Monday, September 19, 2011

Finaly - A Yawn....But Everything Else Is Happening FAST!

Well, my heart has started beating correctly again and the adrenaline seems to have left the system, but wow, what a come down after last week. And sometimes, a cupcake after a big meal is all you want (or need.)

It seems like a long time, but Michigan finally had a game where it didn’t seem like it was entirely on the line and their backs were against the wall. Okay, Western in retrospect was kind of a yawner, but I’ll still take the position that Western was 4 plays - 2 defensive, 2 offensive that were the difference makers and without those, it’s a 3 point game. Yes, I expected Michigan to come out flt. I expected them to come out and try to run the ball. And I expected Eastern to stop the run and force DeRob to pass. So, all my expectations were met. And the results more or less supported those expectations.

I will say that the defense rose to the occasion on the first drive and stopped EMU on a 4th and 1 and that was impressive. However, again as expected, I figured EMU to attack the defense “right in the middle” figure out if we had fixed our D-Line and linebacker problem (we haven’t) and also try to run us wide to the side. Not a bad game plan, it’s just that EMU didn’t have the horses to pull it off for an entire game.

So, what do we really know about this 3-0 Michigan team? They will more than likely lose a game or two this year. But I suspect, as I stated in the pre-season spectacular, that the teams we lose to will be totally unexpected. I’m just happy they’re 3-0 as it’s a pretty good feeling.

The Rest of the Mess

SPARTY – DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) - Too many caps? I mean, it is Sparty-Domer. As expected, the Domers came out in a fragile state and right when it looked like they were on the verge of utter collapse, well, Sparty would do something stupid and let them right back into the game. 1st quarter: Rees throws the INT and Sparty does not capitalize. In fact, they turn it right back over to the Domers. 2nd quarter: Sparty continues to shoot themselves in the foot and they try trickery instead of just trying to take what the Domer defense was giving. I will admit, The Stallion attempted to stick with the run (when he shouldn’t have) and pass when he should have been running. I counted at least 3 3rd and longs where a QB draw or delayed RB draw would have probably gone for huge yards and got first downs. Not tom mention the idiotic fake Figgie right before the half. I really don’t know who dreamed that one up, but it was poorly planned, executed, timed, insert modifier here. This is a take the points in the first half game, kids. Dantonio was a boob. The 2nd half started to look like the ole Domers would do something stupid to help Sparty back into the game with the fumbled punt in the 4th quarter, but then Sparty loaded and cocked the gun again and BLAMMO! Interception at the goal line returned inside Sparty’s own 10 yard line. Cousins will be scarred for life…..

Sparty doesn’t scare me as much this year. They’re beatable. They will improve and it will be a clash in East Lansing, but they’re beatable.

GATORLAND – Cremesicles: I really thought the Cremesicles were a better team and they might have kept this one closer had they not lost their top receiver early in the game. Gatorland looks for real (again) and may be back in the hunt for the SEC East. If it’s still the SEC East when everything settles from Conference re-alignment. More on that in a minute.

NCAA Probation Bowl: tOhio looked bad. Really bad. I don’t think they will win 8 this year. That’s how bad the MMQ thinks they looked. Miami didn’t look like world beaters either, but they certainly didn’t stink it up like Ohio. Fecal had better get the train back on track in order to win some Big 10 games or he might not make the entire season.

Pitt (ACC) vs. Iowa (B1G): I figured I would start putting the conference affiliation next the to team in order to get everyone used to the new world and how it will look in the next couple of years. Pitt had this game in hand and Iowa came back (scarily) frankly to win it. Granted, it didn’t create the heart palpitations that Michigan –Domers caused a week ago, but still, it was exciting to watch.

FSU (ACC or SEC) vs. Okie Laters (???????): The FMQ stayed away from this game as I desperately wanted to take FSU, the points and the fact that they were at home in a revenge match-up all into account. However, the ole brain started itching which is a signal that I’m about to make a big mistake. What, doesn’t your brain itch from time to time? Anyway, Super Stooper had his troops ready and the laters just made a strong argument in primetime as to why half of the BCS title game should include them. I’m not convince they deserve it over Stanford yet, but I get the argument.

Mr. Lucky (Pac 24 pod 3?) vs. Arizona (Pac 24 pod 6?) : Yawn. I believe Mr. Lucky will continue to pummel teams until the other guys figure out a way to stop him.

Did I watch all those games? Yep. Bits and pieces of them.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Michigan looked a little flat, but not alarmingly so. Yes, flat is flat and it always looks bad. But if you were coming down for three days after that Domer game, how long do you think it took them?
-EMU and English have something going here. They will surprise some MAC teams this year.
-Huh…No Devon Gardner. I figured we would have seen him in the 4th.
-Of course, DeRob is still learning this offense, too.
-Look for Devon in the San Diego State Game (Tickets still available!)
-Sparty looks bad.
-Domers look bade.
-Sparty looks worse.
-Domers were fortunate to have The Stallion nervous. If he plays straight forward, Sparty might’ve won that game.
-WHAT? Bottom line reporting that Syracuse and Pitt to leave the B-East and join the ACC?
-Uh, folks, for the uninformed, that’s kind of like, on a much smaller scale, Michigan and OSU leaving the B1G for some other conference.
-I know, it’s an exaggeration, but seriously: Syracuse was a founding member (1979) of the B -East and Pitt was right behind them in 1982.
-So, the question becomes, “Why?”
-Simple. Cash and security. The B-East has always been Basketball first. And both the ‘Cuse and Pitt are AAU schools, going into a strong AAU conference (the ACC).
-That’s worth repeating. AAU affiliation is a big deal, sports fans.
-Meaning Deans and Chancellor’s are still calling the shots and academics are still driving the bus.
-Where does it all end?
-Apparently, with the Big 12 dissolving and Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Okie State in the Pac 16 - 20 - 24....Whatever.
-Where does that leave Mizzou, Kansas, K-State, I-State, and Baylor?
-In some sort of B-Eeast bastardized West division?
-And what about the LHN? Will the Pac (insert number here) collapse to Texas pressure and let an outsider dictate and run the show?
-My guess is Deloss Dodds and Bill Powers start to see the error of the LHN and they try to let it die a quiet death.
-I don’t think Larry Scott has the cache to pull that off with Stanford.
-They’ll resist.
-And ESPN will be pissed about losing the LHN.
-Which, IS ESPN wagging the Dog a little here?
-What’s the NCAA’s oversight on THAT?
-There is no way the independents wag the dog at this point. Not when all roads to a national title go through a conference championship.
-Rumor is BYU, Texas and Domers will establish “Independent” Championship Game for qualification into the BCS title game…
-Really? I’m not buying it.
-I know, lots of idle thoughts about conference re-alignment, but its here to stay.
-Separate post coming on that thought, too.

The Hot Seat

Well, for the last two weeks, we have introduced new Hot Seat Macots and they have made it into the finals. Flutie and Tipton will be finalists in the Annual Hot Seat Mascot of the year! Tipton was a tight victory, but Flutie was sitting pretty with a ticket already punched.

I’m kinda thinking I have the order right, from less hot to hot, but this one might not be seen as going to hotter from last week. I first noticed her in “Superbad” and “The House Bunny” (Okay, I watch a lot of bad movies) but when she really caught my eye was in "Zombieland". Haven’t seen it? Believe me, if you like culty, campy comedies, Zombieland is worth the 2 hours. Woody H is classic and the cameo by Bill Murray is worth the wait. But Emma is worthy of nomination in the MMQ’s eyes!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Kelly, Brian – I re-arranged these as Kelly’s seat is probably still hotter. Losing to Michigan doesn’t bode well for your career at the Domers.
2. Richy Richt – They will win SEC games.
3. Neuheisel - This weekend did not help Rick’s cause….
4. Zooky
5. Paul Wulff - almost have to take him off the list!
6. Bob Toledo
7. Tedford

FMQ Betting Results:

Hey, hey, hey! Talk about getting something right for a change! I’m elated that everyone finally got on the same page as the MMQ and did what they were supposed to do! It was a great week….

Michigan -30.5 vs. EMU
Take Eastern and the 30.5 for $80
31-3, which means a 28 point delta! WIN! Bank $152

Stanford (-10) at Arizona
Take Stanford and lay the -10 for $60
This was like taking candy from a Baby! WIN! Bank $114

Wisconsin vs. NIU(+17)
Take Wisconsin and lay 17 for $40
See the Stanford Comments! WIN! Bank $76

Sparty @ Domers (-5.5)
Take Sparty and the 5.5 for $30
You know, Sparty kills me, they really do….LOSE

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5)
Take Texas and lay the 3.5 for $30
The Mack Attack is BACK! And UCLA really sucks. WIN: Bank $57

Those are the 5 games I REALLY liked. However, there’s a bunch of other games that I’d love to have action on, so just for giggles, let’s spread a little over those, shall we?

Tennessee (+10) @ Florida
Take the Cremesicles and the 10 points for $10
LOSE….Last time I bet Tennessee…Swear.

ASU @ Illini (PICK)
Take ASU on the road for $10
Really? I mean, maybe Illinois isn’t that bad….LOSE.

Minnesota (-3.5) vs. Miami (OH)
Take Minnesota and lay the 3.5 for $10.
29-23….THAT’S What I’m talking about! WIN: Bank $19

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like (only one parlay) are Eastern Michigan, Stanford, and Wisconsin for $20.
I love it when a Plan comes together! WIN! Bank $120

Starting BANK: $638
NEW BANK: $1,176

Next week ought to be fun! Be sure to tune in Friday for the picks!

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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