Friday, October 1, 2010

FMQ – Indiana Friday – I LIKE this Week

Hey, things aren’t as bad as they seem. I blame the Ole Ball Coach for not sticking with his main QB for the Auburn thing. I also blame myself for not looking closer at the BG Falcons stats and who they had played. And I blame Richy Rich for totally quitting on his team with respect to the Miss State fiasco…

The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) are 1-3 and actually are favored in a game, meaning that maybe, just maybe, they have a shot. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. We’re sitting at $773, down about 22% or so from our starting $1,000. Howeva’, I’m looking at some really good picks this week where I think Vegas is simply looking at the numba’s…So, without further ado, let’s put about $200 of this to work. We’re going to try to focus most of our money on only three games. Let’s get a 2 or 3 out of 3 week under our belt.

Boston Catholics (-3) vs. Catholics…er, Domers: This game opened at 2.5 and it’s been bet up to 3. That is, the Domers are actually getting 3 points from a team that was just blanked (yes, BC got blanked by Va Tech, who lost to an FCS school earlier this season). Now, I won’t say that I’ve completely lost faith in the Domers. Quite the contrary, I think they are a decent team. But the best team out of South Bend in the last 10 years wouldn’t have beaten the Stanford team that waltzed into South Bend last Saturday. That being said, I like the Domers this week. BC will be starting a new QB and ALWAYS plays the Domers tough. But 3 points looks easy for the hungry Domers, wanting to prove something, even if it’s on the road. This is the ACC, after all... Take the Domers and lay the 3 for $60.

OSU (-17) vs. Illinois: I know Illinois starts playing better once they hit the Big 10. But this year’s edition of Illinois Football is hideous. I saw the 18 and while I thought it was a lot at first glance, have you seen OSU roll it on when they want to? Take OSU and lay the 17 for $40

PSU (+7) at Iowa: Really? I think Iowa might steamroll this team. A freshmen QB at Kinnick will struggle. Take Iowa and lay the 7 for $30.

Stanford (+7) at Oregon: Wow. Jimmy goes on the road and destroys what’s supposed to be a decent Domer team. He blanks UCLA that upset Texas last week and crushed Wake Forest. Granted, no one thinks the Domers are any good based on the performance in the Big 10. But I think Sparty and Michigan are better foes than most people think. I also believe that Stanford is one pretty damn good football team, with a pretty damn good coach. And he’s getting 7. Yes, it’s Oregon. Yes, it’s Autzen Stadium where noise level takes on a whole new meaning. And the Ducks will probably be wearing number #134 (ALL YELLOW or something) of the 200 or so combinations of uniforms that they can wear. Whatever, I like Jimmy getting points. Take Stanford and the 7 for $10.

Michigan at Indiana: Yes, I know Indiana is 3-0. Against Akron, Western Kentucky (just joined DI) and Towson….Not exactly high caliber competition. I think the offense is clicking. Michigan’s Defense is still lackluster. This team (Indiana) had one taken away from them last year – in their view – by the Referees in the Big House. Revenge…Indiana leads the Big 10 in passing behind a SR QB along with a platoon of receivers…Can Michigan Offense play keep-away? Michigan is last in passing Defense (and total defense). What do you think? I know what I’m doing….Michigan Wins, but, Take Indiana and the 11 for $20.

Wisky at Sparty: Sparty has always had problems with the Cheeseheads. Doesn’t matter who was coaching. They just seem to be a hemorrhoid on Sparty’s ass for whatever reason. However, Sparty does play them better at home. Game opened up Even, and it’s been bet up to Sparty getting 1.5 at home. Hmm….Playing inspired football for their coach. Cheeseheads were EXPOSED by ASU. I’ll take Sparty and the 2.5 at home for $10.

Alabama (-9) vs. Florida: Does Florida have an offense yet? Is Alabama’s Ingram really back? 9 seems light to me. Take Florida and the points for $20.

Texas vs. Oklahoma (-4): Hmmmmmmmmm…Mack Brown’s team is not very good. Oklahoma is looking for revenge and respect in the national media. My guess is Oklahoma covers here, unless Texas is really ticked off from losing to UCLA and they come out smoking. But smoking what? Their offense is anemic and their defense ain’t that great either. PASS….

Best 3: OSU – Iowa – Domers - $15 pays $90.

Total Wagered: $205
Bank: $568

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