in Iowa City.  Rutgers doesn’t have the guns to hang with them and the Hawkeyes try to re-establish their national identity with the pollsters. 

Take Iowa and lay the 13.5 for $25

Florida State @ USF (+7)

Wait – What?  I’m curious as to what this game opened at before the season started (and after last week’s Louisville game) because Florida State only laying 7 at USF (yes, USF is 3-0) seems like a gift after they were utterly HUMILIATED at Louisville.  I hate to pick a team I just lost with, but

Take the Seminoles and lay the 7 for $50

Central Michigan @ Virginia (+3)

Wow…Another FBS Power 5 Team getting points at HOME against a MAC team.   I’ll take the Chippewas on the road in this one.

Take the Chippewas and lay the 3 for $25

Miami (OH) @ Cincinnati (-18.5)

Cincinnati is a good team and has had some extra time off having played two Thursdays ago.  I have a nephew at Miami of Ohio and I have received ZERO scouting reports, so they must not be very good.

Take Cincinnati and lay the 18.5 points for $25

Texas A&M @ Arkansas (+6)

A battle of un-beatens in the SEC WEST!!!  Why isn’t this game getting more billing?  I don’t know, but I like the HOGS getting points at home!  I’m not saying they win, but Brett’s crew keeps it close….

Take Arkansas and the 6 for $25

Florida @ Tennessee (-6.5)

This game got interesting when Florida’s starting QB went down last Saturday.  A team that hasn’t beaten a rival in the last 10 tries has to lay points at home.   Is this the year Butch Jones and the Vols get past the Gators?  And can they beat them by more than a TD?  This is very much “Must Win Territory” for Coach Jones and the Cremesicles if the SEC East Title is to be claimed in the name of the Orange!   I’m not saying the Cremesicles are gonna’ lose, but

Take the Gators and the 6.5 for $25

Nebraska @ Northwestern (+7)

I believe this is another Nebraska Season of Revenge Game that the Huskers just happen to have on their list of things to do.  Northwestern can’t seem to move the brown object known as the football on offense and it’s doubtful they’ll be able to slow down the Husker Offense.  Mike Riley smiles at another presser post game conference.    

Take the Huskers and lay the 7 for $75

LSU @ Auburn (+3.5)

The Hatter (Miles) and the Disaster(Malzhan) square off in another SEC West Showdown of sorts…Whoever loses is really, REALLY, REALLY going to be Numero Uno (El Jefe!) on the Electric Chair of Death List come Monday.  I still think the Hatter has tricks up his sleeve and the Disaster will be the next National Championship Coach that Auburn fires.

Take LSU and lay the 3.5 for $25

PSU @ Michigan (-16)

This is a tricky, tricky spread.  If Michigan hadn’t just dick-tripped over themselves against Colorado, I’d be more inclined to lay the points here.  PSU’s offense isn’t Colorado’s, at least what I’ve seen of it.  However, that doesn’t mean they won’t score points.  IF this one was in Happy Valley (at night), I’d be inclined to take the points.  But at home, I think Michigan gets back on the right side of the ATS train in this game, albeit it’s probably going to be settled in the 4th quarter.

Take Michigan and lay the 16 for $50


3 team parlay pays 6-1

Seminoles - Michigan – Huskers for $50


Monday, September 19, 2016

Stampede Averted!!!

All of you reading may have thought I was probably in a panic at around 3:50PM on Saturday. Heart Palpitations, Dizzyness, Cold Sweats, Hand Wringing – the works.  But if you were sitting in the stadium watching, you kind of got the feeling that while this was not the “Ideal” start Michigan wanted, it wasn’t a complete disaster – yet.

In fact, while everyone around me was panicking and losing their minds, I was surprisingly calm – for me, anyway.  I mean, there were of course a few curse words muttered under my breath and Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots could be heard all around.  But it was still only the first three minutes of the game. And the Buffaloes really hadn’t done anything but hit a long pass and created a defensive TD.

Excrement Happens!

I know it SOUNDS bad.  But it only took Colorado three minutes and there was a lot of football left to be played.  Michigan could contain if they just got their collective act together. 

When I REALLY lost it was on the 3rd TD and the picture perfect flag route where the Buffs QB hit his receiver in stride with one foot in the end zone.  That’s when I panicked.  If the Buffs QB was going to have THAT kind of day, Michigan might be in trouble – and Michigan was down 14 points again. 

Luckily, everyone settled down, sucked it up and Speight started finding receivers.  Yes, Speight did not look good early, but he re-grouped.  Michigan takes the lead going into Halftime.

2nd Half and Michigan’s Defensive front finally figures out a way to get to Liufau and banged him up enough to keep him on the bench, but not before he threw another picture perfect pass.    While I hate to see anyone get hurt, if Liufau stayed in the game, the outcome IMHO, could have been very different.

Peppers FINALLY found Pay-Dirt and that was the separation score the crowd was looking for.  ICYMI – See below:


So – where does all of this leave me feeling today? 

Based on some of the other games I saw and a few of the replays I was able to catch, I’m going to make a statement that I never thought I’d hear myself make:

Michigan may be the most over-rated team in the Top 5 this week.  Much like FSU and Oklahoma, Michigan may – MAY be a bit of a fraud. 

They have a LONG WAY to go before the can play with the other Top 5 teams week in and week out.

Okay – that’s out there.  But now I’m gonna’ say this:  Colorado was better than advertised.  I believe that team can go into the Pac 12 North and do some damage.  Not saying they will, but maybe Colorado has turned a corner of sorts….

And there’s this:

Michigan NEEDED THIS GAME!  After the result, I wouldn’t have wanted this game to unfold and play out any other way.  This team needed an early scare/test to help them understand that everyone is going to come into Ann Arbor and everyone that they play on the road is going to hit them hard, quick and not show any mercy.  These are the kind of games that take the metal of this team, breaks it down, thrusts it into the forge of fire only to be taken out and beaten, shaped and honed into a deadly, fine metal blade. 

Yep - Michigan and Harbaugh needed this game.  They needed this game to learn from and realize that even the lowest of teams that they face are going to be looking for blood. 

Bring on Penn State!

The Rest of the Mess

I have to say that the B1G didn’t get nearly enough love from the Sports Press over the weekend, winning 3 pretty big games.  So be it.  Settle it all on the field.   

Houston @ Cincinnati - This was a great game and with less than 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, it was tight and the score was 19-16 Houston.  Houston went in for a go further ahead TD and I was starting to think that it might be over.  I believe I let myself rest my eyes during a commercial, cause, you know…Age and past 10:00 PM on a week night.  I awoke from a very short snooze and the game was still on and the little box in the corner read:  Houston 40 – Cincinnati 16 with around 4:00 to go.  Its moments like that when you think you’re losing your mind because there’s no physical way a team could have scored that many points in that short time.  And then I saw the two pick 6’s that were exactly 0:07 seconds apart.  A-ha.  Houston has a pretty good defense.  Let that be a lesson to you!  Too bad their SOS from here on out is gonna suck…They’ll win and drop in the polls.  Watch.

Bama @ Ole Miss: Here was another upset in the making that Hugh Freeze couldn’t wrap up into a shiny present with a bow on top and give to the college football world.  Down 24-3 (I swear my phone had the score messed up as I was checking scores) Ole Miss couldn’t find a way to stop Satan’s Warriors.  Michigan got its wake-up call and Bama got theirs, too, coming back from a 21 point deficit.  That game made Bama a better team.  Unfortunately.

Sparty @ Domers:  It’s always worth repeating:  Somebody I hate is gonna’ lose!!!  But this game went COMPLETELY opposite of the way I thought it was going to go.  As good as the Domers looked at Texas (I know – in a loss) and against Nevada, Sparty made them look equally inept.  BK just received a contract extension (and a raise) and his buyout is huge.  More on the Kelly’s Hot Seat in a minute…But the Domers are (HEEE_HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) officially out of the CFP Play-off race!  And Sparty looks like they haven’t missed a beat from last season….Nuts…

Quack Attack @ CornHUSKERS:    Another great game and a great finish.  The CornHUSKERS found a way back into this game and scored the go ahead TD with a minute and change left on the clock.  I thought the Husker Black Shirts might have been able to do more with the Quack-Attack, but controlling that offense is kind of like drinking from a fire hose.  You stop what you can and you try to keep up on the offensive side of the ball. Difference in the Game:  Quack Attack went for 2 five times!  # Converted:  One.  That 3 points was the margin of victory!   Another win for the B1G!

Texas A&M @ Auburn:  Don’t look now, but the team that was slotted for 6th or 7th in the SEC West is sitting at 3-0 with an SEC win.  And the team that everyone was calling a darkhorse is 1-2 with an SEC loss.  That sound you heard was Gus’s Fat Hitting the Frying Pan – 2nd highest paid coach in the SEC.  I wonder when Hermann throws his cell phone away to concentrate on the season….

FSU @ Loooooeyvulllle: Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – saw this coming.   With the exception of Bobby Petrino and the Louisville Locker Room.  I’m not saying that beating FSU should vault you into the Top 5, but DESTROYING FSU and hanging 63 on them definitely has my attention.  I would very much like to see an entire replay of this game and will look forward to finding one somewhere.  I said two weeks ago you couldn’t give the Hesiman to Dondre Francois of FSU for one game against Ole Miss.  And I wasn’t ready to give it Lamar Jackson after two games against questionable opponents. THIS was a Heisman worthy game….Let’s see where the rest of the season goes…

NDS BIZON @ Ferentz’s Flops:  Another FCS school beats a B1G school.  At my count, I think that’s three this season?  Anyone? And the B1G pays BIG MONEY for the right to let those FCS teams come in and do that….Thank God someone has finally learned and the B1G is “banning” FCS play.  I know Northwestern lost to one and I think someone else did also.  Every Iowa fan is wondering why the university handed ole Kirk a contract extension to 2026 with a $15M buyout…Yes, Ferentz’s seat is hot this week, but he’s impossible to fire at this point.  Iowa fans, you’re stuck with him. 

The Ohio State University @ the Laters:  Probably one of the handful of times you’ll ever see the name of that school typed out in full reading this blog.  That’s respect.  I had a feeling last week on this one – that the suckeyes were going to go down to Norman and abuse the much over rated Laters.  I was, unfortunately, right, but again, this earned a ton of respect overall for the B1G.  College Football is going back to its roots.  Meaning:  I would love to see two undefeated teams in Columbus come November 26th playing for all the marbles.  That’s just the way it should be.  I will also admit that the suckeyes scare me a little.  Why?  This is why:



The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation –Okay, all of you with 1-2 records, stand up and be accounted for:  Domers, Rubbers, Auburn Tigers, Laters, Rebels, and Hawkeyes (Okay – Iowa is 2-1, but that FCS loss will not look good if they win out).  Oh what the hell, let’s throw the 2-1 Shorthorns in here too, just for good measure.  These are the fan-bases that more or less have given up on their teams as of September 17th or are somehow believing that there’s still an incredibly small window open to CFP Land.  Just so you know, it’s over.  The CFP picture would have to get awfully muddy to even paint a path to getting a bid for any of the above mentioned teams.  See ya’, it was fun having you at the party while you lasted.
  2. ANGER – Without QUESTION the angriest fan base out there is the Domers.  Yes, Auburn is a very CLOSE 2nd, but until you understand the Domer mind set and the long held belief that they are TRULY BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE because they play for GOD, DAMMIT, well, you’ll never understand the wrath of the Domers and the pure Catholic HATE AND VITRIOL for one Brian Kelly.  In an effort to NOT HAVE TO FIRE the guy he hired, $warbuck$ gave him a raise, and extension and a buyout increase.  These are some mad fans, folks… MAD FANS!!!!
  3. Bargaining – I’m actually putting some Michigan fans down here.  I know, it’s weird because Michigan Fans skipped the first two stages, but the Buffalo game showed some flaws that need correction.  The Michigan Fan Base believes in Jimmy at this point and believes he can fix it, but it needs to happen on the field. 
  4. Depression – Every fanbase that’s 1-2 and some of them that are 2-1.  For most fanbases, a loss to an inferior opponent is enough.  For the DOMERS, its completely unacceptable.  They’re still drinking in South Bend…..
  5. Acceptance – I hate to throw anyone down here so early, but Northwestern and Illinois qualify.  Granted, they’ll try to rally around the B1G season, just like everyone else, but I have news for the B1G West Division:  Right now, with two wins over Northwestern and Illinois, the Western Michigan Broncos are the LEADERS in the B1G West!!!!

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-Rain for a 2nd game in a row in Ann Arbor….

-We’ve had a good weather run for home games in A2.  I guess everything comes and goes.

-Tailgate needs a new tent.  There was a drunk fan drive by (Stumble by) last week that took the frame of old tent out

-Thought we had a new replacement but turns out that was an old Tent, also.

-I like 3:30 games, but I hate that it kills the ENTIRE DAY.

-PSU will probably be a 3:30 kick (IT IS)

-Good crowd and Fajitas at the Tailgate were awesome!

-EKitten receives major Kudos for throwing that together!

-HT:   TH for the idea.

-Lots of points in the Can Game as Canner Nation out in FORCE!

-Touchdown Tommy is Honorary Captain!

-How do you not like that guy?

-Michigan loses the toss and takes the ball….

-Here we go!

-Oh, WTF is this…..Nice pass, but Jeez….

-Look Out Speight!  OMG!!! WTF!!!!

-14-0 in the first 3 minutes.

-Okay, Michigan scored.  Let’s get this game under control.

-OMG!  WTF is this?!?!?!?!

-That pass could not have been thrown any better. 

-This QB can play. 

-Now I’m nervous. 

-We either have to do a better job in the secondary or the line hast to get to this guy.

-Can anyone remember 28 points in a 1st quarter at Michigan Stadium?

-I remember plenty of 21 and 24 total 1st quarter points, but not a 28 total.

-All right, Michigan taking control – sort of. 

-Colorado still moving the ball.

-Wait – can that be right???

-Ole Miss 24 - Alabama 3????

-Yep – Michigan Scoreboard has it the same way!

-Holy Crap!  Look at that Louisville FSU final score!!!!

-Things are shaking up at the top of the rankings.

-Think we’ll ever get away from rankings early in the season?

-So many top teams go down….

-Buffs QB hits ANOTHER long TD…

-But he’s out and his back-up is in…

-I’m never happy to see someone get knocked out, but I’ll take this one.

-Nice run Mr. Smith!


-Finally he gets one after knocking on the door so many times…

-Completely different 2nd half. 

-The Buffs didn’t even get 100 total yards in the 2nd.

-PSU should be interesting

The Hot Seat

Week #3’s Hot Seat Mascot.  Sticking with the Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Competition theme, I didn’t have to look too long to find lots of good shots of this week’s mascot!  Kenda Perez is everything you’d ever want in a mascot and maybe more!


In a discussion with another loyal reader last week, he stated that the Hot Seat reflects the order in which coaches might get fired, but he wanted to see a “Dead Man Walking” or something similar category to let us know who we should really be focusing on.  The thing is, some of the Hot Seat Coaches have IMPOSSIBLE BUY-OUT Numbers in their contracts that I’m convinced the AD’s and administrations purposefully put in there so they WON’T Make knee-jerk reactions to fan’s desires.   But, to keep the natives happy, we now have the:

Electric Chair of Death Seat!

  1. Kelly – Domers (1-2).  Why he might get fired:  I’ve never seen this fan base this worked up over a coach, and we’ve lived through Willingham and Weis. Why he Won’t Get Fired:  He’s $warbuck$ hire.  $warbuck$ would rather retire or leave the Domers than admit to this mistake and have to fire Kelly and go through another hiring process.   I would say his buy-out is prohibitive, also, but never say that money’s an issue when it comes to Notre Dame.  I read a domer blog awhile ago (and I’ll look for the link) that talked about how much the Domers have paid for “wins” over the last 10 seasons.  It’s something around $1.7 to $1.9M per win when you factor in total current coaching staff salary, Weis’s buyout and Ty’s buyout.  This guy’s argument being that you can afford to pay a better coach $6-$8M annually for 12 wins and be better off financially on a per win basis.  So go get Meyer, Saban, Hermann or equivalent and don’t let the money be the issue….
  2. Malzhan – Auburn (1-2).  Why he should be fired:  Losing as much as he’s lost in the SEC and to FBS schools in general, he’s another candidate that may not see the end of October.  9-14 in FBS play since Kick 6 at Bama.  Why Auburn Can’t Fire him:  Buyout.  After he won the National Title, Auburn gave him an extension to 2020 and upped his buyout.  If they fire him today, on top of paying him $4M through the end of 2016, the additional cost is $7M.  That might be steeper than the Auburn Tiger’s coffers can afford.  That number drops to $4.5M at the end of 2017 season.
  3. Freeze Ole Miss (1-2).  Why he might get fired:  Losses to FSU (looked OK at the time) and Bama, where Ole Miss was leading by more than 21 points in each game.  Why he won’t get fired:  Right now, he’s relatively cheap in the SEC West.  And, believe or not, he’s probably the best coach they could get pending the outcome of the NCAA recruiting investigation.  A little probation might actually save Freeze’s bacon because nobody in their right mind would take a HC job at Mississippi and have to compete in the SEC West with a scholarship reduction monkey on their back.  Even Hermann’s brighter than that.  Ole Miss might just ride out the storm with Freeze. 

The Hot Seat – Guy’s that have Hot Seats but Won’t get Canned, Immediately

  1. Miles – LSU.  Seat’s hot, but he beat MSU.  See what happens when they play Bama….
  2. Stoops – Oklahoma.   Bob will be at Oklahoma till he decides he’s done.  But that day might be getting closer. 
  3. Whoever’s coaching USC - I don’t know who AD Lynn Swann is looking at or thinking about, but he’s probably thinking…Hermann???
  4. Muschamp  - South Carolina.  I don’t know how long this experiment lasts, but I’m leaning to the short side….
  5. Hazell  - Purdue. 
  6. Adazzio  - Boston College
  7. Franklin – PSU.  Beat Temple by a TD.  Fan Base WANTS A B1G WIN over a B1G opponent. 
  8. Ferentz – Iowa.  Again, Ferentz is there for life after receiving a contract extension through 2026, but this week his seat is a little warm….
  9. Fisher – FSU.  Fan Base wants to know what the hell the Seminoles did all week to get ready for Louisville.  That was an embarrassing loss. 

Short List of Available Hires

  1. Hermann
  2. Everybody else…..

Side NFL NOTE:  The Lions are up to the same old tricks as they get penalized for over 100 yards and Stafford throws an INT with under a minute left in what could have been the game winning Figgie against Tennessee at home….

SOL…Same ‘Ole Lions…..