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Transfers, Spring Practice Misc, Etc...

Transfers, Spring Practice Misc, Etc…

Speight Transfers To UCLA
To all the folks that thought that Speight wouldn’t get a shot with a big-time program:   Wilton Speight is off to be a Bruin.
This fan ain’t surprised.
I know a lot of you were ready to throw Speight out with the bath water last season mostly due to the fact that Michigan’s O-Line couldn’t block a girl scout troop hauling cookies in their wagons.  But I still remember what Speight was able to accomplish two seasons ago in 2015, before his injury at Iowa. 
Speight had one of THEEEEEE BEST HALFS of Football of any Michigan QB against Penn State. 
The highest QB rating for a Michigan QB. 
So the fact that he’s got a pretty good highlight reel (when someone is blocking for him) is evidence enough. 
I would have preferred that Speight stayed.  Experience is hard to replace.  But good luck to him and who knows?   There’s a chance Michigan may actually have to beat Speight at some point.
The “Idiots In Indy” Taking Their Own Sweet Time…

I’m a little worried about how long this Patterson decision from the Idiots In Indy is taking.  Everyone with half a brain believes that Ole Miss was less than honest in their recruiting and communication to the class of 2016 (Patterson’s) and that should be enough to allow the immediate release of Patterson from Ole Miss and a waiver of the “sit one year rule” when transferring of an undergrad. 

I wrote earlier that I thought it was a bout 50-50 as to which way the decision would go.  The Idiots In Indy like to fall back on their asses, er, “Rule Book” when it comes to crap like this.  And the rule book does sort of in a way, cover a school on athletic probation and/or firing of the head coach.  I’m still feeling 50-50 as of right now…

Based on the fact it’s taking the Idiots In Indy so long to make this decision doesn’t sit well with this fan.  There can’t be that much bureaucracy in any organization that could drag this decision out any longer than it’s already been dragged out. 

Meaning:  the Idiots In Indy are waiting for a Hot News day or something to make their announcement to avoid the heat that will undoubtedly result from a decision that forces Patterson to sit…Regardless of what Attorney Mars is saying.  I know he’ll make a helluva’ noise if Patterson isn’t granted immediate eligibility, but noise is just that: 


Just sayin’…

The Spring Practice Report & Game That Wasn’t

Takes from Spring Practice:

QB Battle:  It’s Patterson all the way.  Patterson is the 2nd coming of Tate Forcier and Chad Henne combined.  A Play Maker that can execute the necessary plays when needed but has the ability to create when things go awry…So, there’s that. 

The Offensive Line got some “Swag and Attitude” and were tired of getting pushed around.  To that I say, “good.”  Instead of losing 9 out of every 10 to the 1st string “D”, reports have it around 5 wins to 5 losses over 10 plays this spring.  So, that’s gotta’ be a good sign, doesn’t it? 

The Receivers are responding well under McElwain’s direction, but they are lacking some of the “big league” break-away techniques and abilities that they will work on over the summer.

Running backs look solid.  That is all.

Defense – fughedaboutit.  No worries, not a ONE on Defense.  Michigan lost 2 starters and rumors are the back-ups and the replacements are performing at the same or in some cases, higher levels than the guys they’re replacing.

So, in a way, while it was sad not to see the product on the field, it’ll be fun to see it for the first time against the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!) on September 1st.

Most Interesting Report:  Harbaugh became more Human.  Hugging it out with guys, having fun and most of all, changing his approach to a less workman like and more family oriented effort that we’re all in this together. 

The Michigan Wolverines:  All OR Nothing

I haven’t seen this in its entirety yet and I feel like a bad fan for not downloading it and watching.  However, some of you HAVE seen it and have stated that I NEED TO WATCH THIS ASAP!

A trailer:

Apparently, it’ll make you feel better about the Wolverines…

Wagner To Enter NBA Draft

I’m going to miss this guy…

I believe that Moe must have talked to SOMEONE that stated they might take a shot at him in the 1st round if someone else was already gone or not available.  I know the mock drafts have Wagner mid 2nd round, but usually, they don’t know much.  And there’s a LOT of Beilein talent in the NBA right now getting it done, making the project of getting someone like Mo Buckets ready to play at the next level a little bit less of a project. 

Still, makes you wonder.  I hope he drafts high enough to get above the league min or else it won’t have been worth it. 

The Pilot From The Crash BROKE ALL THE RULES!

I messaged you some of this link and everyone should read the story. 

The Pilot broke all the rules, but probably saved 116 lives in the process of breaking those rules.  The FAA and NTSB or going to pull their hair out with this one.  Aborting a take-off after reaching the point of no return speed is the biggest no-no of all.  The pilot made a judgment call and stated that the plane felt “nose heavy” and aborted take-off, stating that there wouldn’t be a take-off.  In addition, the plane was trying to take off in high winds where it had been sitting in cross winds that reached up to 70 mph that day.  And there was a check list requirement that if the plane was sitting in a high cross wind:

The MD-83 is a passenger adaptation of the DC-9, put in use from 1985-99. The manufacturer, McDonnell Douglas, merged with Boeing in 1997, so it was Boeing that issued a maintenance caution in 2015.
Cited in the report, it said that if there’s any possibility the plane has been subjected to winds of more than 75 mph, and the aircraft has not been parked facing the wind, all flight controls should be checked visually and also moved by hand.

But it wasn’t done as no one knew who that responsibility fell on.  Ultimately, it’s the Captain. 

In the end, the planes rear elevator was malfunctioning, due to what is believed to be the cross winds. 

The apparent cause of what the NTSB refers to as a “rejected takeoff” was known within days.
A plane’s two elevators, left and right, straddle the tail and are the primary means of controlling pitch. The one on the right was stuck in a trailing-edge-down position, preventing a viable takeoff.
“You can’t see them,” Powell says; the elevators are nearly 150 feet behind the cockpit and 30 feet off the ground. The controls operated properly during pre-flight check, according to statements by one pilot, and “as long as you have freedom of movement, that’s what everybody has traditionally used.”

Screw-ups and more screw-ups. 

We’re lucky to still be talking about this team and what they accomplished last season and this season vs. still mourning what would have been an national tragedy.


Why I Hate This Time of Year…

All the Collegiate Sports Radio discussions are on football and who will beat Bama’.  That’s it.  It gets REALLY, REALLLY, REALLLLLY, old if you like listening to college sports talk.

Larry Nassar University Update

There’s something in the news from LNU just about every day.

I’m actually pretty shocked that the rank and file LNU alumni and fans haven’t stepped up and rallied and told LNU how to resolve this issue. 

Why John Engler is still at the helm of LNU is a bit of a mystery as well.  I didn’t think it could POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE under Engler after what Simon had done, but this has been a very real, “Hold my Beer!” couple of months for Former Gov Engler

Engler reportedly asked one of the victim’s for her “number” and reportedly offered her $250K in order for her to go away and drop her civil suit. 

The Penn State cases averaged in the $3M range, and that all came out of the University’s endowment.  Engler stating that tuition and taxpayers are going to have to “bear the burden” of the ensuing settlements is not only wrong, but the State of Michigan needs to being proceedings that will more or less force LNU to do the same as Penn State and dip into the Endowment coffers to settle these lawsuits.  There’s no WAY Michigan taxpayers or future students should have to share in the costs of LNU’s negligence. 

Again – Where in the F@$%@ck is the Alumni Outrage over this?  Or is the whole LNU world simply blind to what’s going on?

I dunno’.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

NC Re-Caps & MORE

Sorry for the delay in all of this…

But I like writing this drivel better in the office.  It helps me think about other stuff that I need to do. 

Anyway, as late as it is, it is what it is…

Hockey Recap

Location:  The Daquiri Shak, Madeira Beach, Florida  11:45 PM

Ouch.  That’s really all I can say.  Ouch. 

Give up a 2-0 lead?  Ouch

Tire the game at 3-3.  Not so much ouch….

Let in a dribbler with 5.2 tics left on the game clock?  HUGE OUCH!

Yes, it could have happened just as easily in Sudden Death OT, but me and the guy I was watching with assumed we were going to OT.  And then it didn’t happen….

Game Recap

Location:  Gators Bar, Madeira Beach, Florida

Well, this sucks….

Could ANYONE Have Beaten Villanova?

I was looking at the game stats…

And it wasn’t pretty.  Yes, Michigan missed EVERYTHING, but Villanova, especially the DiVincenzo kid, hit pretty much EVERYTHING.  I now know exactly how Texas A&M feels…

Villanova played as well as they’ve played all season, well above their stat line, which is highly unusual for a team that’s facing Michigan’s Defense.  So, they are a deserving Champion, as much as it pains me to type those words…And some 6th man who averaged 7 points a game all season comes out and puts a Spike Albrecht on you and scores 31, well, you’re probably gonna’ get screwed….

If Michigan could have just HIT close to their stat line, this game might be a 7 to 9 point affair in the 2nd half with Michigan in some sort of 3-point two possession striking distance.  It was never really that close.  

Even though Michigan jumped out to an early lead in the 1st, you had that feeling in the back of your mind that things were going to get ugly fast unless Michigan could hit some threes

Sometimes, it’s just not your night.  And Monday was one of those times.  I’m not going to elaborate any more, as it really doesn’t matter.

I mean, I guess it does.  So Close and yet SO FAR….

So What Happens Now?

Good Question.  MAAR is definitely done, but everyone else (including Wagner) may be coming back.  Right now, a lot of NBA mock drafts have Wagner in the middle of the 2nd round, more or less making him a Development League candidate and more or less average salary in the NBA.  My guess is there’s a lot of discussion this week and weekend while Moe’s parents are in town discussing whether or not he should go into the draft or hang around 1 more season.  Development League is no fun and many guys go there and flame out without ever getting a chance to play under the bright NBA lights (Adrian Payne, anyone???).  Another year in college might move Wagner up to that first round money and also give him a chance to develop against better competition.  Matthews is another question mark and would probably benefit from another season at this level before heading into the draft. 

We’ll see what happens. 

“Michigan Was An Un-Worthy National Championship Opponent!!!”

Some talking head on ESPN (I believe it was J. Hill, who should have been canned eons ago) was talking and stated that Michigan was an unworthy National Champion Opponent for Villanova and that the process for deciding the NC was flawed if a team as “weak” as Michigan could make the finals…

My blood is still boiling.  I hate all talking heads, but ones that make blanket, ignorant statements as dumb as the one above are the ones that rile me up.  Michigan was statistically playing better than anyone in the country with the exception of one team, Villanova.  Michigan beat the 5 teams they needed to in order to get to the NC.

That’s all you can do as a team.

And of course, these are the same knuckleheads that didn’t have Michigan in the FF or the NC game, so whatever.  I just wish they’d all shut up

Ole Miss Up To Ole Trix…

In what can only be described as something straight out of the Democrat Play Book, “Lie, Lie and Keep On Lyin’!”, Ole Miss chose to respond and deny Shea Patterson’s immediate eligibility transfer request.  Why the NCAA hasn’t completely thrown the book at Ole Miss at this point is unbelievable, and their objection is totally so SEC and so Ole Miss that I guess we should just learn to accept these things.  Mars is Mars in his quotes and the tearing apart of the objection….

 “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Ole Miss hired Pinocchio to write its response to Michigan’s waiver request,” Mars said Monday night.
In Mars’ work as counsel for Nutt and, later, the transfers, he revealed Freeze’s misinformation campaign was initiated when Ole Miss received a notice of allegations from the NCAA two years ago.
Mars surgically gutted the Ole Miss response Monday night.
“It appears that whoever wrote Ole Miss’s response to Michigan’s waiver request wasn’t aware that Ole Miss publicly apologized to Houston Nutt last October for making misleading statements to the sports media about the NCAA case,” Mars said. “There was no mention of the public apology in Ole Miss’s response. What’s more, the misleading statements to the sports media that Ole Miss publicly apologized for six months ago were the same misleading statements that Shea and a dozen other players and their parents say Ole Miss was telling them at the same time — both in person and over the phone.
I’m curious as to what the Idiots In Indy will do in this case.  If they are truly concerned about the protection of the student athletes and student athletes not being “used” by the system, than it should be a no brainer ruling in favor of Shea.  However, if the Idiots In Indy prevail, my guess is they will point to the circumstances, their own archaic rules used to protect universities to keep student athletes from transferring “Willy-Nilly”, and more or less tell the parents and student athletes, “Hey, you have two eyes and could see what was going on down there.  This was a bad decision originally on your part and there’s nothing we can do about it.” 

Based on the past performance of the Idiots In Indy, I’d give Shea about a 50-50 chance of actually being eligible to play this season.  And he’ll be the most talked about QB all year if he’s told he has to ride the bench. 

And the Idiots In Indy will pay the price with another black eye

 Izzo’s In Deeper Shit, If That’s Even Possible…

There’s a new suit in town.  Law Suit, that is.  A woman is claiming that in 2015 she was raped by 3 members of the LNU Hoops team. 

3 Members.  Of the LNU Hoops Team.

And she was initially told to stay quiet and that making this type of allegation could potentially have consequences. 

She has now changed her mind and come forward. 

The victim, then an 18-year-old MSU student studying to be a sports journalist, was at Harper’s Bar in East Lansing with her roommate. After midnight, some basketball players arrived and one of them offered to buy the victim a drink and introduce her to other teammates, according to the suit.
One of the team members invited the woman to a party and lied and said her roommate was on her way there, the suit alleges.
She accepted a ride with two of the basketball players and ended up at an apartment where one of them lived, but her roommate was not there and there was no party, according to the lawsuit. The victim was feeling very hungry, thirsty and “discombobulated,” the suit says. She tried to text but could not control her thumbs and the suit alleges she thought she may have been drugged.
One of the players pulled her into a bedroom and told the victim, “You are mine for the night,” according to the suit, but she was able to leave the bedroom. The player who lived at the apartment offered to show the victim basketball memorabilia, and the room went dark, according to the suit.
She was thrown face-down on the bed and held in place while one of the players raped her, the suit alleges, then the other two players came in and took turns raping her.
The next morning, the victim went back to her dorm room. Unsure what to do, she told a friend what had happened, the suit says.
“Plaintiff was distraught, traumatized and crying,” the suit says
Michigan State University’s campus counseling center discouraged a female student from contacting police after she claimed she was raped by three prominent basketball players, according to her complaint Monday filed in federal court.
The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, comes on the heels of the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal that rocked MSU and follows a string of sexual assault allegations against Spartan athletes
The week after the alleged assault, the woman went to MSU’s Counseling Center and disclosed the incident to a staff member, the suit says. When she told the employee that the rape involved members of the basketball team, another person was brought into the room and they told the victim she could file a police report but cautioned her about the consequences of doing so, according to the complaint.

I like Tom Izzo.  There, I said it.  But Izzo has issues at this point.  I really believe he needs to take a long, hard look at what’s happening in his program and around him at LNU and do the right thing – take a step away. 

This is starting to look even MORE like the Penn State case and Joe Pa waited too long to step down. 

Izzo’s goose may already be cooked.  Who knows for sure, but something at LNU has gotta’ give. 

As they say, the buck stops at the top. 

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So Who's It Gonna' Be?

Game Recap

Location:  Gators Bar, Madeira Beach, Florida

I have to admit, Florida is a great place to watch the Final Four.  Especially over Spring Break.  Florida does become Michigan South, and Michigan Men and Women took over Gators and claimed it as “Crisler Arena South!”.

Photo of Pre-Game and the Maize Rage Representing!!!

What impressed me the most was the hospitality of the staff and a couple of them even joining in when yours truly led the crowd the singing of the Victors immediately after the National Anthem!  Funny thing was, there were some salty Spartans in attendance that tried singing their fight song immediately afterwards (LOL!) and were LOUDLY BOOED for their effort.

And why on God’s Green Earth would you try to sing your Fight Song when your school lost in the 2nd round?  To an 11-Seed????

Obviously, these were the same folks that were rooting for the Ramblers

Clearly, the first half was not the Wolverines best effort on the season and things looked a little grim.  Not having stats to look at, I had to wait until half time to see how bad things actually looked.  They were bad.  30% and 15% from the 2 and 3 Point lines.   Simpson was struggling, but was playing his defense on the opposite end.  (Zavier would finish with 0 points – More on that in a minute.) However, the 2nd half started and things got a lot better.

It was just under the 10:00 mark and Michigan had battled back, lost the closed gap and battled back again and Duncan Robinson was fed a pass near the top of the Key and he let a 3 fly.  And it was perfect.  That’s when I said to myself, “They’re gonna’ win this thing.  I don’t know how yet, but They’re gonna’ win.”

What happened next is still a bit of a blur, but between the Poole Party, Robinson finding the hole and Mo-Buckets grabbing rebounds and driving the hole, along with an awesome assist to Matthews, well, the Ramblers in the Room were drowned out by a bunch of screaming Wolverines.  And Mo-Buckets did this to Raftery’s Glasses on his OB Scramble!!!

Good Bye Sister Jean, We Hardly Knew You At All…But You had the grace to hold yourself while the Ramblers fell…

I know, a cheap rip-off, but was being sang by a few people when they were rolling Sister Jean off the floor…

One More Game….40 Minutes of Hoops

MMQ Prediction:  I’m not changing NOW!!  Michigan wins a tight one!!!  Do I thnk Michigan can win?  Of Course!  Do I think they will?  They’ll need to play at a better level than they’ve played the last two games…And I think they will!  See below!!!

Is it 9:20 yet?  This has to be the longest day of the year!!!

Just Win the Game…Don’t worry about stats at this point, but a few numbers none the less:

Falica trying to spoil the Wolverine Party, but stats are stats:

Beilein sits at 799 Wins.  Wouldn’t winning a National Championship and clinching 800 Wins at the same time be a nice memory for Coach B?

Michigan’s last 6 games from an offensive Perspective (Why we should NOT BE WORRIED about Simpson’s Performance on Saturday):

Michigan vs. Montana – Stinker…
Michigan vs. Houston  - Stinker…
Michigan vs. Texas A&M – BOOOOOOMMM!!!
Michigan vs. FSU – Stinker…
Michigan vs. Loyoal – Stinker…
Michigan vs. Villanova – I hope the pattern HOLDS!!!

Tom Izzo All Time March:

48-20 = 0.706

John Beilein All Time March Record:

37-12 = 0.755

Why Spartans Are So Salty…

So, sitting in the bar down here in Florida, I was fortunate enough to have a Sparty sitting directly behind me reminding everyone that nobody has had an easier “path” to the Final Four and Championship Game than Michigan.  The average seed that Michigan has beaten is 9.  To that and to him I said (say):

So What? 

All Michigan could do is play the teams that were put in front of them.  And I guarantee you that everyone who lost to them wouldn’t want to play Loyola again.  Guarantee it. 

What I’m saying is that this has been a great ride and sparty is HATING it.  Kind of what it felt like to watch sparty’s success in football as a fan of the all time winningest college football team.  Just sit back and take it sparty….

Just sit back and take it like a man.  Ooops.....Sorry.  I understand why you can’t do that now!!! 

Becareful sparty, or there will be a Michigan Plate somewhere with MTSU on it!!!

BEFORE THE FF - CBS Names Beilein COTY!!!

It's not that anyone thought John Beilein's Michigan team was bad. It's just that not many people outside the state thought of Michigan at all for most of the early season. We were all focused on Michigan's more hyped, more talented in-state rival, Michigan State. But the Wolverines broke into the AP Top 25 on Jan. 15, two days after beating Michigan State in East Lansing. They hung around the bottom of the top 25 for the next month, until suddenly they became the hottest team in the nation. 

Michigan's last loss was Feb. 6, two days after the Super Bowl. The Wolverines have won 13 in a row, and Beilein is going to his first Final Four since his team lost to Louisville in the 2013 title game. And they're doing it on defense -- despite Beilein's longstanding reputation as an offensive guru, this team is building its reputation on one of the nation's best defenses. That's the reason why the 65-year-old Beilein, one of the most respected coaches in the game, is's Coach of the Year.

There's one more thing that makes it special that Beilein is our national coach of the year. This season of college basketball has been shadowed by the FBI scandal that broke in September. Yet here is Beilein at the end of the season, still winning despite his reputation -- among peers -- as the cleanest high-major coach in the country. To be sure, Beilein won this award because his team vastly exceeded its expectations in making a Final Four run. But it's pretty sweet, during a dark college basketball season like this one, to be able to award a coach who is respected for things other than winning. -- Reid Forgrave

Off to the Beach!!! 

Hail To The Victors!!!  LET’S GO BLUE!!!