Monday, November 12, 2012

Roundtree Is Worthy!

It’s strange…I find myself truly enjoying Mondays like this when I think that maybe I should be like everyone else…Miserable, hating the fact that they have to get up and go out in the weather we’re having today in lower southeastern Michigan. Hopefully (and this has ALWAYS been the intent) this silly little blurb that comes at you mid to late Monday morning picks up your spirits and lightens the mood a little. That’s the intent!

When a player gets a “Legends” jersey, a lot is expected of him. Or a lot should be expected of him. Roundtree hadn’t been having that kind of year. I know that DeRob was having a hard time finding him. I know he gets double teamed a lot. But still, you expect a little something special from any player with that Legend recognition. Kovacs and Ryan have shown that kind of heart and ability on defense.

Then there was Saturday. A truly poor call and spot on a 4th down conversion by the Kitty Kats and all hope was lost…It was over. I hated the refs and I hated Northwestern for being good. When they were forever so bad….All the Kats had to do was get Michigan to run two plays, maybe three and it’s done. With less than 18 seconds left and 40 yards of field required to get Gibbons into field goal range. Of course, at that distance, the kick wouldn’t be a gimme. And it would be a pressure kick. But before that could even happen: Could Devin and company get it close enough to give the “I Dream of Brunettes Kicker” a chance?

And Devin tossed it up. A LOT further than what was necessary for the field goal. I glanced at the time left. I hated the pass immediately. “NOOOOO! Why throw so deep? Get 20 and 20 and then Kick!” were my immediate thoughts. And then the circus started.

You could almost hear the carny music in the background as the ball bounced around and the next thing you know, after acrobatics, gymnastics and standing on his head, or what can only be described as a “FOOTBALL” Play, Roundtree comes up with it. A series of pictures (captioned, of course, by your own MMQ!) describes it better than words ever could…

                                                            Okay - I got this!
                                                                     Got it......
                                                    Oops, okay – still got it...
                                            Twist a Little....Easy...Keep your Eye on it!
                                                                  Wrap it Up!
                                                               GOT IT!

And there’s no fanfare or celebration on the field where Roundtree is all business, even though fans everywhere are losing their, well, you know! Roundtree’s just getting ready for the spike play to get the field goal unit on the field.

Gibbons came out and envisioned this week’s Hot Seat Mascot and did his thing with 7 seconds left in regulation. Overtime was almost a blur as the shock from the catch that saved the game was still lingering. Devin rushed in for the TD and the defense held the Kitty Kats to just 4 plays in the bonus period. Demens is another hero that may not get mentioned a lot in the post-game recognitions.

Game over, but wow…What a game. Northwestern isn’t the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) but they certainly provided a Domer like finish in November. And as was texted to me, “This S#$%@t never gets old! GO BLUE!”

On a side note: Kovacs wearing number 11 in honor of the Wistert brothers that played in the 30’s and 40’s. All three were consensus All Americans and played tackle and more information can be found by clicking here and visiting MVictors.

And then there were two. Iowa will be the last time we get to see the Kardiac Kids in the Big House this season. And no one is giving Michigan a chance against the Suckeyes.

We’ll see.

BCS Mess

Well, well well. It seems football’s bad boys aren’t unstoppable after all. And Johnny Football knows a thing or two about taking apart SEC defenses. First, I have to say that I got the opportunity to watch the A&M – Bama contest with an Aggie in the house! That was awesome in and of itself. But I also had an excuse to be loud and noisy which usually ticks off the entire family when I’m loud and noisy with nobody there! The look on Saban’s face in that post game presser was priceless! When you set yourself up to win it all, well, the fall is always a little harder than normal. And Bama has fallen HARD. However, Bama didn’t fall nearly far enough for my tastes and I’m in a quandary as to how a team that beat you doesn’t go up more spots than you fall. In other words, Bama drops to number 5 but A&M only went from 10 to 8? Shouldn’t you at LEAST be ranked above the team you beat, assuming your starting positions are less than say, 10 spots apart? Seems logical to the MMQ. But then again, those two words, Logic and BCS, don’t often find themselves together in the same sentence. So, what does the BCS look like today? Well, for the first time since October 2010, there IS NOT an SEC in one of the top 2 spots, nor are they close to getting there, so that’s saying something:

1. K-State (0.9674): Can you believe that K-State (Where Fielding H. Yost once coached!) has the cleanest shot of making the title game at this point? And isn’t it ironic that they DON’T have to play Texas A&M this year?
2. DUCKS (0.9497): Are on an incredible roll. What was supposed to be a “test” of some sort by Cal (Your MMQ didn’t understand any of the pundits when they kept on with this) crushed the Bears so bad that they may not be seen again for the rest of the season.
3. DOMERS (0.9396): We now have Brian Kelly wishing his name was Chip and searching for voter support where there is none. We’ve all seen the games. Domers(JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) and you don’t look good as good as the two teams ahead of you. There’s two games (potentially 3) you should have lost. It would be a “SIN” to let you into the Championship Game before the Ducks or K-State. They’re both superior to you on either side of the ball. And you STILL have to beat USC…In LA.
4. Satan’s Warriors (0.8534): WHAT? I thought when you lost late, it hurt you more? Shouldn’t you at least be ranked below the team that beat you? Assuming they are in the top 10? And it’s pretty clear that if the Big 12’s “Third Team” behind Texas and Oklahoma can come in and own Tuscaloosa…Can anyone say SEC Conspiracy? Over rated? Am I going too far here?
5. Georgia (0.8326): So, Bama loses and the Dawgs are STILL Looking up at them….Go figure.
6. GATORLAND: Told you….Gatorland can only be a spoiler…
7. LSU: Two losses and they only drop to 7? Is this an SEC conspiracy I smell?
8. Texas A&M: Johnny Football is the real deal. And new head coach Sumlin knows EXACTLY what to do with him…Let him play and create! 4 years of this guy in the SEC? Look out, SEC West. There’s a new sheriff in town.
9. USC: How can they be higher than a 1 loss ACC team?
10. Florida State: Still Needs LOTS OF HELP

The Rest of the Mess

PSU vs. Huskers: I’m sorry, but PSU got ROBBED on that touchdown that was called a fumble. B1G officiating this year has to be some of the worst we’ve seen in a long time. The B1G offices need to sit down and figure out how to correct the problem, get better people making judgment calls in the re-play booth and get this crap right. You’ve got replay and either choose to ignore it or not use it…What sense does that make?

Ducks vs. Cal: Quack-Quack. If you’re a coach vying for the National Title, the one team you don’t want to play is Oregon. Plain and simple. It seems like they’re cheating. How they continue to play at the pace and speed that they play week in and week out is amazing.

Wiscy vs. Indiana: I wish the FMQ had stuck with his initial read on this game….IU is glad that basketball season is no longer going to be distracted with the silly game of football. Especially after the Cheeseheads hung 60 on them…

The Cuse vs. Louisville: Charlie Strong’s perfect season destroyed up in that cracker box they call the carrier dome or some such nonsense. Too bad Louisville. I feel for you. A special season ruined and your coach most likely headed to an SEC school. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Devin Starting Again???
-DeRob couldn’t throw during warm-ups.
-They all looked like wounded ducks….
-Why does our defense look so slow?
-Or are the Kitty Kats just that fast?
-Michigan should be eating these guys for lunch.
-Down 10…To Northwestern…Jeez…
-I hate come from behind games.
-But I’m not giving up hope. Not yet.
-I’m not giving up hope…
-Aw, S#$@%t…I guess I’m giving up hope.
-No…Don’t throw that pass so deep?
-What are you thinking?
-Holy Crap!
-Roundtree saves the day!
-Do they try a quick pass to win in regulation?
-No. I agree with this call. Get to OT and play down in the Student Section.
-I wish more of them had shown up!
-And I wish more fans would have stayed!
-Oh well, the team can manage without them.
-Score! Way to go Devin….Makes up for that earlier INT….
-All right, DEFENSE, let’s go.
-IF that’s what you’re still calling yourselves.
-31 points to the Kitty Kats?
-Come on. 1 TIME!
-4th down….get him…GET HIM….GOT HIM!
-Demens – Great play…
-I’m really getting too old for games like this…
-And the A&M freight train is rolling!
-A&M: 21- Bama: 0? Did ANYONE SEE THAT COMING?
-What would have been the prop bet on A&M scoring the game’s first 21 points?
-100 to 1?
-I would have loved to have a piece of that!
-Bama isn’t playing poorly…A&M is just the better team.
-Uh-oh. Bama is waking up.
-A&M Defense starting to fade…
-Come on A&M!
-1:30 left and 4th down. Need the stop here, A&M.
-Johnny Football simply doesn’t have that much left in him…
-YES! Picked off!
-I want to see a shot of Satan, right now!
-Thank you!
-Is Nick crying?
-No….Satan has no tears…
-PSU got jobbed in Lincoln.
-That sucks after everything they’ve been through.
-Do the refs like the Huskers that much?
-Two weeks in a row of favorable calls?
-That was probably Michigan’s last chance to win the division…
-Minnesota and Iowa left for Nebraska?
-It’s not gonna happen…
-But yes, I agree with you. They have to play the games.

The Hot Seat

Mila Jovovich was clearly a fan favorite and has made the finals! Glad you guys liked her and as we are in the final two weeks of nominees, well, it seems a little sad for the MMQ. We spend so many months waiting for the season to start and it gets here and “WHAM!” it’s gone….I can’t believe how quickly the Fall season goes…Thanksgiving in less than two weeks? Really?

I noticed this week’s Hot Seat Mascot nominee in the Sopranos where she played one of Tony’s many “ladies in waiting”, where she was a college student that Tony, uh, engaged with. I thought she was pretty hot then and I’ve seen her in Fairly Legal. What’s amazing to me about this mascot is that her facial expressions can change to the point where she doesn’t even look like the same woman. Without further ado: Hot Seat Mascot nominee for Week 11: Sarah Shahi!



It’s pretty clear that Chizik and Smith are both gone at this point. When the school (Auburn) comes out and says its putting a committee together to review the coaching situation, well….That’s not a good sign. O-fer in the SEC can’t help, either. I’m not even sure beating Satan saves Chizik. Dooley is another one, but his buyout might just slow the Cremesicle brass down on lopping his head off….

1. Gene Chizik: Dead man walking…I wonder if he’s called Tubberville or Bowden and asked for advice?
2. John L Smith: Problem Arkansas has…it’s Arkansas.
3. Derek Dooley: This is unfortunate but O-fer in the SEC is not good…His buyout may just keep him for one more year. Otherwise, it’s $4M to Dooley next year for sitting on his posterior…
4. Tedford : This past weekend’s performance against the Ducks didn’t help Tedford’s cause. More Booster fall out as well….Time will tell, but the MMQ’s gut says this one happens.
5. Frank Spaziani: Domers didn’t help Frank’s status one little bit…
6. Danny Hope: Purdue was a “Dark Horse” to win the Legends division…Yeah, right. Hope is in the third year of a 3 year deal. And don’t look now, but the AD is calling Hope out…Not good…
6. (Tie) Mike Price (UTEP): He was on my earlier radar and is now on the list…More of a question of when at this point….
7. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
8. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
9. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
10. Mack Brown: Probably staying this year and almost took him off the list…Almost. But it’s clear that Mack may get shown the door once a better option appears.


1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky


Should have stuck with the Ducks and the Ducks ONLY this past weekend. Although A&M made me very happy as well! Still, WE’RE FINALLY IN THE BLACK and there’s hope with two regular season weeks left in addition to the Championship Games to make a little noise and get us some extra dough for the season!

Domers @ BC (+18.5): Dumb, DUMB, DUUUUMB!!! What was I thinking?
Take the Domers and lay the 18.5 for $40 - LOSE

Duckies (-27.5) @ CAL: We are going to ride this team hard for the next two weeks, mark my words.
Take the Ducks and lay the 27.5 for $75 – WIN! Bank: $142.50

Georgia (-14) @ Auburn: With all the peripheral crap going on in Auburn, I felt like this was the gimme on the board this week…I was right and should have bet more!
Take the Dawgs and lay the 14 for $75 – WIN! Bank $142.50

Texas A&M (+14) @ Bama: I didn’t think the Aggies would upset the Tide, but I love it when a plan comes together!
Take A&M and the 14 for $50 – WIN! Bank $95

NWU (-11) @ MICHIGAN: Okay…IF Michigan’s defense shows up, this is still not a bad bet. But I will give the Kitty Kats a little credit due to the fact that Michigan won.

Take Michigan and lay the 11 for $60 - LOSE


Let’s do a parlay this week, although we haven’t had much luck with them…..

Michigan-Ducks-Domers for $20 - LOSE

BANK: $621.50
Total WN: $380
BANK: $1,001.50

Monday Morning Lines

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Even though Washington is bad, that’s not nearly enough points for the Buffs…

Stanford (+21) @ Quack Attack: Not enough here, either. The Quack Attack at home looking to make a statement? Playing hard all 4 quarters?

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (+2.5) : Wiscy…Points at home? After Trouncing Indiana? Playing for the “Pride” of the Leaders division? Hmmmmmm…

Iowa @ Michigan (Pick-Em): Okay…I will take Michigan. IF this line is available. I have a feeling it’s not (it’s off the board on one site) and this may be ESPN’s way of saying no line available yet.

In fact, I was looking for over/unders and there aren’t any posted. So something is up with the odds makers for some reason. Stay tuned and I might post later in the week as we are getting close to making money.

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