Monday, September 12, 2011

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!


Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna knock you right on the head,
You better get yourself together,
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead! – John Lennon

Where to begin? The lights, the pageantry, emotional pre-game with Desmond on the field. New Scoreboards illuminating the stadium…This ain’t the same stadium your father knew. And neither is how these two teams are currently playing this game!

My voice is just now coming back, but the back of the throat is still sore. The adrenaline headache has subsided, but there was on and off again pain yesterday from lack of sleep. But it was all worth it!

To say that things were happening “Instantly” on Saturday night after 11:00 PM might be a bit of an understatement. If you blinked, sneezed, or had to take a wee-wee break because of too much pre-game festivities, you probably – no make that definitely - missed a lot.

What were the best parts of this game? Well, with the exception of a couple of plays, NOTHING IN THE FIRST HALF. And you can pretty much say that about the 3rd quarter as well. But in the 4th quarter:
- Denard scooping up a Hopkins fumble for a TD – Karma, baby!
- Gallon’s catch. Not that one, the first one.
- Then that one - yeah, that one.
- Roundtree’s catch.
- Vincent Smith’s catch and juke to the promised land
- Hemmingway’s 1st half catch and TD were pretty nice, also.

Earlier in the year I posted that maybe, just MAYBE, The Curse of the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!) was a Kismet – Karma thing that was the result of D. Sullivan (RIP), 3 Beer Floydd, Non-consensual sex with coeds and a number of other transgressions that not only make the Domers the biggest bunch of hypocrites walking the face of the Earth, but they are doing it all in “The Holy Mother’s Name”. Yeah, I’m proud to be a catholic – NOT – when Notre Dame and it’s fans are supposed to be the model that everyone is following. But it does feel good to go to church wearing a Michigan polo and getting those nasty, pained looks from the Domer population.

So, what was my initial reaction after it was all said and done? What else:


He who laughs last….A breakdown would normally be in order, so I’ll get right to it:

Michigan Score 35 Domers 31
Turnovers: Michigan 3, Domers 4


Hmm, that’s funny. The Domers should be able to build on this “statement” game. They did lots of things right! Except win, of course.

Yes, I know Michigan was mere seconds away from being on the other side of this emotional swing. In fact, with 30 seconds to go, they were there. And it sucked. I couldn’t believe that they just couldn’t stop the Domers once. The noise was deafening and it had to be loud on the field. And then the crowd was crushed with only 30 seconds to go. Time to get a jump on the traffic. Some of the faithful had given up.

And then a long pass to Gallon and a Roundtree TD 22 seconds later and we were right back at the top of the Roller Coaster. And Domer Nation was in the abyss. That dark void of nothingness that Michigan fans have had to endure for so long…

Believe it or not, some of the Domer crowd in the South End Zone that showed up started chanting, “It SUCKS to be a Michigan Wolverine!” at some point in the 3rd quarter when the score went 24-7. Domers, You ARE NOT ALLOWED to count any chickens (wins) until the clock reads 0:00.

Domers – a Little Advice:

“Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

- Lou Mannheim from Wallstreet (with a little help from Nietschke.)

I wanted a Domer Quote from the game and couldn’t get one. Couldn’t actually find a fan. Were they all wearing Maize and Blue under their Green stuff? But here’s one from the NDNation sound off board that pretty much says it all…(And note that it’s a female fan!)

"This isn't healthy, right? I mean, I still see that goal line stand. Stuffing him and causing a fumble. Things your defense is SUPPOSED to do, and that motherfucker picking up the ball and running it in. I knew we were done right then and there. THAT is the play that makes me ill this morning."

Nice language from a Domer Chick, eh?

We were trying to rank the “Big House Best Games Ever” at the post tailgate and when I started thinking about it, well, it’s tough to argue that this game ISN’T number 1. The problem is that the whole paradigm has shifted. Its bigger (the Big House). The game was at night. The scoreboards made for an overall better experience. The band is amplified. The suites magnify the noise. The RAWK MUSIC was PERFECTLY timed. How do you compare experiences really? We almost need to start fresh from this point forward. But, seeing as how you can’t do that, we’ll try to rank them as we see them:

1. Notre Dame 2011 – Enough said…
2. MSU 2004 – Triple OT against Sparty…Yeah, this qualifies.
3. OSU 1997 – Really? Do I need to justify this one?
4. PSU 2002 – First OT game in the Big House
5. Tie Notre Dame 2009 – PSU 2006 (Tate Forcier and Henne – Manningham)

The Rest of the Mess

I didn’t see any games except one, so commenting is taken from the highlights.

tOhio vs. Toledo: Hmmm…Either Ohio is bad or Toledo is good. It was hard to say which. I have heard Fickell’s new name is “Fecal” however, and that’s from the loyal Scarlett and Grey….
Dawgs vs Cocks: (I’ll never get tired of referencing South Carolinas nickname!) Richy Richt’s seat just got a little hotter Saturday, even though it was a great game. But losing that one hurts. They had a shot and now they need lots of help…

Satan’s Warriors vs. Nittany Kitty Kats: Maybe Joe Pa needs to schedule an easier SEC opponent. I swear that Satan calls off the dogs for this game so as not to embarrass Ole Joe…

Sparty: Yawn….Good luck next week in that Hornet’s nest that will be South Bend. But I suspect the home crowd is going to come down pretty hard on their own team at the first sign of adversity.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-GRIDLOCK! NOT!…Actually, from all the accounts, it sounds like the night games are the way to go. First, getting into Ann Arbor was a lot easier regardless of what time you arrived. I’ve heard from Noon till 4 PM was a piece of cake. Easier than any other game. And that was without Golf Course and Pioneer grass available.
-Getting out was easy for this fan, also. Nothing but game traffic at 1:00 AM and everyone going the same way!
-Kind of makes sense when you think about it….
-Have I mentioned that recently?
-Desmond is a class act.
-And no, I don’t think he was faking that emotion. That was all from the heart.
-That’s just the kind of guy he is.
-Did I mention Dave Brandon swung by the tailgate?
-Really! He even went by a second time after we yelled “Hi, Dave!” to the golf cart he was in.
-“If we only had an offense!” MMQ’s brother. My response, “What’s an Offense?”
-“Never thought you’d be begging for Rich Rod back, did ya’?” MMQ’s brother again…
-I had not yet gotten to the point where I am wishing for Rich Rod back. I’m not sure I will ever be at that point…
-Josh Groban pretty much took care of that.
-Three 1st downs in the first half? Really?
-24-7. I’m outta’ here if they make it 31-7.
-Okay, 24-14. 10 point game with 14 minutes left! We got a shot…
-Someone took the reigns off Denard…
-I think it took me longer to type that than it actually took to play out on Saturday…And they weren’t thoughts! That was out loud….
-RAWK Music is Cool.
-But damn, it’s loud.
-Am I getting too old for this crap?

The Hot Seat

I have several Hot Seat selections made and I’m good through the middle of October or so, but I’m always on the look out for any suggestions that the Distribution would like to make. Apparently, the crowd was not entirely thrilled with the Alexa Flutie selection last week, even thought I thought it was extremely appropriate – and she won the voting by a margin of about 3-2. I mean, I can’t start off with the totally hottest Hot Seat Mascot, can I? Where would the build up be? What about the big finish? Anyway, without further ado:

Analeigh Tipton! You may have seen her in this summer’s flick, Crazy, Stupid Love. I caught her one night watching The Big Bang Theory and I took notice. Anyway, enjoy and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Richy Richt – DON’T LOOK NOW! 0-2 and the fans are not only restless, but the torch and pitchfork store in Georgia was ransacked on Sunday!
2. Kelly, Brian – See Richy Richt – Just the Torch and Pitchfork store in Indiana was ransacked is the only difference.
3. Paul Wulff
4. Neuheisel
5. Bob Toledo
6. Schiano
7. Kelly, Chip
8. Erickson
9. Zooky
10. Tedford

FMQ Betting Results:
Not a bad week, but man did I catch a rash of crap at the tailgate! Let’s see a guest gambler get on this next Friday and do better!

Michigan +3.5 vs. DOMERS
Thank you, Thank you VERY MUCH!
WIN: Bank $76

Stanford (-18.5) at Duke
Thank you, Thank you Very Much Mr. Lucky!
WIN: Bank $114

Nebraska -28 vs. Fresno State
Okay, this MIGHT be the last time I give lay the points and take Nebraska…

Alabama @ PSU (+9.5)
I think this might have been the gimee on the board!
WIN: Bank $114

tOhio (-19) vs. Toledo
Fecal is not winning over their hearts and minds….Especially if they are using that nickname already…Of course, I’m mad at him, too.

Don’t talk to me about Parlays…..

Starting BANK: $624
NEW BANK: $928

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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