Monday, November 24, 2008

Suckeyes Dominate and Destroy.....Sweet Relief

Depression is a funny thing. You don’t know you’re depressed, usually. Others around you ask you how you’re doing and you say you’re fine, but they continue to press you and comment that, “You know, you just aren’t your usual self.”

Well, I have identified the source of my depression. If you are a true Michigan fan, no matter how much emotional detachment you practice and preach, this season had to get to you. And the season was put into a nutshell for us on Saturday – in the first defensive and offensive series.

Steve Brown picks off Pryor and returns it to the OSU 13. You get excited and let yourself believe that this could happen. That the ghost of Bo is somehow overseeing this team and they are going to put it all together. Then the offense comes out and does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Highs to lows, highs to lows….

The rest of the game started to implode in a train wreck that summarizes this season. I won’t comment on all the players that are considering transferring. If they want out, well, I guess I would like to know exactly why. That will start to reflect on Rich Rod. How much of this “Me against the World” attitude can he continue to throw around before it becomes a problem and kids don’t want to come to Michigan because underclassmen keep transferring? Anyone? Help me out here.

Which leads me to another thought, something that occurred to me on Saturday when I saw that LSU was getting pounded by Ole Miss…Seeing as how you are only as good as your last win in the SEC, wouldn’t it have been interesting this year if THIS was Lloyd’s last season? Mallet and the host of receivers are still around. Coaching staff hasn’t changed. Michigan is probably 7-5 or 8-4 looking at a bowl, but not New Year’s day. LMU is looking to dump the guy that has 4 losses that led them to a National Title last year. Hmmmmm…Does Les Miles look like a good deal and the right fit for Michigan? Regardless of what an interfering Lloyd might think or try to do…Sailboat Bill can make the call without worrying about the “wrath of Carr” too much because he wasn’t coming off a successful season, anyway, and we were getting tired of the Lloyd excuses. And Les would not have been in a hunt for the National Title and in the national Lime Light…So, yeah, it would have been interesting.

Timing is truly everything. I am planning on a season review of the Rod, but it won’t be pretty. 3-8 isn’t all talent, I’m afraid. There’s coaching to be held accountable in there somewhere. I am not sure I can handle another season like this….And next year, with the returning players may not be that much better. That hurts too much to think about.

The Rest of the Mess

DOMERS vs. the ‘CUSE: Class. All Class describes the Domers and their fans this year. Losing to an 8 loss team, the first time in history, has some of the Domer faithful demanding the Wuzzles resign. And they pelted the team with Snow Balls in the process. Oh my, I thought he was the savior? The Chosen One? The NFL guru that was going to turn everything around for the Domers? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Domers did make a change. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they kept Wuzzles for his entire contract. The only thing that WOULD surprise me is if the DOMERS did the right thing and cancelled their NBC contract, made nice with the Big 10, and said, “Let us in.” If you clowns still haven’t learn that there is strength in conferences, well, I will give you a list to look at and study: Kansas, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Oregon St., Boise State, UTAH, Ball State, etc..... Did anyone anywhere think that 5 years ago, any of these teams would be potential Bowl teams? Or even potential BCS teams? Didn’t think so. The power of the conference makes you better. Without it, you are nothing, and will continue to be nothing…. Think about it.

TEX TECH vs. LATERS: Wow, I don’t know how you don’t make the LATERS the number 2 team in the BCS. Yes, I know, Texas beat them. Big Deal. In rivalry games, anything can happen. My guess is if the LATERS played the Shorthorns like they played TEX TECH, well, Texas would have two losses right now. I remember reading something about losing early and redeeming yourself or something? And not losing later? What was that rule? The LATERS deserve to be ranked over TEXAS. Enough said.

SPARTY vs. PSU: Wow. I could go into a lot of superlatives here, but Sparty knows by now what it takes to be an elite team in the Big 10. And no offense, but PSU spanked you worse than they spanked Michigan…

GATORLAND vs. Citibank: I think that’s who they played and crushed….Too bad you had to lose to Ole Miss or you would be in the BCS driver’s seat….

USC: USC...I bet they wish they had that Beaver Game Back…..This could be the best post season match up – Gatorland and USC. Better than the National Championship game.


1. ALABAMA – Bye’s are nice.
2. TEXAS: This sucks…How can you get beaten by Tex Tech, not play ANYONE NON-CONFERENCE, and still be #2? Just because you beat the
3. LATERS – Beat the team that beat TEXAS, but lost to the Shorthorns…Still, they looked better beating Tex Tech than Texas did losing to them..
4. GATORLAND - Best Team playing right now – too bad about Ole Miss
5. RUBBERS – NEEDS A LOT OF HELP – In fact, I can’t see a way for USC to get there based on the way the coaches poll and current BCS average is stacking up….Someone explain that computer system again, please…Oh, and don’t get too close to Pete Carroll when you explain it.
6. UTAH – I am still puking from last week about this…Michigan almost BEAT THIS TEAM!
7. Tex Tech – Well, you had to drop, but this is shameful. I will take Tex Tech over UTAH any day, any week, any year. And bet the house.
8. PENN STATE: You can only go down from here….
9. BOYS STATE – This team seems to live off their Oklahoma defeat from 2004…isn’t that over yet?
10. Suckeyes – At least you won’t get pounded by USC in the Rose…Maybe they will match you up against each other in another bowl somewhere….


1. So, Texas beat the Laters on a neutral field, 45-35, rivalry game; Tex Tech Beat Texas (and Texas looked like doggy doo-doo) and the Laters Beat Tex Tech – BAD….And that means Texas is #2?
2. If Rich Rod wins 6 games next year, are you happy? I am not sure this team can even win 6….God, how did it get this bad?
3. When does the national press start riding the Rod? I mean, Michigan recruits itself, right? Does Rod become the next Callahan? Looking for a head coaching position somewhere? Anywhere?
4. Will this be the nail that also seals the fate of Bill Martin? And Martin’s folly? A 110,000 seat stadium that no one comes to?
5. Michigan hasn’t lost to the Domers, Suckeyes, and Sparty in the same year since 1987 – Courtesy of the ESPN Bottom Line that kept reminding us of that fact all Saturday Night…..
6. The Big Ten needs a 12th team. Wouldn’t a play-off between PSU and Someone from the West Big 10 (Minnesota or Northwestern, or a rematch with Iowa) make an interesting game and give PSU more credibility?
7. The PAC 10 needs the same thing….Bring in Boise State or Utah and get them out of the WHACK and Mountain West and then when they are ranked up near the top I don’t have to feel so sick….
8. Texas Tech definitely runs hot and cold – Especially on Defense. Feast or Famine….
9. Notre Dame STILL SUCKS! And we couldn’t beat them.
10. Say what you want, the bowls will be boring this year looking at who’s in the top 25. People do not want to watch nobodies from nowhere playing for nothing. Gives us the traditional names and we’ll tune in.
11. Well, Michigan isn’t as bad as the Lions…Who WILL NOT WIN A GAME THIS YEAR! I am taking bets…
12. I love this shot of the ASU cheerleaders – too bad it showed up on You Tube and got everyone thrown off the squad…..


This week’s hot seat mascot: Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund! I thought it would be appropriate to get a True Michigan Link as a Mascot and seeing as how she actually won something vs. the other Michigan teams that aren’t doing so good, well, you can see the logic. The GONE list due to the most recent blood letting is one of it’s own now….The Hot Seat is still in tact and continues to grow..

1. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
2. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
3. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
4. Brent Guy – UTAH STATE – GONE
5. Robinson – Syracuse – GONE
6. CHUCK LONG – San Diego State – GONE
7. Jeff GENYK – Eastern Michigan – GONE

1. Tommy Tutone – You better Beat Satan…
2. Spurrier – Game Cocks fans are restless - there is now a blog calling for Spurrier's, who you gonna' get???
3. Zook – come on, you are telling me that beating Michigan and not making a bowl is progress?
4. Bielema – Wisconsin…It started with Michigan. How long do the faithful back the Iowa Tight End and Barry Alvarez Annointed One?
5. RICH ROD – Worst record in Michigan History? Lost to Sparty, OSU, and Domers all the same year? He needs to beat two out of three next year or people will start screaming. Well, Screaming louder.


Bill Martin and Mary Sue…I will continue to call for their ouster until all is right with the world….
Every other coach that has been eliminated from the 32 bowls that currently exist….


FRIDAY ( I love Thanksgiving!)
1. WVU at PITT – The Backyard Brawl
2. LSU at ARKNSAS – LSU needs this game…


1. GATORLAND AT FSU: Can Bobby ruin Urban Legend’s National Title Chances? Doubtful….
2. OKIES at OKIE STATE: If the Laters can’t beat the Cowboys, well, they lose the National Title Argument…
3. Auburn at BAMA: THE IRON BOWL. Tommy Twotone is coaching for his job…Satan has everything to lose…Can you say UPSET? I like Auburn…
4. DOMERS AT THE RUBBERS: Hee, hee, hee…..Pete Carroll looking for style points in the BCS…Domers on the west coast…This will be a beating that might not stop till Sunday….

Monday, November 17, 2008

Northworstern.....But They Might As Well Win

I never thought I would EVER IN MY LIFE type the title of today’s submission….But, in all honesty, whenever a team in the Big 10 is bowl in-eligible, in my mind, it’s there conference obligation to lose to teams that are in need of a victory or that can move up in the bowl ranks to get more money for the conference….Sad, isn’t it? The MMQ has been reduced to cheering for the rest of the Big 10 and the hopes that they get better bowls than the ACC, Big East, and PAC 10…

I now believe this team has given up. I know as a fan, I kind of have, also. It’s never happened to me before, but there has definitely been a detachment from my team. A belief that no matter what I do, what rituals I keep, or what sacred tradition I follow – given this is Michigan – OSU week – it won’t matter. This team has left us nothing to hold on to….Nothing….

What really concerns me is that the team has not improved week to week..And than makes me REALLY nervous come Saturday. I don’t think they have a mercy rule in College Football…but they should have one.

And this has now become the WORST TEAM IN MICHIGAN HISTORY. That, in and of itself, is embarrassing. I hope, and pray, that this is temporary….what a dubious distinction….

Oh, I will rally come Wednesday or Thursday and remember back to better Michigan-OSU weeks where the build up was better than the game. But this year, this year is almost like a nightmare to the finish where the ending will be a sweet relief, and yet, I will know that this is more or less the same team coming back next year….

I have two season’s tickets available if anyone is interested. Maybe that will help.

The Rest of the Mess

DOMERS vs. NAVY: Anyone who watched this game realizes what a whacky game college football has become. Any given Saturday. I was obviously pulling for the come back, but, alas, the Mid Shippies couldn’t manage to pull off two in a row.

BAMA vs. Miss State: Yes, I was hoping that Satan would lose two in a row here, also, but that wasn’t meant to be, either. It’s shaping up to be a BAMA – Texas Tech Showdown in the BCS…

SUCKEYES vs. ILLINI: I thought Zook might pull this off and save his job…People have to be getting pretty upset in Illini land. This team had so much pre-season promise and then Zooky let it all go….Sounds like the same thing that happened to him in Florida right before he got canned there….

GATORLAND vs. GAMECOCKS: Boy oh boy…The Ole Ball Coach couldn’t even make this one close….He might be moving up on the ole Hot Seat.


1. ALABAMA – SATAN – It’s all up to Auburn and Florida now. Otherwise, Saban goes back to the BCS championship with a different school.
2. TEXAS TECH – Oklahoma showdown is huge….playing for South Championship and a shot at Mizzou…What if Mizzou wins? Do they get the nod at that point? They aren’t even in the top 10 (with two losses)
3. TEXAS: This sucks…
4. GATORLAND - Best Team playing right now…SATAN KILLERS IN THE PLAY-OFF!
5. LATERS– Needs some help….and they need to BEAT Texas Tech
6. RUBBERS – NEEDS A LOT OF HELP…Still rooting for the OSU rematch to watch them get their ass kicked again! PAC 10 might consider getting a championship game – kind of like the Big 10 needs to think about it…
7. UTAH – This bugs me like you can’t believe….
8. PENN STATE: JOE PA’s Last Chance….
9. BOYS STATE – I hate this…I hate this….I hate this…..
10. Suckeyes – this ranking will make the Rose more interesting….


1. Is it still too late to hire someone else?
2. If Michigan gets better, do you realize that 5-7 will be improvement? Nearly 100% improvement?
3. Michigan could: A. Lose more games next year. B. Actually look worse. C. Lose a lot of fans in the process….I found a lot of things to do on Saturdays this year.
4. You KNOW IT’S A BAD YEAR when four of the top 25 BCS teams are: Utah, Boise State, Ball State (Brady Hoak), Brigham Young and Cincinnatti….
5. If the Big 10 would get Iowa State – say, whatever happened to that discussion, anyway? – they could then have a championship game….Do we need that? Does the PAC 10 need it, too?
6. I got tired of looking for other teams to root for, but Becky Quick on MSNBC Squawk Box is HOT!!!! Smart, money and good looks, also…..


This week’s Hot Seat Mascot: Jessica Simpson! Singer and Actress…..But her attributes should be obvious….. The MMQ link: She won a Chrysler Crossfire at the MTV music awards and traded it in for a mini-van to donate to her local children’s orphanage. I know it’s reaching, but JS has a Detroit link and therefore a Michigan connection!

2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
5. Brent Guy – UTAH STATE – GONE
6. Robinson – Syracuse – GONE
7. Tommy Tutone – You better Beat Satan….
8. JOE GLENN – WYOMING…They are not only bad, but as you may recall he flipped off Utah’s coach…
9. Spurrier – Game Cocks fans have to be getting restless….
10. Zook – come on, you are telling me that barely making a bowl is progress?
11. RICH ROD – Worst record in Michigan History? Not even Lloyd achieved that honor.


1. (tie) Bill Martin and Mary Sue…I will continue to call for their ouster until all is right with the world….
2. Every other coach that has been eliminated from the 32 bowls that currently exist….


1. MICHIGAN AT OSU – The records don’t matter! Well, maybe in this case they do….
2. MSU AT PSU: For all the marbles – sort of…MSU wins and OSU wins the Big Ten….Maybe the Big 10 needs a championship….
3. TEXAS TECH AT LATERS: Big Game for the Big 12 south….Loser loses SOOO MUCH and winner plays for EVERYTHING…..
4. Cremesicles at Vanderbilt: Vandy is bowl eligible and looks to improve their record….Tennessee is Michigan….Looking to end the misery…
5. Syracuse at DOMERS: Can the Orange rally for their Just canned Coach and pull the upset?
Regular reader and young WOLVERINE Fan TC!
TC's Team (Lakeland) made it to the Division II REGIONAL FINALS but got a tough draw and lost to Warren De LaSalle on Saturday. But Congrats to the Lakeland Football Team on a GREAT SEASON!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Michigan Keeps the JUG!

I am a little under the weather today so the entry may not have the same smart ass pop as usually, but I will attempt to give it my best…

Well, one thing you can say about this team: They didn’t give up. I am not sure we got any better, as much as it looked like Minnesota just didn’t show up. I was not happy with red zone production and our defense, while only allowing 1 first half 1st down, looked, at times, like it has all season.

But, a win is a win in a season like this and I will relish it. Next week is Michigan’s Home Bowl Game against Northwestern. It’s shaping up to be wonderful weather in Ann Arbor and I am sure we will all get suntans if we attend the game….

I have come to one conclusion: Rich Rod gives a lousy interview. I just don’t like the guy. I don’t know what it is (probably the losing) but something about him rubs me the wrong way. But I will give him 3 years and we will see what happens.

The Rest of the Mess

SPARTY vs. Spoilermakers: Sparty – You are giving me new hope that a successful Big East Coach can come to the Big Ten and win. 9-2 isn’t bad, and you really should have beat California. OSU – You shot yourself in the foot, and that can happen. I really wanted to see an undefeated PSU team have to play Sparty, but Iowa took care of that…

PSU vs. IOWA: Wow….Can you believe it? Somehow, some way, PSU finds a way to shoot themselves in the big toe every season. And IOWA provided the back drop for this one….from the opening drive, Iowa came to play….And I am convinced that PSU would have been a bigger embarrassment for the Big Ten then the Suckeyes usually are playing for the National Title….

Texas Tech vs. Okie State: You know what? Texas Tech deserves the shot at the title. Those guys can play ball! They can’t play DEFENSE, mind you, but they can score pretty well.

ALABAM vs. LMU: Nuts. Once again, the much hated SATAN pulls off the win in a classic SEC overtime dog fight….I thought I was backing the right dog in this fight, but you just never can tell with the SEC. LM might find himself on the “getting warm” seat if he loses one more game….Did you hear about the couple in Alabama who got shot after the game because someone called the other guy a bad name? No kidding…

DOMERS vs. BC EAGLES: HA! Once again, the MMQ is PROVEN RIGHT! THE DOMERS ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! An over rated team that was handed a gift by Michigan. Domer fans, you have a long way to go before you will ever return to a BCS game. Get used to it….

CREMESICLES: You know, it’s good to see that as bad as Michigan is, there really is someone that SUCKS a whole lot more….Now, Wyoming isn’t good. They are going to can their head coach. But they beat the Cremesicles….Man….Tennessee fan has to feel pretty bad right about now…

AUBURN: Got one of the wins they need to get to 5 on the season, but 6 is going to be tough with Georgia and Alabama left on the schedule….Wouldn’t it be sweet if Tommy Twotone figured out a way to beat Satan?

HOAKIES: So, who wants to win the ACC Coastal? Is there a really good team in there this year? If this is parody, I don’t like it….We want DOMINATION!!!! I guess a win over Maryland is okay, but, man, it’s hard to watch the ACC this year.


ALABAMA – SATAN – Can this be happening? Really? Or will the SEC find a way to knock him out?
TEXAS TECH – This team is scary and could pull off the sleeper Big 12 victory. Have to beat OKIE STATE and win the Big 12 Conference Championship
SHORTHORNS – How does this all work if there is a 3-way tie for first in the Big 12 south and then that team loses the Championship game to Mizzou? Mizzou goes to the Big One, Right?? Right???
GATORLAND - Best Team playing right now…SATAN KILLERS IN THE PLAY-OFF!
LATERS– Needs some help….
RUBBERS – NEEDS A LOT OF HELP…But, if OSU wins Big 10, Guess who gets to spank them again? Yep – USC.
PENN STATE: I am surprised they only fell this far…
BOYS STATE – I hate this…I hate this….I hate this…..
Puppy Dawgs….No, you can’t have three schools in the BCS…so the DAWGS ARE OUT…..


1. It’s getting a little better…It’s getting a little better…It’s getting a little better…
2. When Sheridan runs and no one is there to see it, does he actually move?
3. Minnesota looks really bad…What has the Big 10 come to?
4. Looking for other teams to root for…I am not a BIG SWIM FAN, but Golly, these Texas Tech Swimmers could make me a swim fan...or Texas Tech Fan...


This week’s hot seat mascot: Kathryn Heigl from “Grey’s Anatomy”. The MMQ link: She was apparently spotted in Michigan shooting an upcoming movie…I don’t have the details of the movie or when she was here…But the fact that she’s been in Michigan is enough for me!

2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
5. Tommy Tutone – No Conference Title, Bowl is questionable….
6. JOE GLENN – WYOMING…They are not only bad, but as you may recall he flipped off Utah’s coach….
7. RICH ROD – Beating the Gophers doesn't get you off the list....


1. Zook – how can a team with so much promise and hype go 5-5?
2. Bill Martin and Mary Sue....Just cuz...
3. The Ole Ball Coach - but he's off the seat if he beats GATORLAND!

Games of the WEEK

1. Ohio State at Illinois – Zook can maybe save his job and qualify for the Motor City Bowl…That’s in Detroit, at least for now…
2. DOMERS at Navy – Watch this one. You will get to see NAVY beat the Domers two years running….
3. Puppy Dawgs at AUBURN: Tommy Twotone can save his job with a win…
4. South Carolina at GATORLAND: Best game of the week….The Ole Ball Coach back in the swamp is always fun….
5. Boston College – FSU: Can BC knock FSU out of the top 25?

Monday, November 3, 2008

UM Season's OVER - Hook, Lateral and Sinker....

Season’s Over - Hook, Lateral, and Sinker

Spoilermakers….Not that there was a season to spoil, mind you, but the way they won…the Boise State Hook and Lateral play is getting more enjoyable to watch every time I see it run successfully by other teams....Gee, I wonder if Michigan ever practices that in the gimmick offense we run....

Are we getting better? No. If I could just forfeit the last 3 now and not watch exactly how we lose, I might be able to stomach it.... Having to watch makes it worse, at least for this fan. Occasionally, I get something on College football Saturday that makes me feel good, but, damn, it’s getting harder and harder to find…Therefore, I will let my mind wander back to a much better November 1st game the day after Halloween:

DATELINE: November 1, 1997. Michigan, undefeated, heads into the final four games of the season with a pesky Minnesota Gopher team coming into the Big House. The air is abuzz with the possibility of running the table, but a Paper Tiger still awaits Michigan the following week - Penn State, also ranked in the top 5 and undefeated. Therefore, overlooking the Gophers, similar to what happened in 1986, when those pesky Gophers came into the Big House and beat an undefeated Michigan team….But, no one wants to read about history in this column…But we DID defeat the Gophers that day and set up the Showdown in Happy Valley on November 8th.

The Rest of the Mess

SPARTY vs. the CHEESEHEADS: Sparty, you are starting to scare me. Lose on all the stats, Time of possession, 1st downs, rush yards, pass yards….And you manage to pull out the win. If you can figure out how to win when you shouldn’t, then you are starting to figure it out…Damn IT!....But SPOILERS and PSU loom large on the schedule….

AUBURN AT OLE MISS: Tubberville will either have to pull a T. Bowden/P. Fullmer and quit or I am guessing he gets shown the door…..

SHORTHORNS – TEXAS TECH: UPSET OF THE DAY! Wow, I couldn’t believe Tech did what they did with time ticking off the clock….WE AIN’T GOING TO KICK NO STINKING FIELD GOAL….Throw for the TD and Lubbock goes nuts…Which upsets the order of the BCS and eliminates the

PUPPY DOGS – GATORLAND: HA! The Frauds of Athens are exposed – And Urban Meyer gets the best of Richy Richt. I don’t know why they try so hard to not say, “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” when everyone knows that’s what it is. Another SEC Team out of BCS contention….

Georgia Tech - FSU:
BOWDEN’s Defense Exposed! FSU at 7-1. I wasn’t buying it no matter how much you wanted to sell it….

CREMESICLES vs. GAMECOCKS: The Ole Ball Coach finally got Fullmer fired…Or he quit…Whichever version you want to believe.

PITT - DOMERS: Hee-hee-hee – let’s see. 4 OT’s where no one could score a TD and you lose on your home field….Yes, Domers! Come and join my misery…So, that gives you 3 losses with another possible 2 on the schedule. Can someone, anyone, please tell me how Wuzzles thought he was going 10-2?


1. ALABAMA – SATAN – Can this be happening? Really? Or will the SEC find a way to knock him out?
2. TEXAS TECH – This team is scary and could pull off the sleeper Big 12 victory. Have to beat OKIE STATE and win the Big 12 Conference Championship
3. PSU – Just Win OUT JOE PA, Just Win Out….Most likely to happen
4. TEXAS – These guys should be 5…..
5. FLORIDA – They looked good against Puppy Dogs….Should be 4
6. OKLAHOMA – Hoping and praying for some help…
7. USC – Hee-hee-hee….Maybe that win over the Domers will vault you up to number 6…
8. UTAH – Really? Riiiiiiiight….
9. OKIE STATE – Big Game in Lubbock on Saturday….
10. BOISE STATE – See Utah…


1. It’s not getting better…It’s not getting better…It’s not getting better…
2. Michigan just made College Football trivia harder…Or easier...Whichever
3. Is there anyone that can play DEFENSE ON THIS TEAM?
4. Looking for other teams to root for…Say, who needs other teams when you have Michigan Chicks that look like this???? Where have they been hiding these Wolverines, anyway?

5. Or how about this Michigan Chick? Yeah, I know she’s not from Michigan, but Tom Brady’s Hottie Giselle qualifies as a Michigan Chick to me…Okay?


This week’s HOT SEAT MASCOT: Laura Prepon from the Nostalgia Based “That 70’s Show”, Seeing as how I got Nostalgic for the 1997 season earlier, it seemed appropriate...and The MMQ has a signed copy of one of the scripts from an early episode…But the reason she’s the mascot should be obvious…If this reason isn’t obvious, please respond in a separate e-mail and I will ‘splain to you…..

2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.

5. Tommy Tutone – No Conference Title, Bowl is questionable….
6. RICH ROD – If Toledo fired it’s head coach after beating Michigan…Where’s the logic in that???


Ferentz - nuff said on him….
Bill Martin – He’s there until Michigan proves they made the right decision….
The Ole Ball Coach - If his team loses to Fullmer’s Cremesicles…Well, they will be squawking for his head, too…..

Games of the WEEK

1. Texas Tech vs. Okie State: This game will be 70-70 in the 3rd quarter.
2. Michigan at Minnesota – Yeah, doesn’t sound big to you, but it is for the oldest Trophy in College Football….The JUG!
3. BAMA at LMU: Can Les rally the troops and win one for JOE PA?
4. PSU at IOWA: FERENTZ could do a lot to save his job here…I doubt he has the personnel to pull off the impossible, however…
5. DOMERS at BC: Always a classic….And I think BC smells blood in the water….
6. FLORIDA AT VANDY: Florida, could trip here, but I doubt it.