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First, an apology.  I'm writing this from a borrowed computer as I was in Mexico last week and I lost my hard drive when it went through an customs scanner....Yes, it sucks and I don't have anything that I normally use at my disposal to pen this drivel....So, on the fly, here goes!

Cornsuckers Suck....What did you expect?

I wasn't expecting EXACTLY that, but I'll take it!

Wow....I would like to say that this reminded me of the Michigan of old....But to say that, I have to go back to the early days of Lloyd Carr or maybe even the early days of Bo...  In the later Carr years, we simply didn't blow teams out like that....Even in 97, we were happy to win by putting 28 points on the board.  Hoke has some of that MAC blood left in him and just wants to twist the knife deeper after he sticks it in you....


This wasn't a throwback win, kiddies....This was a statement game that we will not stop punishing you until you walk away with your head hanging down.  Beat us?  We'll be back next year.  But there are no, "Would've, should've, could've" thoughts on this team or coaching staff anymore!

I honestly thought that the Cornsuckers would be in for kind of a rough game at the Big House Saturday.  There's nothing left to hide and everything that's been developed offensively and defensively is there.  Everyone is playing to their potential, getting better each week.  The M-Zone has been keeping an interesting stat of what it would take in the last games to equal the points allowed last season.  We would have to lose to the Suckeyes and the bowl game by a combined 300 points (or some such nonsense) to make it even close...

Different coaches, different scheme.

Winning is always a lot more fun.  I just can't help but remember how I felt for the last three years going into OSU and how THIS, THIS FEEEEELS SO MUCH BETTER!

They want the Suckeyes.  They want them badly....The Suckeyes should be scared this week....If they aren't, they haven't been paying attention

The BCS Mess

I think we'll call this "Let's Just Crap the Bed Shall We?"  Saturday....…..

Okie State - ISU: Looking ahead?  Did you see how Michigan did it?  Don't lose sight of this week when you're planning to disembowel you're rival the following week....

Oregon - USC:  Are you kidding me?  Really?  And then you can't make a kick at the end to send it to OT????: Hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHA! That's what you get for beating Mr. Lucky...

Much, Much Laters  - Baylor: Hee-hee....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!This is so bad that Stupor might just get run out of Oklahoma for this one....This cost the laters a BCS bid...mark my words.

 BCS Rankings - there are so many changes this week, I should probably rewrite the script...

1. LSU – Still has to play Arkansas (improved) and Georgia (SEC championship). I would love to see them get knocked off, but in a way, it becomes an SEC de-facto BCS game if they win out and
2. Satan's Warriors:   slip into the title game against the Hatter.  Damn the SEC!
3. Arkansas – Can do a lot for themselves if they beat LSU
4. Okie State - Not exactly sure how they are still in the 4 spot....
5. Va Tech?  Really?  There has to be a lot of things that happen for a shot at the title game, but you certainly jumped up this week!
6. Stanford - Mr. Lucky can't do enough to get closer to the game...Sorry about this...
7. Boy’s State – hee-hee…HAHAHAHAHAHA!   I love it....they would be sitting in the catbird seat had they not lost...
8. Houston - De-Facto BCS buster now....
9. Oklahoma - I don't see how this team didn't drop further....
10.  Oregon....Why are they more attractive then say, Michigan?

14.  Michigan....Until next week!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I can't believe Okie State LOST to ISU....
-Denard looks good.  Fast
-I didn't think we'd be able to keep it up like we did against the Illini...
-So, a 4-3 with aggressive blitzing in a league full of weak QB play makes sense? 
-Is that what we're saying?
-UN, UNL, NU, UofN, what the hell do you call the cornsuckers?
-Did I really see Denard hit a guy in stride deep in the end zone?
-As the MMQ's brother in law said, "I wish we could save some of this for next week."
-Or was this just a preview?
-Will there be pain?
-And how much?
-Would I LOVE To inflict some pain on the Suckeyes....
-We've truly endured enough from those clowns...
-And they're losing to PSU, which, I guess in a way is fitting.
-Still don't see what PSU did as worse (from a PURELY FOOTBALL RELATED PERSPECTIVE) than OSU..
-They're both bad, but I guess I just want to hate OSU more...
-But PSU has some days of reckoning coming....
-How in the hell is Oregon LOSING to USC?
-I mean, yeah, USC is good, but come on!
-You beat the better team!
-Can anyone say let down?
-So, Oregon has screwed the pooch, too.
-So did Super Stupor....
-I guess it's Satan and the Hatter again in the Title game....
-As much as I hate a re-match...
-And if Alabama wins? 
-Are they really number 1?
-I suppose that's what makes College football so much fun!


Jenn Brown hangs on to week #11 and wins again!  Amazing, when you actually consider I didn't have her on the list at the beginning of the year.  This week in honor of the humiliated Cornsuckers, I offer you an actress that plays "Penny" in the TV sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".  Why her?  Well, in the show, she's born and corn fed raised in the husker state and proudly wears it on her sleeve!  (And chest!)  Any gearheads or eggheads out there reading this all knew a guy exactly like the 4 clowns in this comedy.  And I'm sure we all knew week #12 nominee as well, Kailey Cuoco!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach
4. Joe Pa. It gives me no pleasure typing that…

Hot Seat Rank

1. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
2. Fickell – Rumors of Urban Legend talking to OSU is a big deal
3. Neuheisel - Just don’t see how he survives…but who knows?
4. Wulff
5. Turner Gill
6. Spaziani
7. Kelly – He should get canned for okaying those helmets….

FMQ Betting Results

Ahem...Never again will the FMQ bet the 3rd Saturday in November (a rivalry week) without consulting records, histories, etc.  There's absolutely no way this should have been this bad this week...After looking at what I did, I'm frankly ashamed of myself.....

Michigan (-3) over Cornsuckers...
At least we got this one!
WIN!  BANK:  $142.50

Okie State (-27) over Iowa State
OMG!  This should have never happened, but it did and OKIE State is out of the title game before Bedlam even had a chance to undo this run....

Wiscy (-14) over Zookyville
Another Oops.......This one surprised me.....

Domers (-24.5) over Boston Catholics
This one was really dumb...I know this game is a huge rivalry regardless of records and I'm still kicking myself...

The Mad Hatter (-28) over Ole Mis
Okay, Another one right!
WIN!  Bank: $142.5

Starting Bank: $1,623
Total Bet:  $375
Total Win: $285
Bank: $1,533

Enjoying the Ride...MMQ

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