Monday, October 4, 2010

Hoosiers Should Stick to Hoops

The Heart Attack kids are back! But before I do any analysis, which I don’t really do, let’s just say I got my wish when I made the comment to the group of people I happen to be watching the end of the game with when I said: “I’d rather lose with my offense on the field than lose with my defense on the field.” And with 1:17 left after Indiana tied it up, I got my wish. DeRob and company came out and took charge.

Let’s tip the hat here to Indiana a little. Granted, I’m not sure what kind of test Indiana will prove to be, but that team might just surprise a few people in the Big 10. I’m just saying…They had a great game plan: Keep the ball away from Michigan’s offense (They did – Time of Possession – Michigan 17:something to Indiana 42:something) and don’t kick any field goals. Go for it on 4th down (a lot) and PASS THE BALL! Indiana gave themselves a chance with the Master blue print that’s been laid out for beating Michigan all year. Except for one thing: don’t give Michigan any time on the clock if you have to give them the ball back.

Am I nervous about the Defense? Yep. If you told me that Michigan and MSU would be heading to Ann Arbor in game 6 of the season undefeated and then you told me they ranked near the bottom of the Big 10 and NCAA in defense, I would have said you were nuts. There’s no way that you can be at the bottom of the Big 10, much less the NCAA in Defense and be undefeated. Yet somehow these two keep pulling it off.

There’s a showdown coming..

It’s Saturday…

It’s Ann Arbor…

It’s a BIG GAME!!!

DeRob (taking away the N and adding the B to his name – he’s earned it!) is flat out awesome. But every time he get’s tackled funny, I find myself holding my breath until he get’s up. How amazing he’s been through 5 games:

-He has more total yards than all but 11 Division 1 (FBS) college teams through 5 games – by himself.
-He has rushed for 200 and passed for 200 in two games…It took Vince Young a Collegiate career to do that…And that was in two different seasons…According the the record books, NO ONE ELSE has even come close to that mark in the same season…
-He holds the top three spots for total yards per game in Michigan History – AND THEY ALL CAME IN THE SAME SEASON!

I know, the pundits response: Who have we played? Defensively, I mean? Notre Dame was a test and he came through there with shining colors of Maize and Blue. So, stuff that in your “Who’s he played?” sock and suck on it… UConn was supposed to be the best the Beast had to offer, and he ran through them like swiss cheese. UMass is in the top 5 of the FCS division and has given up fewer total yards than all but 2 FCS teams (when you take Michigan’s performance out of the equation). Bowling Green was a pushover, but what other Division 1 Team HASN’T played a pushover? DeRob has earned the praise, plain and simple.

The Rest of the Mess

It’s week 5 and the BCS had better hope for the following:

Someone Beats either Alabama or Auburn (besides Alabama and Auburn)
Someone Beats Oregon.
Someone Beats Nebraska
Someong Beats OSU (Well, there’s this school in Ann Arbor that has a shot at them…)

Otherwise, you’re going to have multiples undefeated out there looking for a piece of the big pie…I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself here…But still. Its shaping up like one of those seasons.

Sparty vs. Cheeseheads: I had a good feeling on this one Sparty. Just kind of knew that the Cheeseheads were a little over rated this year and the fraudgers might appear early. Question is, will they get better before Michigan gets a shot at them? I really hate having to hand you your first loss this year, but I don’t think Michigan loses 3 in a row to Sparty…Not with DeRob and double revenge coming at home!!!
Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Hey, you won one! Congrats for getting to 2 wins through 5 games. It seems the best thing for a losing streak is a helping of ACC…
Red River Shootout: Texas loses two in a row and drops out of the top 25…Wow…I don’t want to be Mack Brown today. Stoops might have a shot at the Big 12 title, but I don’t think he has the troops to play and stay against Pelini.
Alabama-Gatorland: Gatorland disappointed me here. Thought they would hang a little tougher in this game and I thought Urban would have them ready to play…
LMU – Cremesicles: So, Cremesicles win this game…Right? I turned it off after the last play…It was the last play, wasn’t it? Time was off the clock. Mad Hatter pulls another one out of his ass….
Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Ducks: I don’t know who beats Oregon at this point…But it is the Pac 10 and they eat their own out there…So I won’t say they can run the table, but it’s looking scary if you have to play the Ducks…
The Suckeyes vs. Illini: Suckeye nation gasped when Prior went down…And they have no back-up plan as near as I can see…
Hawkeyes vs. PSU: PSU is not the PSU of old….Look for about 4 losses in the Big 10 this year…
VaTech vs. NCSTATE: Va Tech continues on its “To hell with you and season records” and lays waste to another ACC fraud…
Rubbers vs. Huskies: Rubbers lose to Huskies! Remember the Trojans? That team doomed a future without bowls and scholarships….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Is it the offense or DeRob or both?
-What I wouldn’t give for a Defense…Any Defense…
-What is Defense, exactly, anyway? It’s been awhile…
-I mean, positive turnovers are nice, but stopping someone, like 3 and out, would be great at some point…
-DeRob is just plain good. I mean, he hits guys with passes…
-OK, Junior Hemmingway is pretty good, too.
-Thanks for adjusting to that ball!
-Did I mention I wished we had a defense?
-LSU lost to Tennessee! Wait, what just happened?
-Harbaugh’s Hellcats started out strong but they’re fading…
-Did I mention that Oregon’s a good team?
-PSU sucks…Sorry, but that’s how I see it…We better beat them.
-Domers look good against weak competition.
-Yes, that’s a compliment in a left handed kind of way…
-Florida doesn’t look that good.
-So how good is Arkansas?
-Can the Hogs control their own destiny?
-So much football, so little time.

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins again but the rout wasn’t quite as bad as Katy P hung around in 2nd place. Jill picked up a couple as a newcomer and Bianca picked up 1… I personally like Julie as well and I am hoping she holds on. Kind of like DeRob for the Heisman. So the question is: Can someone unseat Julie B?

This week, sticking with the sports reporter theme, I caught an old clip of Melissa Stark this weekend watching something somewhere and I thought what a great Hot Seat Mascot nominee! Not someone from the main stream sports media (any more) but was kind of in there doing her thing…Besides, we need a girl next door type in here to sort of balance things out…

I think this is a recent shot of her from CNBC...

and on the sidelines (nice sweater!)

And at a gala all dressed up...

I know, nothing really hot with Melissa...Like I said, Girl Next Door...
Week #6 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Zookie – A close loss to tSuckeyes is still a loss…
3. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. Can’t lose to the Purple Z’s…
4. Les Miles – It’s cute for awhile, but LMU has to be sick of the shenanigans that take place on a weekly – monthly and annual basis with the Mad Hatter.
5. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
6. Dan Hawkins – Almost took him off after beating Georgia..But you can’t get off the Hot Seat by beating another Hot Seat Coach.

FMQ Betting Results:
Hey, we’re finding some rhythm! And if the damn Suckeyes would have played even half the game they usually play…But I digress….

Boston Catholics (-3) vs. Catholics…er, Domers: Take the Domers and the 3 for $60.
WIN: Book $114

OSU (-18) vs. Illinois: Take OSU and lay the 18 for $40

PSU (+7) at Iowa: Take Iowa and lay the 7 for $30
WIN: Book $57

Stanford (+7) at Oregon: Take Stanford and the 7 for $10.
LOSE: Thought the Hellcats would stay close….

Michigan at Indiana: Take Indiana and the 11 for $20
WIN: I know, I bet against my own team…But this is money! Book $38

Wisky at Sparty: I’ll take Sparty and the 1.5 at home for $10
WIN: Book $18. Should have gone more on this game…Had a good feeling.

Alabama (-9) vs. Florida: Take Florida and the points for $20
LOSE: Last time I take an SEC underdog and points.

Bank: $796

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