Friday, November 12, 2010

Purdue Friday....Or Is It Purdon't?

Last Friday I had accepted fate. I was being handed a 6-6 or 5-7 season and I was actually fine with that. I figured Brandon would make The Rod initiate some defensive changes but let him keep his job and that the season, while not what I predicted, was a good one in as much as the team was finally looking like a team that will eventually compete once some players are healthy and they get some additional experience.

I was ready to lose to the Illini.

I was wrong.

This team has some guts. They don’t quit. Yes, they get beat, but they haven’t ever quit. Not once. And that has me pulling for them again. Just one thing:


Michigan @ Purdo-don’t (+13): Hmmmmmm… I almost put this at the bottom as a no bet. But I started digging on some of the history here, not to mention I took a long look at Purdue’s roster. They’re a mess - and they have no hope...Or rather, they have Hope for a Coach and frankly, there's some animosity between him and The Rod. And Rich Rod doesn’t like this team too much. Purdue used to be a bump in the road…I have a feeling they’re on their way to being one again. Take Michigan and lay the 13 for $80

Oregon @ Cal (+19.5): Ducks gave us a scare and only covered by two last week. I had a feeling they might have been looking ahead to this game as it was the big build up to the last three for the Ducks, including ranked Arizona and worthy Oregon State. Chip will have them more than ready to play this weekend. I’ll take the Ducks and lay the 19.5 for $80.

Utah @ Domers (+5.5): Vegas, are you kidding me? Domers are a team that’s sliding into oblivion…Rese probably is a lot like Steven Threet – a decent QB in any other system besides the one Kelly’s forcing him to run. Not to mention that Kelly has more than once proven himself something of a boob when it comes to game play calling and kicking a field goal for the win vs. throwing an interception. Okay, so they had a week off and these are resilient college players – minus Floyd and Allen….And Utah is pissed after getting embarrassed by TCU…Do you think they might pour it on given the opportunity? Interesting first half followed by a potential blood bath in the 2nd… I’ll take Utah and lay the 5.5 for $60.

Illini at DII school in Minnesota (+21): Illini still need a win to become bowl eligible. The train wreck that is the Gopher’s season can’t end soon enough. They’ll be playing for pride in the 1st half and it might look scary early, but I think Illinois wins this one walking away… I’ll take the Illini and lay the 21 for $40.

PSU @ OSU (-18.5): This is one of “those” spreads that makes you go Hmmmmmm… Yes, OSU can rack up points. Yes, PSU is starting a 3rd string walk on that is coming off two confidence building games against Michigan and a huge comeback win over Northwestern…I don’t actually believe that PSU is 18.5 points suckier than the Suckeyes. Therefore, I’ll take PSU and the 18.5 for $40.

Michigan – Oregon - Utah: $40pays 6 to 1 = $240.

Total Wagered: $320
Bank: $639.50

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