Monday, October 10, 2011

Ktty Kats are Still Kittens

Bowl eligible in October?!!???!! What does that mean? Yes, Michigan Fans…It’s been awhile….

What did I like about Saturday? We won, baby! That’s all that matters, frankly. That and the fact that we appear to be able to come out and figure out what the other team is giving and taking, make adjustments, and get the job done once we’ve figured them out. In the Schembechler years, that was a big deal. Michigan would be close in the 1st half or (heaven forbid!) behind and they would make adjustments. Take what the defense is giving. Stop what they’re doing. And roll to victory.

What did I hate? The start time for one. In my head on Saturday I had about 6 different starting times for various events. Grosse Pointe at 8:30 (for those of you that know where the MMQ lives, you know THAT’S not a short trip making for an early morning). Lake Orion at 11. White Lake Inn at 5:00. Michigan game 7:00 Central…Tigers at 8 somthing...Mass confusion and nervous about being somewhere to watch Michigan and Tigers at the same time... Don’t ask me how I missed the actual start time for Michigan, but I just figured it was 8:00 if it was starting at 7:00 in Chicago…Stupid MMQ…

Anyway, I picked up the game in the 2nd quarter and the early sins had already been committed. Persa looked like he was having his way with us and using us like a Doberman uses a poodle... The offense looked anemic (and I’m being kind). I figured that the pre-season MMQ was right. The Kitty Kats are for real and we were doomed to lose the first B1G  Game on the road. The fact that Fitzgerald didn’t take three at the end of the half was incredibly baffling to me...ala Brian Kelly-esque. EVEN WHEN HE GOT THE EXTRA 2 SECONDS BACK! Can someone explain the risk-reward there for me, PLEASE? I don’t get it…I simply don’t get it. Take the 3 and maintain momentum. You’d have been up 13 instead of 10. Okay, it’s still only two scores, but I think I take the points…Am I going against the odds here? I must be. Hoke went for it on 4th down against the Irish late…Must be the new way of thinking in College ball…

Back to what I LIKED: The 2nd half kicked off and we marched down the field (okay, a little penalty help was required) but we punched it in and closed the gap to three. And the defense had the appropriate ass kicking (and adjustments) and proceeded to shut out the Kitty Kats in the 2nd half. 28 un-answered points, kids. 28 unanswered. And De Rob and company earned it all…With a little help from Devon and the “D”. In fact, anyone care to guess how many times the Kitty Kats got inside Michigan’s 30? Anyone? Answer at the end…

The tale of two halfs. Will that be the rest of the year’s storyline? If it is, I’m on record right now stating that I hate spotting the other guy 14 points (or more) before figuring out what it is we need to do….

The Rest of the Mess

Cornsuckers – Suckeyes: Heehee….HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Wow….To say that I was having a significant moral dilemma as to who to root for as the Cornsuckers started their comeback is an understatement. I mean, for years as Michigan fans you root against 1 team (well, maybe two – JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!). And now we have the Cornsuckers, in the Legends division with 1 loss. Another loss would create a big gap and more or less make it awfully difficult to win the division. On the flip side is tOhio, a team I love to see tank. What do you do as a fan here? Can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN? Finally, I said you have to stay true to the teams you hate and started pulling for the Cornsuckers. What a comeback…What a game. And Fickell is now in deep Fecal and has probably moved up to number 1 on the ‘ole hot seat….Not to mention that the NCAA bowl ban won’t do much good if you can’t become bowl eligigle…Hee-hee…

Domers - JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS - One of the Service Academies they Should beat: Whatever….Notre Dame has now officially lost two fluke games at beginning of the season and could be in the national title game if there was a play-off according to the NBC announcers…they will of course make a BCS game with the cupcake schedule they have left...Oh, wait, Mr. Lucky still lurks!

PSU - Iowa: Did these two teams actually play a full game? I only saw part of the game but I looked at the box score. The totals weren’t even a half time total for most teams. Either both of these teams have pretty good defenses or they both really suck on offense. Methinks it’s more of the latter vs. the former…

Illini - Indiana: The only other undefeated B1G team won handily walking away, even though the final result seemed in question in the 3rd quarter. Who would’ve thunk in August that November 12th in Illinois could be the game of the year in the B1G?  Only two undefeated teams in the B1G:  Illini and Michigan...

LMU vs. Gatorland: Gatorland, are you humble yet? Are you ready to put the fatted one on the spit and start the slow burn? I don’t know if Wuzzles is on a long term contract, but my guess is that there will be some people down on him in the very near future. Muschamp? Not so much. He’ll get another year easy….

Clemson - BCU: Wow, does BC suck. I was a little nervous about betting this one as Clemson in the past has been an on – off team with respect to their week to week play. I guess they’ve turned a corner of sorts….

Texas A&M - Texas Tech: A&M finally figured out how to play 60 minutes of football! Hurrray! Of course, they might forget again next week…

Satan’s Warriors vs. Vandy: Poor Vandy…I’m sure if they weren’t already there, there would be no way this school would ever be allowed into the SEC. Too Smart, too formal, and way too sucky at Football….

The Ole Ball Coach vs. Kentucky: Can someone, anyone, explain to me what happened at Kentucky? Brooks had them going good and now they are staring into the abyss….Oh well, Basketball practice starts in two weeks.

Mr. Lucky vs. the Buffs: Mr. Lucky is the ticket to this years bettors. I think the smart money is pretty much following this 5-0 ATS kid where ever he goes. And this bettor will continue taking him until I state otherwise.

Laters vs. Shorthorns: Laters – For Real. Short Horns – For crap’s sake, find a defense and an offense.

EMU at Toledo: Well, what can I say. I might have to lay off the Hurons for awhile. I thought I had something there, but they are just not doing it for me now….
Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Texas sucks…
-Oklahoma’s defense scores 3 TD’s…THAT’S impressive…I don’t care who it’s against.
-DeRob, what the hell are you doing?
-Roundtree is NOT Megatron…But then again, who is?
-Nice adjustments boys…nice adjustments.
- And Devin getting in the game…We’re going to need him at some point. I think everyone knows this.
-Highlight of the 2nd half: Jordan Kovacs ripping off Persa’s helmet.
-Am I a defense guy or what? I mean, touchdowns are fun and all, but in reality, they’re simply a necessary part of winning.
-You have to score more than the other guys, right?
-We made adjustments, started attacking and said, “find the open guy and beat us.”
-But in order to do that, it helps to STOP the other guys…Something Dick Rod never figured out.
-Some of the more memorable individual plays over the years in my head have been on defense.
-LMU and Alabama might be the best two teams this year…
-And it’s about their DEFENSES that are simply dominating everyone…
-See what I did there?
-And maybe that’s why Michigan is getting some love nationally?  Defense?
-Yeah, we’re not as good as anyone in the top 5 – Maybe Boy’s State – But we might earn a test of our abilities against Wiscy…
-Is it too early to think Inaugural Champion of the Legends Division?
-I’m finally getting used to that and who’s where and on which side....
-Yes, it’s too early. I answered my own question, so don't start ripping on me...Especially with a rested Sparty this week.
-But which Sparty will show up? Little Brother or Big Brother?
-It’ll be a game, regardless. Strangley, Sparty’s D might be better than their offense this year.
-Opening Line: Michigan +3. So it’s a pick-em Game. I’m jumping on Michigan and taking the points right here.
-That and Alabama laying 23.5 against Mississippi.
-And Mr. Lucky laying -20.5 against Washington State...
-I’m still giggling over that tOhio thing….There have to be Suckeyes out there contemplating suicide…or Fecal-cide…

More Idle Thoughts from the Weekend

-Tigers, Lions and Bears! Oh My! I think I’m going to get the flu at 3:30 today.
-I know, I know, but I had to use the Wizard of Oz reference though…I mean, really, how many times does it actually apply?
-Tigers really don’t play well until their backs are against the wall.
-Can someone tell me what Mother Nature has against Verlander?
-If I was betting the NFL, I would take the Lions tonight.
-Which is why I don’t bet the NFL.
-Not saying they’re going to lose, it’s just a lot harder to bet the NFL.
-Are the Colts really trying to “Suck for Luck?”
-I hate that…I really do. I'm sorry I typed it and hate ESPN for repeating it every 3 minutes during NFL football updates.
-Best QB might not even be Luck. Landry Jones looks pretty good. As does Persa. In fact, there’s quite a few QB’s that will be on the draft board this year.
-Which makes it a pretty impressive board, if you’re in the market for a QB.
-Miami, Colts, and Chiefs will be looking, I’m sure.
-Does this remind anyone of 1983? If you’re old enough, I mean.
-I’m doing this from memory, but you had Elway (Stanford), Blackledge (PSU), Jim Kelly (Miami), Dan Marino (Pitt) and a couple of others. Dubbed the Quarterback Draft…
-Not bad for an old guy that has pickled more memory cells than I care to mention…

The Hot Seat
Jeez, what a voter turnout! You know, you can VOTE even if you don’t LIKE the Hot Seat Mascot. Abstaining doesn’t do much for anyone. But Miss Octoberfest Katarina obviously does something for everyone who tunes into this blog on Monday Mornings!

I’m just hoping that the Ole MMQ hasn’t peaked too soon and blown his wad, er....I mean, I hope I didn't get everyone too excited about an early entry, but I have to admit, Katarina is more than deserving. If that’s what you like. However, in honor of some of the movie girls that have made Football movies so memorable, I thought I'd do a bit of a throwback to one of my favorite High School Football flicks, Varsity Blues….Introducing the Hot Seat Mascot nominee for Week #6: Ali Larter! You might remember her from this scene:

But she has aged well, dear readers. Something the MMQ likes to see!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico –

Hot Seat Rank

1. Fickell - 21 points given up with none answered in 2nd half gets you 1st place
2. Neuheisel - Guess they'll be asking Mark Harmon to quit his acting gig next?
3. Houston Nutt – Look out after Saturday....
FMQ Betting Results:

Hey – HEY! Nice Week with a Parlay coming HOME! Let’s hope we can do as well next week and I’ve already gone on the line with Michigan getting points.

Michigan (-3.5 – Open Today: -7.5) @ Purple Kitty Kats
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $80
I love it when a 2nd half comes together…
WIN! Bank $152

Alabama @ Vanderbilt (+28.5)
Take Alabama and lay the 28.5 for $50
Satan’s Warriors are the Team to Beat, in the MMQ’s book….
WIN! Bank $95

Stanford @ Colorado (+27 Open Today: +29.5)
Take Stanford and lay the 27 for $70
I LOVE Mr. Lucky! Is that wrong? I mean, with DeRob on my team and everything?
WIN! Bank $133

EMU @ Toledo (-21)
Take EMU and the points for $30
Damn you English….If the Hurons cover, we have a PERFECT WEEKEND! Do you know how hard it is to have a perfect weekend?

Boston College @ Clemson (-20.5)
Take Clemson and lay the 20.5 for $40
Clemson wins by 22 and that’s a beautiful thing!
WIN! Bank $76


Three Team Michigan – Stanford – Alabama - $40
WIN! Bank $240

Four Team: EMU – Michigan - Stanford – Alabama - $20

Starting BANK: $873


NEW BANK: $1,569

Monday Morning Takes:

Michigan (+3) @ MSU

Alabama (-23.5) @ Mississippi

Stanford (-20.5) @ Washington State

Wagers and other games announced on Friday…

Oh, and Northwestern only drove inside the 30 yard line once in the 2nd half….at the end of the game.

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ


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Blue Trooper,

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