Thursday, October 20, 2016

FMQ Week #8

In biggest College news story that wasn’t on Monday Evening, as the MMQ predicted back in July, the Big Xii came out and proclaimed, after 15-18 months of huge money spent on consultants, research firms, lawyers paid and presentations made, that there are no immediate plans for Big Xii expansion!  Which of course led to the Gov of Texas to tweet really nasty things about the Big Xii. 

Thanks, Big Xii for taking all that time and coming to the same conclusion that anyone with half a brain could come to in about 30 seconds after looking at the plethora of facts surrounding this mess.

The problem is, as I see it, there’s more and more people out there that are just complete idiots that think they know what’s “Best” for the Big Xii.  I’m not sure how many words I’m going to waste on this, as I’ve wasted many already.  Here’s the link to the prediction Post from July. 
All of what I posted then is still true and I’ll bullet it here:

-Texas is happy.  Texas didn’t want to expand for expansions sake and make smaller slices of the same revenue pie.  Texas can do whatever the damn hell it wants and any conference would be happy to add Texas, assuming Texas can play by their rules.  Which, I think we’ve all seen how that works….So, that won’t happen, but Texas doesn’t care.

-Oklahoma wanted expansion, then it didn’t as they finally figured out they would lose in the long haul (with expansion) and are better served to figure out a landing spot when the Big Xii breaks up (Yep – That’s Gonna’ Happen) just like the SWC did back in the mid 90’s and the Big 8 merged with the “power members” of the failed SWC.

-The real powers here, the NETWORKS, came out and said that there was absolutely no candidate that moved the needle enough to pay each school in the Big Xii an additional $4-$5M annually for their addition into the Big Xii which would have been a $45-$50M check just to bring in Houston and Cincinnati, for example.  Meaning:  Can’t sell ad revenue in markets where there’s not television sets to watch it or sell more advertising in a location where the school’s already in the footprint.  The contract stated this was EXACTLY what FOX & ESPN had to do if the Big Xii expanded, but ESPN said, “Hey, we’ll give you some money, just a little less money than what’s in the contract NOT to expand.” 

And the Big Xii said, “Oh, well, that’s a better deal when we don’t split it!  Sure, we’ll do that!” 

Ergo, QED, Therefore, and per Mr. Spock, “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

In other words, "No Expansion".

Because in this case, the needs of the few select Big Xii teams outweighed the needs of the many. 

Newer developments:  All the noise about not wanting Houston because they would dilute the “Texas” recruiting base even more, as stated by coach Gundy from OSU (NOT the one in ohio – The REAL OSU), was just that – noise.  I’ve got news for the Big Xii – Herman already OWNS Houston in recruiting and is landing bigger recruits every day that want to stay close and play close to home.  So, again, noise.

In short, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking.  Status quo is hard to maintain and the Big Xii simply doesn’t have that much it can offer to any bigger players at this point. 

The Collapse Scenario: 

When the Big Xii Grant of Rights expires in 2024 - 25, you can bet that anyone that can get a better gig will try to get a better gig.  And the collapse will ensue.  Maybe not total collapse, but universities that remain will lose the “Power Conference” moniker.  Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M are all much, MUCH better off today than when they were in the Big Xii.  NOTE:  All the schools that have left the Big Xii were originally Big 8 Schools from the merger of the surviving SWC conference and all the Big 8 conference members (Oklahoma, Okie State, Kansas and K-state were the other 4 members of the Big 8).  And, with the exception of Nebraska, the schools that left the Big Xii are all AAU schools as well!  The Big Xii should have bent over backwards to keep those 4 players in the league, which gave them some University street cred and 7 AAU members total.  The Big Xii is now down to 3 AAU players (Texas, Kansas, Iowa State)! 

Even though some suckeye football players didn’t go to osu to play “school”, University Presidents ARE playing school when it comes to who they’d like to see in their conference as brothers and sisters .  Here’s a complete list of the Universities on the AAU list:

The real Football Power that wants to get away from the Cesspool That is Texas, Oklahoma, is quietly figuring out a landing spot, but you can bet they’re busting their butts to get AAU membership as they’ll be that much more attractive to the B1G, Pac 12, ACC and yes, the SEC.  Which, in a way, even though Kansas sucks in location and football, B1G & ACC University Presidents probably look at Kansas as an attractive option with the AAU label by its name.  (And is also the reason why the B1G “settled” on Rutgers-they’re AAU).  The BTN, ESPN and ABC would hate Kansas, but we already know that.

Texas will go the independent route, most likely, and keep the Longhorn Network as that will be in their best interest.  They will become an arch rival of the Domers, military academies (Army and Navy), BYU (4 games) and whoever else they can find to schedule.  And they’ll be plenty of Universities that will want to fill non-con schedule dates with Texas.  Don’t worry about Texas. There will be issues with late season scheduling, but I expect that the four independents will do a round robin of sorts in November.  Whatever….

And a bunch of schools will be scrambling and a lot (I’m guessing all 7) are going to be left out in the cold.  Just to assume that a collapse will mean that everyone who was once in a Power 5 Conference finds a power conference musical chair landing spot is absurd.  This isn’t musical chairs, folks.  (I’ve seen way too many articles by “Sports Writers” wishing this would happen faster).  Conferences, specifically Big Universities, will not want to split money and take a hit and let lesser schools into their Power Conference just so Okie State, TCU, K-State, Iowa State, Baylor, WVU & Texas Tech have someone to play football against. And no, you can’t use the Force here, either…

That’s not how the Force Works!

Why do I always come back to the AAU thing?  Follow the Money: 

$23.4B (yep-that’s a “buh-buh-B”) in Federal Grant and Research money annually for AAU schools.  

That’s a huge chunk of change (even if you divide it equally, which it isn’t), and if you aren’t an AAU school, you don’t get as easy access to that free government money.  And a school that is AAU can get that money and “distribute” to partner or conference schools for research help/outsourcing.  Part of the reason the B1G is so powerful and can throw their weight around is that nearly every member is an AAU school.  Trust me, it means something when the average athletic budget is only around $60-$80M – including all sports. AAU money and getting your hands on Fed Grant money means a lot more to Presidents than eyes on television sets and being a University in a conference that plays D1 football is all I’m saying.


While not yet a controversy of the week (but could be in November), a loyal reader sent me a “Chaos List” of schools and scenarios showing where some schools still have a shot at their conference titles.  The reader claims I’m dismissing some schools from the discussion too quickly and that last year, Alabama was ranked 8th in the first November CFP ranking and the Big Xii had two teams ranked in the top 4. 

Well, yeah.  Last year.  But, what the hell – let’s play “CHAOS”.   Conference titles still feasible by these teams (and FMQ likelihood/possibility in parentheses):

-Two Loss Tennessee somehow pulls off the upset in Atlanta and wins the SEC  (not a chance)

-Two loss Colorado wins the Pac 12 (Maybe.  That USC game was really close, they have to beat Utah in Utah, I think, and they will probably meet Washington in title game.  But they could win all those….)

-Clemson gets upset in ACC Title Game (I’m actually thinking this one can happen, also.  Kind of wishing and hoping for it actually – I’ll get to that in a minute)

-Louisville loses to Houston (uh…

-Wiscy wins the B1G.  (Hmmm…..That would be interesting)

-The reader neglected to mention an undefeated West Virginia or Baylor from the Big Xii…

So, by my calculations, if this scenario played out it (which who really knows the probability) could leave us with:

-Tennessee will NOT win SEC so I’m not even wasting time with that one.  It’ll probably be Bama or the West Champ.  Enough said.

-Two Loss Colorado (11-2) with a (potential) 1 loss Washington (12-1).

-Clemson could have two losses if they lose the ACC Title game.  And I’m saying they actually have 3 losses with the NC State near miss -THEY’RE OUT!.

-Louisville will have two losses and Houston is out with a single loss, anyway….If Louisville BEATS Houston….I dunno. 

-Michigan or Suckeyes with 1 loss each to a team they both beat early but one of them lost to late in Indy on a neutral field.  Theoretically 12-1 and 11-1 runner up and 3rd place vs. Champ Wiscy at 11-2

So, who would be in? 

  1. SEC Champ  - not Tennessee
  2. B1G Champ – Wiscy.  Yep, win late and you’re Conference Champ and you’re in.  Even at 11-2.
  3. Colorado.  That will be a big win against a highly ranked Washington team.  See B1G Champ.
  4. B1G runner up OR maybe Big Xii Champ (must be 12-0), or Louisville (in that order).

I’m ranking the runner up from the B1G as the 4th team into the CFP over the Big Xii or ACC for the following reasons:

-SOS for the conference and record against Non-Con opponents.  B1G leads this category.

-Big Xii has played NOBODY non-conference.  I think WVU did beat BYU, but that’s not a great win this season. 

-Overall rank and FB Stats leaders on (Of Course, Michigan does lead those in all defensive categories!)

There’s your CHAOS scenario for now, but can’t we just sit back and watch it all unfold?  That’s what makes the season fun!!!

 The FMQ

Unbelievably, we are EXATLY EVEN on the season at the half way mark with $1,000 clams in the bank.  Unbelievable!!  Last week’s results (I don’t want to talk about it!) are below and I should NOT HAVE LISTENED to the Dude.  What a crappy guest advisor.  The Magic 8-Ball was so much better that I think I’m going back to a random chance advice from something or someone…


Anyway, I’m posting on Thursday as I like one of the teams playing tonight, even though they VaTech really let me down last week.  Actually, I wanted to take the points in that game and listened to the Dude and he told me to lay them…No more Dude, ever again. 

Thursday Night Lights!

Miami @ Va Tech (-6)

I’m an idiot to lay points again with Va Tech this week, but I feel like this is a pretty good place to lay points with Va Tech as I believe they were looking ahead to this game.  I’m calling on the talents of the Radio Shack random decision maker to help me out here…and it comes back with possibly…Good enough for the FMQ.

Take Va Tech and lay the 6 for $25


Wiscy @ Iowa (+3.5)

This is a tough pick and I thought I had a read on this game until I saw the spread and I started thinking that maybe somebody in Vegas knows more than me.  Iowa woke up against the purple kitties, but still got beat.  Never the less, the hawkeyes were only able to score 14 points on the absolute worst team in the league, Rutgers.  THAT’S A PROBLEM.  I’m going with Wiscy and laying points here…Radio Shack says….Definitely!!!

Take Wiscy and lay the 3.5 for $50

NC State @ Louisville:   (-21)

Now, just hold the phone, here, Jones…You’re telling me that the same Wolf Pack team that went into Death Valley and almost beat Clemson can’t go into Louisville with that slow you down defense and plodding offense and keep it closer than 21?  I’m not so sure about that.  I like the pack here….RS, what say you?  Why not…. 

Take NC State and the 21 for $25

Colorado @ Stanford (-2)

Stanford squeaking by the Domers last week isn’t a “vote of Confidence” that Shaw has righted the ship in Palo Alto.  In fact, it took a pick 6 to beat the Domers.  I’m thinking Colorado is better than that.   Radio Shack says Ask Again…Okay, asking- Definitely.

Take Colorado and lay the 2 for $50

Purdue @ Nebraska (-24)

Huskers are still undefeated and Purdue is not good.  Game is in Lincoln and the crowd will be homecoming ready.  But maybe Purdue can keep it closer than the 24?  Radio Shack answer – Never!

Take the Huskers and lay the 24 for $50

Texas A&M @ Bama (-18.5)

So, Tennessee was the fraud that lost to A&M but was a 10.5 point dog at home and A&M is a 19 point dog in Tuscaloosa.  Transitive property really doesn’t apply, but I think A&M is a better team than Bama  - And Trevor Knight is 1-0 against Satan!  Not trying to bet with my heart here, but can’t anyone stay close to Bama in a game this year?  Radio Shack Box says – Possibly

Take Texas A&M and the 18.5 for $25

Suckeyes @ PSU  (+19.5)

This is a bigger rivalry game than the spread suggests.  Two tough games on the road for the suckeyes and teams are exposing some of the suckeyes weaknesses.  If Franklin wants to keep his job, he needs a close game or the outright victory here.  I like PSU in a night game getting points…Radio Shack – Forget it...Sigh…

Take the suckeyes and lay the 19.5 for $25

Sparty @ Maryland (-2)

You know you’re not good when you’re playing on the road getting points at Maryland.  Derkin would like a nice B1G pelt to hang on his wall this season and defeating last season’s B1G champ would look awfully nice…still, Sparty has to turn it around at some point, right?  Surely they can handle Maryland this season…can’t they Radio Shack?  Forget it…..

Take Maryland and lay the 2 for $25

Illinois @ Michigan  (-34.5)

Wow…Michigan is 5-1 ATS and the only spread they haven’t covered was Wiscy, and they should have covered that one.  I know I should take the points here, but I can’t go against a team that’s 5-1 against the spread.  What say you, Radio Shack?  Definitely!

Take Michigan and lay the 34.5 for $75



3 teams pays 6-1

Michigan – Nebraska - Wiscy $50

Monday, October 17, 2016

Bye Week Blues....

They’re not really blues, per se, but bye weeks are always kind of a pause in the action and you either welcome them for the sweet relief they bring or look at them like, “Damn, we’re rolling.  Don’t stop now!”

Seeing as how Michigan is the latter at this point (but probably welcomes the break right in the middle of the season), I thought I would take this opportunity to evaluate the landmines that Michigan has to dance around in order to have the same amount of success as they did in the first 6 games.

Illinois – Homecoming.  Next Saturday – 3:30 Kick.  Can someone tell me why this is a 3:30 kick?  Anyone?  This shouldn’t be much more of a hurdle than a mix of PSU and Hawaii was.  The Illini isn’t as good as PSU but not as bad as Hawaii.  I think the Illini will threaten, score some points and be a nuisance for a half and then Michigan rolls…As landmines go, this one is kind of a dud – level 5 on a scale of 6. 

@ Sparty – I don’t care how bad they’ve looked up to this point, Marc D’angelo will empty the playbook, hall-closet and throw everything but the kitchen sink at this game to score on our defense.  Also look for the Sparty defense to take a LOT OF PENALTIES trying to jump the snap count (which they’ve done on us for years) and also take a lot of Pass Interference penalties rather than give up the big play.  This game still poses the biggest threat in my mind (remember – Wiscy really only beat them 16-6 when you take the fumbled punt and the scoop 6 off Wiscy’s score).  Therefore, I will say it’s the land mine ranked number 1 that needs to be diffused in order to get to T-Day weekend undefeated. 

Maryland – I said in the Pre-Season Spectacular that this game scared the hell out of me and guess what – it still does.  Maybe even more so now that the Terps have lost a little mo-mo but they aren’t afraid of anyone.  Michigan will need to come off a big, emotional game (Sparty) and hit Maryland in the mouth….tied for 2nd on the list of landmines due to where it falls in the season and student (Derkin) vs. master (Jimmy) thing going on….

@ Iowa – For some reason, this game has lost a lot of the “scariness” that it had early in the season.  If Michigan’s Defense shows up, Michigan will win a low scoring affair even though it’s played at night in the freezing temperatures of Kinnick.  Land mine level:  4. Even though I had this as a likely and possible loss in the Spectacular.  Things change….

Indiana – The entire blogging and tweeting world refers to Indiana as team “Chaos” because they can score at will and have your head spinning with respect to how they do it.  Its home, which makes it a manageable land mine as far as land mines go.   It’s tied for #2 on the list and I would like to take them out of the game early…but I have a feeling that won’t happen.  IU plays everyone close….

@ ohio – The Game.  It will have some significance on who plays in the CFP, that much is clear regardless of whether or not both teams are undefeated or if 1 of them has a loss….Michigan (and Speight – especially Speight) will need to be better offensively to win this game.  But if I know Harbaugh, he’ll have them improving every game leading up to this one. 

So, rankin’ em:

Worst Land Mines to No Worries leading up to November 26th (still hard to remember that it’s not the 3rd Saturday, but I’m getting used to it):


Maryland – Indiana (tie)



…And then there’s WAR!!!!

The Rest of the Mess

You know how some people dream and have nice dreams about puppies and fuzzy sweaters and such?  When the MMQ dreams he dreams of seasons EXACTLY LIKE THIS!  Michigan undefeated and two very hated rivals spiraling down the pit of despair!  One respected rival is undefeated and while they may seem impossible to beat, beating them, if it can happen, will be that much sweeter when the time comes.   I haven’t felt like this since….2006.  And I'm a gonna' keeeep on dreamin’!!!

NC State @ Clemson:   This game can be summed up in two words:  COLLEGE KICKERS.  Ever wonder why the MMQ in the Pre-Season Spectacular always kind of dismisses special teams and just asks – actually, BEGS these guys to Kick the Ball and Catch the Ball??  That result is why.  Every NC State fan yesterday and this AM is sitting around the coffee station muttering about their lousy kicker.  And how close they were to tasting what it would be like to defeat an undefeated on their home turf.  Yep, College Kickers, man, College Kickers….

BAMA @ Cremesicles:  I think a lot of people thought this game was going to be closer due to the fact that the Cremesicles had played everyone close this season.  I wasn’t as sure based on the first two games the Cremesicles played and usually a bad sloppy team is a bad sloppy team.  Bama is proving to be the measuring stick in all of college football.  A&M will have their hands full next week, but upsets do happen.….

Stanford @ Domers:  Domer Record: 2-5.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  That’s how it is in my dream, almost.  I’m actually a little sad.  Sad because the Domers somehow got those two victories (over Tulsa and Syracuse)!  Things are really starting to come off the rails in South Bend, and while it wasn’t talked about during the game (as near as I could tell) some of the student body did leave the game in uniform fashion.  I read that protest lost some of its luster as it was walking out on fellow students and that was wrong.  Never the less, $warbuck$ has some explaining to do after last season’s contract extension of 6 years, a pay increase, and probably a hefty buy-out.  I’m not that shocked that the Domers keep doing this with substandard coaches.  It’s what they do.  Here’s a nice little link to the Stanford strength coach telling Kelly “Bye-Bye”…Hee-hee….


Vandy @ Georgia:  Losing to the worst Vandy team that they’ve put on the field in a long time has to be close to a fire-able offense in the land of the SEC.  And to lose in the fashion that you lost – domination of the Commodores and losing by a point…I know an SEC team wouldn’t can a coach in his first season…Right?  I mean, Right?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Hello Georgia fans???

Furry rodents @ Maryland:  Claeys righted the road ship and got one against Derkin, which I have a feeling won’t get any easier to do to the Terps as time marches on.  Looked impressive on the road.  Are you guys trying to make Nebraska and Wiscy nervous?

Huskers @ Hosers: Again, Indiana in this game RIGHT TO THE FRIGGIN’ End, but the Huskers prevail to get to 6-0 for the first time since I don’t know when.  And I’m still not sure how good this team is, but 6-0 is 6-0.  I respect ya’, Huskers.  And you’re making the B1G look good again.  And I’m more and more nervous about the Hosers….They’re good enough to spoil someone’s season…

Northwestern @ sparty:  SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS – SOS

First time ever in East Lansing that Donaltonio gets 53 hung on him….This almost isn’t fun anymore…it’s slightly embarrassing to watch (small tear wells up in my eye and slowly falls down my cheek)…I almost feel –

Nope, Nope, Nope!!! I can’t even fake it!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  Oh, how sweet the misery looks on all those faces whenever I see anyone wearing that hideous green and white crap out in the street and I have on the Maize and Blue! If I see them eye-ball me, I simply give ‘em a “Go Blue!” and keep right on walking with a little spring in my step!  Yes – there’s two programs whose fans I love to kick when they’re down.  And this is one of ‘em.  Has there been a better stretch to love hating Sparty in recent memory?  The Hoops team losing to a 15-Seed and now the “football” team sitting at 2-4, looking at a 5-7 season, more than likely?  Dantonninni simply doesn’t have any more rabbits he can pull out of his hat at this point.  That’s a bad team in East Lansing, folks.  A Bad Team.  Yes, they’ll be pumped on October 29th with the “Save Our Season” adrenaline flowing in their veins, but the reality of 3-4 or 2-5 (after Maryland) will still be bitter. Perhaps the Pride got to Sparty before the fall?  Is little brother feeling abused again? Michigan is a very complete team, Sparty Fan, and I have this feeling it won’t be pretty in East Lansing. 

Colrado @ Arizona State:  Colorado – remember that nobody Michigan played back in September, somehow has beaten what was in some places a dark horse to win the Pac12 South and sits at 5-2 on the season.  And they DESTROYED the Sundevils 40-16.  Hmm…..maybe Michigan has played some good teams!  Speaking of which….

suckeyes @ Wiscy:  Oh, we were so close to the big ole Wet Dream of the Wolverine Fan’s Trifecta of all three hated rivals falling on the same Saturday!!!!  Wiscy revealed the suckeyes for what they are:  A BEATABLE team that an efficient offense can move the ball on and a good to great defense can shut down.  Wiscy played great football for about 52 to 54 minutes on Saturday night and then the somewhat inevitable happened.  They let the Suckeyes back in it, couldn’t get down for a possible game winning FG, and went to OT.  How you lower Wiscy in the national standings is beyond me (I think they dropped from 8 to 10).  If anything I’d have moved them up for owing the stat line (313 yards of offense in the first half alone!) And then you’ve got Urban Legend (why is he always got his hands on his knees - does he have heart issues, too?)  with this 15 yard penalty.


It’s funny how different people can look at the same set of facts and come to entirely different conclusions.  I was asked Saturday who I wanted to win in this game and I said, “Wiscy”.  Of course, a Sparty spoke up (so, you know, always look at the source of education and such) and stated it was better for Michigan if the suckeyes won.  I asked why and he stated that beating an undefeated suckeye team in Columbus would be better for Michigan’s ranking in the event they lost the B1G Championship.  And while I understand that rationale, a one loss suckeye team becomes a TWO LOSS suckeye team if Michigan beats them in Columbus.  And if Michigan would lose the B1G Championship, they’re still sitting with just one loss…vs the two that the suckeyes would have who would be completely out of it at that point.  And that would possibly make Michigan that much more attractive in the 4th play-off spot with only 1-loss. Way too many carts before horses, I know.  Stop thinking that way.  One game at a time….

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation Clemson.  While it was a close victory, all the fans will breathe a sigh of relief and be like, “Hey, were fine.  We just have to keep winning and everything will be fine.”  Sure.  The CFP Committee (if they’re doing their job) will notice sucky wins (losses) and say that you were lucky to win that game to a completely unranked team.  Any other 1-loss team will look more attractive than Clemson right now and everyone knows it.
  2. ANGER –Oh, let’s see.  Probably easier to just list ‘em and get it over with:  Domers, Sparty, Puppy Dawgs, Ducks, Boilermakers.   I’m probably forgetting somebody….But those fans are all angry for various reasons – some that their school hasn’t fired their coach and others that they hired a guy that can’t coach a win and still others that fired a coach that could have easily been canned last season if you were going to do it anyway…more on the Boilers in a minute….
  3. Bargaining –Wiscy.  2 losses to the teams that you are supposed to lose to ranked 2 & 3 in the country does not make you a bad football team.  In fact, I think most fans are thinking that Wiscy might be better than one of those teams, they just couldn’t close the deal.   …. 
  4. Depression – Domers and SpartyJust you two this week.  Nobody else to share your misery with.  The pit of despair and depression knows no final depth or bottom and it can and will continue downward into a black and numb nothingness that leaves you feeling completely empty and hollow inside.  No hopes or reasonable goals left for the season.  These teams might come out swinging in the next couple of games, but at the first sign of adversity, they’ll fold like a lawn chair…  There’s no joy in South Bend or East Lansing, friends of the MMQ. And that makes me HAPPY!!!!
  5. Acceptance – Purdue.  This is the 2nd time you’ve earned the spot this season and I wasn’t going to put you down here, but your school fired Hazell.   At least now, you can move on and hopefully, this is the bottom….

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-Apparently, I, like many others, stated I was going to get to “a lot of Crap” during Michigan’s first bye week.

-To give you an idea – I was 5th in line at the boat launch to yank out the ski boat on Saturday morning.

-And there were a half a dozen guys behind me.

-Summer’s officially over.

-And the guy in line in front of me said, “Did we all wait for Michigan’s bye to do this?”

-I guess so…

-Saturday’s just aren’t the same when Michigan’s not playing.

-I feel more objective and less connected to the action.

-I mean, there’s games I wanna’ watch to see how they play out, but it’s different.

-The week prior seemed longer, too.

-NC State hanging with Clemson!

-This game is tied!!!

-Oh, would this be sweet.

-All right little kicker dude – Keep your head down and follow through!

-OMG!  33 yards and you MISSED IT????

-College Kickers, man….They rip your heart and soul out…

-Clemson losing would have been nice

-But this might be just as good. 

-I think they might be the biggest fraud in the Top 5 right now.

-And that’s good if your team makes the CFP as they’re beatable.

-Sparty is not good.

-Uh-oh.  Northwestern rolling.

-Hey – Sparty’s making a comeback!

-Oh, Wait – Nope.  Wildcat Kick-Off return to the HOUSE!

-35 points in the 3rd quarter alone?  Sparty nor the Cats understand the concept of Defense.

-Cats hang 53 on Sparty.  Wow.  Nice….

-Bama abusing the Cremesicles now. 

-Bama’s abusing them Bad.  That Defense is for real…

-Yikes.  The CFP Champ will have to go through the Team from Tuscaloosa

-Not that I’m looking ahead.

-I have to keep reminding myself that the transitive property does not apply.

-Meaning:  A&M has a chance

-Not much of a chance, but a chance….

-Here we go.

-Wiscy hanging tough!

-Taking the lead and all the stats into half time!


-Meaning:  Wiscy only had a little over 200 yards of total offense on Michigan.


-I need to keep reminding myself of that.

-Come On CHEESEHEADS!  Shut them down!

-Whoo-Hoo!   Domers lose!  It’s FINAL!!!  The Domers are 2-5!!  HAHAHA!!!

-Back to Wiscy beating suckeyes.

-Oh Crap.

-Double Crap.

-All Right, OT at home is what you want, but it shouldn’t have gone to OT.

-Crap.  All right Wiscy, You know what you need to do.  Score and get to 2OT.


-Okay, Michigan still gets a shot and Wiscy showed us a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF!!!


7 Weeks into the season known as the College Football Play-off and I know who the frauds are.  AT least I THINK I know.  And I know who’s large and in Charge:

Top 4 teams in the Country and if the play-off were played today:  Without a Doubt:  Bama.  Michigan and the suckeyes. (just cause they won.)  and Clemson only because they won. 

Who’s still got a shot:

  1. B1G Champion:  Nebraska and I can honestly see the argument for a 2 loss Wiscy team if they can somehow get a re-match with either Michigan or the Suckeys and win.
  2. SEC Champion:  Bama, Texas A&M, LSU or Tennessee.  I had Tennessee in there, but there’s just no way an SEC East team is going to do anything to an SEC West team this season in the Championship.
  3. ACC Champion:  Clemson.  This is on very shaky ground right now.  1 loss and Clemson will be on the outside looking in with that pathetic win Saturday. Regardless if they win the ACC. 
  4. PAC 14 Champion:  Washington.   Just keep playing….

The Hot Seat

Week #7’s Hot Seat Mascot.  This week’s Hot Seat Mascot is ring girl Jessica Storie!!!! 


We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….

  1. Miles and Cameron – LSU Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. 
  2. VanGorder – Domer D-Coordinator. 
  3. Ron Turner – FIU. 
  4. Hazell PURDUE! He was number 1 on last week’s Hot Seat, but I didn’t have him on the ECD because I figured the AD would ride this out and have less of a buy-out to deal with.  So, while this is somewhat surprising, it’s really not that surprising.  The TIMING is surprising, but that’s not really either if you know that Purdue hired a new AD last August from Texas Tech and probably saw the apathy, lack of fan and student support and said to himself, “All right – Enough of this!”  Anything to get people back to the stadium.  And don’t forget that Purdue has the new upgrade of the stadium to pay for in a couple of years.  Prediction for new Head Coach:  Les Miles, Turnaround Master!

Electric Chair of Death Seat!

  1. Kelly and $warbuck$ - Kelly lost, so he’s back in the top spot.  As usual, when things turn this ugly in any program, everyone and anyone who supports the program wants to fire anyone and everyone associated with it (see the MMQ Post:   Rutgers – It’s FIFE Time” from 2014  - And it’s hard to believe were only TWO YEARS removed from what had to be the lowest point in the Michigan program). The message boards are now lighting up with fire $warbuck$ and Kelly.  I really don’t know how much longer this can go in South Bend, but it’s going to be one hell of a lot of fun to watch from the cheap seats vs. having to live through it!
  2. Charlie Strong – Texas.  While they plastered Iowa State, I think Charlie even knows that the writing is on the wall.  Nobody wants to miss out on the latest hot-shot in Hermann, and Texas has more money than anyone else.  Maybe not LSU, but they’ll both go as high as needed to get the guy they want.

The Hot Seat – Guy’s that have Hot Seats but Won’t get Canned, Immediately

  1. Helfrich – Oregon.  I think this one is only a matter of when, also. 
  2. Kirby Smart – I don’t THINK the SEC would fire a guy after one season, but damn, this is NOT a GOOD LOOK for Georgia with Richt winning games at Miami.  The SEC may just start renting coaches vs. putting them on long term contracts.
  3. Muschamp  - first season, but still….you never know.
  4. Adazzio  - Boston College
  5. DANTONIO, MARK – MSU.  I’m not saying that Hollis would ever even consider firing this guy…but the seat is warm, none the less.  Sparty’s season has spiraled into the only thing left to play for is beating Michigan and the suckeyes.  Just like old times…
  6. Franklin – PSU.   
  7. Whoever’s coaching USC
  8. Malzhan – Auburn. 

Short List of Available or Desirable Head Coaches

  1. Jimbo Fisher – now sitting with 2 ACC losses, is probably taking phone calls from anyone that’s looking….
  2. Kiffin – Still here and worth the risk
  3. Hermann –Who’s going to get him?
  4. PJ Fleck – Western Michigan is still undefeated and Rowing the Boat!
  5. Willie Taggart  - USF
  6. John Bonamego – Central Michigan
  7. Les Miles AVAILABLE FOR HIRE – Purdue, is that you calling????

Side NFL NOTE:  The Lions win a squeaker and sit at 3-3.  I’ve heard that 0.500 in the NFL after 6 games is pretty good and possibly keeps the door open for the play-offs???

Of course, the Patriots are a healthy 5-1 and Touchdown Tommy is back doing mean things to other NFL teams…with fully inflated balls, too!!!  Just sayin’….