Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FMQ: The Game – Rivalry Week

For years, this was all that mattered. It was and still is tradition. It’s the only thing you think about as a fan for 364 days. Win or lose the prior year. Losing the prior year just means that the 364 days go a LOT SLOWER than they would if you won the game. And if you win, you immediately think about the next year and how the current year’s departing seniors will affect next year’s chances and whether or not you can beat them two in a row.

That was the formative years for the FMQ in this rivalry. Bo and Woody. 1969 (That I honestly don’t remember, but I wish I could) all the way through ’79 that I do remember. It’s all anyone talked about for weeks building up to the game. And if Michigan or ohio were upset before the game, look out! That was just cannon fodder for the other side.

I’m not sure entirely how hate is learned or where in our psyche it originates. Why the opposing view of others becomes a lightning rod for an outpouring of raw emotion that at times can be ugly and vulgar. Not tree killing ugly, mind you. But ugly none the less. While businessmen in suits can be cordial to each other until they find out that someone across the table got their degree from that school in Columbus. Or Ann Arbor. And how it can screw up a deal quicker than a mistake on a ledger sheet.

Or at least get the other guy to cancel the lunch date.

I have written before about the great games in this rivalry. How The Game sets the tone for your legacy. I know how many times we beat ohio while I attended Michigan. For a long time, I could go back in time and rattle off each year’s score and who won. I don’t need to remember it all now as the Bentley Library is there for me for the quick reference.

The Cooper years dulled my memories a little as every time we figured that ohio “HAD to win” this year, the Amaizing Blue rose to the occasion. Lloyd seemed to lose the importance of the game later in his career, but injuries to stars on Lloyd’s last teams didn’t help much.

(We’ll just skip over the Dick Rod contribution to this rivalry – Thanks for nuttin’)

Hoke came in and immediately set a precedent that “You MUST beat ohio” and that is still the mantra in and around that program. Everything up to this point this year has been good. Yes, you lost a couple of games along the way. But there is still one achievable goal left on the sheet:

Beat the Buckeyes!

Make Urban Legend’s debut year a little bitter. Leave that ugly taste in his mouth an entire year. A year in which the Suckeyes can’t go to a bowl game and beat someobody to soften the feeling.

DeRob and the seniors know what it’s like to beat these guys after last year. They’ve tasted it and now understand how sweet it is.

Do it again.

Make it special.

You’ll be glad you did…

This Week’s Picks

Going to go all out again and throw the 25% rule out the window. It’s rivalry week and I think there’s a lot of value to be had here. We’ve seen them all and there’s no more hiding….This is it or we go for broke in the Championship games.

Nebraska @ Iowa (+15): Man….I would love to see Iowa keep this close…So the FMQ is going to show the Hawkeyes a little love…
Take the Hawkeyes and the points for $20 (I know, real confident here)

Virginia vs. Va Tech (-10): Does Beamer beat the cross state rival in the regular season show down? I think so…and handily.
Take VaTech and lay the 10 for $50

Oregon vs. Oregon State (+9.5): I want to believe that the Quack Attack will be back..But that might have been the loss that sets the Ducks season spiraling….And this is a bitter, bitter rivalry as one team is pretty good and the other is in Corvalis. PASS

Alabama (-34) @ Auburn: Oh my…I figured there wouldn’t even BE a line on this game. Alabama back in the title hunt? Auburn has nothing…A lame duck coach at best…
Take Bama and lay the 34 for $75

Domers @ USC (6.5): The new QB at USC has “guaranteed” a victory over the Domers on Saturday….Well, I can’t go against a cocky QB that doesn’t know any better and I don’t think the Domers can handle the burden of the number 1 rank.
Take USC and the 6.5 for $75

Michigan (+4.5) @ ohio: Still taking Michigan and the points. Looking for the upset here, also. I wouldn’t be a Michigan slappy if I didn’t

Take Michigan and the 4.5 for $75
Take the Over (54) for $50


Michigan Over - Bama - USC  for $30
Starting Bank: $933
Bet: $375
Bank: $558

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