Monday, November 14, 2011

Zooky's Nightmare

I do enjoy Mondays a whole lot more after we win. As I’m sure Sparty and the Cornhuskers are enjoying it as well. Suckeyes…Not so much!
By the way, before I get into the review: Cornhuskers – Class Act. That was a tricky situation you found yourself in by no doing of your own and you all handled it with class. I especially liked the pre-game mid-field prayer huddle. Call me old fashioned, but it is still just a game and there are things that are a whole lot more important in life…

Michigan played well Saturday, even though I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the first half I heard it on the radio. But I do know this: The Illini’s first 5 drives:


That should have equated to a LOT more Michigan points that it did, but Michigan had its own problems on offense after going up 14-0 early. What the coaches need to work on is the Red Zone offense (stating the obvious here – I know) and figure out a way that Michigan can score effectively when in that range. Otherwise, there’s going to be a whole bunch of TV sets all over the state that are going to need repair as frustrated fans watch in disgust as wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity fall to the wayside….Come on, guys!

If we lose that game to the Illini, I’m pointing to those two 2nd quarter series where we couldn’t get the job done.

I would love to heap the praise on the defense, but I want to make sure I’m actually praising those that deserve it. Zooky’s crew seemed to do a lot of defending of themselves when the offense was on the field. So, while it was a great effort, and I loved Floyd’s pick in the 2nd half, I’m still a little nervous with two games against really good teams left…

But you can’t complain about 8-2 after the last three years. And let’s remember that these are still Rich Rod’s guys and offer a little nod to the dismissed coach. His recruits are getting it done, albeit with better defensive minded coaching and the desire to be “Michigan Men”. I’m glad to see they’re doing better than expectations.

And I would love to see them run the table….If it’s possible. With two left at home, I’m liking their situation.

Cornhuskers in Ann Arbor at the HOUSE at 12:00 PM on Saturday!

Tickets still available. Contact the MMQ.

The BCS Mess

Middle Saturday in November takes victims…..

Cornhuskers – PSU: Fans pretty much kept themselves in check in what can only be described as a surreal setting where the former head coach of the Nittany Lions was on the sideline (okay, press box) a week before and in now gone amidst a scandal that is simply getting out of hand as it continues. Cornhuskers did their job to hold their spot in a 3 way Legends tie with Sparty and the Wolverines. The Big House may prove to be a Weeeeeee bit more difficult…(Michigan giving 3 is the early line...)

TCU - Boy’s State: Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA! I love it when a “mid-major” that was supposed to make BCS noise loses when they are a double digit favorite. I’m glad the FMQ was on the right side of that one, at least.

Stanford –Ducks: The MMQ’s heart is a little heavy this AM based on this result. Not only did it cost me money, but I was kind of hoping that Stanford could pull it off. Don’t ask me why…I guess it’d be fun to see a bunch of smart kids beat a school from the SEC. Actually, I’d like to see ANYONE beat a school from the SEC in the BCS championship….

Ohio – Spoilermakers: This one has to really hurt t-ohio as it takes them down a notch (I think) depending on how the season plays out with respect to bowls. I would LOVE to see the Suckeyes at Ford Field. I might even go with my Michigan jersey on and root for Eastern…..

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – Still has to play Arkansas (improved) and Georgia (SEC championship). I would love to see them get knocked off, but in a way, it becomes an SEC de-facto BCS game if they win out and
2. OKIE STATE Cowboys: lose to Oklahoma in Bedlam. But either Texas Tech forgot there was some season left after they played Oklahoma or they simply got lucky against Stupor and the Laters…
3. Satan’s Warriors – Hanging tough in the 3 spot. But I really don’t want them to have the shot…
4. Oregon – I hate Chip Kelly…I really do. They can beat everyone everywhere except for LSU. Which we’ve already seen. And I don’t want that re-match in the BCS, either. Speaking of re-matches…
5. Laters – Could win out and make life miserable for BCS folks based on the myriad of schools with one loss that have a gripe. But that loss to Texas Tech just doesn’t make sense at this point, and neither does this rank.
6. Arkansas – Can do a lot for themselves if they beat LSU…BTW, how does the SEC West work in the even of a 3-way tie? Anyone? I’m sure we’ll hear about it in the coming weeks.
7. Clemson – They’re out of it and the Hoakies might put them out of their misery in the ACC title game…
8. Hoakies – Early season hiccups and now in the thick of things….
9. Stanford – Okay, well, there’s still a victory over the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) out there to be had. Don’t lose sight of what’s important.
10. Boy’s State – hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-PSU – Nebraska had the most viewers on Saturday.
-Game Day handled the situation pretty well.
-How does something like this happen?
-Easy…Lack of leadership.
-Sorry, Joe Pa. That’s just the way I see it.
-And I’m not here to dance on his grave.
-I’m sure he didn’t want to believe it and didn’t want to have to deal with it.
-But, that’s what leaders do. They deal with the problems.
-Purdue is beating OSU? REALLY?
-And we beat Purdue in the Big House by how much?
-I know, you can’t start doing that….
-The Illini lost to PSU 10-7.
-Does that mean anything to Michigan?
-How were Michigan and the Illini both 6-0 in early October?
-Seriously, they both were.
-And ranked in the top 20.
-Illinois is a complete disaster.
-Michigan at least looks respectable, but then again, I’m never entirely sure.
-Oh jeez…De-Rob is hurt again.
-But, we know this, right?
-You just don’t figure the guy to get hurt THROWING…I always figure it’d be a linebacker destroying him when he was RUNNING.
-Illini marching. Throwing…GO FLOYD!
-That was fun. We haven’t had a pick go for a big return since, well, Western?
-But those stats don’t count or something?
-Zooky is moving on up on the ole Hot Seat…
-As he should. They should be playing better than this in November.
-The Domer helmets have to be the UGLIEST things I have ever seen.
-Pimped out paint? GREEN Shamrocks? Jeez…I almost feel too sorry for them to hate them..
-$warbuck$ will definitely be hearing from Alumni on that blunder…if he hasn’t already…
-Mr. Lucky, what are you doing to me? They’re beatable, but you guys need to play your best game.
-Which you’re not.
-It’s not even close….But I don’t want the Ducks in the BCS argument. They can’t win it…
The Hot Seat

Jenn Brown Rocks Week #10! Lucy Pinder hung tough, but she was no match for Jenn who was introduced to you in week #9. So, as we head into the home stretch, we have a pretty good stable of Mascots that will be competing for the 2011 Mascot of the Year award and that’s the gal who will adorn the top of the blog until next season. This week, after taking my daughters to see Captain America at the end of the summer and thinking about what Superheroes they haven’t made a movie about (recently), I got to thinking about Wonder Woman. Apparently this week’s mascot was going to get the part, but the whole deal got canceled. Too bad, I would have enjoyed watching the Hot Seat Mascot for Week #11, Megan Gale, in that Red, Blue and Gold suit!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach
4. Joe Pa. It gives me no pleasure typing that…

Hot Seat Rank

1. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
2. Fickell – Losing to Purdue moves you up the list…But all can be saved with that last game in Ann Arbor.
3. Neuheisel - Just don’t see how he survives…but who knows?
4. Wulff – Ditto
5. Turner Gill
6. Spaziani
7. Kelly – He should get canned for okaying those helmets….

FMQ Betting Results

What a lousy week…Should have laid off Mr. Lucky and didn’t realize how pissed off Wiscy would be trying to impress voters with point spreads. Not to mention that Sparty played like they were playing a home game this week…Sheesh…What’s a gambler to do? There’s always next week. It takes a short memory in this business.

Corsnsuckers @ Not So Happy Valley (+3.5)
Take PSU and the 3.5 for the Victims of Sandusky….
Win…I hope the kids win, also….

Michigan @ Illinois (Open: +3 Today: Even or -1 on 5
Take Michigan and the -1 for $100
WIN: Bank: $190

MSU @ Iowa (+3)
Take Iowa and the 3 for $70
Wow, did I blow this one….So, is Sparty good or bad? I really can’t tell. I know Michigan should have beat Iowa…whatever…

The Ducks @ Mr. Lucky’s House of Pain
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 3 for $100
Should have quit him, knew I should have quit him…Couldn’t do it.

Gophers (+27.5) @ Wiscy
Take the Gophers and the 27.5 for $70
I actually thought this was a pretty good bet. There I go thinking again…

TCU (+15.5) @ Boy’s State
Take TCU and the 15.5 for $80
Good Pick…WIN
BANK: $152


3 Way: 6-1
I really like Michigan – Stanford - Gophers for $40

4 Way: 10-1
Add TCU to the mix….for $30

Starting Bank: $1,281
Total Win: $342
Bank: $1,623

Monday Morning picks... throw $75 on each of these as this week's FMQ might not happen...Sorry for that in advance to all the loyal readers that watch it close...I'm laying points in all games..That may be a bad thing.  Or not!

Michigan (-3) over Cornsuckers...
Okie State (-27) over Iowa State
Wiscy (-14) over Zookyville...
Domers (-24.5) over Boston Catholics
The Mad Hatter (-28) over Ole Miss

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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