Thursday, October 28, 2010

FMQ - Joe Pa's Farewell Tour?

I always think this could be the last time we see Joe Pa whenever we play him. He is an octogenarian and at 83, well, you just have to figure that the odds of him living more than another 10 years is getting a little high. I’m not trying to be morbid here or anything…I’m just a realist. It’s at this age that people no matter how active start slowing down. And Joe Pa looks like he should hang it up. What’s left to prove? Really?

Add to that this season in un-Happy Valley hasn’t been the greatest and you have another ugly combination of the “get rid of Joe” camp humming their chorus all over the web. The thing is, I don’t think anyone in this camp understands exactly how difficult it will be to replace a head coach. But I digress…

We were 4 out of 4 last week kids! Are we hitting our stride? Can we get into the Black and start wagering some house dough? Time will tell! Let's get about 30% of our bankroll to work this weekend...Times getting short.

Florida State @ North Carolina (+3.5): Here’s another Thursday night game that I was going to lay off, but then I looked at the FSU offense and the NC defense and I couldn’t figure out how in the world Vegas was only putting 3.5 points on this game. And it’s Thursday and seeing as how we did so well and kicked off our weekend starting on Thursday night, we’ll do it again! Take the Seminoles and lay the 3.5 for $80

Oregon @ USC (+7): Can someone please tell me the last time the Trojans got 7 points as home dogs? Anyone? Me neither. Which is why I was considering taking them and I looked again at the Ducks ATS W-L…Riiiiiiiight….No thanks. I’ll take the Ducks and lay the 7 for $80.

OSU @ Minnesota (-25.5): OSU was extremely good to me last weekend and I have a feeling that wasn’t all Purdue just being bad. My guess is the OSU offense is taking the leash off Pryor, too little, too late, but unleashing him none the less. If the Gophers get down early…Look out. I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 25.5 for $50.

MSU @ Iowa (-7): Wow...Vegas has absolutely no respect for Sparty. They’re worse than me. Granted, Sparty has had to take some chances, make some come backs, and find odd ways to win games. I don’t know whether they can win at Kinnick, but my guess is they keep it closer than a touchdown. I’ll take MSU and the 7 for $15

Illinois @ Purdue (+17): Illinois is playing well and this is kind of a rivalry game. Zook is playing his way into keeping his job and possibly going to a bowl game. Michigan plays Illinois next week and I’m already nervous. This week, I’ll take the Illini and lay the 17 for $15.

Michigan @ PSU (-2): Okay. This game saw a big swing on Saturday when it opened with Michigan getting 2 and it’s swung all the way to Michigan giving 2. Penn State must not have impressed at Minnesota last week and the QB situation is still pretty much up in the air. If Michigan’s Offense is back on track and the defense can press the new QB, I think Michigan can win and cover in Happy Valley. But I’ll PASS on the bet….

Best 3: FSU – Oregon– OSU: $30 pays 6 to 1 or $180.

Total Wagered: $270
Bank: $642

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