Monday, November 26, 2012

Sad Ending for The Seniors

Still the FMQ here. The MMQ is now propped up in the corner wearing a silly looking roman helmet with this red hair stuff sticking out the top of it holding a sword and muttering something about Lane Kiffin being an idiot that has no clue how to call plays at the goal line….

As far as Michigan goes: DI D YOU SEE THE FIRST HALF!???!!!!??!!! Let’s just talk about that. 75 yard Roundtree TD. DeRob lighting it up for 67 yards and a score… Fumbled and recovered punt while I was trying to grab a meatball and I missed it. All the fun stuff Michigan has been doing all year. Then, there was the 2nd half. I should have not watched? Was it my fault? Should I have walked away from the TV in the 2nd half? What happened? A team that looked more than competitive on offense comes out and lays an egg….What gives?

Did Hoke gamble too early? And yes, Michigan turned the ball over too many times….But the ohio game was winnable. Not only winnable, but the Buckeyes were ready for Michigan to take it. They were playing much more conservative than Michigan was. 2nd half woes continue and it got me to thinking about the current coaching regime.

Mattison adjusts. The defense did their job. I have no problem with the effort and execution that I saw on that side of the ball. The offense, Mr. Borges, not so much. I don't think the Offense was getting the plays they needed to make a difference.That’s what’s so absolutely frustrating about 2 of the 4 road losses this year. Both this game and the Domer game were not only winnable, they should have been won.  Period. 

So, without taking too much away from the suckeyes I do believe that Michigan lost this game more than the suckeyes won it. But you can have your 12-0 season where you can’t go to a bowl game and at the same time and in the same game you HONOR Cheaty McSweater Vest that got you into this mess in the first place. Brilliant.

As far as Michigan goes? I think the underlying theme this year has to be under achievement on the road. Yes, they lost to 3 of the top 5 teams in the country (I’m counting the suckeyes as an undefeated in the top 5 – sue me) and 4 out of the top 15 when you figure in the cornhuskers. IS that a good thing? I would have MUCH RATHER BEATEN at least 3 of them.

There will be a bowl against an SEC team that will hopefully get a lot more than they bargained for. But that all still needs to play out this weekend and I’m sure there is potentially more Saturday Armageddon to come. Otherwise, we wouldn’t call it

The BCS Mess

Okay…The Domers hold on to the number 1 spot in the BCS and the SEC more or less has a semi-final game between Alabama and Georgia to earn the right to play the Domers for the National Title.  But at least I'm not Mark May...This poor guy is going to have to quit or pray that the SEC somehow beats the Domers…(I’m starting to see why the MMQ has a bitter taste in his mouth when he has to write this stuff…) What does the rest of it look like?

1. DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) (0.9979): Lane Kiffin…Thanks for nuttin’! The Domers have earned it where no one thought they could be 12-0…But can they win the last one?
2. Satan’s Warriors (0.9236): It’s here. And frankly, I think we’re all tired of it…No more SEC play-off for the National Title Game…
3. Georgia (0.8911): Did what they needed to do to against the Wreck to preserve the 3-spot and avoid total anarchy….
4. GATORLAND (0.8882): I know SOMEONE that is ticked off that his team isn’t in the SEC Championship and the loss to Georgia has to make it even worse….
5. DUCKS (0.8526): I didn’t think that Chip Kelly would take his show on the road to the NFL, but now that he’s seeing what Harbaugh is doing…Well, never say never….And they don’t even make the PAC12 Championship….
6. K-State: Nice BCS Bowl…Methinks…  Look out Oklahoma...
7. LSU: Ditto
8. Stanford: And here, also.
9. Texas A&M: Nice back story…but no BCS love for A&M
10. South Carolina: Gator lovin’? Bowl, that is….

The Rest of the Mess

Domers vs. Rubbers: A potential tying score and you don’t try to throw once or twice and instead try to go against the heart of the Domer Defense? Lane Kiffin…Who are you?

Sparty vs. Gophers: Believe it or not, but at 6-6 with everyone in the B1G in trouble, Sparty just made a New Year’s Day Bowl with this victory….

Gatorland vs. Seminole: Wasn’t even close….

Cornsuckers vs. Hawkeyes: Not that it mattered after Saturday, but Iowa had chances…and couldn’t capitalize….

Bowl Projections – for those that care…Michigan is more than likely in Capital One on New Years Day. This changes if Wiscy beats the Cornhuskers in the Championship and the Wolverines more than likely move down to the Outback. Sparty seems to be fittingly in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl…Heh-heh….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Here we go!
-Why does every first drive by the opposing offense make our defense look bad?
-The offense is looking good!
-Go DeROB!!!!
-Okay…This is exactly where we needed to be.
-In this……Why are halftimes in College so long?
-Do the bands need that much time?
-Hoke…PUNT HERE. This is dumb…
-I love to gamble…But only when I have an edge…
-Hoke….Where’s the edge in that 4th down call?
-Stop turning the ball over.
-Suckeye Fans know they got lucky…
-Is there ANYTHING interesting happening at 3:30?
-Come on Trojans!
-Trojans, I’m glad you got Lane Kiffin.
-You deserve him.
-And as soon as the Pete Carroll experiment in Seattle is over, he’ll be back.
-And Lane will be a lot easier to can…
-Speaking of canning….There is a lot of news in the

The Hot Seat

Wow….The Carousel has been fired up and the coaches are flying off it faster than 3 year olds on a pre-school merry-go-round spun by a bunch of older siblings…My guess is it’s NOT over and the GONE list is going to be even longer this year than usual. Reason: Anyone that can come from the ranks of the MAC through the Beast and then take the DOMERS to a National Title Game in three seasons just made it that much tougher for everyone else….

Elaine Alden held off an EXTREMELY strong push at the end of Sarah Shahi. I was very surprised to see the late surge of votes come out for Sarah. Never the less, Elaine makes the finals. The final Hot Seat Mascot nominee for 2012 is upon us and I’m always happy and sad when the day arrives. Happy that we’ll soon know who the Mascot will be for 2012, but sad because I won’t get to look for new nominees all the time….This week, again by fan submission, is a brunette that rounds out the field. With no further ado: Miss Sport Football from 2011 and Playboy Model Hillary Fisher!!!



1. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
2. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
3. Randy Edsall: I’m shocked he’s still there…Unless I just missed the announcement….
4. Mack Brown: Losing to TCU didn’t help Mack…

GONE (Find a full summary here):

1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky
3. Derek Dooley – I guess paying him the $4 million buyout wasn’t that big of a deal after all…Look for Charlie Strong here…..
4. Chizik – Who didn’t see this one coming. $208,000/month…I think I could live on that.
5. Tedford – What’s Cal gonna do now?
6. Danny Hope – Well, I thought he should have got a lifetime contract…
7. Obrien - NC State…Man, you knock off the Seminoles and there’s no love…
8. Embree – Colorado. Seriously bad coach on a bad team….
9. Spaziani – Boston College…Guy never had a chance…
10. Mike Price – UTEP
11. Cubit – Western Michigan
12. John L. Smith
13. Bill Curry – Georgia State


Hey…At least there was a bright side to the weekend! We didn’t lose EVERY bet….I know….When it goes bad…It’s all bad….but we still have the Championship Weekend and the Bowls….That might help the situation.

Nebraska @ Iowa(+15):
Take the Hawkeyes and the points for $20 (I know, real confident here)
WIN! Bank $38

Virginia vs. Va Tech (-10): Take VaTech and lay the 10 for $50
VA-Tech – U – SUCK: LOSE

Alabama (-34) @ Auburn: Easy Money...Should have bet the house...
Take Bama and lay the 34 for $75
WIN: Bank: $142.50

Domers @ USC (6.5): Not ONLY does Kiffin lose…He doesn’t even cover…
Take USC and the 6.5 for $75

Michigan (+4.5) @ ohio: And neither do these clowns….
Take Michigan and the 4.5 for $75: LOSE
Take the Over (54) for $50…AND LOSE….

Starting Bank: $558
WIN: $180.50
Bank: $738.50

Early Odds

UCLA (+10) vs. Stanford
Georgia (+8) vs. Bama
Wiscy (+2.5) vs. Nebraska

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