Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Looks Like I Picked A Helluva' Week...

to be in Germany.  I’ll bet you thought I was gonna say, “Quit drinking!”  On the contrary, when in Germany, the beer just tastes better.  Can’t explain it except for the simple fact they’ve been making it longer than we have.  We need to send over an expert to figure out exactly how they make their full bodied pilsners.  

Chad Tough

Sent by several readers and also tweeted by the MMQ on Saturday.  The Michigan and MSU bands got together post game and did a march for Chad Carr, Lloyd’s grandson.  Chad has an inoperable tumor and his time left is limited.  But all the thoughts and prayers and gestures like this have powerful effects.  Let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

CFP Pisses Off Everybody – Even SEC Faithful

So, much like everyone figured, and as I’m sure will become an extinct exercise in future years, the CFP Committee release it’s “Ranking”, which, by any mathematical account, is an impossible thing to do.  

But, release it they did, these academic and other high level thought process minds.  I guess I was expecting something a little more creative as they didn’t have any rules to follow and I really thought there would be more mystery surrounding how they ranked and what they were trying to show.  But, they more or less went with a strength of schedule and a win-loss analysis based on who everyone has played.  At least Ole Miss got the nod for beating the higher ranked Bama (who’s fans about lost it last night on the internet and twitter) and didn’t get beat up too bad for losing on the road, the way it should be.  Domer fans have to be disappointed that the committee more or less killed them for their SOS and the one loss is actually worse than a lot of other 1 loss teams.  Oregon wins out, they will be in by virtue of default.  Sparty needs some help, but maybe not as much as we all thought. 

What I can tell you is that the top 4 will NOT BE the Final 4 come December 7th.

BranDictator E-Mail Gate

Brian at mgoblog had alluded to a developing report that would include e-mails sent by the BranDictator himself.  After reading the post (I’ve linked it here and in the side bar “The Case Against BranDictator”), I was surprised not by the responses, but when read collectively, by the truly superior – inferior underlying tone BranDictator has for the average fan. 

Yeah, I get that the fans are unhappy and you’re going to be getting a lot of hate mail.  But there’s a way to answer these, even if they are the “Sales” approach, which, frankly, I’m now convinced even more that DB never did a stint in any kind of sales, be it BTB or retail or whatever.  I’ve learned a lot in sales, and Dave could have learned a lot by being a sales guy for a brief period in his career.  He doesn’t have any people skills, period.

Adam Rittenberg (reporter for ESPN) reviewed the e-mails with a “high level University representative” who’s only response was that if true, the e-mails are concerning.
If you choose to read the article, Brian felt comfortable posting only because he was able to verify the e-mail address from several sources that had no way of knowing each other, meaning that any kind of elaborate hoax possibilities are pretty remote.  Therefore, we can conclude that the e-mails are real.

That being said, what more evidence does the “high level University representative” need in order to make an informed decision regarding at least some of the actions of BranDictator?

Yes, some of these things are incredibly trivial and could easily be dismissed as borderline ludicrous and non-essential to …..Anything.  But, when taken in the entire context or BranDictator’s performance overall… well, they have to be held up as another measurable where there’s been an utter lack of respect for fans and students alike.

And that’s a problem.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Idle Thoughts Press Conference

To the alert reader that e-mailed me, “Hey – Where’s the Idle Thoughts?  I miss the Idle Thoughts when they aren’t there!  I was really looking forward to those this week!”

From the MMQ press conference when asked about the Idle Thoughts omission:

Well, you know, I want to apologize about that.  I was sort of beginning but, you know, not fully beginning to put some down and I had started with some Idle Thoughts from the earlier games that were kind of yawners.  And then, welllll, you know how sometimes you practice really well – and I had practiced the Idle Thoughts until I was rock solid with them Saturday before the Michigan-Sparty game.  But then, well, sometimes Idle Thoughts don’t exactly turn out like you plan or I fail to execute when I need to, even though I practiced great.  You know, when you work hard but the results don’t come in the Idle Thoughts…well, that’s just frustrating for an MMQ…Or any writer, really.  Nobody plans on writing that way nor do they plan on not even showing up and putting the work down on paper.  But it happens.  I didn’t plan it that way.  But gosh I was trying hard and working hard to get some down there on Monday.  I just didn’t. So, well, yeah, I’m going to go back this week and go back to work on those Idle Thoughts and see if I can’t improve upon and figure out where I went wrong and get a really good week of practice in regarding those Idle Thoughts.  Because this is a big boy game, you know, Blog Writing, and you don’t do this unless you expect to face some controversy every now and then….And for that I take full responsibility.

And again, mostly I just need to execute better when it comes to the Idle Thoughts.  And I take all accountability for not writing those Idle Thoughts down.   You know, because, well, even when you’re not executing at your maximum potential, well, you just have to be accountable and take the responsibility for it regardless.  I mean, I was vaguely aware that I might have omitted the Idle Thoughts, but on the other hand, you know, that’s entirely on me.

So I know everyone’s expectations were for Idle Thoughts to be in the Blog Post on Monday, but, well, you know, I’m going to have to work on that. 

As far as losing my michiganmanmmq blog spot or someone taking over for me, well, I just can’t worry about stuff like that.  All I can do is worry about all these little words lining up and making sense to all the readers every week.  That’s what’s important.  The little words.  Because if it weren’t for them, I mean, what’s it all about? 

But again, I want to apologize and let everyone know that there was no disrespect to any of the readers of this Blog, you know, because I didn’t execute the way I should have.  But I promise you that I’m going to stick with this a pull it all together this week and have a good week of practice and really come out Blogging after Indiana on Saturday.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

What More Is There To Say? I've Got Nowhere Else To Go!!!

First of all:  (Cue the voice of Brent Musberger) Coming to you live from the continent where bratwurst, sauerkraut and beer were born (or so it’s claimed) Wie Gehts!   It’s the MMQ writing on the road from Dusseldorf, Germany! 

Okay….that was the happy part.  It’s not going to get much better than that for folks looking for a yuck this AM.

I thought about ranting.  I thought about getting into this whole thing they are dubbing “Stake-Gate”.  I thought about dissecting the apology because there was nothing good about the game to go over, unless you were wearing Green and White.  I thought about listing off all the reasons why that Michigan Performance didn’t look like two weeks of practice went into it.  I thought and I thought…Then I thought some more.

And you know what?  It’s all been said.  I can’t add anything to it.  What more is it going to take?  When do the powers that be (yes – I know it’s complicated) wake up and realize that the Football Program at the University of Michigan is a disaster. Wait- it’s worse than a disaster.  It can’t even pretend to have some swagger and pride.  It fails horribly when anything is on the line.   Embarrassment after embarrassment?  What, really, is it going to take?  I really wanna’ know.  And I want to know now.  Not at the end of the season.  Not when it’s so obvious that it’s over.  And you can’t point and say, “Well, how do you explain 2011?”  And I say, “Easy – They rode DeRob until they ran him into the ground and hoped and prayed a lot everywhere else.”  And now, the former is long gone and the hopin’ and prayin’ just ain’t cutting it…

5 wins in the last 16 tries? That’s not a trend.  That’s contagion.  That’s the beginning of something that could end up being very dark and sinister for Football in the State of Michigan. 

I don’t have a lot of answers.  Except for two:  I know you have to get rid of two people before you can hire two new ones.  BranDictator has to go simply because I don’t want him making the decision on the new coach.  And Hoke has to go because of what he represents on the field.  I have more questions than ever.  Who will be the new AD?  The new coach?  Can any of this get fixed.  I commented to one of the friends I was watching with that at some point, Michigan would be back.   His response?

“Well, maybe.  But will we still be alive to see and enjoy it?”

I mean, is there anything more that needs to be said?  Is there anything like a fan base that is feeling as low as any fan base has ever felt?  And I lived through 2008.  That was supposed to be the low.   This, I truly hope this..this season, is the low.  Another mercy killing at the hands of ohio and then probably a loss to one of the other, lesser conference foes and they’ll be no bowl game and no more worries.  And sheer idiocy.  I’m tired of the idiocy….

I don’t need or want any more stupid apologies for something that was orchestrated and obviously known about before it was done.  And so what?  Sparty was the king of planting crap for years.  Just do it, fail, and move on.  Let it be part of the rivalry.

Instead, not only do they get their jocks handed to them, they apologize for…nothing.  Dantonio’s feelings got hurt?   Boo-hoo….

I will say congrats to Sparty.  They’ve earned the praise.  But, as was also said at the party I was at,

“I know what it was like to be you guys when you beat us when we sucked (Sparty) all the time.  It’s not as much fun beating Michigan when you’re supposed to win.  I get why playing us years ago was just another bump in the road.”

That statement…That statement coming from a Sparty:  Just another bump in the road….that hurts.  And was probably the most hurtful thing I heard all day. 

I tweeted on Satruday as to why I was and still am a Michigan Fan.  I added the clip of Richard Gere from “An Officer and a Gentleman” because I thought it was appropriate. 

I can’t quit because I’ve got nowhere else to go…

Special NOTE:  For those that follow M-Victors – I earned my first Dr. Sap’s Helmet Sticker/Decal for my Tweet!  That’s something to get excited about!!!

The Rest of the Mess

Penn State let the REST OF THE WORLD down by not pulling off the home upset of ohio after coming back from being way down.  They kept us up well past midnight and then they couldn’t deliver…damn.  But I guess I feel a little better about Michigan’s win over the Nittany Lions…So there’s that.

Ole Miss went down to Death Valley and did what most teams do when they are facing the Hatter as a road Favorite in Baton Rouge…They lost.  But, man, they made it interesting and it was close.  But, they still lost.  What I don’t get, is how does Bama in ANYONE’S Poll, move up ahead of Ole Miss seeing as how they lost to Ole Miss?

Miss State took care of business….But I wonder if Stoops from Kentucky would consider Michigan…sounds like Bob Stoops is going to get courted HARD by Florida.  Rumor is that Florida’s AD and Mullen don’t get along.  And he doesn’t want Mullen, much to the chagrin of the greater Florida Fan Base. 

The Utes took care of business against USC.  Sarkisian is having a rough first year back as the head coach of the Rubbers.  And Kyle Whittingham is looking better and better all the time.

Colorado did what they were supposed to do and not only did they beat the spread, they almost beat UCLA straight up.  Jim Mora’s seat might be getting a little warm in Westwood….

The Ducks took care of business on a weird Friday night game….

Getting down to the important stuff..

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial:  Sparty – I feel really bad for you guys…I really do.  Even handing Michigan, an arch rival, a more than the spread beat down doesn’t move you up in the polls.  That and ohio didn’t do you ANY favors by nearly losing to scholarship depleted PSU.  Keep believing all you want that the B1G will get one of the 4 seats, but right now, I have you as first team out.
  2. ANGER:  Michigan Fan.  Still Here – Ain’t LEAVING!  Wow…I’m just about all angered out and I was really just ready to heap ALL OF US (Michigan Fans) down in the Acceptance area until “SpikeGate” took over.  At first, when I heard about it long after the game, I though Michigan had planted it AFTERWARDS to celebrate the first TD in 3 years.  Than, I found out it was before.  Bush league…..Stupid.  Even if they would have won….
  3. Bargaining:  I think there’s both some ohio and sparty fans down here believing the game in East Lansing in 2 weeks will somehow fix everything with the polls and move whoever up into the top 4.  Keep thinking that…and let me know when rainbows come out of your butt. 
  4. Depression:  Yeah, I’m here.  For sure here.  I’m depressed and I don’t know what to do about it.   I’m not even sure firing two people makes me happy because I know how long the road back is…
  5. Acceptance:  Anyone with less than 3 wins, 5 games left trying to figure out if there’s a bowl in the future.

The MMQ Top 10

  1.  FSU:  Still going to make the Top 4 unless something really unusual happens…and this season, who knows?
  2. Miss State:  If they would have shot out Kentucky, they would have been #1
  3. Auburn:  I should put Bama, Miss State and Auburn as a tie as one should knock out the other, but I’ll put it this way for now
  4. Oregon:  Again, until they lose and remove all doubt, they’re in
  5. Sparty:  First ones OUT…and case is getting tougher to keep you at 5.
  6. Domers:  If the keep winning…they will overtake Sparty….
  7. Ole Miss:  Could have dropped lower…But Egg Bowl with Miss State may still decide the West
  8. Bama – could or should be tied for 7th
  9. TCU – Just cause….
  10. ASU – See TCU
The Hot Seat

Well…The HSM has been getting a big workout this season.  And its been justified.  Hoke and Muschamp have been swamping the “It’s a Foregone Conclusion” spot it seems like on a weekly basis.  And the Mascots have been right there for us!  Last week, Nicky Whelan walked away with the voting.  This week, let’s see how German Hottie Joanna Krupa does against the field!!!!

You know what?  Just two coaches are on the Hottest Hot Seat:


Do you want to play a game?  Which program will hold out the longest before they can their Destination Coach?  The winner gets dibs on best available candidate out there!


Well….Not terrible….Gotta lay off Michigan and points.

Maryland @ Wiscy (-10.5):  Take Wiscy and lay the 10.5 for $40

WIN!  Bank $76

UCLA @ Colorado (+14):  Take Colorado and the 14 for $30

WIN!!!  Bank $56

Miss State (-14) @ Kentucky:   Take Miss State and lay the 14 for $40

Damn….Vegas Wins….LOSE

Ole Miss @ LSU (+3.5):   Take LSU and the 3.5 for $40

WIN!!! Bank $76

Michigan (+17) @ Sparty (MONEY LINE - $600): 
Take Michigan and the 17 for $30.  AND $20 on the MONEY LINE (Pays 6-1)


Starting Bank:           $364
Total Win:                   $208

Bank:                          $572

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sparty Friday!

   From a Loyal Reader

I received an e-mail early this AM……

Dear FMQ,

How far we have fallen that Vegas believes these "football powers" have better chances of winning against their ranked opponent this week than Michigan does.

Michigan +17.5 vs #5 Michigan State
Kentucky +13.5 vs #1 Mississippi State
Washington State + 2.5 vs #15 Arizona
Tennessee +17 vs #6 Alabama
Colorado +14 vs #25 UCLA
Illini +5.5 vs #24 Minnesota

My response?

A long way.....A Damn Long Way....

That's how far....

BranDictator Tweets

I suspected BranDictator couldn’t be quiet that long and he would be the one who would “announce” the official reduction of the Student Ticket Prices for 2015.  And he tweeted it, the first tweet since the midnight tweet after the concussion press release.  If you follow BranDictator, there’s a dedicated group of response tweeters that are more or less telling him to get lost.  Some are written quite well, others, as you might expect, not so much.  At any rate, the Student Tix price dropped from the $295 level to $175, or $25 for a home game. 

So, if I’m doing the math right, the students always got a 50% discount from the face value of the tickets.  Does that mean I can expect my season ticket to drop to $350 for the same 7 games?  Ha-ha….probably not.  There was some comment that “prices for regular season ticket holders would not increase.”  Yeah…thanks a lot.  You’ll probably not get my renewal come the winter-spring.

#SpartansForLacey – CHADTOUGH

Submitted by a reader of the Blog.  Both of these stories are tough.  Lacey’s battle ended this past spring, but Chad’s battle continues.  

Doug Karsch, our beloved side-line reporter (Michigan’s) is actually, believe it or not, a SPARTY GRAD!!!  He is heading up this activity and is spreading the word:
 Doug Karsch contacted me yesterday about our fundraising efforts for #SpartansForLacey and has chosen to promote our cause (as the MSU charity) for their "bet" for the game this weekend. The uofm charity supports Lloyd Carr's grandson and his fight with cancer. The show is betting on their own and will be donating to both causes. They are encouraging their listeners to make their normal bets with friends, but regardless of the outcome, donate to both these great causes in the end. More details below.
Here’s the links to the charities!

This Week’s Picks!

Brother…What is a good sports bettor to do?  I’m really baffled lately and I haven’t been able to put even a break even week together in some time.  The bank is nearly broken, but hopefully, we can rally to the end of the season.  (Do I sound like Coach Hoke or what?)

Maryland @ Wiscy (-10.5):  Wiscy coming off a bye week is 8-0 since 2009…Even better?  Wiscy off the bye week is 8-0 ATS!!!  That’s enough for me…
Take Wiscy and lay the 10.5 for $40

UCLA @ Colorado (+14):  So, UCLA barely beat Cal and they can’t seem to find an offense, no matter how hard they try.  And this is their 2nd week on the road?  I’ll 
Take Colorado and the 14 for $30

Miss State (-14) @ Kentucky:  Is the new number 1 team for real or are they chokers?  My guess is they used the bye week to get healthy and get ready for the Wildcats. 
Take Miss State and lay the 14 for $40

Ole Miss @ LSU (+3.5):  The Hatter getting Points at Home?  Against a suspect defense?  Yeah…I’ll take Les and hope for the beginning of the end of the SEC West!
Take LSU and the 3.5 for $40

Michigan (+17) @ Sparty (MONEY LINE - $600):  I know I’ve said it would take a miracle for Michigan to win…but dammit, this used to be the time when I would say that it’s going to take a miracle for Sparty to pull off a victory…and they’d do something stupid and pull it off.  So

Take Michigan and the 17 for $30.  AND $20 on the MONEY LINE (Pays 6-1)

Starting Bank:           $564
Total Bet:                   $200

Bank:                          $364

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now They're REALLY Pissing Me OFF!

Sparty Week

I had started this post one way, but now...NOW I'M PISSED.  You don't do this to the "M" and I'm shocked that the Greek Society in Ann Arbor has let us down.  I thought there was an all night vigil that guarded the "M" during Sparty week...What the hell?  What happened?  I know you can't even begin to get close to Sparty during this week or even during basketball week.  I'm extremely disappointed and calling out my nephew who's there now.  Get your collective acts together and remember why you went to Michigan - to not let Sparty fans do crap like this.  And also to remind them that this type of activity will serve them well in their future careers as fry makers and burger flippers.  This is "Alabama-ish" Sparty...And it's just wrong.

Unacceptable, Michigan Students.  

And I would expect a reciprocating response that's equally childish in its approach. Security cameras and police records be damned!!!

I hope this fires somebody up.  I hope this actually wakes BranDictator up to the fact that this is something the AD should be spending money on - protecting campus during rivalry week.  Hey, DB:  Red Alert:  ohio is away this year, but Sparty just gave all those south of the border taggers a butt-load of ideas.  Get with the program!  Protect the Cube and protect the "M"!

Originally, this is how I was going to start today:

Well…I can’t say I’m excited or looking forward to this Saturday in what I know in my heart is going to be an ass-kicking to end all ass-kickings.  I can’t be sure Michigan was ever favored over Sparty by as many points (17).  I’m not even sure where to search for such trivial info where it might be all neat and consolidated and I’m looking for anyone on the distribution that might have free time on their hands to search for a site that might track such things.  In any event, it’s going to be ugly and it’s going to be a really long, scary afternoon. Unless of course…nah…Even I’m too much of a realist at this point to dream.  With Rich Rod, we had a slugger’s chance.  I think the Borges offense had plays that somehow kept us in the game against ohio last season…With Hoke and Nuss, we have the chances of a clapping seal against a killer whale….

Not gonna’ happen.  But….We can always hope.  If you are a Michigan fan and want a feel good story before the game, Wetzel has a pretty good article on Gardner andeverything that he has accomplished and done off the field, even though theaccomplishments haven’t shown up on the field. Makes me think maybe…maybe there’s a chance…but it’s really, really slim….

After re-reading this...its sad what the MMQ has been reduced to. 

Michigan Hierarchy – What’s Next?

First, contrary to suspicious rumors that the fan who sent all these angry e-mails toBranDictator is actually the MMQ, I didn’t do it.  But still, it’s hard to believe it’s not me!

Brian at does his best to summarize the “Fire Brandon & Hoke” rhetoric and the “Next Man Up” meme with who Michigan is looking at for AD and Head Coach.  AD – Jeff Long, Arkansas.  Head Coach – maybe Jim Harbaugh…but I’m having a really difficult time buying either of those guys or the entire scenario.  Jeff Long is rumored to be the next SEC Commish…And you don’t turn that gig down for Michigan’s AD.  Bates from BC is probably the more likely guy to leave and come to Ann Arbor, anyway….And Harbaugh?  Even if he’s not the coach of the 49er’s next season, pro-football is in his blood and that’s not something you just walk away from…not when Oakland is sitting there right next door.  Jim wouldn’t even have to sell the house… 

My short list? That’s tough….AD is tough because anyone established will probably only leave their current gig for Big Money and Michigan will be looking to trim the budget (which shouldn’t be difficult) vs. growing the department.  And you need to know and understand the culture of Michigan.  That’s a big pre-requisite.  Bates or the unknown guy, which, why not?  Anyone could come in and be an instant hero by “Walmarting” the ticket prices (In other words:  Roll Back!) and PSL’s for 5 years or until Michigan wins a B1G Title.  Instant hit with the fans and instant job status.  Maybe you have to cut a program or two that nobody except for those athletes is all that concerned with anyway…that’s the way it is Women’s Field Hockey and Men’s Water Polo…just sayin’.

Short list for coaching is even tougher.  It used to be a guy from Baylor or Okie State would truly look at jobs like Michigan as a destination, but those places are all legit now and have big budgets themselves.  It’s all short term anymore everywhere and if you’re successful, you’ll be rewarded.  There’s even rumors that Oklahoma is fed up with Bob Stoops losing 1-2 games a season and not being able to get back to the National Title.  Would Michigan take Bob Stoops?  If I was AD, that decision would be made in less time than it takes poop to run through a goose…. Realistically who’s the next coach?  Dunno….What’s Ogeron doing?  He seemed like he turned USC around pretty quickly after Kiffin…

The best part?  Canham thanked Ufer for the rest of his career for making that happen.  A Radio guy.   Granted, they had a lot of pull way back when people did stuff like listen to radio.  Maybe bloggers are the new radio guys? 

Final 4 Nightmares

Is it too early to start with “Two teams from the SEC in the Final 4” rhetoric?  By my math, there’s a scenario that exists where Miss State beats Ole Miss then loses to Georgia in the SEC Title and, voila:  three 1-loss SEC teams who each have a pretty good reason as to why they “should be in the Final 4.”  Yikes…that makes my stomach hurt.  The SEC should be playing 9 league games to keep stuff like this from happening and the NCAA should REALLY be sticking it’s nose in here (hard) in an effort to keep things fair.  But that’s not what the NCAA is about when there’s student athletes out there signing autographs…

Domer Tears…

To all of the wonderful domer fans that didn’t agree with the MMQ’s observation that the “the correct call was made” late the end of the Noles-domer game, “The OPI Call”, a quick refresher:

Everyone has a “pick play”.  Everyone.  (well – except for maybe Hoke and Michigan.  Hoke would probably ask what a “booger” has to do with offense) Every Defense is coached to understand the pick play when you see two or more receivers lined up in a stack or slightly separated formation to break someone open.  More often than not, the defense breaks into a zone coverage with everyone taking a spot/man and trying not to get “picked” out of their coverage.  It’s not complicated, but at the same time, it can be tricky and good offenses find ways to make it work elegantly and legally.  The key on the offensive side is to initiate “incidental” contact but not grab the defender. The defender tries to avoid contact and not interfere with the receiver.  Yes, FSU blew the coverage, but clearly the domer receiver grabbed the defender.  The call was correct.  Doesn’t matter if it’s in the first or the last minute.

Hey!  Idle Thought for Wednesday:  BranDictator for SEX…er…SEC commissioner!!  How do we get that rumor mill up and running?  They need advertising and lots of stuff broken…DB is the man for that job!!!

Death Not An Option

This is a game that a co-worker I had the pleasure of working with used to love to play.  He’d give you two options of anything to see where you stood on a particular issue.  For a while it seemed like I would get one of these a day.  And it’s not a bad exercise for the ‘ole brain….

I’ve been thinking about this for some time (maybe a year???) and I have a proposition for the readers of the blog and I’m going to encourage you to vote.  By voting for one of these scenarios, you’re saying that you’d be willing to trade for a program straight up, regardless of where’s it’s been or its history.  Mostly, I want to see what you think when it comes to where it’s going. 

So, the game is:  You have to pick one of the following programs (Football/Basketball Combined) to replace the Michigan Football/Basketball program with.  You have to vote and the winner will be the program that garners the most votes.  But you will have had the history and crap associated with that athletic program up to this point and also whatever rewards you suspect they might have waiting for them moving forward.  If I have both listed, you have to trade the Michigan Football and Basketball program.  (If I didn’t list Basketball or Football, then I consider the situation “Equivalent”, as in Michigan and Florida Basketball) 


  1.  Michigan Football/Basketball:  Disaster on the PR front with an AD that lacks any clue about his general fan base and the wants and desires of that fan base.  Luckily, he hasn’t gone out of his way to “Break” the Basketball team.  Football program hopelessly mired in tradition and the current AD has effectively screwed up two hires in a row and lost any and all credibility with any new potential hires.  New AD and Football coach imminent, but nothing close towards a decision has been made.  John B. is the latest “Wunderkind” coach and has recruits coming in from everywhere that are shooting machines.  JB has done with hoops what Oregon and others have done with football; that is, he’s built a program on the 3-Point shot and not let a pre-dominantly defensive conference get in his way to successful NCAA runs.  Just won the B1G conference outright and made a championship appearance two years ago.  This year’s squad is young and inexperienced, but full of promise.
  2. Penn State Football/Basketball:  Program mired in a distasteful debacle of child abuse and lack of institutional control by its once beloved (and still respected – in some circles) Legendary Head Coach, JoPa, that probably stayed 10 years past his time.  Received close to the death penalty from NCAA President Emmert in a “look at me” move that was designed to inflict pain on the institution, but took away opportunities for better people to do the right things.  Seems to be on the right track with a new administration, AD, and head coach.  BasketballWhat’s that?
  3. USC Football/Basketball:  Slapped with harsh penalties due to the Reggie Bush money taking scandal in addition to Basketball sanctions.  AD is a former player who by some accounts, is a control freak of the worst kind.  Head coach is un-proven, but talent is aplenty in the LA and Southern Cal area and they want to go to USC.  Sarkisian is unproven and was not super successful at Washington.  FCG Head Coach Andy Enfield hasn’t lived up to the FCG expectations that everyone was hoping for (except for the hot LA wife), but he’s starting his second year with a group of promising freshmen.  Time will tell.
  4. Florida Football/Basketball:  Football program is a joke and the laughingstock of the SEC.  Top 10 level recruiting last 4-5 years, but nothing shows up on the field, even after firing and hiring the 3rd OC by Muschamp.  Latest loss is such an embarrassment that the stadium attendance at the end of the game was estimated to be at under 15,000. Muschamp removal more than likely at the end of the season.   AD hired Urban Meyer, but has also whiffed with Ron Zook and apparently Muschamp.  But it’s the SEC and Florida can recruit itself.  So, with the right HC, the ship should be unsinkable.  Basketball on par with Michigan, a straight up trade here wouldn’t bother this fan either way.  Donovan is younger than JB and has a National Championship under his cap.
  5. Indiana Football/Basketball:  I’m throwing this in only to show that basketball schools can suffer immensely as well.  Indiana hired the latest hot-shot coach in Crean, but he suffered the humiliation of not only missing the NCAA tournament, but was then omitted from the NIT tournament as well.  With the latest pre-season polls out, the Hoosiers are no closer to turning the corner this year than they were last year.  But they may make the NIT…Football under Kevin Wilson seemed to be turning a corner, but the Hoosiers are getting hit with injuries this season.
  6. Tennessee Football/Basketball:  Once a proud football program, they have had two consecutive bad coaching hires with the third and still current coach, Davis, trying to figure out if he can make it all work in the SEC.  Tennessee’s geographic location in the SEC make it a “winter” school in a conference full of warm weather year-round alternatives for athletes that look at that kind of thing….Basketball program had “The Coach” in Bruce Pearl, but due to flimsy NCAA rules violations, fired the turn-around magician and has since wallowed in mediocrity and now has a new Head Coach for the 2014-15 season.
  7. Arkansas Football/Basketball:  Suffered through “Petrino-Gate” and “JLS Interim” era.  Stole a proven HC in Beliema, but that has yet to produce a single SEC victory.  Annually considered the “no better than 4th best” team in a 7 team division that is the toughest in all of football.  Would appear to be more competitive this year than in the last two seasons, but again, have not turned the corner.  A long non-factor in Basketball since Nolan Richardson left the program almost 20 years ago.
  8. Texas Football/Basketball:  Traditional Big12 power that has clearly fallen way down the pecking order in all of college football.  9 years removed from the last “Glory” of a National Title in 2005.  New coach Strong has proven himself in what was once considered a “weak” conference, but has yet to demonstrate any ability as a Power 5 Head Coach.  Was capable assistant at a Power 5 prior to Louisville era.  Basketball not a focus at Texas, but enjoys an occasional appearance in the NCAA
  9. Miami Florida Football/Basketball:  Has not been a football factor in over 10 seasons after being a dominant power for 20-25.  Golden appears to be a capable coach, but was hamstrung with the threat of sanctions and scholarship restrictions due to illegal recruiting practices, player payment for performance, strippers, and other shenanigans associated with a single booster.  The administration has since cleaned up the program, but is that type of booster activity exactly what made the program great to begin with?  Basketball has never really established itself as a real threat to the Tobacco Road Tough Guys and may never reach those heights.  Larranga reached the Sweet 16 two years ago, but in the ACC, it’s tough.
  10. Iowa Football/Basketball*:  Stuck in a quagmire of a situation with Head Coach Ferentz in football that has an insurmountable buy-out, is not universally loved by the fan base, but seems to find a way to get Iowa to a bowl game on a regular basis, but no always a New Year’s Day event.  It’ll be 2020 or after before a new coaching staff can come in and breathe new life into the program. Basketball guru Fran McCaffery is everyone’s favorite coach that hasn’t quite turned the corner with his squad yet, but everyone seems to be betting on the fact that it’s only a matter of time. 
*(Strongly considered putting Nebraska here as the 10th option, but I believe Iowa current situation is worse than Nebraska for avid Football and Basketball fans. Nebraska has up and coming B-Ball coach and Pelini is somewhat favorite son, but is more easily removed if and when the time comes).

Other Programs considered:  Duke Football/Hoops, UNC Hoops/Football, Nebraska Football/Hoops, and Washington Football.

Again, Death NOT an option You will need to vote for one and you can of course vote for your current situation if you are a Michigan fan.  OR, if you are not a Michigan Fan, you can vote for the situation that you think might be on a better track to recover or you can vote for a situation that you think is worse and spiraling downward.  I don’t know which one that might be…but that’s why we’re voting!!! 

I’ll leave this poll up for a while to get as many votes as possible.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Byes Are Nice...Michigan Can't Lose

Wow – So much is happening that I can’t seem to get to it fast enough before I need to update something else!  Kind of just random thoughts thrown out here this AM.  Hoke and Brandon managed to not say anything stupid for 3 days…so there’s that.

Big News:  Archie Manning RESIGNS as one ofthe 13 committe members due to a health related issue regarding his knee surgery. 
 Between The Lines:  Archie realized what a crap-show he signed up for and certainly wanted no part of being in the middle of an Ole Miss – Miss State discussion come November.  He was going to need to excuse himself from most of the discussions, anyway, so he figured probably better to just step back.

It’s been 1001 days (I can’t believe this) since Michigan has crossed the goal line against Sparty and scored a TD.  Sparty fan just cracked a big ‘ole grin….Michigan fans all just dropped their collective jaws at that statement…and are wondering how we got where we are.  It takes time, bad coaching ,and….Here you are.  A 17.5 point dog to Little Brother.  Nice….Real nice…

Domers – YOU CHEATED!  Get over it.  Stuff all that “Leave the whistles in the pocket on the last play” crap in your collective asses and know that you’ve still got an outside shot if you just play fundamentally sound football and don’t lose.  But the call was right….LEAVE IT ALONE!  Even the head leprechaun can’tseem to let it go.  That’ll come back andhaunt you at some point, coach!

And stop abusing Twitter!  If you had been on the other side of that, you’d be calling them cheaters….deal with it.

And if you want someone to blame...try this guy.....

I mean...come on. 

Michigan needed a bye if for no other reason than to give Hoke a week off the Hot Seat…And Muschamp QUICKLY took over the #1 spot by crapping the bed against Mizzou.  This is a Mizzou team that LOST TO INDIANA and also got blanked by Georgia at home.  My guess is that Gator Fans are thinking about taking a knife to their wrists right about now and wondering how, after only allowing 120 yards of total offense, do you lose a game in such a glaring fashion?  Frankly, it all boils down to the head cat herder in such cases, and I really don’t see how Muschamp survives. 

Speaking of Michigan, is two week’s prep enough against Sparty?  After watching Sparty dismantle the Hoosiers…I’m saying no.

Tired of all the people that are trying to rally around Hoke.  Let it go….Let it go.  After watching Sparty and OSU this weekend, Michigan is LEVELS of separation away from those teams.  They are both well coached and execute without hesitation.  I’m not even sure Hoke knows what he’s looking at when he watches those guys…but he’s not even approaching their level and the gaps are getting bigger…

Know what impressed me about most of the games I watched on Saturday?  Exceptional Special Teams play….until their wasn’t.  Gatorland was a huge victim of really crappy special teams….

Huh…Muschamp and Hoke…neither one seems to pay a lot of attention to Special Teams or offense, for that matter.

The Rest of the Mess

Sparty – You really needed Beliema and the Hawgs to win that game against Satan’s Warriors two weeks ago.  Bama laid 50+ unanswered on Texas A&M and I’m wondering how I could have been so wrong about them….Pre-season polls are crap…

Miss State doesn’t play and doesn’t lose the top spot in the AP or coaches poll?  Really?  I mean, FSU played a good team and won.  They should get the #1 spot for at least a week…

Baylor has a major brain fart and forgets how to play offense for a half.  I’m not sure WVU is that good  - but it doesn’t matter, the couches are STILL BURNING in Morganton.  Baylor did their best at making them look that good.  And what do you do with the Big12 (10) now?  Is it K-State with their one loss to Auburn that you root for to make the play-off?

BTW….What happened to REALLY GREAT DEFENSES?  Actually, Gatorland has a decent one…but absolutely nothing on the other side of the ball…And Special teams absolutely suck…

Georgia suddenly looking like a force to be reckoned with…even without Gurley.  Hanging 45 on the Hogs Defense?  Impressive.

Stanford isn’t that good….I’m not sure how I missed on that one.  They had a lot of guys back…But Stanford’s coaching, which I usually sing the praises of, has been making a lot of boneheaded mistakes….Stanford losing hurts the domers chances…

Can MSU or OSU get a nod if enough teams lose?  The SEC is going to have to have some major bloodletting for either one to have a chance….It’s still feasible, but the odds are against it.  The SEC West will begin eating its own soon enough…

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation:  Sparty – The look at us clinics that Dantonio keeps hosting aren’t having any effect.  Luckily for Sparty, the Ducks are making Sparty’s loss to them look better and better all the time.  But Sparty needs Oregon…Bad…
  2. ANGER:  MICHIGAN FAN….Still here…AIN’T LEAVING!!!!  I don’t think there’s anything else I can say here.  Gatorland:  How angry and pissed off do you have to get before someone…Anyone in the administration hear’s you and announces that they will begin a head coaching search?  You’ll lose the team, you say?  Does anyone think for a MINUTE that Muschamp hasn’t ALREADY LOST the team?
  3. Bargaining:  All the one loss teams that are trying to move up and figure out who needs to lose (and to whom) for them to even have a chance…
  4. Depression:  Michigan Fan still here – ain’t leaving.  Gatorland, welcome to depression.  There’s alcohol there in the back.  And here in the front.  Oh jeez…It’s everywhere!   Just grab a drink and reminisce about “TEBOW”. 
  5. Acceptance: God…Who knows?  Acceptance is so difficult to gauge.  You think you’ve accepted and then something happens to kick you back up into anger or depression…..

The MMQ’s Top 10

Definitely a couple of stunners over the weekend.  And one impacting the top 4:

  1. FSU- They get the 1 Spot for beating a #5 team.
  2. TIE  Ole Miss – Miss State – There can be only ONE!!!
  3. Oregon – Mariota for Heismann…
  4. Sparty – Has to keep the record clean….and maybe there’s a chance.
  5. Satan’s Warriors  -  FIRE SABAN!!!!  How can you only beat the Hawgs by 1 lousy point???
  6. Auburn….
  7. Georgia – Back in the top 10 without Gurley!
  8. Domers – Losing still knocks you down a couple notches…
  9. K-State – Snyder is as Snyder does…
  10. TCU – Who will represent the Big 12 and is it over for them?

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

- So, Game Day crowd is mad at ESPN and defending Famous Jamies…
-Everyone (but FSU fans) angry that Jameis is still playing.
-Has he been found guilty of…anything?
-Yes, he probably had sexual relations with the wrong girl.
-Police couldn’t press charges due to the girl’s own story going back and forth…
-He signed autographs –maybe for money…
-I’m so sick of “Autograph-Gate”
-It’s annoying the hell out of me.
-A kid should be able to sell his signature if someone wants to buy it.
-PERIOD.  Stop with all the nonsense…
-Of course, he can’t.  But the UNIVERSITY CAN
-So can the NCAA….
-Gurley is probably happy.  Got through 6 games without injury and his draft stock is still up there – and probably rising….
-Does that make any sense?
-Anyone else seeing the stupidity of these rules?
-3:30 games all blow-outs…
-At least FSU-domers living up to the billing.
-Domers – you can’t do that.  Either receive or block.
-That was the first half….
-Jeez…Luck of the irish working hard tonight…
-Figures…No time left for FSU…
-WAIT!!!  Flag??!!! 
-Show me a shot of B. Kelly! 
-ND Nation is probably on fire right about now...
-So many catholics all swearing at once...
-So, now there’s only 1 ACC team left...
-Others saying domers can survive this…
-Without being in a Championship game…I’m not so sure…
-Let me put it this way:  FSU wins out but loses ACC Championship Game…
-Who do you put in?
-Thought so….

The Hot Seat

Must be a lot of golfers that are avid MMQ readers out there!   Sophie Horn made the finals!  And, without further ado, this week’s HSM is another potential finalist, at least in the MMQ’s Book!  Nicky Whelan is you HSM for week #8!


  1.  Weis – I didn’t even get to mention this because of the shenanigans in Ann Arbor.
  2. Jeff Quinn – Buffalo.  I only put him on here because he got canned…he’s worthy.

Hot Seat Rank – No changes!  These guys are all in trouble….

  1. A.  Will Muschamp – Now its getting ugly
  2. Brady Hoke – It’s a foregone conclusion…   
  3. Beckman:  He’s got problems….
  4. Hazell:  Purdue beat Illinois….
  5. Norm Chow:  Hawaii. 
  6. Mike London:  Needs wins…


I’m either going to just quit this business or stick to something I know.  I hate to report that the FMQ is heading down hill at a rather fast clip.  So many of last Saturday’s picks were a “changed my mind a the last minute” type of stuff…domers, Texas A&M….It’s just bad right now.  We need something to right the ship this weekend or this is going to be over way too fast!

Baylor (-7) @ WVU:  Take Baylor and lay the 7 for $40
Sparty (-15) @ IU:  Take Sparty and lay the -15 for $60
WIN!  Bank $114
Texas Tech (-13) @ Kansas:  Take Texas Tech and lay the 13 for $40
Texas A&M (+14) @ Bama:  Take Texas A&M and the 14 for $40 (only points were taking this week!)
LOSE….Never Mess with SATAN!!!!!!
FSU (-11) vs. domers:  Take Famous Jameis and lay the 11 for $50
I was so on the fence about taking domers and points….should have fell off the other way!

Starting Bank:    $450

Total Win:  $114

BANK:           $564