Thursday, October 14, 2010

Urban Meyer - Just As Low As Everyone Else

So much for Oscar Meyer Urban Legend and his Tim Tebow days of doing things the right way. Losing all the character and class that you earned in the Tebow years are merely an arrest and a player re-instatement away when you look at the case of Chris Rainey.

If you haven't heard or followed any of this, Greg Doyell over at CBS sports did an excellent job of sumarizing it.

And while I may appear to be a little hypocritical myself at times when it comes to the Hot Seat Mascots, well, I guess I believe that I try to do it in good taste and I'm certainly not asking women to "bare it all for the MMQ". It's already out there. Dad's can't stop their daughters from "Putting it all out there" if that's the road they choose in life. I merely take what's put out there by someone else and use it for our entertainment. I mean no harm or bad will towards anyone.

And I'm sincere about that.

But I certainly can take offense to someone that threatens "Time to Die, Bitch" to any woman, and especially if it was my daughter. And that someone has lost the privilege, regardless of what the law says, to play football for any team, anywhere.

This is where, in my humble opinion, the NCAA could step in and defend the rights of women and show other players that there is absolutely no tolerance for this kind of behavior in college sports. Instead, they tell us how Title IX is so important to young women's emotional development and sense of fairness. Get a frickin' clue here, please. This case is the poster child of what's wrong with collegiate athletics on multiple levels.

And if the NCAA were involved here, dictating policy? Urban Legend would be off the hook and everyone, victims, fans and the university will be happy. With the exception of the guilty party that will go through due process and get his punishment, anyway.

However, I can tell you why in one sentence they won't get involved. There's absolutely nothing in it for the NCAA. Which proves all the more that it's just another money grabbing organization that would rather steer clear of anything that might come off looking bad or in some way prejudicial towards the "student athlete".

Hypocrites. Each and every person associated with this that let this kid back on the team.

And that's you, too, Gatorfan for not voicing your disgust to your alma mater over this issue. Speak with your wallets, your letters, e-mail, whatever. But at least let them know how you feel.

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