Monday, September 26, 2011

Aztecs Are Not As Frightening as Expected…

But the Michigan offense and defense can each be extremely frustrating and shoot themselves in the foot. I watched most of the game on Saturday from the confines of my own home and I noticed several things, in no particular order:

The defense is playing better, except when it isn’t.
Denard is passing poorly, except when he isn’t.
The control the clock running game is non-existent, except when it busts a big one.

What does all that mean? It means that there’s going to be some pretty interesting Big 10 games in the near future that we are going to have a hard time playing and staying in with respect to ball control and keeping our foot on the neck of teams where we get a score advantage. My guess Michigan’s game plan is going to look a lot like this: Try to “establish” that dominance early, get behind, turn Denard and the Blitz loose on defense, get back in the game and win it late. Not exactly the stuff great teams are made of, but I don’t think it’ll be the utter collapse that we saw the last two years after going 5-0.

Kill is back in the hospital with another seizure. Minnesota will be up, but they’re beatable. And Hoke will have them ready for the Big 10 opener and the oldest Trophy Game that there is. I think Michigan pulls out a squeaker in Ann Arbor. But the FMQ will take the 20 that Minnesota is getting when he bets...

What’ll happen in the remaining 7 games after the Gophers is anyone’s guess, but there’s very little chance we lose them all. Of course, there’s very little chance we win them all, too. But I think there’s a very good chance we win 5 of them. I just can’t tell you right now which 5 it’ll be. I’m not even sure Vegas knows how to handicap this team.

On a side note, Denard continues to amaze, find spaces, and out run everybody on the field. If only he could find receivers with a little more regularity…And what I thought was an anomaly has actually continued to prove itself each week – Turnovers by the Defense are starting to make me think that they’re a better coached group of kids in the fundamentals of the game.

The Rest of the Mess

DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) @ Pitt: Pitt had the Domers RIGHT where they wanted them and then let them get away with one. Domers are going to lose a couple more games, even though as Urban kept stating, they have better athletes then the other guys. What exactly was he trying to say? He said it a half dozen times…Is that a slam on Kelly?

Sparty - Central: Couldn’t find this blow out on the tube…Must have been on ESPN-U that Comcast doesn’t give me…

FSU @ Clemson: Clemson is going to have to be reckoned with. Watkins is a player and the QB knows how to throw it in his general direction, which is what you do with a good receiver. Look for the Orange Tigers to make some ACC noise this year…

Arkansas @ Satan’s Warriors: Bama is better than I thought and their defense is scary good. Not only are they big, but they’re quick. Satan is doing it right, as far as getting a defense together first. I just hate Satan for all the other cheating he does…that’s all.

Okie State vs. Texas AM (SEC): Texas AM let Okie State have this game. No other way to say it. Even after Okie State tried to hand it back to Texas AM ( on a botched TD that turned into a Safety) Texas AM handed it right back!

LMU vs. West F!#@%& Virginia: Well, here’s proof that southern hillbilly hicks are better than northern hillbilly hicks. I’m not sure what this game accomplished for either team, but LMU came out on top and looked much better in the process than WVU… Oh, and LMU is your new number 1 in the coaches poll...So there's that.

Toledo vs. Syracuse: ACC bound Syracuse is apparently cheating at football….Well, not cheating, but the referees blew an extra point call that clearly missed the uprights…Sad, isn’t? Are you telling me you can’t find 2 guys out of your referee group that can look up and tell whether or not the ball went through? Really?

By the way: The Vote is IN!!!!

What you the fans thought were the Best Games in the Big House were:

1. Domers 2011
2. OSU – 1997
3. OSU – 1969
4. Sparty – 2004
5. Domers – 1991 Desmond Catch, for those that can’t remember…

Everything else really doesn’t matter does it? Granted, we might change the criteria around and get a different result, but based on what we used for voting, those are results I can live with.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday
-Hmmm…We need to stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Denard is simply Denard. Let him be Denard.
-The Aztecs shot themselves in the foot early and couldn’t recover.
-Michigan will need a lot of teams to do that this year.
-Because Michigan is going to misfire a couple into their own foot sooner or later.
-Minnesota will not make these mental mistakes.
-And it’s for the Jug…
-Which is now home in Ann Arbor, where it belongs.
-I’ve always liked playing for the Jug.
-It is the oldest trophy in College Football, ya’ know….
-So, Conference Re-alignment is dead for the time being.
-Until the SEC farts and grabs someone for number 14.
-Only Market SEC isn’t in that they’d like to get in: Missouri or New York. Geography points to Missouri. No New York schools make sense.
-You can forget Clemson, West F@$#&*@ Virginia and Va Tech.
-Same reason as always: Money. Too much to buy out of ACC and SEC has those markets covered.
-And Texas continues holds everyone else hostage in the Big 12.
-It cracks me up to see people speculate on “Who might want to join the Big 12” when schools can’t get out of that conference fast enough.
-Even if Texas starts playing nice, how long can you trust them?
-Boeheim interview cracked me up, too…
-He more or less threw Big East under the truck. "This isn't the same Big East that Syracuse formed."
-And there was more than a “little” slam on the conference members that were “Independent” in Football. Stating that the Big East could be a great conference if, again, everyone played by the same rules.
-Gee, I wonder who he was refering to there?
-Which more or less proves my point: Where ever there’s a Domer, there’s someone that’s pissed off!
-Penn State isn’t that good this year…And of course, Michigan doesn’t play them…
-Satan’s Warriors look downright scary.
-We have to play them next year?
-Michigan better get a WHOLE LOT BETTER.
-I hope they lose some guys to the NFL…Bama, that is.
-Any thoughts about going to Dallas? It might be a Big Game…
-LMU looks very, very good.
-Of course, it was against West FUC@#%(&%#@ Virginia….

The Hot Seat
You guys never cease to amaze! Emma stone eeked out a victory last week putting all four weekly mascots into the finals! ITS un-precedented, I tell you! We’ve never had the first four weekly mascots make the finals. Someone from a prior week always squeezed out a newer nominee.

Let’s see if this week’s mascot can pull it off. This was sent in by a loyal and observant follower of the MMQ and I was surprised when he titled the E-mail “GILF”. Which stands for “Grandmother I’d Like to F*ck” Yes, Al Davis has made the bold move of having a Grandma be an Oakland Raider Cheerleader. So, we had Alexa Flutie in the 1st week and now we have someone that’s old enough to be her mother in the 4th week, both Cheerleaders in the NFL, Suzie Sanchez! She’s 37 and still got it! (Suzie's the one on the right in the next photo!)

Who says I'm not getting enough older women in the Hot Seat Mascot Race?

Hot Seat Rank
1. LOCKSLEY – New Mexico – FIRED! The year’s first victim to make the GONE LIST…
2. Kelly, Brian – Didn’t do much for his status by squeezing past Pitt. He’ll have some cupcakes coming that will help him move down the list…
3. Houston Nutt – Lost the Hot Seat Bowl, he’s gotta’ be number 3
4. Richy Richt – They will win SEC games..
5. Neuheisel - He’s still got a job?

FMQ Betting Results:
Well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad…But I really thought the Chips would have played Saparty tougher….That game could have put us in the green vs. just running in neutral.

Michigan -8 vs. SDSU
Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $50
WIN: Bank $95

Alabama at Arkansas (+11)
Take Arkansas and the 11 for $50
What on earth was I thinking? LOSE.

Take EMU and the 29 for $60
Thank you for that last minute Field Goal in the 4th quarter!
WIN! Bank $124

Domers at Pitt (+6).
Take Pitt and the 6 for $30
I should have bet more here…This game looked better to me than $30 worth
WIN! Bank $57

Central at MSU (-24)
I’ll take the Chips and the 24 for $40


Three Picks I like the most (2 are MAC, can you believe it?) are Eastern Michigan, Central, and Arkansas for $30.
And just because I HATE the Arkansas pick, how about the season’s first Instant Re-Pay Parlay where we take EMU, Central and Bama for $30?

Starting BANK: $886
Total Win: $266
NEW BANK: $1,152

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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