Friday, November 4, 2011

Mitch McGary Friday!

In case you're living under a rock, don't follow ANYTHING beside Michigan Football, don't watch ESPN, or you only get your sporting news from the 'ole MMQ, here's a link to and the landing of basketball #1 overall (center) recruit Mitch McGary.  By the way, I think we should all start getting used to that name and the M&M nicknames that I'm sure will follow. 

So, does that jazz me up for the upcoming basketball season?  Well, yeah!  But this guy won't even set foot on campus for another 8 months or so.  Howeva', the next three years of Michigan Hoops might be the most interesting we've seen since the Fab Five were in town.  Why mention this on an FMQ Friday?

Just to piss Sparty off!   Because, believe me, even though their football team is quasi-good, all those jolly green giants are secret and not-so-secret Sparty Basketball Slappy's....And it irks the hell out of them that we landed this kid.  Not to mention that Sparty isn't in the pre-season top 25 for the first time in I can't remember when...

Anyway, on to this week's analysis and wagering.  After last week's less than stellar performance, I'm concerned that the bookies might have a better handle with what's going in these games then I do.  That being said, it might be time to try the straegy that says, "Well, my instincts say to go THIS way, therefore, the contrarian in me is going THAT way."  I know, makes very little sense, but that's gambling.

Michigan @ Iowa (Open:  +4    Today:  +3.5)
I didn't really know what to make of this spread.  The Hawkeyes have beat us two years running and always play well at home.  But then there was this anomally game in Minnesota against a team that we OWNED in Ann Arbor and literally ran off the field.  So, what gives?  I either expected the Hawkeyes to be getting at least double digits (I honestly wrote down 10 when I handicapped this game) and it's a measely 4, dipping into the 3.5 area on some sites(5dimes).  So, while I wanted to take Iowa and the points, I think I have to do the contrarian thing and
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $100

Game of the Ages (or the Over Recruiting Bowl) LSU (+5) @ Satan's Warriors
Okay.  I think everything that can be said, written, signed, smoke signalled, channeled, or farted in morse code has be done prior to kick-off.  Yet there are still a good 36 hours of BS that we have to suffer through before this one commences.  I'm actually in a bit of a situation as the St. Patrick School Auction is Saturday night, HOWEVA', I've been assured that there will be a TV somewhere with this game on it.  First instincts:  Alabama simply doesn't lose at home.  Satan has had two weeks to prepare.  But what does all that mean?  It means never question the Hat and his Grass Munching abilities so
Take LSU and the 5 for $70

Mr. Lucky @ OSU (+20.5)
This game is tricky in that OSU has perrenially played Stanford pretty close.  Turns out they are quiet rivals as each school fancies itself as more of an academic institution than a sports institution.  Mr. Lucky made me VERY NERVOUS last week but then came through in the end.  This week's tendency was to take the dog and the points and say that Mr. Lucky's ride against the number HAS TO COME TO AN END at some point...I mean, it does, doesn't it?  Therefore, the contrarian in me says
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 20.5 for $100
(BTW - Did anyone actually think I was going to go away from 8-0 ATS Mr. Lucky???)

Gophers (+28.5) @ Sparty
After keeping Floyd the Pig (don't ask me and don't tell me - I really don't want to know), the Gophers seemed to have found something that works against big, physical teams.  Which is what Sparty is.  However, Sparty will have it's own motivation this week to stay in the B1G race and plaster the Gophers with Cousins throwing the pigskin all over the place.  Sparty home has covered all year.  Therefore, the contrarian says
Take the Gophers and the 28.5 for $70

Vandy (+14) @ Gatorland
This was one of those spreads that when you saw it, you scratched your head and tried to figure out what Vegas knows that you don't.  I mean, Vandy played the Razorbacks to within 3 points and almost got it to OT.  Gatorland hung with Georgia and I saw "glimpses" of goodness, but nothing 14 points better than Vandy goo....  Which has me very concerned that I'm missing something here....

Domers @ Wake Forest (+14)
In the search for a 5th game, I stumbled on this spread and looked at it for a long time.  The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) are great a covering the number AT HOME, but are simply road chumps.  I also have no idea what's gotten into Wake and whether or not they can play with the Domers.  Yes, they are making people notice in the ACC, but that's the ACC....Again, I have to

USC @ Colorado (+21)
Here's an interesting game.  USC just got spanked at home.  Lane Kiffin has them playing well.  They want to finish with a flourish for all the recruits they have on the line and show them that USC is still a viable contender when they come off probation in another year.  I can't go contrarian here, just play it straight up and
Take USC and lay the 21 for $60

3 Way:  6-1

I really like Michigan-Stanford-LSU for $30

Starting Bank:  $1,631
Total Wager:  $430
New Bank:  $1,201
Will this be a big week?  We shall see..

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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