Monday, November 29, 2010

We Can’t Fire Rich Rod Till January 1st (It Saves Michigan $1.5M)

That’s it. I’m done.

Fire Rich Rod starts right here, right now.

I’ve seen enough, endured enough and have had my fill of SPARTY, Wisconsin, and tOSU losses for a lifetime. I long for the days of Big 2 little 8…And I want them back. And we’re not going to get there with this clown and the carnival car of characters he has working for him. But I'll be the first to admit it's not the easiest thing you can do. If it were, it would have already happened.

So why not can him today? For starters, there’s a $1.5M reduction in the buyout of the Rod on January 1, 2011. And Harbaugh won’t officially do anything until after his bowl, anyway…But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I’m sure the $1.5M is a big enough reason…

Of course, that’s pocket change for Brandon. When you review what he got when he left Domino’s and what he still owns in stock, IF (notice the big if) Brandon wanted Rich Rod Gone, he’d be gone right now. There wouldn’t be any delay. It’s the way of the CEO Athletic Director. has a great pros vs. cons list of what happens if you fire the Rod vs. what happens if you keep him. Of course, the assumption here is you somehow, some way, manage to land Harbaugh. And that’s NOT an automatic, given everything that Harbaugh has with respect to baggage (drinking, calling out his alma mater, etc.)

So, what do you do? I like the pros and cons list, but now I really think it’s a matter of how much do you trust Rich Rod as a head coach? I mean, really TRUST him? If your answer to the question is, “Implicitly, I know he can win in the Big 10 with this scheme and with this offense/defense” then you answer is, you can’t fire him. If you’re answer is, “No F!@#%@#$^ing way to I trust this douchebag to run the concessions at Michigan Stadium much less the football team” then you should have fired him already.

For Brandon, I have a sneaking suspicion the trust for Rich Rod is somewhere in between. He has a great record (prior to his arrival at UM) and has proven he can coach/recruit/manage an offense. But that’s it. There is no defense, no special teams, and a huge component of heart missing on the defensive side of the ball. Then, when his starting QB gets two dislocated fingers, we see how quickly even the offensive side of the ball can be reduced to that of a decent MAC team. We can see why the OSU game was the entire season encapsulated as to how “Those Who Cannot” started out strong and got progressively worse once Big 10 play began.

Let’s review the games 1 by 1 to see the symmetry.

UCONN: Somewhat of an easy victory given where everyone was picking this team early. So, things were looking positive.
"NOTRE DAME": In all honesty, this game is always a toss up (with the exception of ’06 and ’03). So, winning was everything, but the issues on defense and kicking started to rear their ugly heads. Could have been an L, easy.
UMASS: A romp, as it should have been.
BOWLING GREEN: MAC team goes down, as it should, but again, defensive woes continue and fans start to realize that we better out score everyone because we’re not stopping anyone.
"INDIANA": A game we could have easily lost and not if not for the Denard heroics, we would have.
MSU: A sad and sorry excuse for a game and the offense started to show that they were human as well and shot themselves continuously in the foot. We lost and lost bad to a beatable rival. Rod goes to 0-3 against MSU. Half Time and you’re thinking if they can just get the offense back together, they’ve got a puncher’s chance in the 2nd half…
IOWA: A repeat of the foot shooting scenario on offense and even when a comeback looked feasible, Stanzi and company simply marched down the field and held serve.
PSU: Please…McGloin looks like Montana and the offense didn’t even really show up.
"ILLINOIS": Could have gone either way, offense had a good day and pre-vailed. But chalk up another possible L here.
PURDUE: Solid win against an equally shaky team.
WISCONSIN: Do I need to say any more?
OSU: The Exclamation point to the entire mess….No offense without DeRob and defense, while standing firm in the 1st quarter, crumbled and came apart at the seams in the 2nd half.

Overall record: 7-5

“Luck” record: 4-“3”-5

What I’m basically saying is, a win isn’t always a win when it can go either way at any given moment. If “Those Who Cannot” were sitting here with 4 victories this season, would we be having the Rich Rod discussion? OR would he have already been on a bus out of town?

And don’t tell me that a crap, piece of garbage bowl victory is a great springboard to a new season if you win…Bowl victories go to the teams that want it more, plain and simple. The better team rarely wins and the team that wants to be there is usually the victor. If they win the bowl, should he keep his job? If he loses the bowl, should he get canned? What’s the difference at this point? I’ve seen 12 games of work in the 3rd season. It’s enough.

David, do the honorable thing and can him now….And don’t call me a hater. I’m as loyal as anyone comes to this institution and this team. I have earned the right to question everything about this situation at this time. Of course, the circus around us will only get worse with Jimmy coming to town on Thursday for the football bust:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon says he's not letting speculation about Rich Rodriguez's future change his timetable to evaluate the football coach.Brandon reiterated Monday morning that he doesn't do performance reviews of coaches until their seasons are over.That might make for another uncomfortable month for Rodriguez.He helped the Wolverines qualify for a bowl -- possibly the Insight Bowl on Dec. 28 -- for the first time in his three seasons in charge of college football's winningest program.The situation swirling around Rodriguez's status might turn into a circus at the team's banquet Thursday night because Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh plans to be there to be honored along with his 1985 teammates.

Thanks MZONE….Somehow, in a weird, twisted way, it does help.

The Rest of the Mess

Know why this week took so long to put together? Because SO MUCH CRAP HAPPENED! That’s Why!

Cam Newton – when it comes down, it will be AFTER the SEC cashes it’s big National Championship and BCS checks…You gotta love the SEC, doncha’?

Bosie State’s Bus CRASHED! Hee-hee…..HEEE-HEEEE-HAHAHAHAHA! I love it when a team that can “play with anyone in the country” loses to a team that can also “play with anyone in the country”. I’m glad to see Boy’s State go down. No offense, but they’re simply not beating the Big 10 or SEC week in and week out…

BCS Standings:
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. Oklahoma
10. Boise State…(unbelievable)
Who cares…

This week’s biggest GAINER: Wisconsin and Stanford. Well positioned for the National Title Game if Auburn stubs their toe against South Carolina…Which, wouldn’t that be nice? But the BCS somehow may not let a 1 loss team in unless they let that 1-loss team leap frog TCU…tragic, really, in a way.

Biggest Screw Job Coming: Stanford getting sent to the Orange Bowl, 3,000 miles away for any fans that want to go.

2nd Screw Job Coming: UCONN going to the Fiesta, 2,500 miles away. Uh, gee, fellas, can’t we have the BCS bowl games be a little more geographically friendly for everyone involved?

TCU joins the BEast…Tell me that’s not interesting? So the BEast through acquisition buys a shot at the 2010 National Title? Classic…

The Wrap:
Gutsy game, Sparty. I guess you earned it. I only hope that Dantonio has a bigger heart attack that sends him to Florida to retire…(JUST KIDDING!) But, what’s that prescription he’s taking, again?
DOMERS @ USC: This one killed me, too...After everything that happened to the Domers this year, THEY find a way to beat an equally matched arch rival. Kelly saved himself a long off season of grief no matter what happens in the bowl game.
GATORLAND vs. FSU: Hee-hee…HAHAHAHA! Urban legend lands the best recruiting class the “world” had ever seen and then has a 6-6 season….Classic!
Stanford @ OSU: No, I don’t think OSU was looking ahead to the Ducks. Yes, I do think Stanford is THAT good. I kind of wish Stanford had another shot at Oregon. Really. I think they’ve gotten better as the Ducks have merely held on…
All of the Big IIX: So, somehow, in some twisted convoluted way, Oklahoma backs into the Title game against Nebraska. And that means they have a decent shot at making it into a BCS game.
Boys State vs. Wolfpack: I only wish I had been energetic and awake enough to stay up for this game….WE NEED TO FIX THIS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Old guys cannot stay up and watch a 10:00 PM game any more….
LMU vs. Arkansas: The Mad Hatter is the hottest seated 2 loss coach there is…
SATAN vs. Auburn: Hee-hee….HAHAHAHAHAHA! Satan has to learn how to play 60 minutes of football. In fact, Satan’s seat might just be a little hotter after that mess on Friday. 3 losses after winning the national title and you lose the Iron Bowl to boot…That doesn’t sit well with Roll Tide fans, you know.
Cal vs. Washington: Cal doesn’t fake wins to well, either…Don’t know what I’m talking about? The Defensive Coordinator got suspended for 1 game for the Oregon injury faking…Should have been WAY MORE severe.

Big 10 Mess:

Wisconsin – Rose
MSU – Capitol One against….Satan????

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

-Rich Rod has to go…That’s it.
-I’m done rooting, supporting, finding reasons for him to stay...

-Can I support the team 150% and still want the coach gone?
-Is that possible?
-It doesn’t make me wrong or put me in a place where I hate Michigan…
-Of course, Harbaugh did LOSE to Oregon…Which is the offense and team that were most trying to copy…
-But can we get the kind of defense we need to go along with this offense?
-Can we get the players we need?
-Can we get the size and speed we need?
-If you can Rich Rod today, how long BEFORE we’re back challenging for a Big 10 title?
-Longer than it would take if you kept him?
-So, does that mean you should keep him? If it’s longer, it’s longer.
-But does that make sense?
-Does he REALLY GET the Big 10?
-Does he REALLY GET Michigan? The Game? MSU? Notre Dame? Any of it?
-Harbaugh’s back in town on Thursday.
-I should go to the Football Bust – 25th year for the 1985 Team.
-Just to see who shows up.
-And offer to buy Brandon and Harbaugh a drink…
-Of course, there would probably be a line to do that…a lonnnnng line...
-Tressel called off the dogs so that we weren’t “embarrassed”.
-I think he did that so that we wouldn’t fire the Rod today.
-But I think he still might get canned…
-Maybe Jimmy and David already have a drink scheduled…
-You know…Just to talk as “Michigan Men”...(Right - I know what you're thinking. No need to spell it out.)
-I’m sure they’ll discuss Bo and stories of the great one…
-Think David will bring Pizza?

The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat voting this year has been erratic, at best. You folks don’t seem to know who exactly you want, but you seem happy with the finals competition so far. Well, we have one week left and after a surprising debut from our first blast from the past, Veronica Hamel, I figure our 2nd blast would surely garner the most votes….But alas, Markie just didn’t capture the imagination of the MMQ readership this week as much as Marissa Miller did. So, with one LAST WEEK to get another nominee into the final for Championship Week, I am pulling out all the stops. I’ve had numerous suggestions come in late, but I really like this one to wrap up the regular season: Kate Hudson! Yes, I know that she might not be as gifted as our other nominees in some areas, but I still have kind of a thing for her….

How can you not love this face???

And these just sort of speak for themselves...

And a little something extra for the ladies...No, were not going to have a write in for Matthew McConaughey so DON'T ASK!!!

1. Dennis Erickson – Inevitable at this point - I think…
2. Rich Rod – Hotter again, A close loss to tOSU would have put it to rest...But no
3. Butch Davis – North Carolina…
4. Richy Rich – 6 losses in the SEC? But 6 wins and bowling...
5. Zookie – Heh-heh…Bowling…But could have been so much better
6. Les Miles – only 2 loss coach on the list….
7. Urban Legend - just cuz if anything comes out and he had anything to do with the leaking of records…Domers, here I come!
8. Joe Pa –Looks like it’s going to be 2011…..

1. Brewster

2. Dan Hawkins
3. Randy Shannon – Miami: Hadn’t even made our hot seat, but I guess if you’re not playing for ACC titles in your 3rd year, you’re gone…
4. Bill Lynch – Indiana: Didn’t see this one coming, either. Figured he had a job till someone saw him and figured he might do better at their school.

BONUS: Erick Spoelstra (Miami Heat) - I know, I'm going out of my zone here a little, but firing this guy will be akin to firing Wade Phillips...So what? The Heat aren't winning because they aren't hitting shots...

Hot Coach Search - Carousel
1. Brady Hoke – actually had TCU sweating a little
2. Harbaugh – It will take the right job to make him leave…
3. Gruden – This guy’s name comes up for every vacancy….
4. Houston Nutt – See Gruden…
5. Steve Mariucci – I guess a few years after the Lion’s debacle erases the memory banks and makes it worthwhile to look at this re-tread…


FMQ Betting Results:

Michigan at OSU (-18.5): Take Michigan and the 18.5 for $50.
LOSE…Enough said….
Gatorland @ FSU (-2.5): Take FSU and lay the 2.5 for $40.
WIN Bank $76
Arizona @ Oregon (-19.5): Take Oregon and lay the 19.5 for $40.

Oregon State @ Stanford Take Stanford and lay the 14 for $50.

Northwestern @ Cheeseheads (-22.5): Take the Cheeseheads and lay the 22.5 for $50.
WIN: Bank $95

BANK: $592.50

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