Monday, November 28, 2011

Beating Ohio..What Does It Mean???

When I first let the thoughts into my head about what beating ohio would be like and what I would write on Monday Morning, something hit me: I’ve never “posted a blog” on beating Ohio. Ever. There were e-mails back in the day when we defeated the “evil empire” from the south (and by the way, check out “Nard Wars” for a great spoof on that franchise and BC as Chewbacca). But I had never posted an “Ohio Sucks” entry POST The Game.


(Sure, I’ve had a lot of “Ohio Sucks” entries that can never be counted…It would take too long…But I’m talking when it really, truly mattered.)

This is what it means: It means you take the time to cherish it. Celebrate! Hang on to this feeling for the next 363 days until it either goes away for another year or you get to re-live it all over again. Call every ohio fan that you know and do a little dance on their head and let them know that you’re still a Michigan Fan, you haven’t given up on the program, and you will forever support the Maize and Blue through thick and thin, regardless of the outcomes.

It also means that our young fans get what it now means to beat these clowns. Even my daughter who had asked me awhile ago if we had ever beaten the Suckeyes, saw what a true Michigan celebration was. It’s something that can’t be described and is unparalleled in the feeling of accomplishment and “ending a season on the right note.”

Everyone at the tailgate on Saturday got this. There was a general feeling of relief that almost over took the feeling of underlying jubilation that was just below the surface. But, the jubilation came through as the fans poured onto the field and we watched the clock that said 2926 days since a victory over OSU click down to 0000 on the giant scoreboards. That instant, that moment in time, for me anyway, was when I knew I could let it out and let the specter of ohio go for at least a year. For those of us that were left in the parking lot at 6:00 PM, kudos. We got it. It was a day for celebration!
HT:  MZone
There are so many Suckeyes out there trying to rationalize the loss stating, “Well, at least we got Urban Legend.” I’m really anxious to see how well he does at OSU. And as I stated before, I would love to see Illinois grab the next best guy out there (Mike Leach?) and bring him into the B1G 10 fold….Not to mention who PSU might bring in to replace the interim dead man walking there…but I digress.

This victory means a lot to the fans, but even more to the student athletes that played the game. The Suckeyes got used to winning, just like Michigan did during the Cooper Era. We’ve now each had our “Unusual Run” in what is supposed to be a rivalry. Let’s hope (sort of) that long runs for OSU are officially dead and LONG LIVE THE RIVALRY!

Something just wouldn't be right if we didn't give a little nod to the guy on the right that had a huge hand in making me the fan I am today as well...And while it's a cheap rip-off, I somehow feel like now's a good time to salute the Ufe:

"Seven long years of waiting, seven long years of pain,
Hoke set out with a purpose, to erase this era of shame...
With the seniors that Stayed, Believed and Conquored!
They've won the Year's Last Game!

The OSU game of '11 the fans will long remember,
this win will leave a taste so sweet right through till next November..."

And I look forward to kicking your collective asses again next year in the shoe!

The BCS Mess

Oh, how I love the BCS! It creates chaos out of normalness and makes grown men into crying masses of humanity. I really love the fact that some B-East team is going to truly go down in flames to someone and that the SEC will only get two teams in. Of course, this is putting the cart before the horse, so let’s review the weekend’s carnage.

LSU – Arkansas: I’ll admit that this was one game that I thought would truly give the Hatter and LMU fits. I really believed that the Petrino offense had a shot against that LMU defense. I was wrong and I admit it readily. I am now convinced that there isn’t a team that can beat the Hat at this point, and to want to play him is suicide. So, good luck with that Alabama or Okie State, whichever one makes it to the National Championship.

Wiscy – PSU: So, I’ve heard so many things about the B1G 10 championship, that I’m not quite sure what to believe. I do believe that the best B1G 10 team is in it and the other team is Sparty. Which means that Sparty will lose and end of at 10-3. Which means that they are technically in a tie for second with, uh, well I’ll be – It’s MICHIGAN! What does that mean? It means that the Bowls will probably take whoever they think will be the bigger draw….And you know what that means.

Mr. Lucky - Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): This game did two absolutely wonderful things: It put Mr. Lucky in the 4th spot in the overall BCS (it doesn’t mean much, I know) and it also eliminated the Domers from BCS contention! That, my friends, is worth celebrating if you’re a Wolverine fan. Good ole 9-3 Kelly will be looking at the Champs Bowl on New Year’s Eve it looks like…Heh-heh…HAHAHAHAHAHA!

1. LSU- Yep, I’m convinced. I predicted that LSU might have a good season, but I didn’t think they’d be this good.
2. Satan’s Warriors – This, I saw coming. But when you over sign by at least 10 recruits and then simply “cut” the chaff, well, what do you expect?
3. Okie State: One blemish, or we might be talking about a different National Championship game. Maybe Danielson will pimp his services out for Okie State and “no one wants to see a rematch?” They have to get through the Laters, of course.
4. Stanford: Outside shot at the game, at best. Too much has to happen for the voters to believe and lift them up to the 1 or 2 spot.
5. Va Tech: I missed this one completely…How on Earth did Va-Tech get so good so quietly? Is that an ACC thing again? Win the ACC and take over #4? Or three? Only loss was to Clemson when they were good…
6. Houston: Keenum might make swiss cheese out of whatever defense he plays in the BCS game he’s going to…So Michigan fans need to be careful what they wish for…
7. Boy’s State…Whatever…
8. Arkansas: Ranked 8th and can’t make a BCS bowl…Too bad, so sad…Have fun beating up on the Spartans in the Capitol One Bowl…
9. Oregon: Rose Bowl Bound?
10. Okie Laters…C you in the Fiesta if you lose to Okie State IF okie state gets title nod?
11. K-State - Screwed….
12. South Carolina: 10-2, another SEC team that can’t make a BCS game..
13. Sparty: After they lose to Wiscy, they drop out of the top 14 in the BCS…
14. Georgia: Ditto for the dogs, unless they can somehow pull off the impossible upset…
15. Wiscy: Look for them to jump at least 4 spots when they win the B1G (right below Oregon)
16. Michigan: They will move up at least two after next week (Laters, Georgia, Wiscy or Sparty losing), setting up a Sugar Bowl game against Houston. (have to be in the top 14 for an at large bid)

So, what needs to happen, specifically for Michigan to make a BCS? My guess is, it doesn’t matter too much as the Sugar already loves the match up between Houston and Michigan on paper. Does it matter if Sparty wins or loses to Wisconsin for us to go to the Sugar? I don’t really think so…But all the talk shows want to make us believe it’s better for Michigan if Sparty wins. Here comes the fun part: Sparty (even though they will have 10 wins and beat Michigan) isn’t the draw that Michigan is when it comes to TV ratings and AIS at the game*. So, therefore, I’m rooting for Wiscy. That way, Sparty is stuck in the Outback Bowl as Wiscy will get the Rose nod, Nebraska gets the Capitol One nod, and that leaves the Jolly Green Giants in the Outback (Or possibly the Gator if PSU gets the Outback bid)…Have fun!

*By the way, this is the curse of the Rose Bowl Vote that Sparty simply can’t shake.

NOTE: The only thing that screws everything up above is if somehow the Laters and Richy Rich both win their conference Championships…

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-The Big House is Packed and Rockin'!
-Always feels a little more electric for ohio...Maybe it's just me.
-Row behind us had too many T-Day eaters and winter clothes wearers…
-Daughter made the comment that maybe they should have a rule that you can only be so big or you can't go to the games…
-Luckily, she said it quietly to the Old Man…Er, MMQ
-Text I received in bathroom: “DAD! You’re missing the Band!”
-Sorry, kiddo…I know how big a deal that is, too.
-Fly by was again too high for it to be REALLY cool…
-Denard is having a great game. Which is exactly what Michigan needed.
-Having watched ohio a bunch this year, they never ran an offense that looked like that…
-I didn’t see the exact details of the botched punt, but the internet has more or less made Haegerup an overnight sensation…
-Are the refs in this game the sorriest bunch you have ever seen?
-That was my feeling BEFORE The Fitz TD that got “reviewed”.
-I’m going on the official record that Michigan has been screwed more by having the review than it’s helped.
-No WAY that TD should have been over turned.
-Then, THEN the jackasses call holding and a personal foul?
-Neither of which, by the way, I’ve seen evidence of.
-Not that it matters now, but then, you could feel the angst rising in the crowd.
-OSU fans were trying to stay on the down low, but every time something bad happened, they were difficult to ignore.
-Which, by the way Michigan fan, if you’re going to sell the tix, at least get them to a Michigan fan? Is that asking too much?
-114, 431? I think that was the number. 2nd to the Domers. No way Brandon was going to give that record up in the first year.
-And frankly, it seemed more crowded for this game.
-38, 37, 36, 35…..4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Is there a greater feeling in the world than beating the suckeyes at home?
-Okay, on the road?
-And the Domers?
-I can’t think of one….
-Who’d a thunk 10 wins for Michigan this year?
-Here’s an idiot that thought Michigan would win 10 way back in August!
-What a moron…Wonder if this guy gambles?
-Probably one of those slappy’s that think’s they will win them all every year…
-Or not.
-Don’t know how he thought Michigan would ever beat Sparty! Maybe next year….
-Mr. Lucky showing the Domers what it takes to win…
-Domers can’t get through their pre-season unscathed and that will forever be their downfall…
-I think Mr. Lucky will be wearing a horse shoe on his helmet next year….
-But will he win 12 this year?
- Next week and it’s over…Time for bowls to start….
-It’s hard to believe it goes so damn fast…
-Of course, it goes faster when you’re winning!

The Hot Seat

Wow! Voter turn out last week was at an unprecedented high! 43 votes? Wow! I didn’t think there were than many readers out there! For the first time in a long time, a mascot from the prior week came from behind to win the week when Lucy Pinder knocked off all previous weekly winners (including Jenn Brown) and newcomer Kaley Cuoco. So, we are rounding out the field for Championship Week and have one more entry that has a shot at being a weekly winner. This nominee is one my daughters alerted me to after the re-make of “Foot Loose”. With no further ado, allow me to introduce the final Hot Seat Mascot nominee for the 2011 season, Julianne Hough!

They’re starting to drop like flies…It was a Black Sunday on the Coaching Carousel and the usual suspects have been rounded up…

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…One Arizona school leads to another…
3. Nutt….SEC is keeping coaches employed….
4. Joe Pa…He’ll be missed….
5. Zook – From the 1 seat to the Gone List….
6. Fickell – All right, so he didn’t get canned, but he’s probably not going to hang around…
7. Gill – Canned as soon as the last loss was on record…
8. Erickson – Still can’t quite figure this one….
9. Porter – Memphis…so long, good luck with a new guy.

Going, Going Gone…

1. Wulff…Has to be on the way out…
2. Nueheisel….Really? Still there? I guess he made the Pac 10 Title game…Supposedly to be canned after title game.

Hot Seat Rank

1. Spaziani
2. Kelly – Can’t believe he isn’t getting more heat for losing to Stanford. That’s supposed to be an “auto win” for the Domer old school fans….
3. Who’s left?

Hot Coach Rumors:

1. Legend – ohio – Looks like a done deal, but isn’t this the guy that retired from Florida, like three times?
2. Leach – Best coach available
3. Fickell – guy took a rag tag bunch to 6 wins…Illini anyone? This of course, assumes ohio cans him or Legen lets him stay…
4. Skip Holtz…Always on this list for a better gig…
5. Kevin Sumlin – This is the guy that has coached Keenum for 16, er, 6 years at Houston.
6. Randy Shannon – See #4…Sometimes you can’t have a list without certain names on it.

Best Jobs Available

1. OSU – not for long…
2. ASU
3. UCLA (soon)
4. PSU
5. Washington State – Well, it’s in the Pac 10
6. Ole Miss – See above…

FMQ Betting Results

This week was abysmal in the betting department, but once again, I blame the refs for Michigan not covering the spread. As for the rest, well, maybe I was a little too eager to take points in big rivalry games where it was obvious that the better teams were having none of that!

Arkansas (+12.5) @ LMU
Arkansas and the 12.5 for $75
Ooops….I thought Arkansas was better..

UCLA (+19.5) @ USC
UCLA and the 19.5 for $50
Another one that I figured was a no brainer for a local team getting points…50-0….WRONG!

Hoakies @ Virginia (+5)
Virgina and the 5 for $60
Sigh….This is becoming a pattern…Why didn’t I just get happy with points this week?

Florida @ FSU (-1.5)
Take the Seminoles and lay the -1.5 for $75
Finally, a win…BANK: $142.50

Alabama @ Auburn (+21)
Take Satan and lay the -21 for $60
And again….WN! Bank: $114

ohio @ THE BIG HOUSE (-7) O/U: 44
Take Michigan and lay the -7 for $120
Lose – Referees taking a call from Vegas screwed me here….
In addition, take the over for $100.
Okay, so I can pick the over under. WIN Bank: $190

3 way pays 6 to 1
Michigan - FSU - Mich/OSU OVER for $30
Losing again this week…Let’s try to get it back in the Championship Games!

Starting Bank: $963
Total Bet: $446.50
Bank: $1,409.50

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FMQ Turkey/Slacker Wednesday!

Welcome to Slacker Wednesday!  In honor of the old "Stony and Wojo" show and Wojo's 50th birthday, we are celebrating the old WDFN mantra of Slacker Wednesday or Slacker Friday and doing it in MMQ style!

By the way, if you oppose the whole slacker thing, my guess is that you have no comprehension of how important slackers are to the whole economy.  Think about it:  IF it weren't for slackers, productivity would go up and un-employment would be even higher than it already is...So Big Business needs its Slackers!

Before we get to the bets, a couple of notes on yesterday's post:

1.  Yes, I'm happy for Rich Rod.  I don't think the guy came to Michigan with the intention of leading the Wolverines to the worst three year run in Michigan's History.  He just didn't get it and tried to do things kind of ass backwards, use a Big East philosophy, didn't focus on Defense, and lost sight of the importance of tradition.  Other than that, I don't think he was a bad guy.  So, yes, I'm happy for him and my guess is that in the offense oriented Pac 12, he's going to find some success.

2.  I think a few of you missed the point on the AQ status thing:  The Big Boy's are NOT going to go strictly to a BCS ranking to the biggest bowls.   On the contrary, they will get contracts signed in gold for all their affiliations which will effectively squeeze out the Boy's States, TCU's, BYU's, and "GASP" Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) out of the Big Bowls (Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar).  Yes, they might still have an outside shot at a National Title game, but there won't be any more big money distribution to the little guys.  It's not about fairness or where the little guys rank.  It's about the cash....Follow it and you'll understand why they're suggesting it.  Yes, I get that the SEC would like to have three qualifiers this year....But that is an anomally for the most part.  And don't be surprised if the indy's have a much more difficult time making arrangements for bowls based on record. Bowls want AIS (Asses in Seats) and hotel rooms booked.  Plain and simple.  The Fiesta disaster last year with UConn was unacceptable.  Expect there to be a lot less BEast teams with contracts. 

3.  No, Urban Meyer doesn't "Scare" the MMQ.  Bring him on.  The Urban Legend is...a legend.  And I would rather have a shot at beating the best at some point and anything that makes the B1G 10 stronger, I'm all for.  I would love to have Satan, The Hatter, Petrino, Chip Kelly, Patterson, and all the "Great" coaches in the B1G....Think about it for a minute and you'll see where I'm going with this....If you still can't see it, then I can't help you.   

Turkey Day Weekend Picks

After last week's abysmal showing (2 out of 5) we have regressed a little on the ole Bank and we need to figure out a way to get some easy cash before the Championship Week and Bowls come around.  I truly had visions of getting to $2,000 before the end of the season, and I think we still have a shot.  Let's get to and analyze the picks!

Arkansas (+12.5) @ LMU
I love Arkansas getting points here.  That offense is better than Satan's and my guess is they will be able to score on LMU.  I'm not saying they will win, but this game may be closer than anyone thinks.  Therefore, take
Arkansas and the 12.5 for $75

UCLA (+19.5) @ USC
Here's another one that is tough, but I think I like a lot of points in a rivalry game.  And 19.5 is simply too much to ignore, so take
UCLA and the 19.5 for $50

Hoakies @ Virginia (+5)
Home rival getting points?  I'll take those, too.
Virgina and the 5 for $60

Florida @ FSU (-1.5)
Has anyone seen Gatorland play against a good team this year?  Is FSU good?  My guess is the Gators find out what this rivalry was all about when Steve and Bobby used to beat the crap out of each other...
Take the Seminoles and lay the -1.5 fo $75

Alabama @ Auburn (+21)
I'd like to take the points in this one, but Satan has a funny way with revenge games.  And he needs style points for the voters.  Sorry, Chizik, it's going to be ugly...
Take Satan and lay the -21 for $60

ohio @ THE BIG HOUSE (-7)   O/U:  44
Really?  Are you going to ask me which way I'm going here?  In fact, I like this one SO MUCH, I might have to go nuts....
Take Michigan and lay the -7 for $120
In addition, take the over for $100.

3 way pays 6 to 1
Michigan - FSU - Mich/OSU OVER for $30

Starting Bank:  $1,533
Total Bet:     $570
Bank:  $963

Let's go out with a Bang or a Whimper...One or the other....

Enjoying the Ride...MMQ

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Worth Reading This Week

You know, I used to be able to keep up with all this and comment on my own, but it's just too much anymore with work getting in the way.  Therefore, in case you DON'T click on the links to the other blogs at the right, here's a couple of things that are completely worth reading:

1.  Rich Rod hired by Arizona.  Frankly, I'm happy for the guy.  If he learned ANYTHING at Michigan and figures out that he needs a defense first, offense second, he might just be successful in the Pac 12...

2.  Frank The Tank Looks at the Elimination of the AQ Status:  This is a great article.  Frank is a lawyer and takes a look at the latest rumor of completely eliminating the AQ status from the Big 6 leagues.  I believe your own MMQ looked at this awhile back when TCU went to the Rose (I would need to search for the entry) and stated that if we were in the old system, such a travesty would have never occurred.  I agree with Frank here.  Eliminating the AQ status will take us back to the old ways and totally eliminate the possibility that we ever have to look at a Houston in one of the Big 4 Bowls. 

3.  If you don't read the Forde Yard Dash, or you can't find him on ESPN anymore, it's because they kicked him out and he's over at Rivals.  His Pre-Thanksgiving take on the season's final games is well worth the 10 minutes on a coffee break to read.

4.  SB Nation Bill Connelly, the Bowl Expert, Projects them all.  The MMQ does NOT want to jinx anything by mentioning where I thought we might end up and what the final pecking order of the B1G 10 will be, but Bill has no such alliances...Interesting where he thinks Michigan might end up and against whom (If you DON'T have the time, let's just say its a BCS game (YES!  That's what he's claiming - and it makes sense) against another at large in New Orleans....  Yeah, I'll gladly take a shot at Case Keenum vs. whoever comes out of the SEC at number 3-4 this year. 

5.  Urban Legend Denies rumors a third time.   And we ALL know that that means....It might as well be a done deal.  If the Legend hasn't agreed, it's only because the Mrs. is telling him in bed, "YOU PROMISED!"

So...There you have it.  Just in case you want to start "Slacker Wednesday" early on Tuesday or your just looking for the latest info.

Monday, November 21, 2011


First, an apology.  I'm writing this from a borrowed computer as I was in Mexico last week and I lost my hard drive when it went through an customs scanner....Yes, it sucks and I don't have anything that I normally use at my disposal to pen this drivel....So, on the fly, here goes!

Cornsuckers Suck....What did you expect?

I wasn't expecting EXACTLY that, but I'll take it!

Wow....I would like to say that this reminded me of the Michigan of old....But to say that, I have to go back to the early days of Lloyd Carr or maybe even the early days of Bo...  In the later Carr years, we simply didn't blow teams out like that....Even in 97, we were happy to win by putting 28 points on the board.  Hoke has some of that MAC blood left in him and just wants to twist the knife deeper after he sticks it in you....


This wasn't a throwback win, kiddies....This was a statement game that we will not stop punishing you until you walk away with your head hanging down.  Beat us?  We'll be back next year.  But there are no, "Would've, should've, could've" thoughts on this team or coaching staff anymore!

I honestly thought that the Cornsuckers would be in for kind of a rough game at the Big House Saturday.  There's nothing left to hide and everything that's been developed offensively and defensively is there.  Everyone is playing to their potential, getting better each week.  The M-Zone has been keeping an interesting stat of what it would take in the last games to equal the points allowed last season.  We would have to lose to the Suckeyes and the bowl game by a combined 300 points (or some such nonsense) to make it even close...

Different coaches, different scheme.

Winning is always a lot more fun.  I just can't help but remember how I felt for the last three years going into OSU and how THIS, THIS FEEEEELS SO MUCH BETTER!

They want the Suckeyes.  They want them badly....The Suckeyes should be scared this week....If they aren't, they haven't been paying attention

The BCS Mess

I think we'll call this "Let's Just Crap the Bed Shall We?"  Saturday....…..

Okie State - ISU: Looking ahead?  Did you see how Michigan did it?  Don't lose sight of this week when you're planning to disembowel you're rival the following week....

Oregon - USC:  Are you kidding me?  Really?  And then you can't make a kick at the end to send it to OT????: Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA! That's what you get for beating Mr. Lucky...

Much, Much Laters  - Baylor: Hee-hee....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!This is so bad that Stupor might just get run out of Oklahoma for this one....This cost the laters a BCS bid...mark my words.

 BCS Rankings - there are so many changes this week, I should probably rewrite the script...

1. LSU – Still has to play Arkansas (improved) and Georgia (SEC championship). I would love to see them get knocked off, but in a way, it becomes an SEC de-facto BCS game if they win out and
2. Satan's Warriors:   slip into the title game against the Hatter.  Damn the SEC!
3. Arkansas – Can do a lot for themselves if they beat LSU
4. Okie State - Not exactly sure how they are still in the 4 spot....
5. Va Tech?  Really?  There has to be a lot of things that happen for a shot at the title game, but you certainly jumped up this week!
6. Stanford - Mr. Lucky can't do enough to get closer to the game...Sorry about this...
7. Boy’s State – hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHA!   I love it....they would be sitting in the catbird seat had they not lost...
8. Houston - De-Facto BCS buster now....
9. Oklahoma - I don't see how this team didn't drop further....
10.  Oregon....Why are they more attractive then say, Michigan?

14.  Michigan....Until next week!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I can't believe Okie State LOST to ISU....
-Denard looks good.  Fast
-I didn't think we'd be able to keep it up like we did against the Illini...
-So, a 4-3 with aggressive blitzing in a league full of weak QB play makes sense? 
-Is that what we're saying?
-UN, UNL, NU, UofN, what the hell do you call the cornsuckers?
-Did I really see Denard hit a guy in stride deep in the end zone?
-As the MMQ's brother in law said, "I wish we could save some of this for next week."
-Or was this just a preview?
-Will there be pain?
-And how much?
-Would I LOVE To inflict some pain on the Suckeyes....
-We've truly endured enough from those clowns...
-And they're losing to PSU, which, I guess in a way is fitting.
-Still don't see what PSU did as worse (from a PURELY FOOTBALL RELATED PERSPECTIVE) than OSU..
-They're both bad, but I guess I just want to hate OSU more...
-But PSU has some days of reckoning coming....
-How in the hell is Oregon LOSING to USC?
-I mean, yeah, USC is good, but come on!
-You beat the better team!
-Can anyone say let down?
-So, Oregon has screwed the pooch, too.
-So did Super Stupor....
-I guess it's Satan and the Hatter again in the Title game....
-As much as I hate a re-match...
-And if Alabama wins? 
-Are they really number 1?
-I suppose that's what makes College football so much fun!


Jenn Brown hangs on to week #11 and wins again!  Amazing, when you actually consider I didn't have her on the list at the beginning of the year.  This week in honor of the humiliated Cornsuckers, I offer you an actress that plays "Penny" in the TV sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".  Why her?  Well, in the show, she's born and corn fed raised in the husker state and proudly wears it on her sleeve!  (And chest!)  Any gearheads or eggheads out there reading this all knew a guy exactly like the 4 clowns in this comedy.  And I'm sure we all knew week #12 nominee as well, Kailey Cuoco!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach
4. Joe Pa. It gives me no pleasure typing that…

Hot Seat Rank

1. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
2. Fickell – Rumors of Urban Legend talking to OSU is a big deal
3. Neuheisel - Just don’t see how he survives…but who knows?
4. Wulff
5. Turner Gill
6. Spaziani
7. Kelly – He should get canned for okaying those helmets….

FMQ Betting Results

Ahem...Never again will the FMQ bet the 3rd Saturday in November (a rivalry week) without consulting records, histories, etc.  There's absolutely no way this should have been this bad this week...After looking at what I did, I'm frankly ashamed of myself.....

Michigan (-3) over Cornsuckers...
At least we got this one!
WIN!  BANK:  $142.50

Okie State (-27) over Iowa State
OMG!  This should have never happened, but it did and OKIE State is out of the title game before Bedlam even had a chance to undo this run....

Wiscy (-14) over Zookyville
Another Oops.......This one surprised me.....

Domers (-24.5) over Boston Catholics
This one was really dumb...I know this game is a huge rivalry regardless of records and I'm still kicking myself...

The Mad Hatter (-28) over Ole Mis
Okay, Another one right!
WIN!  Bank: $142.5

Starting Bank: $1,623
Total Bet:  $375
Total Win: $285
Bank: $1,533

Enjoying the Ride...MMQ

Monday, November 14, 2011

Zooky's Nightmare

I do enjoy Mondays a whole lot more after we win. As I’m sure Sparty and the Cornhuskers are enjoying it as well. Suckeyes…Not so much!
By the way, before I get into the review: Cornhuskers – Class Act. That was a tricky situation you found yourself in by no doing of your own and you all handled it with class. I especially liked the pre-game mid-field prayer huddle. Call me old fashioned, but it is still just a game and there are things that are a whole lot more important in life…

Michigan played well Saturday, even though I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the first half I heard it on the radio. But I do know this: The Illini’s first 5 drives:


That should have equated to a LOT more Michigan points that it did, but Michigan had its own problems on offense after going up 14-0 early. What the coaches need to work on is the Red Zone offense (stating the obvious here – I know) and figure out a way that Michigan can score effectively when in that range. Otherwise, there’s going to be a whole bunch of TV sets all over the state that are going to need repair as frustrated fans watch in disgust as wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity fall to the wayside….Come on, guys!

If we lose that game to the Illini, I’m pointing to those two 2nd quarter series where we couldn’t get the job done.

I would love to heap the praise on the defense, but I want to make sure I’m actually praising those that deserve it. Zooky’s crew seemed to do a lot of defending of themselves when the offense was on the field. So, while it was a great effort, and I loved Floyd’s pick in the 2nd half, I’m still a little nervous with two games against really good teams left…

But you can’t complain about 8-2 after the last three years. And let’s remember that these are still Rich Rod’s guys and offer a little nod to the dismissed coach. His recruits are getting it done, albeit with better defensive minded coaching and the desire to be “Michigan Men”. I’m glad to see they’re doing better than expectations.

And I would love to see them run the table….If it’s possible. With two left at home, I’m liking their situation.

Cornhuskers in Ann Arbor at the HOUSE at 12:00 PM on Saturday!

Tickets still available. Contact the MMQ.

The BCS Mess

Middle Saturday in November takes victims…..

Cornhuskers – PSU: Fans pretty much kept themselves in check in what can only be described as a surreal setting where the former head coach of the Nittany Lions was on the sideline (okay, press box) a week before and in now gone amidst a scandal that is simply getting out of hand as it continues. Cornhuskers did their job to hold their spot in a 3 way Legends tie with Sparty and the Wolverines. The Big House may prove to be a Weeeeeee bit more difficult…(Michigan giving 3 is the early line...)

TCU - Boy’s State: Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA! I love it when a “mid-major” that was supposed to make BCS noise loses when they are a double digit favorite. I’m glad the FMQ was on the right side of that one, at least.

Stanford –Ducks: The MMQ’s heart is a little heavy this AM based on this result. Not only did it cost me money, but I was kind of hoping that Stanford could pull it off. Don’t ask me why…I guess it’d be fun to see a bunch of smart kids beat a school from the SEC. Actually, I’d like to see ANYONE beat a school from the SEC in the BCS championship….

Ohio – Spoilermakers: This one has to really hurt t-ohio as it takes them down a notch (I think) depending on how the season plays out with respect to bowls. I would LOVE to see the Suckeyes at Ford Field. I might even go with my Michigan jersey on and root for Eastern…..

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – Still has to play Arkansas (improved) and Georgia (SEC championship). I would love to see them get knocked off, but in a way, it becomes an SEC de-facto BCS game if they win out and
2. OKIE STATE Cowboys: lose to Oklahoma in Bedlam. But either Texas Tech forgot there was some season left after they played Oklahoma or they simply got lucky against Stupor and the Laters…
3. Satan’s Warriors – Hanging tough in the 3 spot. But I really don’t want them to have the shot…
4. Oregon – I hate Chip Kelly…I really do. They can beat everyone everywhere except for LSU. Which we’ve already seen. And I don’t want that re-match in the BCS, either. Speaking of re-matches…
5. Laters – Could win out and make life miserable for BCS folks based on the myriad of schools with one loss that have a gripe. But that loss to Texas Tech just doesn’t make sense at this point, and neither does this rank.
6. Arkansas – Can do a lot for themselves if they beat LSU…BTW, how does the SEC West work in the even of a 3-way tie? Anyone? I’m sure we’ll hear about it in the coming weeks.
7. Clemson – They’re out of it and the Hoakies might put them out of their misery in the ACC title game…
8. Hoakies – Early season hiccups and now in the thick of things….
9. Stanford – Okay, well, there’s still a victory over the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) out there to be had. Don’t lose sight of what’s important.
10. Boy’s State – hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-PSU – Nebraska had the most viewers on Saturday.
-Game Day handled the situation pretty well.
-How does something like this happen?
-Easy…Lack of leadership.
-Sorry, Joe Pa. That’s just the way I see it.
-And I’m not here to dance on his grave.
-I’m sure he didn’t want to believe it and didn’t want to have to deal with it.
-But, that’s what leaders do. They deal with the problems.
-Purdue is beating OSU? REALLY?
-And we beat Purdue in the Big House by how much?
-I know, you can’t start doing that….
-The Illini lost to PSU 10-7.
-Does that mean anything to Michigan?
-How were Michigan and the Illini both 6-0 in early October?
-Seriously, they both were.
-And ranked in the top 20.
-Illinois is a complete disaster.
-Michigan at least looks respectable, but then again, I’m never entirely sure.
-Oh jeez…De-Rob is hurt again.
-But, we know this, right?
-You just don’t figure the guy to get hurt THROWING…I always figure it’d be a linebacker destroying him when he was RUNNING.
-Illini marching. Throwing…GO FLOYD!
-That was fun. We haven’t had a pick go for a big return since, well, Western?
-But those stats don’t count or something?
-Zooky is moving on up on the ole Hot Seat…
-As he should. They should be playing better than this in November.
-The Domer helmets have to be the UGLIEST things I have ever seen.
-Pimped out paint? GREEN Shamrocks? Jeez…I almost feel too sorry for them to hate them..
-$warbuck$ will definitely be hearing from Alumni on that blunder…if he hasn’t already…
-Mr. Lucky, what are you doing to me? They’re beatable, but you guys need to play your best game.
-Which you’re not.
-It’s not even close….But I don’t want the Ducks in the BCS argument. They can’t win it…
The Hot Seat

Jenn Brown Rocks Week #10! Lucy Pinder hung tough, but she was no match for Jenn who was introduced to you in week #9. So, as we head into the home stretch, we have a pretty good stable of Mascots that will be competing for the 2011 Mascot of the Year award and that’s the gal who will adorn the top of the blog until next season. This week, after taking my daughters to see Captain America at the end of the summer and thinking about what Superheroes they haven’t made a movie about (recently), I got to thinking about Wonder Woman. Apparently this week’s mascot was going to get the part, but the whole deal got canceled. Too bad, I would have enjoyed watching the Hot Seat Mascot for Week #11, Megan Gale, in that Red, Blue and Gold suit!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach
4. Joe Pa. It gives me no pleasure typing that…

Hot Seat Rank

1. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
2. Fickell – Losing to Purdue moves you up the list…But all can be saved with that last game in Ann Arbor.
3. Neuheisel - Just don’t see how he survives…but who knows?
4. Wulff – Ditto
5. Turner Gill
6. Spaziani
7. Kelly – He should get canned for okaying those helmets….

FMQ Betting Results

What a lousy week…Should have laid off Mr. Lucky and didn’t realize how pissed off Wiscy would be trying to impress voters with point spreads. Not to mention that Sparty played like they were playing a home game this week…Sheesh…What’s a gambler to do? There’s always next week. It takes a short memory in this business.

Corsnsuckers @ Not So Happy Valley (+3.5)
Take PSU and the 3.5 for the Victims of Sandusky….
Win…I hope the kids win, also….

Michigan @ Illinois (Open: +3 Today: Even or -1 on 5
Take Michigan and the -1 for $100
WIN: Bank: $190

MSU @ Iowa (+3)
Take Iowa and the 3 for $70
Wow, did I blow this one….So, is Sparty good or bad? I really can’t tell. I know Michigan should have beat Iowa…whatever…

The Ducks @ Mr. Lucky’s House of Pain
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 3 for $100
Should have quit him, knew I should have quit him…Couldn’t do it.

Gophers (+27.5) @ Wiscy
Take the Gophers and the 27.5 for $70
I actually thought this was a pretty good bet. There I go thinking again…

TCU (+15.5) @ Boy’s State
Take TCU and the 15.5 for $80
Good Pick…WIN
BANK: $152


3 Way: 6-1
I really like Michigan – Stanford - Gophers for $40

4 Way: 10-1
Add TCU to the mix….for $30

Starting Bank: $1,281
Total Win: $342
Bank: $1,623

Monday Morning picks... throw $75 on each of these as this week's FMQ might not happen...Sorry for that in advance to all the loyal readers that watch it close...I'm laying points in all games..That may be a bad thing.  Or not!

Michigan (-3) over Cornsuckers...
Okie State (-27) over Iowa State
Wiscy (-14) over Zookyville...
Domers (-24.5) over Boston Catholics
The Mad Hatter (-28) over Ole Miss

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Friday! ""YO"

Wow…Who would have ever thought we would be sitting here on a Friday going into a weekend where Joe Pa was (not trying to sound morbid here) still alive and NOT the coach at PSU? Not the MMQ….

However, I have to say that the board of trustees did the absolutely correct thing. And if you read my entry earlier in the week, Joe Pa could have done so much more to helping this cause. It’s getting easier to see now that Joe Pa had no clue, really, about the impact this type of situation has on the general public and how much bigger this was than PSU football. It is getting easier to see the entire enabling environment that was built around Joe Pa and PSU football. Then, when it mattered most, his age, clouded judgment, and bad advice from family and friends all played a role in the final decision to try to “retire” vs. standing up and doing the right thing. It took the board to stand up and do the right thing.

Even though the press is calling for it, I don’t think that PSU should forfeit the game this Saturday. There is a line, and that would be going over it. What PSU SHOULD DO, however, is take all the proceeds from this game (Television revenue, ticket sales, concessions, parking, etc) and donate it to the Victims of this tragedy, or announce and set up a special fund for the victims of child molesters. But my guess is that PSU is going to need to start filling their coffers for the countless lawsuits that are on the way, so fat chance of that happening.

Anyway, on to what we do here best on Friday Morning. And WHAT A FRIDAY IT IS!!!! 11-11-11, for anyone that’s into the number thing. Think the casinos are going to see a whole lot more “Yo Eleven!” bets today at the craps table? Probably!

I got a note the other day asking me why I don’t post my win-loss record. Let me explain:

Here’s my win loss record: Up $771 for the season after starting with a bankroll of $1,000.

To say that I “picked” any number of games correctly out of so many games played doesn’t mean much to me. I guess it would if I always bet the exact same amount on each game, but I don’t so it doesn’t. And I’ve taken a slightly different approach this year as to how I weigh my bets according to the spread. I’ll discuss that in each pick.

Corsnsuckers @ Not So Happy Valley (+3.5)
Okay – let’s think this one through….First, the FMQ shouldn’t be betting this game for financial gain. I guess in some ways, I feel it falls on the side of the line of being morally wrong…But, if I HAD to pick it, I would take PSU getting points at home. Joe Pa has been a figurehead far too long for his absence to truly mean much when it comes to the X’s and O’s. The emotions in that stadium will be on FULL TILT and I have a feeling the Cornsuckers are going to have to score early and often to take the crowd out of it…
Take PSU and the 3.5 for the Victims of Sandusky….

Michigan @ Illinois (Open: +3 Today: Even or -1 on 5
Okay, back to what I alluded to earlier. When I looked at this game early, I hadn’t seen the spread and figured that Michigan would be giving either 3.5 or 6.5, just for an opening figure. The spread opened with Michigan giving 3 and has moved 4 points with the Illini giving one. So, originally, my “value” play on the posted handicap was 3 to 3.5 points and has now moved to 7 to 7.5 points. That means I should bet Michigan. But how much? I have been using a ratio of my handicap to the delta handicap to gauge what my bet should be and this is has become a factor of 2. If my units are $50, then
Take Michigan and the 1 for $100

MSU @ Iowa (+3)
Here’s another game that I figured MSU would probably be giving 3 or it might be a “pick em” match up, but I was leaning towards Iowa after they beat Michigan at Home and MSU struggled with a much improved Gopher team last week. Sparty has been so-so against the spread this year (5-4) and they never seem to play well at Kinnick. Ferentz is on his annual “Don’t fire him, he’s not such a bad coach” campaign to end the season in the Outback Bowl.
Take Iowa and the 3 for $70

The Ducks @ Mr. Lucky’s House of Pain
In order to bet Mr. Lucky and handicap Mr. Lucky, you kind of need to go off the chart. I honestly don’t think the Ducks are as good as advertised this year (as long as you can contain them in the 3rd quarter) and I do think Mr. Lucky is destined to do something that’s never been done before at Stanford. I figure the spread would be Mr. Lucky giving 6.5, but he’s only got to cover 3. Therefore, figuring in the “factor” of 2, let’s
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 3 for $100
(Yes, this should be the week I quit him, but I just can’t….)

Gophers (+27.5) @ Wiscy
I figured the Gophers would get 14 to 20.5 and they are getting 27.5. The factor is a little tougher here with larger spreads, and this is where some of the odd ball numbers I bet comes from. I don’t want to bet only my base unit ($50), but I don’t want to be a full double unit, either. Figuring the ratio of between 36% and 50% of an additional unit, which is the difference of my spread vs. the actual divided by my spread, ($15 to $25)
Take the Gophers and the 27.5 for $70

TCU (+15.5) @ Boy’s State
By the way, did anyone know that Miami and Florida State are playing Saturday? Remember how big that game used to be? Anyway, TCU has played Boy’s State tough over the last 5 seasons and this has become somewhat of a rivalry game. I figured at most a touchdown (6) plus 0.5 in this one (for TCU) or maybe 9.5. I think the 15.5 might be a gift….
Take TCU and the 15.5 for $80


3 Way: 6-1

I really like Michigan – Stanford - Gophers for $40

4 Way: 10-1

Add TCU to the mix….for $30

Starting Bank: $1,771
Total Bet: $490
Bank: $1,281

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Pa is Gone...But the Worst May Be Far From Over

In what can only be described as a "disturbing rumor" at this point, Zac Wassink has written for Yahoo Sports that there is a reporter/radio personality Mark Madden who more or less foreshadowed the Sandusky Grand Jury probe and it's results and is now stating that there are two reporters that are ready to "blow the lid off" a "child pimping operation" that Sandusky masterminded...Sick yet? 

Don't believe the 'ole MMQ?  Read it for yourself here....

If this is even remotely true, or happened even one time, there's truly going to be hell to pay.  I don't know what to believe any more and wonder at times where the innocence has gone....

I guess Hell can't entirely be politicians and lawyers...

I only hope that this is truly just a rumor as the legacy of Joe Pa will be so far gone you might as well strip the name from the collegiate record books...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Pa, At Least Do The Right Thing NOW…

The Ole MMQ’s heart is heavy and eyes are misty as the fingers tap the keyboard this AM. After hearing an almost constant stream of rhetoric on the radio and TV, its appropriate to add some insight into what can only be called a total catastrophic collapse of moral integrity at PSU.

The facts (or some of them, anyway):

- The Grand Jury Indictment. I have read the 23 page PDF. (you can link to it by clicking)
-It takes 10-12 minutes. It’s not for everyone. It might make you feel, strike that, if YOU’RE A HUMAN BEING, it WILL make you feel very uncomfortable.
- I’m not exaggerating on the second bullet. It’s a sad, disturbing account of the victims of a predator.
- The incidents were happening since 1994. That’s 15 years.
- It went on at BOWL GAMES, for God’s sake…
- Joe Pa knew of a “single” incident in 1998.
- Then McQueery came to him in 2002 with another incident, but Sandusky wasn’t a PSU employee at that point.
- Joe Pa reported it, “Up the chain of command.”
- Incidents continued while a whole lot of PSU people looked the other way…

I’m not going to trample Joe Pa’s reputation or that of PSU and it's employees any more than it has already been thrown under the bus. That’s been done. Add my “Ditto” to everything that’s been written and said. Too much was known by WAY too many people and nothing was done to stop a predator. Joe Pa had more than a moral obligation to protect those human beings. Everything he has ever stood for, well, it’s been wiped away by overlooking something this grotesque. Sorry, but that’s a fact. Yes, he’s a great coach, humanitarian, etc., but this, this ongoing destruction of lives that he obviously knew about and let continue simply erases all those acts of a great man.

End of Story.

However, how PSU and particularly, Joe Pa, recovers from this is what can either

a.) Hold any semblance of integrity together at PSU and save the institution or
b.) make it a continuing laughingstock of the collegiate world.

Joe Pa needs to resign today. He got win #409. (Which, BTW, isn’t that a coincidence? Why did the Attorney General of Pennsylvania wait until after that win to announce the indictments?? More cover up scandal, anyone?) Joe Pa can do more to save his reputation by quitting and calling out the people above him that failed to act. His testimony and admission that he didn’t do enough would go a long way towards restoring the faith in PSU. In fact, without it, the whole university slides into oblivion.

The Pennsylvania Board of Trustees announced they will launch their own “investigation” and offer swift justice for those that are to blame.


Did they read the grand jury document? Is there anyone with any sense in that group that can’t see the writing on the wall and realize that there must be a sacrifice at this point? And it needs to happen quickly? An investigation? To figure out what, exactly? What more additional information do you need besides what’s in that document? Again, I’m not trying to sound judgmental here; I’m just playing politics and the media with an understanding that the beast needs to be fed.

If I were to write an open letter to Joe Pa, it would go something like this:


You’ve got nothing left to prove on the football field. You need to do what’s right and save the University that you built into the great institution that still stands today. And you are the only person that can save it. It has to be you. You are without a doubt the most powerful person at PSU and probably in all of Pennsylvania, for that matter. Without your sincere actions (resignation), remorse and apology over this incident, I’m afraid PSU doesn’t ever return to a place of honor amongst institutions of higher learning.

Joe, you know what to do.
Do the right thing.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why, WHY, Do We Try To Re-Invent the Wheel?

Sorry for the late post....Work gets in the way sometimes, you know?

Monday Morning blogs are always harder when I look at the game that was played and think, “Gee, I think I could have done a better job coaching that game, or at least called a play or two better.” Frankly, I haven’t felt like this in awhile as it was always a feeling I had from the Carr Era and the Rich Rod Era I was still trying to get used to on offense. But, let me say this, I saw stubbornness and maybe arrogance (?) in our coaching staff and I’m here to say that I don’t like it.

Minnesota shows Michigan the Blue Print all wrapped up with a bow on it of how a scrambling quarterback and an aggressive defense can beat Iowa. It was right there. All we had to do was more or less adopt their game plan, use plays that we’ve ran since Rich Rod took over, and you’re more or less going to be able to run on that defense.

Instead, we try to “establish” the run out of the I-formation and feeding F-Toussaint the ball until he breaks. Why?


The ground game wasn’t there, at least not for FT. D-Rob as a runner – passing threat might have opened up some lanes….I mean, everyone who has watched D-Rob knows he’s a runner first, he passes better when he’s running, and the most effective tool he has is his feet. Don’t make him into something he’s not.

While a lot of people will point to the last touchdown drive and say, “See! The shotgun works! Why weren’t we using that all game?” Iowa was in a different defense at that point, which correctly pointed out. But, I would have liked to see a little more of the Purdue play calls vs. what we had against the Hawkeyes.

I predicted pre-season that we might lose this one. Kinnick is an incredibly shitty place for Michigan to play. I just never imagined that we would lose a game that was so winnable if the team and, more importantly, the coaches and plays called in previous games, show up and make those calls. With respect to the last series with the ball on the 3 yard line, well, it made me ill to watch it unfold.

Denard dropping back 4 times with 18 seconds left? Really? You mean we can’t afford a 2nd down roll out to the right dragging a wide receiver – tight end combo across with D-Rob threatening to get to the corner or throwing? We don’t have that play SOMEWHERE in the book? It made me sick….

Yes, I will state here that the refereeing was atrocious. Smith says he caught it and not only do I believe him, I was convinced it was a catch and he had control as he hit the ground. The refs didn’t see it that way, which is simply terrible. But it always is when you’re on the road. Frankly, it never should have gotten to the last seconds – I think we can all see that and they still would have needed to figure out a way to get a two point conversion and win in OT. All big issues that we never got a chance to address.

The BCS Mess

Armageddon Saturday takes victims…..

Cornsuckers – Kitty Kats: Cornsuckers – WELCOME TO THE B1G 10! One week, you beat the leader of the pack. The next week, the Little Sisters of the Poor come into your house and kick your collective asses up and down the field. It should be stated here that the B1G 10 AIN’T the Big 12, boys and girls. Northwestern ISN’T Kansas or K-State (Any year but this year) in disguise. Everyone can play and they never let up. My guess is Pelini rips those Blackshirts off the defense today at practice.

LSU vs. Satan’s Warriors: It was a great game if you like Defense. If you like offense, you were asleep with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. MMQ’s brother texted that Bo and Woody we’re back on the sidelines. I mean, yes, these are two elite teams and the best team (MMQ’s opinion) won, but jeez, take a chance or at least pass the ball somewhere along the way? Of course, Bama tired and they stole the interception. As far as a re-match goes? No-thanks. I would rather see Mr. Lucky get a shot at LSU than watch that game on a neutral field again. Bama had their shot at home, lost it, and everything for now is right with the world. In fact, the Michigan argument was a LOT better in 2006 (losing on OSU's home field the day after Bo's death and with some poor officiating) so, there you go.

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – Howeva’, should these clowns lose a game or in the SEC title game, I don’t want to see either Alabama or LSU in the title game. Then I think it should be
2. OKIE STATE Cowboys: If they can survive Bedlam, there is not Big 12 Championship this year to de-rail them and they should not have to play
3. Satan’s Warriors – I don’t get this…You lost at home to a team you were supposed to be better than, right? I mean, LSU WAS GETTING 5 Points! That should drop them below
4. Stanford – Mr. Lucky doesn’t know the meaning of the word lose at this point. Yes, the meat of the schedule is coming, but they have the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) and the Ducks at home. I like his chances to be in the title game against Okie State and completely screw the SEC out of the Championship…That would make this fan EXTREMELY HAPPY!
5. Boy’s State – I heard they are simply going to put a “BCS 5” on their jerseys for the next game. They seem to be ranked right there most of the time…
6. Laters – Could actually (maybe?) get back in this thing with some long shot upsets…But it is November and the play-offs have begun.
7. Oregon – Doubt they can get past Mr. Lucky…
8. Arkansas – See Laters…They need a lot of help….
9. Clemson – Awe, look who’s back in the top 10…You can thank Nebraska for choking and the Purple Kitty’s for serving up the hair ball…
10. Va Tech – Hoakies? Really? It’s been so long since you actually mattered!!!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I have a bad feeling about this.
-Seriously, what are we doing on offense?
-Okay, we got six.
-The missed extra point of Doom reared it’s ugly head again…
-I wonder if I’ll be alive when someone says, “And the last time Michigan missed an extra point was “X” number of years ago….”
-Should that be the way all extra points are looked at?
-Why can’t we run Denard against these guys like last year?
-We moved the ball on them, we just couldn’t stop them.
-Iowa isn’t that good.
-Meaning: We’re not that good.
-Borges I thought had it figured out.
-Now, I’m not so sure.
-I mean, okay, I get that a pure spread maybe isn’t the best offense.
-But can’t we at least use some of the stuff that worked REALLY GOOD with De-Rob?
-Sigh….2nd half….Way to many missed opportunities.
-What's all this crap about PSU, Joe Pa, and assistant coaches in locker rooms with young men?
-I DON'T WANNA know....
-But it's like watching an accident...I can't avert my eyes.
-Domers struggled (a little) with Wake.
-Domers are NOT a good road team.
-Uh, but I guess the pot cannot call the kettle Sucky…
-Cause neither is Michigan.
-Meaning we could lose to the Illini…
-But we have the Cornsuckers and Ohio at home..
-Which, Dammit, I LIKE!
-Would 10-2 make me happy?
-At the start of the season it was going to…
-Now, I feel like the two losses were winnable, so I’m not so sure.
-Ask me again if we can win out, however, and you’ll get a different answer!
-I don’t want a repeat of the Big House Michigan – Illinois in Champagne this year.
-That game was pure anxiety…
-One road win…is all we need…besides Northwestern, I mean.
-LSU and Bama are going to wear holes in the middle of the field.
-Do they even know that outside the hashes is NOT out of bounds?
-Defense wins, but it is a little boring.
-Who want’s to play Bama in a bowl? That would be the SEC #2 vs. B1G #2? Is that gonna be Penn State?
-Too early to start all THAT nonsense….
-Why isn’t Mr. Lucky on somewhere?
-He’s covering! That’s all that matters, I guess, but I’d like to see the kid play

The Hot Seat

Jenn Brown Rocks Week #9! In what can only be described as a stunning upset of Katarina and Ali, the voters got out in force and voted Jenn Brown the Hot Seat Mascot of the week and that puts her into the finals! We’re slowly nearing the end of the season (sigh) and we only have a few more mascots to go. I had to bump the original Week #10 mascot for a reader submission that was simply to, uh, “Hot” to pass up! Ladies and gentlemen, Hot Seat Mascot for Week #10 Lucy Pinder! She’s a fashion model actress from across the pond and when I saw the photos that the reader submitted, well, I guess I’ll just let them speak for themselves!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - If he wins out, UCLA wins Pac 12 south…Do you believe that?
2. Houston Nutt – I’ll keep him here just to show that he’s still coach…
3. Joe Pa – I don’t like what I’m reading and hearing about PSU at this point…
4. Wulff – Mr. Lucky did NOT help his cause…
5. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
6. Turner Gill – Who knows….
7. Spaziani – Who would BC get?
8. Fickell – Have to move him down, but I know he’s probably gone so I hate to take him off the radar.
9. Kelly – Destroying Army doesn’t get you any love in South Bend…

FMQ Betting Results:

4 out of 5 and I blow the Michigan Pick…Actually, as noted above, if Michigan plays half the game we played against Purdue and we aren’t road chumps, we beat Iowa and the spread…Sigh….Next week, maybe things will improve on the road as the games are only getting tougher all over the place.

Michigan @ Iowa (+3.5)
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $100
OOPS….But again, I HATE taking responsibility for this one…LOSE

Game of the Ages (or the Over Recruiting Bowl) LSU (+5) @ Satan's Warriors
Take LSU and the 5 for $70
The Mad Hatter Strikes Again! WIN = Bank $133

Mr. Lucky @ OSU (+20.5)
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 20.5 for $100
Mr. Lucky is on a 9-0 run ATS and it’s going to be hard to quit him…It really is. WIN – Bank $190

Gophers (+28.5) @ Sparty
Take the Gophers and the 28.5 for $70
I really felt like this was the pick on the board last week. WIN = Bank $133

Vandy (+14) @ Gatorland
But I’m noticing Vandy and their ability to cover the number more and more…

Domers @ Wake Forest (+14)
Should have followed my instincts with respect the Road Chump Domers

USC @ Colorado (+21)
Take USC and lay the 21 for $60
Lane Kiffin is earning a paycheck…WIN = Bank $124


I really like Michigan-Stanford-LSU for $30 - LOSE

Starting BANK: $1,20
NEW BANK: $1,771

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ