Thursday, June 19, 2008

Photo Link of Renovation

Yes, I'm back. But only as a purveyor and passer on of information and photos. The renovation is on going and it's looking like we will have an intimidating stadium when this is complete. Thanks to Brian at mgoblog for the updates....

I will not give this note the special accolades and recognition that a season preview deserves, but I do have to add an observation and commentary due to an e-mail received earlier this week. A Sparty, who shall remain nameless, took it upon himself to send me a pre-season college football ranking that, get this, did not include Michigan in the top 25, but did include us in others receiving consideration. No mention of Sparty anywhere in the mess, but Central was in there....(Hold the F%@#$^^ing Appalachin State Comments). Obviously, Sparty is taking greater delight in Michigan's omission vs. their own absence...

Here is the poll ( - for anyone wanting to acknowledge it's existence..):

1. Ohio State
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Georgia
5. Southern California
6. Missouri
7. Louisiana State
8. Virginia Tech
9. Kansas
10. Clemson
11. West Virginia
12. Texas Tech
13. Illinois
14. Texas
15. Wisconsin
16. Tennessee
17. Auburn
18. Arizona State
19. South Florida
20. Penn State
21. Connecticut
22. Virginia
23. Boise State
24. Florida State
25. Ball State

I will make a mental note of where Michigan finishes this year with respect to the following teams: Ball State, Florida State, Boise State, Virginia, Connecticut, PSU, South Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, West Virginia and Clemson. I will go on to say that I went to a real source and discovered that Las Vegas, who knows more than any talking head about what might happen this season, has Michigan Ranked 10th (in odds) to win the National Championship at 30-1. That, I believe. Do I believe we will finish in the top 10? Time will tell. Do I believe we will have one of the top 25 teams in the country come January? Yes. Do I think an implosion similar to what the Domers experienced last year will befall us? Not a chance in this lifetime.....Forget it Domers, that ugly blemish is yours and yours alone.....

So, until a real publication comes out with a pre-season ranking that I can buy into that doesn't include the likes of Ball State and Connecticutt in the top 25, I will refrain from jumping into the fracas.....We haven't even enjoyed summer yet, people....


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