Monday, November 19, 2012

Bring On ohio!!!

All: This is the FMQ. I got here this afternoon and found the MMQ under his desk in the fetal position, hugging his knees, sucking his thumb and muttering something that sounded like, “13-6….6 turnovers…missed field goal in OT by Pitt…Stanford jobbed by Domer Homer refs…overated...” And it just kept on and on. I immediately called the editor and we checked the MMQ’s computer and found the mouse over the blog post button. We reviewed the MMQ’s work and decided that we would go ahead and post, but the editor did ask if I could step in and complete the usual Monday entry in a little bit more objective fashion. I immediately agreed.

On a side note, we now have the MMQ propped up in the corner sitting on a chair with his 1997 National Championship coffee mug catching the little trail of drool that’s cascading out of the corner of his mouth...his expression is still blank…Just staring straight ahead and trying to mouth words….I’ve never seen an actual mental meltdown, but this is probably as close as it gets. So, until further notice, the MMQ is on an indefinite hiatus and I’ll be performing both Monday and Friday duties.

Did everyone here that collective “Oh F!@#$....” coming from that state to the south of us on Saturday? It was before their game against Wiscy. They were watching Michigan’s offense dismantle Iowa. And the exclamation was the result of two players being on the field at the same time.

DeRob and Devin.

This is now working so well that it kind of makes you wonder what if….What if some of those plays had been in the offense against Bama? What about South Bend? And Nebraska?

With the defense firing on all cylinders (well, except for that first drive when I can’t explain WHAT was going on) Michigan is looking ready to compete with ohio. And this fan can’t wait. Ohio has built this game up as their bowl game for and are trying to make Urban’s debut something special.

Let’s wreck it.

Let’s see Michigan do what they did to Cooper and Bruce. What they have done so effectively in the past. Go into Columbus as a big underdog and come out smelling like a Rose..Only too bad that the ole Rose Bowl might not be achievable. Unless Iowa can somehow pull off a miracle, something like we saw in the rest of the

BCS Mess

Clearly, this is where the MMQ went off the deep end. I believe it had something to do with the fact that he figure he probably wouldn’t live long enough to witness something like this. What happened? KSU stepped on a land mine…It wasn’t even close. The Quack Attack never even got close to “quacking” and the Domers ripped Wake Forest up like a a three year old tears up wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Not only that, but UCLA has apparently knocked Barkley out of the upcoming Domer – USC showdown….Also, the MMQ left his E-mail open and one of the regular readers had sent a note, so I figure I would put it in here.


I am confused by all this BCS chaos created Saturday night. Here I was enjoying Vandy thrashing Tennessee 41-18, their first win in Nashville against Tenn in 30 years, and all h*** breaks loose afterwards. First, can you throw out a little love to Vandy on Monday!? The Missus and I were pretty excited! I was also going to tell you that Dooley will not make it through Monday, but I was wrong – he didn’t make it past Sunday morning. I guess getting blown out by Vandy meant he could not even finish the season!

Now back to my confusion. Normally, I would be rooting against ND so they would not get to play in the BCS NC game. Howeva, if ND loses, that could open up another all SEC Final – the GA/ALA winner vs FLA assuming they all win out on Saturday. I had a tough time with last year’s all SEC NC game and listening to Finebaum-nation talk about SEC domination. I don’t know if can take that again. So I don’t know what is worse – another all SEC final or ND vs an SEC team in the NC game. Can you shed any light on this?


MaizeNBlue in Indy (Though wanting to be back in Music City)

Oh dear readers….It’s now making SO MUCH SENSE WHY THE MMQ is sitting over my shoulder here in the corner with a blank, comatose stare in his eyes. Unfortunately, our educated readers know that this is EXACTLY what will happen if the Domers lose…So what do we want? OR more importantly, what will bring the MMQ back from his mental vacation? My belief, but I can’t read his mind, is that the Domers losing in the Title Game may be the best outcome….Either way, you have an SEC team in there so deal with it…but that runs the risk of the Domers winning it all, keeping the MMQ in a state of suspended animation for who knows how long….

So what does the BCS look like today?

1. DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) (0.9973): I’m actually writing this on the MMQ’s computer and believe it or not, I had to try to type this in about three times as the computer kept rejecting the input. The MMQ is now mumbling something about, “go rubbers…” but its not entirely discernible.
2. Satan’s Warriors (0.9333): Jeez…Looks who’s back here. So, Bama nation had to sweat 1 week and now they’re back in it? Can Auburn help here?
3. Georgia (0.8763): They get a shot and they’re playing the best they’ve played all year. But they still have to get by the Wramblin’ Wreck before they try to knock off Satan…
4. GATORLAND (0.8483): You know there’s a weird scenario where Gatorland can make the title game?
5. DUCKS (0.8318): Not the time to have an off game offensively. From what I saw, the Quack Attack never left the ground…They just weren’t clicking.
6. K-State: Pressure….Comin’ down on me comin’ down on you…no man has more…under….
7. LSU: No chance….I think…
8. Stanford: This blows….They should have beat the Domers…..And they knock DOWN Texas A&M who beat Bama….BS…BS…BS…
9. Texas A&M: It’s a conspiracy….That’s all there is to it….
10. Florida State: Still Needs LOTS OF HELP. Do you know how long they’ve been in the 10 spot?

The Rest of the Mess

Vandy vs. Cremesicles: Ya’ gotta love the Commodores! They take the Cremesicles to the SHED and my guess is it had something to do with last year’s locker room rant by Dooley that made it onto to You Tube. Haven’t seen it? Here you go. And GO COMMODORES!

And Dooley is done….So, who’s next in that spot? Speculation below….

Sparty vs. Kitty Kats: I believe if you look up “underachievement” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of the 2012 Sparty Football team. I have spoken with fans that are now saying they would rather lose to the Gophers than risk the humiliation of the Pizza Bowl…Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wiscy vs. ohio: wtf…..Come ON Wiscy. You are supposed to be able to take care of business at HOME. And ohio is beatable. I guess Michigan can thank you for softening them up. It’ll be harder for ohio playing undefeated in their pseudo bowl game than if they had dropped this game to you….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-DeRob on the Field!
-He deserves it…
-But wait, this is not symbolic!
-He’s not throwing…But Devin is!
-Finally! What everyone thought this offense could look like.
-And with the defense clicking…
-Wow…What could have been.
-But can’t worry about the past.
-ohio this weekend…
-I’m still not sure how I feel about this game being on T-Day Weekend.
-It makes you think about it all through T-Day…
-When thoughts should be about family…
-Of course, it DOES give the B1G fans something to look forward to now.
-I can’t believe we won’t have Texas vs. Texas A&M.
-That is EXACTLY like losing Auburn-Alabama or Michigan-ohio…
-There has to be something the Big12 and SEC can work out in the future.
-How can you just let all that hate go?
-Michigan is REALLY rolling.
-I think they’ve thrown the entire playbook at Iowa.
-And Iowa is lousy on offense.
-Maybe Ferentz can turn it around one more time…
-Do you think Hoke told Ferentz to “Kick Nebraska’s Ass for us?”
-I would have.
-Wiscy…What are you doing?
-Domers CRUSHING Wake…
-UCLA killing USC….
-USC coming back!
-Oops…Not so much…
-Barkley out? Nuts.
-IS that good or bad for Domers?
-Well, K-State and Oregon are coming on.
-Wait…What’s going on here?
-Oh know…not like this.
-I cannot watch Game Day Final.
-I will break the TV if I have to see Lou Holtz sitting there all happy.

The Hot Seat

I must admit, the MMQ got some very nice suggestions from many readers regarding Hot Seat Mascot nominees. So many in fact, that he commented to me (The FMQ) that he was having a hard time this year deciding on the final two. So, seeing as how he’s still babbling incoherently behind me, I have made a decision on the order for the last two. Blonde then Brunette, in honor of our favorite kicker for the Maize and Blue. The Hot Seat Mascot nominee for week #12 is the blonde and hasn’t done much in the way of acting and you may not know her, but really, do you need to? She’s a model and well…She’s Hot! Ladies and Gents:  Elaine Alden!!!!

1. Gene Chizik: Dead man walking…I wonder if he’s called Tubberville or Bowden and asked for advice?
2. John L Smith: Problem Arkansas has…it’s Arkansas.
3 Frank Spaziani: Domers didn’t help Frank’s status one little bit….
4. Tedford : This past weekend’s performance against the Ducks didn’t help Tedford’s cause. More Booster fall out as well….Time will tell, but the MMQ’s gut says this one happens.
5. Danny Hope: Purdue was a “Dark Horse” to win the Legends division…Yeah, right. Hope is in the third year of a 3 year deal. And don’t look now, but the AD is calling Hope out…Not good…
6. Mike Price (UTEP): He was on my earlier radar and is now on the list…More of a question of when at this point….
7. Paul Johnson. GT’s season has been an up and down roller coaster and losing to Middle Tennessee State should have had him on the list earlier…But he’s here now.
8. Pasqualoni – UCONN This team has not gotten better and only gotten a LOT worse since their Fiesta Bowl appearance two years ago…
9. Randy Edsall: Maryland is going to start thinking that with the ACC as screwed up as it is, why aren’t we winning more football games?
10. Mack Brown: Probably staying this year and almost took him off the list…Almost. But it’s clear that Mack may get shown the door once a better option appears.


1. Avey - Idaho
2. Phillips – Kentucky
3. Derek Dooley – I guess paying him the $4 million buyout wasn’t that big of a deal after all…Look for Charlie Strong here…..


I guess the MMQ would want you all to know that Maryland has agreed to join the B1G making it a total of 13 teams in the former Big 10. And the rumor is that Rutgers is also getting an invitation. That will make it an even 14. Why did Maryland leave the ACC? AAU money (partly) and the fact that Syracuse and Pitt joined, making the ACC pie smaller. The B1G will be the same slice, (1 out of 14), but athletically and per AAU money, IT’s A LOT bigger slice….Follow the money, people….Follow the money..


Wow… Armageddon Saturday took it’s toll on the ole FMQ bankroll…I guess should have paid more attention to Falica from ESPN? I dunno….But if I had to do it again, I’m not sure I could have gone against the Ducks. And I really liked the Wiscy pick. Anyway, it was close to a break even and we will get our picks in early this week on Slacker Wednesday…..

Washington @ Colorado (+20): Thank God the Buffs laid down in the 2nd half….
WIN! Bank: $114

Stanford (Monday: +21 Today: +20) @ Ducks:  Oh man….this was ugly for the FMQ…But opportunities abound with two weeks left….
Take the Ducks and lay the $20 for $75

Suckeyes @ Wiscy (-2.5) : R U kidding me? What – Are – YOU –DOING –WISCY?
Take Wiscy and lay the 2.5 for $75

Iowa @ Michigan (-17) : I had to update after posting on Friday as the line was Michigan giving 17. That still sounded like value to the FMQ. I’m glad I took it.
Take Michigan for $75
WIN: Bank: $142.50


Ducks – Wiscy – Washington for $40

Starting Bank:     $676.50
Total WIN:          $256.50
Bank:                    $933

Early Lines

Hawkeyes (+14.5) @ Nebraska
Utah @ Colorado (+23)
Sparty @ Minnesota (+8) 
Michigan (+4) @ ohio
Oregon (-11) @ Oregon State

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