Friday, September 16, 2011

FMQ - Back On Track

Well, at least we didn’t have any weather related issues last week! Just a lot of Domer tears and gnashing of teeth….Hee-hee…

I know I bash the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) a lot, but you know what? They’ve earned it. All of them. As long as they continue to refer to us as scUM, well, they’re going to go right on being Domers…

Anyway, I like this week as it’s the third week, we’ve seen some teams play, and stats are starting to become important. The only problem is the bookmakers see that too and can maybe do a better job of handicapping the games. But they don’t always take into account emotion!

But here at the FMQ, we look at all those rivalries, histories and other what not that may or may not make a difference. That’s our edge!

And on to the picks!

Michigan -30.5 vs. EMU
This HAS to be the pick on the board. Eastern isn’t THAT bad and Michigan just came off the most emotional win in recent history (or at least since last year’s Domer game. Okay, maybe Illinois). I’ll take Eastern and PRAY that Devon Gardner isn’t as good as Denard when it comes to chucking it up and getting lucky.
Take Eastern and the 30.5 for $80

Stanford (-10) at Arizona
I don’t know why Vegas can’t see what I’m seeing when it comes to Stanford, but until they let me down, I’m sticking with Mr. Lucky.
Take Stanford and lay the -10 for $60

Wisconsin vs. NIU(+17)
I’m not sure exactly where this spread came from. Wisconsin looking ahead to Nebraska, maybe? But that’s TWO WEEKS away? And the Cheeseheads had a week off, so Bielema is going to want to run his horses…I have to lay big points AGAIN…Jeez, I hate doing that…
Take Wisconsin and lay 17 for $40

Sparty @ Domers (-5.5)
Another Game I know better than to bet on. When I first saw this, I actually thought the Domers were getting points, which I thought was a steal. But when I saw that the Domers were giving 5.5 at home, something just snapped. I mean, SPARTY isn’t that bad, right? They can move the ball. And The DOMERS backs are clearly against the wall. Michigan’s Defense “was not a test…”. Sparty owns that field. The Domers have to be “done” emotionally and close to being down and out…especially if the fans get on them early. I’m struggling, really with which side of this one to bet. My brain says take the points…
Take Sparty and the 5.5 for $30

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5)

Wow. Texas only a 3.5 favorite against a team that hasn’t been able to find it’s ass with both hands recently. What has happened to Texas? I want to bet more here, but I’m nervous…
Take Texas and lay the 3.5 for $30

Those are the 5 games I REALLY liked. However, there’s a bunch of other games that I’d love to have action on, so just for giggles, let’s spread a little over those, shall we?

Tennessee (+10) @ Florida
THIS PICK HAS BURNED ME BEFORE. Which is why I should NOT touch it here. But, I just don’t think Tennessee is going to be that bad this year and they haven’t come CLOSE to Florida for 6 years. This might be the upset year? Maybe?
Take the Cremesicles and the 10 points for $10

ASU @ Illini (PICK)
Wow, a pick-em game. ASU is one of those teams that should be great, but can’t get out of it’s own way. And the Illini are somehow still coached by Zooky the Magnifecent. If you can figure that out, you’re way brighter than me….
Take ASU on the road for $10

Minnesota (-3.5) vs. Miami (OH)
Minnesota, even without Coach Kill, sidelined due to a seizure, should win this easily. But whenever I think that, it usually bites me in the butt.
Take Minnesota and lay the 3.5 for $10.

3 team: 6 to 1

Three Picks I like (only one parlay) are Eastern Michigan, Stanford, and Wisconsin for $20.

Starting BANK: $928
NEW BANK: $638

Enjoying the Ride....MMQ

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