Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Domers - A 2nd Look & BIG HOUSE Big Games

As always, the Big Game generates a lot of e-mail and fan interest, not to mention hits on the Ole’ MMQ blog. I do thank each and every one of you for reading this drivel, if for no other reason than to make me think this is all in some weird and twisted way worthwhile.

HOWEVA’, there have been several issues – questions – challenges raised as a result of the Game on Saturday and subsequent post. So, in no particular order, let’s run ‘em down, so to speak:

1. The reason the final TD on the kick-off didn’t count: The kicking team CANNOT advance a kick-off. They can only recover. So, Michigan did recover the squib at the end and what appeared to be an advance to the goal line and subsequent spike of the ball in the endzone was simply Michigan’s ball at the 20 or where ever it was scooped up. Enough with the final score “Should have been 41 (2) to 31” already. We beat the Domers and the spread, the MMQ is happy.
2. If they awarded the Heisman based on performances against the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!), DeRob wins the thing hands down. No question.
3. I think everyone knows that this isn’t that great of a team (Michigan) and that is what is going to make this an interesting season. For anyone that sent me an e-mail stating that fact, I have a simple response for you. “Duh.” I know they aren’t that good. I can read box scores, too. You’re probably the same group that complains when you’re doing the horizontal bop that it doesn’t last long enough…sheesh. Check the latest MMQ tagline: Enjoying the Ride…
4. Do any of you know how to comment on the blog? The MMQ is going to stop responding to E-mail. It’s too much. Use the blog, that’s why it’s there. (okay, now I’m venting. I apologize. But seriously, create an account. It takes 2 minutes, tops.)
5. “This was the greatest game in Michigan Histroy.” I had more than one e-mail asking me how I could state that? And I know for those of you that weren’t there and watched it on the tube, it had to really suck for the first 3 quarters, and I kind of get where you’re coming from. But I’m telling you that the last quarter in that stadium was the wildest emotional ride I believe I have ever been on, at least in recent memory. However, in complete and total fairness that I like to think we exercise here at the MMQ, we’re going to do something about the “Greatest Game Ever Moniker”, in a minute.
6. Sparty is either in really deep doo-doo or they are going to crush an emasculated Domer team. Either way, I know that Michigan as created another interesting matchup between those two teams that I will enjoy watching, because either way, (as Jeff says) SOMEONE I HATE IS GOING TO LOSE!
7. Is Brian Kelly a good coach or isn’t he? Hell, you can ask the same question about Hoke at this point and I’ll give you the same exact answer: Give the guy 3 years and I’ll let you know. Do I think Kelly is going to get fired for losing twice to Michigan? It’s not a good sign, based on the recent events (last 10 years of Notre Dame coaching changes). Do I think he’s there for at least another year? Yep. But its going to be GREAT to poke fun at this guy…. Dammit!
8. Do I really believe the Domers are cursed? Well…..yeah. And I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Does anyone believe that the Domers SHOULDN’T have won that game? I know it was hard for me to believe that Michigan had a chance with 0:30 left. But, everyone knows how it ended….I don’t believe you can state that you run a clean program and have all the issues surrounding it that the Domers do and still believe as a fan base that you’re somehow superior to everyone else in College football. Everyone’s a little dirty. Accept it, deal with it, and move on. Has the game changed? You bet. Change with it or you will be cursed.
9. Is Crist the better QB for the Domers? I don’t know. There’s a guy I work with that thinks Crist is calmer and more collected and simply had “first game jitters” against USF and Kelly is a boob for yanking him so quickly. He also believes that USF was a far superior team to Michigan and that Crist would’ve beat Michigan. Hmmm…..Interesting and thoughtful take.
10. Isn’t it fun when you’re still smiling on Tuesday????

Okay, I may have been caught up in the moment proclaiming Saturday as the Greatest Game in the Big House Ever. I was basing that on the emotions involved, the crowd, and the fact that it was midnight and I was wide awake, basking in the celebration. I certainly don’t believe it was the greatest “played” game I’ve ever seen there. In fact, if I had to label it, it was the “BEST Worst Game” I have ever seen in that stadium. Does that make sense? It should if you’ve been reading me for awhile.

So, what we need is objective and subjective criteria to measure the games that have been played in the Big House. Those criteria, laid out here by the MMQ, can vary and I will certainly take outside advice and opinion on this matter:

1. The Opponent. It has to be big. Anyone that has a nickname that my Grandma can tell me qualifies. OSU, Domers, PSU, MSU, etc. She knows those are Buckeyes, Fighting Irish, Nittany Lions, and Sparty. If she can tell me the nickname of the team we’re playing, than it’s Big Game worthy.
2. Stakes. The game has to mean something. If it’s just a run of the mill Big 10 team, well, it might be a Big Game, but technically (And this is OLD MMQ talking), Michigan believes we should kick your ass. Please take note: Cheeseheads, Northwestern, Iowa, Purdue, and Illinois. And we had to have won the game for it to qualify. No moral losses here.
3. Build-Up. It can’t be a Big Game unless people are looking forward to it for at least two weeks. The reason Michigan-OSU in 2006 was so huge was because both Michigan and OSU were undefeated and weren’t playing anyone for 3 weeks before they met. That was a Big Game, just not in the Big House.
4. Score: It should be close and the eventual victor should be in question all the way to the end of the game. No big stakes, big build-up, big opponent blowouts need apply.
5. Does the MMQ’s arm hair stand on end when the team takes the field? (This one is a little subjective, I know. But still, FOR ME, it tells me that it’s a Big Game!)
6. How much do we (I) hate the opponent? Subjective again, but never the less a worthy measuring stick. And it’s certainly personal. I simply don’t hate Sparty as much as I hate the Domers-Suckeyes. Can’t explain it. I think it has to do with Bo. He hated the Domers and OSU and I think it rubbed off a little….Sparty, well, as we all now know, you’re just supposed to beat your Little Brother.
7. What’s the general consensus? How do we get that? Well, we have a


For the next week or so, I’ll run a poll on the side bar with 10 games that I think are worthy of the “Best Games in the Big House EVER!” and we can vote. How’s that for democracy in action? The games I’m considering right now (I’ve already explained the first 5. Notice I didn’t say “Top 5”:

1. Domers 2011
2. Sparty 2004
3. OSU 1997
4. PSU 2002
5. Domers 2009
6. OSU 1985 – Harbaugh to Kolesar for a 77 yard TD in the 4th Quarter, which made the score 27-17. Michigan went on to beat Nebraska in Fiesta bowl and finish 2nd in the national rankings overall. Iowa, who Michigan lost to that year (12-10) went on to the Rose Bowl.
7. OSU 1969 – Unfortunately, revisionist history is the issue here. I was 4 when this game was played and therefore, cannot subjectively vote on it. However, knowing what I know, yeah, it HAD to be a Big Game. But was it the Best Ever in the Big House? That’s why we’re voting!
8. FSU 1986 – Won 20-18. Was the start to an undefeated season right up to Minnesota that year and a disaster in the Big House…
9. OSU 1995 – Tshimanga Biakabatuka ran for 315 yards against the number 2 team in the land. Stakes weren’t huge as OSU had Rose Bowl berth anyway, but we screwed up their national title hopes.
10. Domers 1991 – Desmond Howard and the catch…Yeah, it was tight and it was a big play. And it was the Domers.
11. Iowa 1997 – I know, I know. This VIOLATES ONE OF MY OWN RULES! But it was the biggest comeback in Michigan History. Down 24-0 at halftime, Griese, Woodson and company come out and score 28 unanswered. I remember leaving and feeling relieved, because the build-up wasn’t there pre-game. That much I remember. But the 2nd half was everything you’d want.

So, unless someone wants to chime in with one I forgot, let’s leave it at those 11. Vote on the side bar. I’ll leave it up there for a week. Vote for up to 5 games and that will become the official rank of the Greatest Big House Games Ever!

Never let it be said that I won’t engage in a good debate!

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ


Blue Trooper said...

Iowa game in 1997 was 21-7 at halftime, not 24-0.

MMQ said...

Sorry Blue....Remember, I do a lot of this stuff from memory and mine isn't that good any more....too much other crap getting in the way!