Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bronco Bustin'

What, dear readers, exactly was that on Saturday? Was it a football game? A heat wave followed by a tropical storm? What did we witness? And can ANYONE ever remember a football game (anywhere – not just Ann Arbor) not being completed due to weather?

I’ve seen some god-awful environments in that stadium since I started attending in 1980. One that immediately comes to mind was Minnesota, 1988. If you were there, you stayed with about 80,000 at best that watched in hurricane like conditions – except that it was REALLY COLD, too. Saturday, watching on the tube, it seemed almost surreal.

But on to the important stuff: Did I like what I saw on Saturday? Well, Yes and No. Depends really on when you were watching. The first drive by the Broncos made me want to throw up. However, I also realized that the Broncos aren’t that bad, offensively. I hated our offense initially, and again, they seemed to improve, especially in the third quarter. But upon reflection and looking at the box score on Sunday, it was a little unnerving. Take away 4 plays – two long runs and two turnovers that went for TD’s (THANK YOU BRANDON HERON!), and it’s a completely different game. Of course, you can say that about any game.

Does that leave me a little concerned when it comes to Saturday? You bet. However, I still believe that we weren’t seeing the entire playbook and the defense has “rediscovered” the term “Blitz”. And I do mean, “Blitz the ever loving crap out of them!”

That, I liked! But until we see a full game…Even the MMQ is incomplete…

The Rest of the Mess
The Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) looked incredibly good between the 5’s. And I do mean the 5’s. Not the 20’s. The first drive had them knocking on the door and there was literally a 14 point reversal when the Domer’s coughed it up and USF went the other way for a Touch….Then, in the 2nd quarter, after several 3 and outs (Do the Domers have a cheer for that?) they were knocking on the door and Crist threw one to the open man, but he was wearing a USF uniform…Haterz Hate (Yes, I’m a Hater…ITS In the Parentheses, for Domer’s sake!) and I would love to open up a can, but I have to respect what I saw and I will say that Kelly’s back is against the wall. He will be ready for Saturday. Not sure about his team, but he will be ready. NDNation is all over him and want him GONE…Which does crack me up. The Domers could have hired Skip Holtz when they had the chance. Vegas believes the Domers are still a favorite and Michigan is getting 3.5 on Saturday. Which has my attention. And probably my money on the Maize and Blue…dogs at home? Can you say, “Les Miles, anyone?” More on that in a minute…

Sparty vs. whoever: This game was on Friday night and that seems so long ago this AM that I’m not even sure who they played. They struggled early and found a rhythm in the 2nd half….

LMU vs. Oregon: Well, Oregon has proven once again after losing to Auburn in January that really GOOD SEC teams are hard to beat. I was hoping for turmoil and confusion in LMU land but should have realized that the Mad Hatter would have everything under control. Les is best when he’s under pressure…I don’t know why I keep forgetting that. NEVER AGAIN!

Bulldogs vs. Boy’s State: Well, Boy’s Stated just punched their dance card with that victory. If you weren’t paying attention, they will more or less be favored in every other game they play this year. Richy Richt’s seat just got real toasty and he’s also in a must win situation with the ole Ball Coach in town Saturday.

Cheeseheads vs. UNLV: Again, a long time ago, but I bet the Cheeseheads and they didn’t cover…dammit….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-I’m glad the season is here.
-I hate that summer’s over
-Why does the time go so fast anymore? Where does it go?
-I know, none of the first three idle thoughts have anything to do with Football, really…
-Michigan’s defense is painful…
-Woolfolk down? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
-Okay, he’s on the sideline…I hate injuries.
-DeRob looks like DeRob. I liked our running game.
-BLITZ! Finally….I’m not sure we blitzed all of last year.
-Get to him and keep getting to him if they aren’t going to run!
-Are the Domers playing Football or a game called “Screw the Pigskin”?
-Because if you were a die hard fan, you have to really start wondering what’s up with that program. 3 and out should be on a Domer shirt somewhere…
-Brian Kelly won’t make it all 12 games if he keeps yelling like that. He’ll have to revert to sign language or something because vocal chords will be gone.
-Part of me thinks it’s Kismet or Karma, call it what you will. DeClan, Floydd, Sex with unwilling coeds…You name it. Maybe God is trying to tell the Domers something and they just aren’t listening…
-Or they’re just not very good.
-QB Controversy for the Domers coming into the Big House at Night?
-IS that how you draw it up?
-But they might be good enough to beat us. Which, yes, has me a little concerned.
-LMU is a pretty good football team.
-But Oregon shot themselves in the foot a lot….
-Oregon can still win the Pac 12 and wouldn’t that rematch be interesting? Or not…
-Kellen Moore for Heisman just doesn’t seem right, but I can see where people get that idea.
-Richy Rich just moved up on the ole Hot Seat…

The Hot Seat

Well, I was hoping to find a special “someone” to kick the season off with. Yeah, I already put out the preseason spectacular, but the First Monday of the Season is really what the MMQ is all about. And somehow, this week’s mascot just makes sense. Introducing

Alexa Flutie!

Hey, MMQ, she wouldn’t buy any chance be related to, you know who, would she?
You betcha’! And here’s the link. It’s Doug’s daughter and isn’t that appropriate? She’s a New England Patriots Cheerleader… Or somehow it’s extremely inappropriate…I haven’t decided which.

But don't forget that you can decide and unlike presidential elections, your vote DOES MATTER in the Hot Seat Mascot of the Year and who's picture we'll get to look at in the off-season. Vote early, vote often!

Hot Seat Rank
1. Richy Richt – This was bad…If he loses to USC...
2. Kelly, Brian – I said in the Pre-season spectacular that things would heat up for a Kelly if they lost, and it looks like things are heating up!
3. Kelly, Chip – See Brian
4. Paul Wulff
5. Neuheisel
6. Bob Toledo
7. Erickson
8. Zooky
9. Tedford
10. Schiano

FMQ Betting Results:

Oregon +3 @ LSU (open) Current: Oregon -4.5 @ LSU.
RESULT: Lost….Bad assumption on my part….

Michigan -13.5 vs. Western:
RESULT: Money back. NO FINSH – No final score, according to Vegas. Sorry, folks. And that sucks because I was probably good here.
Bank: $50

Nebraska -36 vs. Chatanooga:
RESULT: Lose…Cornsuckers couldn’t keep them out of the end zone…

Wisconsin -35 vs. UNLV:
RESULT: Lose…I know, I spoke too early on this one. I was all giddy thinking I had finally figured this stuff out.

Northwestern +7 @ Boston College (open) Current: Northwestern +3 @ BC:
RESULT: WIN! Finally, at least I got one….
Bank: $114

Northwestern, Nebraska, Oregon for $20.

Add Michigan to the mix for a 4 way parlay for $10.
RESULT: Money Back…
Bank: $10

And what the hell, it’s the first week! Let’s do all five for $10
RESULT: Money Back
Bank: $10

Total Win: $184
BANK: $904

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