Friday, September 23, 2011

FMQ - There’s Not a Lot I Like This Week….

…which usually means that Wiscy doesn’t have a bettable spread, Stanford is on a bye week, and Nebraska - Wyoming are also off the board…sheesh. What’s a gambler to do? Bet the close calls? If that’s the case, so be it. We just might not wager as much as usual….

Michigan (-10) vs. SDSU
This spread looked attractive to me (initially) based on what I saw in the 2nd half of the Michigan – EMU game. I guess I wasn’t the only one based on the fact that it’s creeped up to 10. I liked the 8 but didn’t “jump on it.” I’m not sure the move is enough to entice me to take the Aztecs.
Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $50

Alabama at Arkansas (+11)
This one, I jumped on. I don’t think Arkansas will screw it up this year seeing as how Mallet isn’t on the sidelines. But I really don’t like this pick…Really…
Take Arkansas and the 11 for $50

EMU (+29) at PSU
EMU didn’t look that bad and PSU looked awful against Temple. In a rainy game, EMU can keep it close against the Lions
Take EMU and the 29 for $60

Domers at Pitt (+6)
Pitt had Iowa crushed and let them back in the game. I don’t think they do that again at home. Yes, it’s a first year Pitt head coach, but everyone brings their A-game for the Domers.
Take Pitt and the 6 for $30

Central at MSU (-24)
Wow. Poor Sparty gets spanked by the Domers and then has to lay 24 on the Chippewas?
I’ll take the Chips and the 24 for $40

5 Games and only $230 wagered. That’s a lot less than I like to leverage myself. But the picks just aren’t “speaking” to me this week.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t try a Parlay seeing as how it paid off last week!

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like the most (2 are MAC, can you believe it?) are Eastern Michigan, Central, and Arkansas for $30.

And just because I HATE the Arkansas pick, how about the season’s first Instant Re-Pay Parlay where we take EMU, Central and Bama for $30?

Starting BANK: $1,176
NEW BANK: $886

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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