Monday, November 25, 2019


Ok, We went to Bloomington, started a little slow, Tightened the noose on Defense, Shea had a career day, even though he still struggles to hit guys in stride, We won going away, no known injuries. Game over.

Now what we have all been waiting for!

Buckle Up your Chin Straps everyone!

What's your first recollection of this Game?  

Mine was 1973, in the basement workshop with my Dad, listening to Ufer on the old clock radio. and Mike Lantry missing 2 Field Goals. Years later Mike ended up having the seats next to me for a few years. Nice Guy!  Never had the guts to ask about the Kick,   
Thanks for your Service! If you don't know his story check it out. Waiting for him to be Veteran of the Game!

Was there any more sinister of a character than Cornelius Green? He was the epitome of evil to this 8 year old boy! Dennis Franklin the Arc-Angel!

Its pretty interesting the parallels that start to align with 1969,  The prior year beating, The Bad Loss Early on that questioned the teams soul. A big turnaround mid game, mid year and rolling into the rest of the season. An opponent characterized as the best team in the country

Its easy to get caught up in the nostalgia but this game still comes down to the players and the coaches.  As Bo told his charges in 1969, This game will come down to individual matchups.  Is John Runyan better than Chris Young at 12:00 on Saturday. If he is, then is Jalen Mayfield better than Chris Young at 12:30 on Saturday when they move him to the other side. Is Cameron Magrone, fast enough to catch JK (Not Today) Dobbins at the corner and Justin Fields on the QB Draw?  Is Lavert Hill better than Binjimin Victor/Vector. Is Nico Collins going to win the even ball at the peak, Is Don Brown better than Cryan Day anticipating the scheme and the adjustment. Does he have the answer for the crossing routes? I bet its the first play from scrimmage! Is John, Gattis, Robinson ready to scheme a Real Big Game. Is there a twist to the scheme that has not been shown? Iron Bowl's don't count.   Everything else is White Noise.

Michigan has some things going for it, Pride, Home Field, Justin Fields is a pretty boy from Georgia that has never had to play a tough hard hitting game in a hostile stadium in the cold (Currently 38 and Snow), GMISAD

The Bucknuts crumbled a bit when PSU started to get some momentum, Can we expect this in our game? Fortune never seems to shine on us in these games but they were challenged and sort of held serve.  Are they in game condition for a 4 qtr shootout?  Most of the key player have strutted through about 2 1/2 quarters a game all year. Are they mentally and physically conditioned enough to go a full 4 qtrs with every play being critical.  They weren't in 1969! How bad does the NCAA want Alabama in the Playoffs, do we get a call??

Who will be the player that has been solid, but not high profile, that plays over his head?  Josh Uche? Tarik Black? Sean McKeon?

On paper Michigan is a large underdog, But were playing this game on the field, not on the arena of public opinion, So lets Tee it up and be ready to write another verse to the old Uf Classic,  ending in

As Pasquale lead the Victors, They Laid Cryan Day Away.

The 12th man will be at the Corner, ready to go! IT'S A BIG GAME  Come Join Us.

The 13th man will be guiding things from Valhalla, we'll need you buddy!

Graveyard Walk, Tuesday 6:00pm Meet at the base of Burton Tower

GMISAD?  Greg Mattison Is Still A Dick!  Carl, Please Introduce the entire OSU Coaching Staff on Saturday! Will Mattison be on the sideline or hide in the Box, Put his yellow ass on the Big Screen

Monday, November 18, 2019

Ah Yes,The world is back on its axis

For all the Mazie and Blue Faithful it has been a long slog.

LNU has been quite the pest for some time. Most of it self inflicted I would say, Recall

1) We gave the keys to Brady Hoke for a couple years
2) We let some rugby kid try and catch a punt snap, In a critical point like that I have always wondered why you don't put a Safety behind the punter.
3) John BarleyKorn, singing in the Rain
4) TackleGate on Desmond, Of course I tackled him, the CB said in the postgame interview
5) Clock Bob or whoever that clown was

But Saturday just felt right, Yeah it was cold but the sun was shining. There was a pep in everyone's step and a quiet confidence that we were going to take of business with these boys. I haven't felt that vibe in awhile!

We didn't get off to a running start but the noose just kept tightening and the Sparty Immaturity took hold.

A few observations

-Lost in Space is slowly maturing. but still the occasional I'm way smarter than you play calls.  1st and Goal and we have Haskins taking the direct snap in the backfield. Eliminates any threat of a pass. Eliminates any handoff to anyone else. 11 guys crashing the run between the tackles. Doesn't work? just line up and run it again.

-McCaffrey to Patterson and chuck it in the stands. Shit can this stuff.

-The usual cheap shots and jaw-jacking. I guess its part of the fabric of the rivalry. I can live with it but its always fun to watch StormTrooper Dantonio try to distance himself from it with his post game comments about trying to warn his kids about it.  Not real proud of Mettelus running to their sideline and waving good bye

-Took the students way to long to get the Little Brother Chant going.

-Did I see anything that convinces me we are ready to toe it up with the BuckNuts, in a word, nope but we'll see

-LNU was really targeting Ambry Thomas and having some success. I know he came back and got the INT but he was getting picked on, OSU will exploit that I predict.

-LNU has a the beginnings of a Dumpster fire smoldering here. Nobody has the guts to fire Dantonio, but he has lost this team and doesn't have much in the hopper. In some respects it reminds me of the end of the Lloyd era. NO I AM NOT COMPARING DANTONIO TO LLOYD. These guys all run out of steam and spit at some point. The new President wants nothing to do with the Athletic Department, The AD is just a toadie of Izzo. Watch very closely what happens with the upcoming deposition in the Charles Blackwell Lawsuit. There is dirt there I predict. No compelling candidates out there either.  Stop with the Narduzzi chants, just stop.  I predict that Dantonio, stays to collect his $4.3 Mill payment and then he tries to engineer some special Oscar Mayer special advisor status role and handpick his successor from the staff. My bet is Tressel, out of loyalty to the Pride of Youngstown. Can you even have pride if you chose to live in Youngstown. Sounds like a town Jerry Sandusky would call home.

-Receiver Core gets better and deeper. I'd love to see Collins stay, DPJ leave and let the rest grow.

-Patterson is still quite inaccurate, but at least getting it to the right Zip Code now. I like Jim's comment today that you can't expect to be eating Potato Salad today if you just planted potato's yesterday. This year will be a process with hopefully a strong carryover to next year on Offense. Donny Brown just keep reloading and making chicken salad out of whatever you give him.

-The last TD was a FU to Dantonio, I love it!  Like Bobby Axelrod says, What the point of having FU money if you don't say FU with it once in awhile. Thanks Jimmy!

-Indy can be a trip up game, of course we'll be looking past them. We may need another Johnny Wangler to AC moment in this one!

-Great to see all the Gen2's at the Tailgate. Us Old Schoolers were out numbered but not out gunned. Great bunch of kids but I have to start packing more beer!

-This one, I really missed Russ

Monday, October 28, 2019

Geez I hate these Guys!

Geez I hate these Guys!

   Ok, Its the first week of September, Mardi Gras is tomorrow morning and we just kicked Domer's Ass like the red headed step child that you are.  We got our Signature, win beating a top 10 Team, that is every idiot pundits darling to slide into the CFP. The new offense looks ok, nothing special yet but hey, the run was working, the rain was torrential and looks like Jimmy learned his lesson about trying to win with the pass in a monsoon, from the John Barley Korn disaster of years past.  Ok, we have a couple of patsies on the schedule to mow through the next couple of weeks and then ease into the Big Ten with a visit from Illinois and Purdue before the serious things get going. We'll be bowl eligible by then.

Wait, what's that big bag of Candy doing on the table by the door? Why am I hearing Christmas music when I scroll through my Sirius Channels.  

Uh-oh. I've just been informed that its late October, we've lost 2 games already and haven't played LNU or the Bucknuts yet. 

I must have been drinking, Donnelly must have slid in an extra bottle of Zupaca this week.  Don't worry though I'm not wearing a hospital gown and no staples in my head. Must have kept things under control a bit.

Checking back to my earlier posts, I seriously questioned the heart of this team. Well deserved. Time to evaluate whether this team has Flight or Fight. Well I think about halftime last week, something switched. Jimmy's starry eyed comment to sideline babe about this being "Their Finest Hour"!!  Always had a soft spot for Lord Winston, and the Royal Air Force against the long odds of the Schicklgruber's but I digress. I think that Lord Khacki went into that locker room, and said enough of this Lost in Space shit, we're running the plays you all ran last year so well. 

Bend over Gattis, Jimmy's driving.

He almost pulled it off. Feel bad for Ronnie, More Cow Bell, but you have to catch the damn ball to be a hero. There are only a few Desmond's or even Roy Roundtree's . The O-Line took control and started to be physical. Cam McGrone is sending Betsy Ross back to the sewing table and looks great. Tough Loss but maybe an inflexion point.

In trot the Domers, drop the shifter into Low, Lock in the Hubs, were sending this guys out of here on a rail, they'll be soo embarrassed they won't show their face around these parts for a generation.

I like most of what I saw. Patterson managed the game and the elements and let the line take Control.  The Defense was in the Domers huddle the whole game. Only after the standard, Domer officials call to extend the drive did they finally get on the scoreboard. hell we even trounced them on the first drive when the ref's gave them another possession on the phantom roughing the punter. Come on, You all knew it was coming.

I love the effort from Steve Spanellis. This Domer just got de-pantzed and lost all his lunch money. This team is coming around!!  Time to get in the portal, buddy, Your game is done. Call Sparty, they have some openings.

Embedded video
Random Observations

-Night Games Still Suck. Regardless of the weather, especially in late October. its a money grab
-Why do we get the storm of the month again on a night game
-Nice Tailgate, Slow and Easy all afternoon and evening, rolled in about 12:30 and No GridLock!
-Its been a nice Tailgate Season, For the first time I can remember, I have seen damn near all my roommates this year. Dean, the original, Superfan, Glossop. Brian,and his 12 inch Pizza Vroom, Mike AND Steve Throop, and even Judge, must be an election year,  Newblatt have made a live appearance this year. Great to see all you guys!! Lots of great memories. Thanks Russ, I know you sent these guys around to help fill the void.

- What's up with that Dumpster Fire up at LNU?  Mark Dan-Nunzio is losing guys left and right, but can't get any of those QB's to hit the bricks.  Lewarke's in, no he's out, Try the Lombardi kid, nope that didn't work, back to Lewarke, Don't we have some other scrub? Yeah, Theo, Save the Day, Shit he doesn't know the plays. back to Lomardi, Lets try Lewarcke. Hey lets play Izzo's Kid. Something is wrong, Something is very very wrong up there. My conspiracy theory is that Mark, has some serious skeletons that he doesn't want out and he's feeling an overly warm toilet seat. They fought hard to get his upcoming deposition scope narrowed (and lost) and delayed until after the season is over. They are worried. Something is there, I smell blood in the water. Depositions are fun when you are an observer and hell when you're the target. Those lawyers are going to crack him. He's too cocky and that's the WORST way to go into a deposition. This will be fun. Everyone will be in the portal by then anyway.

Keep the momentum going, throttle Sparty, Be ready for the Hoosiers and let the chips fall where they may at the end. It can still be a nice season

Go Blue!

Monday, September 30, 2019

So what did we learn?

All I heard everywhere I went, was   But it was Rutgers!

I have to say, I've struggled to find come up with any meaningful analysis this week.  Stop, I don't want to from you, so what else is new.

OK, Michigan did not fumble in the first series, They scored a touchdown on a nice individual effort from Nico Collins, But it was Rutgers

Shea, had more time in the pocket and made better decisions with the passing game. Of course there is a strong correlation there, But it was Rutgers.

Defense pitched a shutout, without our Starting MLB. Kwitty Paye was all over the field, seemed like one of the few that really wanted to bounce back from last week. Maybe a spark of leadership there.  But it was Rutgers.

Daxton Hill got his first playing time. Made a nice special teams play and showed some speed on the field. Gotta start somewhere.

Running Game was Meh, None of these guys seemed to really inspire yet.

Joe Milton got some meaningful PT and made a nice pass on the TD throw. Arm strength is real and it was effortless throw. But it was Rutgers

Rutgers is so bad that they canned the coach after the game, not sure if he had to Uber back to Jersey or what. Kind of a snarky move by the administration but that's Jersey.  They reached deep for a replacement, The TE Coach whose resume is entirely from High School Coaching.  Look for them to retread Greg Schiano,

We did what we were supposed to do but did we see anything to say this team can compete with elite teams, or even Iowa?  I don't know. I'm inclined to say no but we'll see. Getting Gattis on the field for play calling seemed to help, the tempo was better. Every year there are games like this, I'm glad we took care of business, no serious injuries, no crazy outcomes. It was Rutgers, Check the Box and move on.

I keep hearing complaining about Rutgers in the Big 10, Its all about money, NY Money so just live with it.  I recall that Northwestern was a doormat for 30 years too, but today they are reasonable and have been for awhile, so things go in cycles. Every conference has a Rutgers

I watched T__ Bucknuts vs the CarmelCorners. Was a brutal game. Doesn't give me a lot of inspiration as T__ Bucknuts are tough. Don't like to say it but they are playing at a different level.

Best T Shirt of the Week,  

You Can't Spell CockSucker without   OSU

We'll learn a lot more this week.

See you all at the Corner!!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Symptom or problem?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

We all saw what we saw.

Did you have the same impression as I did, after Wisconsin marched the field on the first drive?  Going for 4th and 1 on your own side of the field in the first drive?  Very obvious they had no fear.

Michigan punched back though, broken play, finding Ronnie, More Cow, Bell for a long gain to inside the 5. Great, We have them on their heels, we can punch this in and call it even. Here comes Ben Mason. Ok we have failed miserably on short yardage, lets bring back the hammer. Wait everyone is standing there looking at each other, the clock is ticking down. Timeout. Long commercial ensues. Wisconsin gets to catch their breath, react to the personnel.  Fumble Game Over.

Not my words but straight from players on the team in the press conference. Reactions are everywhere, all bubbling up on Jimmy. That's how the world works, he knows it. He admitted it in the Press Conference. We got Outplayed, he said,  We got out coached, he said. Acknowledgement is the first step of recovery. Unfortunately the comments by several of the players showed no acknowledgement. Many of the comments tried to minimize the issue. These guys aren't even in our division, they played really god and we didn't, they said.  I found their reaction after the game more humiliating than their performance in the game. The comment of how great everyone played in the 4th Quarter from the Senior Safety should get you benched immediately

Guys, Wisconsin just stole your lunch money and de-pantsed you in the middle of the playground.

I see layers of issues here

1) Can't hold the ball. That's on you. What's a coach need to do besides tell you, Hey Johnny, its really important that you don't drop the ball. This is how we lose games.

2) Do your assignments. Stay in your gap, If you go somewhere else, that area is not covered. Guess what, the other team has a bunch of guys with binoculars watching to see if you stay in your gap?

3) They other team on consecutive plays attempts to decapitate your QB. Honestly the first one was just football but the rules are the rules. The second one was a guy that has no respect for you and wants to see if you have any more lunch money that your mom sowed into your underwear. Dirty but that's the nature of the game.  Did you see one Michigan Player charge that Safety after that play? Did you see Jimmy storm onto the field?  Sure the ref's called the penalty and the kid was ejected. That's not the point!  Where is this teams Pride! If you have to coach it into them you are screwed. Players have to Play and Players have to have the Warrior mentality. Somebody in Blue needs to get ejected on that play and get some rabbit punches in first.

In my opinion coaching comes down to a few simple principles

1) Identify your strengths and develop strategies to exploit them against your opponent. I'll help
Gattis since I know you're new here. You have dominant Wide Receivers. You have at least 3 on the field all the time plus a tight end. Your QB is better on the run. He is Brett Favre not Tom Brady. Roll him out and let the routes develop. If they don't he'll run and he's pretty good at that if he isn't hurt.

2) Identify your weaknesses and develop strategies to minimize their exposure. You have no Defensive lineman.

3) Be prepared for what the other team is good at. Guess what, Wisconsin is going to run the ball between the tackles until you stop them. Playing your safeties 20 yards off the ball isn't the answer

4) Demand Fundamental techniques. Physical and mental and be able to exploit pockets of chaos. Like having a play ready on the second play of the game after a big drive, Gattis.   Practice Quick Strike situations. Don't show that your just as surprised as everyone else in the Stadium that something worked. You must have a go to play that the team knows to call after any gain of more than 30 yards. It has a 1 word name and the QB is yelling the word running down the field. Run straight to the line of scrimmage, line up and go. Force the other team to burn a timeout.

Something is wrong here

Jimmy has lost his fire and enthusiasm, something has changed in him. Only he can solve that. I have faith in him. I hope the bunker mentality is setting in. You have seen enough to know who you can charge the hill with and who you can't. I know you can't fire everyone today but take charge, set some examples and make some toilet seats really warm in the coach's room and in the huddle.

I'd start with Gattis, Take away his play calling duties. 

I'd be drafting my list of candidates for the next DC too. The performance against the last 3 top ten teams was dismal and that shit about exploring the Temple Head Coaching job during the offseason smelled.Mattison is still a bitch for quitting but it had its roots in something

The TV catching him saying   "Fuck Me" after the illegal procedure penalty wiped out the team MVP Will, need at least one guy with some, Hart. pinning Wisconsin on the 3 yard line said a lot to me. Jimmy is not in a happy place right now. He knows it, I think he has known it for awhile and took a bit too much advice from those around him. Jimmy, Channel Bo, Not his play calling but his discipline, self confidence and passion

Where will the new leadership come from in the locker room?  There seems to be a dearth here but we may have a couple of candidates.  Jon Runyan and Aiden Hutchinson. I'm betting that John Sr. and Chris will have some blunt father/son discussions and impress on them what it means to be a Leader.

Moving on.

Rutgers may seem like good medicine but be wary.  Its not clear we have a QB for this game. If we are starting Joe Milton and our 4th string running back things will be ugly. Defense will have to win the game. I expect a win, bet the farm on Rutgers and the spread though.

We'll be at the Corner this weekend, happily pontificating about how we'd solve everything. Stop by and Share with us!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Anybody Remember the Band     THE THE?  My New Old Favorite Band!!!

Is there a Silver Lining in that Cloud?

I sure hope so.  I tend to be a very optimistic person.  I try to see the best in the situation.  Find ways to see the bright side.  However, based upon what I witnessed on Saturday, the Glass was only 1/4 Full.  My text to some family members near the end of regulation was “Beautiful Day.  Offense sucks.  Defense sucks.  Coaching sucks”

And on Sunday, I started reading the recaps.  This gave me some optimism that the Glass is more than Half Full.


Army is a good team.  I know, they are not a Top 20 Team.  But, consider the following:

·         Army had won 10 straight games going back to 2018.

·         Army beat Houston in the Armed Forces Bowl 70-14.

·         In 2018, Army took Oklahoma to OT.  The Sooners prevailed 28-21.

·         While Army is One Dimensional on offense, they do it extremely well.  The Triple Option had not been seen by Michigan in a long time, and we will not see it again for quite a while.

UM Defense

As stated above, Army runs a precise (limited) offense to perfection.  Michigan held them to the following lows:

·         243 Total Yards (200 Rushing Yards) – lowest yardage since 2017.

·         3.7 Yards per Play (3.3 Yards per Rush) – lowest since 2015.

·         3 Turnovers – most since 2017.

And when it counted the most, Michigan’s D came up big.  Lavert Hill intercepted the pass when Army was on the 5 yard line.  The last turnover ended the game as we sacked the Army QB in OT forcing a fumble that we recovered.

Two of Army’s TDs came on short fields.  Their second TD came after we fumbled the ball on our 40 yard line.  Army also scored in OT starting at the 25 yard line.  We held them scoreless in the second half as well.

Special Teams

The Special Teams were solid on Saturday.  Moody made 3 PATs, and a clutch 43-yard FG in OT to win the game.  Our punter only punted once, but nailed it for 61 yards.  And the second team punt returners and kick returners did a decent job.  This should greatly improve when Donovan Peoples Jones

(DPJ) is cleared from the IR (hopefully against Wiscy)


I don’t have much to offer here, except for a gut feel.  Patterson is playing with an injury.  I believe this limited the play calling and affected his passing accuracy (No clue as to why we didn’t play McCaffrey more).  This will improve with the bye-week.

We have yet to see Speed-in-Space.  Not sure why we run it to the interior of the line 15 times in a row.  However, my gut tells me that Harbaugh is not going to show anything.  In years past he refused to tell the media who is the starting QB the day before the game.  We know he has his eccentricities.

Two of our best players have not played yet.  Runyon Jr. is our best offensive lineman.  When he returns at left tackle, the line will become noticeably better.

DPJ will add another huge weapon to the offense.  Black, Collins and Bell have been solid, and DPJ will only give opposing Defensives even more problems.  We have also gotten solid play from TE with Sean McKeon.  Charbonnet has proved a solid runner who can block as well.  He should do nothing but improve week after week.

Chris Knight (aka Special K, CK or KnightTrain)