Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Herbstriet Burns House Down

In what can only be described as classic Buckeye logical thought process, click here to get the details....

Herbstreit Burns House Down for Tax Credit.

As the MMQ, I don't know what to say....Oh,'s coming to me....


Monday, July 27, 2009

Feagin Gone

Okay, for what it's worth, this is just another player in a long line of players that have either left of their own volition or been shown the door. However, it's the sheer AMPLITUDE of players that this has happened to in the last 12-18 months.

Let's look at the list. (Granted, some of these players wouldn't be on the roster THIS YEAR, but they left early none the less):

1. Wermers - but was academically ineligible
2. Feagin - QB that moved to slot...I think he was making a difference.
3. Boren - Legacy that transferred to OHIO STATE
4. McGuffie - Definite Impact Player
5. Mallet - Probable Starter that transferred to Arkansas
6. Tony Clemons - Slot receiver with 16 catches for 106 yards last year
7. Arrington - Enough said
8. Manningham - same

I think there's more, but this is what I remember.....

thin ice:

Kevin Grady - enough said.....

Now. Any of these singularly aren't that big of a story, but when you add it all up, it's a big story. AS in "What the hell is going on in Ann Arbor?"

So, what do you make of it? I figure some of it is going on all the time with lesser names and we just never heard about it much before. But with a team that looked anemic at times last year, I would think you would want anyone with a pulse that could pull on a jersey to hang around if you have invested the time and effort into them. Academic ineligibility is a whole other issue, and maybe Wermers should be off the list.

I am sure more detail will come out on Feagin, but it's the fact that Michigan has fallen into a quagmire of who's left and will they be any good discussions that has me really irritated. For years, I never thought we would become like the Domers, the Cornsuckers, FSU, Miami, etc....Yet here we are.

Is that to say that the Sport of College Football is just what it is without character checks any more? I don't know, but it makes me truly worried for what might come out of Ann Arbor for the next 3-4 years. Unfortunately, Rod is the coach and I doubt he is leaving anytime soon and we won't be looking to can him anytime soon and assume the cost of his contract and another Head Coach...Michigan will muddle through, I suppose.

It's simply not what it used to be.

More News:

Cissocar Arrested. Discuss.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Pre-Season Spectacular!

Over the years, I have to admit that I indulge myself and will take an afternoon or evening and go back and review many of my earlier posts from prior years to get the "feel" of the MMQ back. I must say that there is a definite rise and fall in emotion when Michigan is winning and when it's "REALLY SUCKING". However, after having seen this phenomena and realizing that last season was sort of a non-season for Michigan and I hid a lot of my critiscm for the coach, the team and the athletic department behind the pictures of hot babes, I realized that the overall content may have actually gotten a little better. More concise. Sharper points. Not so much humiliation of other teams....In other words, A LITTLE BORING! Except for the hot chick thing...Yes, there will be more chicks and Hot Seat Mascots. Thanks for the comments. I know you're at least looking at those.

But, in the famous words of one Bob Ufer, you can bet your Maize and Blue bottom dollar that I will not let the spirit of the MMQ die along with the Michigan team! I will make a difference and I will continue to provide insightful commentary on all of the other really bad teams out there that aren't Michigan!

That being said, I once again want to say welcome to everyone reading in different countries, so

"Konnichi wa", "Wie Gehts", "Hola", and "Eh"! Yes, this now goes north of the border. I guess they say "Hello" in Canada, but "Eh" looks better.

Let's get right down to it:

1. Michigan. They're gonna suck. But MMQ, WHY? It's pre-season when hope Springs Eternal! All the skies are Blue and the Sun is Maize....Why do you think they are going to be so bad???

Here's Why:

Millen Supports Rich Rod

That's all we need...Losers seem to run around supporting each other. If Rich Rod comes out and says Millen was unjustly canned, then we will have proof. But I digress.

I have heard so many great things about Forcier that I figure he must A. Be really good and he's going to get hurt in his first play from scrimage or B. Not be very good and turn into an overhyped Brady Quinn or something similar.....God, I only hope it's A and not B.

Pre-season Prediction:

Western Michigan: Seeing has how we lost to Toledo last year, we have to take every MAC team seriously. In fact, I think we have to take every high school team seriously. Western is coming off a decent year (9-4) with a victory over the aforementioned Toledo. I think this will be a tough opener. However, I hope that with a better Defense and an improved offense, Michigan slips by the Broncos. 31-20
Notre Dame (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Okay. So, we have the Domers at home in Revenge game (NOTE: We have a LOT OF REVENGE GAMES THIS YEAR). Under "Normal" conditions, I would put this as a W for the Wolverines. Unfortunately, "Normal" and "Wolverines" haven't been two words that have collided in the same sentence a lot over the last 18 months. Based on this and Notre Dame predicting a "Breakout Season" for Clausen, well, this one will be close. Michigan 24, Domers, 26.
Eastern Michigan: This should be a no brainer, but again, see App State and other games from LAST YEAR. Michigan 17 - EMU 13.
Indiana: See Eastern. But know they have greatly improved under Lynch. Thigpen is FINALLY gone and they will have new QB and running backs....But who knows really? Michigan notches a win in it's first big 10 game. Michigan 28 - Indiana 17
MSU: Road Trip! Finally, Wolverines have a game on the road. Against Sparty. Who is going to be better than Michigan this year. Probably. Michigan 17-MSU-20
IOWA: Ugh.....Back on the schedule. Another team that there is no joy in defeating, but great turmoil in losing to...I am sure that Ferentz will have the hawkeyes ready as Michigan begins their Big 10 skid.... Michigan 16 - IOWA - 28
Deleware State: Do I need to review this one? If were going to pay little, piss-ant schools to come and lose here, can't we just chalk it up as a W that we bought and paid for? Can't we?
Michigan 54 - Deleware State - 50
Penn State: Joe Pa has to be enjoying the Rod Era.....PSU will come in to the House looking to do the same thing they did last year. Michigan 17 - PSU 45
Illinois: Zooky and the Juice will look to repeat at home in front of all the Champaign faithful...Figure Michigan to be injured from the PSU shellacking. Michigan 17 - Illini 35
Purdue: Well, we may be able to give these guys some competition. Home in the HOUSE playing for pride is always a motivator. Michigan 24-Purdue 23
Wisconsin: Talk about your revenge games. You can bet that the Cheeseheads have not forgotten that they were one of the few teams that lost to Michigan last year. And they will be pissed. Michigan 13-Wisconsin 30
OSU: Well. Once again, it looks like it will be more than a year before we can successfully sing the victors after a win against OSU. Unless something happens and we can pull off the impossible, I don't think this will be the year. But it will hopefully be closer than last year. Michigan 17 - OSU 20.

I searched and searched for the 6th win that would make us bowl eligible and while you can argue several of these games, the problem with Michigan as everyone knows is that they will somehow lose one they were SUPPOSED to win and negate any surprises they can pull on somebody.

I have a feeling we have entered into the latter part of Nebraska Football under the Callahan years where everyone was going to get their digs in on the Conrhuskers while they were down....And everyone did.

BIGGEST ISSUE/CONCERN: Please note that the Rod will have STILL NOT DEFEATED THE BIG 3: MSU, DOMERS, or OSU. That will be an 0-6 record for the Rod against those teams. Can he survive the press and fans if that comes true? My guess is matter how close the games are.

2. DOMERS - Somehow, this is one game on the Wolverines schedule that I thought they could steal and I actually had it in there initially as a victory. But then I started to realize that with a Frosh QB and a defense that plays like a screen door on a battle ship, I better do the wise thing and chalk it up as a loss. But, there is always a chance that we find a way to win this one. As for the rest of the Domer's schedule, I don't see them getting to 9 wins this year. It will be tough. Realistically, more like 7 or 8.

3. FLORIDA GATORLAND: Yes, yes. Pre-season number 1 consensus and will battle Texas Shorthorns for the National Title. Wouldn't it be nice if these two could meet in the 1st or 2nd game so we could see them play before they get to their leagues? I would enjoy it...

4. Texas Shorthorns: McCoy and company are back and will be pissed after the snubbing they were given last year. I feel a little sorry for the rest of the Big 12. I have a feeling Texas is taking a no prisoners approach this year.

5. USC Rubbers: Always tough, always good. Carroll, however, may be lossing some edge and will have an untested QB, if there is such a thing at USC.

6. Satan's Warriors: A bit of a surprise last season. This season might prove to be a little tougher for the Tide...My guess is they will struggle and lose one or two in the middle.

7. Suckeyes: Tressel is due for one of those "Oops, we were having a great year right up to the point where we crapped our pants in this game...." seasons. Could be a 10-3 season with a bowl loss...

8. LMU: Will Les make up for last year's mess? It's the SEC where lives, egos, and coaches sometimes get checked at the door in order to succeed regardless of what the schools are paying them. Another 7-5 or even 8-4 campaign and the fans may beg Michigan to take him.

9. Laters: Stoops had a better year than he should have last year and expect someone to catch the Laters a little off gaurd. New Year's day bowl. But with a 9-3 record.

10. Cremesicles: Didn't get to write about this team much last year. Lane Kiffin should change that. Whether he can change the record is the big question....

11. HOAKIES: Look out...somehow Beamer took a rookie team to the Orange Bowl and won. Can they be back for a second year with a stellar record? 10-2 with possibilities...

Coaches HOT SEAT: You know, I hate to do a re-run, but it got so many comments last year that it's worthy of a second look:

So many coaches got canned last year, that it bears bringing out the list of who was let go...


2. Fullmer – GONE – Quit before he could get CANNED….
3. Wilingham – GONE ….Another one bites the dust..
4. AMSTUTZ (Toledo) – GONE After Beating Michigan, he gets CANNED.
5. Brent Guy – UTAH STATE – GONE
6. Robinson – Syracuse – GONE
7. CHUCK LONG – San Diego State – GONE
8. Jeff GENYK – Eastern Michigan – GONE
10. TWOTONE - We’ll miss you….

The obvious ones that escaped last year but the fire will only get hotter for this year as schools give the new coaches the "3 years" they need to get their programs rolling....

1. Wuzzles. Beating Michigan and MSU only get you so far. He needs a "W" over USC and UCLA.
2. Zook. Illinois has to believe they're getting better than where Zooky can take them.
3. Spurrier - He's either gonna quit or maybe get shown the door. Too old to keep trying...
4. The Rod - Yep, heat is gonna get turned up at least a notch or two. Maybe more. If he goes O-fer against MSU, Domers and Suckeyes, expect a tense week or two in late November with Marting giving him full support.
5. Bill Martin and Mary Sue: Still here and still wondering why.

Don't expect to see as many administrations dropping the ax in the current economic conditions. No one can afford to pay two salaries when things are bad. I would expect there to be a lot less head chopping and more "administration" support when it comes to chopping heads....

Most surprising Non-Hires:

1. Tommy Tubberville: I would have thought that he would have surfaced somewhere. But where? I guess that's the question he is waiting to answer, too.
2. Tommy Bowden: A good guy, just a lousy fit with Clemson. Of course, Terry never coached again, either, after being booted from Auburn.
3. Willingham: Class guy with incredibly bad luck.


1. Florida

2. Texas

3. Oklahoma

4. Alabama

5. USC

6. Okie State Cowboys

7. Va Tech

8. OSU

9. PSU
10. LSU
National Title: I know, this sounds and looks so regular, but how can you not like Texas and Florida playing for all the marbles?

DARK KNIGHT: Bosie State and Utah Utes both make a run and finish with undefeated records and you have to put someone in the Championship Game after the Utah win against Satan and Boise's win against Oklahoma and everyone else has at LEAST ONE REGULAR SEASON LOSS...This alone would get us to a play-off faster than anything else I can think of - so it's a good thing!