Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a Day!

Every once in awhile I get something from someone, an e-mail or a phone call and I feel it's only necessary to forward it on. That's the whole idea of blogging, really. Sharing experiences and making people knowledgeable about things they may not otherwise get to hear about.

And I'm sharing this one because after you read it, I'm sure you will all think it was really, really worth it. Unedited and as received:


It was the usual start of a workweek. Why do the weekends go so fast? However as the day progressed, this would be a day like no other. One that I will remember for a long, long time to come.

A good buddy of mine does work for the Michigan Athletic Department. For the last few months, he has been promising to take me on a tour of the renovated Big House. He called on Monday morning this week and asked if I was free for lunch. I responded “Is the Pope Catholic” (yes I am a Ufer fan). I was told to be at the tunnel entrance to the Big House at noon. I was really looking forward to my tour!

Upon arriving at the Big House, we went into Chrysler Arena – strange way to start the tour I thought. We went through some hall ways and up some stairs, and much to my surprise we arrived at RichRod’s Monday Press Conference. As I stood in the back of the room, Jim Brandstatter comes and sits next to me. Pretty interesting to see the press conference unfold. RichRod has a good sense of humor. It appears that he is one of those guys where “what you see is what you get” - A good-old southern boy that loves football.

Can it get any better than this?

After attending the press conference, we took a tour of the stadium. What a “suite” view. I love my seats in the northern end zone, but I could get used to the suite life. It was amazing how many reporters the press box can accommodate. As with most Michigan things, it was done with great class (we will hopefully one day forget the Disney World Halo that disgraced Michigan Stadium at one time). The Club Seats were fantastic. I’ve never seen that many flat screen TVs in my life!

Can it get any better than this?

After the Big House tour, we headed over to Schembechler Hall. As we were entering Schembechler Hall we were in awe to see Brock Mealer walking in. It was uplifting to see the determination and effort for him to simply walk – something that most of us take for granted.

Can it get any better than this?

We walked into the training room to see none other than Denard Robinson getting some therapy! Our tour continued to the weight room and the Glick Indoor Practice Facility. Then we made a stop at Jon Faulk’s office for a visit (luckily he was wearing his pants).

Can it get any better than this?

As a Wolverine Fan, I couldn’t ask for any more than the afternoon I just spent. However, I was the most impressed by what I would experience as we were leaving.

Earlier in the visit, we had a brief encounter with Brock Mealer and DenRo. As you can imagine, it takes Brock a long time to get anywhere. Brock had finally made it to the weight room. I was astonished to see DenRo escorting him down the hall way and holding the doors for him as he entered the weight room.

WOW!! The leader and star of your team taking the time to help out someone in need. CHARACTER – doing the right thing when no one is looking. To me, DenRo exemplifies what you want in your leader. He seems to be a man of few words – one that leads by example both on and off the field.

It CAN’T get any better than this!

Go Blue!

The Helmet Project

Every once in a while, I stumble on something that I have either seen in the past and wish I had saved or see for the first time and say, "NOW THAT'S COOL!"

The Helmet Project attempts to capture all the helmets, markings and decals in college and NFL football today. But then he goes one further than that and has the history and changes of the helmets over the years.

Fascinating stuff if you're into that kind of thing. Also makes you wonder what they were thinking way back when....I mean, some of this designs make you scratch your head and go, "Hmmmmm..."

I also included a link on the side bar under favorite websites....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry on SNL!!!!!

In case you missed all the "hullaballoo" surrounding Katy last week: Apparently, some parents were less than pleased when Katy showed up on Sesmame Street in a revealing outfit for a play date with Elmo (damn...wish I was Elmo)...Anyway, SNL couldn't leave well enough alone and what follows is "real" cleavage. Poehler and Rudolph at their best:

Bronx Beat

Bowling Over...

A win is a win is a win. What matters more to me at this point is the fact that DenRo isn’t hurt. In fact, after seeing the play and watching him on the sidelines, it strikes me that pulling him out of the game was more of a opportunity to get the other QB’s into the game and get them some snaps. Rich Rod knows he’s going to need them. And frankly, I’m still in a quandary as to why Little Man Tate isn’t starting…Or at least he should be the 2nd string. The kid is a gamer. 12 for 12? Really? And these weren’t simple passes…Yeah, there was an underneath dump or two here and there, but most of those passes were down field throws. So, we’ve gone from “Threetless” to having some real possibilities at the QB position. Not only possibilities, but lets just say if I’m an opposing defensive coordinator, I’m shaking in my boots. Or doing something really bad in my pants, whichever...

Not to mention that the Tailbacks are starting to flex their muscle a little as well. Toussaint and Cox looked strong and are going to run away from some people. I get what Jackson was talking about now...

The defense was serviceable. But with BG’s back up QB in, there were definitely a lot more options available to this “bend don’t break” defensive mentality. We got after these guys on D. And they simply weren’t UMass when it comes right down to it. But, the Big 10 looms and I have a feeling the Defense is going to need to step it up a notch.

Bring on Indiana. I think we're ready for them.

The Rest of the Mess

Big 10 ROMPS! SEC eats its own…ACC is as confused as ever.

Schadenfreude: Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!), if there was anything I could say to rub a little salt in the wound at this point, I’d do it. Oh wait, it’s coming to me:


What was amazing was that the cavalier attitude of some of the Domer fans, about 6 of them, that I happened to be watching the 2nd half of the game with in the St. Pat’s Beer Tent. They were treating the 13-6 score with an attitude of, “Hey, it’s Stanford. Do you know when the last time was we lost to Stanford two times in a row? We’ll have a big 4th quarter and everything will be fine.” I reminded these guys of the two in a row to Navy and they pooh-poohed that as a gimmick offense. I mentioned that the Stanford offense has been destroying people in the 4th quarter and that they liked to “win with cruelty”. They continued to comment that Kelly would finally take the reins off Crist and they’d be in it at the end or in OT. I laughed out loud when Stanford methodically marched down under Luck’s steady hand and pounded it in. I chuckled again when Crist threw the pick 6. I then asked those guys, four of which had walked away at this point to get more beer and drown their sorrows, if they still thought that Kelly was the right guy. No comment from anyone…just looks of bewilderment.

SHORTHORNS vs. UCLA: Really? At home? Oh Texas fan…You are crying right now. And Texas is out of the discussion for any National Title hopes, as it should be.

Alabama-Arkansas: Well, the Hogs covered. But if Mallet doesn’t get stupid with the football, they win. Petrino has to know that one got away from him. And everyone in the SEC now knows that SATAN is beatable. You just need a QB that can sling it…

Boy’s State vs. OSU: I was really, really hoping that OSU would beat these guys and get them out of the top 5. Hopefully the “whatever” performance was enough to take them out of the discussion…

Ole Ball Coach vs. Auburn: Nuts. Here was another bet that looked frickin’ awesome in the 1st half. And then Auburn started shutting down SC’s offense and took control. Oh well, at least I was right in this one for about 50 minutes..

Sparty: Setting up for a “Big Game” in Ann Arbor on October 9th…Can you beat Wisconsin and roll in undefeated? Can Michigan beat Indiana on the road??? Will they both be undefeated?

Gatorland: Rolls over Kentucky…

Dawgs vs. Miss State: Richy Rich just solidified his #1 seat in the Hot Seat and maybe sealed his fate with this fiasco of a game. If you can’t beat Miss State, you’re doomed in the SEC.

The Suckeyes vs.EMU: Destroying a MAC team seemed to be the norm this weekend…

PSU vs. Temple: I almost took Temple in this game and then at the last second, I laid off it. Stupid. Should’ve had gone with my first impression. Joe Pa is in for some Big 10 losses...

Wisky: Most points ever scored by Wisconsin? And that includes the B-Ball team.

Cornhuskers vs. SD State: SD State must be a pretty good team. They beat the Gophers and gave Nebraska everything they could handle.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-DenRo hurt? He’s standing right there! He’s bouncing around for pete’s sake….
-Tate can still play this game.
-Devin is another story. Jury’s out till I see more, which I hope I don’t have to do in the near future.
-Bowling Green’s defense is awful.
-When Michigan’s Offense wants to score, I think it’s going to score. It’s that simple.
-Jimmy Harbaugh knows how to perform on a National Stage. Did you see the facials on that guy?
-Maybe the Domers interview him for a job…Like he’d EVER go there.
-You better not go there Jim…
-But if worse comes to worst, he would look good in Maize and Blue.
-Kelly looks dazed and confused. More dazed than confused I guess.
-They are already calling for his head. “Weis didn’t leave the cupboard bare!”
-Mallet! Don’t throw that pass! That’s why the pros aren’t salivating over him…
-If you’re team is down 35-7, is it really necessary to scream “Go Irish!” when they score a meaningless TD late?
-Because you look like an idiot in the Beer Tent when you do that…I mean a big idiot.
-That’s probably had too much said beer…

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins again in a rout! Week 3 & 4 of the Hot Seat Mascot Challenge goes to Julie and only Katy and Ines picked up any votes. Bianca is still O-fer… Can Julie hold on? Will there be hotter Hot Seat Mascots out there? Time will tell!

For week #5, I'm sticking with the sports reporter-entertainer theme. I noticed Jill Arrington was kind of hot and she might be a good nominee. Seeing as how you should all know who she is and have seen her work. But maybe you haven’t seen all her work like here in Maxim,

Or here in her Daisy Dukes…

Or here on a clandestine sideline shot.

No risqué photos of Jill available, at least to my knowledge. But if you find any…

Week #5 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 3 in a row in the SEC? Wow..I’m surprised you’re still coach…
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy…Might actually have to move him higher…
4. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
5. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU …
6. Dan Hawkins – Colorado can’t be happy going to the Pac 10 with this guy…look at this one as a formality waiting to happen at the end of the season. If Colorado can afford it…

FMQ Betting Results:
Sigh…I did so much better last year…But after reviewing my notes, a lot of last year’s fortune came later in the season. So, I haven’t given up hope yet…

Harbaughs Hellcats vs. Domers: Take the Hellcats and lay the 3 for $80.
WIN: Bank $152

Dawgs at Miss State: I’ll take Georgia and lay the 1.5 for $50
LOSE: Georgia is a mess…

Bowling Green at Michigan: So, take BG and the 27.5 points in the Big House for $40.
Lose: Oops…Well, I was playing the numbers with this one…

South Carolina at Auburn: I’ll take South Carolina and the 2.5 for $30.
LOSE: This game LOOKED GREAT in the 1st half. If only I was in Vegas and could buy insurance…

Satan at Arkansas: I’ll take Arkansas getting 8 at home over Alabama for $20.
WIN: Arkansas did something right. Bank $38.


Three Team Parlay for $20: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green. Pays $120 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay for $5: Pays $100 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay Instant Replay for $5: Everything the same but take Bama instead of Arkansas. Pays $100.

BANK: $773

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bowling Green - Let's Win a Week

Okay – we have $833 in the bank, meaning we’re down for the season. But I think we’ve finally reached a point where we can correctly handicap some teams and look at the attitudes and prevailing trends to determine who will do what to whom and by how many on Saturday. Let’s bet up to 30% of our bank in order to recover our position, or $250. We missed a great game last night, but in all honesty, I thought Pitt would give Miami a much better game at home than they did. True colors are starting to show themselves....Let's get to it:
In the order that I REALLY like the games this week:

Harbaughs Hellcats vs. Domers: This game opened at 2.5 and I thought it was a gift and grabbed the 3 that I could get on Monday. It’s now up to 5... Why Harbaugh’s Hellcats? I’ve been asked. Well, their primary color is red. And their head coach isn’t particularly nice. If you want to know why I like Stanford, read this article and quotes from Jimmy, er, Satan II.

"One of our mottos is, 'We're going to win with character but we're also going to win with cruelty,'" he said.

Wow…I know he could be a mean cuss at Michigan, but it’s gotten even better (worse?) since he became a coach. Yes, I know the Domers have had some “bad” luck in their last two games…Stanford has some good “Luck”, even though his receivers are banged up…Pac10 Speed vs. a Slow Domer Defense. Domer O? What Domer O? Crist hasn’t proven himself yet and Jimmy H. knows a thing or two about rattling opposing QB’s….So, not only do I think Stanford wins big in Domerland, but Harbaugh might get a ladder and spray paint a red “S” on the Golden Dome and tag a couple of Domer coeds post game, just to say he nailed the Domers really good. Take the Hellcats and lay the 3 for $80.

Dawgs at Miss State:
Richy Rich isn’t going to lose them all and the 1.5 points on this game seems light considering Georgia almost beat the Hogs at home and probably would have had anyone in the Dawg's defensive secondary actually played the ball. My guess is they have at least tried to correct that problem this week…I’ll take Georgia and lay the 1.5 for $50.

Bowling Green at Michigan: Michigan’s D is ranked 100th among BCS teams…Not good….This game opened at 23 and I considered grabbing BG and the points then, but then I remembered how the line moved up last week with UMass and waited…Glad I did. I’ve got BG getting 27.5 on Wednesday and I grabbed that. But is this one of those up-down things for Michigan where UMass was a lote better than I think and a 1-2 BG is going to come in and lay down or were going to be a whole lot better than I think Defensively? I mean, we're probably going to score 40 or more...Right? And I everyone has been able to hang at least 20 on us...So it's really a 7.5 point game. Does Michigan win the 4th quarter with a meaningless TD that covers or does BG stay tough? Until Michigan covers a big spread, I'll take the points. So, take BG and the 27.5 points in the Big House for $40.

South Carolina at Auburn: The Ole Ball Coach is getting points again. Auburn really let me down against Clemson, but they did win an emotional game in OT... But I’m not entirely sure how good that Auburn team is. I like it when I can get Spurrier and points. I seem to be the only one that likes this pick as SEC knowledgeable people always like the SEC home team...Which doesn't make sense when you look at the next game...Whatever... I’ll take South Carolina and the 2.5 for $30.

Satan at Arkansas: This line opened at 6.5 and has moved up to 8. I’m not entirely sure Satan’s Warriors, at least on Defense, have had a legitimate test yet. SEC night game on the road for Bama. Ryan Mallet wants to be a Heisman candidate – At the same time, his head has to be HUGE after the Georgia win and being interviewed by last year’s Hot Seat Mascot Erin Andrews this week…So, can he handle it? It's make or break time...Petrino is coming into his own down there – 3rd year into his own – I like 3rd year head coaches... Satan is going to lose sooner or later and a 27 game SEC winning streak is a long time. But Bama did destroy this team 1 year ago, 35-7….I’m betting Arkansas has a clearer memory of that game than Satan…Can you say revenge? They might not win, but I'll bet the keep it close... I’ll take Arkansas getting 8 at home for $20.


Three Team Parlay for $20: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green. Pays $120 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay for $5: Pays $100 if it hits.

5 Team Parlay Instant Replay for $5: Everything the same but take Bama instead of Arkansas. Pays $100.

BEST BETS: Stanford/Dawgs/Bowling Green

Worst: Arkansas...

Wagers: $250

Bank: $583

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I Believe - Big 10 Network's piece on Brock Mealer

If there's anyone out there that DOESN'T get a little emotional after watching this, well, you're simply not human.

Inspiration, motivation, and desire personified. If there was ever a reason to want to go out there and give it your all, Brock Mealer is it.

This is why I believe in this coach. This is why I believe in this team. This is why I believe that Michigan will be back among the elite of college football.

Thanks to Maize and Brew for capturing the clip.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Everyone Remain Calm...Panic is Easy, Faith is Tough

I know, I know…It was an ugly win. In fact, I was working out in the yard getting some of my many fall chores completed when I heard that Michigan was struggling and went in and turned on the game. I know, I know, but I have a life and I was planning on catching the 2nd half. So I went in early to see what was going on and you might say that the MMQ turning on the tube was the motivation the team needed to finally kick it into gear. Yes, we scored late and plentifully in the end of the 1st half. And yes, we more or less held on to win in the 2nd half…

Question: Would Lloyd Carr have come out and “struck” like that with less than 2 minutes left in the half or we he have kneeled on it, let UMass going into half time believing, and then tried to rally the troops for the 2nd half? I was thinking that thought as we struck quick and let UMass have it right between the eyes. I thought at that point we were maybe toying with them, but then I watched the defense…There wasn’t any toying going on. They simply ran over us, using a full back and good old fashion blocking to make us look a little silly. Now, the Domers tried to do the same thing and we shut them down. Does that make UMass better? I dunno…but they looked incredibly effective when they wanted to be. So, yes, the defense needs work. But I’ll give UMass some credit. They can run and the QB can pass. There’s a Domer in the office ready to sign him up in South Bend. Of course, that’s not saying a lot, but never the less, the kid can play.

And we can’t kick. And we were flat. And on and on and on…But a W is a W at this point, so I’ll take it and we’ll see what happens against Bowling Green.

The Rest of the Mess

First, a little Schadenfreude: Domers, U Suck…Hee-hee….HAHAHAHAHA!!!! There’s really no more to be said as I believe you have said it all yourselves. Please see any of the rant and rave Domer boards and there have been 24 hours suicide watches issued, fire BK websites are now up, and whatever else you can imagine. Get this, there’s some clown on Rock’s House that stated,

“Fire Kelly and go hire 1 of the following three coaches: Bellichick, Sean Payton, or Jim Caldwell (Those are the Patriots, Saints and Colts) as they have “most recently been to a super bowl and can coach the 5 star talent that the “domers” have”.
Hmm…Didn’t you already try that with Wuzzles? Isn’t it better to have a coach that can recruit and inspire? You are ready to fire Kelly and the boards are lighting up with hate and vitriol towards Kelly, $warbuck$ et al….Heh, heh…Marvelous. Let the decay begin on the inside to the inevitable end of the Kelly era. Morons..They don’t have a clue as to what it takes at this point to win…

Congrats! You deserve that win and deserve it even more with the nutsy call of your head coach. I was very impressed with the do or die of it all in retrospect…Very impressive. And it may have cost you a couple of games with your head coach. I was truly shocked to hear that Dantonio had to go in under the knife at 4:00 AM to get a stint put in because of a heart attack. It’s only a game at the end of the day and Godspeed to his healthy recovery. My guess is he’s either in the booth or on the sideline for the Michigan game on October 9th.

Gatorland vs. Cremesicles: Gatorland prevails in a rather boring game, to be perfectly honest…Cremesicles have a long way to go, as does Gatorland, but neither will be in contention at the end for the SEC East…Jut my humble opinion…

Hogs vs. Dawgs: Richy Rich just move up on the old Hot Seat ranking with that performance. Granted, Arkansas is a good team, but that was a winnable game for Georgia. The new AD can’t be pleased at this point…

The Suckeyes vs. Ohio: State in State crime. I guess Tressel doesn’t like Ohio and he rolled it up on them pretty good.

PSU vs. Kent: Lou Holtz picked this as his “Upset Special”. I think Lou needs to seriously hang it up and get into advertising Depends Oral Undergarments or audition for William Shatner's role in "Shit My Dad Says". Everytime he opens his mouth, shit comes out and I never know what’s going to come out next. Problem is, who will they get to piss off Mark May?

Wisky vs. ASU: I know, I lost this one. ASU found some speed and Wisky looked like they couldn’t get out of there own way. So much for that bet and the Cheeseheads are proven frauds once again….

Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Wake: If there’s one team in the country I wouldn’t want to play right now it would be Stanford. Oh, gee, look who’s next on the menu for Jimmy and Company? The Domers! Think he won’t roll it up given the chance? Think again…

Cornhuskers vs. Huskies: Can we finally stop talking about Jake Locker for Heisman? And it’s not because I don’t like the kid…He’s just on a bad team.

Cornsuckers vs Wildcats: Iowa couldn’t take care of Pac 10 business, even though they made a nice run near the end. If you stayed up that late – GUILTY!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-We need a defense. What I wouldn’t give for a defense.
-But we looked decent against the Domers except for those three or four plays.
-Then again, I guess that’s all it takes.
-Kovacs should’ve got the game ball from Saturday. Walk on to scholarship and he plays like a warrior possessed…
-DenRo is DenRo. But Shaw looked all right, also.
-UMass is big on the offensive line. Jeez, they ought to be able to run the ball.
-Reminded me a little of Wisconsin…
-Mallet is the QB I would want if I’m a pro scout.
-But I know I went on record saying he had a million dollar arm and a 10 cent brain…So that might be part of the problem.
-Does the SEC even think about staying inside the rule book or is it kind of like NASCAR: If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’…..
-Sparty looks ready. Fans look ready. Kelly looked nervous and he also looked like he was trying to hide it.
-Beauty of Domers-Sparty: As my brother in law says, “Somebody I hate is going to lose!”
-Are U KIDDING ME? REALLY? A fake at home when the field goal sends it to a 2nd OT? WOW…Nice Call..
-If you haven’t heard, the play was called “Little Giants”…From the movie I guess?
-But honestly, I was pulling for Sparty. It’s the Domer ill will that has me truly rooting against them now. If Kelly only wins 5, do they can him after 1 year?
-Did I mention I wouldn’t want to play Stanford right now? Pac 10 showdown coming between them and Oregon. And Jimmy knows how to beat Oregon.
-Is Harbaugh the next head coach “somewhere big”? I mean, it is Stanford and they are pretty big…
-But I mean big as a football school. Would he coach the SEC? I don’t think so…but maybe…never say never I guess…

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins the Week 3 of the Hot Seat Mascot Challenge! You overwhelmingly voted Julie in on the 3rd week with Katy hanging around to pick up a couple. I also like Julie and I’m excited to see if she can keep it up for the season…
And thanks to all of you that e-mailed me photos of Ines Sainz. It’s like I hadn’t seen her at all last week in the news or anything. Seriously, I think Rush Limbaugh had the best line when he talked about her being “booty-liscious” and that she was using her ample “Ass-sets” to her advantage. And as Rush stated, she wasn’t even the offended party after the Jets incident! It was some other news “person” that took offense to the way she was being treated. Ines simply took it in stride. Like, “Hey, I’m a good looking chick, I know it, and yes, I get an abnormal amount of attention to the point of guys acting like idiots around me.” See, she gets it. What’s everyone else in this PC world missing? Well, your MMQ didn’t miss her here.

Or here…

Or even here…

Wait a minute: Is that thing real or does she have those “butt” pads tucked in there?

Surprised, however, that no “au naturel” photos of Ines have been discovered….

Notice how we don’t have a swim suit shot from the back? Is this a conspiracy? Anyone? Regardless…Still hot!

So, here’s your week #1 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Mark Richt – Losing two in a row makes you the number 1 guy…
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU …
4. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
5. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy…Might actually have to move him higher…

FMQ Betting Results:
Tennessee +14 at Home vs. Florida: Looks like I was right here – they pegged the spread, meaning anyone that bet this game lost….

UMass at Michigan (-21): Michigan laying 21 against UMass for $20….
LOSE: Okay, so maybe I should have looked closer at UMass before laying the points.

Domers at MSU (-3): Take MSU and lay the 3 for $40
PUSH: Yes, another one where Vegas somehow knows SOMETHING!

ASU at Wisconsin (-13.5): Take Wisconsin and lay the 13.5 for $60
LOSE: Oops…I thought Wisky was way better than they actually are…

Harbaugh’s Hellcats (-17) vs. Wake Up: I’ll take Stanford and lay the 17 against Wake Forest for $70.
WIN: Whew…At least we didn’t go O-fer. Bank $133.

Clemson at Auburn (-7): I’ll take Auburn and lay the 7 for $70.
LOSE: Are you kidding me? How many of these things can go against me?

Parlays (Otherwise known as Sucker Bets):

3 Team parlay of Wisconsin, Auburn and Stanford for $15. That pays 6 to 1 if it hits and we’ll pocket $81.

Take all 5 for the balance of $6.50. That’ll pay 20-1 if it comes home and will pay $117.

Bank: $833

I’ll do some better noodling this week…It seems the ACC is still the conference to bet against.

Friday, September 17, 2010

FMQ – UMass Friday and Some Corrections

For those of you that have been paying attention, yes, there were mistakes in the earlier entries where I was only recording the win of the bet but not including the original bet in my total. I finally updated my spreadsheet that I created for this season and it obvioulsy caught the error. I apologize for that and I have gone back and corrected all the entries to reflect the correct amounts and banks for the last two weeks. That being said, we’re currently sitting on $981.50 for two weeks effort. I know, not good, not bad, just sort of treading water. Let’s budget $281.50 for this week and see how we do. Still not confident of where everyone's at two weeks in...Sure glad I laid off that FSU-Oklahoma game. Listening to the talking heads on the boob-tube was starting to convince me that FSU was going to go in and score repeatedly against the Laters, and I liked the Laters in that game. Moral: Don't listen to talking heads...

Taking points last weekend didn’t help us much. So, this week, we may need to look for and find the best opportunities either getting or laying points. One game popped out at me immediately, as it did to some other players who e-mailed, but after the analysis, I’m not sure I want to touch this one:

Tennessee +14 at Home vs. Florida: Wow. Florida is a mess. Their best offensive player just got booted…And Vegas still thinks Florida is a 14 point favorite….I simply can’t touch this one, even getting 14 at home, after watching the Vols literally choke, trip, and wheeze their way through the 3rd and 4th quarters last week against Oregon….NO BET

But, I have found 5 games that I like….While we aren’t going to put as much steam on some of the games, I like the others....So the risk management is to get as much against ACC teams as possible, followed by everything else.

Domers at MSU (-3): When I first looked this spread up Monday, I mistakenly thought that MSU was GETTING POINTS AT HOME. My bad. Sparty is giving 3 to the Domers who may or may not have Crist at the helm at Game Time. He in fact did suffer a concussion in the Michigan game and my guess is he will be a little tentative against Sparty. Sparty has kept their Offense under wraps…There is absolutely no LOVE between Dantonio and Kelly…The weather should be decent, the crowd should be Drun – er, fired up and LOUD. Look for Sparty to make up for last year’s oops in South Bend and the Domers to be flat after the emotional loss to Michigan. Take MSU and lay the 3 for $40

ASU at Wisconsin (-13.5):
ASU doesn’t have a defense. Wisconsin has been pounding the ball on the ground. And Wisky has a D to go with that offense. I like Wisconsin at home in a middle of the road Pac 10 beat down. Take Wisconsin and lay the 13.5 for $60

Harbaugh’s Hellcats (-17) vs. Wake Up: Based on the latest performances out of the ACC, I’m looking to take the other side of whatever bets I can get on teams from that conference when they’re playing good competition away from home. Wake is not known for its defense, Harbaugh and Stanford just shut out UCLA and routed the Bruins 35 to nothing. Wake is traveling 3,000 miles to play a good football team…and Wake is in the ACC. I’ll take Stanford and lay the 17 against Wake Forest for $70.

Clemson at Auburn (-7): See how I’m focusing on the ACC at this point? 8:00 PM. Game, in Auburn. Does anyone think Clemson, besides the Clemson faithful, has a shot at winning, much less keeping this to single digits? I’ll take Auburn and lay the 7 for $70.

UMass at Michigan (-21): I grabbed Michigan and laid 21 early on Monday as I figured the line would shoot up. It did. Most of the other sites had the line up to 30 or 32 on Wednesday and it’s back down to 28.5 today. So the steam is heavy on Michigan with some doubters/value takers on UMass late. UMass is ranked 14th in the DII category and beat W&M when they were ranked 4th in mild upset...But Michigan absolutely crushed Deleware State last year. Look for Rich Rod to play Devin, Tate, and anyone else with fresh legs in this contest that could be difficult to stop….So, I’m taking Michigan and laying 21 against UMass for $20….Even though Michigan probably covers by halftime and I should be betting the house here...

Huh – looks like I’m laying points in all games again…..
Parlays (Otherwise known as Sucker Bets):

3 Team parlay of Wisconsin, Auburn and Stanford for $15. That pays 6 to 1 if it hits and we’ll pocket $81.

Let’s do a 5 way parlay, too, even though we haven’t even come close yet to winning all our games, but I have a good feeling this week for some weird reason. Take all 5 for the balance of $6.50. That’ll pay 20-1 if it comes home and will pay $117.

BEST BETS: Auburn/Cheeseheads/Stanford

Wagers: $281.5

Bank: $700

Monday, September 13, 2010

All Hail Notre—Er, What the Hell Was That?

Hail to the Victors! It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine!

THE MMQ's Official New Lyrics (for 2010, anyway) for the Domer Fight Song!
(With apologies to WHOMEVER originally penned this annoying song and lyrics…)

Really sons of Notre Dame?
Did you see that guy, What was his name?
Running fast with un-tied Shoes,
And leaving your defense all askew?
Oh, NOT AGAIN! Notre Dame!
Another last second game,
A new head coach that seemed quite lame,
We will now wonder,
And watch go under,
Kelly's regime at Notre Dame.

Oh, Not Again, Old Notre Dame,
Just like last year’s last second game,
Send an, ”Oh Crap!” cheer on high,
Robinsons’s the name you heard all night!
It didn’t matter, passing or running the ball,
Old Notre Dame couldn’t stop him at all,
While her moron fans are crying,
MICHIGAN! To victory!


I’m still smiling and it’s Monday Morning. There’s just something about beating the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) that brings a smile to my face and a laugh to my lips. Sundays after a Michigan Victory are always a little brighter, but after a Domer drubbing, well, they are unbelievable! Kind of like a long, forever lasting….well you get the point as this is a family column.

How good were the Wolverines? Listen, first of all, they were good enough to win. Yes, there are problems with the defense: The Domers handed a blue print to everyone else we have to play this season: Throw often, throw deep. Kicking game? What kicking game? And when DenRo stumbles…Well, more on that in a minute.

Let’s first lambaste the new head coach in DomerLand: Kelly’s a boob. In this game, you take points when you can get points. If Kelly takes the 3 each time he’s knocking on the door, the Domers may have had a different outcome….But no, he figured he'd show his sterile balls off right away and go for it right before the half “In a big game against a big opponent” that categorically rejected him as a potential head coach. Patience is obviously not a Domer virtue among the coaches or the fans, speaking of which...

One of the guilty pleasures I have is going to the Domer message boards and reading all these “wonderful” statements like scUM, Michigan Sucks, Michigan sucks donkey parts, Michigan sucks dead donkey parts, etc, etc, etc from people who claim to be from a catholic religion…It frankly makes me sick and ashamed to be a catholic…..But I really enjoy reading them the day after scUM beats them into the ground.

And you know what really has to suck the donkey parts as the aforementioned Domers so eloquently put it? That this game was right within reach: The clouds parted, a rainbow was shown on NBC falling right down onto the Golden Dome and it looked like God would once again bail your sorry asses out of a game when Rudolph managed to get past Michigan’s safety and Crist threw one for 95 yards…But unfortunately, God only “likes” the Domers – HE LOVES MICHIGAN! And he really, really hated this, “WE ARE ND!” video montage, produced by the school, no less….

DenRo – It takes too long to type out Denard Robinson, so he’s now DenRo. First: Rich Rod is going to ride this kid till he breaks. He's the entire offense. When he is in there and things are clicking, it's great. But if he goes down....Which, given the Big 10 conference, he will at some point. But until then, he’s the horse – that much is clear. Can he continue to do what he does as often as he’s doing it? Doubtful. Is he the most exciting player in the college game right now? I haven’t seen anyone better, at least not yet. And I got my fill of college football on Saturday. McElroy from Alabama can sling it, but he’s no DenRo. Who, in that last drive, at least in my opinion, convinced me that he’s more than just a kid who can run. He stood in there and passed that rock when he had to and he HIT HIS RECEIVERS! Yes, he’s for real. I just hope Rich Rod gives him a break against UMass and Bowling Green…And finds a running game… and a Defense…And recruits somebody from the soccer team to hit 30 yarders.

The Rest of the Mess

First, a little Schadenfreude: Hokies, I would normally come down so hard on you for losing to an FCS (D-II) school that you wouldn’t ever want to come back to this blog…However, Michigan feels your pain and frankly, the College Football World is thanking you today. That loud guttural scream you heard from Idaho? That would be the natives all bemoaning the fact that the one top 25 team they played this year just fell not only out of the top 25, and that means the game they played against you likely will not matter at all. And that hurts Bosie more than it helps them. Again, thank you.

Sparty – FAU: Sparty, everyone was bashing you for only hanging 30 on these guys….From what I heard and the little I saw, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Your running game is there and my guess is Dantonio didn’t want to give Kelly’s Heroes any more to go on Saturday then “off tackle”. Good luck with the Domers. We pissed them off good for you.

Satan’s Warriors vs. PSU: Anybody else get the feeling that old Satan took his foot off the gas? Yeah, me too….That and PSU having the longest negative offensive yardage play in the history of PSU has to be a little unsettling if you’re a Nit Lion fan. By the way, watching that game and the Michigan-Domer clash, you can still see how far apart Michigan-Bama are. I sure hope we can close that gap come 2012.

Suckeyes vs. Miami: Well, the ACC just stunk the place up over the weekend, that’s for sure. Jacory Harris discussion of a Heisman just came to a 4 interception end on Saturday and TP looks good….Is there a showdown in Columbus brewing? Nope, better not get too far ahead of myself…

Gatorland vs. SFU: Looks like the Gators finally found their offense…Dammit…

Dawgs vs. the Ole Ball Coach: Did your MMQ call this one or what? Richy Rich might be looking for a job at the end of this season and has moved up on the ole hot seat meter…

Cremesicles vs. Ducks: Unbelievable, really. Vols looked in this game till Ducks just overwhelmed them. Volunteer fans are in for a long season.

Laters vs. FSU: Uh…When someone hears from the ACC, let me know. I’d like to be interested in them again at some point…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Anyone else think Tom Hammond has mellowed over time?
-Or is it just the Domer losses are getting to him?
-DenRo looked a step slower to me Saturday…or he just doesn’t need to kick in the afterburners against a slow Domer Defense…
-Nate Montana is NOT the spitting image of his old man…Thank God…
-What happened to Floyd? Where was Floyd? Did he play?
-Sunshine? Rainbow? Leprechauns? FU!@#%$%ing Great….
-Hee-hee….Hahahahaha!!!! DenRo an Co. Did IT!
-I thought I heard the Domer fight song get played after WE Scored the last TD….Somebody tell me I’m wrong
-IS Oregon that good? OR is Tennessee that bad…
-Is PSU that bad or is Alabama that good?
-ACC looks that bad….
-Michigan is still the best Damn Team in the land - #1 in Winning Percentage!
-(I threw that in there for all the Domers reading – I KNOW how much that pisses them off!)
-The Domers may beat some people this year….
-It’s just a shame they put themselves through the Big 10 meat grinder in September and October and end up with 2 or 3 losses before November…
-Gee, if they had joined a conference, like the Big 10, those games wouldn’t be until later when they might have a better chance to win.
-Is there anything better than Beating the Domers in September? Anything?

The Hot Seat
You know, when Crist hit Rudolph, I just wanted to go to my happy place…And I decided to do a little research into the chick that played opposite of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. And guess what? It’s the same woman that play’s the blonde Mom in Modern Family, Julie Bowen! Why is that a big deal? Because I was actually going to use Julie as a Hot Seat Mascot based on the Modern Family role and now I need to find another mascot for the gap that now exists in the schedule!

I liked Julie in Happy Gilmore…

I really like her in Modern Family…

I think everyone knows why I like this shot of her…

And Lopez Tonight had the guts to run this shot when the View didn't (I know, is this hot or am I just being silly at this point? It can't be hot, but let's just say I put it here for the controversy...Discuss!)

So, here’s your week #2 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU…
2. Zookie – Why he didn’t get the ax last year is beyond me.
3. Mark Richt – Moving him up after losing to the Ole Ball Coach…
4. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
5. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy…Might actually have to move him higher…

FMQ Betting Results:

Michigan vs. the Domers:
Take Michigan and the 4 for $50.
WIN: Bank $95

Oregon at Tennessee: Take Tennessee and the 13.5 points for $40.

South Carolina vs. Georgia: Take South Carolina getting 3.5 for $40.
WIN: Bank $76

South Florida at Florida: I’ll take South Florida and the 16 for $40.
LOSE – Great, Gatorland finds an offense….

PSU at Alabama: PSU and the 12 against the Satan’s Warriors for $20….
LOSE – Dumbest bet I made on Saturday…

And just for giggles, let’s throw a three game parlay on Michigan, USC, and USF for the remaining $22.50. That’ll pay 6-1 if it comes home.
LOSE – Enough said about parlays….

Bank: $981.5

Friday, September 10, 2010

FMQ - Joe Cool Disses Rudy and The Wagers

TMZ interviewed Big Play Joe Montana who played with “Rudy” Ruettiger more or less DISSED THE ENTIRE THING as a Joke and that Hollywood definitely took some liberties and “embellished” or in this case, made up some fibs when it came to what went down. Don’t believe me? Here’s the link AND the quote.

Montana -- who played on the 1975 Fighting Irish squad with Ruettiger -- appeared on DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show this morning and said of the flick, "It's a movie remember ... not all that's true."After a dismissive sigh, Montana undermined some of the main storylines in the movie saying,

"The crowd wasn’t chanting … nobody threw in their jerseys."

Montana acknowledged that the real Rudy did play in the final home game ... and did get a sack -- but stated that when the players carried Rudy off the field, they were "kinda playin' around ... I won't say as a joke, but playing around."Joe finished, "He worked his butt off to get where he was ... but not any harder than anybody else."

The crowd wasn’t chanting, nobody threw in their jerseys. And the team was simply playing around when they carried Rudy off the field…hardly the inspiration that Hollywood made it out to be…hee-hee.

I just hope that someday, someone makes another true to life sports flick in the theme of Brian’s Song or Something for Joey where there is at least a bit of truth to the inspiration and someone doesn’t have to go to the “Big House in the Sky” in the end…

Anyway, on to this week’s fantasy action. Last week, as I stated in the Monday wrap, the LSU-NC game refs really screwed me and it turns out that the Domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Purdue game also had a questionable call or two go the Domers way… Surprised? Anyway, we’re taking 5 games again this week, sticking with our odd number of games strategy and I’m hoping we go 4 or 5 for 5. However, because we really don’t want any more than about 25-30% of our “bank”, which is at $812.50 in play, we’ll only bet the $212.50. And seeing as how we got burned laying points, I don’t think we’ll do that again, even though it's a good way to bet during Cupcake Week...You just need to pick the right games, as always. I’ll also “sweeten” my best bet of the week with a little extra steam.

Michigan vs. the Domers: I know what you’re thinking – The Domers didn’t show everything that they’ve got when the played the Boilers last Saturday. Hey, I don’t think Michigan showed everything IT’S got in its bag of tricks, either. But – get this: Michigan-Domers opened up on Sunday at 6 points – yes, apparently you could actually get Michigan and 6 at one point on an offshore betting site. When I finally looked, it was 4 on Tuesday and the money has poured in on Michigan, driving the spread down to as low as 3 on Wednesday. It’s snuck back up to 3.5 and I’ve see 4 as well, so the Domers are braving up and putting their money where their mouth is. I grabbed the 4 points on Tuesday when I had the opportunity. Not only that, but I figured with two spread offenses taking each other on, the Over would have been a no brainer…Unfortunately, it’s 52, up from the 27 it opened at. I missed any opportunity as I would have taken the over to about 38…. Take Michigan and the 4 for $50.

Oregon at Tennessee: What’s the fun of betting a little game? Besides, I like Tennessee getting almost 2 touchdowns at home. Yeah, yeah…I heard all about the Ducks 72 points or whatever…against who again? This was another one I jumped on Tuesday when the spread was 13.5 when it opened. The Steam is rolling in on the Cremesicles and the latest is down to 12. In an SEC house that holds 100K+, I’m liking the Orange. Take Tennessee and the 13.5 points for $40.

South Carolina vs. Georgia: I actually had my eye on this game some time in August for a couple of reasons: Georgia’s athletic department and football team is a mess. Georgia has had some off the field “issues” to the point where the won the Fulmer Cup, which is a tally of total arrests for members of your team or coaching staff from the end of the season to the opening kick. Also, the Ole Ball Coach KNOWS how to beat the Dawgs (at least he used to at Florida – he’s 1-7 against them at USC, so, he’s due)…And he’s getting points. Lots of points that have been bet up. Game opened at 2 and is up to 3.5. Go the opposite way of the money. Take South Carolina getting 3.5 for $40.

South Florida at Florida: Skip Holtz is the new Skipper at South Florida…Gatorland looked absolutely awful in their win…In fact, it was downright pathetic. Do you think Skip Holz will have SFU ready? Remember how Skip was a giant killer at East Carolina? SFU is getting 16? I’ll take South Florida and the 16 for $40.

PSU at Alabama: PSU getting points on the road, but not enough in my mind, but I said I wasn't laying points, either. Still, it’s no fun watching a game without a little something on it, so let’s take PSU and the 12 against the Satan’s Warriors for $20….

And just for giggles, let’s throw a three game parlay on Michigan, USC, and USF for the remaining $22.50. That’ll pay 6-1 if it comes home.


Total Wagered: $212.50

Bank: $810.5

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Huskies Un-Impressive…Are the Wolverines That Good?


After an off-season that hardly felt like an off-season, we’re back to being the MMQ!
Thank God! I couldn’t handle the pace of this off-season….

Hail to the Victors! It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine!

While the first cheer is normal after a Michigan game, the 2nd one is usually reserved for a very special win….However, we didn’t get many opportunities last season to get to the 2nd one, so I’m taking advantage of this victory to type the words.

Did Michigan look good, live and in person from A-squared? Well, they certainly looked a lot better than what they had turned into during the Big 10 season last year….And they looked extremely fast. But, after the celebrations, jubilations and emotions – by the way, that was all before kick-off – I’m not ready to say that this group of Wolverines have given me the slappy confidence I need to claim that they can go undefeated.

Am I trying to get out of my prediction? Nope. I still believe this team can win 10 regular season games and 1 post season game. I’m sticking to that until I see something that convinces me otherwise.

UConn may have been a little over rated or we caught them in a first game out of sync situation - the wind certainly helped the defensive cause. And I guarantee that the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) won’t be dropping a safety back and will probably have 8 men in the box looking to stop Denard. But, you can say that I was happy for that team and especially the Rod. They deserved it after all the crap they’ve been through and maybe they can keep the ole momentum train rolling….

The Tail Gate Notebook: I must admit here, that even though a middle of the road Big East team would not normally be worthy of Big Game consideration, with all of the fan fare, multiple tail gate guests and friends in attendance, we polished off one bottle of Big Game - PRE GAME…So, THE TAILGATE CROWD is in full swing and is ready for the SEASON! Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a great pre-game!

The Rest of the Mess

SEC vs. Cupcakes: Yes, they all won. No, there wasn’t an interesting game played by any of them…Well, there was one and I’ll comment on that next.

LMU vs. Tar Foots: You know, Les Miles University football coach Les Miles has to be skating on thin ice. The SEC respects no one outside of the SEC and technically probably respects opposing leagues in this order: Pac 10, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Big East….So, when you play a highly ranked ACC opponent, you expect that the game “Might be close”, but you don’t expect the ACC opponent will win. Especially when that team had to sit 9 starters on defense…..Les had the offense playing in a shell and I’m not sure LMU is going to get through the season without about 4 losses based on Saturday’s performance. I DO HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM with the officiating in that particular game, on one particular play – the On Sides kick at the end of the game. How in the !#$#$%% does the replay guy not see the NCU player hitting the LSU player BEFORE THE BALL GETS THERE? That cost me a bet and I’ll never forget it.

SPARTY vs. WMU: Didn’t see it, but heard that Sparty is rushing the ball well…Defense was a little suspect, however…

DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) vs. Purdon’t: Sounded like this game was actually closer than it was, also. How does Vegas know? Really…I’m not kidding. I couldn’t have put an 11 point spread on this game on my best day and yet somehow Vegas knows….

Boy’s State vs. HOKIES: Are you kidding me? Brent Musberger (RALLLPH!) has literally named Boy’s State the National Champions…I also got the feeling that Brent would service Chip Peterson in any way Chris desired if Chris happens to lean in that direction...I know, it's supposed to be a family blog...I have an extremely difficult time listening to Brent any more…Herbstreit was even trying to offset some of that Brent over the edge crap by saying the Hokies were a good team in their own right. I can’t wait until Brent either hangs it up or they find someone that can do the play by play better than him…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday (and Sunday and Monday)

-I love the Big House…So does Ashley (MMQ’s oldest daughter that attended the game with me).
-“Dad, IS THAT PLANE GOING TO LAND IN HERE?” After the flyby…She’s used to watching the water planes on the lake doing a low fly by before they bring it in for a landing…
-Brock Mealer walking into that stadium is a top 5 in emotional moments that I’ve had inside those walls…Maybe even a top 3…
-It’s louder. When Brock walked out, I knew instantly that it’s louder.
-What? Bill Martin’s name is forever embedded into the Michigan Stadium concrete? WHY? WHY???
-I like the band music amplified. At least we can hear them up in the cheap seats…
-Denard is frickin’ fast….I would not want to face that kid as a defensive coordinator.
-But he can’t run and get tackled that many times in the Big 10…He won’t survive..
-Denard’s down…Time for Tate?
-Wait a minute…Devon Gardner’s in? IS Tate hurt?
-And Devon is SLOW – at least after watching Robinson….
-Nope – Tate's just assigned to the 3rd string…Hang in there Tate, this team is going to need you at some point.
-The defense is serviceable, I just don’t want to play a really good QB with really good wideouts. -Uh-oh…Domers are next on the schedule.
-But I’ll bet we can score on most defenses we face this year.
-Les Miles will be in deep Doo-Doo before the end of this season….
-If he already isn’t…
-Cheeseheads looked good against UNLV…At least the part I saw.
-If Boy’s State has played their toughest game and won and also manages to go undefeated, we need something better than a vote or a poll to decide a National Champion.
-That's the earliest I've gone on record stating that I HATE THE BCS!
-If Brent made the comment one more time that Boy’s State was trying to schedule anyone – Nebraska, SEC, Michigan – etc., I was going to throw something through my TV..
-Of course Boy's State will schedule anyone … But the risk reward for anyone else is simply too high!
-Get it Brent?

The Hot Seat
Well, it’s finally that time of the season when we can add another mascot to the Hot Seat Mascot voting poll on the side bar. Your vote counts and the staff, er…the selection committee at the MMQ will continue to search for viable contenders that are deemed worthy of Hot Seat Mascot contention!

This summer, I did a little project when I put some pavers down in my driveway. I thought I could complete it in a couple of weeks…heh, heh. Turns out it’s a bigger job than I thought. However, when searching for a gravel supplier (a little place in Milford called “Beuachamp’s” that’s about 10 miles from my house) I came across a name that was totally new to me, but at least worthy of a weekly nomination! Bianca Beauchamp, born in Montreal, Canada in October of 1977, otherwise known as, and I quote, “a self proclaimed fetish model that never met a latex outfit her cleavage didn’t love!”

Yikes – This is almost intimidating…But still Hot!

Latex almost looks like it's sprayed on...doncha' think?

No latex...but not bad, either!

And this is one I threw in there because she's wearing a yellow suit in support of the Maize and Blue!
So, here’s your week #1 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Les Miles – If LSU loses 3 games this year, they’ll be screaming to get Satan back to LSU.
2. Zookie – Can't lose to a down Missourri team.
3. Jimmy Harbaugh – But not for the reason’s you think. Yes, upsetting USC buys you a couple of years, but the message boards for Stanford think Jimmy runs his mouth too much….
4. Rich Rod. He’s there until he’s not…But that could happen sooner rather than later, unless the MMQ’s predictions come true.
5. Mark Richt – Georgia needs a New Year’s Day Bowl. And his AD got himself canned driving under the influence. New AD’s like to can head coaches that aren’t doing well and bring in their own guy.

FMQ Betting Results:

LSU vs. North Carolina: Take LSU and give the 7 for $75.
PUSH: Damn refs screwed me here. And in Vegas, a push is a loss.
PSU vs. Youngstown State: Take PSU and lay the 39 for $50.
LOSE: PSU’s D sucked and they didn’t roll up the points like I thought they would…
Purdue at Notre Dame: Take Purdue getting the 11 points for $50.
PUSH: Grrr…I’m starting to hate the lines already. HOW DO THEY KNOW?
Tennessee vs. Tenn Martin: Take the Cremesicles and lay the 38 for $50.
WIN: Tennessee hangs 50 unanswered on Tenn Martin. Win 50 less 10% for the vig. Bank $45
And finally, UConn at Michigan: Take Michigan giving the 2.5 in the rededication ceremony for $75.
WIN: Should have stuck with my instincts on this game and bet a whole lot more…Bear with me as the season gets rolling. We’ll do better. Win $75 less 10%. Bank $67.5
Bank: $1023

Friday, September 3, 2010

FMQ - 200 POSTS!

Friday Morning Quarterback! This is the MMQ's alter ego when all predictions, prognostications, and general slappiness are at their height! And with a record of 0-0, I feel pretty damn good on this opening season Friday! So, I figured, What the Hell....We need a post!

First and foremost, we are reaching some pretty serious milestones here at the MMQ...For those of you keeping score at home that read regularly, we have reached a pinnacle of sorts when it comes to the number of posts. Yes, sports fans, the MMQ has reached 200! And, believe it or not, the MMQ has received nearly 5,000 viewings...I think it's the same 6 of you that keep clicking away on this blog, but who cares! I can't believe I have wasted this much time posting, and you probably wish you could get each and every 10 minutes or so back that you've spent reading this crap....Too bad, so sad...It's gone, but hopefully it's brought a laugh or two along the way. I mean, life is about the journey, right? Let's enjoy the ride!

Stuff you need to see today:

Check out M-Victors for what makes a Michigan Man....I wish I could figure out how to embed video so you don't have to jump around, but this 1 minute 21 second clip at the Mott Children's Hospital Charity Golf Outing is worth the time....

Frank the Tank's take on the Big ten Divsion helps make sense of why Wisky got the shaft...When they really came out smelling like a rose and will probably be the first team to flip flop during the next expansion 10 years from now...

There's a great interview of Desmond Howard over at on life as an announcer and the new Allstate Mayhem Football Challenge....Check it out and let's get an MMQ reader that can win a TV or better yet, Bowl Tix!

Introducing the FMQ!

Okay, I make predictions because I like to. It also has a little something to do with the fact that I'm a natural born risk taker, whether that's good or bad is not for me to determine. I've had some bad breaks in life, just like everyone else. However, sometimes stuff works out really well, also. And all of that experience has made me wiser over the years...So I just know that I need to gamble and it soothes a part of me inside. That's why I play poker. It makes sense to me. The numbers, the emotions, the people. You get to think, read people, and make judgements by assessing risk-reward scenarios to any given situation.

Which is why were going to start the FMQ - Friday Morning Quarterback - for your college football gambling needs. I get fantasy football in the NFL. I don't and I have never participated in a fantasy league. Just too many people that have it all figured out....Therefore, my edge is reduced. Therefore, we're going to look at the college games, figure out some edge on the spreads, and start with a fantasy account at an offshore betting casino. We're going to start with $1,000 in our account and we'll keep a record of our successes (and failures) as we go. We'll figure in a 10% vig on the wins to make it even more realistic.

I wish I'd of had this brainfart yesterday as I liked South Carolina and the Ole' Ball Coach giving the points to Southern Miss....But, opportunities can be made up faster than losses....

Basic Strategy. To keep our risk minimized, we're only going to put about 1/3 of our bankroll in play during any given week, unless there's something I really like. In addition, I am always going to try to bet an odd number of games in order to realize a 3-2 or 2-1 scenario, where you have a win that will cover the vig and your goal is to go 3-0, 4-1 or ideally, 5-0. That's the risk minimization, if you will, but you pay a premium to minimize that risk...

So, the games I like this Cupcake week (we'll do five games as there's 5 I found that I like - I still wish I had done this yesterday as the USC game looked great to me..):

LSU vs. North Carolina: Why this game still has LSU only giving 7 is beyond me with the world crumbling around North Carolina's program...Look for Les to make a statement...Take LSU and give the 7 for $75.

PSU vs. Youngstown State: PSU is giving 39 and usually destroys teams like this in the early season...Take PSU and lay the 39 for $50.

Purdue at Notre Dame: Purdue's getting 11 and this game hasn't been more than TD spread in 6 years. Yes, I know BK knows how to score points...So does Purdue...Take Purdue getting the 11 points for $50.

Tennessee vs. Tenn Martin: Tennessee is giving 38...Another SEC cupcake blowout coming with a new coach that wants to flex his offensive muscle..Take the Cremesicles and lay the 38 for $50..

And finally, UConn at Michigan: Michigan giving 2.5 at home...I seriously believe that Michigan is going to EXPLODE points tomorrow...Take Michigan giving the 2.5 in the rededication ceremony for $75.

Best Bet: LSU

Total Wagered: $300

Bank: $700

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mealer's Miracle and I Can't Believe it!

First and foremost, I am finally going to comment on the Mealer situation. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get through even reading an article about that incident without feeling enraged, sad, pissed off, and emotional all at the same time: For those that don't know the details, a 90 year old man ran a stop sign on Christmas Eve and killed Elliot Mealer's father and his girlfriend and left Brock paralyzed with a doctor's diagnosis of "No HOPE of ever walking again....."

In no particular order (well, yes, there is a particular order)

1. Enraged - Why does this country continue to allow people over the age of 85 the opportunity to get and renew a driver's license - WITHOUT TAKING A WRITTEN, ORAL, and DRIVING TEST? No offense to any of the elderly out there. But, if you know anyone one that has been lucky enough to live into their 80's you know that if you have ever been behind the wheel with them it can be a scary, harrowing experience. My grandmother, when she was still wheeling it, was a hazard to herself and anyone else on the road. I believe it's everyone's responsibility to take some sort of action and curb this situation if you have an elderly or impaired person that is in your family and they are still operating a vehicle. Ride with them. Evaluate their skills and cognitive ability for yourself on an annual basis. If you don't think they can manage it, let them know. I don't know if this guy (the 90 year old) had anyone or if he had been told to stop driving, but my guess is this wasn't the first incident.

Elderly Freedoms, you say? Look - it's simple. Driving isn't a GOD D@#$% Right! It's a privilege! One that should be taken away to keep other people on the road safe. And if you're too old to drive, move somewhere that you can walk for your daily needs or ride the bus. Sorry, just how I feel...And I'm sure that might change as I get older, but I will happily take the tests if it comes to that.

2. Sad and Pissed off: That a doctor would tell a kid that there's "no hope" of ever walking again is pretty short sighted on the doctor's part. Yes, I know, he probably watered it down and didn't say no hope, but my guess is he didn't give much either. Spirit, attitude and a willingness to push yourself beyond what's normal is different for everyone.

3. Emotional: Brock decides, "Screw it, I'm walking." To do this, and with the goal in mind of walking out of that tunnel with 110,000 people watching and, without a doubt, everyone standing and cheering you one will be a very, incredibly emotional moment. I get chills just thinking about it as I type these words....This kid is something special. I hope everyone sees that and his future is full of even more potential than what he had before everything was taken away....

Jeez...I get sad when I think that the only way we get these stories is by letting something happen that as a society we probably could have prevented....

So, on to the 2nd part of today's post, the 2011 and 2012 seasons have posted. And get this: Michigan doesn't play Penn State, Wisconsin or Indiana! Click on the above news feed for the details....

How do I feel about that? Well, I really want to beat PSU, the Cheeseheads and Indiana this year so they can sit with that loss for the next two seasons hanging over their heads and not the other way around....I just figured that somehow we were going to get stuck playing PSU (no matter what), Wisconsin (No matter what) and we would lose out on playing Indiana, Northwestern, and Illinois....Looks like we got lucky getting Northwestern in the division and the kept Minnesota and Michigan together for the Brown Jug....Which is nice!

However, I will really like going to the 9 game Big 10 schedule in 2015 where there's only two misses....if they can figure out a way to keep 7 home games for everyone...(NOT gonna happen)...So what happens then? Up the ticket prices to make up for the lost game revenue? Higher PSL's????

Time will tell....