Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a Big Game and FMQ Bets

They're In!

I swung into Ann Arbor today and I must say that Friday on a beautiful fall day in that town brought back a lot of memories...Students everywhere, bars getting ready...Really made me want to blow the rest of the afternoon off and just hang out and soak it all in...

Not to mention the fact that I was driving up State Street and I was passing South Quad and who was sitting on the railing of the fence? DeRob! I wasn't quick enough on the camera trigger to snap a shot off, but I did get to yell, "Go Blue!" and got a healthy thumbs up in return...

The shirts are in and they came out pretty good. Lot's of politics surrounding what can go on a t-shirt, but we did what we could.


Well, it’s here. Double Revenge. Sparty at the Big House. Two undefeated teams looking to carve each other up and down the field...

I’m a little nervous. Historically, whenever I’ve been nervous it usually means Michigan is on the verge of blowing Sparty out. However, I think I’m nervous this time because we look good, Sparty looks very good, and it’s going to be a great game. But how do you bet it?

Sparty at Michigan (-4): This game opened at 5 and it never got below the 4 points. I was hoping we’d see 3.5 or lower, but somebody in Vegas figures that Michigan is that much better…I dunno. I was smart last week and took Indiana and the points. But if you believe in the up down theory (Michigan was up for BG, down for Indiana, so they should be up for Sparty), the fact that MSU hasn’t played a road game yet, Cousins hasn’t played in the Big House, it’s going to be noisy with a raucous 3:30 crowd (extra Big Game) and this feeling that I can’t shake that something big is about to happen. Granted, this is probably the heart thinking more than the head, but I think I have to take Michigan and lay the 4 for $40.

Illinois (+8.5) at PSU: What’s the love affair with PSU? When I saw this game initially, I put a 3 point handicap on Illinois after the way Illinois stayed with OSU last weekend. Take the Illini and the 8.5 for $40

Pitt at Domers (-5.5): I really think Notre Dame can play the Big East and ACC competition just fine and hold their own. Pitt got 35 hung on them by Miami and simply isn’t as good as advertised. Take the Domers and lay the 5.5 for $35

USC at Stanford (-8.5): Allright, I know that the Hellcat’s didn’t hang with the Ducks. I’m really not sure who can at this point. I like Stanford to take a commanding lead over USC early and they will hold on. Harbaugh hates USC coaches and he particularly hates this one. Take Stanford and lay the 8.5 for $20

Indiana at OSU (-23.5): Michigan’s defense sucks. Yes. But I’m willing to bet that Indiana doesn’t lose a Big 10 game this year by more than 20 points. Just a hunch that will be interesting to see how it plays out… Take Indiana and the 23.5 for $35.

Best 3: Michigan – Illini-Domers $20 pays $120.

All 5: $10 Pays $200 if they all come home.

Total Wagered: $200
Bank: $596

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