Monday, December 8, 2008


The Bowls Are In

Wow. I didn’t think it would happen again…but it did. This reminds me of Auburn and Nebraska…The BCS has failed us – Again. Sort of. I doubt it will get better any time soon. A team that was beat by another team is going to the National Title game over the team that deserved the shot via head to head match-up.

I am still trying to digest this whole Laters – Shorthorns Conundrum. My mind simply cannot process the information. Texas marched through the heart of their schedule defeating 4 top 10 teams and another one ranked in the top 25 only to lose on a last second play to Tex Tech in Tech’s house….They beat the Laters by 10 on a neutral field…And they are going to the Fiesta Bowl as the runner up in the Big 12. To Play OSU. Which I am sure they will be favored over. Which means that even if they crush the Suckeyes and Oklahoma beats a good Florida team, well, do they use the same logic and give the nod to the Laters because they won better later with more style points?

I am beginning to wonder if the Big 12 is now making amendments to their North-South Charter and trying to put together better solutions if this dilemma should ever rear its ugly head again. I am sure somewhere, this scenario was presented as a what if, but everyone figured it was too remote to be worried about.

Anyway, does this get us any closer to a true National Champion in College Division 1A? Nope. My guess is the AP splits the vote if the Laters and Shorthorns both win. And they should until this mess is cleaned up. Make it controversial and keep everyone talking and no one satisfied….

The Rest of the Mess

LATERS vs. MIZZOU: It was a game in the first half, then the LATERS just started pounding and pounding. Chase Daniel and company just couldn’t stay with these guys…

SATAN vs. GATORLAND: This one was actually closer than I expected, frankly. I really thought Gatorland, Tee-Bone and Urban Legend would make it a rout to insure the nod for the title game. Satan’s Tide hung tough, but the Gator D was too much.

HOKIES vs. BC: Hokies win, thus ensuring that the Orange Bowl will include another double digit BCS ranking team. That one will be fun to watch….

USC vs. UCLA: Pete Carroll and the Rubbers can’t seem to get any style points against their cross town rivals. They ought to think about rescheduling them earlier in the year…


1. LATERS: Really? Lose to another team in your own division and play for the National Title? All Right! Why doesn’t the Big Ten have divisions yet? Oh yeah, because the DOMERS SUCK! (Jeez, I HATE THESE GUYS!)
2. GATORLAND : Who will Tee-Bone Vote for with his Heismann vote? Do you really think there’s a question here?
3. SHORTHORNS: Don’t make the title game, even though they beat number 1…Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. I REALLY LIKE THIS SYSTEM!
4. SATAN’S Warriors: Swapped spots with Florida. Have fun with your gimme win against the UTES…
5. RUBBERS: Oregon State Cost you guys big time…They really did….And the thing is, you don’t even get to improve yourself by beating Penn State…
6. UTAH UTES: Well, this should be interesting. Alabama will crush these guys…This will be the highest point value in my bowl selection pool…
7. Tex Tech: One bad loss can do a lot of damage…
8. PSU: Joe Pa has to beat the Rubbers and Pete Carrol..Good luck with that.
9. Boys’ State: They don’t deserve the bowl they got…
10. Suckeyes: Back to the Fiesta and Texas. Can the Vest win a big one?


1. You gotta like the Army-Navy opening ceremonies. I don’t care who you are.
2. Oklahoma is REALLY GOOD…
3. Tee-Bone will make a good pro – but will he come out if the Lions are drafting first?
4. Chase Daniel’s stock has gone down. I don’t remember him throwing that many INT’s ever….
5. Bradford is good…And he’s only a Sophomore…Look out for the Laters for a couple of years.
6. What happens to the great College QB’s when they get to the Pro’s? I mean, are defenses at that level just that much faster/better? Anyone?
7. Is Tee-Bone done? I mean, assuming they beat the Laters – is he done? National Title in hand? Stock is up? But, to the Lions? He could wait, but I wouldn’t put it past Detroit to go 0-16 next season….
8. Yes – Detroit will go 0-16. I am sure of that.
9. Did Michigan beat that same Florida Team Last Year in the Citrus Bowl? Really? It was just last year? Man, we were good…
10. MICHIGAN HOOPS UPSET DUKE! MICHIGAN HOOPS UPSET DUKE! (I had to get that one in there)
11. If you don’t have a good way to do this, shouldn’t we go back to the old way and let the debates rage year ‘round? Of course, debate will rage in the State of Texas this year. I wouldn’t where anything with an “O” on it in that state…
12. And more from the teams I want to root for file: Stanford wasn't that great this year, but they did beat USC last year...So, yeah, I could root for them...



Well, Again in honor of the National Championship, and in no particular order, here are some Co-Ed hotties wearing the Team Colors….Unfortunately, no ties to the MMQ….But they somehow make me want to root for them, anyway….

2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
5. Brent Guy – UTAH STATE – GONE
6. Robinson – Syracuse – GONE
7. CHUCK LONG – San Diego State – GONE
8. Jeff GENYK – Eastern Michigan – GONE
10. TWOTONE - MOM SAYS HE WAS FIRED…If Mom is saying it, it has to be true….

1. Spurrier – Game Cocks are looking for a replacement..have to be..
2. Zook - home on New Year's is no way to keep your job for too long..
3. Bielema – Cheeseheads made a bowl, he gets to coach 1 more year.
4. LES MILES – 7 and 5 doesn’t cut it at LSU…
5. RICH ROD – Michigan is a laughingstock…And he can’t fix it next year…
6. GROH: Fires three assistants, including son, and keeps his job – for now.


1. Bill Martin and Mary Sue…until further notice
2. Every other coach that has been eliminated from the 32 bowls that currently exist….

1. Sarkisian – WASHINGTON: USC O-Coordinator. Look to see the pride restored at WMU

THE BOWLS (And My Predictions – I am working my way backwards instead of forwards…I will probably get bored by the time I get to the flea bag bowl the Domers are in and won’t feel like doing this anymore):

1. GATORLAND – LATERS: I like GATORLAND HERE. Urb’s been there. Tee-Bone’s been there. Stoops has a Bowel, er, Bowl problem and has a tendency to crap the bed once it’s made.
2. FIESTA: SUCKEYES vs. SHORTHORNS: Suckeyes could pull the upset. Big 12 does not fair well in this game. But Texas will be PISSED…I will take Texas on the sheet…
3. COTTON: Mississippi vs. Tex Tech: Tex Tech shows Ole Miss how it’s done at home in the cold…
4. SUGAR: Satan vs. Utes: Satan only brings the 2nd string and defeats Utah
5. LIBERTY: ECU vs. Kentucky: I would think I would be hearing Skip Holtz’s name more for open jobs at Division 1A schools besides Syracuse…I am taking ECU.
6. GATOR: CORNHUSKERS vs. CLEMSON: How the Tigers managed a bowl, I will never figure out. Much less a New Year’s Day Bowl….I like Pelini to win his first one here..
7. OUTBACK: Iowa vs. GAMECOCKS: Spurrier loses to Ferentz. Take Iowa to win this one…
8. ORANGE: HOKIES vs. Cincinnatti: Yawn. I can go to bed early….Is this what the Orange has come to? ACC vs. Big East Champ and no one cares? I’ll bet the Orange is REAL HAPPY about THAT….Put me down for the Turkeys…
9. ROSE: PSU vs. Rubbers: Maybe, just maybe, PSU can slow down the Rubbers. But I am taking Rubbers on the sheet.
10. Capital One: MSU vs. Puppy Dogs: So much hype, all wasted. Georgia will be down and SPARTY might be able to surprise them….But it will take everything Sparty has. I will unfortunately, have to put Georgia on my sheet.
11. CHICK FIL A: LMU vs. GTU: Well, The Wramblin’ Wreck gets LSU. Hmm….This is a tuffy…LMU isn’t that good this year and is beatable. But I have to take them against the Wreck…
12. INSIGHT: I am getting bored…Take Minnesota over Kansas.
13. MUSIC CITY: Take Vandy over BC
14. HAWAII: DOMERS AT HAWAII: Take the Rainbows and chalk up another loss for Wuzzles….
15. CHAMPS: Take FSU over the Cheeseheads…No, Make that the Cheeseheads over FSU…

Okay, that’s it….After that, it’s all crap anyway…Notable teams not in a Bowl Game:

Arizona State

Till January….With maybe a zinger in between…

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Afternoon - OR Friday Morning Special

Afternoon Special – Or Friday Morning Special

Well, I was waiting before I sent this edition out. Waiting for 5 things in particular. In no particular order:

1. I was Waiting for Rebellion. Waiting for the Riots to Begin. Waiting for total Bedlam, Mayhem, and outright Rage over on particular issue. Apparently, there is apathy everywhere…Or at least, there’s not enough steam building up behind the forces that need to act to change the sorry State that College Football finds itself in.

If you haven’t been paying attention, I will briefly review: Texas Beat the Laters in the Red River Shootout. Texas lost to Tex Tech at Tex Tech. The Laters then DESTROY Tex Tech at home. And how does the Big 12 Break the tie? By letting the Polls decided who should represent the Big 12 South in the Championship game.

And the polls picked the Laters. Even though they lost to TEXAS! Frankly, I was hoping and PRAYING for this. I thought that once and for all, Texans everywhere would begin demanding a better solution. A better way, A PLAY OFF FOR GOD’S SAKE!

But, there doesn’t seem to be an outrage. Oh, there’s a lot of internet talk and ESPN continues to harp about the unfairness of it all…but still, is this what we have come to in this sport? Letting the polls decide AFTER IT’S DECIDED ON THE FIELD? Can you imagine if in 2006, Michigan would have beat OSU, but just barely, and then Florida and USC would have moved up into the 1-2 spot? Sheesh…What a friggin’ mess…

2. I was waiting for the official sacrifice of the Fatted Weasel, er, Wuzzles, er, Weis at Notra Dumb….But Alas, even though his record is no better than Losingham’s, and the only guys he’s won with were Losingham’s recruits, somehow, this Athletic Department figures that Wuzzles is the right guy for the job…Interesting. And BTW, I AIN’T Buying the story that the buy-out isn’t a big deal. IT’S A BIG DEAL. That’s why they didn’t stick an apple in his mouth and put him on the spit. Even though I think Skip Holz would have been welcomed with open arms by the fans and alumni, you get to look at Charlie for another year…..

3. Tommy Twotone. Well, This one happened. He resigned, which surprises me – and in a way doesn’t. Tommy is a class act. 85-40 over 10 years with an undefeated season in 2004. And I think he will end up on his feet somewhere else. I have said it here before and I will say it again: I think Tommy makes a GREAT Big Ten Coach with his defensive, smash mouth style. And if you DON’T think this was a firing in disguise: Twotone’s buyout will be paid, but not out of University Funds: Read – Rich Alumni wanted him GONE…Jeez, you gotta lover the SEC.

4. And in other SEC news that wasn’t, I really expected to hear something about old Les Miles and his failure this year. I have heard and seen quite a bit on the internet about how the AD should have let Michigan HAVE HIM, can his ass, etc, etc, etc. Yes, what a difference a year would have made. We would have had an SEC style offense and defense coming here with some of the coaches retained and the Michigan traditions and styles intact. Instead, we have…well, I am not really sure what we have…but I am liking it less and less all the time. Don’t for one minute think that the fans and alumni are still basking in the National Title Limelight when their team is 7-5, looking at a flea bag bowl and their former, WELL LOVED Coach Satan has the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship, one win away from a national Title…No, life is not pretty right now for Les Miles….

5. Ditto for Spurrier. I really figured that there would be something by now about getting the Ole Ball Coach out of there….

The Rest of the Mess

DOMERS vs. RUBBERS: Boy, do the Domers suck. And we lost to them. How bad is Michigan? I mean, the Domers didn’t have a first down in the first half. That’s bad. I could go on, but apparently, the AD and others have decided that 6-6 with Flubber is good enough. Oh, by the way, I see USC in the Title Game, but more on that in a minute…

LATERS vs. Cowboys: They earned it, but can anyone be really happy with the situation with the Laters? I mean, they are a great team, but they lost to TEXAS! Come on…

GATORLAND vs.FSU: Bobby Bowden needs to hang it up….It’s over.

SATAN vs. TUBBERVILLE: Unfortunately, Tommy couldn’t pull off the miracle, nor could he save his job. It’s unfortunate, but Satan is one win away from the National Title game…Hard to Believe

HUSKERS – BUFFLAOES: I love this game on Friday. I didn’t call it out last week as a big game as it really didn’t mean anything. But did you watch it? All you needed to see was the last quarter and the 57 yard winning Field Goal to clinch it…That was AWESOME….Huskers earned their moniker finishing 8-4. Pelini is figuring it out….


2. LATERS: This sucks…How can you get beaten by TEXAS and be AHEAD OF THEM?
3. SHORTHORNS – Got the Short End, if you get my drift..
4. GATORLAND - Best Team playing right now – too bad about Ole Miss
5. RUBBERS – OKAY – ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? I didn’t think this could happen, but actually, it’s quite simple. The BCS will NOT TAKE a non Championship Team in the 1-2 spot. I think there’s a rule against this now. So, MIZZOU upsets the LATERS. You CAN’T TAKE TEXAS and Therefore, you have to take USC!! Unbelievable, isn’t it?
7. Tex Tech – I would love to see a Tex Tech Utah Match-up….
8. PENN STATE: Looks like you locked up 8 spot…
10. Suckeyes


1. It’s easier to watch Football when Michigan isn’t playing…
2. Oklahoma is REALLY GOOD…
5. WHY COULD LLOYD HAVE STAYED ON ONE MORE SEASON OR SOMEONE INTERIMMED FOR 1 MORE GD YEAR! We could be talking to Les Miles Right NOW and getting him for a song…Yes, I would take Les coming off an SEC 7-5 Season over Rich Rod undefeated playing for a National Title….Sorry, that’s just the Michigan Man Talking….
6. USC will DESTROY PSU if that happens….
7. Speaking of USC, of all the cheerleaders and hotties we reviewed, by Golly, they were the hottest – Doncha' ya' think????
What a Rivalry!

This week’s hot seat mascot: Mila Kunis! When searching for “That 70’s Show” star Laura Prepon, well, Mila just popped up. And even though there is no viable Michigan Connection, well, you know, she’s…..


2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
5. Brent Guy – UTAH STATE – GONE
6. Robinson – Syracuse – GONE
7. CHUCK LONG – San Diego State – GONE
8. Jeff GENYK – Eastern Michigan – GONE
10. TWOTONE - We’ll miss you….

1. Spurrier – Game Cocks fans have to be getting restless….
2. Zook - Why this didn’t happen is beyond me….
3. Bielema – Do Tubberville and Alvarez have a connection?
4. LES MILES – 7 and 5 doesn’t cut it at LSU…
5. RICH ROD – Michigan is a laughingstock…And he can’t fix it next year…


1. Bill Martin and Mary Sue…until further notice
2. Every other coach that has been eliminated from the 32 bowls that currently exist….


1. GATORLAND vs. SATAN NATION: Don’t miss College Football….I LIKE THE DOG HERE…Only one problem – So does everybody else.
2. LATERS vs. MIZZOU: This might be the upset of the week…
3. RUBBERS vs. UCLA: Always a good game that USC finds ways to lose…
4. BC vs. VA TECH: Can the HOKIES pull off the upset and become the only unranked team in a BCS Game?