Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why, WHY, Do We Try To Re-Invent the Wheel?

Sorry for the late post....Work gets in the way sometimes, you know?

Monday Morning blogs are always harder when I look at the game that was played and think, “Gee, I think I could have done a better job coaching that game, or at least called a play or two better.” Frankly, I haven’t felt like this in awhile as it was always a feeling I had from the Carr Era and the Rich Rod Era I was still trying to get used to on offense. But, let me say this, I saw stubbornness and maybe arrogance (?) in our coaching staff and I’m here to say that I don’t like it.

Minnesota shows Michigan the Blue Print all wrapped up with a bow on it of how a scrambling quarterback and an aggressive defense can beat Iowa. It was right there. All we had to do was more or less adopt their game plan, use plays that we’ve ran since Rich Rod took over, and you’re more or less going to be able to run on that defense.

Instead, we try to “establish” the run out of the I-formation and feeding F-Toussaint the ball until he breaks. Why?


The ground game wasn’t there, at least not for FT. D-Rob as a runner – passing threat might have opened up some lanes….I mean, everyone who has watched D-Rob knows he’s a runner first, he passes better when he’s running, and the most effective tool he has is his feet. Don’t make him into something he’s not.

While a lot of people will point to the last touchdown drive and say, “See! The shotgun works! Why weren’t we using that all game?” Iowa was in a different defense at that point, which correctly pointed out. But, I would have liked to see a little more of the Purdue play calls vs. what we had against the Hawkeyes.

I predicted pre-season that we might lose this one. Kinnick is an incredibly shitty place for Michigan to play. I just never imagined that we would lose a game that was so winnable if the team and, more importantly, the coaches and plays called in previous games, show up and make those calls. With respect to the last series with the ball on the 3 yard line, well, it made me ill to watch it unfold.

Denard dropping back 4 times with 18 seconds left? Really? You mean we can’t afford a 2nd down roll out to the right dragging a wide receiver – tight end combo across with D-Rob threatening to get to the corner or throwing? We don’t have that play SOMEWHERE in the book? It made me sick….

Yes, I will state here that the refereeing was atrocious. Smith says he caught it and not only do I believe him, I was convinced it was a catch and he had control as he hit the ground. The refs didn’t see it that way, which is simply terrible. But it always is when you’re on the road. Frankly, it never should have gotten to the last seconds – I think we can all see that and they still would have needed to figure out a way to get a two point conversion and win in OT. All big issues that we never got a chance to address.

The BCS Mess

Armageddon Saturday takes victims…..

Cornsuckers – Kitty Kats: Cornsuckers – WELCOME TO THE B1G 10! One week, you beat the leader of the pack. The next week, the Little Sisters of the Poor come into your house and kick your collective asses up and down the field. It should be stated here that the B1G 10 AIN’T the Big 12, boys and girls. Northwestern ISN’T Kansas or K-State (Any year but this year) in disguise. Everyone can play and they never let up. My guess is Pelini rips those Blackshirts off the defense today at practice.

LSU vs. Satan’s Warriors: It was a great game if you like Defense. If you like offense, you were asleep with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. MMQ’s brother texted that Bo and Woody we’re back on the sidelines. I mean, yes, these are two elite teams and the best team (MMQ’s opinion) won, but jeez, take a chance or at least pass the ball somewhere along the way? Of course, Bama tired and they stole the interception. As far as a re-match goes? No-thanks. I would rather see Mr. Lucky get a shot at LSU than watch that game on a neutral field again. Bama had their shot at home, lost it, and everything for now is right with the world. In fact, the Michigan argument was a LOT better in 2006 (losing on OSU's home field the day after Bo's death and with some poor officiating) so, there you go.

BCS Rankings

1. LSU – Howeva’, should these clowns lose a game or in the SEC title game, I don’t want to see either Alabama or LSU in the title game. Then I think it should be
2. OKIE STATE Cowboys: If they can survive Bedlam, there is not Big 12 Championship this year to de-rail them and they should not have to play
3. Satan’s Warriors – I don’t get this…You lost at home to a team you were supposed to be better than, right? I mean, LSU WAS GETTING 5 Points! That should drop them below
4. Stanford – Mr. Lucky doesn’t know the meaning of the word lose at this point. Yes, the meat of the schedule is coming, but they have the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) and the Ducks at home. I like his chances to be in the title game against Okie State and completely screw the SEC out of the Championship…That would make this fan EXTREMELY HAPPY!
5. Boy’s State – I heard they are simply going to put a “BCS 5” on their jerseys for the next game. They seem to be ranked right there most of the time…
6. Laters – Could actually (maybe?) get back in this thing with some long shot upsets…But it is November and the play-offs have begun.
7. Oregon – Doubt they can get past Mr. Lucky…
8. Arkansas – See Laters…They need a lot of help….
9. Clemson – Awe, look who’s back in the top 10…You can thank Nebraska for choking and the Purple Kitty’s for serving up the hair ball…
10. Va Tech – Hoakies? Really? It’s been so long since you actually mattered!!!

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I have a bad feeling about this.
-Seriously, what are we doing on offense?
-Okay, we got six.
-The missed extra point of Doom reared it’s ugly head again…
-I wonder if I’ll be alive when someone says, “And the last time Michigan missed an extra point was “X” number of years ago….”
-Should that be the way all extra points are looked at?
-Why can’t we run Denard against these guys like last year?
-We moved the ball on them, we just couldn’t stop them.
-Iowa isn’t that good.
-Meaning: We’re not that good.
-Borges I thought had it figured out.
-Now, I’m not so sure.
-I mean, okay, I get that a pure spread maybe isn’t the best offense.
-But can’t we at least use some of the stuff that worked REALLY GOOD with De-Rob?
-Sigh….2nd half….Way to many missed opportunities.
-What's all this crap about PSU, Joe Pa, and assistant coaches in locker rooms with young men?
-I DON'T WANNA know....
-But it's like watching an accident...I can't avert my eyes.
-Domers struggled (a little) with Wake.
-Domers are NOT a good road team.
-Uh, but I guess the pot cannot call the kettle Sucky…
-Cause neither is Michigan.
-Meaning we could lose to the Illini…
-But we have the Cornsuckers and Ohio at home..
-Which, Dammit, I LIKE!
-Would 10-2 make me happy?
-At the start of the season it was going to…
-Now, I feel like the two losses were winnable, so I’m not so sure.
-Ask me again if we can win out, however, and you’ll get a different answer!
-I don’t want a repeat of the Big House Michigan – Illinois in Champagne this year.
-That game was pure anxiety…
-One road win…is all we need…besides Northwestern, I mean.
-LSU and Bama are going to wear holes in the middle of the field.
-Do they even know that outside the hashes is NOT out of bounds?
-Defense wins, but it is a little boring.
-Who want’s to play Bama in a bowl? That would be the SEC #2 vs. B1G #2? Is that gonna be Penn State?
-Too early to start all THAT nonsense….
-Why isn’t Mr. Lucky on somewhere?
-He’s covering! That’s all that matters, I guess, but I’d like to see the kid play

The Hot Seat

Jenn Brown Rocks Week #9! In what can only be described as a stunning upset of Katarina and Ali, the voters got out in force and voted Jenn Brown the Hot Seat Mascot of the week and that puts her into the finals! We’re slowly nearing the end of the season (sigh) and we only have a few more mascots to go. I had to bump the original Week #10 mascot for a reader submission that was simply to, uh, “Hot” to pass up! Ladies and gentlemen, Hot Seat Mascot for Week #10 Lucy Pinder! She’s a fashion model actress from across the pond and when I saw the photos that the reader submitted, well, I guess I’ll just let them speak for themselves!

GONE list:

1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico
2. Mike Stoops – Arizona…Sorry, I didn’t see this one coming….
3. Nutt….He’s announced his retirement….Losing 12 SEC games in a row will do that to a coach

Hot Seat Rank

1. Neuheisel - If he wins out, UCLA wins Pac 12 south…Do you believe that?
2. Houston Nutt – I’ll keep him here just to show that he’s still coach…
3. Joe Pa – I don’t like what I’m reading and hearing about PSU at this point…
4. Wulff – Mr. Lucky did NOT help his cause…
5. Zook – Another Zook Crash and Burn Season on the brink?
6. Turner Gill – Who knows….
7. Spaziani – Who would BC get?
8. Fickell – Have to move him down, but I know he’s probably gone so I hate to take him off the radar.
9. Kelly – Destroying Army doesn’t get you any love in South Bend…

FMQ Betting Results:

4 out of 5 and I blow the Michigan Pick…Actually, as noted above, if Michigan plays half the game we played against Purdue and we aren’t road chumps, we beat Iowa and the spread…Sigh….Next week, maybe things will improve on the road as the games are only getting tougher all over the place.

Michigan @ Iowa (+3.5)
Take Michigan and lay the 3.5 for $100
OOPS….But again, I HATE taking responsibility for this one…LOSE

Game of the Ages (or the Over Recruiting Bowl) LSU (+5) @ Satan's Warriors
Take LSU and the 5 for $70
The Mad Hatter Strikes Again! WIN = Bank $133

Mr. Lucky @ OSU (+20.5)
Take Mr. Lucky and lay the 20.5 for $100
Mr. Lucky is on a 9-0 run ATS and it’s going to be hard to quit him…It really is. WIN – Bank $190

Gophers (+28.5) @ Sparty
Take the Gophers and the 28.5 for $70
I really felt like this was the pick on the board last week. WIN = Bank $133

Vandy (+14) @ Gatorland
But I’m noticing Vandy and their ability to cover the number more and more…

Domers @ Wake Forest (+14)
Should have followed my instincts with respect the Road Chump Domers

USC @ Colorado (+21)
Take USC and lay the 21 for $60
Lane Kiffin is earning a paycheck…WIN = Bank $124


I really like Michigan-Stanford-LSU for $30 - LOSE

Starting BANK: $1,20
NEW BANK: $1,771

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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