Friday, November 30, 2012

Championship Week

Well, here we are.

The entire college football season comes down to the last “meaningful” regular season games. Then, we get into what can only be described as the “weird and wacky postseason” that the FBS division represents.

Some highlights: Another 6-7 bowl team will appear this year. We more than likely WILL HAVE a 6-6 team playing on NEW YEAR’S DAY! We will also have Bowl games starting as early as December 15th, before some schools have finished finals….yet a large, FBS collegiate playoff would interfere with school and studies….Whatever.

The MMQ has already stated things that piss him off (Wednesday’s entry) and the FMQ is not going there. But, the FMQ is also full of opinions……So let’s air a couple of them…

John Gruden to Tennessee: Why this is a horrible Idea. 1. Matt Millen 2. Charlie Weis 3. Bill Callahan.   Is there any more evidence required? I don’t think so. But somehow, there’s a collective Group Think going on in the Tennessee fanbase (and possibly the Athletic Department itself) that if they don’t somehow hire Gruden, it will be the ultimate end of Tennessee Football. They are creating a situation that will generate so much pressure on whoever they hire (filling in for the dream hire that never was) that whoever they get is already going to have one foot out the door. Best candidate: Strong, if he’ll take it. SEC roots and gets recruiting. But I feel for him if he accepts. It’s not a good situation right now in Tennessee.

Borges: If Hoke can’t recognize that the offense needs tweaking, well, then I have a problem. After pouring over mgoblog’s summary of the offense this year, it is very apparent that Michigan has gone from a multi-dimensional unpredictable threat that could score from anywhere on the field to a very predictable, keep banging on them till you break a big one offense that works OK with a superior defense and gifted positional athletes on offense. I like the score from anywhere, anytime offense better. But before we go off too hard on canning Borges (because I just don’t think that’s a solution) let’s see what develops next year. Talent will be less on both sides of the ball, but the Wolverines will have a more favorable (home) schedule. Tweaks here and there are good….So make them.

Louisville to the ACC: I don’t know why this grinds me so much. Somehow, I figure (or have justified in my own mind) that Rutgers and Maryland were NOT bad strategic moves for the B1G. And of course they were great moves for each of those member institutions. AAU* money will flow from Maryland and Rutgers to the B1G (and vice versa) and that’s good. But Louisville will now also receive their share of AAU money (and other federal monies) from the ACC. The ACC members that are part of the AAU – Duke, UNC, Pittsburgh, Virginia. If I missed any, sorry. But Maryland is AAU and that will drop the AAU dollars the ACC was receiving. Was that move good for the ACC academically? No. And if it’s not about academics, fine. But in my opinion, the ACC has taken a step down several slippery slopes and the viability of that conference moving forward is highly questionable.

*Someone sent me an e-mail as to what I’m referring to when I say that someone is an AAU member. This is the Amercian Association of Universities. Every B1G member is an AAU school (with one exception, but Nebraska is BUSTING THEIR ASS to get in) and FEDERAL DOLLARS flow to these universities like you can’t believe. $18.9 BILLION to be exact in the last calendar year (That’s $300M on average for each of the 62 schools – meaning the B1G gets roughly $3.6B of that money alone – probably more). Large, state run universities depend on these federal dollars like a never ending fresh water oasis in the desert and the research done by the universities is for the collective good. Here’s a good chart from their website that I've also inserted here.  The 62 members are listed on the Left.

Oklahoma Nebraska to renew rivalry: Won’t happen till 2021-2022, but this, in the FMQ and MMQ’s opinion is a fantastic thing. New conferences, old rivalries. It CAN BE DONE! In the immortal words of Jean-Luc Piccard:

Make it so.

This Week’s Picks

UCLA (+10 Today +8.5) vs. Stanford: I’m not sure I agree with the wise guys on this one. Or was Jim Mora playing chess and figured, “Hey, I’m in the Championship game anyway. Which one would I rather win? The scrimmage 6 days before hand or the Big One that gets me to the Rose Bowl?” That’s the question everyone is asking: Did UCLA learn enough to keep it within 8.5 points? I dunno….But I can’t disagree with a 1.5 point move and I always like a dog…
Take UCLA and the 8.5 for $60

Georgia (+8) vs. Bama: Line hasn’t moved much. I think this comes down to defense vs. defense and which offense is better equipped to handle the opposing defense. McCarron hasn’t proved to me (ok – once against LSU) that he can perform in a tight game. And Saban hasn’t proven that completely, either. I think Georgia is hungry and, perhaps more importantly, they’re due to make something special happen.
Take Georgia and the 8 for $60

Wiscy (+2.5 now: +3) vs. Nebraska: Is Wiscy really playing that much better or was it the level of competition in the last 6 games? The bettors seem to believe it’s the latter and are coming in on Nebraska. The FMQ isn’t sure, but Wiscy as a two time champion makes me ill….So,
Take Nebraska and lay the 3 for $40

FSU vs. Georgia Tech (+14): This might be the pick on the board. I just don’t see GT hanging with FSU. FSU isn’t going to turn the ball over to this team like they turned it over against the Gators last week.
Take FSU and lay the 14 for $75

Starting BANK:    $738.50
BET:                     $315.00
BANK:                 $560.50

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