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Do They Still Play Football In Iowa?

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When I saw the final score of last week’s Iowa game, I kind of did a little double take. Iowa was supposed to be a contender in the Legends division in a somewhat heated race that included Nebraska and Michigan. And Iowa has since fallen completely off the map. Losing to Purdon’t had to be the last straw for a fan base that considers the Hawkeyes on “Par” with the league’s best teams: OSU, Michigan, Wiscy and Nebraska. And sometimes PSU. (Notice how Sparty is not on this list. Thank you for noticing.)

And this is still the SAME head coach that is the longest tenured HC in the B1G. So what gives?

Part of it may be that the most tenured coach, Ferentz, is getting a little “too” tenured and forgot what it takes to be part of the elite in this conference. Call it the “Lloyd Carr Syndrome” and I think you’ll understand what the FMQ is getting at. Ferentz believes that the formula he uses y-o-y is going to get him the results he needs every year no matter what. And that’s just not the case. Iowa has also been plagued by injury, not unlike what happened to Michigan’s defense in 2008-9-10. And there’s NO WAY Iowa can fire Ferentz….He has a fresh 10 year extension and a $20M buyout clause in his contract, hence the reason ‘ole Kirk hasn’t been on the MMQ’s Hot Seat List. It’s nice to have an enormous buy-out clause (among other things)…depending on which side of the desk you’re sitting on.

So, are those excuses or reasons? Maybe a little of both. Either way, I’m still not sure how Michigan isn’t giving points in this game other than Iowa always plays Michigan close and this is a do or die game for the Hawkeyes as far as qualifying for a Bowl goes…

And for those of you with tickets tomorrow: Have FUN! It’s the last home game for the first Rich Rod Class and some of the remaining Carr Carryovers. The Total Offense Page below will more than likely forever be known as “The Denard Robinson Page” in the record books, as it was captioned when sent to me. Please note how many times his name appears (23) and how he is at the top of most of the categories. The stats he put up are almost difficult to grasp and it’s hard to believe there wasn’t more “Team Achievement” while he was here…But alas, as we “re-learned” the hard way, without a Defense, all is for naught. Salute Robinson anyway, as I’m sure he will get some playing time at some position in order for the fans to honor him the way a Michigan star should be honored - on the field of battle.

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Final 4 3 Undefeated Update: Since we introduced this in the FMQ, I hate to not mention it while it lasts. What are the odds for all the undefeated teams to stay undefeated? Here you go:

From ESPN’s Chris Fallica:

Kansas State has the best chance to enter the bowls with an unbeaten record (64.3 percent), followed by Notre Dame (52.2) and Oregon (42.8).

The chances of all three finishing unbeaten is 14.4 percent (up from 7.4 percent a week ago).

And remember, there are a combined seven games remaining to be played by those three teams. The biggest toss-up, according to Fallica, is the Nov. 24 Notre Dame at USC game (50-50) (ed.nt. – No s!@$!. Give us some information we don’t know.)

Of course, don't bet the house on this stuff. Fallica is good, but things happen, such as Texas A&M over Bama. Last week, the Crimson Tide had the best chance to finish undefeated (67.4) and then they got Johnny Manziel-ed. And, if you follow the logic that Alabama was the favorite to go undefeated, well, that means that K-State is next to fall…Just sayin’.

File under “JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!” Item number 1,294,763,265 (give or take): Brian Kelly states he will, “Go on Oprah!” to plead his case for the National Title. Give the FMQ (and MMQ) an F!@#$%^ing break….If you have to read it in it’s entirety, click here.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Yahoo Article: Mis-named Brian as Chip! Classic….Even Yahoo’s latest Dr. Saturday Graham Watson can’t stand Brian…

Which leads me to the question as to why we are NOT looking at doing the 4 team playoff this year? Why wait? IF OSU were eligible, you wouldn’t have 3 teams undefeated…YOU’D HAVE 4 in the mix with the SEC on the outside looking in. Which, folks, the FMQ is here to tell you: That AIN’T gonna’ happen. Somehow, with a committee, OSU, Oregon, The Domers or K-State would be getting screwed – the SEC has that much power at this point. And the FMQ’s guess is that it wouldn’t be Oregon or OSU as they will have championship games and an extra victory (hypothetically in OSU’s case). Meaning that one of the two teams that DON’T play in a Championship game would be getting the shaft. And due to the fact that the Big 12 was so tough this year, well, that would leave the Domers on the outside looking in, if there WAS A COMMITTEE in place evaluating and reviewing such things. But how, FMQ? The Domers are currently ranked 3rd and there SOS is number 1 in the country!

Well, in case you haven’t heard, some AssHat in the Harris poll this week voted Alabama #1 EVEN AFTER THE LOSS to A&M! And believe me, if there’s one nut-case out there doing it, there’s at least 10 more THINKING about doing IT. This is how conspiracies are born. You’ve got one guy claiming that a 1-loss SEC is so much better and deserves a shot at the title due to the fact that they won the MOST DIFFICULT CONFERENCE in College Football. In fact, that’s what Head SEC AssHat Gary Danielson is now chirping about. I didn’t get a link, but he said that on Finebaum’s radio show on Tuesday.

And you know what? I agree with and can see the argument. (In fact, I’ve made it before here.) If you are in a conference, you should get rewarded for WINNING THE CONFERENCE assuming you finish in the top 5 of the polls. Regardless of record. Meaning: Auto bids for the B1G, SEC, Pac12, Big 12 and ACC in the top 5, regardless of record. So, you’re top 4 would be: Oregon, OSU, K-State and Bama or Georgia…Therefore, the Domers would be OUT of any 4 team Championship discussion this year, anyway. And wouldn’t that be sweet?

I got some responses to last week’s bowl forecast that could possibly have the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) in the Rose and if Michigan made it, we’d get a re-match. A lot of the responses (And I guess the FMQ is in this group) is “Bring ‘Em On!” and others were, “No, let the Domers go this year…” Unfortunately, the referees saw to it that Nebraska would get a bye to the B1G Championship so either the Huskers or Wiscy will have to deal with the Domers, most likely….

But that did get the ole FMQ to thinking about the Bowl Match-ups I’d LIKE to see vs. the colossal flops that were gonna have to watch…

Duckies vs. K-State (Let’s HOPE they stay undefeated): I believe both teams deserve the shot at the National Title and you have a really good offense against a pretty good QB. Can Oregon contain Optimus Klein and can the Wildcats slow down the Quack Attack?

Michigan vs. Texas AM (This one might ACTUALLY happen): The senior spread QB Robinson (assuming he’s healthy) vs. the Freshman Spread QB Johnny Football. It would be a nice finish to beat the team that beat the team that pummeled Michigan in the season opener.

Wiscy vs. LSU (There is a possibility that this could happen, also): Call it the “Goofy Things Come Out of Our Head Coaches’ Mouths Bowl”. Big B and The Hatter….Enough said on this one…

Domers vs. Satan (THIS WOULD BE AWESOME if it happened): Just ‘cause someone I hate is gonna lose…And I would love to see Satan take his frustration out on the Domers…

Sparty vs. a MAC team in the Little Caesar’s Bowl: Just so they can win a bowl….My guess is they’ll end up playing against an SEC team in a debacle…on New Year’s day…no less.

Stanford Cardinal vs. Red Raiders of Texas Tech or the “We ORDERED TOO MUCH RED BOWL: Just because red is such a wonderful holiday color….

USC vs. USC: Call this one the “Crazy Headcase Coaches That Do AND Say the Darndest Things.” Kiffin and the Ole Ball Coach would never get to the game as they would be trying to out “Saying” the other guy in the pre-game press conference.


Oregon State BEAVERS vs. the (Game) COCKS of South Carolina: South Carolina can’t play in two bowls…But I wanna’ T-shirt from this bowl! How often are you gonna get to wear a T-shirt that has Beavers and Cocks on it and not be seen as a dirty ole football fan? Especially the Oregon State homer shirt that states, “Your Cocks can’t beat our Beavers!” Hee-hee….HAHAHAHA!

Suckeyes in NO Bowl…Oh wait, that’s happening!

This Week’s Picks

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Even though Washington is bad, that’s not nearly enough points for the Buffs…I’m a sticking by my early Monday thought and
Take Washington and lay the 20 for $60

Stanford (Monday: +21 Today: +20) @ Quack Attack: Not enough here, either. The Quack Attack at home looking to make a statement? Playing hard all 4 quarters? It seems that there are some that think Stanford is the play here, hence the line move down to 20. I’m not buying it. Yeah, the Ducks are banged up. But I’ll ride a horse till she bucks me…
Take the Ducks and lay the $20 for $75

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (-2.5) : Sorry – your MMQ read the line incorrectly on Monday and Wiscy is actually giving points here…Which seems about right. The Suckeyes simply haven’t beaten anyone and have escaped a couple of less than stellar opponents (Purdon’t and Indiana) and I’m think Wiscy is the play at home.
Take Wiscy and lay the 2.5 for $75

Iowa @ Michigan (Pick-Em  UPDATE:  -17): Okay…I will take Michigan. IF this line is available. I have a feeling it’s not (it’s off the board on one site) and this may be ESPN’s way of saying no line available yet. And sure enough, this line is still even. I have NO IDEA why this is…But if I can get Michigan in a PICK-EM game at home this year against what can only be described as a mediocre Iowa team (even though they’ve won the last three in a row against us), I’ve got to take the Amazing Blue in a triple revenge game.  UPDATE:  I was alerted to the fact that there was in fact a spread on this game (I am no longer using Rivals or ESPN as of the posting time, there WASN'T a spread on either one of those sites.)  That being said, I will stick with my bet and lay the 17
Take Michigan UPDATE: and lay the 17 for $75


Ducks – Wiscy – Washington for $40

Starting Bank:      $1,001.50
Total Bet:             $325
Bank:                    $676.50

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