Monday, November 22, 2010

I Believe…I Believe…I Believe…Ahh, Screw It

The title of this entry is the revelation of my most sincere and deepest feeling that I’ve had on this team and the Rich Rod regime to date. I honestly believed that the Defense had “turned a corner” against Purdue and that there was progress made. I honestly believed that we would have nothing to lose (which was true) against the Badgers and they would be coming in and playing tight, ripe for an upset. I honestly believed that in the Ann Arbor sunshine Michigan’s offense would be loose and all over the field…I honestly believed that The Rod would show what kind of coach he was in this game and he would light up the Badger’s defense early and often and put them into a situation where they “needed” to score.

How wrong I was. How horrible this mess has become.

I know Spielman tries to remain objective when he does Michigan games. But I think I heard him say something at one point that made it sound like even HE was disgusted when he observed what level this Michigan Defense has sunk to. The comment was something like, “Look injuries happen. But this is the Big 10. You suck it up and you play with who you have. But you’re still expected to perform.” I know I didn’t get the exact words here right, but it was in the 2nd half and it certainly expressed what I was feeling.

This team has not lived up to Michigan Expectations. And while I had temporarily re-assigned the, “Those Who Cannot be Called Michigan” moniker, I think it has to be slapped back on them until they beat someone decent. The Domers simply don’t count anymore as being “Someone decent”. I’m talking a top 10 victory here. Someone that is BCS bound and you literally hit them on the chin so hard they’re looking through their ear hole when they get up.

Until THAT happens…This squad is again deemed, “Those Who Cannot…”

Special Note: I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but in case you haven’t, Rob Lytle, Michigan’s punishing tailback from the mid 70’s died on Saturday after a heart attack. Another sad entry into this sad season…The link to the entire story is in the RSS feed above.

The Rest of the Mess

BCS Mess: Nothing new to report here, really. Everyone (that played) held serve and everyone else is hoping that someone else helps them out. LMU got a little scare, but in the end, it’s all the same:

BCS Standings:
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boy’s State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Ohio State
Who cares…

SPARTY vs. Purdon’t: Sparty has turned a corner of sorts. For 20 years or so, you would have lost this game and completely taken yourself out of whatever BCS opportunity you had. As it were, it looks like you’ll be out of the BCS anyway with Wisconsin and tOSU still ahead of you in the BCS. Orlando and the ole Citrus Bowl looks like they’re calling you…
DOMERS @ the Pinstripe: They played Army. They beat Army. This is what the Domers are supposed to do. I wonder: With 6 victories, will they go bowling or thumb their nose at the whole thing yet again? I think Kelly understands the value of the extra game. Let’s see what happens against USC.
Hokies vs. The Gangstas: I believe I predicted after the James Madison debacle that the Hokies would NOT lose again…I think I’m going to be proven right.
Stanford @ Cal: Why don’t I stick with my original instincts? Harbaugh is CLEARLY a coach that gets a rivalry and knows how to get his players up for a game. Tedford’s seat just got warmer.
All of the Big 12: Look, there’s so much wrong with this dysfunctional conference that it’s not even funny. It’s tiring (And I think impossible until they play the games) to try to figure out who’s going to come out of the South to lose to Nebraska. Or will they upset them just to make everything messier? Hats off to Okie State, however. First 10 win season…Ever…
Cornhuskers vs. A&M: Oops....Bo loses and pisses off his big boss in one night....
Gatorland vs. App State: They won. And it ain’t easy.

Interesting games this week (Allow the MMQ to highlight exactly what you need for this Weekend’s Feast):

Texas vs Texas AM
– Is this really going to be a game to watch this year? Kind of have to because it’s on Thursday….

The Iron Bowl
– Auburn vs. Alabama and it means something…
The Backyard Brawl: WVU at Pitt. Always a hard hitting game..
Colorado vs. Nebraska: This was a rivalry of incredible proportions years ago. Can the Buffaloes do the impossible this year?
Oregon vs. Arizona – night game…If you get dragged out shopping and miss the above games, at least you can settle in and catch this one….
Boy’s State vs. Nevada: Maybe an upset?

The Game
(Well, it’s interesting for tOSU)
MSU vs. PSU: Last time these two will meet in the last game. Joe Pa’s last?
Virginia vs. Hokies: Somehow, Hokies always make this game interesting…
Gatorland vs. FSU: It looks like there’s a remote possibility that FSU evens it up this year…
LSU vs Arkansas: Always a good one…And possible upset.
Okies vs Okie State: Can OSU keep it’s record intact?
DOMERS vs. USC: This game actually has my attention. I might tune in….

Big 10 Mess:

2 serious teams with 1 loss: Wisconsin - OSU
Spoiler Opportunity: Michigan vs. OSU
SPARTY Remaing: Penn State
Wisconsin Remaining: Indiana

Sorry, Sparty. Unless you pray for and get a MIRACLE in Columbus, you’re tickets been punched to the Citrus, win or lose. Sad in a way…I’m betting you would like the Iowa game back.

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-What are you thinking? You need POINTS! Lots of Points!
-And we miss….
-That’s when I kind of knew we were doomed.
-Ann Arbor always looks good in the late fall when the sun is shining.
-Oh sure, now come out in the 2nd half with your tail’s on fire…
-Rod, too much, too little, too late.
-If you don’t get fired, it will amaze me.
-Spielman, “Rich Rod is still recruiting like he’s at WVU. He NEEDs to recruit Michigan players…”
-Uh…Thanks, Chris.
-I think…
-Football should not be played in Baseball stadiums.
-End of discussion.
-OSU is going to destroy us…
-Iowa had chances, but OSU and the Vest found a way…
-Maybe we do need Harbaugh. But it will still be years before we’re close to these guys…
-And that makes me sad, angry and extremely confused.
-How can you not have freshmen ready to play?
-Unless it’s a crap system on Defense – Again, thanks Spielman.
-Life sucks and it will stop sucking (a little) once next Saturday is behind us (again).
-Maybe we’ll win the bowl?

The Hot Seat
OMG – Julie Bowen DOESN’T win a week! Veronica Hamel is going to get a shot in Championship week! Amazing! A Blast from the Past wins out against the current and hot incumbent!

And, anyone who’s familiar with tradition knows that, “Because you CAN’T have one without the other…” We need to put another Blast from the Past for Week #12 out there to see what you do with her: Markie Post! Yes, Night Court’s Dan Fielding’s lustful desires only had eyes for Harry, but I also had some lustful eyes for Markie on Night Court. I’m betting there’s some older readers that will know exactly what I’m talking about!

In The Office....

Pink Bikini....

Blue Bikini

The Hot Seat List for Week #12

1. Dennis Erickson – Inevitable at this point - I think…
2. Richy Rich – 6 losses in the SEC? Check again – is your name still on the office door?
3. Butch Davis – North Carolina…I just don’t see how he survives with everything that’s happened.
4. Rich Rod – Hotter again, One last chance to change the Fire Rich Rod Chorus…
5. Zookie – Heh-heh…Bowling…But could have been so much better
6. Les Miles – only 1 loss coach on the list….
7. Urban Legend - just cuz if anything comes out and he had anything to do with the leaking of records…Domers, here I come!
8. Joe Pa –Hanging it up on his own....

1. Brewster – Did you hear they are trying to get Peterson from Boy’s State to interview? Riiiiight…..
2. Dan Hawkins – Colorado’s been winning since he left. Go Figure.

Hot Coach Search
Brady Hoke – actually had TCU sweating a little
Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…

FMQ Betting Results:

Never, ever let a bad week cloud your judgement….

Cheeseheads @ Michigan (+6): Immediate thought: Bet the farm on the Cheeseheads and lay the points. What did we do? The Opposite and it cost us…
Take Michigan and the 6 for $60

PSU @ Indiana (+10): I’ll take PSU and lay the 10 for $40.
WIN Bank $76

Stanford @ Cal (+6.5): I’ll take Cal and the 6.5 for $60.
Dumb, dumb, dumb….Lose

OSU @ Iowa (+3.5): Take Iowa and the 3.5 for $40.
Thank GOD for half points: WIN bank $76

Bank: $591.50

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