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Defense is….P….U….

Happy Halloween - Thanks for lightening things up a little, MZone....

I have dreaded the thought of this post since the middle of summer when my expectations were so high for this “Those Who Cannot Be Called Michigan” team and we had a healthy Troy Woolfolk, a healthy Mike Martin, and a whole lot more guys playing on the defensive side of the ball than we have right now…

Being so close to this and as up to speed on the situation as I am, I’m baffled at times as to how the common knowledge individual simply wants to fire Rich Rod. I’m not here to defend, I’m simply saying we have to look at the facts. And looking at the facts is still very sobering, and frankly, makes me wonder how the whole thing spiraled into this mess…

First, there’s 4 left. Rich Rod needs to win one. Listed, with the MMQ assessed odds of beating them…

Illinois: 3-2 (against)
Purdue: 1-1
Wisconsin: 5-1 (against)
Ohio State: Really? Do I need to go here?

That’s the bad news. Here’s the worse news: Regardless of injuries, it’s still the head coach’s job to put a team on that field THAT CAN COMPETE on a week in – week out basis. I’m not sure the coaches at Michigan are doing that to the fullest extent that they can. I make the argument that there’s a lot of freshmen and sophomores out there on the field, but that still doesn’t excuse the effort fact. I know that young defenses do not equate to wins, but somehow Satan has a young defense playing and that team only has one loss….So what gives?

Here’s the REALLY bad news (for Rich Rod): I think I’ve stated here before that Brandon is a smart guy. I’ve also stated that Rich Rod brought some trouble upon himself (with the help of The Freep) and some supposed practice violations. When the NCAA ruling comes out, there will now be a contractual “cause” in effect where Brandon will be able to make a quick and easy decision, if he chooses, and get out of any contractual payments to the Rod or any of his coaching staff...

What’s it all mean? Somehow, some way, Rich needs to figure out and patch together some sort of defense that can win 1 (and I’m not sure that’s enough) or better yet 2 games and get to a bowl. If he can’t do that…Well, I don’t want to see the rest of this story.

The Rest of the Mess

BCS Mess: All you really need to know here right now is Oregon and Auburn. But if Auburn loses the Iron bowl, all you probably need to know is Oregon and somebody else…That won’t be TCU or Boy’s State.

BCS Standings:
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boy’s State
5. Utah
6. Alabama
7. Nebraska
8. Oklahoma
9. Wisconsin
10. LSU
Who cares…

This week’s biggest Winner: Alabama. They didn’t even play and moved up! Maybe that’s what Michigan needs to do…Biggest loser? Boy’s State…SOS is going to doom them in the end. Which is fine by me.

SPARTY vs. Black Birds: Sparty, I simply can’t figure you out. There’s so much going wrong with you at this point that it’s kind of sad. Rucker gets reinstated after 10 days in the slammer for the Iowa game. What, was he running laps in his cell? Doing push-ups and jumping Jacks? Last week, you get your wake-up call against the Kitty Kats. But that’s not enough. You have to go down to Kinnick at play a game that stunk so bad, it actually woke up people in Gary, Indiana and made them ask, “What’s that stench?” Or maybe that was the turd the Domers laid on their home field…More on that in a minute. Suffice it to say, Sparty, the vitriol for you would have been much, much worse had “Those Who Cannot” beat PSU…So, you’re getting off easy this week.
DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) vs. TULSA: For those that read every week, I normally don’t put the opponent that the Domers play in the subtitle. That’s because the Domers don’t actually care who they play as they should be defeating everyone and playing for the National Title no matter what. However, to lose to TULSA (that’s Conference USA, for those of you not paying attention)…well, I hope you enjoy the Kelly ride as much as we’re all going to enjoy it. Losing Crist is another dagger in the coffin, for this season, anyway. Special Note: I think all our readership and myself would like to let you know that we sincerely feel your pain over the incident that occurred last week regarding Declan Sullivan. I believe that things happen and that regardless of who is responsible, there are just some things that are accidents. I’m not sure who is responsible as this could technically go all the way up to the AD, but I believe there is a period of time where you just need to mourn the loss of the life without getting things done “this very minute” as some bloggers and even newspaper people are calling for. This is not the time to act irrationally and call for anyone’s head. I don’t completely understand Kelly’s comments about it being his decision to hold practice outside and that he was ultimately responsible. Is he simply trying to take the guilt off someone else?
Cornhuskers vs. Mizzou & Baylor vs Texas: Let me get this straight: The Cornsuckers lose (AT HOME) to a team that then turns around and loses to Iowa State AND Baylor!???!!?? In the SAME SEASON! BACK TO BACK???? Yes, Nebraska, you destroyed Mizzou as you should have…But wouldn’t you like that Texas game back?
The Ole Ball Coach vs Cremesicles: Dooley’s team kind of played like the Germans this week and the Ole Ball Coach was Eisenhower. So, who will win the SEC East?
Gatorland vs Dogs: And now introducing the new head coach of Minnesota, Mark Richt! Seriously, how on earth with three losses can the Gators still be in the SEC East discussion? Unbelievable.
tSuckeyes vs. Gophers: tSuckeyes are rolling and none too soon. They may actually have a shot at something if they can win out.
Oregon vs. USC: For those that don’t read to the end of the “Rest of the Mess”, I buried the Ducks down here for a reason. Watching that team, I believe that if “Those Who Cannot” would ever get a defense, we would look a lot like that team from the West Coast. There’s no stopping that entity at this point. They’re too fast, too resilient and if you get behind them on the score, they’re simply going to keep coming at you.

Big 10 Mess:

4 serious teams with 1 loss: Wisconsin - OSU – Iowa - MSU
Spoiler Opportunity: OSU vs. Iowa – Michigan vs. Wisconsin (I may have to take this out of here…)

SPARTY Remaing: Minnesota – Purdue – Penn State
Wisconsin Remaining: Nortwestern – Purdue – Michigan –Indiana
OSU Remaining: Penn State – Iowa – Michigan
Iowa Remaining: Indiana – Northwestern – OSU - Minnesota

Not so simple anymore…Big 10 could potentially have a 3 way tie for first…And Iowa or OSU loses out after that…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Is it wrong to envy a team like I envy Oregon?
-They are what College Football is going to become.
-Fast paced, athletic, smaller type players that can “play” for 60 minutes.
-Sending out an SOS for all those that tore up their SOS card…
-I almost did.
-Glad I didn’t.
-Did Dantonio do more harm to himself than good by reinstating Rucker?
-Why isn’t the press all over this?
-Because Dantonio had a heart attack? Come on…
-The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party was still a good game, even with two 3-loss teams…
-“Those Who Cannot” moniker is back until they win a game…
-That unfortunately could be awhile.
-“Those Who Cannot” did not stop PSU once. Did we even see the punter for PSU?
-I was ill after watching that game Saturday knowing that it can’t go on like this…
-Brandon will need to make a decision at some point...

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen wins another one…You guys are sure of a similar mind when it comes to her. I had a Hot Seat mascot in mind for this week, but then decided at the last minute on someone else to see if it was the show “Modern Family” that has all of you tuned in and turned on for Julie. I figured if I threw Phil’s “mother in law” out there (who, if you have watched the show, you know Phil has a thing for) and see what she could do. So, here she is: Sophia Vergara!

Nice…Latino hot!

Al Bundy gets to pretend he’s hitting this?

All right guys…Let’s see what you do with this!

Week #10 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Richy Rich – 5 losses in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
2. Dennis Erickson – I didn’t have him on the list, but I now have no choice. ASU might can him in season…
3. Les Miles – Losing to Auburn doesn’t help his situation.
4. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
5. Rich Rod – Sorry…Can’t lose three times to Sparty, Iowa, PSU and not be here…
6. Dan Hawkins – Still warm…
7. Zookie – I may have to take him off…
8. Joe Pa –Joe, please go out graciously. You comfortably have the record now.
9. Urban Legend – You won, but it was against Georgia….

1. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. 15-30 gets you canned from a Big 10 Middle of the pack team…

FMQ Betting Results:

I hate it when I start out with a thud….
Florida State @ North Carolina (+3.5): Take the Seminoles and lay the 3.5 for $80

Oregon @ USC (+7): I’ll take the Ducks and lay the 7 for $80.
WIN: Bank $152

OSU @ Minnesota (-25.5): I’ll take the Suckeyes and lay the 25.5 for $50.
WIN: Bank $95

MSU @ Iowa (-7): I’ll take MSU and the 7 for $15

Illinois @ Purdue (+17): This week, I’ll take the Illini and lay the 17 for $15.
WIN: Book $28.50

Michigan @ PSU (-2): But I’ll PASS on the bet….
Glad I passed…
Best 3: FSU – Oregon– OSU: $30 pays 6 to 1 or $180.

Bank: $917.50 (Almost Even)

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