Monday, November 15, 2010

Okay - It Was A Mess....But WE WON!

Yeah, I hear you…That game left something to be desired. Why does it seem that this Michigan team plays to the level of its opponent? There’s absolutely no way our offense should have turned the ball over to Purdont’s defense that many times…Yet it did. I’m glad the Rod finally got some revenge on these clowns. Hope’s a jerk, and he will hopefully be around awhile.

I didn’t think our defense had improved to the point where we would hold ANYBODY to 16 points…Yet it did. So, what’s it all mean? I’m not entirely sure, but with two left on the schedule, I would absolutely love to go 1-1 and get to 8 wins…If that’s possible. In our analysis:

Purdue: Did what we needed to do…
Wisconsin: 5-1 against…This went up. Did you see what they did to poor ‘ole Indiana? I know it's at the Big House...Does that matter? I've seen the early line - it's 5.5. I'm thinking take the Cheeseheads and lay the points...But you'll have to get to the FMQ to see how THAT'S worked out for me...
Ohio State: 2-1 against…I’m not sure the Buckeye’s are clicking on all 8. If they don’t get handed two touchdowns by McGloin…More on that in a minute.

It’s looking like the Insight Bowl in Tempe, AZ right now, unless this rag-tag group of Wolverines can figure out away to defy all odds and beat both of those giants sitting in front of them right now. IF we can beat the Cheeseheads, I like my chances against the Suckeyes. But beating the Cheeseheads is a big if….

The Rest of the Mess

BCS Mess: So many “Uh-OOOHHH!” moments and not one of them actually happened or completed the upset. The biggest disappointment, at least for this bettor, had to be without a doubt Oregon. Yes, I know Cal plays tough at home. But still, I just didn’t think Cal had it in them to keep the Ducks in the teens…I thought they could keep up with them offensively, but come one…Only 16 points out of that offense? Are the Ducks simply fatiguing at the end of the season? Anyway, here’s how it looks right now:

BCS Standings:
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boy’s State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Nebraska
9. Ohio State
10. Oklahoma State
11. Who cares…

Look Familiar? This week’s biggest Winner: NONE…. Nothing changed. Everyone held the spot they had the week before. Even though there were some scares, it wasn’t enough to change anything in anyone’s eyes…Or their votes.

SPARTY Bye: You guys should stay home more often…Northworsten did their annual stomp on Iowa and you now have an ally that can win out and cause some great tie breakers for you in the Big 10…
DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) vs. Utah: I didn’t see this one coming – I should have, but didn’t. Utah is truly a fraud at this point…. If anything, I saw this script playing out in the exact opposite manner on Saturday. Of course, all of Domer-land is pooh-poohing this victory as a win against an over-rated WAC team. Let’s not forget that the Ute’s will be in the PAC12 next year. Even when they win, Domer fan is unhappy…Hee-hee…
Auburn vs Georgia: Auburn holds serve, even with the 24-7 media circus surrounding Cam Newton. More on that in a minute.
The Ole Ball Coach vs his Alma Mater: If you were to ask which victory at USC has been his sweetest, something tells me this one might rank up there in the top 2 or 3. Gatorland looks sickly and anemic – someone please put them out of their misery. Is Urb’s seat hot yet?
Hoakies vs. UNC: I told you that the Hoakies would win the ACC. And they’ll probably finish in the top 10.
tSUCKEYES vs. PSU: If McGloin doesn’t chuck two pick 6’s, this is a lot closer game. The PSU defense seemed to be stopping the Suckeyes all right until they just had the wind knocked out of their sails…
Ducks vs. Cal: Ducks didn’t play well again…And this might have been the game that saved Tedford’s bacon and kept his seat a little cooler even with the loss…
Illini vs. DII school in Minnesota: Are you kidding me? Did losing in Ann Arbor take that much out of you? Jeez…Zookie, you’re right back up there on the ole Hot Seat.
Satan vs. MSU: Looks like MSU was more upset about the Cam Newton coverage than Auburn was…

Big 10 Mess:

3 serious teams with 1 loss: Wisconsin - OSU –MSU
Spoiler Opportunity: OSU vs. Iowa – Michigan vs. Wisconsin, Michigan vs. OSU(?)
SPARTY Remaing: Purdue – Penn State
Wisconsin Remaining: Michigan –Indiana
OSU Remaining: Iowa – Michigan

Game has changed! As previously mentioned, Sparty is going to become a HUGE Iowa fan this Saturday. Of course, they still need to win out, but never the less, they suddenly love Black and Gold….

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-What’s with DeRob?
-There he is…Oops, there he isn’t…
-Are you telling me we can’t rush against this defense?
-Are we that ineffective on wet Turf?
-It had better not rain at any more games…
-OMG…Wisconsin comes in here next week.
-I at least hope they’re tired.
-I saw the Ole Ball Coach smiling in the 4th quarter…
-I think he liked winning that game.
-Can they beat Auburn on their 2nd try?
-Does it matter?
-There’s going to be hell to pay if Auburn loses to USC in the SEC championship.
-Which is just the way I like it.
-Get the SEC all riled up and screaming for a play-off.
-2 or 3 years out of the National Title game ought to do it…
-Why couldn’t Michigan hold on to the damn ball?
-Defense finally shows up, but the offense literally drops a turd out there.
-You can’t tell me they were looking ahead to the Cheeseheads..
-This team can’t afford to look ahead to half time.
-If I hear “Cam Newton” one more time…

Speaking of Cam Newton – I haven’t commented on it for several reasons:
1. What do we really KNOW? We know the NCAA is investigating and the FBI is involved because it’s rumored that Cam Newton’s old man was going to “launder” the money through his church.
2. Auburn has 100 other kids playing on that team that deserve better.
3. Everyone else is making sure they comment on the situation taking the story into complete melt down mode…

Look I’m not going to sit here and say Cam’s Dad did or didn’t do anything. All that will come out soon enough. What’s funny is that somehow, Cam’s situation at Gatorland got leaked, and that SHOULD open up a BIG can of worms at that institution, where the football team has had over 30 arrests in the last 3 years. Leaking private records should be a punishable offense by the NCAA, not to mention the run ins with the law. Mississippi State was involved and we don’t know if the money was actually offered or if the request for the dough came first from Cam's Dad. And did Cam know what his crazy old man was doing? That could get interesting as well - if that's going to be the defense - which seems absurd in and of itself. Auburn is saying their hands are clean, but come on. Where there’s this much smoke, there’s bound to be a little flame…Don’t you think? Yes, Cam played Saturday. What was Auburn GONNA DO? Pull him out of the line-up and simply admit guilt? Riiiiiight…This is the SEC people.

"Super Excellent Cheaters!”

The NCAA might just open up an auxiliary office in Atlanta as it seems relatively central to the SEC region and start looking up everyone’s ass with a microscope. And nothing, absolutely nothing would please this fan more than seeing the SEC have some premier teams on the sidelines during the holidays for a year or two….

The Hot Seat
Julie Bowen IS The Oregon Ducks of the Hot Seat voting. Okay, so you like Julie and have supported her yet again this week. Although there was some staying power with Sophia Vergara who garnered 4 votes in her follow up week against Julie’s total of 7…Charissa and Sophia split the vote that might have made another entry for Championship Week. Very Interesting. If the MMQ decides to have a “personal Favorite” pick this year for the Championship Week vote, I may have to strongly consider Sophia.

The Hot Seat Mascot selection committee (yes, I’ve expanded the Hot Seat Mascot to a panel of experts in such matters – if interested, drop me a line) came up with some interesting ideas that we are going to throw out there in an attempt to shake things up a bit in the remaining weeks. For anyone who likes TV history, well, I for one had a thing for Joyce Davenport in “Hill Street Blues”, the Public Defender that used to rock Frank “Pizza Man” to sleep at the end of a lot of episodes….So, with a Blast from the Past, introducing Week # 12 Hot Seat Mascot Nominee – Veronica Hamel!

NOT the Girl next door…

I love Black and Whites…

"Are you ready, Pizza Man?"

Week #12 Hot Seat Rankings:

1. Dennis Erickson – Inevitable at this point - I think…
2. Richy Rich – 5 losses in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
3. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
4. Zookie – Heh-heh…Losing to the Gophers this year might be enough all by itself to get you canned…
5. Rich Rod – Little cooler, but you were supposed to beat Purdue, too…
6. Les Miles – only 1 loss coach on the list….
7. Urban Legend - just cuz if anything comes out and he had anything to do with the leaking of records…Domers, here I come!
8. Joe Pa –Joe, please go out graciously. You comfortably have the record now.

1. Brewster – Minnesota has lost its patience with this guy. 15-30 gets you canned from a Big 10 Middle of the pack team…
2. Dan Hawkins – It was just a matter of time…

Hot Coach Search
1. Brady Hoke – actually had TCU sweating a little
2. Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
3. Richy Rich - Already saying he's NOT CONSIDERING the Colorado job...

FMQ Betting Results:
Wow…An O-fer week. That’s a first. Every bet lost folks…I won’t even summarize…Well, what the hell. I guess we can at least look at the logic and try to figure out where we went wrong….

Michigan @ Purdo-don’t (+13): Take Michigan and lay the 13 for $80
The weather doomed me here…At least that’s what I blaming it on. This fell into the “Lay big points on a rising favorite and a drooping dog and look for a big victory margin”…So much for that thesis.

Oregon @ Cal (+19.5) I’ll take the Ducks and lay the 19.5 for $80.
I can only assume that Cal really is a lot better team at home than they are on the road. But I’d like to see Stanford and Oregon play again...Another big spread blunder….

Utah @ Domers (+5.5): I’ll take Utah and lay the 5.5 for $60.
What the F!#@$%? I really thought after laying one egg that a school racking up 41 points a game on average would at least find 35 in Domerland…And if I had followed my own advice about taking dogs with less than 7 points…Damn…

Illini at DII school in Minnesota (+21): I’ll take the Illini and lay the 21 for $40.
This one is just plain baffling. How can the Illini LOSE this game? Illinois is a team that can score points. Minnesota hadn’t stopped anyone this year. I figured with bowl eligibility on the line, Zookie would have this team ready to go….Go figure…

PSU @ OSU (-18.5): I’ll take PSU and the 18.5 for $40.
The one game where I TAKE the points and it blows up in my face. Take the Defensive TD’s out of the equation and I win…But that’s not how they do it, unfortunately.

We’ll try to re-group next week and maybe I’ll George Castanza it…In other words, whatever I think I’ll just bet the opposite.

Bank: $617.50

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