Thursday, October 28, 2010

FMQ - Joe Pa's Farewell Tour?

I always think this could be the last time we see Joe Pa whenever we play him. He is an octogenarian and at 83, well, you just have to figure that the odds of him living more than another 10 years is getting a little high. I’m not trying to be morbid here or anything…I’m just a realist. It’s at this age that people no matter how active start slowing down. And Joe Pa looks like he should hang it up. What’s left to prove? Really?

Add to that this season in un-Happy Valley hasn’t been the greatest and you have another ugly combination of the “get rid of Joe” camp humming their chorus all over the web. The thing is, I don’t think anyone in this camp understands exactly how difficult it will be to replace a head coach. But I digress…

We were 4 out of 4 last week kids! Are we hitting our stride? Can we get into the Black and start wagering some house dough? Time will tell! Let's get about 30% of our bankroll to work this weekend...Times getting short.

Florida State @ North Carolina (+3.5): Here’s another Thursday night game that I was going to lay off, but then I looked at the FSU offense and the NC defense and I couldn’t figure out how in the world Vegas was only putting 3.5 points on this game. And it’s Thursday and seeing as how we did so well and kicked off our weekend starting on Thursday night, we’ll do it again! Take the Seminoles and lay the 3.5 for $80

Oregon @ USC (+7): Can someone please tell me the last time the Trojans got 7 points as home dogs? Anyone? Me neither. Which is why I was considering taking them and I looked again at the Ducks ATS W-L…Riiiiiiiight….No thanks. I’ll take the Ducks and lay the 7 for $80.

OSU @ Minnesota (-25.5): OSU was extremely good to me last weekend and I have a feeling that wasn’t all Purdue just being bad. My guess is the OSU offense is taking the leash off Pryor, too little, too late, but unleashing him none the less. If the Gophers get down early…Look out. I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 25.5 for $50.

MSU @ Iowa (-7): Wow...Vegas has absolutely no respect for Sparty. They’re worse than me. Granted, Sparty has had to take some chances, make some come backs, and find odd ways to win games. I don’t know whether they can win at Kinnick, but my guess is they keep it closer than a touchdown. I’ll take MSU and the 7 for $15

Illinois @ Purdue (+17): Illinois is playing well and this is kind of a rivalry game. Zook is playing his way into keeping his job and possibly going to a bowl game. Michigan plays Illinois next week and I’m already nervous. This week, I’ll take the Illini and lay the 17 for $15.

Michigan @ PSU (-2): Okay. This game saw a big swing on Saturday when it opened with Michigan getting 2 and it’s swung all the way to Michigan giving 2. Penn State must not have impressed at Minnesota last week and the QB situation is still pretty much up in the air. If Michigan’s Offense is back on track and the defense can press the new QB, I think Michigan can win and cover in Happy Valley. But I’ll PASS on the bet….

Best 3: FSU – Oregon– OSU: $30 pays 6 to 1 or $180.

Total Wagered: $270
Bank: $642

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Classic Domer Rant....

I was with my nephew over the weekend and as soon as we heard that the Domers had lost to Navy yet again, I told him to check out NDNation and "Rock's House" which is the piss and moan message board for all the Domer slappy's...

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for but Brian over at found the perfect rant that I can only cut and paste here.

No further comments necessary.

I hate you, Brian Kelly. I hate your fucking lesbian golfer visor. I hate your fucking offense that looks like Oregon’s offense on quaaludes and holds the ball for 2.5 minutes a game. I hate your fucking Dance of the Backup Quarterbacks playcalling system. I hate your fucking Baaaaaahston accent as you blame the players and get high on the smell of your own fucking farts.
I hate you, Notre Dame football players. You’re made of glass, you’re fucking idiots, and you look like flabby turnstiles in those absurd shrink-wrap jerseys. You sit on the bench and cry because your opponents are actually, you know, hitting and trying to win a football game. You fold at the first sign of adversity, you drop balls a third grader would catch, and you spend most of the game chugging gatorade and feeling sorry for yourselves. I’m sure that, somehow, you’ll muster up enough strength to go out and drink 19 Keystone Lights in South Bend tonight, because you fucking deserve it. You’re all fucking losers. Put your fucking helmets back on and at least look like you want to be playing football.
I hate you, Notre Dame fans. You people fucking suck. I hate your pink jerseys, your 2.5 children named Hunter and Dakota and Mackenzie. I hate your fucking Bluetooths and your Blackberries that you dick around with instead of, you know, paying attention to the fucking football game. You want your hot chocolate hot, your seat cushion squishy, and your football stadium absolutely silent so the noise doesn’t hurt little Aiden’s ears. You’re the lamest fucking fanbase in the country, and I’m ashamed to be one of you.
I hate you, Notre Dame football. You’re fucked beyond repair, and the next time you do something impressive will be the first in my lifetime. You’re a bloated, creaking, corpse of a football program that slowly lurches along year after year, taking one step forward and two steps back. Fuck your classiness and your tradition and your "Welcome to Notre Dame Stadium!" and your violent yellow flowers and your assbag announcers who can’t identify the players or pronounce their names and your commercial breaks that last a galactic year and your retarded fucking schedules. All you do is provide schadenfreude for our enemies, and it fucking blows.
Fuck you all, I’m getting drunk.
Ancient Chinese Secret on Oct 23, 2010 12:04 PM PDT

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ufer - 29 Years Today

29 years. 29 years since I sat in the kitchen of my high school buddy having lunch and we had heard on the radio (this was before cable, CNN, FOX, etc) that the mighty Ufer had passed away.
Thanks to the M-Zone for reminding me. I usually remember the date, strangely, as it's close to the date that the Edmund Fitzgerald sank, and you start to hear the Gordon Lightfoot tune associated with the tragedy. If you ask me why that reminds me of Ufer, it probably has a lot to do with the radio and the fact that I hear the tune on the radio, where I always heard Ufer. It's funny in a way. I remember a lot of things from the radio better than I ever have from seeing it on TV.

I know this makes me sound really, really old, but some of the best memories of Michigan Football I have come from the days of listening to Ufer on WJR. I know there are a lot of people that share that same sentiment. You only got a chance to see Michigan on Television for the Notre Dame game, MSU (maybe) and Ohio State. Which is what made those games great, too. But there was nothing quite like listening on the radio, when you could watch the game in your mind's eye where there were always sunny skies and cool fall breezes. Where Ufer would paint an image so vivid that seeing it on the news segement later seemed somehow anti-climatic at times. That's the truth.


Ufer could make a 15 yard gain sound like winning a National Title. He could make you get on your feet and get closer to the speaker, stop raking the leaves or doing whatever you were doing and just LISTEN! I will give some credit to Beckman as he had an impossible act to follow and he has done a great job...But the relationship we have with Frank on TV and the radio is different. Oh sure, Frank is a blatant homer just like Ufer was, but it's all different now.

And if you want to blame somebody for having to put up with my crap and love of Michigan today, you can blame Ufer.

But me, I could never, ever blame the Ufe for anything but being the best. There was never anyone that was better.

Sorry Ernie. And I mean that sincerely. Ufe was the greatest.

Tuesday Morning Bye Week Edition

Tuesday Edition! I was off yesterday and while I thought about doing a write up from where I was it just doesn’t have the same impact as doing it at work.

One nice thing about the Bye: when we don’t play, we can’t lose. Which is nice. But I kind of hate the bye. It feels like something is missing in the middle of the week when I’m not thinking about an opponent in the back of my mind. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I kind of miss the old days when we didn’t have a bye and you just played 11 or 12 straight.

However, all things considered when you look at the misery of other teams that did play and lost, well, sometimes just sitting back and watching is better than playing…Hee-hee….

The Rest of the Mess

BCS Mess:
Did I ever nail this one….Oregon has firmly positioned itself in the Driver’s seat for the BCS title game. And frankly, if you didn’t see the beat down of UCLA on Thursday, well, you missed something good. Oregon is a “COMPLETE” team in just about every sense of the word. With around 3 minutes left in the half they got the ball back up 21-3 and went for the kill by scoring another TD…If that isn’t getting after it, I don’t know what is…And the MMQ thanks the Ducks for helping out the ole balance sheet on the betting side of things…

BCS Standings:
1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. Boy’s State
4. TCU
5. Sparty
6. Mizzou
7. Alabama
8. Utah
9. Oklahoma
10. Wisconsin
Who cares….

It’s obvious that the computers aren’t going to let BS and TCU up into the 1 or 2 slot, which is good. Maybe. If Sparty wins against Iowa, it should solidify a 3 or 4 next week, bumping those two even further down. Mizzou will rocket if they beat the Cornsuckers…All so exciting and interesting! Right now, I would take the Auburn-Oregon game and be happy. If one of them lose, well, I’m not entirely sure we end up with the two best teams…

Laters vs. Mizzou: Unbelievable! Number 1 goes down again! Will this week’s number 1 Oregon fall to the same fate at USC? Kiffin’s chance to exact some pain this year…But he doesn’t have a defense to do it…
SPARTY vs. Purple Kitty Kats: Sparty – I don’t know how you do it. First, you pull off the unexpected when you beat the Domers and the Cheeseheads. Now, you manage to come from behind against the Purple Cats and find a way to win - trickery and all. And Wisconsin finds a way to either totally demoralize Iowa or they will be playing so tight because they literally need the win against you to stay in the Big 10 Race this week…Either way, enjoy your little run here. They don’t last long. And all this with Drucker in Jail! By the way, how does that make the front Page in the Freep and Detroit News? Anyone? Anyone?
tSuckeyes vs Spoilers: DID YOUR MMQ NAIL THIS ONE OR WHAT? I said tSuckeyes would come out smoking in this game…I was right!
Alabama vs. Cremesicles: Let me get this straight. Dooley thinks his team is like the Germans in WWII? And he just lost to Satan who compared his team losing to a D-II school to the 9-11 tragedy…Sad, what these SEC coaches say and do. The NCAA should really look into about a dozen things going on at these schools.
Black Birds vs. Cheeseheads: Another great game that Ferentz is probably feeling some heat from. He literally wasted a time out on first down instead of spiking the ball…Looked a little like Les Miles out there…
LMU vs. Tigers: Speaking of which: The Devil is dead. I shouldn’t say dead, but LMU now needs a lot of help. And where I thought this margin of victory would be a lot more, well, I’m not surprised that LMU’s ways finally caught up to it…
DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So – explain this to me: How can you lose 3 out of the last 4 to a team, Navy, that you don’t even consider worth your while to be on the same field with? Someone? Anyone? Is there anyone out there that still cares enough about Domer Football to get upset and call for Kelly’s firing? HeLLLLLOOOOOO!!!???!!!??? That had to be the quietest I’ve ever seen the NDNation Rock’s house message board after a loss…
Gatorland: Hey! Urban didn’t lose…Of course, it was Gatorland’s Bye week, Also…

Big 10 Mess:

One undefeated Team: MSU
Three serious teams with 1 loss: Wisconsin - OSU - Iowa
Another team with 1 Loss: Purdue
Spoiler Opportunity: Iowa vs MSU – OSU vs. Iowa – Michigan vs. Wisconsin

SPARTY Remaing: Iowa – Minnesota – Purdue – Penn State
Wisconsin Remaining: Nortwestern – Purdue – Michigan –Indiana
OSU Remaining: Minnesota – Penn State – Iowa – Michigan
Iowa Remaining: SPARTY - Indiana – Northwestern – OSU - Minnesota
Bold teams upset potential.

Why put this in here? Simple: I think the Big 10 is going to end up with several 1 loss teams and tie breakers are going to mean something. However, if Sparty gets past Iowa, well, they definitely have the best shot at running the table. No doubt. So, the Big 10 comes down to this Saturday in Kinnick Stadium. Cousins vs. Stanzi. All will be revealed.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Oregon Rocks…Chip Kelly is what I want Rich Rod to be… Offense AND Defense
-UCLA just isn’t very good…How did they beat Texas?
-If Michigan can win 3 more, is that the Outback Bowl with 8 wins?
-Or are we more attractive with DeRob and the “Comeback” Kids and are we Capital One potential?
-The only reason I ask is that I’m in Florida on New Year’s and I’d like to start dreaming now…
-Wisconsin just threw another fly in the Big 10 ointment with respect to how many one loss jumbled up combinations we could possibly have…
-Poor Laters…Everyone figured Mizzou sucked…Except for Mizzou
-LMU must not have paid the devil his due this week...
-Alabama vs. Auburn might actually mean something this year…
-6 weeks left..Only!
-Why does College Football go so fast?
-I don’t want more games, I just want it to last a little longer, that’s all…
-Unlike the NBA that’s already started and goes till the 4th of July – Who cares anymore?

The Hot Seat
Coming up with new and interesting Hot Seat Mascots isn’t that easy. I know some of you think it is, but it’s not. It takes hours of painstaking work, looking endlessly at pictures of potential candidates and then finally deciding on who’s worthy to be a nominee. I now know what Bob Guccione (RIP) and Hugh Hefner must feel like…

And we finally have another finalist! Marissa Miller TIED Julie Bowen for the highest number of votes this week (15-15) so she qualifies for a shot at the title. But I think this thing is boiling down to a one mascot race unless something really major happens late in the season. Is their a Hot Seat Mascot Upset Special out there lurking? Based on the fact it was a bye week, we’ll go with a Mascot I’ve been thinking about using for some time. Here she is: Taylor Swift!
That's a nice inner tube!

But this is a nicer Bikini...

Week #9 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Dennis Erickson – I didn’t have him on the list, but I now have no choice. ASU might can him in season…
3. Les Miles – Losing to Auburn doesn’t help his situation.
4. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
5. Urban Legend – Bye week only makes the seat hotter until you win a game
6. Zookie – I may have to take him off…
7. Dan Hawkins – Still warm…
8. Joe Pa –Joe, please go out graciously. You comfortably have the record now.
9. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty and Iowa and not be here…

1. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. 15-30 gets you canned from a Big 10 Middle of the pack team…

FMQ Betting Results:

Another Reason to feel really good! Finally, a winning weekend!

UCLA @ Oregon (-24): Take the Ducks and lay the 24 for $50
WIN! I felt pretty good about this one and after it happened, I was feeling really good about he rest of the weekend.
Purdue @ OSU(-22.5): I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 22.5 for $50.
WIN! Purdue is not good….
LSU @ Auburn (-6): I’ll take Auburn and lay the 6 for $30
WIN! Thanks LMU!!!!!
Alabama (-13.5) at Tennessee: I’ll take the Alabama and lay the 13.5 for $20
WIN! All right!

4 for 4 weekend! – Too bad we didn’t parlay them all!

Best 3: Oregon – OSU – Auburn: $20 pays 6 to 1 or $120.
WIN: Bank it Baby!

Bank: $912 (Almost Even)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FMQ – It’s the Bye…At Least We Won’t Lose!

Most of you will see this Friday Morning and will wonder what the heck I’m doing…I wanted to get a bet in on tonight’s PAC 10 matchup, so I needed to post before kick off….

Well, sports fans, it’s the Bye Week. That time in the middle of the season when your all geeked up about college football finally being back and suddenly the pull the rug out from under you…Kind of like coitus interruptus…For the younger set out there that don’t know what that means…Go look it up.

Anyway, I’m going with fewer bets this week which I should have stuck with earlier, but there were so many games that I thought I liked and I thought I knew more than Vegas and, well, you get the idea. Go with you best bets. Let’s win ‘em all this week.

UCLA @ Oregon (-24): I wasn’t going to bet this game, and then I remembered how pissed off I’ve been every Friday morning when I said to myself on Thursday as I was turing on the tube, “I’m taking these guys and laying the points or taking the points.” And I'd be right! I saw Oregon was only giving 24 and UCLA is the classic “Now you see them, now you don’t,” offense and defense. I just don’t think they can go to Autzen and keep it close. Ducks Roll Tonight…. Take the Ducks and lay the 24 for $50

Purdue @ OSU(-22.5): OSU is banged up, yes. But you can bet that the offense had a great week of practice now that the Vest knows he’s going to need to outscore some teams with a banged up defense. My guess is the Spoilers are the victims of a lot of new wrinkles and plays that will make life miserable on defense. Not to mention that this is a revenge game for OSU from last year… I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 22.5 for $50.

LSU @ Auburn (-6): I wasn’t sold on Auburn at the beginning of the season but they have finally convinced me they can move the ball and score. I still say if Mallet doesn’t get knocked out, last week might have been different. However, LSU has faked their way through this season and I’m about to bet against the Mad Hatter that must have made a deal with the Devil himself. I’ll take Auburn and lay the 6 for $30

Alabama (-13.5) at Tennessee:
Satan is going to have these guys ready to play. I don’t think there’s anything that Tennessee can do to slow them down…Yeah, it’s a big SEC game, but I’ll take the Alabama and lay the 13.5 for $20

Best 3: Oregon – OSU – Auburn: $20 pays 6 to 1 or $120.

Total Wagered: $170
Bank: $507

Monday, October 18, 2010

Black Birded - I Don't Like Where This Is Going...

What a weekend. If you don’t follow college football, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Before everyone starts jumping off the tallest building they can find, if you would have asked me how I “seriously” viewed this season, I would have said that we would probably be 5-2 at the bye. The other loss, FYI, wasn’t to Sparty. I really didn’t think we’d get past the Domers. Seriously. That’s what I have on my little schedule that I have pinned up on my office wall. And this game was extremely questionable, frankly. I believed we would need to play our best game of the year to beat Iowa.

And that pretty much turned out to be true. If Michigan doesn’t shoot itself in the foot the last two weeks the final scores would:
A. Be much closer and
B. Might even have someone else on the winning side.

Iowa was beatable. By the Michigan Team that showed up? I don’t know. There’s so much we do bad right now that I can’t even begin to start spreading the blame around. Defense, kicking, kick-offs (IN BOUNDS FOR JESUS TAPPING DANCING CHRIST’S SAKE!), defense, turnovers….did I miss anything?

Yes, when were down and we’re pressed to put points on the board, this team has an offense that can do that. But it’s not the kind of team that can get cute early and try to “control” a game. Frankly, I think they ought to run the two minute drill from the opening kick and simply try to outscore teams. Run and pass over them. Sooner or later, the other guy will screw up and hopefully, some way, they can win another game.

So, it’s now a 5 game season with any of these games being a W or an L. Frankly, I think all of them could go either way, with the obvious exceptions of Wisconsin and OSU. However, if on November 29th I’m sitting here typing that we went 3-2 and the 2 of the 3 teams we beat are Wisky and the Suckeyes, well, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

What will surprise me is if we somehow don’t find a way to at least 3 games, well, I’ll start getting the coffin ready for Rich Rod. And I am accepting liver transplant donations as I’m not sure there’s any way I can get through this season without one…Unless I just stop watching this train wreck altogether.

The Rest of the Mess
BCS Mess: Oklahoma is #1 in the BCS. There’s next week’s loser. At Mizzou…You can bet that the Tigers will be hungry. And Oklahoma hasn’t looked that great, with the exception of that FSU game…
Poll #1: Oregon. UCLA Thursday…Let’s not forget that UCLA somehow beat Texas. In Texas. But not on a Thursday night…

Can they both go down?

Well, well, well…Hee-hee…The Kiss of Death for the #1 team strikes again and the Suckeyes go down in Madison. And look who’s sitting atop the Big 10 as the lone undefeated. Our own little Sparty. Who’d a thunk that a mere 4 years ago you were looking at a disaster of a team coached by a loser of a coach from the Big East…And now you’re looking at a team that just likes to get in trouble with the law, but somehow wins football games. Careful going forward, Sparty. Highly ranked and undefeated teams represent a big target for hungry hunters…But you know what’s really sad? Even if you run the table, and through no fault of your own, I’m not sure you’ll have enough BCS style points or SOS to get into the Big One. That would be classic…You better start pulling for Michigan to bring that score up…
tSuckeyes vs Cheeseheads: Yes, I kind of called this one. It’s tough to win in Madison and it’s even tougher when you’re over rated. I actually believe the Suckeyes just might lose 1 or maybe 2 more before it’s all said and done…
The Ole Ball Coach vs. Kentucky: If anyone anywhere can ever figure out the SEC or figure out when the Ole Ball Coach is going to win the weak SEC East when it’s just sitting there for him, let me know. Actually, let him know.
Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Called this one, too. Maybe the conference Notre Dame should join is the MAC? Then, they could bully the NCAA into giving it AQ status and they would be in a BCS game every year! $warbuck$ - Get on that right away!
LMU: What – no fireworks? Last second clock gate? Just a ho-hum victory without any highlights? What the hell Les…You’re going to put writers out of business if you keep that up…
Auburn vs. Arkansas: My prognostication of this game did NOT include Mallet taking one to the melon and getting sidelined in the 1st half. Nor did it include a score that looked more like something you’d see on a basketball court. Auburn is looking tough…
Cornsuckers vs. Shorthorns: The Cornsuckers are back to being the Cornsuckers after letting me down Saturday. This was one of my best bets and I’m and thoroughly ticked off that they were dropping balls all over the place and “shooting themselves in the foot” ala Michigan…Don’t want to be mentioned in the same sentence as us? Don’t do dumb things…
Gatorland: How sweet it is – 3 in a row. And not the good kind. Out of the top 25. Urban Legend should have KNOWN the week he re-instated yet another criminal that he was going to have some bad Karma on Saturday. I mean, it’s academic. Maybe Urban wishes he would have stayed retired last year at Christmas. That, or he’s heading for the Big One…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I’ve never liked Iowa
-Ever since the 1-2 match-up when Chuckles Long and Fry beat us when we were #1.
-I hated Haden Fry even more…
-I don’t like Ferentz
-Of all the I-schools, they seem to have our number more often than not…
-And, I mean, Jeez…They're an I-school for crap’s sake…
-Can the Suckeyes lose this game?
-How many other Sweetest Day dates were at a sports bar/restaurant where you could keep 1 eye on your honey and 1 on the tube?
-Every 23 years Sparty does something that makes me hate them again.
-I mean hate them. I go from hating Sparty to just feeling sorry for the pathetic thing they became to hating them all over again…
-Undefeated and Big 10 Champion Sparty would make me puke.
-And I’m not alone in that statement.
-So much for leaving the Big 12 with a bang, Cornsuckers…
-Gatorland sucks…Hee-hee…
-Can we win 3 more? 8 wins might save Rich Rod…7 doesn’t…
-I can’t go through another re-tool if it means ripping everything apart and starting over.
-Not unless it happens a lot faster than it happened this time.
-Not that it’s happened yet…

The Hot SeatMan oh man…You know, if you would all sign up for a google account (it’s really simple, honest) you could comment on the blog vs. just e-mailing to me and then everyone would get to read it. You know, get yourself out there in the mix of things… Be bold, be brave. Comment out loud for pete’s sake!

In last week's voting, though it was extremely close, Julie Bowen won again! However, based on Jamie’s finish (28-25), she might get the “MMQ’s Choice” for the Championship week voting. We’ll have to see.

When I was researching this week’s Hot Seat Mascot, again, sent by a loyal reader, I was figuring she would be an easy nominee to find “qualified” photos of. I was right. I think women all over are hoping to be SI swimsuit models with the hopes of becoming a future MMQ Hot Seat Mascot of the year! Without further ado: Hot Seat Mascot Nominee for Week #8: Marissa Miller!


I wonder what the tensile strength of that string is?

Is that a swimsuit or underwear? I can never tell…

Week #8 Hot Seat Rankings:
1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty and Iowa and not be here…
3. Les Miles – It’s cute for awhile, but LMU has to be sick of the shenanigans that take place on a weekly – monthly and annual basis with the Mad Hatter.
4. Joe Pa – I know, it pains me to put him here, too. But the natives are restless in Un-Happy Valley
5. Urban Legend – Oh yeah, baby! The Gatorland faithful are pissed and looking for heads…
6. Zookie – Beating PSU in a weak season doesn’t get you off the list
7. Dan Hawkins – Almost took him off after beating Georgia..But you can’t get off the Hot Seat by beating another Hot Seat Coach.

1. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. 15-30 gets you canned from a Big 10 Middle of the pack team…

FMQ Betting Results:
Texas at Nebraska (-9.5): I’ll take the Cornhuskers and lay the 9.5 for $50.
LOSE – Damn you, Cornsuckers

Western at Domers (-22): Take the Domers and lay the 22 for $50
WIN: Domers are good for something…Bank $95

Arkansas at Auburn (-3): Take Arkansas and the 3 for $30
LOSE: So much for the little underdog strategy..

Illinois (+7) at SPARTY: I’ll take the Illini and the 7 for $20
LOSE: I hate Sparty…I really do…

OSU at Cheeseheads (+4): Take Wisky and the 4 for $15
WIN: At least Cheeseheads are good for something. Bank $28.50

Bank: $677

Friday, October 15, 2010

Iowa Friday - Can There Be Life After Sparty?

I should probaly title this FAQ (Friday Afternoon Quaterback), but I don't want to have something that's associated with Frequently Asked Questions....

Here we go again…It seems oddly ironic when you look at it. Last year, Michigan literally collapsed after the Sparty debacle in East Lansing. Based on what I saw Saturday, with all Michigan’s injuries and the obvious strength and depth of the Big 10, I am now asking myself: “Can there be life after Sparty?”

When I say it was ironic, it seems that not too long ago Michigan would face an undefeated fraudulent Sparty team that we would soundly defeat with old fashioned, grind it out football. Sparty would go slink into it’s corner never to be heard from again. Have the tables turned? Is Michigan that bad? I know statistically the evidence is not good. I’m just hoping this team can find the will, spirit and way to win 3 more games. There’s 3 more on the schedule that are definitely winnable: Penn State, Illinois, and Purdue. Everything else is a potential drinking day to make the pain stop….

So much for the realist. The MMQ’s betting record so far this year isn’t too far off where I was last year. And this was about the time when I hit my stride. It’s October and this is the time when the real bloodbaths and upsets start to occur. Small favorites get tight and play down to their opponents’ level. Big spreads get blown open even larger by teams looking for BCS style points. Theory: Take the small dogs and bet the heavy (+8 or more) favorites. Let’s see if we can get 3 out of 5, or at least hit our best bets.

Texas at Nebraska (-9.5): Yes, it’s a rivalry game. Yes, Texas had a week off prior to this game. Big Deal. I think a week off hurts more than helps, frankly. And if it helps, well, Nebraska played last THURSDAY, remember? Did you watch the Big 12 Championship last year? Have you seen Nebraska on offense this year? Have you seen Texas on either offense or defense this year? I’ll take the Cornhuskers and lay the 9.5 for $50.

Western at Domers (-22): The Domers are now into the competition that they can beat and they will start to try to put some style points on the board - mercilessly. Also, Domer blowouts to MAC teams are expected and I’m sure Kelly knows that and will abuse Western as needed. Take the Domers and lay the 22 for $50

Arkansas at Auburn (-3): I wasn’t sold on Auburn at the beginning of the season and I’m still not entirely sold on them, but they are formidable at home. Newton vs. Mallet. Defense vs. Defense(lite). However, Arkansas needs this one to keep any SEC or BCS hopes alive…Not to mention a New Year’s day game. Auburn barely beat Kentucky...Arkansas would have beat Alabama first had Mallet not made some bonehead mistakes...I think he'll stop doing that now that National Title pressure is off...Take Arkansas and the 3 for $30

Illinois (+7) at SPARTY: There is absolutely no love for Illinois in Vegas and they are ATS wunderkinds…They are a stellar 5-1 ATS this year and the only one they didn’t cover was Northern Illinois. And these two teams still can’t stand each other…This has become more of a rivalry than people realize. The Illini just spanked PSU and played OSU pretty tough and it was closer than the score indicated. Will Sparty be hungover and tense after beating Michigan and being 6-0? Sparty wins, but I’ll take the Illini and the 7 for $20

OSU at Cheeseheads (+4): This one is TOUGH....Wisconsin is the home dog and they have traditionally played OSU incredibly well. Brett B is on somewhat of a hot seat in Wisconsin. They take that whole “He’s from Iowa” thing pretty serious there and he could use a signature win. Is this the year? Can OSU avoid the #1 ranking kiss of death? Better yet, if OSU loses and Sparty wins (but doesn’t cover!), wouldn’t that shake things up? Take Wisky and the 4 for $15.

Iowa at Michigan (+3):
Wow…Michigan is a mess and Vegas thinks this game is only a 3 point play…I would have given the Wolverines at least 7 at home and it still would have been a tough decision. So what does Vegas know? Maybe the fact that Iowa’s Defense, which is ranked near the top of the Big 10 and NCAA, hasn’t really played anyone, offensively, that is, with the exception of Arizona. And they lost. Michigan’s offense, on the other hand, has played poor defenses, that’s true. But when you take Michigan out of the equation (or the stats of Notre Dame, UMass, and even Sparty) the defenses all get BETTER comparatively speaking. What does it all mean? We still can’t stop anyone, but if DeRob comes out on fire like he was in the first 5, well, Michigan could steal this one at home. But I doubt it...PASS

Best 3: Texas – Domers - Arkansas $20 pays $120.

BANK: $553.5

Big Game Tailgate Photos Are In!

Sorry it took me so long to get these downloaded, but I'm not the picture downloader in my house and the family camera is what it is.

Anyway, here are some shots from the tailgate and thank you to everyone who attended. I only wish the outcome would have been better.

Adding a shot of the crowd to the side bar for obvious reasons. Anyone that doesn't want to be there, well, too bad.

(You can click on any of the photos to enlarge)

TH cooking up the grub...

Classic tailgate fair...sorry its a little blurry...

Everyone milling around at the spot.

The Gang...I know not everyone is here, but you're always here in Spirit!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Urban Meyer - Just As Low As Everyone Else

So much for Oscar Meyer Urban Legend and his Tim Tebow days of doing things the right way. Losing all the character and class that you earned in the Tebow years are merely an arrest and a player re-instatement away when you look at the case of Chris Rainey.

If you haven't heard or followed any of this, Greg Doyell over at CBS sports did an excellent job of sumarizing it.

And while I may appear to be a little hypocritical myself at times when it comes to the Hot Seat Mascots, well, I guess I believe that I try to do it in good taste and I'm certainly not asking women to "bare it all for the MMQ". It's already out there. Dad's can't stop their daughters from "Putting it all out there" if that's the road they choose in life. I merely take what's put out there by someone else and use it for our entertainment. I mean no harm or bad will towards anyone.

And I'm sincere about that.

But I certainly can take offense to someone that threatens "Time to Die, Bitch" to any woman, and especially if it was my daughter. And that someone has lost the privilege, regardless of what the law says, to play football for any team, anywhere.

This is where, in my humble opinion, the NCAA could step in and defend the rights of women and show other players that there is absolutely no tolerance for this kind of behavior in college sports. Instead, they tell us how Title IX is so important to young women's emotional development and sense of fairness. Get a frickin' clue here, please. This case is the poster child of what's wrong with collegiate athletics on multiple levels.

And if the NCAA were involved here, dictating policy? Urban Legend would be off the hook and everyone, victims, fans and the university will be happy. With the exception of the guilty party that will go through due process and get his punishment, anyway.

However, I can tell you why in one sentence they won't get involved. There's absolutely nothing in it for the NCAA. Which proves all the more that it's just another money grabbing organization that would rather steer clear of anything that might come off looking bad or in some way prejudicial towards the "student athlete".

Hypocrites. Each and every person associated with this that let this kid back on the team.

And that's you, too, Gatorfan for not voicing your disgust to your alma mater over this issue. Speak with your wallets, your letters, e-mail, whatever. But at least let them know how you feel.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sparty Rolls...What Is THAT on Defense?

“It’s so much better when we win.” - Overheard at the Tailgate…

Well, Yeah...

Sparty wins and they don’t need a fake field goal, extra seconds or anything else to accomplish that feat accept for a misfiring, first year QB and a whole lot of dropped balls by Michigan receivers…

I figure this might be one of the most difficult posts I have had to write in awhile, for obvious reasons. But what isn’t obvious is what I’m thinking right now after I’ve had 36 hours to reflect and figure out exactly what is happening in Ann Arbor.

This used to be a team that was quietly defensive. And by that I mean, every fan knew we would have a decent QB, a good to great running back, and an O-line that would be more than serviceable. Not only that, buy we’d have one or two receivers out there all vying for the opportunity to wear the #1. But behind all that was a great, no name defense. At least on a national level.

We, the local fans, knew who those players were. What the names were. How they attacked and destroyed opposing teams’ offenses. It might not happen immediately, but it happened eventually. The mistake by the opposing offense. The capitalization by the defense at the most opportune time. That was (and someday will hopefully be again) the signature of any great Michigan team that has ever been. A defense that was predatory in nature; a defense that attacked weakness. A defense that only gave up yards if the other team earned them.

What we have right now is what I eluded to on Friday. It’s NOT a Michigan defense. It’s a thing that I don’t understand. It’s something where teams can find wide open receivers or blow huge lanes wide open for running backs…We’re in the 3rd year of RichRod’s tenure and if he is going to eventually win the Big 10 and go on to bigger and better things, we need big things to happen on defense. Yes, I know about the injuries. Yes, I know about the bare cupboard.

But it used to be that when someone went down, you had a hungry back-up waiting to take over and prove himself. Where’s the attitude? Where’s the hunger? Coaching defense always seemed to be an attitude thing, at least from what I’ve seen.

Denard might have another bad game or two where he only gets a little over 250 total yards(sheesh). It would behoove you to have a defense at that point to help him out.

The one big mistake I believe Rich Rod made, and in the post analysis if this all ends badly, will be not looking at the game films and resume of one man: Ron English. There was a coach that got it.

The Rest of the Mess

Guess what? Sparty (congratulations, by the way, if I didn’t mention it earlier) doesn’t really have anyone left on the schedule. I’m not kidding. Look what’s left:

Illinios (Okay – beating PSU is something, but not really that impressive this year)
Northwestern – Just lost to
Iowa – will probably be favored in this game
Penn State

I don’t think there’s a game there that Sparty won’t be favored in, with the exception of Iowa.

BCS Mess: Well now that Satan has lost (but in the SEC, you’re never really out of the race until you lose twice – maybe not even then) the BCS is wide open. I’m sick to my stomach that someone is going to trip both OSU and Oregon and we end up with TCU and Boise in the BCS title game. Which, if you’re rooting for that, you’re an idiot that has no concept of what College Football is and should be. Yes, Nebraska has a shot but still has to play someone in the Big 12 Championship. However, I may just root for TCU Boy’s State matchup if it gets us closer to something that gives credit for playing in a major conference and rewards better teams with better resumes.
tSuckeyes vs Indiana: Wow…I just figured that Indiana was better than that, but I guess tSuckeyes were able to dominate on D…Just like a team I used to know…
Satan vs. The Ole Ball Coach: Well, Satan finally goes down in pretty convincing fashion. I would definitely like to see this game in its entirety. But my guess is Satan’s warriors have been exposed and the blueprint is there for the rest of the SEC.
Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): 0.500 must feel pretty good…You’re halfway to a bowl game in Idaho. Another helping of Big East and ACC would help, I’m sure.
LMU vs. Gatorland: Let me get this straight: The fake field goal is a “CALLED” bounce play that a Gator picks up on and it still works!!??? Another last second LMU chaotic scene puts LMU ahead at the end…The Mad Hatter will be in the BCS Championship game – mark my words.
Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Rubbers: I really don’t think Lane Kiffin figured he would have it this tough at USC which is why he left the Cremesicles…
VaTech vs. Chippewas: Well, there’s one happy Hokie reading and one depressed Chippewa reading…Va Tech will win the ACC.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-It’s a Big Game…
-What I wouldn’t give for a Defense…Any Defense…
-Defense intimidates and destroys teams’ emotional psyche
-Offense just seals the deal
-You can come back from a quick score when you know they can’t stop you
-But if you have a Defense that is impenetrable, well, now you have them by the mind
-It’s a nice day in Ann Arbor, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice
-Could have been last Saturday in the cold and rain…
-Would that have been better for us?
-Rich Rod is 2-6 against main rivals (0-3 vs Sparty)
-That can’t sit well with anyone in power in Ann Arbor…
-And some of that is on him. No defense and injuries be damned.
-At least Satan lost

The Hot Seat
I overheard at the Tailgate that there is some question as to how the Hot Seat Mascot voting is conducted. For clarification purposes: It’s the most democratic process I can think of when you’re introducing new nominees on a weekly basis. This year we’re taking the top weekly vote getters and we will have a “Final Vote” at the end of the season in Championship week. So, if you’ve been following along, Katy Perry and Julie Bowen are your top weekly vote getters. There has been no one else – therefore, they would be the only featured Hot Seat Mascots in Championship week. If we get even one Hot Seat Mascot that wins the Weekly vote, she will be in the Championship Week Voting. That’s how democratic your MMQ is.

I have been receiving a LOT of suggestions for Hot Seat Mascots and I appreciate the support. Without it, I wouldn’t have anything to do on Friday afternoons. This suggestion came from a loyal fan and I had actually heard some rumblings about her earlier. Without further ado, presenting Hot Seat Mascot Week #7 Nominee: Jamie Edmondson! Jamie is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader that was also a contestant on the Amazing Race. She also did Playboy a favor and helped sell some issues for Hef…


Yikes…I’m intimidated…Does that mean she has a great Defense? Or just really nice assets?

Too unfair to the other nominees? That’s why we have Championship Week!

Week #7 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. Can’t lose to the Purple Z’s…
3. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty and not be here…
4. Les Miles – It’s cute for awhile, but LMU has to be sick of the shenanigans that take place on a weekly – monthly and annual basis with the Mad Hatter.
5. Zookie – Beating PSU in a weak season doesn’t get you off the list
6. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
7. Dan Hawkins – Almost took him off after beating Georgia..But you can’t get off the Hot Seat by beating another Hot Seat Coach.

FMQ Betting Results:

Indiana, Michigan and Stanford let me down…

Sparty at Michigan (-4): I think I have to take Michigan and lay the 4 for $40.
LOSE: Never bet with your Heart, kids…

Illinois (+8.5) at PSU: What’s the love affair with PSU? When I saw this game initially, I put a 3 point handicap on Illinois after the way Illinois stayed with OSU last weekend. WIN: Bank $76

Pitt at Domers (-5.5): Take the Domers and lay the 5.5 for $35
WIN: Bank $66.5

USC at Stanford (-8.5): Take Stanford and lay the 8.5 for $20

Indiana at OSU (-23.5): Take Indiana and the 23.5 for $35.

Bank: $738.50

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a Big Game and FMQ Bets

They're In!

I swung into Ann Arbor today and I must say that Friday on a beautiful fall day in that town brought back a lot of memories...Students everywhere, bars getting ready...Really made me want to blow the rest of the afternoon off and just hang out and soak it all in...

Not to mention the fact that I was driving up State Street and I was passing South Quad and who was sitting on the railing of the fence? DeRob! I wasn't quick enough on the camera trigger to snap a shot off, but I did get to yell, "Go Blue!" and got a healthy thumbs up in return...

The shirts are in and they came out pretty good. Lot's of politics surrounding what can go on a t-shirt, but we did what we could.


Well, it’s here. Double Revenge. Sparty at the Big House. Two undefeated teams looking to carve each other up and down the field...

I’m a little nervous. Historically, whenever I’ve been nervous it usually means Michigan is on the verge of blowing Sparty out. However, I think I’m nervous this time because we look good, Sparty looks very good, and it’s going to be a great game. But how do you bet it?

Sparty at Michigan (-4): This game opened at 5 and it never got below the 4 points. I was hoping we’d see 3.5 or lower, but somebody in Vegas figures that Michigan is that much better…I dunno. I was smart last week and took Indiana and the points. But if you believe in the up down theory (Michigan was up for BG, down for Indiana, so they should be up for Sparty), the fact that MSU hasn’t played a road game yet, Cousins hasn’t played in the Big House, it’s going to be noisy with a raucous 3:30 crowd (extra Big Game) and this feeling that I can’t shake that something big is about to happen. Granted, this is probably the heart thinking more than the head, but I think I have to take Michigan and lay the 4 for $40.

Illinois (+8.5) at PSU: What’s the love affair with PSU? When I saw this game initially, I put a 3 point handicap on Illinois after the way Illinois stayed with OSU last weekend. Take the Illini and the 8.5 for $40

Pitt at Domers (-5.5): I really think Notre Dame can play the Big East and ACC competition just fine and hold their own. Pitt got 35 hung on them by Miami and simply isn’t as good as advertised. Take the Domers and lay the 5.5 for $35

USC at Stanford (-8.5): Allright, I know that the Hellcat’s didn’t hang with the Ducks. I’m really not sure who can at this point. I like Stanford to take a commanding lead over USC early and they will hold on. Harbaugh hates USC coaches and he particularly hates this one. Take Stanford and lay the 8.5 for $20

Indiana at OSU (-23.5): Michigan’s defense sucks. Yes. But I’m willing to bet that Indiana doesn’t lose a Big 10 game this year by more than 20 points. Just a hunch that will be interesting to see how it plays out… Take Indiana and the 23.5 for $35.

Best 3: Michigan – Illini-Domers $20 pays $120.

All 5: $10 Pays $200 if they all come home.

Total Wagered: $200
Bank: $596

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mid Term Grades

I was actually going to give this team a mid-term grade when the time came, in other words, after next week, but when you see something that’s really bothering you, as a good manager, coach, parent, WHATEVER, you take that something, shake it up, and see what comes out. Whether it’s coaching someone up, knocking them down a notch, or simply telling them they need to improve – you do it.


First of all, for all the praise RichRod gets with this “offense”, I really am beginning to wonder what the hell, if anything, he knows about Defense. I cannot entirely blame Greg Robinson for this as he’s admittedly never coached a 3-3-5 and said as much when it was announced that this is what Michigan would be moving towards this year.

So far, I’m completely not sold on this 3-3-5 thingy. Look. I’m not a football expert. Everyone who knows me knows that. But even I understand some simple facts of the game. If you don’t stop the other team, they will score. Simple, right? When Indiana marched 99 yards on Michigan at end of the half last week, I knew something was terribly wrong in Ann Arbor. There’s no way a Michigan team, regardless of who’s coaching, should give up 99 yards ON A SINGLE DRIVE! You have to manufacture a stop in there somewhere…

So, what do you do about it? Frankly, I don’t care. But what you’re doing right now isn’t working. It seemed like we were rushing 4 guys more often against the UConn, the Domers and UMass. Or at least Roh was sneaking up and putting some extra pressure on the QB. That seemed to help, though I know the final stats don’t bear me out on that point. Roh is NOT a coverage linebacker…Stop making him do that - it was miserable to watch him against Indiana. ….Martin and the defensive line are your strengths! Play to them for God’s sake…

In summary and without too much analysis, I see it this way: IF you’re going to give them 99 yards anyway, why not make them earn it a little more? If you’re going to let a senior QB carve you up in yardage eating and clock depleting 5-15 yard dink passes at a time, why not blitz a whole lot more, play man to man, and if you get burnt deep, oh well, you get burnt? I mean, Michigan Fan knows and has seen more of the other outcome than we care to remember for one season at this point. So let’s try something different. There’s athletes here. They can make plays.

So, please. Go ahead. Blitz the Shit out of them. Rush 4 or even 5 guys. Go to man to man coverage. Get to the QB. Make them make mistakes. The defensive line and linebackers can stop the rush, or will attempt to stop it. I’m just tired of the constant dink to the left, dink to the right and dink it over the middle where our guys aren’t with three guys trying to “intimidate” the QB…If they load up4 wideouts, so be it.

Grade: F


I really can’t help here. Even if I could, I’d be a fool to suggest anything. After all, when you’re setting Michigan offensive records, both individual and team, what else is there???
Grade: A+++


What? I need to see something, ANYTHING before you can even comment on an aspect of this…

Grade: Incomplete but approaching an F….

Special Teams
Well, they’re hanging on to the ball…Sort of. They’re still giving me gray hair. And I still can’t figure out how we can be so effective in certain aspects of this game and so in-effective in other aspects.

Grade: C- How many positions can DeRob play?


Look. It’s simple. This team is 5-0. It’s reminiscent of last year…This weekend is iffy. But they have all been iffy. I know this team is going to let me down at some point this year. It’s inevitable. There are simply too many glaring holes that can’t be filled and it’s not necessarily all the coaches fault. Injuries, bare cupboards, etc. I know, I know.

So, I have to give them an A- right now. But if things go south, this grade drops faster than a Sparty Coed’s panties after sunset…

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hoosiers Should Stick to Hoops

The Heart Attack kids are back! But before I do any analysis, which I don’t really do, let’s just say I got my wish when I made the comment to the group of people I happen to be watching the end of the game with when I said: “I’d rather lose with my offense on the field than lose with my defense on the field.” And with 1:17 left after Indiana tied it up, I got my wish. DeRob and company came out and took charge.

Let’s tip the hat here to Indiana a little. Granted, I’m not sure what kind of test Indiana will prove to be, but that team might just surprise a few people in the Big 10. I’m just saying…They had a great game plan: Keep the ball away from Michigan’s offense (They did – Time of Possession – Michigan 17:something to Indiana 42:something) and don’t kick any field goals. Go for it on 4th down (a lot) and PASS THE BALL! Indiana gave themselves a chance with the Master blue print that’s been laid out for beating Michigan all year. Except for one thing: don’t give Michigan any time on the clock if you have to give them the ball back.

Am I nervous about the Defense? Yep. If you told me that Michigan and MSU would be heading to Ann Arbor in game 6 of the season undefeated and then you told me they ranked near the bottom of the Big 10 and NCAA in defense, I would have said you were nuts. There’s no way that you can be at the bottom of the Big 10, much less the NCAA in Defense and be undefeated. Yet somehow these two keep pulling it off.

There’s a showdown coming..

It’s Saturday…

It’s Ann Arbor…

It’s a BIG GAME!!!

DeRob (taking away the N and adding the B to his name – he’s earned it!) is flat out awesome. But every time he get’s tackled funny, I find myself holding my breath until he get’s up. How amazing he’s been through 5 games:

-He has more total yards than all but 11 Division 1 (FBS) college teams through 5 games – by himself.
-He has rushed for 200 and passed for 200 in two games…It took Vince Young a Collegiate career to do that…And that was in two different seasons…According the the record books, NO ONE ELSE has even come close to that mark in the same season…
-He holds the top three spots for total yards per game in Michigan History – AND THEY ALL CAME IN THE SAME SEASON!

I know, the pundits response: Who have we played? Defensively, I mean? Notre Dame was a test and he came through there with shining colors of Maize and Blue. So, stuff that in your “Who’s he played?” sock and suck on it… UConn was supposed to be the best the Beast had to offer, and he ran through them like swiss cheese. UMass is in the top 5 of the FCS division and has given up fewer total yards than all but 2 FCS teams (when you take Michigan’s performance out of the equation). Bowling Green was a pushover, but what other Division 1 Team HASN’T played a pushover? DeRob has earned the praise, plain and simple.

The Rest of the Mess

It’s week 5 and the BCS had better hope for the following:

Someone Beats either Alabama or Auburn (besides Alabama and Auburn)
Someone Beats Oregon.
Someone Beats Nebraska
Someong Beats OSU (Well, there’s this school in Ann Arbor that has a shot at them…)

Otherwise, you’re going to have multiples undefeated out there looking for a piece of the big pie…I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself here…But still. Its shaping up like one of those seasons.

Sparty vs. Cheeseheads: I had a good feeling on this one Sparty. Just kind of knew that the Cheeseheads were a little over rated this year and the fraudgers might appear early. Question is, will they get better before Michigan gets a shot at them? I really hate having to hand you your first loss this year, but I don’t think Michigan loses 3 in a row to Sparty…Not with DeRob and double revenge coming at home!!!
Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Hey, you won one! Congrats for getting to 2 wins through 5 games. It seems the best thing for a losing streak is a helping of ACC…
Red River Shootout: Texas loses two in a row and drops out of the top 25…Wow…I don’t want to be Mack Brown today. Stoops might have a shot at the Big 12 title, but I don’t think he has the troops to play and stay against Pelini.
Alabama-Gatorland: Gatorland disappointed me here. Thought they would hang a little tougher in this game and I thought Urban would have them ready to play…
LMU – Cremesicles: So, Cremesicles win this game…Right? I turned it off after the last play…It was the last play, wasn’t it? Time was off the clock. Mad Hatter pulls another one out of his ass….
Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Ducks: I don’t know who beats Oregon at this point…But it is the Pac 10 and they eat their own out there…So I won’t say they can run the table, but it’s looking scary if you have to play the Ducks…
The Suckeyes vs. Illini: Suckeye nation gasped when Prior went down…And they have no back-up plan as near as I can see…
Hawkeyes vs. PSU: PSU is not the PSU of old….Look for about 4 losses in the Big 10 this year…
VaTech vs. NCSTATE: Va Tech continues on its “To hell with you and season records” and lays waste to another ACC fraud…
Rubbers vs. Huskies: Rubbers lose to Huskies! Remember the Trojans? That team doomed a future without bowls and scholarships….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Is it the offense or DeRob or both?
-What I wouldn’t give for a Defense…Any Defense…
-What is Defense, exactly, anyway? It’s been awhile…
-I mean, positive turnovers are nice, but stopping someone, like 3 and out, would be great at some point…
-DeRob is just plain good. I mean, he hits guys with passes…
-OK, Junior Hemmingway is pretty good, too.
-Thanks for adjusting to that ball!
-Did I mention I wished we had a defense?
-LSU lost to Tennessee! Wait, what just happened?
-Harbaugh’s Hellcats started out strong but they’re fading…
-Did I mention that Oregon’s a good team?
-PSU sucks…Sorry, but that’s how I see it…We better beat them.
-Domers look good against weak competition.
-Yes, that’s a compliment in a left handed kind of way…
-Florida doesn’t look that good.
-So how good is Arkansas?
-Can the Hogs control their own destiny?
-So much football, so little time.

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins again but the rout wasn’t quite as bad as Katy P hung around in 2nd place. Jill picked up a couple as a newcomer and Bianca picked up 1… I personally like Julie as well and I am hoping she holds on. Kind of like DeRob for the Heisman. So the question is: Can someone unseat Julie B?

This week, sticking with the sports reporter theme, I caught an old clip of Melissa Stark this weekend watching something somewhere and I thought what a great Hot Seat Mascot nominee! Not someone from the main stream sports media (any more) but was kind of in there doing her thing…Besides, we need a girl next door type in here to sort of balance things out…

I think this is a recent shot of her from CNBC...

and on the sidelines (nice sweater!)

And at a gala all dressed up...

I know, nothing really hot with Melissa...Like I said, Girl Next Door...
Week #6 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Zookie – A close loss to tSuckeyes is still a loss…
3. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. Can’t lose to the Purple Z’s…
4. Les Miles – It’s cute for awhile, but LMU has to be sick of the shenanigans that take place on a weekly – monthly and annual basis with the Mad Hatter.
5. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
6. Dan Hawkins – Almost took him off after beating Georgia..But you can’t get off the Hot Seat by beating another Hot Seat Coach.

FMQ Betting Results:
Hey, we’re finding some rhythm! And if the damn Suckeyes would have played even half the game they usually play…But I digress….

Boston Catholics (-3) vs. Catholics…er, Domers: Take the Domers and the 3 for $60.
WIN: Book $114

OSU (-18) vs. Illinois: Take OSU and lay the 18 for $40

PSU (+7) at Iowa: Take Iowa and lay the 7 for $30
WIN: Book $57

Stanford (+7) at Oregon: Take Stanford and the 7 for $10.
LOSE: Thought the Hellcats would stay close….

Michigan at Indiana: Take Indiana and the 11 for $20
WIN: I know, I bet against my own team…But this is money! Book $38

Wisky at Sparty: I’ll take Sparty and the 1.5 at home for $10
WIN: Book $18. Should have gone more on this game…Had a good feeling.

Alabama (-9) vs. Florida: Take Florida and the points for $20
LOSE: Last time I take an SEC underdog and points.

Bank: $796

Friday, October 1, 2010

FMQ – Indiana Friday – I LIKE this Week

Hey, things aren’t as bad as they seem. I blame the Ole Ball Coach for not sticking with his main QB for the Auburn thing. I also blame myself for not looking closer at the BG Falcons stats and who they had played. And I blame Richy Rich for totally quitting on his team with respect to the Miss State fiasco…

The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) are 1-3 and actually are favored in a game, meaning that maybe, just maybe, they have a shot. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. We’re sitting at $773, down about 22% or so from our starting $1,000. Howeva’, I’m looking at some really good picks this week where I think Vegas is simply looking at the numba’s…So, without further ado, let’s put about $200 of this to work. We’re going to try to focus most of our money on only three games. Let’s get a 2 or 3 out of 3 week under our belt.

Boston Catholics (-3) vs. Catholics…er, Domers: This game opened at 2.5 and it’s been bet up to 3. That is, the Domers are actually getting 3 points from a team that was just blanked (yes, BC got blanked by Va Tech, who lost to an FCS school earlier this season). Now, I won’t say that I’ve completely lost faith in the Domers. Quite the contrary, I think they are a decent team. But the best team out of South Bend in the last 10 years wouldn’t have beaten the Stanford team that waltzed into South Bend last Saturday. That being said, I like the Domers this week. BC will be starting a new QB and ALWAYS plays the Domers tough. But 3 points looks easy for the hungry Domers, wanting to prove something, even if it’s on the road. This is the ACC, after all... Take the Domers and lay the 3 for $60.

OSU (-17) vs. Illinois: I know Illinois starts playing better once they hit the Big 10. But this year’s edition of Illinois Football is hideous. I saw the 18 and while I thought it was a lot at first glance, have you seen OSU roll it on when they want to? Take OSU and lay the 17 for $40

PSU (+7) at Iowa: Really? I think Iowa might steamroll this team. A freshmen QB at Kinnick will struggle. Take Iowa and lay the 7 for $30.

Stanford (+7) at Oregon: Wow. Jimmy goes on the road and destroys what’s supposed to be a decent Domer team. He blanks UCLA that upset Texas last week and crushed Wake Forest. Granted, no one thinks the Domers are any good based on the performance in the Big 10. But I think Sparty and Michigan are better foes than most people think. I also believe that Stanford is one pretty damn good football team, with a pretty damn good coach. And he’s getting 7. Yes, it’s Oregon. Yes, it’s Autzen Stadium where noise level takes on a whole new meaning. And the Ducks will probably be wearing number #134 (ALL YELLOW or something) of the 200 or so combinations of uniforms that they can wear. Whatever, I like Jimmy getting points. Take Stanford and the 7 for $10.

Michigan at Indiana: Yes, I know Indiana is 3-0. Against Akron, Western Kentucky (just joined DI) and Towson….Not exactly high caliber competition. I think the offense is clicking. Michigan’s Defense is still lackluster. This team (Indiana) had one taken away from them last year – in their view – by the Referees in the Big House. Revenge…Indiana leads the Big 10 in passing behind a SR QB along with a platoon of receivers…Can Michigan Offense play keep-away? Michigan is last in passing Defense (and total defense). What do you think? I know what I’m doing….Michigan Wins, but, Take Indiana and the 11 for $20.

Wisky at Sparty: Sparty has always had problems with the Cheeseheads. Doesn’t matter who was coaching. They just seem to be a hemorrhoid on Sparty’s ass for whatever reason. However, Sparty does play them better at home. Game opened up Even, and it’s been bet up to Sparty getting 1.5 at home. Hmm….Playing inspired football for their coach. Cheeseheads were EXPOSED by ASU. I’ll take Sparty and the 2.5 at home for $10.

Alabama (-9) vs. Florida: Does Florida have an offense yet? Is Alabama’s Ingram really back? 9 seems light to me. Take Florida and the points for $20.

Texas vs. Oklahoma (-4): Hmmmmmmmmm…Mack Brown’s team is not very good. Oklahoma is looking for revenge and respect in the national media. My guess is Oklahoma covers here, unless Texas is really ticked off from losing to UCLA and they come out smoking. But smoking what? Their offense is anemic and their defense ain’t that great either. PASS….

Best 3: OSU – Iowa – Domers - $15 pays $90.

Total Wagered: $205
Bank: $568