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FMQ Week #8 - PSU Has Always Been Special

Can You Believe The Balls On This Guy???
Just so everyone’s straight – Pitino has been or was:
1.     Under NCAA investigation at Hawaii in the 80’s
2.    Had sex on a restaurant table with someone besides his wife (but only lasted about 30 seconds!)
3.    Was the Head Coach of a team on already on NCAA probation for hosting stripper and hooker parties
4.    Was discovered to be and named as “Coach Number #2” in FBI Indictment documents that was speaking to Gatto multiple times during Bowen’s recruitment.
AAAAAAAAANNNNDDD – What do you do when you’re fired for cause?  Sue Adidas of course!
I’m actually not sure who the sleazier player is in all of this…Pitino or the lawyer that actually believes there’s a case here for Pitino somewhere.  Or maybe it’s a ploy to get discovery evidence and the recorded phone calls that incriminate Pitino…
From Thamel (yahoo sports)
If he knew about the payments to Bowen, he’s brazen enough to blatantly flout NCAA rules while Louisville was still serving its penalties related to the escort scandal. If he didn’t know about the payments to Bowen, then he clearly had no control of a program that violating NCAA rules left and right under his watch.
Pitino clearly prefers the latter to the former. And as the Adidas lawsuit shows, he’s willing to go to great lengths to try to argue that position
Whatever, Pitino’s lack of any humility or self-blame is galling.  It is, as the late, great Bob Ufer would say, “They had the Audacity, the Unmitigated gall to tear down that banner!!!”
THE HIT 20 Years Later:  Why The Targeting Rule Came Into Being
The short version – I remember sitting on a barstool out in Borrego Springs, California with college roommate, tailgater and super fan TJH (LONG STORY – Ask me sometime) watching this game and when I saw this hit, I KNEW one of these guys, or perhaps both, wasn’t walking away from it
The Hit:  15 Years Later – The Long Version
The B1G network did a nice follow up 15 years later about the hit, the surgery Taylor required and the Grade 3 Concussion that Stephenson received as a result.
But they’re both still in football.  It just gets in you and it won’t let go…
But I’m glad targeting is a rule, I just wish it was properly called and enforced.
And the fact that this happened 20 years ago and I can remember it like it was yesterday is kind of weird.  I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I can recall a lot of what happened on “Judgement Day” and Woodson running over people on offense, Griese having a big day, and Michigan just routing the “Paper Tiger” #2 team in the country. 34-8.  And I didn’t even have to look it up….
The stage was now set…
For 25 Years, PSU Has Been Special….
Unless You Happen to be a PSU Fan…Why am I confident?  This is part of the reason….
When Michigan is NOT in the Top 10 and Penn State IS in the Top 10, we have a 5-1 record against the Nittany Lions with our only loss to them being Rich Rod's 3-9 team in 2008, when #3 Penn State beat unranked Michigan 46-17. These weren't fringe Top 10 UM teams either; none of the 5 Michigan wins came when Michigan was in the Top 15, their average ranking was below where we will be this week at #19. 
  • 2007: Unranked Michigan defeats #10 Penn State 14-9 
  • 2005: Unranked Michigan defeats #8 Penn State 27-25
  • 1999: #16 Michigan defeats #6 Penn State 31-27
  • 1998: #22 Michigan defeats #9 Penn State 27-0
  • 1993: #18 Michigan defeats #7 Penn State 21-13
Overall, Michigan is 6-2 against Top Ten Penn State teams, including a 3-1 record in Happy Valley. 
So, okay, yeah, I looked all that up.  But I know Michigan has owned them. 
Who Will We Be Talking About On Monday?
Like Week #7, Week #8 has the potential to create some interesting conversations.  USC goes into South Bend pretty banged up and the Domers are actually playing really good football (especially on Defense).  USC hasn’t been the same team since they won the Rose, playing close game against Utah and losing to Wash State.  Unfortunately, I think we’re talking Domers and CFP in the same sentence Monday.  But I’ll still take USC and the points (see below).. 
IF THEY WIN, we’ll be sick of hearing about Penn State as well. On the flip side, if Michigan pulls it off, we’re discussing Michigan and “controlling their own destiny.”
I might like Texas to beat one school from Oklahoma this year, and OSU is on the docket.  The shorthorns could be spoilers…
Besides the Death Star?  Good question.  I think LSU must’ve had really key people out of the Troy game because that loss just doesn’t make any sense at this point.  I hate to say, “Re-set you’re thinking” regarding LSU, but there’s no way to explain it.  LSU knocked off Florida and then came back against a really good Auburn team at home.  So is it just everyone in the SEC deciding to “suck less” when the time comes to play decent football?  I guess it’ll all get sorted out.  For now, let’s assume that Georgia, LSU and Auburn are still legit and all get a shot at Bama (assuming Georgia wins East).
All is does is make all of them harder to handicap.
So, what did the FMQ in this week?   THE GOD DAMN MICHIGAN – IU Over/Under.  Going to OT put the number right at 47.  House WINS!

 A Win is a Win, Baby!!
Other than that, it was a great picking week, but we didn’t score much cash based on the units bet.  Week #8 doesn’t get any easier as we pretty much know who everyone is at this point and spreads are more easily defined and backed up with data.  Hard to find an edge in any game this week.   
On to this week’s picks:
Week # 8 is a coin flip week.  I don’t have any strong weeks historically in week #8 It’s almost as if we need to take a break or start looking closer at the over/unders. Of course, I just got burnt on one of those, so we’ll just flip coins.
Maryland @ Wiscy (-24):  I really didn’t think the Terps were this bad.  They beat what’s turning into a decent Texas team and then promptly lost their QB and 2nd string QB.  Pickings are slim after that.  But I thought their defense would be better with Durkin steering the ship.  Wiscy is a grind you down team and 24 seems like a lot, but they are home.  Coin Flip - Wiscy.. 
Take Wiscy and lay the 24 for $25
Iowa @ Northwestern (PK):  I kind of hate Pick-Em games.  All you have to do is pick the winner, but this is a tough one to pick.  Northwestern faded against Wiscy, came storming back in the 4th quarter to cover.  I know you can’t go week to week, but I really don’t know who to pick.  Coin Flip - Iowa!  
Take Iowa for $25
OSU @ Texas (+7):  Hermann’s gonna beat someone good this season.  He’s running out of shots, but I have a feeling that he may be able to close the deal on this one, or at least keep it close on the 40 Acres. 
Take the Shorthorns and the 7 for $30
Purdue @ Rutgers (+8):  Rutgers won a B1G Game on the Road last week.  And that screwed me up.  I really felt that the Illini were the better team, but I was wrong.  Purdue is a very good team statistically right now and they should bring Rutgers back down to Earth.
Take Purdue and lay the 8 for $50
Pitt @ Duke (-8):  How did Pitt get so bad so fast??  Narduzzi was being rumored for bigger and better jobs last season and now he’s probably glad that Pitt is tired of hiring coaches.  Duke is good enough to cover the number.
Take Duke and lay the 8 for $40
Illinois @ The Gophers (-13.5):  That’s a lot of points.  Minnesota may trot out a different QB this week and I think the Illini can keep in within a couple of scores, especially as the Gophers can’t really stop anyone.
Take the Illini and the 13.5 for $30
Indiana @ Sparty (-7):  Hmmmm?  Is this spread based on what Michigan did against both these teams?  Indiana is not that bad and had the ball bounced a little differently, they would have beat Michigan. Sparty OTOH, is probably going to get tripped up this season.   Coin Flip – Indiana!
Take Indiana and the 7 for $25
Tennessee @ Bama (-33):  Bama has done so-so against the spread this season (3-4).  However, the ones they are covering have all been over 30 points!  Is that a clue?  No, Tennessee being one of the shittiest teams in the SEC is a bigger clue.    
Take Bama and lay the 33 for $50
Auburn @ Arkansas (+13):  Auburn has me scratching my head a lot.  First, they roll some bad SEC teams and I thought LSU was a bad team, but then they come out in the 2nd half and tank.  What will they do on the road at a really bad Arkansas?  Coin Flip
Take Auburn and lay the 13 for $30
USC @ Domers (-3.5):  Tough game, tough spread.  I like the Domers at home, but 3.5 is a tough number to lay in what may be a tight game.  USC has played a lot of tight ones already this season.  I like the dog here.
Take USC and the 3.5 for $25
Michigan @ PSU (-12.5 MONEYLINE:  Michigan - $320):  A double figure spread in this game?  With Michigan’s defense, I don’t think PSU will be able to “start fast” or get any separation on Michigan in this game.  And if Michigan is still in it in the 4th quarter, PSU will be playing tight.  Of course, they played a tight game in Iowa City this season already and won.  But Iowa covered! 
Take Michigan and the 12.5 for $25
MONEYLINE:  Michigan 20
3 Bet/Team Parlay:   6-1

Purdue – Bama - Duke:   $50

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mid-Week Round Up - PSU Coming Around the Corner

Can you please increase your font size?

Sure!   Here you go!  Back up to 12 point Arial.  I know a lot of you read on your phones.  Hope this helps.

What Did You Want From A 2-Minute Drill?

Okay – I got a text that more or less dinged me for screaming about wanting a 2-Minute Drill right before the half.  A 2-Minute Drill assumes you can actually throw the ball and move it effectively downfield.  But, to counter that argument, Michigan had good field position and should have been able to at least move it into Quin Nordin’s range which is like, what, 70 friggin’ yards?  Play to win and don’t play not to lose is all I’m saying.  I would have been happy putting 3 on the board and sending Indiana into the half with a little more air out of the balloon…

Isn’t it time for Peters?

O’Korn is only averaging a little over 2.8 YPA on passes as a starter.  Can Peters do better?  Valid question.  I’m pretty sure any one of a number of you reading this could suit up and do better.  And I’m sure there’ll be a little practice competition this week as Michigan gets ready for Un-Happy Valley.  I didn’t mention the god-awful read and then throw into double coverage that O’Korn made on Saturday when he tried to force a pass to Crawford and Gentry was standing like a scarecrow in a field all alone.  O’Korn has a vision problem (during the game) and Peters has to be better than that.

Funny thing is, Speight was having the same types of vision problems.  It’s like they’re being told to zone in on the first option and ignore the other receivers.  For two QB’s to have the same type of reading errors is concerning (Especially with Harbaugh) – or are plays getting seen by opposing coaches and defenses know where O’Korn is trying to throw.  Why aren’t they checking down?   I’d love to sit in the QB meeting room reviewing film this week.  Gotta’ do a better job with that…Brian’s Monday Summary at mgoblog is pretty good and worth the read if you haven’t seen it yet.  He’s given up on O’Korn and decided that Peters is the guy that’s here next year – go with him.

That is the question of the week, isn’t it?  I was looking at stats and the teams PSU has faced have a combined record of 19-18.  And only one (Iowa) has a Power 5 winning record.  See where I’m going here?  Yes, PSU has looked impressive, but against middling (at best) competitionAnd they should have lost to Iowa.  They blasted Indiana pretty bad at home (that Michigan just struggled with), but, frankly I’m starting to see a way (SIDE NOTE:  Barkley had his worst performance – 2.5 YPA - against Indiana where Michigan just reeled off close to 6 yards per rushing attempt!).  Wait till Friday gets here and I’ll be taking the MONEYLINE (currently at $320!!)

Can Michigan’s Offense Do Anything Against PSU?

404 File Not Found…All right, wait.  Let’s take a stab at this…  I do think Michigan will be able to rush the ball.  Perhaps quite efficiently, but we’ll have to see.  And the Game Plan will probably be based on slowing the game down as much as possible.  If O’Korn (or Peters) can come out and at least be serviceable, maybe good things can happen in Un-Happy Valley.  Nordin may have a big dayThere’s no shame in winning with Figgies.

Things Are Getting Ugly In Maryland

I forgot to mention that Durk’s Terps lost to the Purple Kitties on Saturday.  But things are even stranger in what appears to be an ugly transition at AD.

Current AD Anderson hasn’t been showing up for home games (missed all 3). It appears some type of buyout, job transition or exit plan has been in the works for weeks, as Anderson and president Wallace Loh have been at odds.  When questioned about Anderson, two different Maryland athletic spokesmen declined comment on Saturday, pointing to a tweet that stated Anderson is the Maryland AD.  They also pointed the reporter to a university spokesperson that responded by text: “Kevin Anderson is our AD.”
As a hilarious bonus, the internal candidate most likely to replace Anderson will likely bring up another public-relations headache. Senior associate athletic director Damon Evans “arrived instead of Anderson at Durkin’s postgame press conference” on Saturday, according to The Washington Post. Evans got fired as the athletic director at Georgia in 2010 after being pulled over for a DUI and found with a “red pair of lady’s panties between [his] legs.” They belonged to a woman in the passenger seat who was not his wife. Evans later told the officer, “I’m not trying to bribe you, but I am the athletic director at Georgia.”
With all of the PC Correctness flying around regarding how we can speak about stuff?  This is gonna’ get good!!!

For The Last Time…

If you recall, when UNC first got “caught” in African American Studies gate in 2010, many believed that this was a potential “Death Penalty”, or at the minimum a forfeiture of games and National Titles.  (The MMQ was on record that UNC was in deep doo-doo).  UNC was immediately put on Academic probation in 2011 and as of today is still on Academic Probation with the Southern Association of Colleges as they haven’t totally cleaned up their act, which, frankly, I figured was the smoking gun and UNC was going to be punished heavily for cheating.

Wetzel covers it here and an excerpt:

Carolina even changed its argument for the NCAA. When the school was in front of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which accredits it as an actual university, it declared that no-show, no-professor, no-work classes were wrong.
UNC reported to its accreditor that what occurred for nearly 18 years on its campus was academic fraud,” the NCAA report stated. ” … Specifically, UNC admitted [it] demonstrated that, ‘the academic fraud was long-standing.'”


I’m still pissed from Friday’s announcement of what was clearly academic fraud at UNC for university athletes to take a two page, 3 credit “Paper Class” without a professor where the grades given out were not even on a curve and usually resulted in at least a B.  And UNC obviously had an un-fair advantage in all sports as a result
Read that last sentence again: 


Some of you chimed in that all schools have these “Types of Classes” where student athletes or whoever could take and get a decent grade to up their GPA.  Sure, I get it. It doesn’t make it right.

If the NCAA cannot find a way to somehow enforce and punish a school for something this blatant, than it really should just get out of enforcement of any rules and go run it’s billion-dollar hoops tournament. 
Stop policing schools, let them self-police and be done with the hypocritical stances and policies that never catch and punish anyone that’s blatantly cheated
But wait – you can get busted and put on probation for over-stretching…That’s covered.

And you better not have Football Summer Camps In SEC COUNTRY, cause that creates and unfair advantage!

NCAA – Go “F” yourself…

Casual Slappy Fans Are Not Very Good At Math

I happened to get into a casual conversation with a fan that made the comment that “No one is going to beat Bama.  They will roll over everyone on their schedule.”  I started to make my standard argument as to how hard it truly is to “Win them all” and this guy was having none of it.  And the sad part is he’s a poker player that’s actually pretty good.  Meaning, I figured he could do basic math.  Never assume anything… 

Here’s a table for the mathematically impaired that will (hopefully) demonstrate why, probabilistically, it’s always a safe bet to say that nobody is going undefeated.  It’s simple to make in Excel (15 games, enter probabilities, multiply them out) and you can see for yourself.  Even the slappiest of slappies that assume their team is 95% to win most of the games on their schedule and then 80% to win the Conf. Championship and the CFP games only has less than a 25% chance to go undefeated.  As you read across the columns, you can see that a more reasonable look drives the final probabilities into the single digit and less areas.  I’ll agree that Bama has the best chance, but I’d gladly bet even money that they lose one somewhere along the way. 

(I also used Michigan’s schedule with what I thought reasonable probabilities were for Michigan to win their games.  Notice I even have the “less than 50% chance games” in there, driving the overall probability down to under, well, let’s not talk about that.) 

Notice I didn’t say that Bama wouldn’t win title.  I just think they might lose to either LSU or Auburn because the math supports it.  And they lost the most important one last season. 
Clemson lost to Pitt last year and still won the Big One.  It happens.

What’s even more amazing is when you get a college basketball team that somehow manages to go 29-30 games without losing.  That probability is incredibly low!  But it just goes to show that basketball is a little more predictable (I know, I can’t believe I typed that) when you have a dominant team. 

Hoops Pre-Season B1G Poll IS Out

For those that are into suck things….Surprise!  Sparty #1 and Michigan tied for 5th.
Preseason poll
1. Michigan State (28 – unanimous)
2. Purdue (80)
3. Minnesota (90)
4. Northwestern (115)
T-5. Maryland (155)
T-5. Michigan (155)
7. Wisconsin (168)
8. Iowa (204)
9. Indiana (270)
10. Penn State (280)
“How would we fare against the #1 HS team? (IMG Academy)” - (Kansas)
“The Muschamp O was better than this!” -
“I thought these players liked this coach.” -
“Its obvious that the Charlie Strong recruits have left the building” -
“We’re only two plays from being 5-1!” -
The PC Police have been out en-force this past week!!
Al Michaels goes off and compares the hapless NY Giants to Harvey Weinstein and later apologizes – But I thought it was hilarious!  No apology necessary Al!
And I thought Golden Knights tweet referencing the movie TED the talking bear was kind of funny, also, but apparently we are all 100% PC when it comes to comedy.  (With the exception that you’re free to bash the president whenever for whatever).
Another bunny from 1993 scored in the Michigan – Purdue game!
You know, I think I might actually like Urban Legend’s wife a little more…She more or less tweeted Tebow over Kapernick and had no sympathy for Gonzalez…But she also apologized.
This is Cool…And you have to watch it a couple of times as it goes through the weeks.  I’ve been watching from the beginning and losing to Sparty really sucked as all the M’s went away.  But beat PSU and there’s a huge land acquisition in the making.

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TGFH and Upset Friday & Saturday!

Today will be brief on the re-cap.  When there isn’t a lot of good to comment on, I don’t like to kick a team when they won.  And AWIAW.  That is, “A win is a win”. 
I should have thought of this for the FMQ, but it’s still a classic and we should honor the Ufe every time Michigan plays the Hoosiers:

Back to today’s entry title:  what’s the TGFH all about? 

Thank God For Higdon

He was the lone bright spot (200 yards rushing) in what was otherwise a pretty un-remarkable game for the Michigan Wolverines.  The defense sputtered, O’Korn is out of his depth when he’s a starter and Michigan is literally receiverless.  10 out of 20 for 58 yards passing yards against INDIANA????  And with a little less than 2 minutes to go in the 1st half, Michigan managed to run- get this – they ran TWO PLAYS for 7 yards!!!  That’s some 2-miute drill, donchathink?  Oh, and on the first series coming out of half time, Michigan went an all TOO FAMILIAR 3 AND OUT!!!!  If anyone asks:  This was approximately the time when I lost my mind and began drinking heavily

Did I miss anything?

Oh yes:  I almost forgot.  Michigan did set a school record with a whopping 16 penalties on Saturday!  3 on ONE SINGLE Defensive PLAY ALONE!

Wait Mr. MMQ – There HAS TO BE SOME Bright Spots? 

Uh, let’s see….they won?

The coaching was better regarding play-calling, but Michigan seems to telegraph their intentions when they get to the line of scrimmage.  I was mentally trying to call what Michigan would run (on offense) and I think through the first half I missed about 4 plays…

Again, that’s a problem.  I could offer my services to every B1G team that Michigan plays from this point going forward and sit next to the opposing team’s D-coordinator during the game and tell him what’s coming.  And it would make me a valuable commodity.

So, Penn State looms and a QB-less Michigan goes into a night game in Happy Valley.  However, I absolutely hate throwing Peters into that showcase and have that team and that crowd turn him into a shell of a human being

Problem is – I don’t think O’Korn fares any better.  He’s just not a starter.  Great off the bench when he hasn’t had a week to think about it, but craps his diaper when he’s going to be “The Guy”.  It’s gonna’ be ugly in Happy Valley.  The 10.5 early point spread is a gift and might creep up to the 14-point rangeIF you’re laying the points, jump on the 10.5. 

What to do?  I don’t like coming back to this, but I expected more out of Harbaugh at this point.  Penalties are a sign of a frustrated team.  This team is exactly that.  I expected that Harbaugh would have taken his NFL hat off and realize that sometimes you need to go away from the standard vanilla NFL style offense that keeps you in a game and go to a “surprise” approach in order to keep opponents on their toes. 

What does it mean for PSU?

It means it’s going to be a long night in Happy Valley and while Michigan has sort of, kind of owned Penn State, I have a feeling all those years of misery that Michigan was dumping on Lions may come hauntingly back to roost

Of course, the last time PSU was ranked in the top 5 and came into the Big House and no one gave Michigan a chance to win the game, this happened:

So, we have that going for us, which is nice…

The Rest of the Mess

YHMA You Have My Attention

Bryce Love:   The 2nd place (soon to be first if Michigan’s D can contain Saquon Barkley) Heisman candidate has 1,387 rushing through 7 games this season.  He didn’t even play in the 2nd half on Saturday due to a minor injury and Shaw simply didn’t need him.  Love’s all-purpose yards stand at 1,406.  Assuming he keeps that pace, he could possible hit 2,500 yards for the season.  That’s incredible!

Cal:  Completely and utterly dominated Wash State on a Friday night GD Pac 12 AD game.  (That’s “God Damn Pac 12 After Dark” as those late games are ruining my weekends.)  Cal looked very impressive in the dismantling of the Coogs.  I watched a completely different team a week ago defeat USC.  I guess the old saying is accurate:  You have to show up every week.

Bama:  I guess it’s the world against Satan at this point.  Alabama looked like an extremely complete football team on Saturday.  They lack nothing.  They are truly a Death Star…that is favored by 38 points in a rivalry game against the hapless Cremesicles.
NC State:  Now, go into South Bend and validate this season!

TIYFC - Turn In Your Football Cards

Cornsuckers:  I was hoping you might at least be competitive.  But as they say:  Hope in one hand and you know what in the other and see which one fills up faster.  The Huskers hired AD Moos from Washington State and the Riley re-assignment is probably a foregone conclusion.  Best thing on Twitter on Saturday“Watching Nebraska now is like seeing a once popular band play at the free stage at the State Fair”

Arkan-see-sas:  See Nebraska.  If Bielema somehow survives this season, it won’t be as result of this game.  Hawgs weren’t even competitive.  They sucked.  I think Brett really wants the buy-out at this point. 

CUD – Complete, Unmitigated Disasters!!!

Clemsoning:   Syracuse isn’t that good but the regular Clemson Tigers didn’t show up.  At least, not the Clemson team that had dominated the college football world through 6 weeks of play.  Everyone who’s lost to Clemson wishes they would have had a shot at the team that was on the field on Friday night.  Yes, losing the starting QB is a problem, but Clemson should have been able to absorb that set-back against the ‘Cuse.  Big upset and great win for the Orange.  Clemson has entered the 1-loss “No Mistake Territory” of the season. 

SOW:   The State of Washington was riding high last Monday and this Monday, they are crawling into work and grumbling around the water coolers and coffee station bitching about what could have been.  The Huskies loss is truly a headscratcher as Arizona State had been giving up 30 points a game and they could only score 7?  Unfortunately, I think both of those losses kind of takes Washington (plural) out of the CFP discussion.
And the QB from Oregon State did this:

Flippin’ Into The End Zone!

Auburnt:  You won that game, right?  I mean, you were leading 20-0 in the 3rd quarter, right?  That’s a lead you can manage and win the game, right?  Malzhan just got back into the Hot Seat lead with that uninspired 2nd half of play.

Louisville:  I know you’ve already been in this category once, but losing to BC at home 45-42 when Lamar Jackson tallies 526 yards is just…well, it’s not good. 

Gatorland:  These are the games that are pissing the gatorland fans off.  COMPLETELY OUT-STATTED Texas A&M (more yards, 1st downs, and TOP).  Still 0-fer against SEC West teams this season…

Cremesicles:  Lost to South Carolina and Bama is on the horizon.  Jones status is dire and the fans have had enough…

CBOTL – Come Back Off the Ledge

These are losses that looked bad, but there’s no reason to panic and sell the season duckets yet.

Purdue:  Almost pulled off the upset of the Cheeseheads.  Brohm is turning into the best hire of the B1G and even though Purdue’s record doesn’t warrant it, Brohm should get some honorable mentions for B1G Coach of the Year.

Utah:  Had the guts to go for a road win and went for 2 with 42 seconds left in the game.  Personally, I thought Utah was playing well enough to take the issue into OT, but Wittingham had other ideas.  I didn’t mind the call, but the play execution was atrocious.  Gottta have a 2-point play that gives you a better than 50-50.

PGL – Pretty Good Loss

Texas:  In a rebuilding year under a new head coach, losing late by a score isn’t terrible, but you’d rather have the W. 

WWB – We Won, But…We Should Be Worried

Michigan:  Saturday night could be a disaster of biblical proportions in the making.  I’m worried.  And if I’m worried, you should be worried, assuming you’re a Michigan fan. 

Miami:  You were beat up and down the field and got a last-minute Figgie to win. I know, a win is a win, but they’re not going to get any easier from this point forward.
And the Rest…

BC @ Louisville:  Formerly winless in the ACC Boston College went into Louisville and beat last year’s Heismann trophy winner 45-42!  LOL!!!

MSU @ Gophers:  Gophers come storming back but it wasn’t quite enough against the Spartans. 

TCU vs. K-State:  TCU is striking me as possibly being the real deal and may soon get my attention.  Normally competitive K-State was NOT Competitive Saturday and TCU dominated.

Akron @ Western:  Didn’t play Saturday because THIS:

They claimed they pumped over a Million gallons of water out of the stadium.  And then lost on Sunday to Akron by a point…Nuts.

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation Michigan.  We still only have one loss!  The season can be saved!!   
  2. ANGER –Clemson did what they haven’t done in a long time and went “Clemsoning” again in Syracuse.    
  3. Bargaining –Anyone one of the 4 following fanbases:  Clemson, Auburn, Washigton and Wash State…
  4. Depression –Florida...So if you do fire McElwain, how does if fix ANYTHING?
  5.  Acceptance – Gophers and Louisville.  There’s always next year.

Ref NCAA Rants!

I still can’t believe the pussification of the NCAA at this point in timeAcademic fraud is Academic Fraud, by any other name.  I’m pissed that the cop-out of:  Well, yeah, they were “Write a two-page paper classes, but EVERYONE COULD TAKE THE Classes!” somehow gets UNC off the hook.  BTW –TO Everyone that DOESN’T want to pay Student Athletes:  UNC reportedly spent close to $20M (That’s $20,000,000) to defend this case over the last 7 years.  7 Years!  Think that money could have gone to say…hmmm, I dunno, paying student athletes or at least creating better academic classes for student athletes to take?  The Business of Sports?  Instead, it went to a bunch of lawyers and lined their pockets.  And they’re laughing all the way to the bank!
I’m still pissed.  Incredible waste of time, money, and human resources.  If this is your conclusion, why take so long and waste so much money and human effort?  Or is that the NCAA’s way of making you pay when they knew they didn’t have a case?  Make you lawyer up and defend yourself until your bank account feels the pinch. 
If that’s your line of thinking, then strip the titles (initially) and make UNC appeal and waste some more time and dough.

F’ing Morons….

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-So Clemson went “Clemsoning”
-As did Wash State
-And that wasn’t even competitive
-How can one team be so high one week and so down the next?
-Game Day!
-Why James Madison?
-I get that FCS schools need love too…
-But FBS should really be Game Day’s focus
-However the crowd really shows up at JMU
-And they couldn’t even find a guest picker?
-ESPN had to turn to one of their own?
-That should really be enough to tell you not to do FCS anymore…
-And Corso scared the JMU mascot nearly off the table!

-Michigan at noon.
-I have a queasy feeling about this game.
-Like Indiana might be sneaky good.
-Play-calling is better
-At least airing it out on 1st down on occasion
-Why couldn’t DPJ get under that ball?
-O’Korn, you have to make that pass
-Higdon a machine right now
-At least were run blocking better…
-Of course, it is Indiana
-Nordin and Higdon are having good games
-Okay – 2 minutes to go in the half
-Let’s do the two-minute drill and-
-Wait - WTF are we doing? 
-Final 5 minutes in the 1st half and 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd half are THE MOST IMPORTANT IN ANY GAME!
-2 F@#$ING PLAYS?  With a Minute and 46 seconds left?
-2 F@@#$%ING PLAYS?????
-I hate you Harbaugh.
-Play the fucking game to win
-Okay start of the 3rd
-March down and score
-3 and out on the first series after halftime?  3 AND OUT???
-3 AND OUT????
-Harbaugh – you’re clearly not reading the MMQ!
-O’Korn is lost out there. 
-Isn’t a good starter.
-Can come off the bench (Purdue)
-Can’t start….
-Defense seems to be slipping a little
-Been on the field a lot
-It’s Indiana, for crap’s sake.
-Stop these guys!
-All right, up two scores in the 4th
-Harbaugh – Would you PLEASE KEEP CALLING PLAYS like you NEED TO SCORE!
-Playing “Not to lose” is a recipe for disaster
-3 and out?
-And there it is.  Big punt return by IU
-And there it is.  All IU needs is a Figgie.
-No - 3 and out…There’s a F!@#$!$%ING PATTERN HERE!
-And there it is
-46 Yard Figgie and we’re going to OT
-I wonder how long this will last…
-Hold them!
-Doesn’t feel like a win….
-Feels like impending doom

Will return when the Committee makes their first ranking!

The Hot Seat

Still looking for Hot Coach’s wives suggestions!

It’s no wonder why Bielema wants his buy-out to get to the beach!  He has an extremely beach-worthy wife!  I would say the Bielema married above his status.  Million dollar contracts will do that….

We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….
  1. “Holier than Thou” Hugh Freeze
  2. Andersen – Oregon State
  3. Kugler – Texas El Paso 

Electric Chair of Death Seat!
  1. Riley - Nebraska.  Just gonna leave the comment from last week:  As the great Corso says, “Lose at home and it’s okay.  Getting BLOWN OUT at home is a recipe for disaster…”.
  2. Bielema – Not sure how he survives the season
  3. Butch Jones – Ditto…

The Hot Seat

1.    Fedora – UNC 
2.    Mulzahn – Up 20 and lose on the road?  And out-coached by Orgeron?
3.    OdomMizzou.  Luckily he’s a grad.  Might survive a bad season
4.    Mullen – uh oh.  But he’ll get a job somewhere else.  Too good of a coach.
5.    Sumlin:  Still needs a big Win. 
6.    McElwain Two SEC losses in a row to bad SEC West teams
7.    Ogeron -LSU  slowly moving down the list with wins
8.    Rich Rod
9.    Graham
10. Beatty – Kansas.  They really suck
11. Lovie Smith – Illinois.  Lost the Battle of the B1G Basment
12. Ruhle – Baylor.  Could go win-less

First we had the squirrel.  Now we have a Jack Rabbit for Heisman!