Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Worth Reading This Week

You know, I used to be able to keep up with all this and comment on my own, but it's just too much anymore with work getting in the way.  Therefore, in case you DON'T click on the links to the other blogs at the right, here's a couple of things that are completely worth reading:

1.  Rich Rod hired by Arizona.  Frankly, I'm happy for the guy.  If he learned ANYTHING at Michigan and figures out that he needs a defense first, offense second, he might just be successful in the Pac 12...

2.  Frank The Tank Looks at the Elimination of the AQ Status:  This is a great article.  Frank is a lawyer and takes a look at the latest rumor of completely eliminating the AQ status from the Big 6 leagues.  I believe your own MMQ looked at this awhile back when TCU went to the Rose (I would need to search for the entry) and stated that if we were in the old system, such a travesty would have never occurred.  I agree with Frank here.  Eliminating the AQ status will take us back to the old ways and totally eliminate the possibility that we ever have to look at a Houston in one of the Big 4 Bowls. 

3.  If you don't read the Forde Yard Dash, or you can't find him on ESPN anymore, it's because they kicked him out and he's over at Rivals.  His Pre-Thanksgiving take on the season's final games is well worth the 10 minutes on a coffee break to read.

4.  SB Nation Bill Connelly, the Bowl Expert, Projects them all.  The MMQ does NOT want to jinx anything by mentioning where I thought we might end up and what the final pecking order of the B1G 10 will be, but Bill has no such alliances...Interesting where he thinks Michigan might end up and against whom (If you DON'T have the time, let's just say its a BCS game (YES!  That's what he's claiming - and it makes sense) against another at large in New Orleans....  Yeah, I'll gladly take a shot at Case Keenum vs. whoever comes out of the SEC at number 3-4 this year. 

5.  Urban Legend Denies rumors a third time.   And we ALL know that that means....It might as well be a done deal.  If the Legend hasn't agreed, it's only because the Mrs. is telling him in bed, "YOU PROMISED!"

So...There you have it.  Just in case you want to start "Slacker Wednesday" early on Tuesday or your just looking for the latest info.

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