Friday, November 9, 2012

Kitty Kat Sky is Falling?

In honor of 50 years of James Bond Films and the latest movie “Skyfall” opening today…

My Name is Q….FMQ. I’ll have a beer…Labatt Blue….Not shaken, not stirred.

I remember the days when Northwestern coming to town was not only better than a bye week (you got a free victory for taking the field), but it usually meant that you had to sneak in a lot more booze and beer (back when you could do that sort of thing) and usually meant a half time run to Schneider’s Party Store at the corner of Stadium and Main…

My….how times change.

Michigan opened as an 11 point favorite Monday and I’ve seen the line up and down from there – half point either direction. So, what gives? My guess is it has to do with Devin or DeRob….Or DeRob or Devin. How about this: What about both?

First, there is no QB controversy in Ann Arbor. That’s dumb thinking. But I do foresee a “dual threat” package that Al Borges could start using just to screw with people. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Final 4 Undefeated Update: Since we introduced this in the FMQ, I hate to not mention it while it lasts. What are the odds for all the undefeated teams to stay undefeated? Here you go:

From ESPN’s Chris Fallica:

…has once again calculated the chances of Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame and Kansas State to enter the bowl season with unbeaten records.

The results:

Alabama -- 67.4 percent.

Notre Dame -- 66.8 percent (Fallica's algorithms must not have seen the Irish play Pitt on Saturday).

Kansas State -- 55.0 percent (Is that with or without Collin Klein?).

Oregon -- 30.0 percent (Wait? What? Thirty percent? Not higher? No, the formula is nervous about the Ducks' regular-season-ending game at Oregon State.)

And the chance of all four teams entering the bowls unbeaten is now 7.4 percent, up from 2.9 percent a week ago.

One other little thing: I’ve seen a couple of Bowl Projections from different sources that have the Domers in the Grand Daddy of them all due to the fact that Quack Attack will be in the Title Game. Meaning: Domers could have a chance to go 4-0 against the B1G…Ugh….I don’t want to see that….I’m not even sure I want the re-match. But, if Michigan makes the Rose, I will take it.
One Little Lane Kiffin Thing: If you haven’t heard, a student manager got himself canned at USC for letting the air out of the game balls after the officials had inspected them before the game. Lane Kiffin “claims” he knew nothing about this. In case you don’t know: When your team is on offense, your team uses its own ball. There’s 12 game balls (6 on each sideline) and the refs inspect them pre-game. But they usually aren’t checked post game. Releasing about 0.5 psi makes the balls easier to throw and a lot easier for the running backs to hold onto. But, I’ve got news for EVERYONE: EVERY team does this! I won’t say how I know, I just know and let’s leave it at that. Usually, the task of “taking care of the balls” which includes discreetly de-pressurizing is always assigned to a manager with an air needle and you do what’s necessary for the team. Behind the bench out of site of everyone. (Apparently the USC dumbass did it in front of the Oregon bench) But everybody knows what’s going on. I have a better idea here: Just reduce the specification or up the tolerance on what the air in the ball should be for the NCAA!!!! Then, nobody is cheating.

One more little Texas Thing: Mack Brown, in case you haven’t heard, is “angry” at opposing fans for doing the “Horns Down” thing when Texas is playing them. Says it is very disrespectful…. Mack, Mack, Mack….That’s kind of like Brian Kelly saying he doesn’t like the term “Domers” or Dantonio saying he doesn’t like the term “Losers”…er…”SOS”.

Never, EVER call out anyone for doing or saying anything that’s “BAD” about your program…That’s like an invitation.

And, it’s kind of funny, because your FMQ has been to Texas and seen the beaches in Gavelston and South Padre. I always thought “Horn’s Down!” is the view you get of a Texas coed’s bikini lines when she’s on her knees giving you…well, you know (I mean, I can’t go there!!) Come on! This IS a family column! Maybe there’s a Texas coed that can help Ole Mack understand that “Horn’s Down!” isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

This Week’s Picks:

Wish I would have posted this last night as I had a feeling about those Hokies at home against FSU…Oh well, opportunities can easily be made up. Going WAY off the page here as we are in the final weeks….I believe we have enough history and data to support some additional picks. Yes, I’m going a little heavy, but I think there’s a lot of value in some of these games…. Let’s hope I’m right!

Domers @ BC (+18.5): Man, based on the past years, this game is always close…But can the Boston Catholics keep it that close? I don’t think they can as they are the worst in defense in the ACC and their offense isn’t much better. Another stat is they are the best road team ATS this year (something like a 25+ pt average). Therefore,
Take the Domers and lay the 18.5 for $40

Wiscy (-6.5) @ Indiana: I KNOW this is for the Leaders Division race…But Indiana only getting 6.5? Seems a little light…This pick makes me nervous as I don’t think Indiana is that good, but their stats on offense are awesome. Still….I don’t like either side of this pick to make it one way or the other. PASS

Duckies (-27.5) @ CAL: Tedford’s swan song? Cal has been an on/off team this year and I don’t think there’s any “on” left in them….The Quack Attack is formidable and will not be denied…
Take the Ducks and lay the 27.5 for $75

Georgia (-14) @ Auburn: Really? I mean….Jeez….I guess I’m a Dawg fan here. Big Dawg fan…Don’t see how it will even stay this close…
Take the Dawgs and lay the 14 for $75

Texas A&M (+14) @ Bama: I think I like A&M here getting all those points. Aggies have NOTHING to lose…Bama coming off emotional win. This is quickly becoming the pick du jour (upset wise) and I feel like there’s something going on here…But I will go with the consensus and at least take the points.
Take A&M and the 14 for $50

NWU (-11) @ MICHIGAN: And this SEEMS REALLY HEAVY for a team that almost beat Nebraska and seems to play Michigan tough every year. But who will be the QB? Either way, I feel like Michigan has gotten the offense back on track and the Kitty Kats are defensively weak and I look for separation early in this game….
Take Michigan and lay the 11 for $60


Let’s do a parlay this week, although we haven’t had much luck with them…..

Michigan-Ducks-Domers for $20

Starting Bank:    $941.50
TOTAL BET:     $320
BANK:               $621.50

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