Monday, October 11, 2010

Sparty Rolls...What Is THAT on Defense?

“It’s so much better when we win.” - Overheard at the Tailgate…

Well, Yeah...

Sparty wins and they don’t need a fake field goal, extra seconds or anything else to accomplish that feat accept for a misfiring, first year QB and a whole lot of dropped balls by Michigan receivers…

I figure this might be one of the most difficult posts I have had to write in awhile, for obvious reasons. But what isn’t obvious is what I’m thinking right now after I’ve had 36 hours to reflect and figure out exactly what is happening in Ann Arbor.

This used to be a team that was quietly defensive. And by that I mean, every fan knew we would have a decent QB, a good to great running back, and an O-line that would be more than serviceable. Not only that, buy we’d have one or two receivers out there all vying for the opportunity to wear the #1. But behind all that was a great, no name defense. At least on a national level.

We, the local fans, knew who those players were. What the names were. How they attacked and destroyed opposing teams’ offenses. It might not happen immediately, but it happened eventually. The mistake by the opposing offense. The capitalization by the defense at the most opportune time. That was (and someday will hopefully be again) the signature of any great Michigan team that has ever been. A defense that was predatory in nature; a defense that attacked weakness. A defense that only gave up yards if the other team earned them.

What we have right now is what I eluded to on Friday. It’s NOT a Michigan defense. It’s a thing that I don’t understand. It’s something where teams can find wide open receivers or blow huge lanes wide open for running backs…We’re in the 3rd year of RichRod’s tenure and if he is going to eventually win the Big 10 and go on to bigger and better things, we need big things to happen on defense. Yes, I know about the injuries. Yes, I know about the bare cupboard.

But it used to be that when someone went down, you had a hungry back-up waiting to take over and prove himself. Where’s the attitude? Where’s the hunger? Coaching defense always seemed to be an attitude thing, at least from what I’ve seen.

Denard might have another bad game or two where he only gets a little over 250 total yards(sheesh). It would behoove you to have a defense at that point to help him out.

The one big mistake I believe Rich Rod made, and in the post analysis if this all ends badly, will be not looking at the game films and resume of one man: Ron English. There was a coach that got it.

The Rest of the Mess

Guess what? Sparty (congratulations, by the way, if I didn’t mention it earlier) doesn’t really have anyone left on the schedule. I’m not kidding. Look what’s left:

Illinios (Okay – beating PSU is something, but not really that impressive this year)
Northwestern – Just lost to
Iowa – will probably be favored in this game
Penn State

I don’t think there’s a game there that Sparty won’t be favored in, with the exception of Iowa.

BCS Mess: Well now that Satan has lost (but in the SEC, you’re never really out of the race until you lose twice – maybe not even then) the BCS is wide open. I’m sick to my stomach that someone is going to trip both OSU and Oregon and we end up with TCU and Boise in the BCS title game. Which, if you’re rooting for that, you’re an idiot that has no concept of what College Football is and should be. Yes, Nebraska has a shot but still has to play someone in the Big 12 Championship. However, I may just root for TCU Boy’s State matchup if it gets us closer to something that gives credit for playing in a major conference and rewards better teams with better resumes.
tSuckeyes vs Indiana: Wow…I just figured that Indiana was better than that, but I guess tSuckeyes were able to dominate on D…Just like a team I used to know…
Satan vs. The Ole Ball Coach: Well, Satan finally goes down in pretty convincing fashion. I would definitely like to see this game in its entirety. But my guess is Satan’s warriors have been exposed and the blueprint is there for the rest of the SEC.
Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): 0.500 must feel pretty good…You’re halfway to a bowl game in Idaho. Another helping of Big East and ACC would help, I’m sure.
LMU vs. Gatorland: Let me get this straight: The fake field goal is a “CALLED” bounce play that a Gator picks up on and it still works!!??? Another last second LMU chaotic scene puts LMU ahead at the end…The Mad Hatter will be in the BCS Championship game – mark my words.
Harbaugh’s Hellcats vs. Rubbers: I really don’t think Lane Kiffin figured he would have it this tough at USC which is why he left the Cremesicles…
VaTech vs. Chippewas: Well, there’s one happy Hokie reading and one depressed Chippewa reading…Va Tech will win the ACC.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-It’s a Big Game…
-What I wouldn’t give for a Defense…Any Defense…
-Defense intimidates and destroys teams’ emotional psyche
-Offense just seals the deal
-You can come back from a quick score when you know they can’t stop you
-But if you have a Defense that is impenetrable, well, now you have them by the mind
-It’s a nice day in Ann Arbor, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice
-Could have been last Saturday in the cold and rain…
-Would that have been better for us?
-Rich Rod is 2-6 against main rivals (0-3 vs Sparty)
-That can’t sit well with anyone in power in Ann Arbor…
-And some of that is on him. No defense and injuries be damned.
-At least Satan lost

The Hot Seat
I overheard at the Tailgate that there is some question as to how the Hot Seat Mascot voting is conducted. For clarification purposes: It’s the most democratic process I can think of when you’re introducing new nominees on a weekly basis. This year we’re taking the top weekly vote getters and we will have a “Final Vote” at the end of the season in Championship week. So, if you’ve been following along, Katy Perry and Julie Bowen are your top weekly vote getters. There has been no one else – therefore, they would be the only featured Hot Seat Mascots in Championship week. If we get even one Hot Seat Mascot that wins the Weekly vote, she will be in the Championship Week Voting. That’s how democratic your MMQ is.

I have been receiving a LOT of suggestions for Hot Seat Mascots and I appreciate the support. Without it, I wouldn’t have anything to do on Friday afternoons. This suggestion came from a loyal fan and I had actually heard some rumblings about her earlier. Without further ado, presenting Hot Seat Mascot Week #7 Nominee: Jamie Edmondson! Jamie is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader that was also a contestant on the Amazing Race. She also did Playboy a favor and helped sell some issues for Hef…


Yikes…I’m intimidated…Does that mean she has a great Defense? Or just really nice assets?

Too unfair to the other nominees? That’s why we have Championship Week!

Week #7 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. Can’t lose to the Purple Z’s…
3. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty and not be here…
4. Les Miles – It’s cute for awhile, but LMU has to be sick of the shenanigans that take place on a weekly – monthly and annual basis with the Mad Hatter.
5. Zookie – Beating PSU in a weak season doesn’t get you off the list
6. Beamer – Let me tell you something about head coaches that lose to FCS teams
7. Dan Hawkins – Almost took him off after beating Georgia..But you can’t get off the Hot Seat by beating another Hot Seat Coach.

FMQ Betting Results:

Indiana, Michigan and Stanford let me down…

Sparty at Michigan (-4): I think I have to take Michigan and lay the 4 for $40.
LOSE: Never bet with your Heart, kids…

Illinois (+8.5) at PSU: What’s the love affair with PSU? When I saw this game initially, I put a 3 point handicap on Illinois after the way Illinois stayed with OSU last weekend. WIN: Bank $76

Pitt at Domers (-5.5): Take the Domers and lay the 5.5 for $35
WIN: Bank $66.5

USC at Stanford (-8.5): Take Stanford and lay the 8.5 for $20

Indiana at OSU (-23.5): Take Indiana and the 23.5 for $35.

Bank: $738.50

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