Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Morning Blues...Thoughts About Oregon

The first Wednesday of November. After an election. Usually a time when I used to think about a Scarlet and Grey team to our south and wonder how we would beat them this year...I would think about poor John Cooper coming to Ann Arbor or Michigan going to Columbus. Because, after all, there were about 3 games left, but only one that mattered at that point. Oh sure, we lost a couple in November before, but not often.

Now, I'm just walking around making deals with the devil, keeping my fingers crossed, turning around and driving 5 miles out of my way if a black cat crosses my path all in the hopes that somehow, some way, something I do, feel or think will help this team win two more games.

Two more games. And one of them probably won't be against the Scarlet and Grey. Again.

Is this acceptable? Can we be patient enough to somehow let this all come together? Yeah, I know...Guys are hurt. The defense is decimated. Right now I'm not even sure it's worth putting any good guys on the field for fear that THEY might get hurt and that only destroys the long term prospects.

However, if you handed me Jim Harbaugh, Brady Hoke, or any of the other names I've seen thrown around the internet, well, I'd have to say no thanks. This is my guy and I'm sticking with him. At least until he has a defense that has some Seniors, Juniors and maybe a sophomore or two on it. That's just the way I feel right now. That could change in 4 weeks and 4 games.

Either way...Which isn't much of a statement, I guess, when it boils right down to it. Win, I'll let you stay. Lose, well, I can't say you're doing what you were hired to do, even though you're probably the best coach for this group of guys in 2011. The change has to start SOMEWHERE and SOMETIME if you believe it's time for a change. When it arrives, it's just time to do it.

I've been reading about Oregon (that's probably what gave me the blues) and every time I read something it's consistent: The offense is simple and that's what makes it so damn tough to stop. And yes, Michigan is running the same style of offense that Oregon runs with deadly precision. But they also have a defense and special teams.

Please, PLEASE Rich Rod: Find a defense and win 1 if not two more games. Save us from going backwards in a world that will make us play catch up with this style of football. If we hire someone else that believes this offense is a gimmick or "limited", well, it may be a very long time before we can ever talk about how Great it is to be a Michigan Wolverine at the end of the season...

Or at least after the last game has been played.

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