Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FMQ Turkey/Slacker Wednesday!

Welcome to Slacker Wednesday!  In honor of the old "Stony and Wojo" show and Wojo's 50th birthday, we are celebrating the old WDFN mantra of Slacker Wednesday or Slacker Friday and doing it in MMQ style!

By the way, if you oppose the whole slacker thing, my guess is that you have no comprehension of how important slackers are to the whole economy.  Think about it:  IF it weren't for slackers, productivity would go up and un-employment would be even higher than it already is...So Big Business needs its Slackers!

Before we get to the bets, a couple of notes on yesterday's post:

1.  Yes, I'm happy for Rich Rod.  I don't think the guy came to Michigan with the intention of leading the Wolverines to the worst three year run in Michigan's History.  He just didn't get it and tried to do things kind of ass backwards, use a Big East philosophy, didn't focus on Defense, and lost sight of the importance of tradition.  Other than that, I don't think he was a bad guy.  So, yes, I'm happy for him and my guess is that in the offense oriented Pac 12, he's going to find some success.

2.  I think a few of you missed the point on the AQ status thing:  The Big Boy's are NOT going to go strictly to a BCS ranking to the biggest bowls.   On the contrary, they will get contracts signed in gold for all their affiliations which will effectively squeeze out the Boy's States, TCU's, BYU's, and "GASP" Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) out of the Big Bowls (Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar).  Yes, they might still have an outside shot at a National Title game, but there won't be any more big money distribution to the little guys.  It's not about fairness or where the little guys rank.  It's about the cash....Follow it and you'll understand why they're suggesting it.  Yes, I get that the SEC would like to have three qualifiers this year....But that is an anomally for the most part.  And don't be surprised if the indy's have a much more difficult time making arrangements for bowls based on record. Bowls want AIS (Asses in Seats) and hotel rooms booked.  Plain and simple.  The Fiesta disaster last year with UConn was unacceptable.  Expect there to be a lot less BEast teams with contracts. 

3.  No, Urban Meyer doesn't "Scare" the MMQ.  Bring him on.  The Urban Legend is...a legend.  And I would rather have a shot at beating the best at some point and anything that makes the B1G 10 stronger, I'm all for.  I would love to have Satan, The Hatter, Petrino, Chip Kelly, Patterson, and all the "Great" coaches in the B1G....Think about it for a minute and you'll see where I'm going with this....If you still can't see it, then I can't help you.   

Turkey Day Weekend Picks

After last week's abysmal showing (2 out of 5) we have regressed a little on the ole Bank and we need to figure out a way to get some easy cash before the Championship Week and Bowls come around.  I truly had visions of getting to $2,000 before the end of the season, and I think we still have a shot.  Let's get to and analyze the picks!

Arkansas (+12.5) @ LMU
I love Arkansas getting points here.  That offense is better than Satan's and my guess is they will be able to score on LMU.  I'm not saying they will win, but this game may be closer than anyone thinks.  Therefore, take
Arkansas and the 12.5 for $75

UCLA (+19.5) @ USC
Here's another one that is tough, but I think I like a lot of points in a rivalry game.  And 19.5 is simply too much to ignore, so take
UCLA and the 19.5 for $50

Hoakies @ Virginia (+5)
Home rival getting points?  I'll take those, too.
Virgina and the 5 for $60

Florida @ FSU (-1.5)
Has anyone seen Gatorland play against a good team this year?  Is FSU good?  My guess is the Gators find out what this rivalry was all about when Steve and Bobby used to beat the crap out of each other...
Take the Seminoles and lay the -1.5 fo $75

Alabama @ Auburn (+21)
I'd like to take the points in this one, but Satan has a funny way with revenge games.  And he needs style points for the voters.  Sorry, Chizik, it's going to be ugly...
Take Satan and lay the -21 for $60

ohio @ THE BIG HOUSE (-7)   O/U:  44
Really?  Are you going to ask me which way I'm going here?  In fact, I like this one SO MUCH, I might have to go nuts....
Take Michigan and lay the -7 for $120
In addition, take the over for $100.

3 way pays 6 to 1
Michigan - FSU - Mich/OSU OVER for $30

Starting Bank:  $1,533
Total Bet:     $570
Bank:  $963

Let's go out with a Bang or a Whimper...One or the other....

Enjoying the Ride...MMQ

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