Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Bye Week Edition

Tuesday Edition! I was off yesterday and while I thought about doing a write up from where I was it just doesn’t have the same impact as doing it at work.

One nice thing about the Bye: when we don’t play, we can’t lose. Which is nice. But I kind of hate the bye. It feels like something is missing in the middle of the week when I’m not thinking about an opponent in the back of my mind. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I kind of miss the old days when we didn’t have a bye and you just played 11 or 12 straight.

However, all things considered when you look at the misery of other teams that did play and lost, well, sometimes just sitting back and watching is better than playing…Hee-hee….

The Rest of the Mess

BCS Mess:
Did I ever nail this one….Oregon has firmly positioned itself in the Driver’s seat for the BCS title game. And frankly, if you didn’t see the beat down of UCLA on Thursday, well, you missed something good. Oregon is a “COMPLETE” team in just about every sense of the word. With around 3 minutes left in the half they got the ball back up 21-3 and went for the kill by scoring another TD…If that isn’t getting after it, I don’t know what is…And the MMQ thanks the Ducks for helping out the ole balance sheet on the betting side of things…

BCS Standings:
1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. Boy’s State
4. TCU
5. Sparty
6. Mizzou
7. Alabama
8. Utah
9. Oklahoma
10. Wisconsin
Who cares….

It’s obvious that the computers aren’t going to let BS and TCU up into the 1 or 2 slot, which is good. Maybe. If Sparty wins against Iowa, it should solidify a 3 or 4 next week, bumping those two even further down. Mizzou will rocket if they beat the Cornsuckers…All so exciting and interesting! Right now, I would take the Auburn-Oregon game and be happy. If one of them lose, well, I’m not entirely sure we end up with the two best teams…

Laters vs. Mizzou: Unbelievable! Number 1 goes down again! Will this week’s number 1 Oregon fall to the same fate at USC? Kiffin’s chance to exact some pain this year…But he doesn’t have a defense to do it…
SPARTY vs. Purple Kitty Kats: Sparty – I don’t know how you do it. First, you pull off the unexpected when you beat the Domers and the Cheeseheads. Now, you manage to come from behind against the Purple Cats and find a way to win - trickery and all. And Wisconsin finds a way to either totally demoralize Iowa or they will be playing so tight because they literally need the win against you to stay in the Big 10 Race this week…Either way, enjoy your little run here. They don’t last long. And all this with Drucker in Jail! By the way, how does that make the front Page in the Freep and Detroit News? Anyone? Anyone?
tSuckeyes vs Spoilers: DID YOUR MMQ NAIL THIS ONE OR WHAT? I said tSuckeyes would come out smoking in this game…I was right!
Alabama vs. Cremesicles: Let me get this straight. Dooley thinks his team is like the Germans in WWII? And he just lost to Satan who compared his team losing to a D-II school to the 9-11 tragedy…Sad, what these SEC coaches say and do. The NCAA should really look into about a dozen things going on at these schools.
Black Birds vs. Cheeseheads: Another great game that Ferentz is probably feeling some heat from. He literally wasted a time out on first down instead of spiking the ball…Looked a little like Les Miles out there…
LMU vs. Tigers: Speaking of which: The Devil is dead. I shouldn’t say dead, but LMU now needs a lot of help. And where I thought this margin of victory would be a lot more, well, I’m not surprised that LMU’s ways finally caught up to it…
DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So – explain this to me: How can you lose 3 out of the last 4 to a team, Navy, that you don’t even consider worth your while to be on the same field with? Someone? Anyone? Is there anyone out there that still cares enough about Domer Football to get upset and call for Kelly’s firing? HeLLLLLOOOOOO!!!???!!!??? That had to be the quietest I’ve ever seen the NDNation Rock’s house message board after a loss…
Gatorland: Hey! Urban didn’t lose…Of course, it was Gatorland’s Bye week, Also…

Big 10 Mess:

One undefeated Team: MSU
Three serious teams with 1 loss: Wisconsin - OSU - Iowa
Another team with 1 Loss: Purdue
Spoiler Opportunity: Iowa vs MSU – OSU vs. Iowa – Michigan vs. Wisconsin

SPARTY Remaing: Iowa – Minnesota – Purdue – Penn State
Wisconsin Remaining: Nortwestern – Purdue – Michigan –Indiana
OSU Remaining: Minnesota – Penn State – Iowa – Michigan
Iowa Remaining: SPARTY - Indiana – Northwestern – OSU - Minnesota
Bold teams upset potential.

Why put this in here? Simple: I think the Big 10 is going to end up with several 1 loss teams and tie breakers are going to mean something. However, if Sparty gets past Iowa, well, they definitely have the best shot at running the table. No doubt. So, the Big 10 comes down to this Saturday in Kinnick Stadium. Cousins vs. Stanzi. All will be revealed.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Oregon Rocks…Chip Kelly is what I want Rich Rod to be… Offense AND Defense
-UCLA just isn’t very good…How did they beat Texas?
-If Michigan can win 3 more, is that the Outback Bowl with 8 wins?
-Or are we more attractive with DeRob and the “Comeback” Kids and are we Capital One potential?
-The only reason I ask is that I’m in Florida on New Year’s and I’d like to start dreaming now…
-Wisconsin just threw another fly in the Big 10 ointment with respect to how many one loss jumbled up combinations we could possibly have…
-Poor Laters…Everyone figured Mizzou sucked…Except for Mizzou
-LMU must not have paid the devil his due this week...
-Alabama vs. Auburn might actually mean something this year…
-6 weeks left..Only!
-Why does College Football go so fast?
-I don’t want more games, I just want it to last a little longer, that’s all…
-Unlike the NBA that’s already started and goes till the 4th of July – Who cares anymore?

The Hot Seat
Coming up with new and interesting Hot Seat Mascots isn’t that easy. I know some of you think it is, but it’s not. It takes hours of painstaking work, looking endlessly at pictures of potential candidates and then finally deciding on who’s worthy to be a nominee. I now know what Bob Guccione (RIP) and Hugh Hefner must feel like…

And we finally have another finalist! Marissa Miller TIED Julie Bowen for the highest number of votes this week (15-15) so she qualifies for a shot at the title. But I think this thing is boiling down to a one mascot race unless something really major happens late in the season. Is their a Hot Seat Mascot Upset Special out there lurking? Based on the fact it was a bye week, we’ll go with a Mascot I’ve been thinking about using for some time. Here she is: Taylor Swift!
That's a nice inner tube!

But this is a nicer Bikini...

Week #9 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 4 losses in a row in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Dennis Erickson – I didn’t have him on the list, but I now have no choice. ASU might can him in season…
3. Les Miles – Losing to Auburn doesn’t help his situation.
4. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
5. Urban Legend – Bye week only makes the seat hotter until you win a game
6. Zookie – I may have to take him off…
7. Dan Hawkins – Still warm…
8. Joe Pa –Joe, please go out graciously. You comfortably have the record now.
9. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty and Iowa and not be here…

1. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. 15-30 gets you canned from a Big 10 Middle of the pack team…

FMQ Betting Results:

Another Reason to feel really good! Finally, a winning weekend!

UCLA @ Oregon (-24): Take the Ducks and lay the 24 for $50
WIN! I felt pretty good about this one and after it happened, I was feeling really good about he rest of the weekend.
Purdue @ OSU(-22.5): I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 22.5 for $50.
WIN! Purdue is not good….
LSU @ Auburn (-6): I’ll take Auburn and lay the 6 for $30
WIN! Thanks LMU!!!!!
Alabama (-13.5) at Tennessee: I’ll take the Alabama and lay the 13.5 for $20
WIN! All right!

4 for 4 weekend! – Too bad we didn’t parlay them all!

Best 3: Oregon – OSU – Auburn: $20 pays 6 to 1 or $120.
WIN: Bank it Baby!

Bank: $912 (Almost Even)


Michael said...

MMQ - Your daughters would be ashamed that you think those pics are of Taylor Swift. They look much more like Niki Taylor. That's the problem with Google search and the like. You may get anything related to Taylor or Swift. Anyway, great job on the bets last week. Go Blue!

MMQ said...


I have been informed that the side bar photo is in fact Niki Taylor and the inner tube shot is Swift. They look so much alike, but I did think the bresticle size was slightly different....So I may have to make up for that next week and do a HSM for Niki Taylor....